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  1. Wyatt, Weedy Any chance to eat so many good foods while watching grown-ups do silly things was well worth having to put on nice clothes and wash his face, so Weedy was here, hoping something good would happen, or that he'd at least see someone he knew that wasn't going to tease him. Of course, no one was forcing him to be here, so he could leave whenever he wanted, and Miss Addy would be here for a while, so there wouldn't be anyone at the stage barn. He was eyeing the table that had all the pies and cookies greedily. Sure, there were other foods here, but sweets were always the best, and there was on one to tell him he couldn't have them first...or only, so he started moving that way, wondering just how to approach it. After all, there were several adults there, and he wouldn't put it past one of them to chide him for eating sweets. Then he spotted Wyatt and decided to see if he could recruit the other boy into his quest for cookies (pie was too messy, they could grab cookies and run!) "Hey!" He grinned at his pal. "Want to go get some cookies?" @Wayfarer
  2. Arabella, Emeline Fortunately, young Miss Arabella agreed to accompany Emeline, although she made an argument to leave Bridget behind. At least it was something, and the wildest of the distractions for Clara would be gone. Of course, Bridget seemed a bit innocuous, and Barnabas wouldn't interfere, so she put her arm over Arabella's shoulder, steering her outside. "So, you have the first gentleman for your dance card?" she asked, truly curious as to who the hapless man might be. "That's wonderful! The first dance is always important, you know. And I bet he's a crackerjack gent! What is your best dance? I think I prefer a waltz." It was an elegant dance, and you got to be close to your partner! @Javia
  3. Present: Matilda Devereau and Doctor Danforth "Well, hello there Doctor, hopefully you are not here for professional reasons?" she greeted him with a big smile. "Good evening." Jonah gave the woman a slight bow, knowing her recognized the young lady, but not exactly sure why...she wasn't a patient, thank goodness, but he was certain he'd seen her around town. "I'm afraid I'm at a loss..." "I'm not sure if you know who I am as we have not had the pleasure of meeting in person, I'm Matilda Devereau, owner of the Stardust Saloon," came the follow up introduction. "Ah, yes, I believe I've seen you there." He wasn't a regular customer at the place, and went there only on occasion for a meal or a drink, but, of course, he'd noticed the pretty ladies there, what man didn't. "I'm pleased to make your acquaintance. You have a fine establishment...the drinks aren't watered down!" He chuckled, then added, "And I rarely needed for service, and I much appreciate that!" There were plenty of seedier saloons in town where fights were commonplace, not to mention men so drunk that they fell off chairs or tripped over each other and split their heads open, and he hated having to treat the men who reeked of alcohol, body odor and, more often than not, vomit. "It looks like the evening is shaping up to be a good time," he commented, "and hopefully, with no dramas. Would you care to join me for a drink, Miss Devereau? Punch...no alcohol just yet." @Wayfarer
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    Tidings of Comfort

    Adelaide... He'd used her proper name, something Addy hadn't heard in years, and while it usually irritated her, there was something about Jay using it that made it actually sound good, and as far as she was concerned, he could use it all he liked! As for holding her hand, she didn't have a problem with that, either, except that Weedy might notice, and she might have to admit that maybe she was starting to have some feelings for Jay that she didn't want to acknowledge. But then the blessing was said, Weedy called out, 'Amen!' and the feast was on! "Ya done right good with this, Jay," Addy complimented, truly enjoying the meal, "we don't get much'a nothin' this good with me doin't th' cookin'!" She gave Weedy a sharp glance, daring him to agree, but he was too busy tucking in to notice. Yes, this was the best Christmas meal they'd have, ever, that she could recall. "So, is venison yer specialty," she asked Jay, glancing at him with a slight smile, "or there somethin' else ya do better?" @Jack
  5. "It's amazing, and alarming...to think that reasonable men would try to stop something that is a benefit to the community for something so trite!" Emeline was indignant, and for good reason! "I might just run for city council come the next election," she declared, "Maybe it's about time they had some new blood!" She wasn't one to get involved in local politics, she didn't have the time, didn't think she had the forceful personality that it would take, but if they were going to be so petty as to turn down a hospital and orphanage because they didn't like the name of the woman advocating for it. Letting out a breath, she leaned against Barnabas, her head resting on his chest. "It'll be right, I have to believe that good will prevail, even if that is naive." She kept to herself the fears of Barnabas potentially having to face off against Steelegrave's thugs. For an instant, she wondered if she could just convince him to stay out here and concentrate on the house, where he'd be safe, but she knew she couldn't deny him his character. @Flip
  6. Bongo

