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  1. Barnabas listened, understanding the young mans desire to venture out, and also his hesitance to leave his sister behind. Life has those twists and turns that are possible blocks to what feels like their calling. "Well, you know, there are ways that you could manage that education, and there are ways that Lillian here could go with you." Then he cautioned, "I would certainly hesitate to travel to the Dakotas until the Indians are pacified. I'm sure they are filled with the power of their defeat of George Custer." "Then again, should you attend the university, things could be settled before you graduated and ventured out. Education is a fine thing, Tom, whether you use it here, or the Dakotas, or wherever you might venture forth. I only wished I had had the luxury of education beyond what I managed at my mothers knee and that one room school house in Texas." But fortune had smiled on him, the poker hand and what he had brought him, and then Em. His life was good, all things considered.
  2. "Guess you're right about just showin' up at the ranch like that." He agree, and that is kind of you, but I've cash put by for this trip I've made. The hotel does sound good. And the local fare? Which is the best place to eat. Lookin' for big steak dinner I am. Been sometime since I was able to get somethin' like that. It was a trip to remember, long, hard, and with every temperature you could imagine." It had been that and a bit more. There had been Molly McGuire, he was missing her, but Kalispell would not be the place for her if all that had been said came to fruition between Lost Lake and the Evergreen. He had waltzed in on what could be a real corpse and cartridge affair, and one that went on an on til they forgot what it was about, or who started it. "I appreciate your offer, and your council about town and holdin' off till the ranch hands were in town. I'll do just that. @JulieS
  3. Flip

    Riding The Country

    Both men had agreed, it had been a hell of a day. That Bannister came to them had been unexpected, but welcomed. As they walked to the hotel after stabling their mounts they paused on the porch, taking up seats on the porch. Both men silent as they turned over the events of the day. Neither weary as they should be after a long hard ride back to Kalispell. "This shapes up different than I was thinking it would. I mean hell, this is father against daughter." Cook said, "Seen a few that was father-son, never father-daughter." "Odd one, that's fer shore. Now This Elias Steelgrave, you know much about him?" McNue asked, wonder what type of man is a threat to his own flesh and blood. "Some, none of it good, and none of it arrestable, if that's even a word. The man skirts the law in a way he gets what he's after without consequence. Though I've heard there's a dark past with some bodies, but again, no real proof. Well, we'll check in with Guyer in the morning, see what we can do." "Sounds to be a good idea, as dos gettin' our fair share 'o shuteye." McNue agreed. Both men got to their feet and entered the hotel. On this night their prospective of what was happening had changed.
  4. "I was supposed to marry well, according to my parents. What a joke that has turned out to be." She began, "I mean really? A spoiled brat was supposed to attract some well to do man and drag him into the family? I never could understand how that was supposed to be good for me, but it was his plan, not mine." She smiled, but there was no joy in it, just a facial reaction. "What a disaster my family has become. My mother run off, my brothers scattered about the state, if they are even still in Montana, and he is busy trying to increase his empire. The only one I am sure about is Case, and he is still around. What his relationship with Elias is, I have no idea They may not even be speaking, then again, they could be forging some alliance, an uneasy one if they are. The bad thing about being his daughter, I know how he thinks, yes. What he is capable of, and what he might do, but there is no second guessing Elias Steelgrave." @Bongo
  5. "Hell Pa, you can't even get your own sons together to take Thornton's ranch, how in hell are you going to raise an Army, and that'll be more than thirty or forty men?" Case wanted to know. "Money son, it speaks when nothing else will." Elias stated flatly, as if everyone knew that. Let's say that we join forces. I figure that's a good forty to fifty men right now. But, we'd have no one to handle the ranch while we were out. But, putting the word out, we could raise a hundred men, fighting men!" Elias smiled, and ugly, mean spirited smile. "Your brothers will com around to our way of thinking soon enough." "And Leah? What of Leah Pa?" Case asked. "Leah? What the hell's she got to do with anything? Maybe we put her out of business." Came the reply. "I'll tolerate no abuse of my sister Pa, none. No by you or any man you hire." Case declared. "I know you're angry with her, but no one touches her, or they answer to me!" "Don't push boy. She stepped away from this family, went against me and I will not have that!" Elias shot back. "We don't need her to come between us. Together you and I can run Flathead County and everything inside it's borders!" Case looked him in the eye, unsure of what the old man would do, but firm in his resolve. "You do what you want with her project, I don't give a hang about no hospital, but she is not to be threatened or harmed, or there's no deal."
  6. Flip

