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    Hitting the Snooze Button

    Matilda felt like an idiot roaming around town at this time of night, especially as this was when the saloon did their best business. But one of her saloon girls had been moping around and whining about missing the cat. The saloon had a longtime resident cat already when Ralph and Matilda bought the place so naturally they let it stay on, it did kill mice afterall. But almost two days now it had gone missing. Now one of the customers claimed he saw it across the street when he tied up his horse before going in for a drink. Matilda decided to at least have a look so here she was lurking about eyes peeled for that four legged bastard and holding a slice of beef. Suddenly she thought she heard something in the alley and a soft voice was saying...............well something about being hungry and me too? Was someone maybe with the cat? Maybe she was in luck here. Stepping into the alley she spotted a young man, no......a boy, an older one but still a boy. No cat though. "What you doing here in an alley at this time?" she couldn't help but ask. "Oh.......you happen to see an orange and white cat?" Never hurt to ask. TAG: @Cman710
  2. Wayfarer

    Bear Chase

    It was proving to certainly be a circuitous path to this swimming hole, Clara thought but at least Shade knew where he was going. She would have been lost by now, she had to admit to herself (though never to anyone else). It was an enjoyable hike though. That all changed suddenly. Shade stopped and gestured for silence by the twins who actually obeyed too. Clara halted in her tracks also. She looked around, ears alert for any noises. There were the sounds of underbrush crackling, something was moving on the trail. Something big too, she just knew it even if she had not caught sight of it. Shade didn't even have to say it. A bear! Was it that dangerous bear? How could one even tell, in point of fact any bear could be dangerous. Clara waited on Shade to make a decision as to what they should do. He knew a lot more about this sort of thing than she did. Then the unknown became the known, it was the deep and frightening roar of a bear! "Shade!" she hissed wide eyed, grabbing one of the twins without even thinking about it. "Clara, take the twins and head toward the trail we came up. If you have to leave the trail, keep the sun to your left." Shade reached for the rifle that was slung by a strap over his back. "Try to follow the trail without getting on it. The underbrush might slow you down, but it will slow any animals down too." "What? Are you going to try and shoot it?" Clara was very averse to making this run for it, leaving him behind. Well not to mention leaving her with the twins in case anything went wrong. She wasn't even armed! Her father had always stressed to her a human being cannot outrun a bear and plus she'd have these two terrified little ones with their short legs. Shade gave Clara and the twins a confident smile, but did not lie to them, "No. This rifle wouldn't stop a determined wolf, let alone a bear of any size. I am hoping the sound of the shots will be a deterrent. Then, I will be right behind you." He leaned down a bit so his eyes were on level with Clara's, "I will not desert you and the little'uns, I promise." "I did not think such a thing, Shade," Clara was almost offended by such a possibility, "Very well then." She still did not like the idea of splitting up and she with two young ones and no weapon. Shade's plan could go all wrong and then what? But Clara was not a disobedient young miss, when her father gave her orders she obeyed. There was no time for arguing. Clara shepherded the twins up close to her, "You heard your uncle. We are going to make a run for it but stay off the trail. Just run next to it. You start up and I'll be right behind you. No buts....go, go!" As the children started their frightened retreat, Clara turned to look at Shade, "You be careful. God bless!" And with that she took off right behind the kids. @Stormwolfe @Wayfarer
  3. Wayfarer

