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  1. Caroline took in the place, noting the long bar with a not to be scoffed at selection of bottled liquors displayed on the shelves behind it then the dozen or so tables scattered about. Ahh yes, and even more crucial at least regarding her future employment, there was a piano in the far corner and a small stage too. Perfect! She liked it already. Now there were a few customers within. At one table two old men were playing cards, half drained beer glasses keeping them company as they studied their cards. Another man, a cowpoke, leaned up against the bar, conversing with a bearded bartender. Could that be Mr.....Mr...Flandry, yes she was pretty sure that was the name. As for the woman owner, no woman was currently in sight. Not quite true, there was a girl now eying her, she had paused in scrubbing the floor. At least the business tried to keep their place cleaner than some joints she had been in. The young missie did not look pleased for some reason. “Hotel’s over there!” she pointed in the general direction of the Belle-St. Regis before folding her arms and frowning . "I know, I can read signs, child," Caroline smirked. She then turned to address the bartender who by then was aware of her presence as apparently were all the men in the place. She was used to be gawked it, didn't bother her none. "Excuse me, mister but is the owner of this fine establishment present? I am eager to tell her the good news," she smiled confidently. Ralph paused then replied, "She is upstairs. Good news you say, miss?" "Oh indeed, I can't wait to meet her. Her search for an entertainer is over. I'm here! " Caroline announced. Ralph had to break into a bit of a smile himself at this bubbly and bold young woman, "You don't say? And you would be....?" "I am Caroline....Caroline Mundee, and if I wasn't so modest I would add 'simply the finest saloon singer west of the Mississippi.' And if you don't believe me, you will once you hear me sing."
  2. [Clara and Jacob, under the Moon] The boy certainly seemed quite sincere and enthusiastic about books and reading. Clara was impressed. It also proved something. City folk sometimes seemed to think farm people were ignorant rustics and she never liked that attitude. "Roughing It? I will remember that if ever I should spot it someplace," Clara declared. Then at his mention of her employer she had an idea. "Say, I will ask her if she would mind if you borrow a few of her books, that is if you interested. I am quite confident she would not refuse, she is most generous that way. Just make sure you are responsible enough to return them once you have finished them." Clara of course had been diligent and punctual about a quick turnaround when she borrowed volumes from the kindly woman. She then inquired about the sort of things he did for what bits of leisure time he might have between farm work, fun activities as it were. Yes, even she had occasions where she indulged in a bit of fun. Life did not have to be all work. His early listing of activities sounded very much like some typical boy, Wyatt would approve of any of them. Well, until he got to the part about being enthralled by staring up into the stars. And he expressed it quite elegantly too. "Well said, Jacob," she sincerely complimented him. But then he added a revelation she would never have guessed. Poetry. He wrote poetry?! At first it sounded hard to believe but on second thought what with all his love of books and his suprisingly impressive way of speaking, it did make sense. "So, Jacob Lutz, a poet? You are quite the unique young fellow I must say. Although it does seem rather a waste of time and effort if you simply destroy them rather than share with a reader. Perhaps they are quite good, people might just enjoy them?" The reality was, in fact she had declared such to Miss Emeline when they discussed books and yes, poetry, that she personally did not like poetry. It seemed foolish and held no interest for her. Still, she was not about to admit that to Jacob. In this particular case just MAYBE, she might peruse his work and approve. Now her own favorite pastime, though granted she seldom got to do it, now seemed much more mundane. She liked to swim in the small lake just off their farm property. Nothing was more refreshing after a stretch of hard labor on a hot summer day. "Well, we do not have hogs although Father has expressed an interest someday in purchasing a few. And no, I have never attempted to write poetry. I do not think I would be very good at it anyhow. Although...."she paused then continued, "I would someday like to read at least one of yours. Perhaps you might wrote a poem about me? I would be honored of course."
  3. Wyatt assured Addy he was just fine. There were smiles of relief and joy all around. The outlaw was under arrest and judging by no more gunshots, the whole robbery must be over. Boy, did he have a story to tell Pa! "Wyatt!" Weedy ran over to his friend, his cheeks still flushed with excitement. "Are you all right? I didn't expect that! Did you see Jay shoot that man? I was so worried when he grabbed you!" Wyatt waved his hand in dismissal, "Ahh, I'm good. That jasper should consider himself lucky I did not kick him a good one." He actually had been terrified frozen in place so that bold statement was nothing more than boyish bravado.
