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  1. "I reckon maybe thirty miles a day, on average." He said in answer to her question about how far they' had come, and how fast. "Loads light enough, trail's been real good so far. Them to draft hosses 'er pretty tough, and with proper care an' all, they'll get us where we're goin' shore 'nough. Least that's the plan." It had been in his mind to do since before the wedding. The mapping, the obtaining the surrey and supplies for the trip had been the focal point for him, not that he ignored her, or the job. He had to keep it all very quiet. Em was, he had discovered, intuitive? Well, she could ferret out something going on, so he had to work at it to keep his plan a secret. It was noon of the fourth day out when they had stopped to eat a bite. To Pike this was heaven. Em and him out in the wild country, seemingly without a care in the world, which in actuality could not have been farther from the truth. Barnabas had plenty on his mind, Indians being the least of his concerns. Health of the horses was number one on the list, and he paid particular attention to them. Condition of the surrey, he had picked a light carriage for the trip on purpose, but it too, was a risk. But so far, so good. He was about to say something to her when he spotted a rabbit who had stopped in it's tracks to look at the two humans. "Em, there's a rabbit, maybe 20 yards to your left." Both of course were armed, it was wild country after all, and there was always some sort of danger present, and her desire to hunt, well the animal had come to her, and rabbit stew sounded pretty good, if she made the shot. "Careful, easy does it getting that rifle up." @Bongo
  2. Mature Content: Nope With: Barnabas & Emeline with scattered non-returning NCP's Location: West of Kalispell When: Begins, July 6, 1876, then varies moving forward. Time of Day: Varies as we move along. The first rays of the rising sun filtered through the trees and engulfed the small camp site where Emeline and Barnabas Pike sat at the fire, the aroma of coffee mingling with the scent of the pines, vegetation, and the crisp clean mountain air. There were birds singing in the trees, the final hoot of an owl before the night was completely gone, and in the distance, the scream of an eagle hunting his prey. There were no doors slamming, no pumps creaking, none of the familiar sounds of Kalispell, now left behind. The surrey had been a good choice. It was big enough to carry everything they needed, which really wasn't much. a tent, blankets, food stuffs, water, guns and ammunition and a spare wheel tied to the rear. It was comfortable, which was important for the time that they would be using it. Pike was glad to be away, the bonus, having Em at his side. Out here it was like he could relax, tho actually his senses were heightened, as he always said, they were guests out here in the wilderness. He carried one of his pistols in his waistband because one never knew. "Coffee's good out here, some differ'nt than to home. Well, the Lickskillet, fer now." He observed. The bacon in the pan was starting to sizzle, it's scent blending with the others, but not offensive to the senses, almost complimentary. "You sleep good?" He asked. Quiet mornings, it would be like this on the ranch for a while, untill there were children about, cattle, horses, hands working along side of him. But for now, the morning was refreshing. "Reckon we'll put some miles behind us taday, should be fair goin'." "I slept really well," Emeline commented as she flipped the bacon, working to get it crisp without burning it. "It was almost too quiet, though," she chuckled, "you get accustomed to the noises in the city." Leaning over, she kissed his cheek. "But I was warm and comfortable, and now I'm ready to take on the day! Well, once breakfast is done." Then she laughed. "I don't know if I can cook for only two, though, I'm so accustomed to cooking for dozens." "Now I can put on the feed bag with the best of 'em, but dozens?" He quipped. Suddenly, she held her finger to her lips, then pointed. "Looks like we might have some guests!" A couple of raccoons were venturing toward them, attracted by the aromas. "Now ya know, they'll be after that bacon, they get half a chance." He warned, although he was sure that she was well aware of of how raccoons were when there was food of any kind around. His eyes darted to the pack containing the food, but it was secured well enough and he could scare them off if they went after it. "Fine thing ta have guests, yessir, a fine thing, 'cept fer poachers." He laughed at his own musing. "So once't we eat, I'll hitch up the team, figger they've grazed a plenty already. While your gettin' the camp ready ta break, I'll check hooves, an' wheel, makin' sure we're good, then I'll be back to lend a hand to take 'er down and help fold it up and put away." He wondered how close the bandits would come to man and his fire. @Bongo
  3. Ada looked at the young man skeptically, then broke into a smile. "Fast learner? You can be taught, and you say you attended the Universities over in England, I presume that you studied the law? I presume that a fellow who has the education that you have would be able to take on what we're asking you to do with ease. Oh granted, it will be new to you, but, in our defense, Speed here has the law books which we go by to get claims registered, transferred, and resold again." "There'll be a learning curve, granted, but it's not to steep. Most of the legal stuff is pretty straight forward, we just tend to get in a lot at one time and with the Marshal's job it can be late nights for both Ada and I getting things done, so, your learning the ropes will be helpful. And once you get the hang of it, well, you get the picture." @Nova Sorry, I didn't see this.
