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  1. 1. Time Roll This has been discussed in chat more than once. From the moment we converted to a fluid time style of writing, we said that when we completed all December threads/posts, we would move 3 or 4 months forward to spring. 2. The Dance I only put the dance in the poll to try and save the Harvest Festival dance as some of us had some thread plans in it. However, it is not mandatory that we do a dance. Those of us that want to can choose to do a town or church social event at any time. 3. Flashbacks / Backstories Once all threads are finished and marked complete in the Whitefish forum, I will move them to the archives. After that, I will convert the Whitefish forum to Flashbacks where we can all write backstories or have threads moved to this forum if there are incomplete ones when it is time for us to move to another time period. 4. Final Admin Decision I would like for everyone to complete their December threads as soon as they can without rushing. Let me know with a note in the #help-me chat channel so I can lock them and move them. We will put the dance event on hold for awhile. Once we are all sorted after moving forward, we can discuss doing a town social or something. Our time roll will be to March - May instead of April - June. This lets me keep to my plans of doing our IC time segments as close to seasonal as possible since Spring begins in mid-March. There will be some seasonal overlap since we will not start new time-segments on the equinoxes or solstices. Those that want to write backstories of any kind will be able to put those in the Flashbacks forum. You'll just need to make sure you add the actual month/year in the post header so everyone that reads the thread will know when it was set.
  2. @Admin @Members @Moderators @Players @Sr. Moderator There has been some discussion regarding the time-roll and moving the Harvest Festival dance. We would change its scenario as well. Please vote in the poll and feel free to discuss your choice and other options in this thread. Do not worry about current active threads. We will give you plenty of time to complete them or we will move them to a flashbacks forum where you can keep working on them. Either way, there will be announcements and plenty of time allowed. We won't simply shut down the current threads on you.
  3. Shade tried hard to remember how he and Chance could have made much of an impression on Sarah when her family had visited. He had been no more than twelve or thirteen at the time, and Chance would have been five years older than that and preparing for college. Perhaps it had been a combination of things. The grandeur of the ranch as well as meeting her two older cousins. It was hard to say. Shade seemed to recall a skinny little girl following him and Chance around as they did their chores. He had made time to take her riding, much more than that was a blur. Shade felt bad about that. "Look, Sarah, I don't mind tellin' you what I know, which isn't much," Shade finally answered. "You need to know that it's not very pleasant. How much do you really want to know?" "I suppose as much as you can or want to tell me. Anything that would help ease the mind of my father. I know that he and Chance had built up some sort of friendship even though they hadn't seen each in other in years. Father liked keeping in touch with the family here even though he has never had the chance to come back." Sarah smiled reassuringly, "And in a way I would like to pay my respects as well." @Stormwolfe
  4. Shade took the offered hand and gave it a brief, warm squeeze while he regarded the woman facing him. She was tall and very pretty with dark hair, dark eyes and engaging features. "Sarah, it has been awhile," he agreed, offering a brief lopsided smile. "Would you like to go somewhere for coffee? Sit here in the lobby and talk?" He did not say it aloud, but Shade wanted to find out why she had shown up in Kalispell out of the blue like this. Coming so soon after their legal troubles over custody of the twins, he could not help but be suspicious. @JulieS
  5. Shade walked out of the White Rose Inn and Cafe, pausing on the sidewalk for a moment. He had ridden in early after receiving a short missive informing him of his cousin's presence at the Belle-St. Regis. He honestly did not remember her too clearly, but he was concerned that she had shown up so soon after Chance's death. There had never been much in the way of contact between the various members of the Thornton family that he could recall. Of course, Shade had been gone for many years. Things could have changed during that time. He just hoped that Sarah Thornton-Carlton did not plan on trying to make trouble regarding his niece and nephew's inheritance. While those thoughts meandered through his head, Shade continued walking along the boardwalk in the direction of Kalispell's hotel. It made a grand statement, but surprisingly, it was also doing very well. Shade guessed that even the frontier needed a touch of class and elegance from time to time. After stepping through the doors of the Belle, Shade wondered if he looked as out of place as he felt. He removed his hat and brushed a hand through his dark hair as he walked to the front desk to ask for his cousin. He offered a smile for the man behind the desk, "I received a message that Mrs. Sarah Thornton-Carlton was a guest here. Can you get word to her that her cousin, Shade, is here to see her?" @JulieS
