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  1. "Outlaws are scum," was Clara's abrupt assessment on the girl's silly affectation for such men. However the child came from the south, what could one expect from such folk. Needless to say, Arabella saw the upcoming dance quite differently and listening to her go on, the child was wildly optimistic on her chances with menfolk. But it did not change the older girl's mind in the slightest. "Yes, I do not want to go, I believe I stated that already," Clara asserted. "Oh Clara, Clara, Clara. Don’t you know that the only boys as ever asks a girl to a dance are the ones who you don’t want to ask you? The one you want never does. You just gotta be there and ready to bushwack the one you DO want. Now, who’ve you got your eye on right now?” Arabella asked, serious faced. "Bushwhack? I am not about to do any such thing," Clara rolled her eyes. "Besides I do not have my eye on anyone. All the boys....young men I know are louts and/or ruffians. I have better things to do with my life," she declared.
  2. The man was very pleased with the invitation, Matilda noted with satisfaction. "I can assure I have never felt that way about our gallant men in blue. Nor do I expect any trouble between the community and you soldier boys. We want this to be good time for all in attendance," she assured the man. "Who you choose in the end is of course your call, Colonel. I do not intend to tell you how to run your army any more than I would like being told how to run my business. And I think a dozen is quite fair number. Thank you for being so understanding," Matilda smiled graciously. "One of the advantages of being a widow is I can dance with whoever I please. I hope you might give it some consideration to ask me for a dance, colonel," she was nothing if not bold, it came with her business.
  3. "My God." Brendan's mouth dropped open. "You're crazy, Greer. She's a girl. You don't shoot girls!" "Why do you think I knocked his aim off ? We didn't come out here to shoot anyone let alone a girl," Billy was of the same opinion on this issue as Brendan. Greer suddenly felt like they were ganging up on him and he didn't like it. "Don't you all act holier than thou with me!" he snapped. He then added, "It's all just a matter of time anyhow. Mr. Steelgrave is gonna want their farm and he is gonna send some men out to wipe out that whole family and bury them so no one finds their graves. I was just getting a jump on it." "Dammit, Billy, you know how this is gonna end and lissen here Connelly, you better get used to it because if Mr. Steelgrave gives you an order, you better obey if you know what's good for ya."
  4. Crabbe explained what he believed would be the situation and it sounded reasonable enough. As for his guarantee, well that remained to be seen. But Benjamin would not be happy with a wild goose chase, not happy at all. The man then asked the scouts on their views. "You lead the way, we’ll scout ahead Captain, if there’s to be any trouble, we’ll sniff it out first. Times are not the most pleasant with the Indians, but, not all of them are out, yet. And Mister Crabbe, we’ll be sure to let you know if we see this “Granddaddy Longlegs” you’re goin’ on about," answered MacIntosh. "We brought Mr. Crabbe out here because of what he knows so we'd be fools not to follow his advice...least for now. Sounds like we got a long ride ahead of us but so be it," Benjamin conceded. "Alright, we head east then. Mr. MacIntosh, you and your man take the lead. For now it sounds like we are just trying to find the Two Kettles band." "Oh and I get nervous about ridgelines and high ground, make it a point to check those out lest there be hostiles waiting to spring an ambush on the opposite side," he requested. "And last but not least, we do not fire the first shot. See any trouble, get back fast. I want to be the one who makes the decision to engage or not."
  5. Even though the girl was looking for, and one would think, expecting Clara's presence, she was startled when Clara spoke up. The cat she was trying to hold reacted in the same fashion. That was Emeline's cat too? “I come to talk to ya about the dance!” whispered Arabella excitedly “And Frank was trying to get in!” "He was trying to get in for the past hour and now magically he got his wish. You carried him in," Clara pointed out. “What we going to wear? Who d’ya wanna dance with? We need to plan it all out and practice dancing! I ain’t been to a dance in ages, my legs is all rusty!” "Glad to see you are all aflutter about the dance," Clara sighed, "As for me, I have no plans to attend. It is a foolish waste of time and I cannot be bothered with it." And then perhaps even unwittingly, she got to crux of the matter, "Besides no boy has asked me. And I am certain no one will."
