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  1. "Hello? Who is there, please?" asked Frances, raising her voice that the stranger outside might hear. "Marshal Speed Guyer, Miss Grimes," He announced. When she realized that it was the Marshall, she let him in immediately. "Is this about my brother?" she asked, in a voice that betrayed the fact that she would be surprised if it was about anything else. "I'm afraid so ma'am," He was not not surprised, "Perhaps you'd like to sit down." He gave her a moment before continuing, "I'm afraid that your brother Frank got into an argument with some men at the Stardust Saloon earlier. Unfortunately for him, he drew his pistol, and was killed." That did not come out the way he had intended. It sounded hollow and cold. "I have what money he had on him, and some from the sale of his gun totaling thirty-five dollars." He added. "Also, there is the question of his horse and saddle. If you like, Miss Grimes, it can be sold and the money would come to you." He had hoped to make the delivery of Franks death much more smooth, but he felt a failure in that department. @Javia
  2. "Not my favorite subject, but I can talk about it. I met Beth in the early spring of '71, courted her proper I did. We married before the end of summer. Sort of what they call a whirlwind affair. Fast for some folks, too long for us." He related, "Now we were not kids by any means, I was twenty-eight, she, but seventeen. Her folks weren't happy about her choice, but then too, they were happy to pass on her support to me." "We married and settled into a small place that I bought for us, and we were happy as a couple could be. Oh we tried for a child, we did, but to no avail. Just wasn't in the cards for us I suppose. But we had one another, and that was enough. Without a child to raise, we were free to do as we pleased, so we attended socials, dances, concerts in the park. Had friends in, as well as visiting them at their homes." He paused. "The winter of '74 Beth took a serious fall while I was at work. By the time I got home her leg was swollen, the house was like ice, and I was in a panic." He paused again. "I got her to the doctor who had her admitted to the hospital where they tended to her leg, but within days pneumonia set in. Not having the necessary strength to fight it, she succumbed." He fained a smile, but his now red rimmed eyes were forming tears. "And, here I am." @Javia
  3. "I'm not particularly interested in wine either," Emeline agreed, "maybe with a fancy dinner, since I am curious to try it." Part of the 'experience everything' plan! "And that sounds great, a sampler of several things. I don't have much experience with fish, even fresh water. I've dabbled some with salmon and trout, but there was never a steady enough supply to get good with it.' Maybe she'd try again when they got back? "Mostly I'd think it'd all be spoilt before it got to town. I mean it's a ways from here ta there, an' there ain't no train where it could be packed in ice." He offered, "I mean, sure, they could pack it in ice on a wagon, but where they gonna get it after they leave here, or worst, Frisco?" "And, of course, sea food is too expensive and complicated to get, so that's not an issue." Suddenly, she grinned. "Hey, can you fish? Can you teach me? After all, we have that nice stream running through the property." Then she could get her own fish whenever she felt like it! "I been a time 'er two, an' yah, I'd wager there's fish in that stream fer the catchin', so we kin giver 'er a try when we get back. No trouble a tall!" He said with a grin. "Folks might like the change 'a pace with fish on the menu. Et me a lotta fish at one time down south, game was scarce, Comanches was out, so huntin' weren't safe. We made do." @Bongo
  4. Speed had led Grimes' horse to the livery and handed him over to Gunther, explaining the situation to the smithy, then turned and headed for the hardware store where he would deliver the news to Francis Grimes. There were times in every mans life where there was a task he simply did not relish doing, but understood it was his task to perform. This was just such a situation. He had no idea what the situation between the siblings was, though Frank Grimes seemed to be the caretaker for his sister, his reputation in town was was far from sterling. Drunkenness, fighting, gambling, whoring, all the things that were frowned upon when done to excess or done at all. He climbed the stairs, steeling himself for the task at hand, until he reached the door. He rapped on the wooden portal, almost holding his breath, but forcing himself to breath normally. @Javia