  4. "I can't believe that happened...poor Mister Olsen," the woman said as she allowed Ralph to head her toward the diner, her business, "I didn't know what to do. I don't suppose I could have done anything." "Looks like he died fast. And I'm guessin' his death was the first shot fired by the robbers so nothing anybody could have done to save him or stop the robbery. They had the jump," Ralph didn't believe she should blame herself for anything. "Please, Mr. Flandry, come in for some coffee and pie," she offered as the approached the cafe, but then she wondered if that was appropriate, or what was appropriate under the circumstances. Before he could answer, Clara came racing toward Emeline even leaving the diner door wide open in her haste to check on her employer. "Oh thank God you are safe! I was so worried," she stopped short of the woman just when it seemed she might give her a supportive hug. Clara had never been and still was not a hugger. But it didn't mean she didn't care and care deeply. Ralph grinned at the reunion and paused, "You know, ma'am, I will take you up on that kind offer alright but just not now, not today. I need to get back to my job. Odds are as the excitement dies down some menfolk are going to want to wet their whistles. You take care now."
  5. [Clara and Jacob] “That’s what I wondered. You might want to tell your Pa that, well, a few years ago…” he looked like he was about to tell her that there was a dead body buried there “… I was passing by that field and I noticed it’s liable to flooding come Fall. Course, we had a passing dry September last year. Still, made me wonder if he’d ever dabbled in asparagus, your Pa. They do say asparagus loves wet soil.” "Oh? Interesting. We have been here one fall already and the field was as dry as any. But we both know weather can vary. So I will be certain to pass that along though, thank you," Clara nodded, he was trying to be helpful afterall. “Read any good books lately?” he now asked. "Actually Miss Emeline, you know, my employer, is letting me borrow some of her fine collection. She has quite the variety. Mostly fiction but I do enjoy fiction," Clara answered. "Nothing on Greeks or the planets though I have sad to inform you," she added with a bit of a smile. She supposed that she really should ask him something? He was trying so hard to carry the conversation, that much was obvious. Besides, she wanted to know more about him also. "So, Jacob, enlighten me then a bit about you. What do you do for entertainment, pleasure, past time?" She might just discover an activity they could do together then? Well, besides what he had in mind just minutes earlier. She was not ready for that.
  6. "Ha! Those aren't bricks in there, it's gold nuggets. I did me some prospecting during my stage ride," Caroline joked. Lorenzo tried to explain to her the reason he had been banned from going thru those saloon doors but it didn't make a lot of sense to the girl. Just how good a piano player was this gal? More likely she was beautiful and he wanted her for a business Crabbe oft engaged in, running a brothel. Despite his declarations of doing a good deed with the brainless redhead, Caroline was still a bit worried that poor thing might be part of the man's scheme. That just wouldn't be right, using a half-wit like that. “No honest, I just wanted her to play the ivories at the time, mind you, she has modelled for me since. Nothing ornery, of course.” Modelling? Sure, right. The gal had to be a looker then or at least possessing a pair of impressive attributes. Caroline kept listening which is not to say believing. “Say, if you want any nice publicity plates making, I’ll give you good rates, what with you bein’ a pal. Yeah, wear one of those high cut, low cut numbers like you did in Helena and I bet I could sell them pictures by the bundle.” "No thanks, I want menfolk to have to come into the saloon to ogle me not be able to stare at some photograph. It's all about drumming up business for the saloon afterall," Caroline pointed out, quite the sharp mind when it came to anything involving saloons. "Or maybe some more 'artistic' poses..." he continued. "Artistic huh, sure I'll do it if you spend enough money on drinks in the Stardust," she smirked. The way it worked is she would get customers to buy another drink and then of course one for her too. There was a noise within. “Ooh! We’d better go! Listen, drop in and see me some time and we’ll talk about them pictures!” he said hurriedly. “We’re situated down at the old Funeral Parlour, down there” Crabbe pointed as he got ready to skedaddle. "Funeral parlor? That's a perfect place for your schemes," she laughed. "And remember, don't tell 'em that you know me!" "Of course, we're old friends ain't we? And new ones now too, see you later, Bridget - I might even have a dress for you," she smiled at the dim young miss. And with that, Caroline took a deep breath, steeled herself, assumed a confident air and strutted right thru those batwing doors like she owned the place. It was time to get a job!
