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  1. The very specific directions snapped Clara out of it. The girl was very particular, detail oriented, and she always wanted to do whatever she was doing just so. It was exactly the sort of thing to break her dwelling on the sad past. "Oh, yes, sugar...salt," her eyes went to the assorted cans facing her, all well labeled thus making the completion of this little task a simple one, she got started immediately even as she listened to Emeline. The woman was right about mothers of course, well at least Clara's mother. She also brought up Wyatt. "Yes, carefree does well describe him. Perhaps too carefree. I always have to prod him to finish his chores - well, the ones he does not like - and now that he is going to school again, do his schoolwork. Wyatt does not like school much," Clara sighed as she carefully measured out the amounts requested. "He much prefers to spend time with Father as opposed to me because of it," she admitted, someone had to be the stern one though she would never admit it to strangers, her Father was too easy going, laid back, in her humble opinion. Clara paused to look a bit perplexed at the woman on her last point though. "Well.... I am unsure of course. Since it is a hypothetical. My folks would have been heartbroken. And there would be no one to pass on the family name then." @Bongo
  2. "Fine then, I'll be right back, gonna put the coffee on the fire," Ralph nodded then retreated into the interior of the building. He returned quickly enough, "Be a few minutes and it should be plenty hot by then." Ralph hadn't forgotten the man's question about that young man though and immediately set about answering it to the best of his ability. "Yeah, I think I know which one you mean. Course could be other prospectors about nowadays," he shrugged. "Last week we had us a young man, Irish no doubt about that - all you had to do was listen to him talk. I don't know his last name but his Christian name is Robert.... Bobby....what have you." "He lives outside of town, he said that much. He also said he looks for gold but by the look of his clothing, he ain't very successful at it. One thing he is good at though is using his fists," Ralph grinned. "A bigger man picked a fight with him and Bobby boy dropped him like a sack of grain with a good right left combination," he recalled it with obvious amusement. @Flip
  3. Yes, the woman was no doubt right, Clara realized her mother would have had it no other way, choosing it to be herself who was sacrificed not her child. But the thing was Clara still felt embittered SHE had not been given a choice that time. If only it had been her who died, then the family would be better off - Wyatt would have two parents as it should be. Her father would not be so lonely. Not that he ever complained, but Clara felt she knew. Clara had listened to the instruction Emeline gave though and began measuring out the flour needed even as she continued to talk. She didn't talk about that day much at all but once the words came, they poured out it seemed. Whether the woman, for all intents and purposes a stranger really, wanted to know or not, she was going to hear it. "It was my fault my mother died. I mean not intentionally my fault, but if it had not been for me and my clumsiness, perhaps she would have not died. We were by the stream, rinsing out some clothing when the Indians came. We first saw the Indian when he rode straight up toward us. He was yelling like the savage he was. His body was painted, his face black and red. Mother said to run and we both started for the farm. Father was there with Wyatt but he had a rifle and he knew how to use it from the war. We did not get far when I tripped and fell. I screamed for her. Then I saw the Indian, he had a bow and he fired it at me. He hit me too. Mother came back for me, she should have kept running, she might have kept running if I had not cried out for her. She reached me but I could not get up, it hurt too much. The Indian had another arrow ready to fire. Mother stepped right in the way to shield me and he shot her then. That was the last I remember." "When I awoke I was in a bed, a doctor was there with my father and Wyatt. Father told me that I needed to remain very still and take it easy. The doctor had removed the arrow but it was very serious. He promised he would stay with me. I asked about her but he did not answer right away. When he did he told me she was gone." Finally she had run out of breath, out of words. But the memory was still as fresh as if it had just happened yesterday, Clara doubted it would ever really go away. Her eyes were watering but she did not cry. She never cried.
  4. Ahh, so Emeline did not know either about these turnovers? Well, that could make it an adventure then but Clara never shied away from a challenge. Besides there were two of them so they could better figure it out even experiment together. "Oh? No matter, we shall give it our best then. If nothing else we can eat our mistakes," Clara declared as she finished rolling up her second sleeve. "Experience in bulk? No, I do not. I bake for my family needs. There is my father and then Wyatt. Of course myself so three," she answered. The woman asked about her mother then, had her mother taught her about baking. A fair enough question though talking about her mother was still not easy for the girl despite the time which had passed since that horrifying afternoon. Emeline did not know the details though so could hardly be blamed for bringing up what was an uncomfortable topic. "Yes, she did. I learned very much about everything from my mother. She was a fine housekeeper, cook, seamstress, laundress, and of course...mother. We were very close," Clara declared trying not to get emotional about it. "I miss her. We...miss her. She saved my life...." her voice trailed off then.
