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  1. [Clara & Jacob outside] “Miss Clara Redmond, your boundaries are as safe as a barbed wire fence while I’m around” Jacob declared. Strange allusion, but she got the point, "Very well." It was time then to talk about the moon and as it turned out the ancient pagan gods, the Trojan War, planets and more. The boy might be a farmer but he certainly was not an ignorant bumpkin. Clara enjoyed listening to him. “And even in modern times, she makes farm-boys spend their last two cents on a slice of pie, just so they can sit in a diner, hoping to catch a glimpse of the girl they’re sweet on.” He said, turning to her now and looking down right into her eyes. Oh my! So he not only knew about her, he it seemed doted on her, spending hard earned money just to catch sight of her at the diner. And she had had no idea. They had never even spoken. She was flattered, more than that she was touched. "Oh Jacob.." she started but he was not done yet. “Why, she’s so powerful she can even make that same farm-boy forget the solemn promise he made to respect that same, very beautiful girl’s barb-wire boundaries,” he finished, bending slightly to try and kiss her gently on the lips. Wait! What was he doing? His face was coming close, her eyes went wide. "Whoa!" and that's when Clara put up one hand about even with both sets of lips, blocking any contact even as she stepped back. "Jacob, we ....we have only known each other now for....minutes not even hours," she pointed out in a voice just above a whisper. "I meant what I said by boundaries, apparently unlike you," Clara wasn't angry, more like disappointed.
  2. ooc: Not sure if I should be waiting on Javia as he was tagged next but maybe he's waiting on me? Anyhow we better move cuz the robbery is almost over. Clara was stunned to see all that was going on out there - sheer chaos as shots rang out. One..no two bodies on the street and they weren't moving. It was the bank, somebody was robbing the bank! Emeline went there! Clara didn't know what to do. There was a weapon in the kitchen but that would be crazy. She wouldn't only make things worse going out there and there plenty of menfolk with guns in this town. All she could was hope Emeline was safe. That's when she saw a man shepherding Bridget toward the cafe and quickly opened the door to allow them immediate entrance. Bridget didn't appear to be injured thankfully nor did the well dressed handsome man helping her. He looked familiar, she had seen him about town. Yes, it was the doctor not that she had ever met the man formally. "Hurry, come in! Bridget are you alright?" Clare greeted them. As for the gentleman, "Doctor I believe...I am Clara Redmond. I know Bridget, we are friends." @Javia @Bongo
  3. Caroline took in the new information, eager to hear it. Interesting. "Oh, I was informed that the place was owned by a woman. But Flandry huh. Thanks," she nodded. It was very encouraging that those in charge seemed fair minded employers, there were certainly a lot of saloons where it was just the opposite. Saloons were rough places to carve out a career. "Yeah it does," she agreed. "Just be fair an' straight with him an' ya should do fine. Any problems, I gotta nice hayloft ya can use!" the driver laughed. " "I ain't no crook, I do my job and I don't steal. I always try to get along with all the employees but I don't take any guff either," Caroline remarked. "Now I make no claims to being high class but I have no desire to sleep on a pile of hay smelling of horses or cows, but appreciate the offer, hon." "One other thing, I heard the Stardust doesn't have hookers, I should tell you lest you think it, one thing I never do is whoring. Never have, never will. Though Mrs. Emden called me ...what was it? Oh yes, a 'painted whore of Babylon'."
  4. An outlaw emerged out of the bank heading for the horses, he had a woman as a shield but when he got close enough to make a grab for a horse's reins, that's went it all went wild. Down went the woman as the outlaw let her go, the deputy opened fire and killed the horse! Another shot was fired but the outlaw was still up on his feet. That spunky woman pulled a derringer and fired up at the luckless fellow too. Ralph was up now and steadily walking in the direction of the fracas, his revolver aimed and cocked. When he was sure he had a shot he was going to drop that sonofabitch.
  5. Wyatt came rushing out of the alley and almost ran smack dab into an armed Addy, the boy was wide eyed. Just then there were two shots back there. Addy moved in to stop the boy, grasping him by the shoulders to stop him, but also turning him so that her back was toward the alley, to shield him. "Where's Weedy? Wyatt? Ya all right?" "THERE'S A MAN IN THE ALLEY WHO JUMPED THRU A WINDOW. HE'S GOT A GUN! WEEDY IS WITH MR. RYKER!" the boy yelled much louder than he needed to in his excitement.
