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  1. Apparently the woman was not too pleased with the relentless spread of civilization. Braumann felt that somewhat unusual amongst womenfolk. It was plain to see this gal was very self-reliant and he had to respect that. That's when the white scout and his Apache entered the conversation. Belatedly the woman introduced herself...Addy Chappell. Good to put a name to a face, the sergeant thought. She was also pretty knowledgeable about Indians too, he had no doubt that bunch had been more interested in the cattle than fighting soldiers. Especially with the buffalo disappearing so rapidly throughout the west. Macintosh wanted the sergeant to know that he and his Indian had scouted further and wished to report this to Major Brittles. "The major went to the commandant's office to no doubt introduce himself to the CO here. You'd have to go over and knock. Now as for food, I was about to invite Miss Chappell to sit at the barracks mess. Food in a fort is a lot better than what we normally settle for out in the field. Should be some baked bread and stew at least, with real vegetables too. You and your man are welcome to join us," Braumann offered, "that is when you're done reporting to the major I reckon." @Bongo @Flip
  2. Braumann shook his head, "No need to call me 'sir'. Only officers get that and I'm just a lowly sergeant. Besides you aren't in the army." "Name is Nikolaus Braumann, I will answer to Nick if you'd rather, " he added, taking hold of the one the team, "It'll be a stable, ma'am. They can have a nice stall. Cavalry treat their horses well you see, we depend on them with our lives at times." "Yeah, that was a bit of a fuss. I wasn't worried. It would take a hellava lot of Injuns to attack a body of troops that big. And they'd be even less likely to ever attack a fort. Injuns are touchy about losing men, can't blame 'em, a big tribe might have a few hundred warriors at best. Think it's slowly beginning to dawn on them but these wars....well they can't win. There are way too many white folk coming west." The woman mentioned the scout and Braumann turned to see that scout and his Apache companion approaching. He nodded in acknowledgment. @Bongo @Flip
  3. Sgt. Braumann had taken his mount to the assigned stables along with the rest of the newly arrived troopers at Fort Kilpatrick. He had been to his share of army outposts in his career and this was one was pretty typical. No stockade or defensive walls, it's not like the Indians would be stupid enough to attack a fortress. They would just suffer a lot of casualties the tribe could hardly afford and for what? No, Indian warfare was about hit and run attacks and profitable raiding of your enemies. There were so many softer targets than military forts. One of the garrison NCOs directed the men where to stable the horses and which barracks to report to. It was going to be crowded for awhile as suddenly the fort was having to take in 100 extra men and animals. But they wouldn't be staying long as the reason for their current assignment was to construct a new fort closer to Kalispell. Once that was done, Braumann decided to check on the civilian wagon which had accompanied them the last part of their journey. The one driven by a woman. He figured she probably wasn't used to army ways and might appreciate the help. "Ma'am, can I be of any assistance? I'd be happy to show you where to stable your team. Don't worry none, they'll be fine here," he spoke up once he got within easy talking distance. @Bongo
  4. Clara looked out at the calm waters of the lake rather ruefully. She liked to swim, probably almost as much as her part amphibian little brother. But since those two Evergreen hands had come upon her swimming in the lake by her homestead she had been reluctant to try it anymore. It was getting too cool now for swimming anyhow. Not that a little thing like cold water would put off Wyatt but then he was.....a strange boy. She watched rather envious as the twins dipped their feet into the water. A proper lady like herself could hardly do such a thing with Shade present. What would he think of her? And by now it was very important to Clara what this man thought of her. But above all she was still the usual Clara as she grinned at his fishing line antics, "You do know the fish are not going to bite on any line without bait attached to it? Wyatt and I used to fish...when I was a child." Shade took a seat on a flat rock so Clara decided to plop down next to him, to facilitate easy conversation of course. He then brought up his new hires and wanted her opinion! Her eyes lit up alright. So he wanted her counsel? "Well, of course you are the expert when it comes to ranching and hired hands so I would never second guess your decisions," she started, gave the shortest of pauses before continuing. "I like the two older brothers, fine gentlemen, I can only venture their work habits are sound in addition. But since you asked and in the interest of fairness, I must tell you that Charlie, the youngest, and I had a random encounter in town the other day. To put it simply, we did not hit it off....as they say. But to be fair to the young