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  1. "Thank you, Miss!" Weedy knew better than to turn down an offer, and especially a small fortune like this! He took the coin, making certain secure it deep in the pocket without the hole! "We can go out the back when you're ready." The walkway there was more narrow so that the overhang was more effective, and the wind was blowing from the front, so that added further protection. "I can carry anything you need," he offered, more than happy to be helpful. @Flip
  2. "Master Weedy, what can I do for you?" She half turned. "Thank you, sir. "Now young man, why are you out in this weather?" The lad was surprisingly dry considering the conditions, likely the result of living on the streets and knowing the awnings, porches and trees that would provide cover, although he had only managed to knock some of the mud off his shoes, so he was being very careful to stand still so as to minimize the mess he was making. "Miz Steelgrave..." For a moment, Weedy just gawked at her, surprised that anyone with the 'Steelgrave' name could be so pretty or polite. He wasn't sure what he had expected, but this wasn't it! "Oh, um..." he recalled his manners, "Dr. Danforth said that if you can wait for a few minutes he'll have a buggy sent around for you so you don't get wet." The boy grinned. "Mrs. Andresen was there earlier about her rheumatis and brought some jam cakes...she makes the best in the territory, Miss!" And, as messenger, he would get to share! @Flip
  3. "Name is Nikolaus Braumann, I will answer to Nick if you'd rather, " "Sir..." Addy nodded, then sighed. "Nick...just my upbringin'." She didn't bring up her experience during the War with the military, not that she'd been enlisted, of course, but she had worked closely with the Army and had some understanding of procedures. "It'll be a stable, ma'am. They can have a nice stall. Cavalry treat their horses well you see, we depend on them with our lives at times." "I truly know that sentiment, losin' yer horse leaves ya high an' dry!" "Yeah, that was a bit of a fuss. I wasn't worried. It would take a hellava lot of Injuns to attack a body of troops that big. And they'd be even less likely to ever attack a fort. Injuns are touchy about losing men, can't blame 'em, a big tribe might have a few hundred warriors at best. Think it's slowly beginning to dawn on them but these wars....well they can't win. There are way too many white folk coming west." "Ain't that th' truth! Gettin' more an' more crowded an' civilized." She grinned. "I've a mind sometimes ta chase interlopers off myself, ta keep things good as they are!" Taking hold of the other horse's lead, she turned to greet the scout. "Evenin' Ma'am, Sargent." "Mr. Macintosh." Addy nodded. "I'm Addy Chappel...didn't get a good chance fer introductions out there on th' trail." "Me an' Ke-Ni-tay here are reportin' that them what attacked us are long gone. We're lookin' for the Major to report officially, just thought you'd like to know." He explained. "Also like to know about grub an' such, we'll make do for sleepin'." He smiled, "Well, maybe a bait of oats for the horses as well." "We're headed to th' stables," Addy offered, assuming the men were free to take their horses there, what with them being Army scouts. "I got my kit fer sleepin' at my wagon, ain't no problem with that." She was accustomed to making camp on the trail, and at least here she didn't need to make a fire. "Them Injuns was probably more interested in beef than scalps," she added, "they'll have a time roundin' some up." @Wayfarer; @Flip
  4. "It has indeed been a fine evening." Quite different that what he had anticipated, but profitable in more ways than one, although he suspected that he might regret his generosity later -- he wasn't the charitable sort, it was too much bother, but somehow, the young woman and her enthusiasm had him actually looking forward to the projects and thinking on how they could make them work. "I'll keep this to myself, it would be a pity to have it ruined before it is even off the ground." He gave her a nod, then added, "I'll see you in the morning, then?" @Flip
  5. "It's a boy, his name is Weedy," the man explained, "runs chores for folks around town, he says he has a message from the doctor." Just about everyone in town knew of the tow-headed ten year old, that his mother was an alcoholic and his dad had run out on them. The lad was more than happy for the attention he got helping out here and there, although he spent most of his time at the livery helping Miss Addy. @Flip
  6. Looking up as the sergeant approached, Addy smiled and nodded. "Good ta know, sir. Not that it's safe, I reckoned on that." She grinned. "Just good ta have a place ta stable them, they ain't too fond of picket lines nor hobbles. I got my own feed, knew I was gonna be spendin' th' night on th' trail." Pulling the harness off one of the tall animals, she folded it as best she could and placed it on the foot of the wagon where she could rub it down and stow it properly later. "That little bit'a excitement earlier was enough fer one trip!" While she didn't relish fighting nor conflicts, she would stand up to one if she had to, but hopefully the Indians were done and gone. "Look, here's th' scout now, an' he don't look distressed." Macintosh's demeanor was relaxed, and certainly if the Indians were still in the area he'd be more agitated. @Wayfarer; @Flip
  7. At the hotel, there was a rapping on Leah's door, a bit louder than might be deemed proper, but it had to be heard over the downpour. "Miss Steelgrave?" came the voice of the day manager, "you have a...caller downstairs." @Flip