  7. Caroline listened to the boy's background story, she had seen enough broken women in her life to figure out it could have been for many reasons. Maybe a hooker or a drunkard. She did feel badly for the boy though. Life wasn't fair, god knows she learned that lesson some time back. Addy mentioned then the mother had been killed? Murdered? Or maybe Indians? She didn't add any detail and Caroline decided not to ask. What difference did it make anyhow, she was dead. "Poor child. But like I said, he's lucky he has you. You're doin' a fine thing to raise him like you are. I couldn't do that," she commented. "Wasn't somethin' I planned on, but I reckon th' good Lord knows what he's doin'...hope so, leastways," Addy stated. Caroline shrugged, "Well if the good lord actually has plans, he's never let me in on any of 'em. But guess I've lived in blissful ignorance." "Ya know readin' an' writin' an' whatnot?" the other woman now asked. "Oh yeah, my mother taught me to read and to do arithmetic. Later on I helped her keep the books even when she got sick. We lived in a saloon, well actually above it but same thing. My father owned it. Truth of the matter I never was quite sure he was my real father but we all lived together and he treated me like a daughter. He was a rough sort but never to me or Ma. I grew up in that saloon and as I got older I served drinks and then started singing. People liked my voice. Not much of a story but that's mine," Caroline smiled, choosing to recall the good memories and not all the bad things. There had been plenty of both. @Bongo
  8. [Clara and Jacob outside] He stuck out his hand. “It’s a deal.” Clara seemed surprised by the offer of a handshake on the agreement but extended hers for a shake. For such a scrawny fellow, he had a good grip to him. "Very well," she nodded. “You know, I should have realized that you’re not the ‘Venus’ type at all, Clara, you’re much more like Diana, she was the Goddess of the moon, and she was intelligent as well as pretty, and handy with the shooting irons too, just like you are, I hear.” He said, indicating with a nod of his head the celestial object the viewing of which was the ostensible reason they were out here in the first place. The boy was back to talking a mix of the planets and Greek gods. Clara couldn't help but wonder where he got all that from? Not that it was a bad thing. If nothing else it indicated he was quite a reader. Just as she was, not that she read books about those subjects. He was less knowledgeable about her though. "I am hardly handy with guns. I know how to use them, father taught me that much, but I have never shot so much as a squirrel let alone a human being," she informed him. “Mind you, when a feller tried that mushy kissing stuff on her, she was a lot less understanding than you’ve been with me: she turned him into a stag and set her hounds on him. Tore that poor love-sick fool to shreds.” He patted himself all over. “I’m doing pretty well compared to him.” "Diana sounds like she had temper issues," Clara quipped in that dry manner of hers, no smile. “So, what’s your Pa planning to plant in that big north field of his, this Fall?” he asked, steering away from the subject of love. "Fall? It is April, we are concentrating on our spring planting. Corn, beans, some wheat. Perhaps we shall do lettuce and cabbage in the fall, not my decision to make," Clara answered. "But that big north field, that is for corn during the summer," she added.
  9. "Thank you, Mr. Flandry, I'm unscathed." Her gaze drifted to Barnabas, and she was happy to see that he seemed to be all right. "A little shaken...there are still two more...they went out the back." "Hmm, really? Trying to make a run for it I reckon," Ralph frownd. "They shot Mr. Olsen...is he..? Does he need help?" Ralph shook his head, "He looks pretty dead, ma'am." Pronto then checked to see the woman was alright. But the warning she gave was also followed by a gunshot. Ralph followed the lawman into the alley and turned out they got the drop on yet another outlaw who was facing off with .......Ralph should know the man...oh Ryker. It seemed the outlaw didn't have any fight left in him, not to mention he was surrounded. He gave up. It seemed to be over then. Ralph lowered his gun. **** Wyatt heard his name mentioned and stepped out, "I'm alright." He spotted Weedy then and gave a little wave. They had survived!
