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  1. Benjamin gave up on the fruitless pursuit of the surviving war party, they were down a six or so anyhow and more than likely just heading back to their home village. If it was one thing the US cavalry learned about chasing Indians, you didn't catch 'em. Best horsemen in the world maybe. So he ordered his scouts and troopers to turn back and then spent the better part of a few hours just getting back to the rest of his command. It being dark did not help at all but the scouts were up to the task. Once back he found out that a lot had happened - almost all good too, well except another trooper had been killed. But Lt. Greene found (had lucked into it really but no criticism there - it was the great Napoleon who had said 'better a lucky general than a good one') the women and they were alive. Looking a bit worse for wear but no dangerous wounds, the saloon girl was already wearing trousers and a bluecoat lent her by eager troopers. And Greene had a face to face encounter with an Arapaho brave looking to kill the ladies. That Indian was dead. Barlow didn't press the young officer on the details, that he could read in the report Greene would have to write out later back in the fort, for the young man was wounded and in considerable discomfort. They didn't have a doctor with this detachment but one of the troopers who knew something about wound treatment assured Benjamin the boy would live and keep his leg. Well unless he didn't take care of it properly and get gangrene. The stage driver was quite the tough gal too. She was sporting a large bruise from where the Arapaho had belted her with his gun butt but in good humor and even told him that the two women had killed their guard and escaped on their own. Barlow was impressed. "Well, it's a pity we don't allow women in the army, we could use a couple more like you and your friend," Benjamin remarked to Addy. It was a tough call to make - normally traveling at night was not the wise thing to do but they had the wounded to think of and the sooner they got them back to better medical care at the fort or even town, the better. He decided darkness or not, they would head back and issued the appropriate orders. They kept the pace deliberately slow but steady. He wasn't worried about Indian attack - Plains Indians did not attack at night and besides that war party was good as destroyed and definitely dispersed. No, the bigger danger was loss of a horse or horses to prairie dog holes or god knows what else whilst traveling in the darkness. Then there was a holler from ahead. @MD @Bongo @Flip @Javia
  2. "Hello, Caroline. Better give your friend some water," the young officer, who she now noticed was wounded, now handed her a canteen which the saloon girl reached up for. Addy was up on her feet and in good enough shape to make a quip though, she was tough alright. Caroline held out the canteen to the stage driver. "Take some. When yer done, I'd like a few swigs. Less our dashing young general here happens to have some whisky on him?" Caroline figured he would not but - if by some miracle he did, she would avail herself of some. Addy noticed the same as Caroline that the officer might be best staying mounted. A few more soldiers were closing in on them now, attracted by the shots fired. But it seemed to be all over, thank the Lord! "Joseph....thank ya for findin' us. I thought we were goners," Caroline wanted to thank him. "Oh, we heard a lot of shootin' earlier, did you run into the rest of the Indians? Hope you killed every last one of those bastards." OOC: We could jump a bit further now to get this group and the Barlow and his detachment along with Flip's scouts together again in one thread? Start heading back toward Kalispell then?
  3. "Well now," Mason Fink said softly. "That sorta puts me in my place. Don't it?" Caroline just glared, she did not like this man. Not at all. Fortner stepped forward. "Leave my crew alone, Mason, or they'll go on strike and leave me high and dry." Caroline glanced at her boss, if he'd have been a good boss, he'd have snapped at the man right off when the insult was made but Fortner had laughed too. Caroline silently noted that. "Ah sure, Frank," Mason said defensively. "I was just joshin'. That's all." He turned to Caroline. "Sorry miss, I didn't mean no harm." "Should be apologizing to the girl," Caroline muttered but why bother, she didn't think his apology even sounded sincere. By now, Hiram Priest sidled over to the group. "You boys look like you're sellin' something," the old codger drawled. "The last time I saw fellers like you it was at an emporium in Chicago, and they were selling silk ascots." Caroline decided to let them jabber away, she needed to discuss the night's song selection with Frances. She turned to leave. "Well," Cadwaller began. "You pegged us right, Mister. But we aren't selling ascots, silk or otherwise. We're selling an investment -- a sure thing." Hiram nodded. "Well if you can sell Miss Caroline your sure thing, you can sell it anybody in town. Cause she's no fool." Cadwaller turned to Caroline and removed his hat, "That right, Miss?" "That's right. And a wise man I once knew told me that anyone who sez they got themselves a ..... sure thing ...well, there is no such thing. So leave me outta this. I got a job to do, I'm workin. I gotta do my act so excuse me." She then headed over to Frances.
