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  1. Present: Arabella, Brendan, Charlie, Clara on the dance floor As the two couples neared, Brendan decided not to ignore Clara anymore - he had made a point to look in the opposite direction whenever they had happened to be looking at each other - and so he flashed her a smirk that said "Havin' fun? I am." Clara had been more concerned with not colliding with the other couple in their pursuit of the required dance step so did not expect Brendan to speak up to her. "Yes, I am, very much so!" she hastily replied before Arabella took the young man away again in the opposite direction, well after all that was the expected move to make for this dance. Then it was back to threading between couples before yet another lively jig, she faced Charlie,"I hope you are too, Charlie." Surely the young man was not going to make this into yet another matter of contention.
  2. Present: W & W, up in the loft "She said something, but didn't talk about it a lot," Weedy shrugged. "Tarnation! I'd have been braggin' about it to everybody I saw," Wyatt admitted. "She sure don't take any guff off anyone!" added Weedy. "Like me, when I get older," Wyatt decided, full of boyish optimism. "I like Jay, too, he's real nice, and smart, he got to be on a ship to sail here." "Really, wow! He never said anything about that when he stayed with us. I could have asked him so many questions," Wyatt said. "Say 'yes' to what?" he didn't quite get what Weedy meant in his next statement. "To me coming home with you." Weedy glanced at Wyatt. "We don't have school tomorrow, so it would be good...or..." he had a sudden thought, "We can stay the night in Addy's barn and she can take us to your house tomorrow?" "Oh right!," now Wyatt got it then heard the rest of it before smiling, "Hey, that might be fun. Clara would never let me sleep in the barn at home. But yeah, if Pa is in a good mood, he might say I can stay in town for tonight. You ask Addy and I can ask Pa." What with the cookies and all, so far this dance nonsense was turning out to be quite fun!
  3. Present: Charlie, Clara, those on the dance floor Charlie actually agreed with her (for once) and took her hand to lead her out onto the dance floor, just in the nick of time too as the music had started but they were only to the opening part where couples stood next to each other facing other couples about ten feet apart. Everyone had turned to bow politely to their partner and were in the act of then bowing graciously toward the couple opposite them. Charlie and Clara scrambled to their places, skipped the bowing to each other so as to catch up then bowed to their opposite number - well if it wasn't Arabella and Brendan. Clara put on her best poker face and remained perfectly solemn and composed. And then it was turn again and take hold of one's partner, Clara and Charlie assumed their proper position, the musical pace picked up and off they went in a big circle their feet moving rapidly as they spun about. It was lively but anyone with a modicum of coordination could do it. A few sweeping circles and it got a bit trickier. Each couple threaded between the other and made it a point to come close to each other but stop short and fall back. Clara quickly checked to make certain Arabella and Brendan were on the same page with them as they approached.
  4. Present: Charlie, Clara "And I told you already that I did," Charlie answered in a disgruntled tone. He had? If so she missed it in his recriminations. Still, despite her surprise that this cowpoke would even know this dance, that was all she needed to know. Least she could have one dance tonight. "Well then good, excellent in fact," Clara gave a quick nod. Taking another deep breath, he once again looked at her and said softly, "Clara, do you trust me?" "Now that is such a general question, I would have no idea how to answer it without you getting into specifics and we do not have the time. The dance is starting," Clara sighed. She held out her hand to him, "Lead me out there then. I trust you know how to do this dance." It was all pretty simple to the practical minded girl, she just wanted to dance, was it that big an ask?
