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  1. "White... fish?" José repeated, a little incredulous at such a name. Not that Kalispell was much better, but at least it was a name, rather than a color of aquatic creature. "No, I wasn't headed there. Why?" "Uh, jest that it ain't there no more, an' you'd be wastin' your time huntin' her up. Wasn't all that much anyway. I mean there was people what lived there, they had stores and all, but it jest never felt right. You know, somethin' off about the place." Carson explained as well as he could. "Nest for outlaws mostly, a man had ta be careful what he said, an' such-like. But now Kalispell? That there's a growing concern. Most folks 'er friendly, Marshal seems to be a fair man. Yeah, a good place. So, what sortta work you looking for?" It was easy conversation for a lengthy ride across the range, pushing through the cattle when they crowded up. "You might wanna douse that there lamp. Moon an' stars shed plenty of light out here." What he was thinking was, that a moving light crossing the Evergreen might bring on problems neither of them wanted, or needed. @boshmi
  2. Leaving the church with no idea what Pike had been doing he headed to see Ralph Flandry at the Stardust Saloon, a place he would need to use to cover the front of the Municipal building, and a man he could use with his rifle. Then too, Flandry would want to be paid for his time, and possibly the use of his roof top, as well as any damage his building may receive. A bit mercenary, but, not beyond reason. He pushed through the bat wings and stepped up to the bar, with a deep breath he said, "Hullo Ralph, guess you know why I'm here, but maybe not the whole of it." @Wayfarer
  3. With the jail locked up, Pronto Pike mounted his horse and start out on a mission. He knew right where to find them, loafing in front of the clapboard house on East Washington Street, so he rode up to the place at an easy pace and stopped. He looked at them, and they looked back at him. Both sides knew why he was there. "Lite an' set, Pike." Bannister said, "Reckon we know why your here." Pronto stepped down, holding his reins, "I come lookin' fer help come the day of the trial. I know you boys pulled Speed's iron out of the fire with them Evergreen hands, but, well, could be Cases friends come callin', 'er his brothers, maybe even the boys from the ranch again," "We did that, didn't like the odds." Santee stated. McKenny just nodded. "Looks to me like maybe you and Guyer'll be up against it come the trial." At that moment the door opened and Leah Steelgrave stepped out. "Ma'am." Pike greeted. "How many men does the Marshal need, Deputy Pike?" She asked. "Many as he can get, I 'spose. May not be an easy day of it, that's for shore." Leah looked to the three men, then back to Pike and said, "These boys are free to make their own decision, as for me, I'll be there." She smiled. "What's the Marshal's plan?" "Hold on!" Bannister interjected, standing up. "Cain't let you set yerself up ta get shot! No sir, that just ain't gonna happen." The other two joined him quickly, all concerned about her declaration. "I don't recall asking you, Bannister. My place will be where they think I can do the most good." She fired back. "Miss Steelgrave, I'm afraid we can't ask you to ..." "I don't recall my asking your opinion either, deputy. This is my brother, and yes, perhaps my family will decide to come to Case's aid. I'll not stand for them further disparaging the family name as the lawless brigands that they are. No, I will stand with the Marshal. And I will do what must be done, family or not, so I ask again, what is the Marshal's plan?" "I seen his plan, well, a rough sketch of the street. He'll be talking with Flandry at the Stardust, he wants to put people on the roof there, on both sides, and at the St. Regis. Plus some covering the back of the Municipal Building. Planning a regular Winchester Quarantine of the building, an' less risk fer the defenders." "Count me in." McKenny said suddenly. "yeah, me too." Santee added looking to Bannister. "Hell, shootin' downs easy, up, not so much. I'll throw i with you. But I'll be where she is, just in case." Leah smiled. "I knew you'd throw in with us. I'm more stubborn than you are. It's why I get my way. And you tell Speed Guyer I'll not hear any of his reasonings, I'm in." "Yes ma'am.I'll be sure to tell him. He looked at his unlikely recruits, "Appreciate it." And climbed abroad his horse.We'll surely let you knpw before hand." and with that he turned and rode back to Main Street. TBC
