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  1. He did not exactly enjoy gutting and cleaning an animal but it was a necessity out here but decided to just shrug. Not a great topic of conversation with a young lady anyway. She then asked him about his marksmanship and he gave her an honest answer. "Why, that's impressive enough on it's own." she said encouragingly. "I've never shot anything. Heck, no Leane ever has. Not for lack of fighting though. Da sure knew how to punch a feller. I suppose it requires a bit less thinking." Robert wasn't sure he should bring up his own experience with fighting. But once more he opted for honesty. "Oh, I don' know about that. You know they call boxin' a science in some places? I have done some prize fighting on occasion. Purely for money it was. I needed the money. So I have boxed some. You don wan' ta just rush in swingin'. You have to keep a clear head," he launched into a bit of explanation. "If you can avoid bein' hit or takin' much punishment, you got a better chance of winnin' and besides no one likes to get hurt," he grinned. And they now had reached his humble home. It was really like he said, a simple one room shack and an almost primitive looking ramshackle fence big enough to hold a single mule who contentedly stared at their approach. ooc: Not saddled of course. Not thirty yards away was a meandering creek, he had already been up and down quite a few miles of that stream panning for gold with no real luck. But at least it was a good source of fresh water. "I suppose I should admit I ain't much of a carpenter and for even that I had some help to put 'er up," he confessed.
  2. “Er, that’s right, Sir! We were wondering if you would marry us… we want to get wed.” Clara blinked. Gosh, Jacob moved fast. She was going to ease into it but there it was now. She settled for a quick nod of agreement and waited, heart beating rapidly, for the clergyman's answer. "Why, I can't say why I shouldn't." Thomas said, beaming. "I'd invite you in to discuss matters but, well, I'm afraid it's a little pokey in there. The church should be empty this time of day, if you'd like somewhere to sit?" "Oh, well certainly. If you would rather talk there. Anyplace is fine with us," Clara would have agreed to discuss it even if he had suggested the middle of a river. She just wanted to get it done! The man then offered, "I could fix something to drink? Tea perhaps?" "No thank you, we do not wish you to have to make a fuss on our account," she gently shook her head in the negative.
  3. Once she explained the meaning of her turn of phrase, it became clear and Robert smiled, "Not sure about the outwit part." He warned her about the Indians, just in case she was that new out to the western frontier, but she mentioned she was aware of the risks. He should have known, she certainly didn't look ignorant. He then decided to ask her business and or plans in Kalispell, the place she was so anxious to get to. "Oh well I left my folks back in Missoula. I heard there was work down in Kalispell, what with a hospital opening up." "There is? Did not know that," it was indeed news to him, though certainly good news for the townsfolk. She paused for a moment, before adding; "I was a nurse. In Milford." He was surprised but pleasantly so, "A nurse ye be, huh? Well, there's an interestin' job I bet. Me sis would faint at the sight of blood, she would never have become a nurse." He figured she was a sharp one from the start, "Well, I wish ya best of luck then. I know the town has itself a couple of doctors. One's old an' one ain't." He unfortunately couldn't be more helpful than that, having never met either of them. "We're almost there," he wanted her to know not that she seemed as nervous as earlier, she was no doubt warming to the situation and the realization he was no danger to her. "How good are you with that iron then?" she suddenly changed topics, indicating the rifle at his shoulder. "Ever shot a rabbit?" "No, not very good. I'm better if my target sits still and let's me get up nice n' close but I can't hit a movin' target to save me life," he smiled with a shrug. "If the Indians come after me, I'm gonna have ta ask 'em to stand still so I can aim," he quipped. "I did hit a rabbit the other day though, he was quite tasty too. Me lucky day, him not so much," he added.
  4. "Indeed? Like two bulls in a pasture, huh?" Harland shook his head in disgust, "And both of them convinced they are in the right no doubt." Wentworth turned to take a room key then handed it over,"Room 12 has a view of the street and a large, good bed." "Sounds capital to me," Harland seemed quite satisfied, it was the bed he was concerned with not the view, he would be sleeping anyhow. Wentworth sighed, "With Case Steelgrave in jail there's already been some trouble which the Marshal will probably tell you about. Case is running for county Sheriff and he's got some support especially with those who came here from Whitefish, so there might be more for you to do in the future." "Yes I am aware of the current situation with Case Steelgrave. It was in the telegram though not appraised yet on the details. Probably for the best as I would prefer to preside over the case unbiased," Harland nodded. "Oh, one other thing, Mr. Wentworth, bill this room to your town council. It is common practice for the community where the circuit judge is hearing cases to pay for his lodging and meals," he added cheerfully.