  10. [Arabella, Benjamin, Charlie, Brendan] So now he was being practically dragged toward some of those self same cowboys she had just maligned. By now the military man in him was getting pretty tired of being 'hoohrahed' by a little girl but the gentleman in him didn't yet have the heart to simply say 'no'. He was getting to that point though. Arabella left him and latched onto a tall young cowpoke who from one glance one could see was drunk and busy getting drunker. At least she left him, Benjamin noted with approval. The girl proceeded to buttering the fellow up and talking about his bravery regarding Indians and on and on. Fine, maybe the girl would glue herself to that unlucky fellow's arm. "Excuse me, everyone," he nodded to the cowboys, "Don't want to break up your fun, gents." Then he turned and headed the opposite direction. Might be time to head back to the fort.
  11. "Nope, I have no idea where Babylon even is," Caroline cheerfully admitted then listened in amazement as the woman proceeded to give quite the Biblical speech, leastwise she figured it was out of the Bible, not that she ever even read a page of it. But she had heard enough about it of course. "Well now, if you get fired for givin' me a ride you could always try a new career, preacher. You'd be good at it from what I'm hearing. Granted I'm far from a church going sort. Last time I was even inside a church, it was for a friend's funeral and they threw me out. I got it though...I was drunk at the time. You know, drownin' one's sorrows," Caroline recalled with a smile, obviously not too bothered by the memory. Addy made some good arguments why that Emden woman might be all upset and sour pussed too. "Good point," Caroline chuckled. "You're right too. You n' me, we both got it pretty good. We live the way we wanna live. I gotta say something else too. I think that boy you spoke of, he's pretty lucky to have you. I bet you'll raise him right." @Bongo
  12. Lorenzo did have quite the memory as he dramatically announced her presence using all the old names from Helena. Just then the Emdens were alighting the stage and they took in this scene with a mix of shock and disgust. Lorenzo tried to be friendly but he might as well have been trying to smooze with a pack of rabid coyotes for all his chances. The Emdens rapidly departed, Caroline just rolled her eyes. Folk like that were best ignored in her opinion. They embraced and exchanged air kisses on the cheeks followed by some teasing on both of their parts. And then introductions. "Hello Charlie, you can just call me Caroline, none of that Miss stuff," she nodded to the chinaman then looked over the red haired gal. The way she just stood there gawking and holding a doll too, she looked...well, odd and something about her expression too. Lorenzo was quick to point out she was not a whore. Good heavens, Caroline hoped not. The girl was not all there. "Hello Bridget, I like your dress and ....nice doll," she flashed the other young woman a very bright and genuine smile. Lorenzo professed he was being charitable by taking in this waif. Caroline eyed him dubiously for an instant, "Well, you better." He also offered to carry her luggage, something he seemed to almost immediately regret once he caught sight of it all. Caroline wasn't about to let him out of that offer though. "Oh splendid. How gentlemanly of you, you're a dear," she boldly reached out to pat his cheek. “Which ones are y… oh, they’re all yours, ain’t they?” he swallowed. "Well, not all...........just the big trunk...oh and that one, that one...and that one also," Caroline carefully pointed to each item. The procession to the saloon then began, needless to say at a rather slow pace as the men struggled with the trunk. Caroline could have taken one of the carpet bags but too much enjoyed their misery to do so. Instead she gawked around the town as they trod the boardwalk. "Oh there it is, the Stardust saloon. Looks nice enough on the outside," she announced but then listened to Lorenzo fill her in on what he apparently believed she needs know. "Honestly, you got thrown out of the joint? What, did they catch you cheatin' at cards? Will you ever learn, hon?" Caroline huffed a bemused tone. "Oh good they have a piano player. You know I ain't able to play a note. So some girl huh? What? Some hooker who escaped you otherwise why you so interested in her? Don't give me the line you just are looking out for my profit percentage either," Caroline liked Lorenzo, she really did, but trust him to tell the truth. Only when it was to his benefit.
