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  1. "Ooooh, you need Cookers for that: Northern Spy or Gravenstein. But please don't get me stated on apples: of all the subjects I can be boring about, that's the worst." he informed her, self-effacingly. "Northern spy? Dumb name for an apple if ya ask me," Caroline observed, "But sure, enough about apples then. Not like I have anything to add to the subject anyhow other then they taste good. Well, when they ain't all mushy or rottin'." They decided on what to eat, and the young officer mooted the idea of coming back again. "Oh so you think we're gonna be doin' this regular?" she raised one eyebrow. "I'm sorry, Ma'am, but it may be necessary for you to accompany me again until we've tried every dish on this menu... at least three times. It'll be long arduous hours of having to listen to me droning on about apples and balloons and remount requisition forms, but you'll be doing your patriotic duty and helping the Army out immeasurably." he babbled on. "Oh lordy, patriotic duty huh? Well I do consider myself a patriot. I thought Mr. Lincoln was a swell president. Too bad those poor loser rebs shot him." "If they'd have let women in that war, Ida joined. Course I was about 7-8 years old then," she grinned. @Javia
  2. Meanwhile, while the stage coach followed the winding road, unknown to those on it they were being watched. Up on the crest of a wooded ridgeline, a party of mounted men had a grandstand view of down below and they had spotted the stage clattering along. There were almost a dozen of them, an Arapaho war party. They were fresh from a successful ambush of another white mans' wagon. They had struck hard and fast, kiling it's occupants, two wasi'chu* wearing the blue coats. It brought them a pair of scalps but more importantly two more rifles and revolvers. One of the warriors had decided to keep a blue coat and was now wearing that ignoring the blood on it. Teestou (Strikes on Top) was the warrior who had organized this war party, a warrior of some renown in his village, he had strongly disagreed with the elders' decision not to join some of the other Arapahos who now fought alongside Sitting Bull and the Sioux. Even the great victory of the Sioux, Cheyenne, and others over the wasi'chu Yellow Hair at the Little Big Horn had not convinced the elders. So Teestou decided to go to war without their blessings and convinced the other members of the warband, a mix of men in their prime and a few older boys, to accompany him. Teestou was a bitter man, his sqaw and his two children had been killed by the wasi'chu last hunting season and he had burned for vengeance ever since. Now he would make them pay and bring glory to his name and all who rode with him. @Bongo
  3. This was not a trip Byron had really wanted to make. They were leaving Kalispell for good and really that was the only home he knew. He had friends in school, he had had to leave behind his dog and his father's horse. Well, Ma had sold the horse and the dog got given away to another farmer. Still, he'd never see either of them again. His mother said he needed to see this as a big adventure and she promised he would learn to like their new home. When they made one. But sitting up with the lady driver and the big bearded man was a whole lot more fun than being down in the passenger cabin. Oh he had been curious about the pretty young woman passenger but his mother said it was best not to talk with strangers unless spoken to. He wasn't stupid, he could tell his mother seemed just a bit nervous about that lady. No matter, girls were kinda boring. "So....you ever been held up by robbers?" he now asked, just like what happened in those penny westerns. Ross chuckled, "Well, not sure about Addy here but I was robbed once. Not on a stage though but in a back alley in Helena. I mighta had a few too many drinks though cuz I didn't even remember their faces." "Oh yeah? How many of em?" the boy was fascinated. "About thirty I think," Ross replied in a straight face, not sure just gullible the kid might be. Byron gave him a look, "Now you're fibbin'." "Yeah, son, supposin' I am. But hey, you want a true story of adventure, Addy here 'll tell ya one. She once killed a huge bear that had the whole territory scared. And she just did it with her knife. Tell the boy, Addy," Ross was grinning. @Bongo
  4. ooc: Don't wait on me, my chars are listening but neither have anything to say at the moment. Enjoying the thread though. 🙂
  5. If Ara's piano accompaniment was less than her usual fine quality, the old whore's singing was far worse. Caroline was not happy about it either. Back when Matilda was in charge, the hookers were allowed to ply for customers even if they were not allowed to seal the deals within the saloon but it was made clear they kept a low profile. Caroline let Sally slur her way thru the number but did not join in just downed a shotglass of her own. Although if good ol' Sally kept that up, Caroline was going to have to take her in the alley and have a little discussion. Fortunately, her new boss interrupted the song with an announcement. "Mr. Hiram Priest here," he said, pointing at the man with his free hand, "..is running for Mayor of Kalispell! And I'm here to tell you that we couldn't make a better choice. Now I haven't know this man very long, but as some of you know already, he saved my life yesterday by plugging a drunken cowpoke who was about to slap leather with me. Since then I've found out that he's been a Judge before .. and a damned good one, I hear. And he's also been Mayor of towns from Missouri and up into the Dakota territory." Caroline never gave a rat's ass about politics, she couldn't even vote anyhow. However Fortner was much more ardent. Franklin stood back and began clapping, and he looked to Caroline and Ralph to back him up. Caroline noticed and immediately started up her own clapping, she certainly looked genuinely enthused. Ralph applauded also both of them being the loyal veteran employees that they were.