  8. "I do appreciate your altruism," Jonah commented with a smile. "And perhaps that will help shed you in a new light to the people here. It can be difficult breaking old impressions, but I think you may have some success at that once the town knows your generosity." Unless, of course, their minds were so tainted that they would just see her efforts as a ruse to win favor, and there was nothing you could really do for that. "I'll look forward to seeing you in the morning, then, and have tea ready." He'd have to talk to Harriet and let her know what was going on, although she may object to the players, she certainly would approve of the plan. @Flip
  9. As she pulled her freight wagon in behind the military transports, Addy looked around the fort, curious. It seemed pretty basic, but she was by no means an expert on such things, especially the ones in the West, and she supposed it served its purpose. At least, she speculated as she climbed from the seat, she wasn't forced to spend the night alone on the trail, not that she hadn't done so in the past, but what with Indians so close about, she was grateful for the company and shelter. Deftly, she hopped to the ground, then started unhitching the two big draft horses. @Wayfarer; @Flip
  10. “Perhaps Jonah, you might consider what people would say at my going to your home after dark. You realize that I do not have the best of reputations in this town. I am still a Steelgrave, they like my money and that I spend freely here.” "I appreciate your concern," Jonah commented with a nod, "I suppose I don't have a particular reputation yet, and it's best to keep it that way...it's just too bad people want to think the worst." He surely didn't want old biddy tongues wagging about him! “However, they, the ladies of the town, think me far beneath them, and such a rumor as my going with you to your home after dark would do you or our project no good at all.” The concern in her voice was evident because her being seen at the residence on any man after dark had and would spark ugly rumors. “Think of how Miss Mercer might receive such rumors, and what damage it might do.” "Ah, yes, the good lady does have her morals." While he was sure that Harriet would fully approve of the project and would understand the business agreement, he also suspected that she would insist on keeping appearances, well, appear proper. She smiled. “I can meet you in the morning and we can certainly look over the property.” "That will be fine." Jonah chuckled. "It will give me time to clean the place up a bit and make certain that my union suit is stowed away and the bed is made!" He gave her a friendly wink. "And I'll have coffee on...unless you prefer tea?" @Flip
  11. "Of course, and you are right, it's best to keep the Kalispell name, make it about the town and not individuals." That way they might have a better chance, too, at getting supporters. He smiled. "Never thought..." There was a slight shake of his head, then he shrugged. "How about you come over and look at the house, see what we have to start with?" Then, realizing how that might sound, he amended, "Professionally, of course. You might have some ideas on how we can use the space most efficiently."
  12. At the offer of supper, Addy glanced at Harriet, then shrugged and nodded. "Thank ya, sir, I'd be glad." Any opportunity not to have to cook on the trail was not to be passed up, not that she'd been planning on anything 'cooked' other than coffee. She had biscuits, jerky and canned peaches, a satisfactory meal, but she'd surely not mind something better. "I can set ya up with me fer th' night Miss Harriet, set a nice bedroll under th' wagon." She grinned. "I hardly snore at all!" Oil cloths draped over the sides of the wagon would provide the ladies with some small bit of privacy, and unless it snowed or there was a bad thunderstorm, they'd have passing fair comfort. @Stormwolfe; @Glenn
  13. Jonah couldn't help but smile at her enthusiasm, thinking that perhaps there was something more to her excitement, but that wasn't his to judge. He was just happy that he could bring such a smile to her. Pretty, rich, intelligent...maybe a bit intimidating, but a smart man would see her as an asset and a valuable business partner. Maybe, together, they could actually do something with this? "The house will give us a start," he observed, "and maybe the property around it is available? We have half an acre, and it would be so much easier if we could buy the land around it to expand." He shrugged. "It's close town but away from the chaos." Grinning, he raised his glass. "To the Leah Steelegrave Hospital and Children's Home...well, maybe we should leave the last name off?" @Flip
  14. Addy wasn't sure about the cows -- in her opinion they were only good for eating! But she figured Mi Harriet knew what she was talking about. Glancing at the Major, she asked, "So, we're clear now? Ya'll chased off them savages?" She gave him a nod. "Should I get my team hitched again?" It had been a long day, and the relative safety of a fort sounded good!
  15. "Yes, yes, of course." Jonah nodded, deciding at that moment to really go all-in, so long as there were no major complications. After all, he was intending to be here for some time, as back-water as it was, so he may as well do something worthwhile. And if it helped his standing, all the better. "So, what do you think the next step should be? I don't imagine that we need approval to open a hospital, although I imagine there would be some sort of overseeing of an orphanage?" He honestly didn't know the logistics of such things. "Of course, we do have an attorney in Miss Mercer to help with those things." @Flip

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