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  1. "I'm sure he won't mind," Emeline commented, smiling, "and he can tell a tale with a flourish! I might have a few anecdotes as well, besides the bank robbers. I'll speak with him this evening." Going over to the full-length mirror, she gazed at her reflection for several moments, studying her form. She'd never had a full mirror like this, and it was a bit odd to see all of her in one glass, especially in the pretty dress and with her hair in something more than a braid. "You've done an amazing job." Smiling, she turned to face Lillian. "Mr. Pike won't recognize me without my apron! But then, I don't recognize him without his!" As much as she felt like she was in costume, she was anxious for Barnabas to see her. @Flip
  2. "Oh, well, I don't suppose living in Kalispell is any different than..." Emeline suddenly laughed at herself, shaking her head. "Goodness, it's vastly different! You just about know everyone in town...there's just the one Main Street, and a few side streets, open spaces and huge ranches." In talking about the town and the people, regaling poor Lillian with tales of miners, cowboys, ranchers, bandits and Indians, and even the lady stage driver and deputy sheriff. Then she chatted about the weather, how the snow blocked passes so you couldn't get out, how the streets got slushy and knee-deep in mud after a heavy rain, and... "Goodness! I've talked your ear off!" Emeline laughed. "And Mr. Pike must wonder what's become of me. But please, we should have tea one day, I'd love to know more about San Francisco, and what it's like to live in a city this large." @Flip
  3. "Oh, goodness, wouldn't that be quite the scandal!" Emeline laughed, but then, it could be another experience to put down in her book, and how long would they keep her anyway? "Mister Pike will get me out!" She laughed, then commented, "We'll have to have lunch with you and your brother one day. I don't have many exciting stories, but Mister Pike certainly does. And I plan on making more tales before we go home and I have this baby." Her hand moved to rest on her belly, just starting to show, still cinched in by her corset. "I'll have to be making some adjustments soon, and I suppose I should get any shopping done before I can't fit into a regular dress." Not that the pregnancy would slow her down, she'd just have to adapt. @Flip
  4. "Oh, well, that bank robber was about to shoot my husband-to-be, and I wasn't having any of that!" Emeline laughed. "The town is Kalispell, and it's much smaller than San Francisco, so when there's a bank robbery, just about everyone in town knows about it and shows up...I had the misfortune of being in the bank at the wrong time." She shrugged, glancing out the window, then back to Lillian. "I'll have to talk to Mr. Pike about it, then," she declared, "perhaps I can persuade him to take me to lunch there tomorrow. We got a glimpse of it as we came into the bay, but not a good look. Oh, and aren't there seals out there?" There really was so much to see and do, and as she had said earlier, she wanted experience everything she could, and that included digging her toes into the sand and wading into the ocean! @Flip
  5. "Thank you, Lillian, although what is that saying? You can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear?" Emeline laughed, glad that she could be relaxed around the other young woman. "And besides, they won't know what I've been through, right? Ladies who were born into money have never had to make their own way, start a business, shoot a bank robber!" Oh, well, now she was starting to get a bit uppity! "I'd really love to see the ocean," she continued, glancing out the window, then laughing again. "Yes, we came here down the coast, but that was just hanging over the railing of the ship, but I want to touch the Pacific Ocean, maybe even wade in it, if that wouldn't be too scandalous. Isn't there some sort of garment for that?" So long as it didn't expose too much, but then, she'd been seen in public in men's britches! @Flip
  6. "There's nothing to be gained in being snobbish," Emeline chuckled after Barnabas had left, "it just drives people away, and they don't want to be around you." Taking a breath, she thought for a moment, then added, "I just own a cafe in a little town in Montana Territory...I had to cook to make my way after my first husband died, and then Mr. Pike came along, and I find myself in such circumstance that is so far beyond anything I could have dreamed of." And she wasn't sure she should be admitting this to a stranger at a hotel miles from home, but she had to talk to someone. "I feel out of place sometimes, not that Mr. Pike ever seems to notice -- he's a very good man, down to earth and humble -- but..." shaking her head, she had to laugh, "I don't know how to be wealthy, and I certainly don't want to become snobbish!" @Flip