    Bear Chase

    He claimed he loved learning. Clara was not so sure but let him go on, no sense giving him too hard a time. He did admit to not liking school. "I only spent a few years in a schoolhouse myself, it was not so bad. I did not like having to wait while the teacher spent so much time with the slower students though," she gave a bit of a confession there. He seemed to assume she too got into her share of childhood mischief. He would think that. "No, no I did not. There may have been a few.......a very few times when my mother or father had to correct me on some trifling minor point but I was always well behaved. If you do not believe me ask Father...do not however ask Wyatt," she confidently declared. Shade grinned again and shook his head, "No, I believe you." And he did. Somehow it was hard to actually see Clara getting up to hijinks and mischief. She was far too composed to have ever been too wild as as a child. In some respects, he thought, she was too old for her age and should be encouraged to have fun. Shade decided he would make that one of his goals, see if he could not coax a smile out of her more often. "Guess we'd better get movin' if we're gonna get some swimmin' time before dinner," Shade turned and gave a piercing whistle to signal the twins it was time to go. He watched them closely as they approached. Clara might be prim and proper, but he would not put it past Nettie and Cody to have a frog or lizard ready to slip down her dress. "Yes of course, the twins would be heartbroken if they do not get to swim, I am certain of it," Clara nodded, "Wyatt would live in the water in the summer if we let him." "Lead the way, Shade," she gestured, more than willing to follow alongside.
  4. Wayfarer

    Murder Mystery

    Clara will absolutely deny it was her !!!!!
  5. Wayfarer

    Murder Mystery

    I like this concept. It's not easy to do, I've been in a few rpgs where they did it and mostly it didn't come off all that well. But still I think it's worth a shot definitely! It just needs to be well planned out. As many players as want to can certainly participate and there is room for lots of chars and NPCs. I vote yes!!!!
  6. Wayfarer

    Bear Chase

    "Get your swimmin' clothes," Shade warned the twins as they almost vibrated with excitement. He gave Clara a grin, "I'm sure Mrs. Hale or Mary has something you can borrow if you like. I confess I'm not too conversant with lady's swimmin' togs." "Swimming togs?" Clara looked puzzled then remembered these were rich folk, they no doubt spent money on that sort of fancy east coast apparel. "Neither Wyatt nor myself own any such fripperies. We go swimming sans clothing," she simply declared but then felt compelled to add, "And if you think you are going to get to see me naked, that is not going to happen. I am not a child and such a thing is not respectable." Even though a tiny part of her would no doubt be thrilled but no, that was just temptation tugging at her. Her mother would be appalled at such brazen conduct. Shade grinned, totally unabashed by the young lady's rebuttal of his alleged nefarious plans. "We don't use those fancy bathing costumes from back east, madam!" He gave her a wink, "Laura Hale usually takes old trousers, cuts them off, does some other stuff with scissors and thread I don't rightly get and then the ladies use them for swimming. It avoids the naked issue and drowning from tangling in their long skirts." Clara slowly nodded, "Humpfff, trousers...that still leaves my breasts in clear view of ogling male eyes." Alright so she barely had any but still, it was the principle of the thing. "No thank you," she dismissed the offer. Once everyone was set, Shade left word where they were heading and led the way out of the house, across the courtyard and onto a trail that wound upward, disappearing into the towering trees of the dense mountain forest. From time to time they could got glimpses of Lost Lake where it spread out below the house. Soon though, the trail turned away from the lake to follow the course of a wide, rapidly flowing creek. It was cooler in the shade of the forest. Their passage barely disturbed the smaller forest animals and birds as they scurried around doing their daily chores. As admonished by Clara before leaving the house, Cody and Nettie did not forage too far ahead, contenting themselves with running a short distance before stopping to wait for Shade and their new part-time nanny. To Shade, it seemed that both were in better spirits than they had been since his arrival back home. They had really taken to the girl, treating her both as a friend and someone to be respected and listened to. More and more, he thought his plan to hire Clara was a good one. The trail was simply beautiful and a pleasure to walk. It didn't hurt either that she was walking side by side with Shade. Almost like a young lady and her beau. She did have to admit she liked him a lot and she was beginning to convince herself he liked her also. Pity he was a LITTLE old. Shade glanced at Clara as they walked along the trail, "Your first day goin' okay? Is riding up here with Mary or Sage workin out for you?" He interrupted her fanciful train of thought with a couple basic questions. "Oh indeed, I believe it has gone very well. The twins have comported themselves splendidly today, they are a joy to work with. More obedient than Wyatt let me assure you, though that is setting the bar low. The ride here was fine too. I am used to getting up early so it was not a hardship." She looked up at him, gosh he was tall...."And how went your day then, Shade?" "My day was the usual cow chasing, fence mending kinda day," Shade told her, good humor evident in his voice. Then, he sobered up, "Don't know if Laura Hale or anyone else warned you, but don't go out and about by yourself, young lady! We have had two steers killed by a bear now. There's reason to believe it'll go after people too. I don't wanna lose you to that thing." "A bear?" one eyebrow went up, "I will have to tell Father. We could ill afford to lose our milk cow." As for attacking people? She always thought they would rather just avoid folks. Still what did she know. An evil grin came over her pert features. "People.....pity we could not direct it to the Evergreen ranch." Quickly though she backtracked, "No, such thoughts are sinfully cruel of me. I do not actually want to see any of those men dead even the two who stole my things at the lake. I believe Billy is simply misguided, probably did not have a proper Christian upbringing." "People have a way of bringing their fate onto themselves, Clara. Billy and Greer will reap the rewards of their actions in time," Shade said. He had learned the truth of his words the hard way. Of course, there were people that managed to slither out of the proverbial noose no matter how much they deserved it. "Your thoughts might be sinfully cruel to your mind, but they are delightfully human." "I was so angry with those men...well, I mean I still am quite peeved but I do not wish to see them die," Clara declared, "We are all God's creatures after all." There were times when she found that all hard to believe but she knew she was supposed to at the least. Suddenly she was reminded of something pertinent to the discussion. "Oh, I do not think I have told you yet but I have my clothing and Colt Dragoon back now," she flashed a big smile of both relief and satisfaction, "Picked all that up at the sheriff's office where it had been dropped off. I would have worn the dress today but I had just washed it and it is hanging out to dry on the line today." For a girl with such a limited wardrobe this was certainly a turn of event to be happy about. "I'm glad you got your things back," Shade told her. He had lived on the edge for many years and understood how important a few belongings could become. For him, it had been his customized Colt, saddle and horse. Changing that mindset was not easy.
  7. Wayfarer