  5. "Well sir, I'll be back with those pistols as I said, and the nickle Colts. See you then." He found it refreshing to have the door opened for him as he stepped out onto the boardwalk. "Good day, sir." Across the street at the Stardust stood Grimes horse and what had been an idea earlier now was a quandary. The animal would now belong to Francis, it would be her decision as to what happened to the horse and saddle. That left him holding thirty-five dollars and wondering just where he could find Francis Grimes to give it to her, and find out what she wanted to do with the horse. TBC
  6. Seated and looking out at the view of the harbor he smiled at the thought of a maitre'd at the Lickskillet. "Now about the wine, don't know a whole lot about 'em, 'cept some say white wine and still others say red, depending on what fish we're havin'. 'course now, I don't drink much, so I could care less about it, but if you're a mond to, we'll jest ask." He opened the menu and began to peruse the entrées listed. "See anything that tickles yer fancy?" He asked, then added, this her 'Captain's Platter' seems a good choice. Several kinds of sea food on it." He was not much on sea food, he had tried clams up on the Comstock one time, and was not to fond of them. Barnabas Pike was a meat and potatoes sort. Beef steaks! However, he was game to try the varieties that this platter offered. Some he had never heard of. @Bongo
  7. "I'll be just a moment Anæsthesia." Leah called after the young lady. She turned to Matthew. "I can meet with you later if that's alright. I think perhaps getting Anæsthesia settled with the idea of being a part of the project going forward is most important, don't you? I mean the poor girl needs something to distract her as much as possible." @JulieS@Javia?
  8. Speed smiled, "I think that would be fine, Mister Winter. Just fine. I'll present her with what cash I've accumulated so far, and when we've got all this settled, I'll see that she gets the balance." A lump sum offer for guns that he could turn a profit on for himself was a more than fair offer, in fact, it was a most generous offer. More good coming out of the bank robbery tragedy. "I'll head over and gather up what I have. Maybe the gun leather is in acceptable condition as well, I really hadn't paid much attention, except for one outfit, the two gun rig that had belonged to Kid Carlisle. A pair of nickle plated, ivory handled, Colt peacemakers in four and three quarters inch barrel lengths. Well cared for." They would fetch a pretty penny separately or together. Then the rig itself polished black leather. The right man could wear it with either of the Mexican loop holsters if he chose to. Or, buy the whole lot. Perhaps an auction for them, that was food for thought. "Well, I'll be back, need to stop by and see Gunther about Grimes' horse. I'll have those guns here before days end." Speed announced. @boshmi
  9. Phinn couldn't help but laugh at the raised hand and the question, "Of course I am saddened at a number of things. Richard Orr's death, for one. My late wife's passing, actually a great many things. The passing of the hospital project has me saddened for the length of time it has taken and the property was not discussed at all." He smiled as he shook his head. "Sadness, young lady, is a part of living. Things happen or don't happen that affect people, allowing them to feel sadness. We would all like to feel joyous, happy all of the time, but I'm afraid that's just not possible in the grand scheme of things. Life has too many ups and downs for that to be even remotely possible." Yes, there was a great deal of sadness in the community over a great number of things. Some large, some small, but saddening just the same, yet folks didn't go around with long faces all day. Far from it. Setbacks were just a part of everyday life, so the majority of time, people found happiness in a great many things, from the sight of a friend, to the sun rise or sun set. To a new foal, or calf, or crops maturing in the field. Yes life had it's hard parts, but the good far out weighed to bad. A rather deep question from the young lady, he thought. @Javia alias Tombstone
  10. Caleb Barnes needed a horse, one that could run and carry him out of the country, away from the reach of Marshal Guyer. That had been a mistake, one he could not take back. This nag he took from that farmer could hold up. The fact was he was afraid the animal would die on him and set him afoot, easy pickings for the Marshal, whom he knew was behind him somewhere. The trees had afforded him a means of staying out of sight to the man following him, and that was good to a point, but he just could not make the break for it that he needed. His plan was to head south-west to throw any posse off his trail, then steal a horse and circle back to town and roust Grimes, then head for open country and get far away from anyone following, but things weren't working out the way he planned. Of course, plans seldom work out the way they were laid out. He topped out on a small rise as the sun began to set, below, a house, a light in the window, and, a horse tied at the corral, saddled, ready and waiting!
