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  1. "I'm sorry Clara. Maybe I should have made my intentions more clearer but I thought you were and are still too young. To say that I am pleased about your marriage would be a lie." Clara frowned but that sounded turned into a glare. And after she had just told him she wished for the very best for his new law career. "The only thing I can offer you is that I hope that your husband will do his best when the future comes and that you won't suffer if he doesn't." She was not going to stand here and be hurt like this. Oh, she wanted to say more but what good would it do and what difference would it make? None. "We are done here. I will never make the same mistake again of trying to talk to you. We have nothing further to say. Good day to you, Deputy," she said thru gritted teeth then stepped to one side of him and kept on walking.
  2. Miriam duly reported her sale of the pair of gloves so that her employer could put it down in the books, accurate accounting was important in any business such as this one. He seemed pleased but suddenly informed her he had a 'tip'. "Oh? Of course, sir," she duly nodded. "Whenever you sell kid gloves, ask the customer if they'd like to buy some special cleaning spirit of turpentine, special offer 50 cents!" He rummaged on a shelf and brought down a fancy bottle of blue glass. "Fifty cents?" that seemed expensive to her reckoning, though she could hardly claim any expertise in such things. "It' just ordinary turps, 10 cents a bucket from the general store, but some ladies'll buy anything as long as it comes in a pretty container." "I see," she duly noted though to her it did seem a bit.......dishonest? Still he was the boss, far be it for her to challenge him, "I will remember that in the future, sir." "Hmmm, Miss Lutz. Was she trying to get you to go to Church?" Miriam had not seen that coming alright. "She mentioned how active my friend, Arabella...you know...Miss Mudd...the one who came with Miss Mundee...........is in their church and encouraged me to come sometime to hear and see for myself'" Miriam dutifully answered. "I told her Papa would not approve." And to her that settled the matter then and there.
  3. "Widow Lady, just moved in at our's." The frowsy girl gave Clara a quick run down on Mrs Wigfall's latest lodger. "Seems all right apart from giving herself a few 'airs and graces'. I asked her if she was looking for work, and she reckoned that Mrs Pike had given her a job at the pie store." "She did? Oh I doubt that, I have not heard any of the sort from her," Clara frowned. Jemima was hardly done, "Now, if you and Jake're moving into the Diner and you're going to be running the place... well, I'd have thought you'd want to chose your own help and maybe not someone older than you; and maybe not someone who thinks that they're better than ordinary folks like you and me." she warned. "She might want to try and take over!" "Nonsense, I think you must have got your information from an unreliable source. Or this woman is just saying that," Clara shook her head. "I hope I'm wrong , time will tell: but 'forewarned is forearmed'!" Well Clara was now warned at least, though so far she did put much credence in it. Emeline had certainly made it sound like once she was living on Pronto's newly purchased ranch out of town, she was leaving at least the running of the diner to her. She trusted the woman completely, this was not going to happen. "I for one am not worried," Clara declared then sighed, "Say.....perhaps it is time for us to go to bed.......well, go to sleep anyways? I for one am quite worn out by the day's exertions."
  4. Bridget has a handsome cowboy chasing after her? Clara found that hard to believe. Unless it was some one trying to take advantage of the poor thing. She wasn't all there. Who would do such a thing? Clara silently decided she might have to look the girl up and talk to her soon. But for the moment she concentrated on the here and now which was making sure Jemima kept her further silence about Arabella. The girl seemed willing enough at least. "Her secret's safe with me, besides, she knows my secrets too, so..I only told you because, well, I thought you had a right to know. Arabella reckons that you're thinking of naming the baby after her and making her Godmother. I told her I doubted that was true, but just in case, well, you might not want to do that with someone who's got something peculiar wrong with them." "I have told Arabella very clearly I am not going...we are not going to name the baby after her but if it is a girl - after Emeline Pike. It is nothing against Arabella, it is a solemn promise I made to Emeline. She has been like a mother to me," Clara wanted that much to be clear. "And regardless of her peculiarity I will not end my friendship with her. Friends do not abandon friends," she added. Jemima suddenly changed the subject. "Say, have you met Mrs Dietrich yet?" she asked Clara baldly. "Who? No, I have not, I do not even know who that is," Clara answered.