  6. "I knew Ray since he was knee high to a grasshopper - he was a gloomy kid even then. And he ain't gotten any better. But yep, Swede is a good ol' horse," Ross opined. "Well, he ain't an actual horse lucky fer him, if he was they'd have shot him," he then laughed at his own joke. Ross knew company policy frowned on passengers riding up top but it happened with a fair amount of regularity so he said nothing about Addy's comment about the lad. Besides, if a stage crashed the boy would be no more safe in the stage passenger compartment than up on top. He himself had only been in more accident in his years with the stage and there had been just one fatality that time - this woman broke her neck. But then she had been ninety-three, might have had something to do with it. *** Pulling into the station, things continued to go smoothly. Sure enough, Swede was there and took the teasing Ross gave him with good natured toleration. He also informed Addy there was a warm pot on the stove of his famous coffee. Caroline alighted just to stretch her legs, she did pull out a small flask from within her clothing and took a quick swig of its contents. Ralph had kindly let her fill it with some of the expensive stuff so it went down nice n' smooth. The mother and son also got out, the boy racing to use the outhouse. She simply waited for his return. Neither woman said a word to each other. They had already chatted for just a bit on the trip but when the topic came up as to what Caroline did for a living, Rebecca was then reluctant to engage further. Mostly because she did not want Byron to hear anything ...well which might make him curious or ask questions. Saloons were not proper topics for a young lad. But the women had remained quite civil. Caroline understood her reluctance really, she had been treated far worse so many times, that this was not really offensive. The boy was very well behaved and she could see the bond was close. She liked that. She herself had been close to her mother. @Bongo
  7. "However, you Miss Mundee are much more than respectable, you are remarkable. The way you easily adapt to the situation and the clientele that come in here every night takes a lot of grit. You have more mettle in your little finger than a lot of women will ever have in a lifetime." Caroline smiled, basking in the compliments. Actually he was laying it on a bit thick. She had not been seeking such adulation, she simply wanted to be 'respectable' "Awww, thanks, Ben. Sorry for callin' you a card sharp then," she returned the niceties. Even if he was most likely a card sharp, she thought. Ben doubled down then, "If you ever tire of working here, I will be more than glad to welcome you over at The White Rose Theatre." That offer set off Arabella. It was Arabella's ardent dream to become an actress, not Caroline who was quite content with the life she already had. "I give you my best Lady Macbeth and you just throwed it in the dirt an'... an' she's just stood standin' there an you offer her a part in your plays, well... you can just... you can just go get lost, Mr. Simons...." she twisted on the spot and in her rage and and brokenhearted upset shouted "You can all get lost! I'm goin' to work fer Mr. Jolly, least them dead folks treat me with some respect!!" "Oh come on, hon! He was just tryin' to be nice but you know I ain't interested in no theatre job," Caroline hoped to stop her but she only came back for her hat and then tromped out on out. Fortner spoke up too but it was too late, she was gone. ooc: Javia told me this so that's why I'm writing it like I am, just so you know Ben now wanted to toast her with a drink and Fortner picked up on the cue and before you know it they all were raising the glass to her. A nice gesture but again a bit of overkill, she didn't really want all that, not with Ara so hurt. "Thanks boys! Yer all sweet. I do appreciate it but I will be back in just a bit," she announced to them all but looked straight at her employer with the last part. "I gotta go talk with her, she didn't mean no offense to anybody, she's just upset. Lemme handle it," Caroline requested but didn't wait around for an answer instead following right out the way Ara had gone.
