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  1. "Well, we do have time to research, make certain we have it right," Jonah commented, "especially where children are involved, certainly not my field of expertise, unless they have a fever!" He chuckled. "I do suppose, though, we may need to confer with the city council, after all, a number of children needing the services of the school and such will change the needs." Bringing in several children might put a toll on the schools, and maybe other areas as well, he had no idea, really. "At least medical care will be provided!" That was one aspect they wouldn't have to worry about, although this was getting to be pretty complicated. But at least Leah seemed to have plans on where and how to start, and it wasn't going to happen overnight. "And there will be plenty of fresh produce and milk!" That would be something to do with all the 'payment' he got! @Flip (So, we're just ahead of Helena!)
  2. "Yes, sort of like a box social, only they don't have to date me to get lunch!" Emeline smiled as she moved to rinse the last of the dishes, letting them air-dry in a rack. "So, all right, if you want to try meat pies, we need crust..." Then a thought occurred to her and she chuckled. "Well, turnovers are essentially meat pies with fruit filling, so we'll only need the one sort of crust. It has to be flaky, of course, but sturdy enough to hold up to a bit of travel. Do you have a preference to start with sweet or savory?" There was already some chicken and beef stewing, so that could make a good base for the meat pies, and Clara's apples would actually be a good compliment to those. @Wayfarer
  3. "The only thing missing is the food, and I did order a World cookbook so I can try different things from around the wold, provided I can find the ingredients, or improvise." She smiled, a bit wistfully. "Then, when I can travel, I'll know which places I'll really prefer...although I can't imagine not wanting to go to Paris...or Rome...Cairo, Vienna, Amsterdam, London..." Laughing, she shook her head. "At any rate, in the mean time, if I do manage to make something exotic, I can use a taster, even if it is a 'meat and potatoes' sort of gent." @Flip
  4. "Oh, wonderful! And fresh apples are great." Emeline smiled as she turned back toward the kitchen. "I've got some preserves but no fresh fruit for today." She glanced back at the young woman. "Cobbler or pie are fine, or I was thinking of experimenting with turnovers, something men can take with them to eat later...I've been thinking on meat pies, too, and providing packed lunches that folks can just grab and take for later." Certainly, boxed lunches would be an idea for people who had to go to work, or were traveling, and maybe one day she could contract with the train company and stage line to provide those at the stations. "I think I have everything we'd need for whatever we decide." @Wayfarer
  5. Emeline was in the kitchen, just finishing up with the dishes when she heard the call, so she set aside the plate she was rinsing and headed into the main dining room, drying her hands on her apron. "Can I help...oh, Clara! How good to see you!" She'd been expecting the young woman, but wasn't sure exactly when, and now was as good a time as any. "Are you here to eat, or did you want to do some baking?" She'd surely be happy for the company, and had little doubt that she might learn something from the girl. "I'm just finishing up dishes from lunch, and I have supper started, so I was just getting to my desserts." @Wayfarer
  6. "In all honesty, I wasn't looking forward to having a hospital and orphanage in my private home," Jonah chuckled. "I don't mind it like it is now, with the clinic downstairs and my rooms up, but all of the hustle of a full hospital..." He shook his head. "Not what I want as a home!" He took a sip of wine, then commented, "Provided it doesn't pour rain again tomorrow, would you like to look at properties? Then we can work on the paper part?" They'd have to have some sort of idea on what they were looking at for a location, he figured, to start laying out plans. "Have you seen an orphanage? I really don't know what it would entail besides a large house and a larger-hearted matron." @Flip
  7. "Oh, it's...an apparatus that you hold to your eyes..." Emeline had never thought about describing one, and found that it wasn't easy! "There are cards that sit past the lenses, and they have two photographs on them, and you..." Reaching into her pocket, she pulled out a neatly folded page from a Montgomery Ward catalog and smoothed it out on the table. "That's it. When you get the cards in the right place, you can see a realistic image, just like you were there." Her enthusiasm was starting to show! "And you can get sets of cards from exotic places such as the Pyramids in Egypt, or the Forum in Rome! Some have all manner of animals...lions, elephants, rhinoceroses, kangaroos!" Some of which she wasn't sure she really believed even existed...It's a pity that Mr. Barnum's museum is no longer there, I would have loved to see the wonders that it held." @Flip
  8. "This way...don't know what she done," Weedy explained, glad that the man was going with him. "She's working on the freight wagon, in the back." They entered the barn, a large, open breezeway flanked by rows of stalls, and about half-way back there was a pretty red stage coach, listing at an odd angle. "Miz Addy, I got this man here," Weedy announced. Addy had been working on the brake pads on her freight wagon, something she did on a regular basis, and had removed the left rear wheel so she could get to the parts she needed to replace. It had only been a slight miscalculation of movement, her shoulder had nudged the jack holding up that part of the heavy wagon, and in an instant the thing had come teetering down. She'd known as soon as she'd hit the thing and dodged under the wagon, covering her head so that she'd just ended up getting smacked on the arms, but now she was stuck, not able to go forward nor back. "Well, get on over here an' jack this thing back up!" she called. @Bill