  4. Addy might have thought she had help directly behind her but Caroline was only there in spirit, in actuality she was still on her knees desperately feeling about on the ground for a decent sized rock to use as a weapon, however pathetic. Addy had some luck her attack but paid the price for it when the big Arapaho warrior retaliated with a stock butt to the woman's face. Down she went. But her brave effort had helped for it took up precious time that did not then allow for the Indian to reload. The cavalry horse reared, Bodawei sidestepped to try and use his carbine as a club on the rider. If he could knock the waischu off the horse he could draw his hunting knife and gut the man then turn on the women to finish them. But that's when his luck ran out, he stared up at a revolver pointed down at him. There was a loud shot, the bullet struck him full in the face and he toppled backward, carbine falling from his dying hands. He was dead in seconds, giving one last twitch then lying there sprawled on his back. He had gone down fighting like a true warrior. Sadly none of his people were there to witness it, there would be no recounting the tale of his glory among his village. Just as he breathed his last, Caroline rushed up, rock in one dirty hand, ready to fight. Only it wasn't necessary. Their enemy was down. Addy might be hurt but was at least alive and.... "Joseph? What the hell you doin' here?" Caroline stared as she dropped the now useless rock. @Bongo @Javia
  5. OOC: Nah, I'm good. Ralph would just say bye.
  6. "Er, yeah, Clara's fine, and baby Arabella. Thanks for asking Miss Mundee," the young man replied, poor thing looked real nervous. "She had the kid already?" Caroline was stunned, it was awful early for that given the last time she'd seen Jacob's young wife in the diner only a few days ago. Whereas the boy looked rattled the same could not be said for his companion. "Well Howdy, beautiful! Miss Monday is it? And as pretty every other day of the week too, I'm sure!" he drawled, bowing and sweeping his battered hat like a cavalier of old, doing his dusty best to ooze Southern charm. "Yeah, I try to look this good every day of the week," smirked a bemused Caroline. "Permit me to introduce myself, Mr. Clement Craddock of Kosse, Texas, Scrappy to my friends, perhaps you already know my esteemed partner in cowography, Mr Jesse Matthews..." "Nope, but I knew a Clement back in Chicago once. Always liked that name," Caroline smiled. "And my new friend Mr. Lutz, it seems, has the unbearable pleasure of being already acquainted with your glorious self." That got a laugh from the veteran saloon gal, "Might want to go easy on the compliments there, Clement. Though I do appreciate the sentiment." "Say Jake, Miss Monday looks thirsty, why don't you throw a drink into her, I mean, er, would you permit us to buy you some form of liquid refreshment, 'fair vison of my idyll'?" "Sure thing, thanks hon," she of course took note the cowpoke from Texas wasn't paying but the poor hubby to Clara. Cheapskate this one. "Ralph, I'll take my usual, thanks. And hey, don't charge young Mr. Lutz this one. It's on the house in honor of his newborn babe. Hope she's doin' well," Caroline offered. "Sure thing," Ralph of course poured a whisky from Caroline's special bottle under the shelf, colored water, "Congrats, kid." Kids having kids, thought Ralph.
