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  1. He was complimentary right back and then professed his curiosity about how she ended up here in this town, in this place. Fair enough questions, Matilda supposed even though the actual answer was rather.....complex. She smiled. "You know, Jack, if you had asked that in your capacity as a Pinkerton I would have told you none of your business but since you are asking nicely and out of simple curiosity...I will tell you. Would you like to hear me tell you the story of my life here and now or wait til you come in next time. I do not want to keep you from your business of running down miscreants," she smiled demurely. @Chistery
  2. "Oh that's fine about the beer, take your time," Matilda was never one to pressure a customer. "A few of our local drunks should practice what you preach on the quantity of drinks," she smiled, pleased with his compliment then also, who didn't like to be complimented after all. Yes, he was a smooth one alright. "And I will look forward to more such visits. If I'm not down here when you come next time, tell Ralph and he'll let me know upstairs. I always try and make time for proper gentlemen, it is a rare breed indeed in these parts," she tossed him a compliment back. @Chistery
  3. Clara lowered the book upon the entrance into the room of the three gentlemen. Her eyes went wide at the sight of two of them then. She knew those two alright. Closing the book she said nothing though and allowed Shade to do the introductions for the two of them. As her name was announced she nodded and gave a polite enough smile. The apparent oldest brother did the introductions for the trio of newcomers. Clara's hazel eyes focused on the two she knew before speaking up. "Yes indeed, I have met them. Samuel is quite the gentleman, it is good to see you again, sir," she addressed the middle one. "Hello again, Charlie," she added, without bothering to attach any compliments but at least she did not toss out any criticisms either. But the men were there not for social reasons but job seeking as their spokesman now pointed out. So she sat there primly and let Shade handle such affairs. @Stormwolfe @JulieS
  4. The man, much more sophisticated than she would have expected a bountyhunter to be, then produced a badge. Matilda glanced at it. A Pinkerton. He then followed that gesture up by pinning it to his vest. He continued then to state his case and she listened. People always said that much about her, she was a good listener. It was a helpful trait to have when you worked in a saloon after all. "Well, as you have made clear already, a Pinkerton is not a lawman. So you're chasing this woman for a bank not the state of Texas. Given what you've said about her former partners, Bob being hung, I'd say she would be highly unlikely to get off with a light sentence. However, if you are telling the truth here - and let's face it, people can be great liars - and you might just let her go if you get the bank's money back, well then this Dotty woman might well be one lucky gal. Doesn't change anything in the here and now though," Matilda gave a shrug of narrow shoulders. "I never saw any such woman....Ralph?" she glanced at the bearded man next to her. "Nope, me either," Ralph then noticed the two Evergreen hands were leaving the saloon after just one shot each. Maybe they had someplace important to go. No skin off his nose either way. "So like I said, Jack, I wish you well on your search. But none of my affair," she couched the words with a pleasant smile. Turned out Jack liked the stew, which she figured he would, almost every single customer who tried it said the same. "Excellent, glad to hear it. I will certainly pass on your kind compliment to the cook. Might you be interested in a second bowl or another shot?" (ooc: I'm assuming he probably hadn't drained the beer glass yet.) @Chistery
  5. After his second knock the door suddenly opened and there was the ranch foreman, Mr. Layton. Billy forced a quick smile which faded when the man chided him for bringing a 'lady friend'? Hell, if he only was so lucky to have a lady friend, least the kind he figured Layton was talking about. "No sir, it isn't what it looks like. I wouldn't do that none. We run into this here lady while we were out rounding up those strays. Bein' the sociable sorts we are, me n' Greer invited her to share our camp food and we talked a mite too. She is lookin' for a job and she mentioned she knows guns..." he paused, all Layton had to do is glance down at Dotty and see she was packing two revolvers. No typical woman did that. "I told her that maybe..............now maybe....I couldn't make no promises after all as I just work here...but maybe she could get a job here for the Steelgraves. She was pleased to hear that. So ...well, here we are and..." Billy didn't get to finish. The real boss, Elias Steelgrave called out from within the house asking what was going on. Layton promptly answered. So far so good, at least he would meet with Dotty. That was something. Layton invited her in and then ordered him to go back to work. Billy was disappointed in a way, he had brought her this far and now he wouldn't even get to hear what would be going on. But he wasn't stupid enough to argue. You didn't do that at Evergreen if you wanted to keep a job. "Yessir, understood," Billy turned to Dotty then, "Well, I done all I could for ya. Wish you luck, hope you get the job. If you do, me n' you will have a chance to see each other again then." @Juls @Flip