  11. "Actually, that would have been filler articles. I was relegated to filler articles for quite a while before I was able to actually take information and write an article on it. I believe it was an extensive article about Veterans of the late war how they were getting on, conventions and the like. Interesting stuff. I was even afforded the opportunity to attend a convention in Omaha." Those had been the days, when he wanted to cover important stories, get out with the people that he was writing about, or the situations he was seeing and reporting on. But he was no reporter, he was a columnist. Often he was to take provided information and write a column about it. But then too, he was married to Beth, and life was good, until it ended just two years ago with her passing. "I departed Grand Island Nebraska in late '74 with a wagon loaded with my press, ink and paper, and, here I am. Editor of the Kalispell Union, for better or worse." @Javia
  12. Leah smiled, "Perhaps we'll have some tea and discuss her employment in the dining room. A bit more quiet than the Lickskillet." She paused and laid a gloved hand on his arm, "Thank you Matthew, I appreciate this." She turned, "So young lady, how about a cup of tea, perhaps snack, or a light lunch?" She offered. "We have some things to discuss about what you can do going forward with the hospital project. And, what you might like to do. That would be more to the point, I think." Her smile was warm and genuine. This was an opportunity for both her and for Anæsthesia. @Javia@JulieS
  13. "Surprises are al'ays good, unless they ain't, and I only deal in them good'uns! 'specially for you. Now, about eatin' well, I figger we'll just head over't that there sea food joint an' give 'er a try." He said, taking her hand. "That upstairs restaurant, what was it, 'The Blue Fin,' whatever that is, that'd be the place to eat." So far it had been quite the day, both of them outfitted with new clothes, taking a walking tour of the local area. He was pleased with himself. They had gotten word out to Kalispell as well, and to him, that was just as important for him as for Em but she needed to let Clara know where she was, and that she was fine. He simply felt the need to let Speed know things were good and safe. There would be more wires to send as the traveled. They stopped in front of the Blue Fin, "Well? Shall we?" @Bongo
  14. Speed smiled. "Fine, I appreciate that, Mister Winter. The funds of course will go to a good cause. That girl will need all the help she can get." The plight of Francis Grimes was not one he was able to fully grasp. With no sight, without her brother's assistance and support, her situation appeared to be grave. Yet, what did he actually know of her circumstance? Nothing. She must have a place to live, that all but go without saying. "I've several guns over at the jail that belonged to the men that robbed the bank. They won't be needing them, I can bring them over to be repaired where necessary, and perhaps you would take them on consignment once the town pays you for the repair work. Sound like something that you might be willing to do? That money can go to her as well." He would head over and see Matt Wentworth about the plan. @boshmi
  15. Speed followed Hank's directions, heading back east made no real sense, but then he wasn't running from the law, he was the law. That would be two stolen horses to Caleb Barnes' credit, not a good thing to have as it was a hanging offense, and should there be a third, and he be caught by whoever he stole it from, well, they would decorate the nearest tree with him. Speed followed what trail there was on the hard packed ground until he entered the grassland where the hoof's had torn up the earth, the trail still leading him east but into the trees which he was expecting. It was clear the animal had tired and was slowed to a walk. Not the escape Barnes had hoped for, but he still had a lead on Guyer, and with ground now covered in dead fall limbs, branches and leaves, the trail had all but disappeared, it had become slow going. The hope of a quick capture was fading faster than the daylight as he followed the vague, often disappearing trail. Speed wanted to pick up his pace but the constant changes in direction to locate anything of a trail was slow and agonizing, except that now Barnes was heading northeast, as if he was circling back to Kalispell. That made no sense to him, but then again, he wasn't Barnes, and had no idea what he was thinking, so he pushed on.

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