    Bear Chase

    It had been quite a first day, mostly because it was all brand new. Well not completely, of course Clara knew the two children she was now in charge of and naturally she knew Shade Thorton, their guardian. But still this was her first day on her new job. She had eased the children into it by chatting with them, laughing and nodding at their various stories and declarations. They seemed contented enough with her presence as she then proceeded to some actual lessons, nothing too complex given their age. She read to them from a storybook the boy choose and they listened enthralled to the reading even though when she ended for the day, the girl declared they had heard it all before. But both loved it. Her younger brother, Wyatt, was much like that when he was a bit younger, happy enough to listen to the same favorite story again and again. Of course she allowed them some nap time which proved to be shorter for Nellie than her sibling. When they stated they were hungry she took them to the house's large and well laden kitchen and she cut them a few slices of freshly baked bread and choice of butter or honey. The boy took honey. Unable to resist, Clara indulged in a lavishly buttered slice herself. The twins had milk to wash it all down, Clara contented herself with water. Thus fortified the afternoon began and time passed quickly. Clara's attention was interrupted by the arrival of Shade. "Good afternoon, Shade," she decided to use his Christian name as he had told her back at the festival to do so. He came apparently not just to check on them but with an offer too. A short hike to see the waterfall and then a stop at a swimming hole? Interesting. Cody practically fidgeted with excitement. "It truly is quite hot today. I do suppose a reasonable walk would not unduly wear out the children. Would you like that?" she looked to both of them who nodded and voiced immediate enthusiastic agreement. "Very well, let us go then. But no running too far ahead, this is not going to be a race," she cautioned. @Stormwolfe
  8. Wayfarer