man, he had been drinking, that much was obvious. So I try not to ascribe too much credence to what he said because of the likely influence of the alcohol." She sighed, "Afterall none of us are saints are we? Not that you would ever catch me inebriated." Shade frowned a bit. The drinking did not bother him. As long as the boy was sober on the job, what he did in his off hours was his own business. What did bother him was the he might have said something untoward to Clara. Although the girl likely did not need a protector, Shade had rather cast himself in that role. "I am sure we wouldn't," he replied to her comment about being caught inebriated, "Did the boy say something to you that he shouldn't have?" "I was looking into the hotel thru it's bay window and he criticized me for being nosy. I stated I was merely curious. And then he kept after me so we engaged in a fairly heated exchange of opinions. Of course when it dawned on me he had too much to drink, I let up then. Not much point engaging with such folk," she shrugged. "I do not want you to take any action against him nor even say anything. It is water over the dam as the saying goes. I am not vindictive for that would be unChristian of me," she assured him. Shade studied the girl's face for a moment, looking to see if she was simply trying to not be a cause of contention. Satisfied that she was being straight with him, he nodded, "I won't bring it up. Besides, I think the older brother is a straight shooter and probably has already taken the boy to task over it. If he gets out-of-line, let me know." "Indeed the older brother is quite the gentleman, I like him," Clara nodded. Leaning down, he brushed his hand over the smooth stones at the lake's edge, "Know how to skip rocks?" "I have watched people do it. Seems like a waste of time and effort. What purpose does it serve?" Clara replied, even as a child she had never been much for play. Shade gave her a wide smile and chuckled, "No purpose at all. It's just fun. Here, let me show you how. Who knows? Maybe you'll beat me on number of skips and distance." He selected a suitable stone. "First, you need a good rock. It needs to be smooth and flat, not too thick. Oval is best because it fits into the the space between your thumb and forefinger best." He demonstrated how to hold the stone by taking Clare's hand and placing the cool rock correctly in her fingers. "Now, you want to throw it as parallel to the surface of the water as you can." Shade took the stone from her and demonstrated his technique. The rock skipped along the surface of the water three or four times before sinking out of sight. "Come on, try it. I'll help you." @Wayfarer
  5. Clara had quietly left the menfolk to discuss their affairs as was their wont. It was none of her business. A part of her thought she might not have hired that Charlie but, on the other hand, he had been drinking and her father had often pointed out inebriated folk sometimes behaved quite differently than they would of if sober. Clara liked to think she was Christian enough not to carry a grudge. Even if the reality was she did. She hated Indians for what had happened to her mother. And those two hooligans from the Evergreen spread stealing her clothes and her father's pistol, that still rankled her. Their business settled, Shade approached no doubt to check on the children who were being angels, Clara happily noted. They really were good kids though when Clara was around she kept a tight rein on them and was not one for tolerating nonsense. That said the trio got along fine. "All settled then? You have three new employees?" Clara greeted the man with a smile. "A walk is fine with me. However are you sure you should be up and around that much given your current state of health? I would not wish you to collapse in a heap and then the children and I have to drag you back to the ranch house," she pointed out. Shade chuckled, "I assure you, Miss Redmond, my general health is just fine. I promise not to collapse but will take the walking stick...just in case," his answer was affable and partially teasing. Honestly, he did feel more wobbly than he liked which was why he wanted to get outside and get some exercise. It would not be long before going outside other than to do the most urgent chores would be near impossible. "Nettie, Cody - lets go for a walk." As the twins raced for the door, Shade held his arm out to Clara and winked, "Just in case I need to lean on someone a little bit." Clara frowned, "Shade, I thought we had previously agreed that we should call each other by our Christian names....though I will admit Slade being a Christian name is up for debate." She also took note he had not answered her question about the possible new employees. She could only conclude like most men, he took a dim view of including womenfolk in business discussions. Well, it was not her ranch so she let it go. On the other hand she was more than happy when he indicated he might well need her support for this walk. With no hesitation she moved closer to him, "Yes, best be prepared for anything my father always says. Do not fret though, I will not let you fall. I am stronger than I look I assure you."