  6. [Clara and Jacob outside] The boy was certainly proving to be most agreeable, Clara definitely like that. The pair left the barn then, strolling out the wide open doors and slowly walked thru other people gathered outside too, paying no attention to the chatter and laughter all about them. When they were a bit more in the clear, Jacob then offered his arm for escort. “I guess this is how I do it!” he smiled. “My sister says that a gentleman always offers his left arm so that he can draw his sword if he needs to defend his lady.” He added. “Or in my case, the penknife I use for whittling.” "Looks good to me," Clara happily agreed as she then entwined her arm with his, this was a first for her. "A penknife? Well then let us hope that I do not need defending," she quipped. They moved on a bit further and he was holding hands with her then, Clara had no objection. “It’s funny, now we’re out here and I’m looking at you; I hardly want to view the moon.” He said. "Oh? " “But I don’t want you think this was just an excuse to get to hold your hand, so we’d better step over yonder, where there’s a gap in the houses." "Hmmm, very well, but I am trusting you do know the proper boundaries though," Clara just wanted to put that out there though she was not really alarmed, she had faith in the boy. They found a perfect spot though and, in truth, the view of the night sky and the sliver of crescent moon was amazing. Clara had never really bothered to do this sort of thing before and for the first time, she realized what she had been missing. "Oh gosh!" she just stood still and gazed upward. There was more too. "That's Venus." Jacob said simply. "Boy, has she got a lot to answer for!" he added with feeling, squeezing Clara's hand a little . "Oh indeed? Why do you say that?" Clara prided herself on her education, though much of it had been self taught but she knew very little about the stars and planets. This farm boy was full of surprises!
  7. [Arabella and Benjamin] "Oh, I wouldn’t ever try and make you leave the army if I married ya, I’d be that proud to be married to a officer: ‘How dya do? I’m Mrs Captain Benjamin Barlow, U.S. Cavalry.’ Gee Cap, I think you should get married, maybe to a nice Southern girl, y'know, healing the divide.” Benjamin smiled but did not reply, how do you answer that from a child? He knew exactly what nice Southern girl she meant afterall. “I think takin’ a Mrs Barlow would be good for your career, too: I mean, all them big Army Generals is married, ain’t they? Like General Useless Grant, and General George Armstong Custard, and General Terry…, er, I don’t know his second name, but I’m pretty sure he’s married, too.” "I doubt highly I will ever attain the lofty rank of general. By the way, it's Custer and he actually is only a lieutenant colonel. He was a general in the war. Oh and Terry is that worthy's last name too," he gently corrected her. After the dance, the good Captain tried to say his goodbyes, but he hadn’t reckoned with the Clinch Mountain barnacle. "Well...on that note then, I thank you for the dance, young lady, and I need to take my leave. I intend on parching my thirst with a drink at the beer tent. Good evening," he smiled then gave a nod of the head sort of bow. “Oh, that’s good, I’m a headin’ that way m’self!” she beamed happily, taking his arm and hanging on like a limpet: the kind of limpet that other limpets criticise for being ‘too clingy’. She was? He had not expected that. “I work at the saloon so I know all them folks in the beer tent, like Mr Flandry, he’s the barman and he’s got a beard like you, and Mammy Cookie, she’s a big fat black lady and I love her and she used to be a slave but she ‘scaped on the railroad, and I’m allowed to go behind the bar, well it’s more like a table really, but it’s like the bar tonight and I could get you your beer so you don’t have to get in line, because I reckon that’s beneath your station, what with you bein’ a war hero and all.” She chattered away breathlessly as they walked. "I did not say I was a war hero, girl," again he felt compelled to make a correction. She works at the saloon? Messalina saw them coming and shook her head. Arabella introduced him excitedly. “Cookie! Cookie! Permit me to introduce Captain Benjamin Barlow” she yelped, then struck a dramatic pose. “The name he was given at birth, the rank he hath earned!” A very uncomfortable Benjamin nodded, "Hello." There he was literally the only one with female accompaniment amongst all those menfolk customers and quite a few noticed. “Beer Cap’n?” asked the cook “Or do you feel in need a something stronger?!” "I could use ..........how about a shot of whiskey. Good whiskey, not the cheap stuff," he replied.