  7. As oft happened in these sudden death events, things moved fast and furious. The cavalry horse ridden by an inexperienced rider had managed to get into thick underbrush terrain both Addy and Bodawei, more experienced riders, had decided against taking their animals into. It was fortunate the animal did not trip or injure itself. Fortunaely it did not have to charge in very far. As the bluecoat soldier charged him, Bodawei was trying to reload his single shot rifle and had not expected this threat being on him so fast. As the horse reared up, the warrior backed up but his troubles were coming at him from all sides now. *** Addy hissed, "Stay here." She gave Caroline a gentle push back down, then pulled out her small knife and and sprinted back toward the very man trying to find and kill them. "What? Don't be a...." it was too late, Caroline couldn't stop her! Well, she wasn't about to stay put, if Addy got killed, then she had no chance out here anyhow. As she looked past the charging woman there was someone mounted by the Indian? Help or not, Caroline was determined to join Addy's fool attack. Still on her knees she felt around for a decent size rock to be a weapon...hell, that kind of thing worked for cavemen hadn't it? She was having no luck though. Just figured! *** Bodawei half saw, half sensed the woman charging her and brought up his rifle just at the last second to try to block Addy's stab attempt. She managed to stick him in the bicep though, very painful at the least. He then used the butt of the carbine to knock her backwards. But he still didn't have the weapon loaded yet and had no choice now but to try and use it like a club against the waischu above him on the horse. Just maybe luck would be with him and the white man would freeze up or - as happened commonly enough - would forget he had to pull back the hammer of the Single Action revolver to fire the damn thing. It wasn't enough to just pull the trigger. @Bongo @Javia
  8. "Dang. They'd be callin' for him back to the Evergreen, an sent me to fetch him." Gilcrest said. Ralph just shrugged, thinking but not saying aloud 'not my problem'. Then, in two swallows, the beer was gone. "Have me one more afore I go huntin' him." He laid a pair of nickles on the bar. "I thank ya, Ralph, knowin' it ain't none of your concern where that young fella is. He can shore get himself in a bind, though." "He's young n' stupid. We were young once, don't know about you but I made my share of mistakes that age," the customer got a little bit of Ralph's philosophy on things. @Flip
  9. Brendan least wasn't fool enough to defy the fiesty saloon gal in the mood she was in so he gave up his arguing. He moved to turn down the lamp, then stopped. “Guess I’ll leave this on.” "Yeah, you can for now," Caroline sounded calmer now too. He trudged past Caroline, his footfalls heavy and tired. “I’m gonna get my things from your room. I’ll come around here after sun-up sometime and…figure out somethin’.” "Yeah, wait....here's the key. When yer done lock it up again and then give it ta Ralph. Not my new boss.........Ralph," she handed over her key with specific instructions. She trusted he wouldn't steal anything of hers. As he went out onto the landing, he looked back at her. “I’m…glad you’re here with her,” he said gruffly. "You know I'm real fond of the girl, she'll be safe with me. You'll see her soon enough, hon," Caroline nodded.
  10. "I can't leave her," Brendan protested Caroline's order, "I told her I'd be there when she woke up." "Oh hon, you can and you will. I'm not debatin' this with you," snapped Caroline, in no mood to repeat her arguments of just a moment earlier. "I asked at the livery stable a while back," he suddenly said, mustering a smirk. Seriously? Caroline frowned. "Really? How old are you? That's a job for fourteen, fifteen year olds. Part time work too. Yer gonna support Bridget as a stable boy?" Caroline was obviously unimpressed with his career attempt there. "Now....git......leave. Or am I gonna have to make ya?" she put her hands on hips.
  11. The look on Aurelian's face, though he did try to disguise it, showed he was less than pleased to have to now spend time with the whole Wigfall family plus some of their boarders whom he did not even know. Frankly it was none of their damn business. He did reply with a simple "hello" back to Jemima and was surprised when she hollered for Lucinda that he had arrived. How the devil did she even know that? Apparently Lucinda must have told the Wigfalls. "Thank you," he replied to her compliment of how he looked. As to her question about where they were going, that was something she did not need to know so he simply gave no reply. By then the others had flooded up like the circus was in town. Mrs. Wigfall then repeated her daughter's questions . "Perhaps," he answered, leave 'em guessing. Mercifully, there came Lucinda then down the stairs, looking very nice in that dress too. He smiled up at her, ignoring his inquisitors. "Mr. Redmond has kindly agreed to give me a tour of his homestead," she said calmly. Then to Mrs. Wigfall, she said, "We have plans for dinner so I'm afraid we can't linger." "Indeed," Aurelian nodded tersely, his eyes firmly on the woman, paying no mind to the herd. Turning to Aurelian, she held out her arm. "Shall we?" "I do believe we shall," and arm in arm they quickly exited the building.