    Relief Effort

    Addy smiled and nodded as Jay handed her the money, and after he left she stowed it in the metal tin that she kept under the bed. It was getting enough in it now that she should open an account at the bank for it. At the rate it was growing, the boy would have a grand education! She smirked at the knock on the door a short time later -- no, Jay wasn't officially more than a guest, but he was living here for now. Still, it showed he had good manners, and so far, he had good everything, and she was glad that she'd taken the time to go out to that barn in Whitefish, where she'd found him. "C'mon in..." She opened the door, frowning as she looked him over, not yet stepping out of his way. "Sorry, thought ya was someone I know, lives here. Can I help ya?" @Jack
  7. Here's a story, of of the lovely Clara, who had an odd assortment of friends, all of them were eyeing pie, just like Bridget, and Pike was just confused. Then the girl named Arabella came right over, she was dragging along hapless Brendan, so he could confess his love. That's when Emeline just rolled her eyes, and that's the way they all became the Barn Dance Bunch! The Barn Dance Bunch! The Barn Dance Bunch! That's the way they became the Barn Dance Bunch! +++++ Oh, goodness, but it seemed that the adults and Clara were the only sane ones here...Brendan, it remained to be seen... "Of course, Arabella, Brendan can have his say." Lordy, but the tribulations of being young! Emeline just hoped that the over-zealous Arabella didn't ruin things for Clara by putting the girl too much into the spotlight, or frightening off Brendan, once he had a chance to escape. "Here now, Miss Bridget." She held a plate to the young lady. "Just put that pie here for now." While she didn't know the girl, nor what ailed her, she wanted to do what she could to help. For that matter, she certainly owed it to Clara to help her, so she looked over at Barnabas, hoping he would understand. "Oh, I forgot to bring the cream, in case anyone wants some on their pie." She turned her attention to Arabella. "Could you help me with that, dear? Your friend Bridget can come, too, it will only take a few minutes..." A few minutes that Clara could have alone with the young man, to at least work things out without Arabella's well-meaning enthusiasm. If Barnabas was brave enough to join her and the girls, would be his decision! @Flip; @Wayfarer; @Javia; @Bailey
  8. Jonah, open As a town businessman, Jonah was expected to attend these sorts of things, or at least, that was his perception, and it wouldn't do any harm to show up, at least for a while. There would be good food, and hopefully the music would be tolerable, and he didn't mind the opportunity to promote Leah Steelegraves' ventures. There were already dozens of folks there when he walked down from his house, and he stopped a few paces inside the door to get his bearings. But that only lasted a few seconds as he spotted Old Lady Walcher just a few yards away, her back to him as she chewed on some hapless person's ear. Good lord, but that lady could be a fright! All of five feet and a grasshopper tall, and thin as a rail, she could put the wrath of God into even the most courageous of men, and she had no qualms in voicing her opinions, nor her decades of wisdom. And she loved to relay to the doctor all her aches, pains and woes...and that was the last thing he needed, so Jonah made a hasty withdrawal toward the stage.
  9. She wasn't watching for him, really. After all, she had no reason to worry about if, or when, Jay got here, she had no ties on him, nor he her. Sure, they saw each other on occasion, and she counted him as a good friend, but he had his own life, was working steady, had a small room... And he was just a friend, that was all...except that she couldn't get that Christmas kiss out of her mind, she often found herself wondering what he was doing, she went out of her way to run into him... She just couldn't bring herself to think that she might be thinking of the man as more than a friend. And no, her heart didn't skip when she spotted him by the door, and sure, she could still breathe. And maybe she'd have to admit that she really did care about him...care for him. Aw, hell, Addy Chappel wasn't one to run from trouble, and Jack and love were both big trouble, and she'd face it head-on... ...Maybe. She grinned, going right up to him and giving him a nod. "Good ta see ya, Jay...ya clean up real nice!" Reaching up, she brushed a bit of lint from his shoulder. "NIce duds, too. Real fine!" @Jack