  13. Caroline had climbed off the tall seat on the stage, winced a bit as she hit the ground but glad to have all that damnable bouncing over with at last. She said her goodbyes to Addy, who had proved to be fine company that made the exhausting journey a more tolerable one. As they pulled into town, she made a point of inviting Addy to come into the saloon in a few evenings and see her perform - well, if she was a mind to. She also padded the invite with a promise of a couple of drinks on the house. And there who should she see but none other than old (not in the literal sense) Lorenzo Crabbe, the very man who had sent her news of this here job opening. Now Lorenzo could be quite the oily scoundrel but she met a lot of all kinds of low lifes in her career and at the very least he always treated her right. Same could not be said of all her fellow saloon folk. The outgoing girl did not hesitate but took a few confident strides toward the fellow who was accompanied by his personal chinaman and some red haired tart. She ignored them for the moment as that big smile of hers, which could light up a room, preceded her greeting. "Well, well, Lorenzo Crabbe! You're lookin' your usual self, dapper as always. So are you here to stick up the stage or just waitin' for little ol' me?" she teased with a grin.
  14. Mature Content: Maybe With: Caroline, Lorenzo, and others (also open) Location: Kalispell Main Street When: April 1876 Time of Day: Late afternoon The collected and edited letters of Miss Caroline Mundee would have made a rather slim and meagre volume, but amongst them might have been included two telegrams that were now stuffed, somewhat crumpled, in the middle of one of the trunks that accompanied her atop the stage to Kalispell. The first, crafted by the hand of Lorenzo Crabbe, who always saw writing a telegraph, where you paid by the letter, as an exciting test of how much message you could get across with the least expenditure, read as follows: Telegram Office: Kalispell, Montana Territory. To: Mundee Clark Hotel Helena. Poss opening here stardust sln apl ms devrogh [sic] [stop] Do not mention yt crabbe [stop] Or, as he hoped his old colleague at the Kiyus Saloon in Helena would read it: “Dear Old Mundee, Having heard of the recent incendiary demise of our good old stamping grounds of the Kiyus Saloon, and knowing that you would be desirous of alternative employment, I forward to you the intelligence that an appropriate position has arisen here in Kalispell at a venerable watering hole which carries the appellation of the Stardust Saloon. Enquiries should be forwarded to Ms. Devereau at said address. Please forebear to mention the author of this missive, as such a disclosure might possibly injure the reception of your application for the post. Signed this day by your Good Old Pal, W. Lorenzo Crabbe.” A second message, typed out on the same thin telegram paper, had travelled across the wires and been decoded at the other end by an operator of the Western Union office. On hearing that the the pretty blonde girl, who used to sing and show off a little flesh and a lot of lace while he relieved her admirers of their dollars at the Monte table, had secured the job, Crabbe had sent a slightly less cryptic: Telegram Office: Kalispell, Montana Territory. To: Mundee Clark Hotel Helena. Hooray [stop] Wll meet y off stg [stop] And, as good as his word, both he and the Chinaman Charlie Fa were there at the Kalispell Stage office to meet her and help her with her luggage, at least as far as the swinging doors of the Stardust Saloon. Miss Bridget Monahan was also in attendance at this august occasion, excited to meet the 'Famous Singer' that her Guardian had described.
  15. "Did." Case said. "Don't know if Harris or Granger told you, but Lost Lake cattle are not to be touched. My Brothers aren't around so I figure you just didn't know about that. Now, the three of us are going to drive these cows back, at least to town where their riders can pick them up." "Oh, we just found.." Greer started up but Billy gave him a nudge and frown before speaking himself. "No, we didn't know, sir," Billy was wise enough to not smile anymore but assume a more servile solemnity. "What you probably don't know is the two ranches are sittin' on a tinder box. Meaning, you ever lift so much as a calf from that spread and I'll kill you both!" Case promised. Greer looked like he had just swallowed something very big and his bloodshot eyes went wide. Billy kept up his act better, "We didn't have no inklin' sir. But got it, we understand." "You could work for us, if your a mind to. Pays decent, on top of your wages from the Evergreen. I need eyes and ears on the place since my brothers seem to be far to busy these days to give a good Goddamned. Hell, you boys could be plenty helpful, keepin' tabs on all sorts of things I need to know about." Now this was interesting news alright. Billy warmed to the possibility of more money immediately. Greer, the slow one, was just confused. "You mean we spy for ya, sir? I reckon we could do that alright. We know most of the hands and we know the property too, we've ridden all over it. You just tell us who you want us to keep tabs on and we'll do it," the younger one of the two declared. "Umm, yeah...sure..we can do it," Greer nodded, by now having sort of grasped the situation.

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