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  1. Emeline was startled as Clara swept into the kitchen and made her unusual request, and because it was so unusual, she really didn't mind helping. But first, she started to laugh, the girl was so passionate. "Yes, of course, I don't mind." While she would have done it anyway, Emeline could sense that there was an issue, and Clara didn't make such requests often...ever... "Just tell me...who is it? How has he insulted you?" @Wayfarer
  2. "Miss Emily, how radiant you look!" Dutton exclaimed, as he was prone to do. "A ray of sunshine in this vast wilderness called Montana. And the Shepherds Pie is beyond compare." "And your flattery is gladly accepted, Mr. Peabody." Emeline blushed a little as she smiled, finding that the man's comments helping to lift her spirits, but then, he was always quick with a kind word. "Once in Hodgenville, Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln's birthplace, I chanced to have a pie, nearly as good as this, yes, nearly, but your crust is far superior." "Oh, well, it's because I use as cold water as I can get," she started to explain, then laughed. "Thank you, and Miss Redmond is a great help with that as well. She's an excellent baker." "And this one, why Miss Emily, you must seize him and take him to Pastor Gideon Evans and marry him up as quickly as you can!" He smiled widely, then took another bite of the pie. "I have every intention of doing just that!" Chuckling, she sat in an empty chair, then glanced over as Clara walked past. "Good day to you too, Mr. Pike," "Good afternoon, Clara, and again, please be careful." She would suggest that Barnabas escort her home, but she wasn't sure Clara would appreciate that. @Flip
  3. Addy might be just a little on the 'uncouth' side, but she knew to let the man hold the chair for her, and she settled across from him, taking a sip of the whisky rather than just swigging it at once. “Well Miss Chappel” he half whispered “I am willing to pay whatever it takes to complete this deal, but before we proceed too far into things, I should like to examine your undercarriage.” "Oh, well, see here, Mr. Browne Bear," Addy was actually on the verge of chuckling, understanding, she thought, what he was asking, but hearing the double entendre. "I made th' last man that wanted ta inspect my undercarriage marry me...an' that didn't last but fer th' night, 'til th' likker wore off." Throwing back the rest of the whisky, she set the glass on the table and looked the man straight in the eye, her expression serious. "So, Mr. Browne, what are ya prepared ta offer me fer a gander at my undercarriage? Make it good..." @Javia
  4. "I'll take a whisky," Addy declared, watching in amusement as the bear skin spit out its victim, rather reminding her of the tale of 'Jonah and the Whale'. And as the man made himself whole again, she took the opportunity to go to the back door and yank it open. "I done broke yer arm, Missy!" she called out, "so ya best mind yerself that I don't actually hunt ya down an' break it fer real!" That done, she returned to the bear-man and smiled sweetly. "So, what's this business proposition ya got?" @Javia
  5. "Hey!" Grinning, Weedy slid off the mare then loosened her cinch and tied her to the rail with the lead rope on her halter. "Two days, Miz Addy says. And she let me use her horse, and she rides double, if you don't have one to ride." He was really excited, it hadn't been often that he'd had a chance to just play with a kid his own age, and have the whole of the outdoors, a horse, a pond, a stream, plenty of trees...it was a boy's dream! "I have my stuff, Miz Addy made me bring my toothbrush, and she sent some bread for your pa." He grinned. "Don't worry, she didn't make it, she got it from the Lickskillet!" @Wayfarer
  6. Even though she knew that Clara didn't particularly care for physical contact, Emeline moved close and pulled her into a hug. "Don't you worry, I'm not going anywhere." Then she took a half step back before smiling and whispering, "Between you and me, I was terrified. But giving into that never helps." It wasn't always easy, but if you let emotions overrun you in a stressful situation, you were bound to lose. Of course, you might lose anyway, but at least it wouldn't be because you'd curled in a ball and given up! "Enjoy the rest of your day, and I'll see you in the morning." She walked with the girl as far as the table where Barnabas was, where she stopped and nodded to the men. "Mister Peabody. How are you today?" She could probably scrounge up some bread and soup to send home with him. @Flip; @Wayfarer
  7. Mature Content: No With: F. Falmer Browne, Esq/Dame Addy, Bar Killer Location: The street When: April/ 1875 Time of Day: Afternoon “My apologies, Miss Chappel, if my appearance alarmed you, I had supposed that you, of all people, would not be alarmed by my unconventional garb … it is just, the young lady whom you escorted from the building, our absent poetess, had informed me that this occasion was to be a ‘fancy dress party’ and I must confide, I am most exceeding partial to ‘fancy dress parties’.” "Why don't that surprise me?" Shaking her head, Addy muttered, "Reckon it likely was in that child's head." It was no mystery that Arabella was subject to flights of fantasy, and it was no surprise that she preferred a 'fancy dress party' to a dull meeting. “F. Falmer Browne, at your service, Miss Chappel” he tried the bow again “I believe that we are new neighbors. My card…” he went to fetch out his carte de visite from his vest pocket, but found a layer of dead bear in the way. “Oh, I shall ‘pop’ my card around later. Ahem! It is also my intention to avail myself of your very particular services at some time in the very near future, Miss Chappel. Perhaps we can arrange a time to meet and ‘talk it through’ at your convenience, of course.” He proffered. As she continued to watch him skeptically, Addy speculated that it was not a problem that he didn't have a card, since she couldn't much read anyway, and when he declared that he wanted her services, she frowned, wondering what, exactly, he meant, and still not convinced that he wasn't here to take Weedy. "Can do that now, if you've a mind," she muttered, then shrugged. "Can just head over to th' saloon an' you can buy me a beer."[/b] Not offering to give him time to get out of the absurd costume he had on...good to keep him a bit off balance, wasn't it? @Javia
