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  1. Emeline can cater some, and will attend as well, and Addy will attend, she likes spiked punch!
  2. "You sound like my parents now.' Emeline laughed. "They told me I couldn't keep a horse in my room, nor an elephant!" She patted the horse's neck, then swung easily up into the saddle. The mare was just the right size for her, and the saddle comfortable. Between the gift itself and the circumstances, she couldn't remember a better present. What she had gotten Barnabas was rather pale in comparison, but gift-giving wasn't a competition. "She needs a name." Grinning, she leaned forward to pat the horse's neck, then she suggested, "How about..Noel, for Christmas?" @Flip
  3. "What in th' name'a pink prairie dogs did ya do?" Addy looked at the wound then at the young man. "Ya just got that yesterday? Been longer'n that. An' don't be tellin' no fibs, I drove ambulance durin' th' War when I was but fifteen, I know a cauterized wound when I see one." She stepped closer to get a good look at the wound, perhaps taking liberties, but he was here under her graces, and she wanted him healthy, and the only way to do that was to get a better look. "It's festerin'," she commented, "'Least th' bleedin' stopped, but it needs a good cleanin' with witch hazel, an' then a poultice of chamomile an' eucalyptus." She had plenty of experience treating wounds, and this one hadn't gone too far yet @Jack
  4. "Could you grab me my jacket and hat, please? I'm pretty hot now but the weather is a little crazy around here. I'll grab a saw." "Yes, sir, an' I'll get yer horse saddled up, we're gonna hafta ride a bit outta town ta find somethin' we can chop without raisin' anyone's ire." Even with a tree, folks in town were pretty particular about someone coming along and hacking them down. "So his mother hasn't even shown up for Christmas? Is she giving you anything in return for your favours? I'm guessing not..." Addy shrugged as she led the horses out of the barn, then handed Jay the reins to his paint. "I get th' pleasure a' seein' th' boy happy, goin' ta school an' learnin'. He'll be a good man." She wasn't doing this for anything other than helping a fellow human who needed it, wasn't more to it than that, and it wasn't as if it was a hardship. Weedy had his moments, but he was a good kid and helped when he could, most of the time, and she had little else to spend her money on. "Poor bastard....what'd the deal with his family. I mean, which kid hangs around the neighbors for weeks at a time? What's wrong with these people? " "I honestly don't know 'bout his pa, not even sure his ma knows what become of him, provided she even knows who it was." She swung up into the saddle and turned Arabesque's head west out Main Street. "Just some folks weren't meant ta be parents, don't have th' wisdom nor constitution fer it, but then they end up with a young'n, an'..." she shrugged. "No sense th' boy sufferin'." @Jack
  5. "C'mon, now." Addy helped support Jay as he struggled to his feet, willing to accept that whatever had happened with the lamp hadn't been intentional, and once he was in the room where she could safely have light she could look him over. "Weedy, lissen close...I need ya ta go out an' scoop up as much of that hay as ya can, take it out back, put it in a bucket an' pour water over it." She lit the lamp in the room, then added to the boy, "Ya know what kerosene can do, so be careful...don't need th' barn burnin' around our ears, an' takin' th' town with it." While she hated putting such responsibility on Weedy, especially at this hour and in the dark, she had no choice, she had to see to Jay, but she was sure the boy was up to the task. "So, now..." Frowning, she looked at Jay, then felt his forehead. Hot...maybe he had the grippe or something, not unexpected, considering what he'd been through. "'Fess up, how long ya been sick?" @Jack
  6. "Derned tootin' Addy," she grumbled, "an' yeah, kerosene, soakin' inta hay in my barn." Well, the stage company's barn, but close enough! "Whacha doin', throwin' kerosene all over?" But something was off, not quite right in the way he talked, and he was still on the floor. She relaxed slightly, thinking that maybe the spill hadn't been intentional. Then Weedy was a the door to her room, candle in hand. "What's..." "Put that candle out, NOW!" she shouted, far more harshly than she intended, but, of course, the flame could be lethal. But it had given her a look at Jay, and he didn't look good. Engulfed in darkness again, she knelt down and put her pistol on the floor. "You all right, Jay?" Warily, she reached to touch him, alarmed to find that he was hot. "Get up, we're goin' in my room." She wasn't taking 'no' for an answer. @Jack
  7. "Of course!" Even though it was just a short ride to the livery, it was a ride, and she was thrilled to be on her new horse. She excitedly tightened the cinch, checked the stirrups, then started to mount. "Oh, I guess I should put on boots and a coat!" Laughing, she shrugged, then ran into the cafe, quickly pulling on the items, feeling like a school girl. It had been a very long time since she'd let herself not be grown-up and serious, and she liked it! Running back out, she launched at Barnabas, giving him a big hug before stepping back. "Thank you so much! Oh! We can just keep her here, in the cafe, no one is here now!" Of course, she knew that wasn't possible, but maybe they could build her a small shed and corral. @Flip
  8. "Well, now, it bein' Christmas Eve an' all, I thought it might be nice fer Weedy ta have a proper Christmas tree, 'specially with his ma still bein' gone." The boy was holding up well, but she couldn't recall a Christmas in the past that his mother hadn't at least made some small effort to give the lad a decent holiday. "Just a small one, mind ya, nothin' grand, but I could use some help pickin' one out, if you've a mind." At least the man was looking better than he had a couple days ago, he was still a bit weak and slow, but he had his wits about him, his color was good, and they had fallen into a comfortable companionship, and she enjoyed his company. "If yer up to it?" @Jack