  6. Matilda definitely was impressed with his manners, a cut above some of the customers they got in the place on occasion. She might work in a saloon but she still expected to be treated like a lady. She noted he was freshly bathed and shaved too, a quite handsome looking fellow at that. It was always easier to chat with a customer who didn't reek of cow dung or lord only knew what else. So she listened dutifully as he then talked a bit about himself. Rather he danced around it some in her opinion. He moved smoothly into why he was actually in town or at least in this part of Montana. Seemed he was on the trail of a woman, a woman outlaw at that. Now that was different alright. While he did make it sound like he meant the best for this fugitive she was realist enough to know that wasn't necessarily true. It was plain enough what he was, even if he didn't outright come out and say it. "Well, Jack, very well spoken of you. Seems this lady miscreant should be glad you are chasing her down instead of some other bounty hunter. That's what you are isn't it? A bounty hunter not a lawman. Otherwise you'd have showed me a badge," Matilda smiled. "First off, I haven't seen anyone who looks like that. Secondly, while I wish you luck in your endeavor to catch this ....person...you'll have to do so without any help from me. I mind my own business and my customers like it that way. Try not to play any favorites," she then chuckled a bit, "You know when I was a child I was told....no one likes a tattle tale.....I still remember that advice today." @Chistery @Flip
  7. Dotty, if that was her real name, was willing enough to end the evening and go to sleep also. No doubt whatever else was true or false about her story, she had been traveling for some time and was as tired as that horse of hers looked. If Greer had some plans to very quietly sneak over to their newcomer and rifle her stuff looking for anything interesting, he was too tired to stay awake long enough. The trio slept soundly thru the night. Next morning, it was decided to forego breakfast, they didn't have much to be honest anyhow except for a repeat of the beans last night. Instead the newcomer agreed with their idea to break camp and press straight on to the Evergreen spread, it wasn't that far a ride. Billy had promised the gal he would introduce her to the Steelgraves and , hell, they might just go and hire her. He had hinted pretty strongly though it wouldn't be for cowpoking but for her gun. ***** The weather was good, air crisp, and the string of horses quite cooperative so it was about midday when the trio rode onto the ranch and Greer took the horses to the corral next to the barn. Billy meanwhile would handle the introductions between this gal and somebody with some real authority at the ranch. Soon enough he knocked on the main front door of the Steelgrave residence, something he almost never did. But then he had never found himself a possible recruit before either, especially a woman gunslinger. Whether the Steelgraves would think so, God only knew. Billy only hoped they still weren't mad at him for the big brawl at the town festival. @Juls @Flip
  8. "Oh it tastes delicious. And not because I made it, I have a woman back there who's been making this recipe forever. My talents do not lie in the culinary arts," Matilda replied. The young woman then extended her hand to him also, "Jack, a pleasure." "I am Matilda Devereau, Ralph's partner in this place. I've not seen you here before have I." It was less a question than a statement. @Chistery@Flip
  9. "Have to agree with you about the wimmenfolk. You should see the co-owner of this place. Smart as a whip and don't scare none either," the bartender then extended his hand to shake with the newcomer. "Jack.....I'm Ralph, Ralph Flandry," they exchanged a vigorous handshake. Two new customers came in about then, Ralph knew them to be cowpokes for the Steelgraves though rumor had it many of his so-called ranch hands might be better described as gun hands. These two sure looked like it. However it was none of his business, long as they didn't make trouble in the saloon. "Couple a whiskeys comin' up," Ralph took his attention off Jack for an instant to address the latest customer request. "Lemme get these two gents their drinks then I'll go in the back and get you that beef stew," he went back to talking to Jack. Just then a feminine voice called out from in back, "Don't bother, Ralph. I can bring it out long as I'm here." Ralph then served the Evergreen men their drinks while less than a minute later a petite blonde woman in a fancy back East dress emerged from the back carrying a tray with a bowl and spoon upon it. She eyed Asher and correctly guessed this was the man with the order so placed it right in front of him. "There you go, mister. Enjoy it. If you need some salt, I can bring you some too, better taste it first," Matilda declared with a warm grin. @Chistery@Flip