  8. Grinning, Addy gave his hand a squeeze and shrugged as they walked up the steps to the porch and opened the door. Pity he hadn't taken her hint, so she reckoned at some point she just might have to out-and-out propose to him, if he didn't get around to it first. "I don't much care what people think'a me," she declared as she stepped into the main room, "but I got Weedy ta think on now.. Boy's already had too much controversy in his life, don't need me makin' it more." Stepping aside, she gave him room to move past her. This downstairs area was just one big room with a large stone fireplace at one side and the kitchen stove and ice box at the other. The only furniture was a table in the kitchen area...Addy would have to find furniture somewhere. "Rooms'er upstairs. Ain't much, but it's better'n th' room in th' barn." @Jack
  9. "I accept your not-apology," Emeline chuckled, taking his hand and giving it a quick squeeze. "Soon, it won't matter, and for now, you can not apologize any time you like! And by all means, rescue poor Clara!" She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Give me five minutes." She closed the door then quickly donned the layers of clothing that made up a 'simple' skirt and blouse. Tossing a short cape over her shoulders, she then trotted down the stairs to the kitchen. "How are things going, Clara?" she asked with a smile, feeling a bit back to normal now. "You can go now, if you'd like, Barnabas and I can take food over to the jail. And if there's still some pie, please, take some with you, I know how much your father and Wyatt like it." Her smile faded a bit. "Just please, be careful going home." @Wayfarer; @Flip
  10. "That's quite a bit of responsibility for a young man," Emeline commented, impressed. "It shows a good deal of character." Hopefully not at the expense of life in general and Clara specifically. It was too easy to be consumed with your work and not have time for anything else. but if he could find that time, Emeline thought that he might be the sort of gentleman that Clara needed. "Well, you know he wouldn't owe me if he borrowed books, but I understand. He does seem like someone that would be good for you to get to know better. Maybe you should ask him on a picnic, I'm sure we can spare some fried chicken and a slice or two of pie!" @Wayfarer
  11. Well, she'd given it a good go, but Addy couldn't ditch the man , and unfortunately she wasn't wearing her pistol, since she was attending a meeting and not going out on the trail. Of course, she supposed, it would be rather blatant and risky to just shoot the man on the street, so, she figured, it was better anyway to lure him into the barn, where one of the huge draft horses could 'panic' and trample him to death... Such dark thoughts! Addy shook her head, but then, she'd do whatever she had to to protect Weedy. Turning to face the man, her nose wrinkled up. He had the look of a lawyer about him...one that had been eaten by a bear and was fighting to get out! "Yeah? Whacha want?" @Javia
  12. Addy was relieved that there were plenty of ladies supporting Miss Leah, not only was the plan for a regional hospital a good idea, but Leah was trying to do something to benefit the community, regardless of her own family. Knowing all too well what it was like to be judged by things that didn't matter, Addy was glad that Leah was getting some positive feedback...and certainly, the questions being asked now had merit, showing that the supporters weren't just sycophants. The plans were laid out and Addy started moving up with the other occupants in the room when she noticed the 'Bear' wending his way toward her. Well, or maybe she was just being paranoid, but he had said that he wanted to talk to her, and the only thing she could think of that might interest the Bear was Weedy. Oh, sure, she did own the freight business, and was the local representative of the Millegan Stage Company, but she couldn't take that risk, and promptly turned heel and headed for the street. @Javia
  13. This was madness and foolishness, and it was just her luck that Addy had fallen for a fallen man...although that was not how she knew him, that was not the man she'd fallen in love with...and Addy did not fall in love lightly. And even before they'd kissed she had made up her mind, and the delightful tingling that coursed through her at the kiss only sealed the deal for her. Sighing, she scooted closer, not caring if anyone saw them, although that wasn't much of a possibility considering the over-grown yard, and for a long moment just relished the contact. Finally, though, she pulled back, reaching up to caress his chin. "This here house," she murmured, "got's two rooms, an' one's fer Weedy. If you was ta stay with us...well, wouldn't be proper, would it, what with you an' me not...proper, ya know?" @Jack
  14. Mature Content: No With: W&W Location: The Ranch and Environs When: May/ 1875 Time of Day: Morning Finally! Even though it had only been a few weeks, to Weedy it seemed like it had been months since the dance, when the boys had first schemed get together out at Wyatt's dad's farm, a place far more interesting than anything in town, at least to Weedy's thinking. He'd pestered Miss Addy for days, until the arrangements had finally been made and the date set. And Addy had even offered to let him ride her mare, Arabesque, so he had a horse while he was out there. Of course, she insisted on escorting him as far as the road to the farm, since she had a delivery to make 'out that way', and she'd meet him when it was time to come home. Still, he had a horse, and a friend, and no school...how good could it get?! The farm was only a few minutes from the crossroads, and when it came into sight, Weedy gigged Arabesque into a gallop -- may as well make a grand entrance -- then pulled the mare to a sliding stop in front of the house. "Wyatt! I'm here!" @Wayfarer
  15. "Poetry? Really?" That was pretty unusual for a farmer, they stayed pretty busy and had a lot of other things to dwell on. "That's good, it shows creative thinking and varied interests. I have a couple books of poetry you can borrow...Shakespeare's Sonnets and some collections." It was all the better for Clara, that the young man was well-read, she had a good mind and curious nature, and if a gentleman couldn't keep up with her intellectually, she'd be bored and unhappy. "What sort of farming does he do?" It was good that he had that in common with Clara's father. "He seems young...that's good that he's got that sort of work ethic." Seemed like young Jacob was a good potential match for Clara. @Wayfarer

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