  7. "Good day, Miss Lillian." Emeline smiled at the young woman, wondering what she needed an assistant for? Was he going to have her set up a cafe here in the city? She grinned at that notion, knowing it was merely a notion, and then it made sense when he explained it. Of course, things would be much easier to have help manipulating all the layers and pinnings and drapery, and certainly, she needed help with fancy hair styles. Still, it seemed a little...odd and ostentatious to have someone helping her to get dressed after doing that herself all her life. "I'll certainly benefit from some tips from someone versed in the manners and style of the city," she commented with a smile, "I look forward to your advise." She just hoped the girl wouldn't think her 'simple' if she asked about things such as proper etiquette at the opera, or whatnot. @Flip
  8. "So many choices." Smiling, Emeline turned in his arms and kissed him. "Did I tell you that you're amazing? This is so much more than I ever could have imagined!" Indeed, she never would have even thought to imagine such a life, or such a place...or such a man. The most she had envisioned was a small farm, a simple house teeming with children, an occasional trip to 'the city', whichever that might have been...and certainly not as grand as San Francisco! And to actually be here, in a splendid hotel, with rooms larger than the house she had dreamed of, and little worry about money.... "Let's take a ride around, then find something simple for supper," she suggested, "I'm a little tired from all the travel. We can scout out a nice place for tomorrow." She wasn't quite ready to admit it aloud yet, but there was something to be said for 'simple', and not having to fuss with corsets and bustles and which of the five forks was next! @Flip
  9. "It's..." She was at a loss for words, but then Emeline laughed. "Well, it's bigger than the cafe and my apartment put together!" Turning a slow circle, she tried to take it all in, then went through all the rooms before finally stopping at a window, putting her hands against the glass for support. "It's dizzying," she murmured, not realizing that her nose was pressed against the glass as she gazed intently out at the bay, and the hills beyond. "I think that's our ship down there," she observed, then she looked straight down and gasped, stumbling backward. "Oh...goodness...we're so high!" She hadn't realized until that moment that she wasn't exactly a fan of heights! @Flip
  10. "Huh? What?" Emeline shook her head slightly, breaking the near-trance she had been in, trying to look at everything at once, which was impossible. Now, though, she was excited that they were going to get to go up to the top floor and look around -- it hadn't registered yet that he had said their room was up there, not that it was the 'Ambassador Suite'. "Oh, yes, of course!" She hooked her arm into Barnabas', using him to guide her, since she was concentrating more on gawking than where she was walking. But at the elevator, she suddenly stopped, hesitating. "Uh...are you sure that's safe?" She'd only heard about elevators, wasn't sure how they worked, or if they could be trusted. Of course, Barnabas wouldn't steer her anywhere that wasn't safe, and there was a man there in a uniform, and it seemed to be his job to operate the contraption, so it must be all right...right? @Flip
  11. Emeline couldn't help but feel a little overwhelmed by everything, the country girl in the big city, but at least Portland had helped prepare her a little for what to expect. Staying close to Barnabas' side, she looked around, trying to take everything in, and certainly captivated by the array of buildings, carriages, freight wagons, foot traffic... Even the cabs here were more grand than in Portland, and she had to resist the temptation to go up and pet the beautiful horses that were doing all the work, and it made her resolve that none of her babies would be subjected to such a dull life. At the hotel, she was again taken by surprise, as she looked up at the grand tower in the front, barely managing to maintain her decorum and not hang out the window to get a better look...there would be a chance for that later, and she didn't want to embarrass her husband! Still, it was magnificent, and she'd never seen a building so tall. "Oh, Barnabas, I want to go all the way to the top! Do you think we can?" And then the cab actually entered the building through a massive portico, and into a courtyard that was surrounded by balconies stacked like tiers on a wedding cake and covered by the most beautiful and amazing glass dome Emeline had ever seen...well, she hadn't seen any, so she was convinced this would be the best she ever would see. "Oh, goodness..." @Flip
