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  1. "Maybe, fer this special occasion," Addy suggested, "we can try a little'a each? That way, we can get a taste'a everything, so next time, we know what our favorite is." It was a plan that appealed to her, so she didn't have to decide which she wanted! "Never turn down help," she declared, "but seems ta me yer th' one needs help brushin' them horses down." She glanced at Weedy and Josh, considering for a moment if it was safe to let the boy go up into the loft, but then, his father could stop him, and, after all, he was a Chappel! He'd grown up around horses, and was of hardy stock! With them all working together, it wouldn't take too long to get the horses settled, and then they could be on the way to treats! @MD
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    "We'll get on." Addy was determined, and once she grabbed hold of the crude rope halter, she had control of the animal. "Here..." Cupping her hands, she made a step for Caroline, to give her a boost up. "Just grab his mane." TBC @Wayfarer
  3. "Oh, they got apple an' peach an' pecan, sometimes even rhubarb." Not her favorite, but there were always a couple of options. "And sometimes there are cookies, or cake, too!" Weedy added, pretty much willing to eat anything, so long as it was sweet! "I been with Millegan fer five 'er six years," Addy answered her brother as they crossed the dirt road and headed to Main Street. "They been real good ta me, an' let me use th' barn fer my team, too." Once on Main Street, the barn was just up a ways, and she pushed open the big, sliding doors in the front, revealing the wide breezeway, flanked by stalls on either side. At the back was the tack room and a small room where Addy had lived before buying the house, and above those, the loft. "Pick a couple'a stalls fer yer horses," she told Isiah, "Weedy can go up in th' loft an' drop down some hay, an' I'll get 'em a ration'a grain." Well, grain for all the horses, since they'd all be expecting it. "This here's Arabesque, my saddle mare," she indicated a rather petite sorrel mare who had stuck her head over one of the stall doors, then she pointed out her freight team. The stage horses were out on a run with another driver. "We'll get everyone settled, then go get our pie!" @MD
  4. "Sounds ta me like ya been missin' out on th' things that make life worth livin'," Addy observed. It seemed sort of sad to be so restricted in your life that you got no joy out of it, and were afraid of everything in your path. But all they could do was offer the girl opportunities, and to show her she needn't be afraid. "Done broke m' arm fallin' outta that tree." Addy pulled up her sleeve to show a small scar. "Got waited on hand an' foot fer nearly a week!" Of course, with all those brothers, there'd been a good bit of teasing, too, although Isiah had made sure that she had what she needed. "Nothin' like a swim in a nice, cool lake on a hot day, then some lemonade. An' fish fresh-cooked outta th' lake." She chuckled. "Best thing there is!" @MD @Javia
  5. "Sure, all right." Jonah never liked dealing with dead people, except that they didn't talk back, but some were more difficult than others, and this was one of those cases. Mr. Crabbe's death was going to have a hard impact on Bridget, and it was something she might not recover from, especially if her dalliance with Brendan left her with child. And without Mr. Crabbe to look after her, then who? "If Mr. Jolly isn't in," he commented to Speed as they headed to the undertaker's office, "I'm sure someone will be there to deal with the remains. Miss Monahan shouldn't have to worry about it." At least, he was sure, Caroline would help with arrangements. @Flip
  6. "It's warm!" Emeline declared, "and sandy!" But as she took a few steps, she dug her toes in, beneath the surface. "Oh, and it's cool and damp lower down!" She and Lillian grabbed onto each other until they got used to walking in the fickle surface, and then she spotted something in the sand. Leaning down, she picked it up and examined it. "What is this?" "Oh, that's a sand dollar," Lillian explained. "They're all over here." "Look at this," she held the delicate object for Barnabas to see, "isn't it beautiful? I wonder how they're formed? Or what purpose they serve?" And if there was a way that she could pack it so she could take it home...it was too pretty to leave behind! @Flip
  7. "Yes, but the young man is," Jonah muttered under his breath, as if he was one to talk! Were it not for impulsive, unthinking actions, he would likely still be living in a civilized place like St. Louis. "I can release the body to you," he commented to Speed, "unless you need something else? I can have the certificate of death to you this evening." @Flip
  8. "When was simple ever simple?" Jonah mumbled, grinning, then he spoke in a normal tone. "Well, I can at least try to get a jump on things by hiring a couple nurses, that will ease some of the burden here." He might not be able to offer much, but if he could take on two young ladies, he could offer them room and board without any appearance of impropriety, so that would be an incentive. "Perhaps," he suggested with a twinkle in his eye, "Miss's Mudd and Wigfall? Then we'd have no need of a building at all!" @Flip
  9. "Accident it is," Jonah agreed. No point in putting the stigma of suicide out there if there was no sure way to tell what was going through the man's mind, and the poor girl had suffered enough. "Connley?" Jonah had heard the name, but didn't really know the man. "Did he...do you know if..." he lowered his voice, so neither the deputy nor corpse might hear, "did they have carnal relations? The young lady might find herself in an awkward position, especially if the cad won't marry her." There were herbs, but there was time to make those sorts of decisions. @Flip @Bailey