    The interviews

    "Exceptions, yes, and we'd rather not see them as the rule. We are not Dodge City for Gods sake! And we won't be. We'll ban guns from town, only the police will carry firearms. That Phin, will put a quick end to shootings in Kalispell." Latham expounded, "And with a regular police force patrolling the streets, everyone will be all that much safer." "So what you are saying is that the populace is currently unsafe, and unprotected?" Phin asked, "That Guyer and his deputies have somehow failed to provide the expected protection to the towns folk?" "What I am saying is it is eighteen and seventy-six, it is time, high time, that Kalispell moved forward as a town with it's aspirations of becoming a city in short order. McVay, you a stumbling block in the way of progress in our fair town. We'll not have it, do you understand, we will simply not have it." The veins were protruding from Latham's neck, and his face reddened. "People like you, and Guyer, and Leah Steelgrave, are holding us back! Standing in the way of real progress, and we will put an end to that, do you hear me? The rest of the mealy-mouth citizens hereabouts can either get used to the new age in Kalispell or move on!" "Cole Latham, you sound a whole lot like your master, Elias Steelgrave. Pity you and he have no understanding of the very men and women you intend to subjugate. Kalispell will fight you Latham, you and the Evergreen. These are free people here, not subjects, and you sir, need to understand that. For you will have a fight on your hands, whether you like it or not. So it is you and the old man out there that needs to understand this, Kalispell will not kowtow to you or anyone else!" He leapt to his feet fully intending to strike the first blow against this insanity, but restrained himself, taking a step back. "I believe this concludes the interview, Mister Latham." He turned and left the office slamming the door, and with it the frosted glass panel, which shattered.
  7. "You don't look to be the foo-foo type to me Alice Fletcher. So, I have this ring that just might fit you, one I think will be one that both you and the Marshal will appreciate." "No, no I'm not, and yes, I'd love to see this ring. It can serve both as an engagement ring and a wedding ring?" She asked. Yes, yes it can. I know that in the east some are going with two rings, which makes no logical sense to me. One with a stone mounted on it for the engagement, then a matching band for the wedding. The things they do in the east. I mean to say yes, that would be nice to have, but as far as being practical for how we live out here, just seems silly." "It does, actually. Even though yes, it would be nice to have, but when would one wear such a thing out here?" "Well here it is, now this is solid silver, Montana silver! It was made down in Virginia City where they have a jeweler. See the exquisite carving that was done on this. Only one like it, well, that I have." Mary explained showing Alice the ring, which gleamed in the light. "Now there was material added to the silver for strength, don't know what, but it's sturdy!" "Oh my, yes, it is beautiful!" Alice was immediately taken with the ring. It was simple yet ornate with the carving done on it. She did know that it was done in a mold, and not carved, but that was not important. "Can we try it?" May Anderson handed over the ring to Alice who looked at it, then looked to Mary, and then back to the ring as she slipped it on her finger where it fit perfectly. She fanned out her hand, holding it up to examine the ring on her finger. "Speed." She called out.
  8. Gilcrest felt pretty good as he trolled the boardwalk, asking after Brendan Connolly. Finally a man said he was at the old funeral parlor where there had been some sort of shooting and proceeded to tell the wrangler of the people that had been going in and out of the place, from the Marshal and the Doc, to the saloon singer, Happy with the news, Gilcrest followed the given directions to the building in question. Before he reached the door he ran into a young fellow wearing a badge so he stopped him, figure he would know about Connolly. "'scuse me Deppity, I'm huntin' Brendan Connolly, I was told he might be here?" @JulieS
  9. "Yes Ma'am. Haven't slept in a bed in some time, and I am tired of my own cooking, so a hot meal sounds real good along about now." Ty said with a smile. "As far as Shade goes, I have no idea where he is, nor what he's up too, other than the telegram." It was a mystery to be sure, and she was not the only one wondering where Shade Thornton was, and what it was that kept him from his ranch. "Are you now in town? I ask because I thought we might have breakfast if you took your meals here in town, before I ride out to see Cantrell on the ranch."
  10. "Always glad to spread the word about the perils and rewards of the west." He said to Tom. "A great place, the west, the settled and unsettled parts." He grinned, he much preferred the unsettled, or sparsely settled west. As the conversation shifted back to talk of the seals, sea lions and ocean creatures he too noticed the gathering fog, and when Emeline suggested packing up he got to his feet. "Lemme give ya and hand with alla this." He offered. Fog had startled him the first time he encountered it, that grey misty should threat actually covered everything, hiding the world from view as if by magic.
  11. "A pleasure Tom, always eager to spread the words about the west and it's challenges and its rewards. Plenty of both ta be had." Barnabas said with a smile, because, it was true. The he looked to the others as the conversation shifted to the local wild life out in the bay. Emeline's suggestion to begin packing up at the sight of the fog, still a ways off, rolling in made him smile. How he marveled at the grey mist that would engulf the water, then the sand and eventually the city. He remembered it well, the fact was, and is that it would terrify the unsuspecting when it rolled in and shrouded everything in its path. "Yep, best get to it.here lemme help with alla this stuff."
  12. "Danged if we weren't!" Gilcrest stated, "Made are share of mistakes, that's fer positive sure. Time though, some of us lern't better, and did what we could ta be better'n we was. The war done thet for most all of us." He picked up his second beer, and once again, in a pair of gulps, it too was gone. "Thank ya kindly Ralph, be seein' ya next I'm in town." @Wayfarer if you want.
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    Riding The Country