  10. "No hedgin'..." Addy stopped a few paces from the barn, tempted to turn back, but then Weedy spotted the pair and ran out to meet them. "Miz Addy!" Proudly, he presented a crudely carved animal of some sort. "I made a horse for you!" The boy had gotten a pocket knife for Christmas, and had been practicing with it. "Hello, Mr. Speed." "That's right nice." Addy took the gift, turning it over in her hands a few times, the ruffled the boy's hair. "I got somethin' I need ta talk ta you about. Let's go inside." She didn't want to do this out in public, so Weedy didn't feel exposed. Steering him to a bale of hay, she had him sit, glanced at Speed, then took a deep breath. "So...Weedy..." Where was a bear to fight when you needed one? "No easy way ta do this. I got a telegram some time back, it said yer Ma was in Whitefish when that storm hit, she died, that's why she ain't been around. But doncha worry, ya know ya got a place here, with me..." Lord, but that had pierced her heart! And the look on the lad's face... "Is not..." Weedy spoke slowly and his tone was low as he looked from one adult to the other, trying to convince himself that this was some sort of joke or trick, even though he knew neither would do that to him. "She's really..? ...gone..." "Yeah, 'fraid so." Addy shrugged and reached to touch his arm, but he pulled away as she tried to add, "Not sure why she was there, but ya know she loved ya..." But Weedy was gone...he had backed a few steps, then turned and walked out of the barn, his hands balled into fists. "Tarnation..." Addy shook her head. "Reckon I best go after him." @Flip
  11. [Present: Pronto, Emeline, Bridget & Clara] "Ah, yes, his badge is remarkable, isn't it?" Emeline smiled, reaching toward the badge but not actually touching it. "Mr. Pike spends hours polishing it!" Of course, that wasn't true, but she was teasing, of course. "Oh, and I'm glad you like the pie!" Taking a cloth napkin, she gently dabbed at Bridget's chin, then mouth, hoping to keep the young lady from ruining her dress, especially before even having a chance to dance. She thought to offer a plate, but then decided against it, not wanting to make her feel awkward. "Clara did most of the crusts, she has a good talent for making them nice and flaky. You should try a cookie, too." Less messy! @Javia; @Flip; @Wayfarer
  12. "I meant at our wedding," she corrected with a chuckle, "if you wear your badge, I'm going to man the kitchen!" Fondly, she kissed his cheek, then asked, "How are those plans coming? You know, if the council won't approve the use of the land, we have plenty here, at least for an orphanage." Might not be the best idea, but she had no hesitation in taking on children who needed help. "I just can't imagine anyone fighting that simply because Leah Steelegrave was involved. It makes no sense." @Flip
  13. "Law might try ta find us, but good luck with that!" Addy declared, grinning, although it was with a mixture of determination and teasing, "although if anyone could do it, it'd be you." She surely didn't want him tracking her to Mexico, or Canada... Then he offered to talk to Weedy and she shook her head. "Needs ta be me tells him, but I surely would appreciate ya bein' there." She nodded as she headed toward the barn. "I've a mind not ta give him th' telegram, though, just yet...maybe when he's older." Sighing, she slowed, maybe trying to postpone the task, even though it had already been over three months. "Just...gonna tell 'im, no hedgin', right?" @Flip
  14. Present: Emeline, Pronto, Clara, and Bridget Emeline was a little intrigued at what Arabella was discussing so earnestly with the young man, but then turned her attention back to those closer to her, more than happy that the child was occupied elsewhere. "I'm looking forward to the dancing, it's always a delight to see all the grand couples moving around the floor." At a fete like this, there was a wide range of couples with all manner if skill and experience, but everyone was there for fun, and the dancing was the best part! But when Miss Bridget leaned in to whisper at Barnabas, she frowned. Oh, she wasn't jealous at all, but what the young woman was doing might be construed by some as inappropriate, and it rather surprised her that a girl who seemed so prim and concerned with appearances would make such a gaff. @Flip; @Javia; @Wayfarer
  15. Bongo

    Tidings of Comfort

    Shrugging, Weedy glanced at Addy, then back to Jay. "I'm not smiling," he declared through his huge grin, "I'm just hungry for supper!" "Right." Looking at Jay, Addy smiled. "He's excited about Ol' St. Nick comin' ta visit. An' th' real good supper we got planned." It was difficult to be cheery considering what they knew, but she was determined that Weedy would have a good Christmas. "After that, we can have cider an' sing carols, an' Mr. Jay can tell us about Christmas where he's from?" Her nose wrinkled up. "Well, maybe not so much th' singin'!" @Jack (Glad you are back and well!)

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