  6. Young Jean Lavalliere remembered his orders, stick with the commanding officer, remain behind him and be ready to to blow any bugle calls the man required of him. So he kicked at his horse's flanks and then galloped forward as part of the command party. The volleys had been loud and at least effective enough to chase away the Indians, his first experience seeing them in action. They sure didn't hang around long. Probably not just the fire but the fact that the cavalry unit was 100 strong decided the issue. The Indians had no great reason to launch themselves into a suicide attack. He couldn't blame them really. The young man wasn't the best of riders, having had a short period of training in horsemanship back in St. Louis before being shipped out by railroad to a western army post. He still was unsure yet if this decision of his to come south into the United States to sign up as a soldier. But he was stuck now for the duration of his enlistment. He had heard a lot of troopers deserted every year but it was riskiest to desert while on campaign as you might run into hostiles. Then you were dead. No, he'd keep soldiering on.
  7. ooc: Sorry, I missed this. My fault. "A day's lost work? Been havin' a whole lot of them kind a days since I started this," Robert smiled but truth was he was pretty much failing at this prospecting job. If his luck didn't turn soon, he was going to have to consider a new line of work. Or starve to death. "Let me saddle me mule and we can go then. As for eatin', I can do that in town. I got that much money and it be tastin' a whole lot better than anything I can cook up that's fer sure," he added. The older man pointed out he would like to stop by the Carter place too while they were at it. Robert didn't know much about it but it sounded like they sold liquor? "Not much for the town saloon then?" he asked. (You can move them on faster if you want your next post )
  8. Sgt. Braumann watched the new commander prepare for what certainly sounded like an Indian attack even as some riders came rushing toward them at their fastest gallop. They looked like they thought they were being chased by Satan himself, though if one ever got captured by Indians they would show you their devilry at torture. There was a woman among the riders too. He had to give her credit where credit was due, she was a good rider. Meanwhile though the veteran NCO was a bit puzzled by the current orders. Only fifteen men out of this whole command were being told to line up in three lines and prepare for volley fire. Five shots at a time. Braumann was puzzled. Why not present a more formidable skirmish line of forty...fifty men. He'd been in enough firefights with Indians to know that - sad but true - the vast majority of shots the cavalry fired never hit a damn thing. Marksmanship was not a cavalry skill. So to compensate you had to mass as many weapons as possible and pour in the fire. "What's he doin?" one of the other troopers asked in a quiet voice, out of the commander's earshot. "I don't know. Maybe he's keeping all the rest of us ready for a counterattack. Or maybe he's nervous about the Indians coming from other directions too? The army don't pay me to run battles, soldier, just fight in 'em," Braumann commented, for the moment nervous but not reaching for his own carbine, instead just leaning on the saddlehorn of his mount and watching. ***** On the other hand, Jean Lavalliere had never been in a battle or even a skirmish so he was wide eyed and jumpy. He was so nervous that he was glad he could just sit on his horse near the commander and not have to be one of those firers. He figured his aim would be so shaky right about now he couldn't hit the broadside of a barn as the Americans say. Merde! He wished he was back in Quebec. @Glenn@Flip@Longshot@Bongo@Stormwolfe
  9. Hey, tough luck for the Steelgraves. I doubt the army would care what they thought. The military could appropriate land and the government would pay the owner a "fair" price for it. Sounds good though.