  5. W & W "A water trough? That ain't swimmin'," Wyatt was bemused by the mental picture of Weedy even trying, Wyatt had a tendency to take things quite literally as Clara was always warning him about. Weedy definitely agreed not to tell any of their plans to adults, too big a risk they'd spoil all the fun plans. "I won't tell. Maybe we can ask tonight and I can go home with you?" "Well, I reckon but we sure can't go swimming. It's too cold out, we'd freeze in that lake now. I meant like when it got to be summer, nice and hot, you know," Wyatt pointed out. He peered over the railing at Addy. "She seems kinda sweet on Jay, don't she...doesn't she? Maybe she'll be happy, so she'll say yes?" Wyatt looked too, "He stayed with us for awhile when Whitefish got wrecked. He seems nice. I don't really know Addy much but Pa sez she is a hard worker. You probably know this but.... when they all went hunting that big bear, she was the only woman along and she was the one who ended up baggin' him. Clara was so happy to hear that you woulda thought she got it. " "Say 'yes' to what?" he suddenly asked, clueless.
  6. Present: Jonah and Matilda "Yes, that's the plan...it's in the works." Jonah smiled, "Especially since Whitefish is no longer habitable, some of the citizens think a hospital is a good idea, and I do as well, after all, we're a long way from anything like that." "Oh, I think so too, it is a capital idea," Matilda nodded. He shrugged. "I use rooms at my house as a clinic and for overnight patients, but I don't really have the proper means for that." Then he added, "There is an orphanage in the works, too, if we can get the approval and support we need." "An orphanage? Do we really need one of those, the town is not that big?" Matilda was puzzled, big cities had orphanages in her mind. The dance was now over so the couple joined the rest in retiring off the floor. It had been fun, refreshing even. The doctor was a better class of man than most of her saloon customers, who were more rough and tumble and certainly less educated, proper. No matter though, the saloon was her world and she loved it. "I do suppose we have more children than normal right now who lost people in the Whitefish disaster. I have taken in a young girl of ....I think 14 or 15 though she doesn't look it. She is quite the handful and here I thought I was a firecracker at that age. She came from Whitefish," Matilda revealed.
  7. Present: Charlie, Clara "Yes, I know it, and you're right, I really don't know you just as you really don't know me." "I think that much is obvious. Yet you choose to say I lacked manners because my mother died," Clara pointed out. Charlie took a deep breath, "Why is it that every time we meet we end up..." An exasperated look appear on his face, "I try to be civil when I'm around you Clara but you almost always make it very hard to do so." There were now enough dance couples assembled and lined up that the music could start, no where near as many people as for the opening waltz but then that wasn't surprising. This one required more no how. Speaking of which. "For crying out loud, simply answer my question. Do you or do you not know how to lead for this kind of dance?" Clara repeated her inquiry yet again just as the music started. The world wasn't going to wait for them.
  8. Present: Charlie, Clara Clara wondered if this particular dance might not prove an obstacle to Charlie, it was nowhere as easy as a waltz so she made the offer to help him out by leading when it was necessary. To her it was no big deal but she didn't want the young man embarrassed once he got out there and the dance was underway. However he suddenly stopped short of the dance floor. She turned. Now what? "No, Clara, " he said in a serious tone, "I know you don't have a mother to teach you these things but in polite society, it's the man who takes the lead. If you want to dance with me, that's the way it's going to be. All I want is for you to trust me." Clara blinked. What ? Was he calling her lacking in the ways of polite society? This cowboy especially after some of his previous behaviors with her? "My mother taught me quite well, thank you," she replied, "So, you have to lead then? Tell me, do you know how to even do this particular dance? So that you can lead?"
  9. Present: Charlie, Clara on the dance floor Charlie guided her to the edge of the dance floor and waited patiently for the dance to begin. Having no idea what it was going to be, he turned his head to look at Clara, "I have to tell you that I didn't really expect you to say yes," he smiled, "but I'm glad you did. I am honoured to be dancing with the prettiest girl here." "Oh gosh, that is kind of you to say even if hardly the truth," Clara nodded happily, "But you really do not know me, Charlie, I am - probably to your shock - a nice enough person." "Oh, one of these!" Clara now heard the announcement and saw some partners heading out even as a few other couples seemed to decline this number. She knew this though. "Well, here we go then. Do not panic, just do what everyone else does and when we are together, I can lead," she explained hastily as out onto the floor they went to line up with the others.