  9. "Well, I hope that man doesn't find out, and that the community here stands behind the project, even if it is Miss Steelegrave who is backing it." Emeline shook her head. "I'd like to think that the good people of Kalispell would overlook her family and see that she is trying to do something good." Of course, some people weren't that charitable and could never bring themselves to overlook prejudice, no matter how noble the cause. "I'm sure that whatever you decide will be in the best interest of the community." @Flip
  10. "I can imagine cattle wouldn't do too well on an island," Emeline commented, as if she actually knew anything about that, "Well, except maybe the swimming kind." She grinned, but then her cheeks took on a bright tint at his last comment. "Even more reason to love the mountains." Looking over at him, she smiled, then shrugged. "Funny how life paths lead to where we need to be, even if we don't know it along the way." As much as she loved Andrew, since his death, her choices had brought her to this place at this time, and she couldn't imagine anything better. "I'm so happy I didn't decide to go back to Illinois. It would have been the easy thing to do, but I'd never have my own cafe, and really be able to help people...nor to meet you." The tint in her cheeks brightened a bit, and she turned to take biscuits out of the oven to hide her silly grin. @Flip
  11. Addy was a relatively light sleeper, although she was well-accustomed to the usual noises in the barn -- the stamping of hooves, an occasional whinny, little mice feet scurrying away from Buster -- but the first outcry jarred her awake, and for a moment she attributed it to one of Weedy's nightmares, but the boy was resting quietly, and then there was another, louder call from the barn where Jay was. On her feet in an instant, Addy grabbed her pistol, careful not to step on Weedy, then was out the door, barefoot and in her union suit...one couldn't worry about trifles such as modesty if there was a threat, although she wasn't sure if there was a threat at all, or if there was, if that would be Jay himself or something else. Opening the door, she peered into the darkness, th' odor of kerosene hitting her nose. "What in eternal tarnation!?" It was only because she was so familiar with her surroundings that she was able to stalk toward the stall where Jay had been. "You set this place on fire an' I swear I'll send ya ta Hades six different way's that'll make Dante cry!" How dare he repay her kindness by torching the barn, with the animals in it! @Jack (He'd darned better be delirious!)
  12. Mature Content: No With: Jay, Weedy, Addy Location: Millegan Stage Barn When: December 24, 1875 Time of Day: Mid-day Chores had started early at the barn so that they could be done before noon and have the rest of Christmas Eve free, except for feeding in the evening. Addy had plans for the free time leading up to the Holy Evening, and she could use some help. Fortunately, for her plans, Weedy was off on some chore for Doctor Danforth, because what she wanted to do was for the boy. After all, it was Christmas, and his mother hadn't been seen for several weeks, long, even, for that woman, and Addy wanted to make sure he had a good holiday. "Jay!" she called as she led Arabesque from her stall before going to grab her saddle, "I gotta go on an errand, could use yer help, if you've a mind? It's a surprise fer Weedy." Yes, it was cold out, but at least the weather was clear. @Jack
  13. "I'll do the best I can to be a friend to her." Emeline smiled and stood as well. "I don't have any experience as a mother, or even a sister, for that matter, but I do enjoy her company, and I think we will benefit each other. And as I said, I really don't mind Wyatt coming by, although I think his sister might not agree!" It was nice to have the energy that children brought, and a glass of milk and a cookie now and then wouldn't break her. "It was very nice to meet you, sir. Do come back some time and see what Clara and I are up to!" @Wayfarer
  14. “ Yes Ma’am, glad of thet. Was a good ride, needed ta get a few things worked out, an’ the best place fer thet’s in the saddle, least ways fer this hombre it is.” He paused. "Good, I'm glad you had a chance to get out." It was hard enough for her to be essentially stuck inside for so long, and she could only imagine how much worse it would be for a man who was accustomed to being on the trail. “Would ya step on outside a moment, Em?” He asked. "Certainly." Emeline smiled, removing her apron and setting it aside from habit, then she followed him to the porch, noticing the horses there. Pronto opened the door for her, and tied to his saddle horn was was a lead rope to the horse she ridden on that Sunday they shared, with a large red bow in it’s mane, saddled and ready in the fading light. “A mite early, but the feller at the stable said he’d not be gettin’ outta bed come daylight fer me ta fetch it.” "Oh! That's the mare!" Of course she remembered the horse, she'd been such a fine mount, and Emeline was delighted to see that she hadn't been sold. She looked at Barnabas with as smile. "A Christmas morning ride? How delightful!" She would have to rearrange some of her plans for cooking, but that was easy enough to do, especially with the prospect of a ride in the snow. But why would the horse have a ribbon on it..? Her eyes widened as Emeline looked at Barnabas, then to the horse. "You didn't..." Grinning, she ran out into the snow, heedless that she had no coat and was in her household boots. In an instant she was out the gate and was hugging the horse around the neck as she glanced back at Barnabas. "Really? She's mine?" @Flip
  15. "Let me know if ya need anythin'." Addy said, giving the man a smile, once all was ready, "an' honest, I got no issue with ya comin' in an' sleepin' on th' floor if it gets too cold out here. Other folks' opinions don't hold nothin' against keepin' ya from freezin' ta death." She grinned. "'Sides, ground's too hard ta dig ya a grave. Might could just hafta leave yer carcass there an' step over it 'till th' Spring thaw!" Laughing, she nodded. "G'night, Jay. We'll get ya a proper breakfast in th' mornin'." She would be up early and make coffee, but once the horses were seen to, she'd take them all over to the Lickskillet for some of Miz Emeline's good cooking! @Jack

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