  12. "Hello Ralph, like beer, and if you know the whereabouts of young Brendan Connolly. He's wanted out to the Evergreen." Ralph looked up from counting out some coins in the money box below the bar, it was that Gilchrist jasper, one of the Evergreen bunch. The man had never specifically caused any trouble in the saloon but still, he was an Evergreen man. Ever since that day Ralph stood with the Marshal in that street confrontation, the bartender didn't much care for that ranch and those who rode for it. "Hello...one beer it is then," he began to pour a glassful from the barrel spigot. "As for Connolly, I ain't seen him around. And he don't keep me informed of his comings and goings. Fraid yer outta luck." He set the glass down in front of Gilchrist, "It's a nickel." Ralph damn well knew Brendan slept up in Caroline's bedroom on the nights but that was none of Gilchrist's business. @Flip
  13. Fortner would not need to summon Caroline, the entertainer was there, already on her work shift, sitting at a table with a old gent. He had been telling her all about his adventures in the Mexican War. Caroline didn't know if she believed it all but no matter he was in a good mood and had bought the saloon gal a few drinks already. Caroline noticed her new piano player, the blind Frances, had just come into the saloon. The new men with Fortner also noticed and not in a good way. "Who the hell is THAT?" Mason Fink asked. "I thought Buffalo Bill's freak show's already left town." They all laughed. Well not all, Caroline didn't laugh, in fact she glared in the speaker's direction. Patting the veteran on his hand, Caroline thanked him for the drinks and the fascinating stories. Then stood up. "She works here, --- sort of," Fortner said. "Just a minute." "Hey Frances? You want me to get Caroline for ya?" he called. "No need, boss, I'm right here. Be right with you, Frances, just gimme a minute," Caroline announced. Then Caroline approached the man who had made the 'freak show ' remark until she stopped just short of him. "Now I don't know who you are, mister, but you certainly aren't a gentleman, making fun of a blind person. She's an employee here, she works with me. And if you ever make another crack like that, I will have to forget I'm a lady and you won't like what happens," Caroline spoke calmly and clearly and if the man made eye contact, she did not blink.
  14. Just as they were slowing down and Addy looked back to see if she could spot the Indian who'd shot the horse, Caroline tripped over a rock inching out of the ground and toppled straight down onto the ground with a yip of pain. Bodawei, his hearing as sharp and focused as his eyesight zeroed in on the sound. The white women were ahead and to his flank. He readied his carbine and headed that direction. Until there were the sounds of horses behind him. He spun about and spotted one...no TWO blue coats. Raising up his rifle he aimed at one, neither seemed to be aware of him. Bodawei put the sights of the powerful weapon on the white's torso and fired. Trooper Johnson never saw the Indian, maybe heard the shot which struck him full in the chest but was unconscious by the time he toppled backwards out of his saddle to strike the ground hard. He would bleed out in just a couple minutes. @Bongo @Javia
  15. Ralph poured a second beer for the one cowpoke, the young Mr. Lutz was nursing his and would awhile, if ever, before he'd finish up. He swept up the nickel then when Jacob spoke up. "How are you getting along without Arabella, Mr. Flandry?" Jacob asked. "We seem ta be surviving without the girl," Ralph hadn't approved of the girl up and leaving but she was getting the age to run her own life. And quite plainly she didn't like it at the saloon anymore. "Did you get anyone yet to take over the cleaning? I think she's doing OK at the funeral parlour. She did my Aunt Hildie and I went to see her and she'd got her looking real nice." he told the bearded man "My cousin Jess's just gone over to see her." "Hiring people ain't my job, kid," Ralph shrugged, "I just work here." As for the rest Ralph had no idea how to comment on that. What the hell did he care about some dead woman he never heard of. Another man joined them, bellying up to the bar, must be Lutz's cousin. He did look vaguely familiar but then Ralph sees so many faces in his line of work, they often blend together. "Howdy, Mr. Flandry," the man knew him apparently. "Howdy, can I help ya? " Ralph meant as in serving him a drink, nothing less nothing more. *** Meanwhile, Caroline had by now noticed Ralph had a trio of new customers up at the bar. That called for her presence. She might be the saloon entertainer but another vital part of her job involved in mingling with the customers and getting them to buy more drinks. She had been sitting at a poker table with four locals deep in a long drawn game of five card stud. As they played, she encouraged the men, flirted a bit with them, and on occasion went to fetch them more drinks from the bar. "See ya later, boys," she smiled then rose from her chair to sashay on over to the trio at the bar. Time to do her tried and true routine. "Well, well, I do believe the young men of Kalispell do seem to be getting more and more handsome all the time," she greeted them. She sort of knew Jacob Lutz thru Arabella and that he had married that brunette girl running the diner. That gal was visibly pregnant when she was last in the diner to buy a pie. "Jacob, you know if that ....farm girl of yers hadn't snapped you up, I mighta claimed you for myself. How ya been? Your wife doin' well, I hope?" she beamed, eyes sparkling as she gave him a playful pat on one cheek. She figured he'd handle the introductions on these other jaspers.

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