    [Scene Request] Bear Chase

    Sure, sounds good to me, I'm ready anytime for it.
  9. Wayfarer

    [Scene Request] And Soon They Meet

    Clara is not going to be attending school. Land sakes, she is fifteen years old and a young lady already. She could probably teach classes, just ask her!
  10. Wayfarer

    Dancer On The Trail

    The man wanted a third shot so of course Ralph nodded with a smile, poured him one to the brim of the shotglass and collected his payment. If the jasper took many more he might not be in the best state of mind if he did find that fellow he was looking for. But then it was none of Ralph's business and frankly he didn't care one way or the other. Maybe some local feud....or....maybe it wasn't anything of the sort. The man closed with a compliment before leaving though and that brought a smile to Ralph's bearded face. "Thank ya! Appreciate it. And you tell your people all about us, we appreciate any business you can send us," he responded. TAG: @Case Steelgrave
  11. Wayfarer

    Dancer On The Trail

    As expected the saloon's opening day special produced a smile then the customer threw down a double eagle. The man was looking for information and willing to pay for it too. He was looking for somebody....a man named Pike. He also was ready for his second shot. Ralph nodded and poured the shotglass full to the rim. As for the information though..... "Can't say as I heard of that fella. But then I'm new in town. Me n' my business partner bought this place, thus the grand opening," Ralph answered. While he was curious as to why the man or rather his boss was looking for this Pike, Ralph figured it was none of his business to ask. TAG: @Case Steelgrave
  12. Wayfarer

    Dancer On The Trail

    Thus far business was not what one would call brisk for a brand new opening of the saloon but it was only still morning and in this business the most customers were expected later in the day and evening, as more work shifts were over. Still Ralph was keeping reasonably occupied manning the bar. A tall silver haired gent now stepped up to the bar, knowing exactly he wanted too. "One rye comin' up, mister," Ralph flashed what passed as a friendly smile for him. Another moment and the man had a full to the brim shotglass placed carefully in front of him. "There ya go. Lemme know if you want another, it's on the house. Openin' day special, buy one get one free. Today only though, just so ya know," he explained. TAG: @Case Steelgrave
  13. Wayfarer

    A Time to Watch and Learn

    "Oh in my line of work, I'm pretty much used to it. I trust your performance will improve the next time we meet. Good day to you, Mr. Wentworth," Matilda gave him one last smile and spun about to head across the wide street, watching for a carriage crossing the path of ahead of her. She wondered if he would actually come into the saloon on Monday? Time would tell. ooc: Good place to end I think?
  14. Wayfarer

    A Time to Watch and Learn

    "I agree, fights are never good for business," Matilda nodded. The man finally got up off his chair, she had wondered if he had forgotten his manners that way also but had already chafed the man for his lack of introduction, no sense being too hard on the fellow. He was rather handsome and, while that shouldn't enter into the occasion, it did. Unfortunately she was not going to be able to take him up on his invite to sit and chat further. She had work to do. "Oh I'm sorry but I really should get going. I have a lot more to do inside the saloon than merely sweep the boardwalk on the outside," she smiled, "I must get back and help my partner. Nice meeting you though, Mr. Wentworth, and thank you for the information about the current hotel situation. Tell you what though, stop on into the saloon Monday and your first drink is on the house." TAG: @Matt Wentworth
  15. Wayfarer

    A Time to Watch and Learn

    "Ahh yes, the talk of the dance actually - that brawl. I did not witness it but I heard that a couple of the Steelgate hands were confronted by a farm girl. She was 13, 14, something like that and accused them of stealing from her. Apparently one of them then punched the girl in the face. That started up the whole thing, quite a few men got involved," Matilda was willing to engage in some local gossip. Why not, the lifeblood of a small town afterall. "Being a saloon owner, I've seen more than my share of fights and have on a rare occasion took a punch too so I was more than content to miss that brawl," she smiled, "Of course my partner, Ralph, is the one who then is expected to handle such things. And he does too. Trust me, Mr. Wentworth, you do not ever want to get into a fight with Ralph Flandry." TAG: @Matt Wentworth

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