  6. @Chistery Just to agree and reiterate what the others have said... Hopefully, there will be numerous mini-plots happening on the Saturday (and weekend) of the Harvest Festival. Lots of people coming into town on Friday night and staying for the Festival events on Saturday. Most of these events will take place in the Main St., Kalispell, Montana forum. I'd love to see some action in and around the saloon as well as other locations in town. Tentatively planning on bringing my new character, Hunter Morgan, into town. He and his brother are basically military bounty hunters (specifically war criminals and military personnel that have gone rogue). So, I'd advise starting an open-thread (i.e. anyone can jump in and take the tags) set somewhere on Main Street or one of the specific forums like the saloon. During the opening post, give an accounting of what Asher has been up to since coming to the region. Just a refresher for everyone on what he's doing there, etc. The actual Harvest Festival date is Saturday, October 16. 1875. You could get him to town during the week prior maybe hoping to find whoever or whatever since the festival is coming up.
  7. Shade and the Lost Lake household will be coming into Kalispell on Friday for the Harvest Festival on Saturday. Shade will be spending much of Saturday with Kate as he continues their courtship. However, he will be free for other interactions as I'm sure he'll want to drop into the saloon while Kate gets ready for the big dance.
  8. Potential romance with Sam or Mike could happen. Of course, they may not click. Regarding Matt, I knew he was going to be marrying your other character. I wasn't thinking a Matt / Hannah romance - just developing friendship as time goes on. Especially, if after Scott Cory (her pop) becomes mayor, she decides to leave her law enforcement career behind.
  9. Something in Sam's voice got Hannah's attention. She shook her head slightly, "No, not all fathers are like Scott Cory. I've been lucky. What about you? I'm guessing your father doesn't live in Kalispell?" She wanted to allow him to tell her a bit about himself. Other than the other deputies, Hannah did not have many friends. She hoped that, in time, she would be able to count the Wentworth brothers in that category. "Thankfully, my father doesn't live in Kalispell. He lives in Washington," Sam replied, "That's one thing all four of us are glad of. You'll probably get to meet him sometime during the spring as we expect he'll be paying us a visit. Charlie was his last chance and he's not going to take it lightly." "I'm sorry," was Hannah's immediate response, not pity, but compassion laced her voice. "A friend of mine had issues with his father growing up. It eventually drove him away. He's back now and you work for him," she informed Sam. True, her pride still smarted over Shade Thornton leaving her at the alter, even if it was only at a planned rendezvous so they could elope, but despite that, they would always be friends. By now, they had made it through town and Hannah directed Sam around the town square on the east end. After another mile, she pointed off to the right at a gate and just beyond it, a modest, but nice single story farmhouse, "That's our place," she told him. "If you don't want to try to make it back to Lost Lake after dinner, we have a small bunkhouse you can stay over in, head back at first light." Hannah slipped from the horse's back, "It's a long ride back, even just to the ranch's main operations area." Sam got off his horse and quickly checked him. "You know I think that may be a good idea to stay for the night. Finn could probably do with the rest considering that we've been out for most of the day." He smiled, "Besides, I can't think of anything more better than having dinner with a beautiful woman...and of course, her father." Hannah blushed slightly, "Thank you although with the trail dust and six-gun, I am probably less than beautiful right now. If you want to put Finn in the barn, I'll let Papa know we have a guest and get cleaned up. Come on in when ready." Sam smiled, "Yes, ma'am." After she had left, he took Finn to the barn and unsaddled him. He made sure that the horse had plenty of feed before taking his stuff over to the bunkhouse. For the next few minutes he got himself clean and tidy. He didn't have any extra clothes with him as he hadn't expected something like this to happen, so he just settled for taking off his shirt and shaking it out before putting back on. When he was ready, he made his way to the house. Hannah had made quick work of washing up and changing out of her work clothes into one of her nicer dresses. Little could be done with her wild mane, so she settled for pulling it back at the nape of her neck. She found her father in his study and let him know what had happened and that they would be having a guest for dinner. In the kitchen, she found that her father had already started dinner. A thick beef stew simmered on the stove, ready to be ladled into a skillet and baked into a crust. She donned a clean apron and prepared to start work. "Shepherd's Pie it is then," Hannah murmured. A knock at the front door sent her off to open it and welcome Sam inside.