  4. "Marshal!" Thomas greeted, as he walked forward to meet the lawman. "You're not often here on a weekday, are you? To what do I owe the pleasure?" “No sir, I’m not, but it seems I’ve got a problem. Not sure you can help out with it, but I wouldn’t know without askin’.” He began, feeling a bit uncomfortable. “As you probably know there’s going to be a trial shortly. True there will be more than one, the men that were captured in the failed bank robbery, they’ll hang, that’s sure.” Here he paused, “Case Steelgrave will be tried on a number of charges, several are quite serious and could mean prison time or worse, depending on the Circuit Judge. He has brothers, he is associated with outlaws, and there are always the riders from the Evergreen Ranch. That would be his fathers spread North of town.” "Now, I know it would seem to be none of your concern, but then, it is. There might not be any trouble, then again, it is possible. I need to protect the Judge, the attornies, the jury, if there is one, and, Case Steelgrave through the trial and after from whatever might happen. I need help with security for the trial. I know it’s not your line of work, nor is it what you profess, but I have to ask, will you stand with us?” @boshmi
  5. "I'll follow you, Amigo." José told the weather-worn man, as he pulled the reins with his free hand and brought Loretta to bear. “You got a ways to go, an’ the distance to get around the Evergreen or south to the Lost Lake’d take ya days, if ya din’t get yerself shot ‘er hung.” Carson said matter of factly, and the distance to the South would be as the rider explained, probably a couple days ride to a place where he could head east to the main trail, but not knowing the lay of the land would be a real hindrance. “So, what brings you north? You know somebody in Kalispell or huntin’ work? Jest seems odd you’d be in this country, not that a man ain’t got the right to go where he pleases. Now was you to be lookin’ for Whitefish, she was destroyed last winter by fire and a blizzard. Don’t rightly know hoe that happened, but it shorely did. You wasn’t headed there was ya?” Unlike any number of Evergreen hands, Carson was the friendly type who liked to talk. Of course he was a fair hand with a gun if need be. Helping the Mexican across the spread was just the right thing to do. @boshmi
  6. "I'm not here to cause trouble. I'm looking for, ah, el pueblo, you know? The... town?" “Kalispell?” Carson asked, trying to figure out how a Mexican came down from the north. “Don’t see any Mex’s up here, an’ where yer at, well, there’s this dad blamed fence line running all the way south to the Lost Lake spread, and likely beyond.” If he took the Mex up to the ranch house, the old man would likely hang him as a rustler, or just because he could. “What I kin do, is up a ways is a way through the fence line, I ‘d take you across the range to the trail to Kalispell an’ set ya on the right track. The boss ain’t the friendliest sort, he might decide on stretchin’ yer neck was I to take you up to the house. So you kin see how that’d be a bad idea.” Carson was basically a good sort, a working cowboy, one of the few on the ranch. He was not one to look for trouble of any kind. @boshmi
  7. “Social aspects’d be a good thing, I’spose. Ya need ta branch out with the folks in town, get at know ‘em some. I know you see a number of ‘em in here, time ta time, but gettin’ out and sayin’ howdy at their place is differn’t.” Barnabas agreed. “You got this notion you’ll be tied down at the ranch, tha’d be why I’ll be hirin’ a foreman. An’ until there’s young uns, you’ll be here, if I know you. That ranch’ll jest be home fer a spell. An the cafe’ll be where you spend yer days. That is less I’m mistaken.” "I'll send a note to her this evening, after I close up." She grinned. "I hope she's not upset that I almost shot down some of her father's men!" He laughed, lightly, but he laughed. “Doubt she’d care about thet. I figger she’da shot ‘em her own self, given the chance, but them men a hers would be havin’ any of that! They ain’t there as decoration, from what I heard, they signed on as protection when she up an’ cut herself outta the Steelgrave herd. An’ it ain’t fer pay. No sir! Oh, she covers their expenses, which are minimal at best. Ain’t even a dollar a day." . "It’s been said she was always kind to the men her father employed, jest their way’a payin’ her back.” @Bongo
  8. Quickly, she kissed him on the lips to show she was teasing, just in case! “Take me alla them what you got, Em Blakesley!” He said with a wide grin. “Though you might be a tech soft in the head as well as in yer heart, make’s me no never mind, I love ya anyways!” “An’ I ain’t changin’ my mind on marryin’ you, not by a long shot I ain’t. Them critters yer worrin; over ain’t even here yet, neither's the winter. And, was they, they’d have ‘em a palace just like yers. All safe an’ sound, warm and tight again them blizzards an’ sech-like. How you do go on.” @Bongo