  8. "Ralph, that's the barkeep at your place right?" he checked. "He probably served in the war, that's a different story. The chow at the Fort isn't too bad, especially for the officers." "He did, in the Union cavalry," Caroline nodded. They now studied the menu and Caroline quickly decided on the roast duck though if he seemed to be less than enthusiastic about the price, she might reconsider. "Have two!" he laughed. "Money is no object, you've gotta know my family owns half the orchards in Vermont. You think I'm bragging? Never heard of greene Apples?" "No, not really," the joke went right over the saloon girl's head. In her life she honestly was not familiar with all the various brands of apples there were. To her an apple was an apple. "Mostly I eat'em in pies," she smiled. "Yeah, let's try the duck. Hmm, maybe a Beaujolais with that." he hummed and hawed at the wine menu. Caroline figured that fancy name was some kind of expensive wine. Again not her area of expertise. She was more of a whiskey drinker or scotch or bourbon on rare occasion. "If you say so," she nodded. If it had alcohol in it, she'd drink pretty much anything. "And if we don't like it, we'll come back tomorrow and try something else!" "Oh so you think we're gonna be doin' this regular?" she raised one eyebrow.
  9. It was nice to hear that the woman had had a very positive experience meeting both her father and her little brother. "Glad to hear it," Clara smiled then asked if Lucinda's husband resembled her father. Lucinda certainly thought so. "Then your husband was a very handsome man. Of course I am a bit biased when it comes to my father," Clara remarked. "I have his picture in my trunk at the boarding house. I'll bring it tomorrow if you'd like to see it and we can compare it to your father if he does visit today or tomorrow." "I would very much like to see it, you do that," nodded Clara, "However....you realize I do not need my father to come by in person to compare your photograph to how he looks." She smiled. "How did you two meet? If I might ask..."
  10. "Yeah, never raised me any kids myself. I think I told ya, I was married once when I was a young man but she up and died on me. Got some fever and went quick like. I reckoned it was an omen I was never meant to be hitched," Ross explained. Addy asked about his current situation, in that jokey way of hers. Ross liked that she didn't seem to take things too seriously. He liked easy going folk. "Not much, the usual. I been working on fixin' my leaky roof on my place. Figure I better do it now before winter sets in." The stage soon cleared Kalispell and headed on down the winding road that would eventually lead to Helena. It was scenic territory what with mountains and plenty of woods. The dirt road sufficed during good weather but could be a might tricky in the rain or early snows. Midwinter the passes were usually completely closed down by huge snowfalls made worse by drifts.
  11. "Well good! Let's talk about now. What do you like the look of on the menu?" he said jauntily. Caroline picked up one of the menus, it wasn't a large one but then most places out west didn't even have menus, they would be chalked onto a board posted on a wall. But these were all printed out nice and fancy like. "Alright lemme give it a look see," she studied it, skimming down the entrees. Mostly beef dishes not surprising in ranch country. "Hey, this isn't bad." he said, having a look himself. "I'm sure it's quite a bit better than army food, leastwise from what Ralph sez when he served in the army," Caroline commented then smiled as she focused on one dish in particular. "Hey, I think I got my choice. Roast duck. I mean I've had chicken and I like that but never tried duck. Kind of pricey though," she glanced for his reaction.