  10. Good Day Everyone, Be thinking of the threads you want to do on Harvest Festival Day. Almost everyone should be in or around town and available. However, remember to ask people for plots/threads. Don't assume they are free to post with you! The Harvest Festival will happen on Saturday, October 16. 1875. The Harvest Moon was on Thursday, October 14th, so it should still appear fairly full and bright.
  11. As you will see, I have started re-organizing the site. The Whitefish forum has been removed and replaced with Home on the Range which contains sub-forums for ranches, homestead, mines, etc. More sub-forums will be added if and when the need arises. I will add descriptions and other information later. In the meantime, if you need to set plots in the dying town of Whitefish, put them in the Montana Territory forum. What I need from everyone now is for you to reply to this topic with any businesses that you would like a sub-forum set up for. Below are the ones that I can think of off the top of my head. Belle-St. Regis Hotel Marshal's Office (or Municipal Bldg. which would include marshal's office, jail, courtrooms, etc.). Kalispell Union Stardust Saloon (we need saloon action!) Around Town (other businesses, residences, etc.). @Members @Moderators @Players @Sr. Moderator
  12. Shade also looked up and in the direction of the doorway. His sigh was audible, "They live here. You might as well meet the rest of the household," he said before raising his voice slightly and calling out, "Office! Working." Rapid footsteps could be heard crossing the entryway and heading toward the office as Harriet made her way to it. Since the door was already open, some of the drama was dissipated and the woman simply appeared in the doorway. She was dusty and her normally neatly coifed hair hung in ripples down her back. All-in-all, Harriet Mercer looked completely disheveled. Shade managed not to smile, instinctively knowing that might result in pain. "Harriet," Shade said mildly, "I assume Quentin is with you?" He glanced past her, noting an equally dusty and weary looking Cantrell. "Glad you both made it home in one piece. Harriet Mercer, Quentin Cantrell, I'd like for you to meet our new day foreman, Mike Wentworth." Mike stood up. It was something he always did in the presence of a lady. He looked over to Harriet and smiled, "Ma'am." Quentin stepped into the office to stand beside Harriet, He nodded and shook hands with Wentworth. "A pleasure..." He said as he nodded his head toward Shade. "...I am glad we have someone to help take care of this place." Mark nodded, "I don't know about that, I'm still on trial. If Shade is happy to keep me on by the end of it, I'll do my best." "Mr. Wentworth," Harriet said, immediately remembering her manners. She would have to deal with Shade later, "Are you related to Mr. Matt Wentworth, owner of the Belle-St. Regis?" She divested herself of her riding gloves but did not offer her hand, "I am far too grubby to shake hands." "I wouldn't expect you to ma'am. Back where I came from ladies usually don't shake hands but for you will I make an exception," Mark smiled. "As for the answer to your question, yes Matt is my older brother." "Hmmmm," Harriet responded although her tone, to Shade's ears, was far more affable than normal, "quite the charmer also, I see." She turned toward Shade, "Do not think this gets you out of trouble, Shade Thornton. Right now, though, I need to clean up and say hello to the twins. Please excuse me." Harriet turned and left the room. Shade looked at Mike and then at Quentin, "What just happened? What did you do to her on the trail? I was expecting the usual Dragon Lady." Quentin's eyes widened. "What? I didn't do anything? What makes you think that? Don't be silly!..." He stopped answering and swallowed, then looked back at Mike. "Ignore him." Mike got the impression, that Quentin was trying to hide something. Since he didn't know the man he couldn't say what it was but it had to be interesting judging by the way he was acting. He decided to play into what was happening, "I can't really ignore Shade, after all he is my boss and I'm still on trial. But then again, if I remember rightly you have a say in running this ranch as well. So, I think I'm probably better off staying out of this." "Smart man," Shade said to Mike and then pointed a pencil in Quentin's direction, "I will find out what's going on with you two," he warned lightly. "Of course, if the end result is that Harriet's mood remains improved, I am for it...whatever it is. I take it you got the cattle delivered to Fort Poison without incident?"