  9. With the surprise visit of Mister Goodnight out of the way, it was back to the security issue. So once again he started for the door. Just as Pike walked in. “Who’s that feller just walked out? “John Goodnight, Attorney for Case. Headed up to see some folks about securing this trial.” “I’ll take care here, then. Got the crew going out the ranch, have ‘er finished afore the weddin’ so they promised. We’ll see.” Pike said, pouring himself a cup of coffee. “Good. That’s real good. Best get to it. Be back.” And out the door Speed went. A big town attorney might change things, then again, this was a small town, with small town moralities and ethics. Big city people didn’t impress them much, they were looked on more as an interference, than anything else. Not a particularly religious man, having witnessed as well as caused so much death and destruction during the war, he was fairly regular at Sunday Service. He believed in God, and gave Him proper respect, the carnage of the war and what he saw of it’s aftermath had given him pause in beliefs. But this was not about rectifying beliefs, this was about insuring the safety of those that would be involved in the trial from any interference from the Steelgrave riders, or Cases outlaw friends. With that thought in mind, whether real or conjured up, Speed made his way up to the church, stepping inside he called out, “Padre? You here?” @boshmi TBC
  10. In fact it was the entire family delivering he steaming water and filling the tub. The dirty clothes were whisked away to be washed dried and returned, though Dutton had clean clothes to dress in. Dutton climbed into the tub and relaxed, letting the hot water relieve the tensions in his body before he began washing. He had not missed the trial after all, and aside from being hungry, he felt fit as a fiddle and ready for the challenge of facing Cole Latham, or whoever was to represent Case Steelgrave. There would be a plausible defense for case's actions, plausible, but not likely a legal defense. Assaulting a peace officer, two counts, with that of Quentin Cantrell, and attempted murder of a peace officer, those were the thee main charges besides the drunk in public, and, resisting arrest. He could see that the judge might forego the drunk in public. or find him guilty and allow him 'time served.' Dutton would press every charge available against the former Whitefish Marshal. It was a matter of principle ans certainly what would have been done were the roles reversed. And the Circuit Judge, this Harland Bryant, Dutton knew of him, and of his reputation as tough jurist. He felt that that would work in his favor. Of course there was no telling how it might go. A jury trial was a possibility, but highly unlikely, as the Judge would have a schedule with other cases in other towns. Yes, the outcome should be a simple guilty verdict on all charges, but there was the human factor to take into account. The mood of the judge on the day of the trial, all of that sort of thing which always made the verdict a chance thing, yet Dutton Peabody was certain justice would prevail. TBC
  11. Like he had been slammed with a skillet. “Well, Mister John Goodnight, I do. He’d be resting comfortably in the lock-up awaiting trial. You come far?” “Helena. I’d like to see my client and I expect reasonable accommodations for that visit.” Came the reply. “Well then, I can let you into the cell block where he’s being held, that’s for sure and plenty reasonable.” Speed did not like this John Goodnight from Helena, and even less when the mouthpiece handed him his card. “No need of that, you’d be the only citified pettifogger in town. Now, The man paying you is close to twenty miles north on the Evergreen, in case yoou need to see him as well.” “No need to be disagreeable Marshal. I’m here at the request of Mister Elias Steelgrave to defend his son. I intend to do just that. Now I believe I’ve made a request of you that is both legal and reasonable. So, I would like to see my client, and in private.” “The geography might be some difficult Mister John Goodnight, but we’ll certainly let you see your client, and in as privet a setting as we can. Follow me, sir.” What had started out as a walk to the church had turned into a return to the Municipal Building. and the juggling of prisoners for this shyster. But then who else would Elias Steelgrave hire, but a dishonest lawyer. They walked to the Marshal’s office without another word until Speed took up the keys and instructed, “you wait here.” He went to the County Sheriff’s office where he had three available cells, once he moved Miss Caroline Mundee downstairs, made that move then went to his cell block and Case’s cell. “Get up Case, your mouthpiece is here and I have to move you next door. So, you try anything, anything at all, there’ll be no trial.” “Big talk, Guyer. You know you’re finished here.” A bold statement. But one a free Case Steelgrave could see through. He didn’t threaten Speed’s life outright, but it was there. “Yeah sure, Case.” Speed unlocked the cell door and opened it, then stepped back, “Come out.” He ordered. Case did as he was told without another word, none were necessary. Once the transfer was complete, Speed returned to his office and the waiting John Goodnight. “The bag stays here, Need to check you for weapons, then you can take all the time you need.” There was a pocket pistol, nothing else, so Speed escorted the layer to the cell with Case Steelgrave. He pointed to the chair. “Have at it.” With that he stepped out, pulled the door closed and locked it. “Give a holler when you’re done.” TBC