  6. Permission granted, Matilda began her spiel. "Well, colonel, sadly it is not really as much for your men as for you and your officers. Kalispell is holding a spring dance, it's held in a barn just outside of town. There will be food and drinks of course in addition to music and dancing. I told the committee this would be a great opportunity to reach out to our gallant military and break the ice as it were. Get to mingle and know each other a bit. " "But there is no way we can take in a whole garrison of soldiery, your fine fellows would pack the barn simply by themselves. I hope you understand?"
  7. "Yeah, well, my hide is still in one piece, no thanks to y'all. What in hell were you thinkin', sendin' me down there?" Billy shrugged, "Like I said, we didn't think she was dangerous. I probably should have said she was a bit feisty." Their new hand turned his anger on Greer then, "And who shot that damn rifle? You could'a hit me instead of her!" "Who do you think shot it?" grinned Billy. Greer was not amused though, "Damn right I did! I was trying to save your life too. And I woulda if goddamn Billy here hadn't pushed me. I would have blown her head off, I woulda."
  8. Clara had not even been planning on attending the upcoming town dance. Oh she had enjoyed the last one alright but that was when Shade danced with her. Now however she had been tossed aside for that Jezebel school marm, the latest object of the rancher's obviously flitting affections. No, she would not be humiliated by standing there against the wall watching him cavort about on the dance floor with THAT WOMAN. And what would be her other options? Charlie Wentworth? Hardly, he despised her, liked nothing better than to do his best to belittle her and toy with her feelings even though she had tried very hard to be nice to him too. That left a couple of those Evergreen cowpokes. Billy or Brendan. A more likely chance of a blizzard in mid July. Handsome they might be but they were also louts and possibly dangerous ones at that. Anyone working for the Steelgraves could not be trusted. So why should she waste her time and effort to attend some frivolous dance? Her gloomy reflections were interrupted by a familiar voice behind her. Turning about it was Arabella. Now what? She had told the girl before she was welcome to visit by coming in the front door of the place so she could be waited on like any other customer but was not to be sneaking in the back. Waste of breath telling that child anything though. "Arabella, why are you here?" she sighed.
  9. As Brendan crested the ridge amidst the treeline, there were his two fellow ranch hands waiting for him. Both were dismounted, their horses tied to a nearby branch. The looks on their faces fully mirrored their diverse personalities too. Billy was grinning away but Greer was glaring in that surly manner of his. He held a rifle in one hand but was merely grasping it in the middle, in no way attempting to wield it. Billy let out a whoop, "Whoa there! That was quite something, pard. I had no idea she'd try to shoot ya. When we met her previous like, she didn't have no gun in her hand. Glad ta see you ain't got no bullet holes in ya." Greer seemed much more tense and said nothing.
  10. The man's response was measured but delighted the woman as he showed himself to be amenable to light hearted banter and was not just some military martinet. He proved to be a gentleman too, presenting her with a seat before then taking one of his own. "Ahh, so Canada is safe then, I am relieved," she quipped as she sat down facing him. "Oh excuse me, Colonel, I am not familiar with the complexities of military ranks," she acknowledged her mistake first off then introduced herself. "Name's Matilda Devereau, I own the saloon in town, the Stardust. I was once a Mrs. but my husband is dead. I shot him," she stated calmly enough, "All quite legal I assure you." "And this isn't a social call I'm afraid but a business one. I've come with an invitation to present if you would hear me out."
  11. Ralph weathered the storm that was the child's histrionic performance until she collapsed then announced there was going to be a dance. He already knew that, Matilda was on the town dance committee and was planning on providing beer and selling the hard stuff out of a tent. Combine fun with some profit too. She was a better businessman than most men he knew of. "Well, I'll be out front now, manning the bar," he calmly announced in a tone that definitely signaled it was not a subject up for debate. And with that he left the young girl with the poor frazzled cook.