  13. Shade took a deep breath and reached for Kate's hand. He raised it to his lips and lightly kissed the palm. Hopefully, the action would not get him slapped. "I know we have only met twice and known one another for a few short hours," Shade told her. "I am not taking our exchange here for a done deal. We have plenty of time to get to know one another. I'll come to town as often as I can and, with proper chaperones, of course, maybe you can spend occasional weekends here." The tingling sensation she felt when Shade kissed her hand made her feel warm all over. As she listened to him, she could understand what he was trying to say. How many times had seen and heard about the first blush of romance fading away to reveal a darker reality. However, now was not such a time for thoughts like those. She would enjoy the journey no matter where it would take her. "Yes, I would like to see you when I can and I will take you up on your offer to spend more weekends here." She smiled, "Although, I'm not sure about the chaperones. We seemed to be doing fine without one now." Shade grinned at her, a mischievous light appearing in his dark blue eyes, "I'd rather not always count on me being able to remain a gentleman in your presence, Kate. Fortunately, except for a couple of nights a week, Harriet Mercer is in residence. Mary is also usually here, not to mention Cody and Nettie." He pulled her arm through his for the walk back to the house. It got dark earlier now and he did not want them stumbling about or being out if more storms came in. As if to punctuate his thoughts, a rumble of thunder sounded in the distance. "We should go back now." Kate was feeling a bit disappointed that their walk would be over soon. Back inside, Shade would have to go back to being the host and not the relaxed man he had been out here. The thunder didn't help matters. She sighed, "Maybe, the next time we come here we won't have to go back in so soon." "I will make sure of that," Shade said softly.
  14. Mature Content: No With: Quentin Cantrell, Shade Thornton Location: Blackbird Lodge (main ranch house) When: Mid-September 1875 (just past the middle of the month) Time of Day: Late Afternoon At last! Harriet felt herself slump in the saddle as the main barn next to the lodge came into view. Without the cattle holding them back, they had made good time on the return trip to Kalispell. Still, the last thirteen miles from the ranch's border to the main house felt like it would never end. She patted Spirit's neck. Even the powerful paint was weary, although he did manage to throw up his head and whinny at the sight and smell of home. They had left the other riders at the bunkhouse, so it was only herself and Quentin arriving at the house. Now, she glanced over at him, certain that he was as exhausted as she was. The ride back from Poison had been made with Harriet very aware of what had passed between herself and Quentin. They had been careful of one another during the journey for propriety's sake. She needed to talk to him, but that would also have to wait until a more propitious time. Right now, she would have to content herself with brushing her gloved fingers over his when he reached up to help her off of her horse. Despite her best efforts, she staggered slightly when her feet hit the ground. A hand came out to greet them and take the horses. Harriet smiled, "Give him a good extra helping of feed. He worked hard and took good care of me." The man grinned and tipped his hat as he gathered the reins. Harriet walked slowly to the door and paused just outside it. Squaring her shoulders, she tossed a smile at Quentin, then pushed heavy doors open, raising her voice stridently, Harriet called out, "Shade Thornton! I need to speak to you right now!" Her eyes and her smile brightened as she imagined the younger man wincing or even trying to find a place to hide. @Longshot
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