  12. Franklin nodded. "I figure we can accommodate most games of chance. Of course,..and I know it's important to a gentleman like you, ..we will insist on everything being above boards. We'll run an honest house. He turned to his barkeep, "Ain't that right Ralph?" "Always has been, boss," Ralph nodded, not that gambling was his department. He served drinks and saw to it troublemakers were dealt with. *** Caroline had been silent so far, just listening to the two men converse. That was until Ben Simons went and said......... "Don't worry, I'm not looking at competing against the Star Dust. I'm aiming for the more respectable and well-healed part of town. I think both of our ventures will do handsomely here if we, mind the pun, play our cards right." Caroline frowned and interjected, "Wait a minute. Are you sayin' we aren't respectable? I take offense to that. Especially coming from of all people - a card sharp." Fortner was far more affable about the whole thing though. Fortner threw his head back and followed a gusty chuckle with, "Nothing wrong with healthy competition for the hard-earned money floating around Kalispell. Is there? I don't think it'll hurt either of us. Hey ... but you're not lure away some of our talent? Are you? We've got it in spades. There's little Miss Arabella, our piano player, and then there's Miss Caroline, the Montana Nightingale." "Don't worry, boss, I like it here, I ain't goin' anywhere. Besides seems I ain't respectable enough," Caroline answered.
  13. "Just don't steal the silver!" he added, picking up a fork "Well, silver plate" he amended, examining a fork and toying with it as they chatted. "So you sayin' I'm a thief? Just cuz I work in a saloon? " Caroline took umbrage but then waved it off with a smile, "I know, just teasin'. Well, ya better be just teasin'." "Ah, this place isn't bad for little town like Kalispell, is it? In fact it's very nice. Mind you, that's probably due to you, you sort of light up a room." he informed her. "Wait! Why did my dress catch on fire?" she quipped, he sure was laying on the compliments with a trowel. "Well, you probably know that already, being in the entertainment business." "I don't wanna sound like I'm bragging but I am good at what I do. But that's when I'm performin', doin' my job. Here and now, I'm just plain Caroline Mundee, the girl who was happy to be asked out on a date." She did not want to stand out, she just wanted to blend in for this one short evening.
  14. "Glad to hear about the boy," Caroline smiled, "And good for you too, learnin' ta read I mean. I sure was glad my Ma taught me that time. Never been in a schoolhouse in my life." So she had a brother then too, now Caroline never had siblings but it was plain Addy was quite pleased to reacquaint with him. As for her deceased friend.... "Oh we sort drifted apart. But I was sad to hear about her sudden death so thought I would go pay my respects," Caroline explained. Caroline did have to take issue with Addy's opinion on the upcoming ride. "Nice ride? Not if it's like every other stagecoach ride I been on. It's bumpy and cramped and my ass hurts by the end of one," Caroline begged to differ, but with a grin. At that point though the shotgun guard was loading luggage onto the stage, it was time to get going. Rebecca Honeycutt motioned for Byron to get up and the pair proceeded to enter the passenger compartment. Caroline let them pick their seats then clambered on in herself. "Later hon, try to miss at least a few of the bumps in the road." Ross now joined Addy up top, shoving the now loaded shotgun into it's topside sheath. He turned to Addy, "Least the passenger load is nice and light. So you know that saloon whore, do ya? I heard the joint got a new owner, some out of towner jasper." @Bongo
  15. Mature Content: No With: Caroline Mundee, Joseph Greene Location: Hotel dining room When: Aug 1876 Time of Day: Late afternoon Entering the hotel, Caroline gawked around while her gentleman date requested a table. The saloon gal made a point of not even glancing at the employee but if she had she would have noticed the man's gaze went right from the young man to the gaudy woman without even a hat on. Still, the fellow said nothing but merely waved them to follow him. "Right this way, sir. If you would be so kind," he droned then almost regally processed thru the dining room past a few other couples already seated and enjoying a meal. Caroline caught the eye of one woman who seemed ..............yeah shocked was her expression alright but Caroline just flashed a saucy grin at the lady who quickly looked down to her dinner plate. The man led them right to a small table for two in the farmost corner, Caroline noted the placement was such no one passing by the hotel and looking thru the big windows could even see them. She smiled to herself, knowing why this table was picked. "There you are, sir. I shall notify the waiter and he shall attend upon you in a moment," the man gave a curt nod and left them there. Caroline glanced at Joseph, "Well, least he didn't led us right out the back door. That's something."

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