  4. Phin nearly dropped his pencil when he looked up to see Orr flash his 'yes' vote. "Grandstander." He muttered, not caring if anyone heard the remark or not. Realizing of course, that his popularity vacillated with whatever was in the current issue. To him this was the way of most town Councils, small, narrow minded, in it for themselves their constituents be damned! He knew that there was no money in it for any of them, and money spoke. The job, and they received a stipend monthly, was to to do what was best for the community, what would serve the people rather than what would serve them. And it seemed there was always a four-flusher in charge of these debacle prone boards. Always. A man smart enough to be better, but corrupt enough not to give a good goddamned! Not about the town, it's citizens, or the welfare of anyone, except himself. And that would be "Tricky Dick" Orr. @any
  5. Pike could feel his blood coursing through his body boil, as the vote began. Unarmed, and with no badge, he suddenly felt naked in light of what might happen, no matter which way the vote went. To him it was common knowledge that there were strong feelings both ways on this issue, the sad part being that it was not about the hospital, but about the Steelgrave name. He admired her courage in all of this, the heckling she had endured, the threats he knew had been sent her way, and all the while her resolve to remain steadfast had not buckled. However, he saw her head drop slightly as the balloting commenced. In that moment he wanted to beat Richard Orr within an inch of his life! The pompous ass! @Any
  6. It was a pivotal moment, and Speed was well aware of it. His right hand dropped from his belt to closer to the holster. He looked to Charlie, who was in conversation with young Miss Mudd, and he had no way of knowing whether the new deputy was aware of what was happening or not. The young man was across the room, stationed opposite of him offering better coverage of the room. Not that he expected gun trouble from those present, but there could be quite a problem on had if the vote went against the wishes of the crowd. He wondered if any of those men on the dais understood what that could mean for their re-election, not to mention their safety. @any.
  7. "Jesus, Orr's voted For!" a voice gasped from the back of the hall. Still, Leah felt her stomach drop and the sick feeling of failure engulf her. She watched, feeling as utterly helpless as she was while the men each deposited their slip of paper in Hector Wigfall's cap. That Richard Orr had flashed his 'yes' vote to those present gave her a fleeting feeling of hope, though she felt doomed. She began to doubt why she had ever begun this project in the first place. The Governor had said there was an alternative, of that she knew nothing. She supposed that she would learn that location, or plan, when she joined his party for dinner. That Dutton Peabody had influenced Houser to come to Kalispell and support this idea was evident to her, and that made her smile in this moment of anxiety over the vote. @JulieS@Javia@Wayfarer@Bongo and any anyone else.
  8. John Anderson avoided the look from Orr, his feeling, let someone else do it. He was content to just cast his vote, which of course would be by secret ballot as they always were. And he also felt it was none of anyone's business which way he voted on any subject, one of the reasons he rarely spoke on any of them. He kind of smiled to himself, and that was when things changed, completely. Mary Agnes Anderson stepped through the doors and into the room. Another citizen to witness what was about to transpire, whatever that was, and, however that went. But, the vote would be secret, so no one would ever know how he voted, personally. It had not dawned on him that if all the votes were 'NO' she would know instantly, if all the votes were yay, well then, it wouldn't matter, even if there was just one yay, he would be alright. ----0---- Mary Agnes Anderson strode into the proceedings not to keep an eye on husband John, but to see what trickery and deceit Orr would play on those present. She had heard that the Governor had been to this meeting and she wondered just what the man interest in Kalispells Town Council was. She had seen McVay on her way in, so it would all be in the paper sometime tomorrow. So she made herself comfortable as Dick Orr droned on about Kalispells Constitution, and the current approved rules of order of the Township of Kalispell, continuing to emphasize how the general populace was not allowed voice or vote. @Javia@Wayfarer@JulieS (?) or whoever wrote Judge Robertson, and/or anyone else in attendance or wants to be.