  8. Wyatt was terrified as he listened to the exchange between the two men, both men had guns and here he was right in the middle of it all, unable to get away. He thought about trying to kick his captor or just plain pull away but that might only make him mad and more likely to shoot him. He, in the end, was too scared to do anything other than stand there and hope he wasn't going to die. He bet being shot was going to be really painful. He got lucky though. Simpson shoved the boy aside and faced the hayseed. It would be better this way, kill this one and maybe he’d get lucky, maybe... “You best get ta shootin’ then!” He pulled the trigger, no he jerked it and the shot missed. Just as soon as he was released then shoved, Wyatt saw his chance and ran for it. He raced past his captor for the main street, just wanting to get out of that alley but it had the advantage that if the man had changed his mind to shoot him, he would have to turn around and expose his back to Jay. Not that Wyatt actually planned it that way, he just wanted to get as far away as fast as possible.
  9. OOC: Flip, the photo doesn't work. Also if you need some hands involved with these cattle, remember that I have Greer and Billy. This sounds like something stupid they'd do.
  10. "Just lookin' ta buy me a house,"Addy stated proudly, "got me a boy ta look after now...his ma died, so we can't be livin' in th' back of a barn no longer. What establishment ya hirin' on with, if ya don't mind my askin'?" "A kid huh. No kids in my life, thank the lord. I'd probably be a godawful mother. Not to mention how would that go over with the crowd if I was up there performing with a swollen belly. Assuming I wasn't already fired before it got to that point," Caroline pondered aloud. "Oh as for the saloon....it is the Star Dust. I was given to understand it's the only saloon in town," she replied. "You know the place? Or been in it maybe?" Most womenfolk, especially the proper sort, would never think of setting foot within a saloon. But then Addy wasn't exactly the usual kind of woman. Although that didn't mean she still might not frown on such places. Either way still worth asking as she might learn something about the joint. @Bongo
  11. Caroline had to chuckle too at that strange name for a town....Pigeon Forge. But then she settled in for the story as the woman driver recounted her past. It was, as she had thought it would be, interesting. "Seven brothers and a Pa, you sure were outnumbered there," she nodded even as Addy now explained how she got into this career. "I was drivin' deliveries around town when I was twelve or so, an' when th' war was goin' I started drivin' freight an' ambulance...like that a darned site better'n sewin' an' cookin' an' whatnot. " "Couldn't agree more there, I can neither sew or cook," Caroline threw in a quick comment. "Come out here 'cause it's a right pretty place an' still not too civilized. What 'bout you? Just passin' through or plannin' ta stay a time?" "Oh, well me.....I'm on my way to a new job. In Kalispell. An old ...business acquaintance of mine notified me of an opening in the saloon there. So bein' as I'm between jobs right now - last place I worked at burnt down and the owner didn't have the money to rebuild. Anyhow, spilt milk right?" she gave a big shrug. "See I'm a saloon gal.....as if my appearance didn't give it away," Caroline grinned, "I'm a singer and dancer. Give the menfolk a show on stage. Most everyone sez I got a great voice. To be honest my dancing is ....adequate but you can always hold their interest by showing a little leg. I also been told I got nice legs." @Bongo
  12. "We do got some civilization out in these parts, but it's always good ta have some sorta protection." "Alrighty then but I should point out if I kill me a stage robber that will bring my grand total to............one," Caroline quipped. "Go ahead an' climb on up there," Addy told her. "Fine," there was no hesitation in the young woman as she clambered on up and seated herself then awaited the rest of the passengers who were now emerging from the station. Mr. Emden spotted that awful jezebel right off, sitting on top of the stage. Well, he had asked she not be allowed to accompany them at all but at least he and his family would not have to sit inside with her. He still had a sour look on his face but his wife tightened her grip on his arm as a signal to get his attention. Both adults were definitely stunned to see that woman in man's clothing holding the stage door and smiling at them. My goodness, she wasn't the....? They hesitated. Gus called out from the porch, "Addy there is your driver til you reach Kalispell. She is an excellent driver and a valued employee. Have a good trip!" The Emdens were for once at a loss for words as they one by one filed up and into the coach, the woman in particular casting a stern glare at Addy then putting up her nose and disappearing into the vehicle. The children actually were nonplussed about the whole situation. Caroline only smirked at the little procession, holding her tongue but not without difficulty. The driver then joined her up in the seat and reached for the leads. "Nice day ta be up top," Addy commented, "an' you'll get a better view of th' scenery. If ya get cold, there's a blanket under th' seat. Them front two lead horses are Hermia an' Helena , an' th' wheelers are Lysander and Demetrius." She snapped the lines and the coach started moving forward. "Ummm, sure whatever you say. They look like they should do the job," Caroline nodded as she eyed the horses. Being a city girl all her life, she wasn't much for horses. Never owned one and only rode one once. She fell off that time. As the coach headed onto the dirt trail of a road, the jostling started once more, Caroline would be glad when this damn journey was over. For a lot of reasons but chiefly because her butt was sore. "So Addy, can I be nosey and ask how you came to be a stage driver? That's gotta be a tale worth telling and I'm more than ready to hear it," Caroline glanced over to the woman. @Bongo
  13. "Let's go behind the bank, then go up to the street," Weedy had paused to wait for him making it easy for Wyatt to catch up. "Yeah but let's not run out in the open, " Wyatt pointed out, he was excited but even he knew enough not to do something crazy if some cowboys were shooting up the place. But just as they were starting past the bank, the window shattered and two men jumped out, causing Weedy to skid to a stop. Wyatt had taken another two steps before doing the same. Whoa! He'd never seen anybody do something crazy like that! One of them immediately took off like he was being chased by a ghost. But the other noticed him and Weedy. And he drew his gun out !! Wyatt was wide eyed, too shocked to run. "Don't you two move or by the Lord Harry I'll kill ya both!" Wyatt started to raise both hands like one might do if it was a hold up but .... The man reached out and grabbed him hard by the upper arm, pulling him in close. Wyatt just froze not knowing what he should try and do. Why had they been so stupid to do this????? Pa was going to kill him. Well...if he lived that is.