  10. Once the logistics were worked out, Jonah went to the body, kneeling down and peeling away the man's shirt. "If he did have a heart attack any evidence of that would be obliterated by the bullet." He'd only read about the signs of cardiac disease, but they'd be evident, were the heart not a jumbled mess. "There's no sense in cutting him open, so I'll need to hear what the witnesses have to say." There could be some speculation, based on what Crabbe did just prior to the shooting. He raised the man's right hand and nodded. "There's gun powder residue here," he commented, "indicating he was holding the gun when it went off, and..." he nodded to the wound on the man's chest, compact, with little stippling, "this is a close shot, against the skin, or very close. I'd judge self-inflicted." Standing, he faced Speed. "It was the shot that killed him, of course, or he'd not been able to shoot himself, right?" @Flip @Bailey @Javia @Wayfarer
  11. "Is Pigeon Forge famous?" Addy chuckled as she grasped Josh and swung him up onto the horse's bare back. "It's famous fer th' Chappel's a' course! Best gol-dernedest mule-skinners in all'a th' United States!" What could be better? Well... "It's where th' Treaty'a Dumplin Crick was signed with th' Cherokee, an' it's where Wear decided where ta put Ware Fort, where it's still where Wear put it!" Grinning proudly, Addy started to walk around the spacious barn interior, followed by her horse and, by default, Josh. @MD @Javia
  12. "Then I'll get started right on that tomorrow." "Don't gotta be in so big a hurry," Addy said with a grin, "take a bit'a time ta settle in. But there's some wood scraps behind th' barn could be used." They'd always been taught to use salvage when they could, and not let anything go to waste, and a project like the beds could easily be accomplished with salvage. "I'm just about ready to take you up on that offer for pie in the town." He said with a laugh and looked towards Weedy's room. "Sounds like those two are gettin' along just fine." "Weedy'll be happy fer a little cousin, an' it'll be good fer him ta have someone ta look after." Addy nodded at the suggestion of pie, but added, "Let's get yer horse settled, we can do that on th' way, an' I'll show ya around th' barn. Belongs ta th' Millegan Stage Company, but I run it." The maintenance and use was her responsibility, but Addy didn't mind, it was better than having someone else impose their hair-brained ideas! "Hey, boys!" Addy called, "Pie time, c'mon!" ++++++++++++++++++++++ Josh's eyes got real big with excitement when Weedy mentioned the friend and that his friend had a lake they could swim in. "Swimmin's prolly my most favoritest thing ta do!" He proclaimed. "Is your friend Wyler big like you?" "Yeah, sure, Wyatt's real nice, he lives on a farm, and his Dad is nice, too." The boy grinned. "He has a sister, too, but she's a girl, and she's married now, so that won't bother us." He was excited to introduce his cousin to Wyatt, to show his friend that he had family. Then Addy called and he jumped up. "Pie? Let's go!" @MD
  13. Weedy had had enough, now that the food was presented. He hadn't thought he was that hungry, after all those cookies, but now that the food was laid out, he was ready to eat, and he tucked in, even if Miss Arabella decided to ramble on some more. Heck, she was as bad as some of those tent-preachers, summoning the spirits to put the Fear of God into everyone! Nope, it was time to eat, after all that work, and he wanted to keep up his strength, in case he needed to help out when Miss Addy was home. "This is real good, Miz Jemima," he declared around a mouth-ful of food, something he knew Miss Addy wouldn't approve of, but she wasn't here, was she? @Javia @MD
  14. "Nah, no, I don't think they are good eating," Roy commented, shaking his head, "although I heard that the Eskimo eat the blubber." Emeline's nose wrinkled up in distaste. "Uh...no, thank you! That sounds horrible! Besides, they look so cute from here!" They stepped onto the sand, finding the first few steps difficult, and she had to hold onto Barnabas for support. But then she got frustrated and sat in the sand, pulling off her boots and tying the laces together, so she could sling them over her shoulder and walk barefoot...propriety be damned! "Help me up." Laughing, she held a hand to her to her husband. Emboldened by the 'lady's' impropriety, Lillian did the same, despite the looks from her brother, although she was able to scramble to her feet without assistance. @Flip
  15. "I'd be happy for any help right now. Mrs. Tillery does a good job keeping the clinic clean, and she's an amazing cook, but yes, a good nurse would take off some of the burden." He savored another bite of steak, then commented, "I'd love to lure Dr. Boone back, but even so, he's...well..." how to put it delicately? "of an age that he'll be wanting to slow down. And besides, new blood will be helpful. It's probably a good idea to start thinking about that sooner than later, so that those arrangements are in place before the building is ready." Yes, there was a lot of planning still ahead, and Jonah didn't want to be caught behind, but there was no good way to not jump the gun and start the internal logistics too soon... "I'm afraid I don't have much good experience with planning this sort of thing. I suppose I'll have to learn." If he didn't get spooked and light out before the hospital was done. @Flip

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