  10. Apparently the older man's thoughts were same as his. This could be something valuable alright. And finding a treasure was a hell of a lot less work than trying to pan it out of these mountains tiny granule and nugget at a time, as the young Irishman could attest to. Old Elmer may have gotten really lucky here? "I suppose I could go with ye inta town then if ye want me to," Robert nodded, the other prospector's excitement was becoming contagious by now. "I mean....well, I don' be wanna hornin' in on somethin' that's yer find after all," he pointed out, not wanting to be pushy or anything of the sort. He liked and respected Elmer. @Juls
  11. ~*~ Storyteller Post ~*~ The flankers were back plus some strange looking Indian too, thought the young bugler but then, in all honesty, he was so new out here on the frontier he thought all Indians looked strange. A lot seemed to be going on as the Major entered into a discussion with those present, he of course just waited. It's not like he had any say in the these matters. Then he got a direct order. "Sound assembly." Jean went wide eyed, the whole column was already present but the major must have had his reasons, he nodded, "Yessir!" Licking his lips he put the bugle into position and, despite his inexperience as a soldier, one thing he could do properly was play a good bugle call as the notes sounded out loud and clear. @Glenn@Flip@Bongo@Stormwolfe@Longshot
  12. Robert stepped closer to Elmer's side so he could better look over his shoulder as the man answered. "Is that so? I didn't think anything could be older than you," he grinned after teasing the veteran prospector, figuring the man was good natured enough to take a little joshing. The words meant nothing to him - English or no English. If Elmer thought he would be a help, sadly wasn't going to happen. "Sorry old timer, but I never learnt to read any," he figured he might as well admit the truth. But Elmer had a plan, take it into town and find someone there who could. "Aye, that sounds smart, it does," the young man nodded. But - there was more, Elmer unfolded what was some kind of map too, tucked inside the volume. Elmer pointed to a very specific part of it, up in one corner and was convinced that mark meant something important. "Could well be. So....are you be sayin' like something he buried then marked it?" Robert immediately thought 'money' or something valuable like that. @Juls
  13. Young Jean listened then to the officer. "I won't be calling you "French Johnnie", so I will be calling you Private Lavalliere. As company bugler, you ride with me...I need you close so I can tell you what to play. This is my aide, Lieutenant Farley. He rides behind me, and you will ride along side him, understand?" "Yessir, I do understand. I will do just that, sir," the youthful trooper nodded then once more saluted, figuring you probably couldn't salute the officers enough just to be on the safe side. @Glenn
  14. “Yes, will ride in with you and tell what I have seen. I cannot follow those who watch, as they know I am about. Perhaps later I can slip away unnoticed.” Alright, that was settled then, Braumann nodded to the man then turned his horse back toward the direction of the column. The trio made their way down the ridge slope and soon were in easy sight of the main body of troops still winding it's way thru the valley. Braumann did not stop until they were only yards short of the commander who was still at the lead of the column. "Sir, this here Indian says he is working for us as a scout. He speaks English real good and he's got something important to report," Braumann kept it simple and direct, if the officer had questions then he would be free to ask. Then he glanced toward Ke-Ni-Tay. @Flip@Glenn
  15. Turned out the older man had found about enough gold to spend on supplies which was fairly typical sadly enough, Robert nodded sympathetically as that was his typical success too if even that. But Elmer seemed excited about something else he had found and soon showed it to the young Irishman. It was a book, a book in really bad shape too. "Aye, I know where ye mean," he nodded as to the location described by the other prospector, "Found that there then?" Elmer had discovered a corpse and with the body apparently this book, nature had done it's worst on the item though. He had buried the corpse properly but kept the book. Nothing wrong with that in Robert's opinion, not like the jasper was ever gonna read it anymore. "So did ye open it and read some of it? See what it's about?" he was curious. He hoped Elmer could read because frankly he was barely literate, he could read some common signs in town and he had learned to sign his name though that was barely legible. But read a book, way beyond him. @Juls

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