  12. It was the change of men working the herd, the Night Hawks were trading places with the line riders of the daylight hours. Most of them hated the fence line that had been put up, but it was there and needed tending. Of course the Night Hawks job was to patrol the herd, insure they were bedded down and to watch for anything, rustlers, fire, or strays. So, several riders were fanning out through the herd, riding easy so as not to spook the cattle in their passing from the exchange of information to their assigned spots. One such rider went by the name of Carson and he seemed to have ridden past the stranger at the edge of the trees when he suddenly wheeled his horse around, his Colt in his hand, ready to unravel some cartridges. “Mister, this here’s Evergreen range. Not sure where you’re bound for, but cuttin’ though ain’t an option.” He said, the pistol leveled at the man. “State your bid’ness!” @boshmi
  13. "Don't worry, I was teasing about the chickens." Emeline laughed. "I tried that when I was six...there was a blizzard, so I brought the chickens and rabbits into the house! It didn't take long for Mama to explain to me that the Good Lord saw to his creatures, and Papa had added extra straw to the coop and hutches. She made me take them back, and I almost crawled into the coop with the chickens to keep them warm, but it was too cold out there!" “Yer Pa sounds like a right smart man, an\’ one to avoid havin’ his home over run by chickens and rabbits. So we’ll insure that them critters are comfortable year round, ‘specially come winter. Can’t have them too hot 'er too cold. Heaven forbid!" She laughed again, then smiled. "I do appreciate that you thought about putting the coops and hutches close to the house, though, so i won't have far to go. Good for you, too, because if I have to go out at night, when I come back to bed I'm going to use you to warm up my cold feet and hands!" And then she blushed hotly at the suggestion that they would be sleeping together! “Oh now, wait just a dern minute! Cold feet an’ hands? I don’t recall any need of your goin’ outside in the middle of any night, ‘specially not no winter night!” He protested. “Ain’t no call fer you ta be traipsin’ around out’n the snow an’ cold jest ta come in an’ torment me with cold hands an’ feet!” @Bongo
  14. “You could do that, Em. No reason she wouldn’t accept it, I mean, ain’t no sense in figgerin’ she ain’t got the time, er wouldn’t make the time. Woman has to eat, don’t she? Might ask her to lunch, maybe get Clara to watch the place like she has before.” “Folks get the notion because a bodies got plannin’ an’ such to do that they got no time fer nothin’ else, an’ to a point, that’s true. I’d say with Leah Steelgrave, the plannin’s done, be done fer a spell now. So send her an invite. Reckon you’ll be surprised.” Barnabas concluded. @Bongo
  15. The veterans were on his list, some were older than most, but there were some he would ask. So up the street he went, looking at the Church, may as well try and get the Good Lord on their side. They may be no trouble at all, though he doubted it. Then again, it gave him pause, had he not been concerned about the gang that so many associated with Case Steelgrave, what of them? At that moment he stopped, as, intermixed with the normal traffic, trace chains and thundering hooves announced the arrival of the coach from Helena, the new Territorial Capitol, which came once a month, but it was early, and, the Milligan coach would not be due for another week or so. Another thing that got his attention was the figure on the boardwalk with luggage. It was Linda Everson, proprietress of the boarding house. As he watch a young man, well appointed, emerge from the coach, he crossed over. “Ah, Marshal...” the young man began. “A moment sir.” came the reply as he stepped up on the boardwalk. “Missus Everson, where are you off to?” “I sold out. Not enough trade for two boarding houses in town.” She responded. “So I’ll be going back east to live with my daughter, you will let Mister Pike know, won’t you?” “Of course, ma’am. A sad thing to see you go, but to be with kin, now that is cause for joy.” He luggage was hoisted upon top and the shotgun guard opened the door for her to board. “Time to go ma’am.” “Goodbye Marshal. My best to Mister Pike and Missus Blakesley, I so wanted to make their wedding, but, life has dealt other cards. Give them my best wishes. You take care Marshal, I will miss you, and this town.” And with that, she boarded the coach, and moments later they thundered out of town. Speed stood for a long moment watching it go, then turned to the stranger. “Now, how can I be of service, sir?” “Yes. John Goodnight, Attorney At Law. Here to represent a Mister Case Steelgrave, I believe. Do you still have him in custody?” TBC

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