  5. Ralph was drying beer glasses behind the long bar when he looked up to see who the latest customer might be. Ahh, the lawman. He slowly nodded affirmatively to the man's question. It had been awhile since the fellow had visited. "I got coffee in the back, might have to warm it up some," he admitted. "Guess your legal duties precludes you drinking?" he smiled.
  6. And of course there is the ongoing and thus far shaky relationship with Charlie and Clara
  7. Something else to do? What did he mean by that? And if this was helping her, he had a strange concept of helpful. Clara had to take into account he might well be sincere and used her self control not to snap at him. Plus, the reality was it was Shade she was shocked by. Was the man even going to tell her about taking this school marm as his date for the dance? It seemed he did not even think enough of her to be informed of such a thing? Now Charlie started to back track on his statement, apparently feeling like he needed to defend his new employer. And, truth be told, if Clara was in her usual logical state of mind, she would no doubt have conceded his points as possibilities. But the young lady was not in a mood for it at the moment. Glancing up at Charlie he was smiling at her. "I'm sorry if I have upset you in any way. I just thought you should know." Clara frowned, "You have not. I am fine, thank you." It was an unconvincing lie. "You have your work to do and so do I. Good day, Charlie, hope you do not get rained on," she spoke calmly enough then spun about and headed back toward the well, determined not to start crying, that would be a most childish thing to do. @JulieS
  8. Clara smiled at her lunch box crack, it did get her wondering though about the woman. Was she married and if so, where was the husband then? Did he expect her to run this place by herself? Or maybe he was gone out of town? The conversation however brought her focus back on food. The woman was finished with her dishes so it was time to get down to baking. Clara rolled up her sleeves, she was ready. "Crust, yes. There are those who underestimate the importance of crust but I am not one of them. My brother Wyatt, when he was younger, would not even eat the crust but I had to cut it off for him. Now that he is twelve, he eats anything that cannot get away from him though, " the girl remarked. "Let us start with the savory then, please. I am interested in how you do these meat pies. We can save the apple ones for later," Clara made her decision to Emeline's options. @Bongo
  9. The woman was glad for the apples, Clara was pleased her gift had been a success then. It got the pair off on the right foot then, even Clara had to admit she did not always make the best first impression. She felt it might well be because she was smart and wasn't afraid to show that. Her father suggested it might have to do with her learning to smile more. Emmeline jumped right into what they might do and had plenty of ideas, fascinating ideas too Clara was impressed. She had only thought of pie. "Turnovers? I have never eaten turnovers, more than likely because I have never made them. And if I don't do it, nothing is going to get done in my home," she freely admitted. "Packed lunches? So they just come on in, set down their money, and leave with a lunch in a bag? Interesting," Clara pondered the concept out loud, it seemed sound. The girl followed the woman into the back kitchen, her eyes taking in the room. It was well laid out, clean (always important at least to Clara), and warm with the stove going. There was a fireplace also, with a kettle over it. Perhaps for soup or the daily supply of beans or corn mush. It was a fine kitchen and instantly met with Clara's silent approval.