  9. "Well, I must admit that growing up on the plains, I really love the mountains," Emeline observed. "There really is nothing like the sunrises and sunsets in the mountains, well, or anywhere, for that matter. The colors are amazing, especially against the peaks covered in snow. And the storms..." She smiles wistfully. "The power is amazing, I know they can be so destructive, though. Funny how Nature can be so beautiful and terrorizing all at once." More than just weather, but life itself could be that way, sometimes amazing and beautiful, then it kicked you in the head! "At any rate, I'm trying to at least save for a stereoscope so I can live vicariously!" @Flip
  10. "I imagine you have very good connections," Jonah commented, suddenly realizing how that sounded and stopping short of adding, 'and you know how to use them'. There was nothing about her that would lead him to believe she got her advantages in any way other then her skill at manipulation, something most women possessed but ignored because of tainted mores. "The house can give us a temporary start, but we can look at properties, or just extend what is there?" He wasn't really sure what her vision was, but then, that was the reason for these meetings, right? "Do you think both institutions should be on the same property? Or perhaps the orphanage closer to the school?" He was just beginning to realize that there was a lot more to this. @Flip
  11. "I've heard of Virginia City," Emeline answered, "I hear it's pretty wild...worse than this place!" She laughed, then shrugged. "Must be a pretty interesting place. I've never been farther west than this, though. It sounds like you have seen plenty of places." And it made her wonder how lone he would stay here. "I would like to go to San Francisco one day, to see the Pacific Ocean. I can't imagine what that must look like." The idea of such a huge body of water was almost incomprehensible, and it was one of the few dreams she had allowed herself, not that she'd ever get to see it through. "So, have you ever seen anything like that?" Texas had the Gulf, but it was a huge territory, and one could likely live there all their life and not see it all. "What is the most amazing thing you've seen?" @Flip
  12. "Well, I certainly must defer to your knowledge on starting projects...or seeing them through, for that matter." Jonah smiled. "The most I have ever done was set up my own business, and that is completely different than this sort of thing. I'm intrigued, though, I'd love to be in on the process, at least know what you are doing?" He looked over the menu, then commented, "I believe I'd like to try the roasted capon with fried sweet potatoes." It was a change from the regular stew or scrambled eggs, and he may as well enjoy the meal as much as the company...or nearly as much! @Flip
  13. Weedy wasn't sure what the exact problem was, just that he'd been mucking out one of the stalls in the big barn that the Millegan Stage Company used to house the draft horses and coaches, when he'd heard a crash, followed by a string of curses toward the back of the barn where Addy was working on her freight wagon. As he'd dropped the broom and ran toward her, she'd ordered him to go for help, and hurry! Hurry was something Weedy was good at, and he spun in an instant and dashed out the door, looking around then heading to the closest person. "Hey, Mister! Miz Addy needs help! Come on!" Not willing to be turned down, he grabbed the man's sleeve and started tugging. @Bill
  14. Emeline gave Barnabas a slight smile and a nod at his comment on losing people. While the sting was still sharp, even a couple of years later, she had gotten past the awkwardness that came with the topic. "Mining or something else..." It had taken her a long time to accept that life was frail and tenuous, especially for children, although she didn't broach that subject. "I was very pleased to find this place, it suits me much better than some of the places I looked at and the owner was willing to help me finance it." She smiled. "Goodness, some of the available properties I looked at along the way were little better than shacks, some were far too large and expensive, and some were in towns so tiny and floundering that there was no question why they were for sale. This has the rooms above it, and is just right...oh, but I'm rambling. What about you, Barnabas, do I detect an accent?" @Flip
  15. Jonah nodded, knowing that this was his time to gracefully back out, and as much as part of him was screaming to take it, the foolish part of him wanted to stay and help her, because.. Well, because it was for a good cause, right? But then, when had Jonah ever thought of anything other than himself as a good cause? "I've dealt with detractors before, and honestly it just makes me dig in my heels and try all the harder." Jonah looked at her evenly. "I can't imagine how anyone would oppose either a hospital or an orphanage, unless it's because of your name, and that is ludicrous. And we can't hide your involvement, so I say we just press on and defy the odds." @Flip

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