  12. The first day and a half on the ship, Emeline was questioning her life choices as she hung over the railing a good deal of the time, wondering why her stomach was so unhappy with her. But then things finally settled, and she was fascinated watching the waves and distant shoreline, and was thrilled at the spectacle of the occasional whale that put on a show for the ship. And when they sailed into San Francisco Bay, she stood on deck, mesmerized by the sights that greeted them, from the wild hills of the Marin Headlands to the north, to the Cliff House at Land's End, and then Fort Point, guarding the bay. As the ship continued around past the docks and warehouses, the city stretched beyond, small, simple houses on the hills, accompanied by cathedrals, magnificent hotels and public buildings. "It's amazing!" Emeline declared, taking Barnabas' hand and giving it a squeeze. "I can't wait to look around. And I imagine the hotel is going to be top notch!" At least now, they were dressed for the occasion! (This is a really cool map that you can enlarge and move around. The view is from the east, Oakland side, looking out toward Land's End and the Cliff House. It's amazing how small the city was!) https://www.worldmapsonline.com/historic-map-san-francisco-ca-1878/ @Flip
  13. As soon as he spoke, Addy recognized the voice, and the gun was quickly back in its holster as she rushed forward and jumped into her brother's arms. "Isiah, ya ol' badger, whacha doin' here?" Stepping back, she glanced at the boy, keeping her distance so as not to frighten him. "Is this Josh? He's th' spittin' image a' his pa, ain't he?" It had been so long since she'd seen any family, and she'd never met any of her nieces nor nephews, so this was a great treat. "So, how long ya here fer? Where's Daisy?" She'd known the young woman when they were younger, and approved of her marrying her brother, but hadn't seen her for nearly ten years. What a great reunion, though! @MD
  14. Addy chuckled at Josh's attempts at whistling, although it was actually enough to attract the cat, who had been lounging on the porch in the sun. Buster chirped a little as he rubbed against Josh's leg, then waited for pets. The boy reminded her of Weedy, when he'd first started hanging around her barn, about the same time Buster had. "That there's Buster," she explained to Anæsthesia, "feisty ol' tom cat, don't rightly know what happened ta his eye, he was like that when he started comin' 'round, but it don't keep him from bein' a great mouser!" She led the way outside, pleased that her brother had already started to teach Josh good manners. "Barn's just up th' street," she commented, "keep th' wagon there, an' th' big horses fer that an' th' stage, an' I got my own mare there. Named her Arabesque." She honestly couldn't remember where she'd heard the ballet term -- she'd never even seen a ballet -- but she'd liked the way it sounded. "Ya ever been ta a ballet?" Miss Anæsthesia seemed pretty refined, maybe she'd had a chance to go to the theater. "Oh, an' there's some kittens..." @Javia; @MD
  15. If she had, Weedy couldn't recall, and he didn't much forget her tales, as they were usually more interesting than any classic ones he'd heard. And he knew from experience that Miz Addy had a way of exaggerating and bending the truth to make things more exciting, not that he minded one bit! He loved her stories, they were what had caught his attention when he first started loitering around the barn, and now he had a new source for stories. "No, she didn't say that part, just that she was an angel when she was a little girl!" The boy grinned, eager for more. "What else?" What he didn't notice was the back door opening... +++++++++ The day had been far longer and more complicated than Addy had wanted so that by the time she'd put her wagon up and tended the horses, all she wanted to do was go home, wash up and drop into bed. She'd send Weedy over to the Lickskillet to get them something for supper, and, of course, pie. Then she spotted the horses tied in front of the house and frowned. Had they come for Weedy? She couldn't take that chance, and slipped quietly around to the back door, drawing her pistol as she slipped into the kitchen. The man's back was to her, and she could see that he was talking to Weedy. She wasn't sure where the second man was, but that didn't matter, she needed to keep Weedy safe, and, well, keep Weedy. "Hold it right there, mister, or I'll blast a hole in ya so big ya can drive a mule team through it," she snarled. "An' ya leave that boy alone." @MD

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