  10. "It's a saloon. On occasion there has been some trouble. But I've been in saloons since the war and I know how to handle myself. My partner is the same. We got no complaints. As for the law, they'd come if we needed them I reckon," Ralph smirked. "There was one big brawl not that long ago. The town was having it's summer festival and we'd set up a beer tent on the festival grounds. Things were going smoothly and then some girl came waltzin' in looking for a couple of cowpokes. There was quite the argument, that little miss wouldn't back down. One of the men punched her right to the ground. Well, that set it all off. Matilda and me managed to save most of our glasses though in the mayhem. No gunplay." "Oh yeah, the deputy marshal is a woman and she was in there punching with the rest of 'em. It was really quite entertaining. You shoulda seen it," he grinned at the memories. @Chistery
  11. Ralph slid the nickel along the bar until it dropped into his second hand and then popped it into his bartender's apron pockets. He was already moving to fulfill the man's request for a beer. He tapped it from a big keg then set the glass down in front of the man. "Here ya go, I can go get you a big bowl of the stew then," he nodded but the man had a question that had nothing to do with saloon products. Ralph listened then answered. "Well, we got one alright. But I think the old one retired recently. Think they got a new one but I'll be damned if I know his name. I don't much pay attention to politics and the local law, not my concern," Ralph did his best to explain. @Chistery
  12. As the woman left the camp temporarily to go fetch her horse, the two long time companions watched her backside til it disappeared into the dark. Greer spoke up first but only in a low tone of voice lest the woman hear him. "Whaddya think?" Billy frowned, "Whaddya think what?" "About this here gun-toting gal....who the hell you think I'm referrin' to," Greer frowned right back. "I don't know....maybe they'll hire her. Don't take a big strong man to pull a trigger ya know, females can do that too....I guess," Billy shrugged. "Ya don't say, well yer proof of that, you so scrawny and all," Greer smiled, he often made fun of the younger man. "Well, I damn well could outshoot you, we both know it," Billy snapped back. She returned so enough leading a fine looking (leastwise in the poor light of evening) horse. "So we are plannin' on turnin' in now. It's been a long hard day for us roundin' up these strays," Billy referred to the string of horses they had. @Juls
  13. A normal enough afternoon for the saloon, a few customers were scattered between the long bar and the assorted tables. One card game was going on among four men, the stakes were cheap and the game friendly. Ralph was manning the bar by himself though this evening. Didn't look like it was going to be real crowded this night. He noticed the newcomer come in of course but waited til the man seemed ready to make an order. "Sure nuff, one whiskey comin' up," he nodded even as he reached for a bottle of the cheap stuff. If customers wanted the good stuff (which of course cost more), they needed to ask for it. The man also desired a beer and inquired about some food. Both requests reasonable enough. Ralph poured a shot glass to the brim as he added, "Get that beer for ya in a minute. We do have beef stew. Most folks who've tried it say it's damn good stew. Thick n' meaty." He then set the shot glass in the front of the fellow, "That'll be a nickel." @Chistery
  14. "Well, we damn well know how to use our guns too, just gotta be willin'. Some folk just freeze up," Greer remarked. Billy smiled, "Greer when were you ever in a gunfight?" "I killed Zeke Crowley back when," Greer defended himself. "That wasn't no gunfight, that was an ambush," Billy pointed out. "Life ain't always fair is it?" Greer smirked. Billy figured he'd better get back to talking to their campfire guest though, "If you're still interested, sure I can bring you to the ranch and introduce you to the foreman. If he's of a mind to, he'll have you meet Mr. Steelgrave. He makes those kind of decisions afterall." She wanted to bring in her horse, tied up somewhere out in the trees, a reasonable request. "Sure go ahead, ain't like we're goin' anywhere," Billy nodded. @Juls
  15. The woman said she wasn't upset, well Billy had his doubts about that alright. She sounded upset. But he wasn't about to argue with her over it. Instead he gave a look toward Greer as if to silently say 'stop it' then instead spoke to her. "Well, that's good then." He then changed topics and asked about if she might possibly be looking for work. Turned out she seemed at least a bit interested given her return question. "Not exactly....I just was curious but no, I didn't mean saloon or cat house. Still......you shoot those guns of yers pretty good? Can ya hit what ya aim at? Might just know a place or two where gunhands can get hired. Depends on how willing you are to actually use those?" Billy still wasn't wanting to come right out with it plainly.

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