  10. The musicians now prepared to play once more after a hasty discussion of what should come next. The waltz had been a fine starter, prim, proper, and best of all easy. Now the idea was to play something livelier though and let the folks get their blood rushing with faster movement. "Alright, attention folks! Let's do a galop quadrille. Look out for other couples too. We don't want no one to get hurt!" And with that the musicians waited a minute or two for the prospective dancers to get out there and position themselves.
  11. OOC: As suggested, the next dance will be livelier. Doing a bit of research, I found out that the galop was a very popular dance in the mid and late 19th century. Here is an example of it:
  12. Present: Arabella, Ralph, the Cook Arabella closed her eyes and let out that gurgling chuckle of hers. “Well, she ain’t fired me yet, after all my mistakes, so I don’t think she’ll fire you. Now, Mr. Flandry, you betcha I’m gonna hold you to that promise, but don’t you want to dance with anybody else? How ‘bout Mammy Cookie?” she asked for a joke. "Got a point there," he never was worried about Matilda's reaction anyhow, their years of close friendship was far too strong and enduring. Why he had killed men for her and would do it again if necessary without a regret. "And nope, I don't wanna dance with anyone else," he added. They were back at the tent by now and the large woman looked up at the sound of her nickname. “Don’t you go takin’ my name in vain Arabella Mudd!” she said in mock serious tones, before looking her dance partner up and down and commenting “Well praise the Lawd! Mr. Ralph, you survived!” "Indeed I did, must be my experience in the war," Ralph shrugged then put on his bartender's apron once more, it was back to work.
  13. Present: Weedy, Wyatt up in the loft Wyatt invited the other boy to come see the farm and for a real fun time, they could even go swimming in the lake. "That'd be great!" was Weedy's instant reaction plus, "Swimming! That'd be fun!" Dang right! Wyatt figured the other boy would be willing. However apparently there was one little matter. "You'll have to teach me, I never been swimming, but I know I can learn. And we can climb trees and stuff. And no girls!" Wyatt blinked, "Really, you don't know how? Oh well, it's easy enough. I can show ya how. Don't worry I won't let ya drown. " "Just one thing though - when you come, if my Pa or my sister ask if you know how to swim, tell 'em you do. Otherwise they might be all worried and not let us do it. Adults are like that, they worry way too much." @Bongo
  14. Present: Matilda, Jonah Danforth "Of course," Jonah declared, giving her a bow, then taking her hand and lightly placing his other at her waist, keeping proper distance as he started moving them around the floor, "it's part of the doctor training, so that we appear appropriately elegant and refined." "So you are saying he valued appearances more than competence," chuckled Matilda, liking his good natured nonchalance. He grinned. "Our teacher told us that if we are to be incompetent, to at least look good doing it!" "Frankly if I am sick or injured, I would hope for the competence part," she declared with a smile. "But you have got the looking good part down perfectly. Now then," and with that he smoothly blended into the already under way dance. Both of them knew how to dance and were good partners, equally as important as the couple deftly threaded among the rest of the dancers. "What's this I hear about there going to be a hospital for this town? Granted, any town that wants to someday be a city will need at least one of those. I lived in Chicago you see," one nice thing about a waltz was one could chat will dancing. @Bongo
  15. Present: Charlie, Clara, Emeline, and Pronto "It's quite fun," Emeline agreed, glancing up at Barnabas then back to Clara. "And now that we're here to watch the table, you can try for yourself." Well, except that the dance was over, thought Clara but of course that was just the first of many. Clara shrugged and spoke softly to the woman, "It takes two of course." Suddenly Charlie spoke up and came out with it, "Forgive me for not asking you before but would you like to dance? I'm not asking 'cause I have to, it 'cause I want to as the thought had crossed my mind but I wasn't too sure of what your response would be considering." "Oh," Clara slowly nodded, "Well, since you are asking if I would like to dance, the answer is - yes I would. Now if you are asking if I would accept an offer from you to dance, the answer is once more - yes." "In fact, I would be delighted to dance with you, Charlie Wentworth," she actually smiled. @JulieS @Bongo @Flip

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