    After they drank their beer both men left the Stardust and led their horses to to livery where they stripped off the saddles and tack, then proceeded to rub them down while the animals fed on oats and hay. They checked the horses hoofs, ensuring that the shoes were good. Proper care was vital for these men. "So what do make of the Doc over't Columbia Falls?" Cook asked. "Seemed like a good man, well intentioned sort." McNue answered as he brushed his horse. "I reckon these Steelgraves are all they're cracked up to be then." "Would appear that way wouldn't it. I just don't understand a father gettin' in the way of his daughter doin' somethin' like buildin' a hospital. Seems to me a man oughtta be proud of her." "You'd think, wouldn't ya?" Both men whirled around. "Easy there, name's Bannister, with them that's keepin' and eye on Miss Steelgrave. We've been meaning to palaver with you two for a spell now, just never got to it." "John Cook, he's Bill McNue. Just up Columbia Falls where we met with Doc Boone, he had high praise for you boys. Pleased to meet you." ""You know they'll be meeting in the morning about this hospital, and it seems Matt Wentworth will be ramroddin' the Town Council meetin', so sure as shootin', it'll get done for her, and then I'm thinkin' at some point, the trouble's gonna start. So we wanted you to know, we'll stand with you and Guyer when need be." "He short a deputy?" McNue asked. "That Pike fella?" "Yep, an I wished he was here, but then, you know, trouble might be a ways off yet, like till they start buildin' an' there's enough to burn down, that sort of thing." Banister added. "I know most of those men, an' we won't be takin' 'em lightly, neither should you." "Appreciate that." Cook said. "Didn't figure they'd be the type to take lightly." McNue added. "I gotta get back, she's eatin' with Wentworth, but you can count on us." Bannister assure them. "We will, thanks Bannister." McNue stated. "Give a holler when you need us, we'll be right there!' Cook promised. They watched as Bannister disappeared in the darkness. "Son of a bitch! This could be quite the show!" Cook considered. Damn sure will!" McNue agreed.
  14. Leah smiled at his kind words of encouragement. "I suppose you're right, Jonah. There will always be something just ahead that needs doing, or building, or making better than it is. Though I'm not altogether sure that I will be the driving force behind any of it." "You know, Jonah, there will still be challenges ahead of us with the hospital, and the orphanage. I mean, there will still be challenges to face getting it built with this late start, and I am not convinced my father has not had a hand in all of these delays, and road blocks to getting started. But of course we will see, won't we?" She was well aware of both Latham and Ashworth, and, she had her suspicions about the late Richard Orr, which may, or may not be true, it was still there. @Bongo
  15. Flip

    The interviews

    "Just what the Sam Hell are you going on about?" Phin asked, "There ain't no opium dens in Kalispell, and ain't likely to be, unless you were thinking of bringing them in. Hell we got whores, always have had. And yes, mining seems to be on the uptick, but I don't see a rush like they had in the south, Virginia City, down that way. Crime, sure as hell we got that, but no where near the scale you're talking about. Of course you may know something I don't." "I'm talking about growth, the uncontrolled growth of this town where they just build willy-nilly wherever they're a mind too. We can't have that. There needs to be control, permits need to be issued at a reasonable cost before the plans can be approved. And plans have to be submitted, which will require a building department." Cole Latham explained. "Balderdash! This isn't New York, or Philadelphia for Christs sake. Not even Helena! My God man, we're still a small town, and having growing pains while we're at it!" "Phin, times are changing, and they're changing fast! Why before the Governors intrusion into our affairs, we had everything under control, everything just the way it should be for a growing town. Then, he leaves his regulators here to enforce the will of the Helena elite!" "So your answer is to create taxes and levy fees, which begets fines, if they aren't paid promptly." Phin retorted, "And creating a whole new department which will have to be paid for by people who don't need it or want to use it." "They'll be required to use it or face possible arrest. That's just one more reason we will need to have a police department. Not violent crime, but crime none the less." Latham responded, "And don't give me that 'we already have enough law' business, because we don't, not to enforce the laws that will be necessary as we move forward." Phin shook his head, "And you believe folks will buy into this rhetoric of yours? And where do you see all of this crime coming from? One attempted bank robbery in all the time the town has had a bank. Oh, I agree, there have been shootings, but they've been the exceptions rather than the rule." TBC

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