  5. The obviously ambushed and uncomfortable fellow now spoke up, “I err… Miss Arabella is doing me the courtesy of repairing my trousers.” "Oh, she is then is she?" Caroline could see with her own eyes but looks can be deceiving. Maybe they were about to do something quite different. Unsmiling, for once, Caroline nodded at Ara's introduction, "Jim." Nope that was wrong.... "James then," Caroline tried for it again. "Oh" Arabella calmly declared,"I tried to kill myself and Jim split his pants savin' my life!" "What?" Caroline was surprised, well about the first part mostly. What the hell? "That's a whole lot to take in, hon," she first addressed her piano player then reserved a withering look for the tall young man. "Look here, James whatever you said, this is a saloon not a whore house. If you are thinkin' of anything with this young miss, our boss, Miss Devereau don't allow no prostitution on the property. Besides which ain't she a bit young for you?" Actually it didn't matter a hoot what justification he might give, there was no way Caroline was going to allow Arabella to be............well...just not gonna happen. She was being nice - so far. This James jasper did not wanna see her NOT nice. It wouldn't go well for him.
  6. "She told me about it before she was..." Jemima paused for a second, "... well, before she was 'right' with herself about it. She said she'd tried everything to cure it: prayer, fasting, kissing boys, she even tried to kill herself. Course, you can imagine the mess she made of that." Jemima sniffed. "Oh my god! Tried to kill herself? That is terrible. I did not know any of this," Clara was truly shocked. And the shocks continued. So Jemima tried to beat it out of her? That was nonsense. Yet somehow Arabella had enjoyed it? At least Jemima did something smarter, had her go see a doctor. Still........... "So the doctor was no help," Clara frowned. Maybe she should see Rev. Thomas? But for now she kept this idea to herself. The conversation now moved on to something which worried Clara, just how many people knew this terrible secret about Arabella. "Here's who knows: you, me, Doctor Danforth, I guess, and that Miriam." "Oh," Clara nodded, not as many as she had worried there might be. A doctor would never tell as it was part of his professional oath, some Greek name. So that narrowed it down further. But there apparently was one more. Bridget ????? "Well, that is strange but then we know Bridget, the poor dear, is not quite...normal, thru no fault of her own," Clara sighed. "So then, please, I beg of you .....do not tell anyone else about Arabella. For her reputation is at stake here. Her future in Kalispell even. As her friends we have to be sympathetic to her....problems as best we can," Clara now made her pitch on this matter.
  7. "OW!" Wyatt winced as his friend dropped his sticks. This was not working out at all. "Well, yeah...I think we need to give up on this way of making a fire. You know what, I'm gonna march right inta the house and ask Clara if I can make a torch or something from the fireplace. I'm pretty sure she has the fire goin'," it was time to swallow his pride and get some help from his sister. "You wait right here and guard our treasure," he rose to his feet, like anyone was actually going to race up and grab the old chest then race off with it.
  8. "More like the other way around!" Jemima laughed somewhat humourlessly. Clara had no reason to disbelieve what the dour Jemima was saying about all this but she was a bit surprised that she herself had had no inkling of Arabella's..........inclinations. She had always thought herself a good judge of people, maybe she was not? "Oh, I'd like to say I've been suspicious of Arabella ever since I first got to know her. You know: realized something was wrong about her from the beginning, but I was as blind as you were until she told me outright. Course, she's never liked me in that way!" "Goodness! She even told you, admitted such a thing?" Clara thought that was pretty much the clincher then on this unraveling mystery. "Then again, I ain't pretty like you, and I never saved her life and nursed her back to health and all those things she always does run on about you, Clara." "I am not that pretty....there have been only two men who called me that - my father, who we both have to admit there is reason to believe he is biased - and Jacob. Who is no doubt putting me on a pedestal because we are in love," Clara pointed out. "And secondly, I did not save Arabella's life. I did help nurse her back to health it is true enough but I was only doing my Christian duty as I am certain you would do the same in my place." Suddenly the mention of 'Christian' hit her. She turned to Jemima with a very worried look on her face. "Jemima, you have not told others about ...........well Arabella's ...bent...have you? I ask because if word gets out to certain folks......quite a few folks actually.........she could well have her reputation ruined in Kalispell. She could be driven out of the church, she might even lose her job. Her life has been hard enough as it is. I would hate to see it come to that."