  5. At the sound of the male voice, Caroline spun around so sharply almost, that is almost lost her balance, a product of being quite drunk. She raised up the axe handle for just an instant but then focused on the figure and lowered it again. "You a lawman?" she asked. At that instant, the man cringing on the ground cried out, "Git her off me, marshal! I think she broke my hand! She's tryin' to kill me!" Caroline glared down at the fellow, "Not hardly! If I'da had it in mind ta kill ya, I'd have shot ya." She then turned her attention back to the lawman as she dropped the axe handle to the ground but then reached into her voluminous dress to extract a small derringer holding it up for him to see and grinning like the Cheshire Cat. "See? Ain't she a beaut? Even got a pearl handle which I think is real pretty," she proudly displayed the weapon. (Guyer would see that first of all, it is not cocked for firing and secondly, she is not making any attempt to aim it in his direction. Rather she is like a kid proudly showing off a new toy.) Caroline's derringer @Flip
  6. Clara stood behind Arabella as she approached a freshly built shack...well, it was nicer than a shack but it was certainly not up to the standards of a residence in her opinion. So the new clergyman was living in this place? They had not even thought to go around to the back of the church when the couple had first searched for the man. Still, what he did or how he chose to live was none of her business, as long as he married people. Her mind was racing even now as the trio stood there waiting for some sort of response to Arabella's rather over complicated attempt at getting the attention of whoever was inside. The door suddenly opened and a white haired old man greeted them as Clara straightened her posture and tensed up for this crucial conference of sorts. "Hello Arabella. Who've you brought with you?" he asked, as he gave a welcoming smile to the other two. Clara, at the best of times, was not much of a smiler and was now far too nervous to attempt it now. However she was determined to do the introductions rather than depend on Arabella to do them as that would be a meandering possibly incoherent rigamarole before she ever got to actual names. "Good day, Reverend. I hope we did not catch you at an inconvenient time? I am Clara Redmond, daughter of Aurelian Redmond. We are regular attendees at Sunday services. And this is Jacob Lutz, he too is a member of the congregation," she spoke quickly before Arabella could get a word in edgewise, no mean feat, that!
  7. Arabella seemed to be deep in thought regarding her request, Clara noted but slowly moved forward looking very solemn (plus she wasn't chattering away for once!). Stopping short Arabella then had a request of her own. “Can I feel her?” and said in a whisper too not her usual high volume. "There is nothing to feel yet, it is far too early," Clara softly explained, "And we cannot be certain it will be a girl either. Or is that what you are hoping for?" Honestly she had not really spent much time thinking about it, she would be happy with either as long as the baby was healthy. She looked at Jacob and then back to Clara. “I'll take you to Brother Thomas right now, but... do you need any money?” she whispered. "No, I mean Jacob has some but the marriage should not cost us anything other than perhaps a dinner for the minister. We just need you to help us find the man for now, Arabella. One thing at a time," Clara was really a bundle of nerves but trying very hard to keep calm and focused.
  8. Whatever had gone on seemed to have been pretty much decided by then as Marshal Guyer rounded the corner. There was a blonde young woman in a low cut (and sleeve torn) dress standing over a prostrate man who was in an almost fetal position, both arms covering his head. He was babbling for it to stop and mixing those words with whines and moans of obvious discomfort. The woman had an axe handle in one hand but was using her leg at the moment to inflict some further pain on the poor jasper, kicking him in the thigh and side. "See how you like it? Still think it's funny to kick somebody? You piece of horse shit!" the 'lady' angrily shouted down at her victim. Now if Guyer was ever in the Star Dust saloon much, he would no doubt recognize the woman, it was the saloon's singer/dancer. He might well even know her name, Miss Caroline Mundee. She was a big favorite with the menfolk who frequented the place. The man on the ground probably didn't care for her much though at the moment. @Flip
  9. Harland set the pen back into it's proper stand then held out his hand for a formal handshake. "Nice to meet you, Mr. Wentworth. I must say you have a magnificent looking place here. If the rooms are as nice as this lobby, I will be most impressed. Oh and Harland, Harland Bryant. You only need address me as your honour if we're in court. Hopefully you will never need to be in front of me in that setting," Harland addressed the man. "No, I have been to Kalispell previously....about a little over a year ago now I believe. Sad case, sad case indeed. Seemed a farmer had up and murdered his own wife and his brother. Claimed the two were having a sordid affair and did them both in with a shotgun. That is no excuse though so jury found him guilty of double homicide and I had him hung. Shame about his two children though, orphans then. I had them sent on to Helena to a proper orphanage though, best I could do for the unfortunates." @JulieS
  10. "And that's what you've been doing then? Combing the hills and rivers for treasure, outplaying anyone who comes at you?" "Mostly 'cept for the outplayin' part. Not quite sure what that means? To be honest, I haven't had any real competition out here. Oh there is one mine shaft I found but it was already abandoned. Course they claim that the best place ta find gold is on Indian reservation land though the government is gonna move 'em off that," Robert replied. "You think we Irish have it hard.....be an Indian," he shrugged, "Feel bad fer 'em but that said gotta be careful as the Indians have been raiding and killin' folks all over the territory or so I heard." Though he tried not to show it, truth was he was more than a little nervous about being out here all by himself, he would be as easy target for Indians. But for the gal, she'd be in town and that would be a whole lot safer. "What about you? You have somebody you know in Kalispell? Or fixin' ta stay?" He knew employment for women could be a real issue. Wasn't a lot a woman could do but menial labor such as servants or laundress. Course there was saloon work and whoring. But Aoife definitely did not look like a girl who would lower herself to that level.
