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  1. So This is What a Big Shot Looks Like?
    So This is What a Big Shot Looks Like?

    Mature Content: Nope other than maybe language.

    With: Caroline, Shade,
    Location: Star Dust Saloon
    When: May /1876
    Time of Day: Evening




    Caroline had just finished her first song and dance number to a hearty round of applause, bowed a few times to the appreciative crowd, pointed to the young piano player in the corner then promised them she would some perform some more in a short while but the customers should just enjoy themselves with some drinks. With that she went down the steps and moved thru the crowd, all smiles as she exchanged greetings and wisecracks with some of the more enthusiastic menfolk. This was of course also part of her job, mingling with the customers, and she was good at it. But first it was time to wet her whistle.


    Leaning up against the bar, she caught Ralph's attention and raised one forefinger, a signal the shot glass should be her 'special' whiskey, in other words colored water. It would be a long night and no need for the real stuff this early. As she waited for the man to comply, she glanced at the tall cowpoke at the bar next to her. She did not recognize him. Well, not everyone were regulars of course.


    "Evenin' cowboy, had a long day did ya?" she inquired with a pleasant smile.


    "Long week," Shade replied as he surreptitiously studied the young woman. So, this was the gal that the hands were gushing over? He could understand why. She had a beautiful singing voice and was not hard on the eyes either. Her hair was a light golden brown that reminded him of ripened winter wheat and her eyes were intensely blue. Shade had been around long enough to know that singing and dancing were not the young woman's only job at the saloon. She was expected to keep the clientele happy and spending their money so he lifted his nearly empty beer glass. "I think I could use another beer. Can I buy you anything?" As Shade asked his question, he pushed his hat back from his face a bit to allow her a better view of the man she was talking to.


    "A whole week huh? No wonder you want a second beer," she grinned, then called over to the bartender, "Hey Ralph! This here fella needs a refill, thanks!"


    She then eyed him more closely, a man in the prime of life, handsome enough too not that that should enter into things. A thirsty customer was a thirsty customer. She tossed down her shotglass in one long gulp and set it down again with a thunk on the hardwood bar.


    "I don't drink beer. Izzit alright if I get me a shot?" she then asked him. Left unsaid, but obvious enough a shot of liquor cost more than a beer. He sure didn't look impoverished though.


    "Sure, get yourself a shot or two," Shade replied with a pleasant grin, "By the way, I'm Shade Thornton. You have my hands entranced and I must say, your singing was incredible. I see what they are so enthusiastic about."


    "Two eh, generous sort," she grinned, "Well, Shade Thornton...oh, from the Lost Lake ranch, heard plenty about that place. Thank ya for the compliments Mr. Shade Thornton. I am Caroline, Caroline Mundee."


    Ralph came up then with another glass of foamy beer so Caroline ordered two shots of whiskey. Ralph knew without her saying that she would only want one of them filled with liquor. She had to stay on her feet all night.




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