  9. With camp set, dinner on the fire, and the fading daylight of day one, Barnabas 'Pronto' pike surveyed his new life. Not so different than his old life really. He had spent many a night on the trail here and there throughout his history, yet there was one major difference, Missus Pike. Now, everything was different in that he needed to think for two. He walked up to her as she tended the pot hanging from the iron rod. "Ya know Missus Pike, as of today, you 'n me, well, we're free of what we left behind. The ranch, in good hands, the cafe, also in good hands, our worries boil down ta have supper an' fightin' off the chill." He put his arm around her. "I expect we'll tend to both shortly." "Jest wanted you to know thet I love you. I'm glad of our union, an' ever-thing that'll come our way as a result of it. Fact is, wouldn't have it any other way." He smiled, "But, I plan to show you a time, a time we'll remember the rest of our days." @Bongo
  10. Carson rode low at a full gallop as his horse raced across the range in the direction of the stampede, the noise making it impossible not to know where it was coming from. The day crew would already be after the herd and those brazen enough to try and take them, secure in the knowledge that the rest of the hands were on their way to support them. Carson did not bother to look back, the others would be behind him, as he was behind Granger. Every man on the ranch would now be mounted and in pursuit, a comfortiong thought as they caught sight of the dust, and the day riders racing into it, Then, the sound of gunfire. @boshmi@Bailey@any
  11. An adventure she said, and that is exactly what it was going to be. And the hunting aspect, she could have her chance almost any time as they pressed forward. With plenty of daylight left, they could make good time, although it was going to take some time to reach the destination he had in mind. "I reckon that it'll be a new adventure. You kin purdy much count on that. Not that I see life as gettin' wild an' woolly up to the ranch. I just think life together oughtta be real interestin', if not excitin', well, time ta time. Raisin' cows, and horses, an' kids'll be a real task, but I gotta say, it'll shorely be worth it, ever' minute of it." @Bongo
  12. "Oh, over the first part o' this trip, there'll be opportunity a plenty fer ya to hunt game. Garonteed." He said. After that, well, 'spose there'll be cafe an' rest'ront food to be had, but we'll get by." The pace for the time being was a brisk trot, and it would vary, though running the pair would only happen in an emergency. Which may or may not happen. 'We got us some time ta be out here in the wild, seein' what nature has ta offer. Likely there'll be some sites to compare with the falls at the ranch, but they won't have the same feel as home, nor as much beauty. Fact is, there jest ain't no place like home, and we ain't even moved in yet, but, all in good time, all in good time. Fer now we can enjoy what's presented to us." He gave her a wink as they began the climb. @Bongo
  13. "Burnin' daylight by the bucket full, but love, we're in no particular hurry. We got us a ways to go yet." He said after getting her into the Surrey. He jogged around, snatching up the ground anchor and releasing it from the halter. Two fine draft animals stamping the hooves, ready to go. Barnabas got in, snapped the reins and with that pop of leather, Mister and Missus Pike were on their way to their grand adventure which had been planned down to the last detail by Barnabas, well in advance of the actual day of the trip. "Get comfortable, there water in the skin hangin' on yer side, and some jerked beef betwixt us. Headin' west, girl, headin' west." He didn't even look back as the drove out of town. They would follow the old wagon trail that some of those headed for Oregon had use, and riders still used. It would take them a bit north, past the Redmond place, between Lost Lake and the Evergreen ranches, up into the mountains then down the other side. Open plains, water and game for the biggest part of their trip west. He explained all of that to her as they drove along. @Bongo
  14. "We start early around here, see you about seven." He advised. "Take care of what you need to. We did somethings, maybe get in some target practice as well. Glad to have you on board, and I seriously doubt you'll disappoint. Make some mistakes? Sure, we all do, and have done, but we learn." Speed knew that yes, Charlie would make mistakes, however, it was up to him to make sure it didn't cost Charlie life or limb, if at all possible. Kalispell was not Dodge, or Abilene. The action he and Pike had seen were exceptions, rather than the rule. Yet danger was out there and to be on guard about from bar fights to drunks brandishing a gun. @JulieS
  15. Carson was just finishing when the question came to him. "Good idea Connolly. Give the man a good look at the place and a chance to really look over the herd." Came his response. It was true that Jose could learn alot about the place from such a tour. "G'wan, see you men later. @Bailey@boshmi

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