  11. "Ahh, Milford, me brother worked there for a stretch. I never was there though," Robert remarked. "Trust me, I know how hard it be to go all the way here from the east, you've done well just to get this far, especially if you've traveled by yerself," he was actually impressed. There were bound to be men who would see a young (and definitely pretty) lass as a target. "I've heard that folk around here can be... poorly disposed to our kind. Is that a reason you're out here?" she then inquired. "The town is friendly enough though I did have me some trouble with the blacksmith's apprentice for a bit when I first arrived. We settled it with fists. I won," Robert grinned triumphantly. "But thing is, Aoife, the reason I be out here is this is where the gold is. Well, is hopefully supposed to be. Damned if I've found much of it. Just a few grains here and there, but no strike so far," he pointed out. "You should be quite safe in town. The law is fair. If ye be religious there is a Catholic mission outside of town too but to be honest I never have been there yet. Have to admit to bein' not all that devout," he shrugged.
  12. How did she manage to get caught up like that? Honestly, that girl never failed to confuse Clara it certainly seemed anyhow. The girl was ordering Jacob to help her. Only then did she seem to notice Clara was standing there too. “Clara!” exclaimed Arabella, wide eyed in shock. She pointed dumbly at the tiled floor “In my laundry room!” "To be more specific, I believe it is the saloon owner's laundry room," Clara calmly pointed out. No need to ask Arabella how she got in that predicament, it was Arabella, there was your answer. Jacob annoyed her now, "Never mind her! Where the heck can we get hold of that Father-Reverend-Pastor Reed feller, we need to see him!” Well, husband to be, way to be nonchalant about it, Clara sighed. The girl did know and started telling them far more than just the needed specific location, something about a Love Shack? Only she did not finish. The look on her face changed too. Arabella looked at Clara, then at Jacob, then back at Clara and her eyes narrowed and she pointed at Clara’s stomach and mouthed the words ARE YOU PREGNANT? Clara let out a breath, denying it now would only bring out a torrent of questions and insistent declarations she was in the right. Clara was tiring of all these denials anyhow. She nodded very slowly then added. "And keep quiet about it. I am asking you as a friend, Arabella. Please."
  13. Caroline wanted to go get some water in a basin and a few towels but since she had asked what the hell happened and he was now telling her, it seemed rude to rush out again. In her medical opinion, it wasn't like he was gonna bleed out or anything (such opinion pretty much totally uninformed of course). "So you got involved in this fight even though he had no stake in the game?" she asked using 'poker' terms. Frankly his explanation wasn't all that clarifying but he seemed to be trying at least. She had one more crucial question but that could wait for a moment as he was asking for whiskey. "Oh fer god's sake, I ain't gonna charge you for a drink now. Thought we was friends," she frowned and walked over to a drawer, opened it, then pulled out a whiskey bottle. If he actually could read and knew something about whiskey quality, this was a fairly expensive bottle from overseas originally. She also produced a glass and poured it about half full then handed it over to the man. "Drink that then and I'm gonna go get some clean water and towels, be right back. And don't try and wander off cuz you'll topple down the stairs and break yer neck and I ain't paying for the burial," she announced then went out the bedroom door.
  14. The lady did not wish to relinquish her hold on the bag, one would think it held gold or something? He had just tried being the gentleman but was not about to push the offer, "Suit yerself." As they now began to hike thru the woods, Robert's hunting trip temporarily set aside, he explained about where they were going and his present situation in life. No point lying about it, she had a pair of eyes and would see the truth of it anyhow. "Whereabouts are you from then, Robert?" "Ah I was born in County Down, farm there. Me Da was a shite farmer and by that I mean he was no good at it. The drink got hold of 'im, ye see. We ended up tryin' ta start all over in America and a rough voyage it twas too though I was not much more'n a babe then." "We landed in New York and well, stayed in an Irish neighborhood, we all spoke the tongue rather than the 'merican English. Me Da died...and me Ma, she married this other man. Well, me n' Liam we set off to had out west. I tol' ye he din' make it. Accident, kilt him straight off it did, a blessin' really," he still missed him though even if it didn't sound like it. "What' bout you, Aoife? What part of the ol' country ye from?" @boshmi
  15. Clara was not happy with being confused for Jacob's older sister, older indeed! She was actually younger than the boy. "Just another pal of Arabella’s” explained Jacob. Clara frowned, was he not going to even introduce her? Apparently not as the conversation took a new turn with a familiar voice bellowing from another room. “Hey! Is that Hayseed?!!” the speaker yelled, oh yes, Clara knew that was indeed Arabella, “Get in here, stranger, I need a hand pullin’ down ma bloomers!” Matilda pinched the top of her nose between two fingers, "Oh god." "Go talk to her. I'm sure it's not what it sounds like," actually Matilda wasn't completely sure! But she had other things to do. Jacob certainly knew the way into the kitchen, the lad had dropped produce in there more than once. So the two of them then entered the kitchen, Clara half wondering just what Arabella was doing this time? Jacob took the lead but Clara was on the alert right off behind his right side. "Hello, Arabella," she left it at that.

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