  9. ooc: Yep, good place to end this one. And sure, we can do a saloon one, could be fun. 😀
  10. Jemima boldly declared the two girls were not merely friends. So that meant........Clara tried to wrap her mind about such a revelation. Had not Arabella talked about experiences with boys and Clara had even heard rumors that the girl had had a crush on that Evergreen hand, Billy. Talk about poor taste though in Clara's opinion. Jemima seemed to feel it was a good thing as it meant less competition for boys. She also added, "I thought you'd have realised about Muddy." "No, not at all. Say you do not think that maybe this Miriam unduly influenced Arabella in this sort of .........well.......behavior?" Clara suddenly had a theory.
  11. Miriam felt bad for the woman as she related a sad memory of her now deceased father, "My condolences, miss. He sounds like he was a smart man." As for Arabella, Miriam had to remark, "There is really very little that Ar..Miss Mudd does that surprises me." She meant that as a compliment. After the light conversation, Miriam scored a sale on top of it as the woman purchased some gloves. Her employer should be pleased. And then it was time for the women to leave the place and go on their way, Miss Lutz ending with a compliment about her and also mouthing a reminder to remember what she had said. No doubt regarding a church visit. Miriam nodded but already had made up her mind. She was not about to anger her father by doing such a thing.
  12. "Yep - on the house. Oh, you bein' a foreigner and all maybe you don't know what that means, sorry!" it suddenly came to Caroline. "What I'm sayin' is you can have a free drink, I will pay for it. I don't make a habit of doin' that for just any customer but it's not an impo....imposition," she now explained more clearly. "As for visiting the place, I like to think it's always a good experience if I have anything to do with it. You really should drop in sometime, hon," Caroline beamed.
  13. Miriam would have been aghast to know she was now a 'project' but fortunately she was clueless on that subject. In fact she thought the woman took he revelation very calmly. "Well..." she began, turning a sympathetic smile upon Miriam "Should you wish to accompany your friend Miss Mudd to Church on Sunday, under no compunction to join in Christian worship, of course, but merely to attend as a... a fellow member of the community, please do come and sit with me in our pew. You would be more than welcome." she gushed, giving Miriam a kindly touch to the arm. "Oh, no thank you. It is kind of you to offer but I am certain my father would not want me to do any such thing. I am so glad though that Arabella is so devout, what with her organ playing and singing. She talks about it with such...enthusiasm." Of course left unsaid, most subjects she talks about are with the same enthusiasm. Her sheer energy is one of the things Miriam liked about the girl.
  14. As they talked and Clara listened to what Jemima had to say, it occurred to her that this young woman was a whole lot more intelligent than most people of Kalispell realized. No doubt they judged her for her looks and that was unfair. Clara found herself admitting her innermost thoughts regarding her relationship with Jacob and more. And Jemima responded with her own interesting and thoughtful take on such matters. "It's like you were maybe just waiting for the right person to come along to... to kinda heal the wound. I think Jake... Jacob... is the same. He's been sort of lost since his Ma died: it's like he was waiting for you to come along: the right person." "Oh...yes, that does make a good deal of sense," Clara nodded. "Maybe this is the year for finding the right person," Jemima said, "You and Jacob, Mr and Mrs Pike, Arabella and Miriam. Maybe there's hope for me yet." Clara blinked, "Arabella and Miriam? I thought we were talking about love not friendship?" Suddenly it hit her, did Jemima mean what it seemed she did? "Wait! You mean those two are.....?" she did not finish it because she was not quite sure of the correct wording.
  15. Matilda had been quiet a while now but inwardly she seethed. Who the hell made up these council rules. For she did have some experience with other town councils - Chicago, Helena being two. All votes were public, the council members had to reveal their stands to all who wished to know. Somehow, this method was a travesty which could allow an unpopular councilman to get away with his outrageous votes. Still not like she could do a damn thing about it.

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