  10. Truthfully Shade had not actually told her about the school marm but Clara was at the ranch three days a week so word got around with the help and even Nettie chattered something about a teacher being there but hoped she could keep learning stuff from Clara. That made young Miss Redmond feel good. Clara hadn't thought much about the visit really, maybe the school marm was visiting a lot of the ranches and farms outside of town canvassing the locality to see if potential students were about. But Charlie wasn't done yet, instead he seemed eager to tell her something else. He had apparently overheard Mr. Thornton talking to the teacher about ..... picking her up for the dance on Saturday????????? Alright, that was news! Clara tried to look impassive but her eyes probably gave it away, that was upsetting news indeed. Shade had never even mentioned the dance to her but Clara had figured that he was still too early into his recovery to attend anyhow so she also had never broached the topic. "Oh? He did? I mean yes....I believe you. I just ..." she paused, for one of the very few times in her life at a loss for words. "Why did you feel it necessary to tell me this, Charlie?" she suddenly asked. Was he trying to upset her? And why would he do that after she had forgiven him for their first encounter at the hotel. @JulieS
  11. The woman soon appeared from a back room, greeting her with some enthusiasm which pleased Clara indeed. "It is nice to see you too, Miss Emmeline. Hope my timing is satisfactory," she replied. As to the woman's question, Clara made it clear, "Oh I am here for the baking. Like we discussed." It seemed the timing was excellent as the woman was only getting set to start on desserts. "Perhaps I can assist you then in that endeavor," the girl offered, but there was more, "Oh, I have some apples with me. Thought we could use them for a pie or cobbler. Whatever you fancy." She held up her small gunny sack. "I also brought my own apron." @Bongo
  12. Mature Content: No With: Clara and Emmeline Location: Lickskillet Diner When: Fall, mid week Time of Day: Mid afternoon Clara had finished her time at the Lost Lake Ranch, caring for the twins of course. She normally got a wagon ride back to her farm home a few miles outside of town. But on this day she had informed the driver that she had business in town, not to worry about her, and saw to it she was dropped off on what served as Main Street of Kalispell. In one hand she clutched a small gunny sack, amply bulging. She was coming to this baking session prepared, as was her style. The timing was rather fortuitous as when she stepped inside the place, there were currently no customers. Probably anyone eating lunch had long ago finished and left and it was too early yet for most folk to partake of supper. Perfect! That would mean the two of them could concentrate on the point of her visit - baking! She was excited actually. Not that showed on her youthful features though, that was not Clara. "Hello? Miss Emmeline?" she called out. @Bongo
  13. "Oh, her," Clara got it now. Yes, the school marm had come visiting the ranch. She knew about that. Thus far she had not yet met the woman personally. Her little brother, Wyatt, was going to school now, however reluctantly. Clara doubted Wyatt would ever be much of a student. He wasn't stupid, he just had no interest in that kind of thing. He was a boy, he wanted to do things, be outside, and books were boring. As for herself, well, she was NOT going to be attending some children's school, she was too old for it and besides she probably knew as much if not more than that school marm. "Well, Charlie, I think I should point out that the twins are only five years old. They are too young for any formal schooling. I cannot imagine them sitting in a schoolhouse all day. So no, I am not going to lose my job for a couple years yet I would imagine. Shade .....err. Mr. Thorton is very pleased with my work with the twins," Clara asserted calmly. @JulieS
  14. "Father says that I should work on cultivating a bit more optimism myself, I remain unconvinced," Clara shrugged. She complimented him on his competence with the wood chopping chore and he explained how it would help build up his strength for some of his more pertinent cow poke duties. That made sense. "Well, you appear quite strong to me, Charlie," she wanted him to know. Not to mention he was handsome, though of course that would avail him nothing when it came to ranch hand chores. "I suppose you will have plenty of time to keep things clean at home considering what happened the other day." Clara stopped to think for a few seconds on that cryptic remark of his. "I beg your pardon. What exactly happened the other day?" she honestly had no idea what he meant by that. @JulieS
  15. "Good! Notice I addressed you by your Christian name," Clara pointed out, pleased he was willing to be on a first name basis now with her. His chopping finished he now started piling the newly made firewood into the wheel barrow and there was a moment of awkward silence by the two. Just as Clara was about to break that quiet, Charlie did have something to say. About the weather, safe enough except the weather where? Certainly not the same weather she was seeing with her own eyes. It was gloomy and the dark clouds had already hid the sun even as they moved in the direction of the ranch. She thought it was due to rain fairly soon, it just felt like it. "The sun?" Clara dramatically looked into the sky in all directions to emphasize her bemusement, "Really? You might want to consider looking into the purchase of some spectacles, Charlie. Either that or you are truly quite the optimist." She said it with a smile though lest he think she was criticizing him. Now as to his very last line, she had something to remark on that too. "No, the rain is a bother for me too. I live on my father's farm after all. Too much rain can affect the garden, the crops. Brings a lot of mud into the house and I have to clean it up. Clothing gets dirty faster and I have to do the laundry. I also milk Betsy, our cow. And need dry wood for the stove as I do all of the cooking. Thankfully my father chops the firewood. Naturally, that is a man's job, given your superior strength and all." She wanted to say something nice then so added, "You are a good wood chopper I see. You did a fine job of it." @JulieS

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