  14. From his position behind the horse trough across the street, Ralph kept ready, fully prepared to cover the lawmen and any others who were going to close in on the bank at least from the front. He couldn't do much about the back or sides though without moving and he quite was satisfied where he was. Pronto was moving then but not heading for the bank door (a rash move that would have been in Ralph's opinion) but instead apparently going for the horses. Yes, chase off the robbers' string of horses and their chances of escape would be pretty much nil. He had been momentarily distracted by the deputy's movement until he heard a woman's cry and his eyes went right back to the bank itself. He couldn't see much of the woman but she had just given a mighty shove to an armed cowboy whose apparent aim had then been spoiled and his shot hit the dirt near the deputy instead of the lawman himself. That's all Ralph needed, he raised the long barreled shotgun (unlike many saloons, the Star Dust did not have a sawed off version) and fired, this was more a hunting gun so could easily enough range across a street. Ralph had been in the Union army in the war and knew how to shoot. He didn't want to hit the female who seemed to have just as suddenly disappeared (been yanked back into the building it turned out) so he aimed a bit more to the left side of his target. Obviously Artie was completely knocked off balance by the woman's treacherous attack from behind and found himself half tripping outside onto the boardwalk, his own shot turning out to be a bad miss. Before he could fall back into the bank, he felt a hard punch to his left upper arm and blinding instant pain. He dropped his weapon and half fell half leaned against the outside wall of the bank. His mind tried to process just what happened? Ralph let go of the shotgun and drew his revolver then cocked the hammer back with his thumb and aimed. He'd hit the outlaw but while the man might well bleed out he was not dead yet. He meant to finish what he started. He then proceeded to fire three more shots at the fellow. His first shot missed but his next two were better striking the man in the torso. With grim satisfaction Ralph peered thru the acrid smoke from the pistol to see his target drop to the boardwalk like a heavy sack of grain. A twitch or two and the man was still. "Take that you sonofabitch," Ralph muttered in satisfaction.
  15. [Arabella and Benjamin] "Oooh, ‘Captain Benjamin Barlow’! Don’t that sound fine?!” she cooed. "The name I was given at birth, the rank I've earned," he commented rather bemused by this child. She must wear out her folks. “So, when you get married, the lucky lady’s going to be a-callin’ herself ‘Mrs. Captain Benjamin Barlow’! Oooh, that sure does sound mighty fine!” "I doubt she would use the rank in that but no matter as I have no real plans to get married. As many a bachelor career officer would tell you we are married to the army. I do not think I am cut out for civilian life, I like it right where I am," he informed her calmly. The dance was fast paced and short because of it. Not every dancer had the stamina for a long performance. The girl plainly enjoyed herself though as she clung to him while they vacated the dance floor. That drew a few stares from some folk but Benjamin willfully ignored them. Frankly he did not care what they thought, he knew he was doing nothing wrong and the girl, well it was simply youthful excitement on her part. "Crikey Cap, you sure know how to satisfy a gal! That was the roughest seein’-to I ever got at a Saturday night dance!” Again her choice of words...lord above. Her folks would probably horrified to hear that. But it was not his place to give her lessons in proper conversation. "Well...on that note then, I thank you for the dance, young lady, and I need to take my leave. I intend on parching my thirst with a drink at the beer tent. Good evening," he smiled then gave a nod of the head sort of bow.

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