  12. Mature Content: No Author: Matilda Devereau With: Col. MacKenzie Location: Fort Somers When: April 15, 1876 Time of Day: Just past noon. This was a first for Matilda to be setting foot within an army fort, not that she was nervous about it. This was all about business, in this case not her own but the town's. As first time member of the Spring Dance committee, she had convinced the other committee members to reach out to the local military garrison, a goodwill gesture. After all it was these very men who protected the town and local farms and ranches from the Indians. So it was that Matilda, clad in a fancy freshly shipped in from the East maroon dress, waltzed confidently into the office of the fort commandant after being ushered in by an orderly. Men were men, whether they had uniforms on or not, and one thing Matilda was comfortable around it was menfolk. They were the livelihood of her business. "Good day, general, hope I'm not interrupting anything....like planning an invasion of Canada or something," she flashed a mix between a smirk and a grin. Time to find it if this one had a sense of humor or not.
  13. Mature Content: No Author: Wide Open With: Whoever posts Location: Kalispell When: April 1876 Time of Day: Varies Excitement was building in the small frontier community. April meant winter was finally over and summer lay ahead. For farmers it was time to prepare the fields for planting. For ranchers their herds could now fatten on pasture land buried by snow during the winter. People could move around more, travel more now that the roads were not blocked by snow. And April also meant the annual Spring Dance where the town gathered for socializing in a festive setting. Besides dancing there was plenty of food and drinks for all. But it did not happen without some organizing to set this whole affair up. A committee was formed each year to handle the myriad details of preparation. Many local citizens pitched in to help in whatever way they could. Donations of all sorts of foodstuffs were promised, usually a local ranch or two provided a cow for the meat. Individuals would bring in bakery goods and many side dishes. Local musicians gathered for practices - though many had performed at prior dances and were well accustomed to each other. The Stardust Saloon was providing a few barrels of free beer and pitching a small tent where hard liquor could be purchased. The actual locale of the dance that evening would be Mr. Horace Simkin's large barn, normally used for hay and other feed storage but blessed with a strong wood floor unlike most barns. It was located just outside of town proper and Simkins was proud to have his place host such festivities (and he always said as much to anyone who would listen). Townsfolk could easily walk there, those who needed to come further had hitching posts and a corral for horses plus plenty of open space to park buggies and wagons. A large fire pit out back of the barn was where the butchered beef was roasted on spit. All of this was the material side to this grand event, but there was far more to the Spring Dance than just that. The weeks then days prior to that glorious Saturday evening, people were making their own arrangements as to just who was going and of course who were they going with! Nervous or maybe confident males were formally requesting the ladies of the community for them to accompany them that night. Shirts, trousers, dresses were washed, shoes polished. Everyone wanted to look their best. Yes sirree, it was going to be a hot time in the old barn that night come April 22nd.
  14. So now he claimed he was no longer friends with those two ruffians, Clara did not believe him for a minute. Just as the cowpoke seemed to be ready to ride off and rejoin his fellow Evergreen yahoos on the ridgeline, he turned in the saddle. "If you ever go swimmin' again, I'd be glad of an in-vi-tation." "What?" Clara was open mouthed. The utter gall of that cowpuncher! Since her father and little brother were not around to hear, the angry young miss now decided to employ some salty language in her retort. "Hell will freeze over before I ever invite you!" With that, stomping mad, Clara turned and made her way toward the cabin. Why the mere thought of it was outrageous.....and yet deep down there was a flicker of tantalizing excitement to it. He was very handsome after all. Instantly she chided herself for even entertaining such a forbidden thought. What was wrong with her anyhow?
  15. "The cows tell you that, did they?" Clara smirked. He was leaving then so she asked he pass on a message to Billy and Greer. He refused. She then wanted him to realize that she really wouldn't have shot him (well unless he made the first move to do something aggressive). She did not want him to think she was that sort of a person who would simply kill a stranger. "For th' record, I don't care," he shoved his hat on his head, stood, and swung himself up onto his horse's back and looked down at her. "Very well then, be that way. There is nothing more for us to say, be off with you. Join your ...friends and do what the Steelgraves tell you. Good day!" Clara now glared.

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