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  1. “ Well then, You can count on an animal with some spirit come Sunday, say the afternoon? Early or late, or even first thing, after church, if you’s be attending.” He suggested the it dawned on him, she had just said she’d take the day off. “Well, reckon I need to clean out ma ears. I heard you plain that you was takin’ the day off. He admitted timidly. “I know the waterfall, well worth the ride out to it. So you just pick a time an’ I’ll have you a mount an’ be ready to ride when you are.” This was far beyond what he had though could happen. Tag @Bongo
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    A New DAy

    “Like I said, no rush. The boy sounds interesting, and capable. Which leads to the question, if he’s not doing so good on his own, I’m wondering how he’d feel about making some serious money scouting out minerals and such.” Speed reacted. “Guess I should take a ride out there and find out for myself.” He surmised. “Need to find office space though.” So, Miss Devereau? How is she? It has been sometime since I’ve seen the two of you. Though I have heard the place is doing well, and that’s always good.” Tag @Wayfarer
  3. “Yes, I had seen that we al most have our choice of tables this evening.” Elinor agreed. “There are times like this where the dinner hour finds the place al but empty. It is a fair bit above what most locals can afford, at least on a regular basis.” She sped a table away from Leah and the doctor. “How about that one?” There seemed no sense in engaging with her daughter who could be bull headed and argumentative, a gift from Elias. There seemed no reason to subject Sarah to the family dis-function, not that she wouldn't learn about it soon enough. Actually, she liked the woman and was regretful at the dynamics between the two families which would eventually impact any friendship that might be forged. Although Elinor realized she would not be long for Evergreen or the area.
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    A New DAy

    With little to do other than walk the boardwalks, Speed had literally nothing better to do than to wait on coffee. “Well, no rush Ralph, none at all. And I would suppose that the town council might not appreciate their lawman drinking in the morning, but then they may not care either. Me, I’m not one to drink this early anyway." This, of course, was simply a social call, see if there was anyone new in town that Flandry may have seen, as well as general conversation. "I had heard of a young fellow,a prospector, you see I'm considering finding some office space for my company, Wood & Guyer Mining Co. out of New York. Like to speak to the lad, see if he might be interested in what we do." Tag @Wayfarer
  5. "Good evening, Mrs. Steelgrave." Elinor paused, “Good evening. I’ll need a room for the night, no sense in trying to get to the Evergreen tonight. My daughter, as you know, is in our suite, so anything will suffice.” She deplored night travel through open country, especially if there was another option. And the Belle S. Regis was a perfect option, even if she did not have the suite, all the other amenities were available. "So I would assume there is still plenty of time to be seated for supper? She asked, the pangs of hunger evident as she asked the question. The food at the hotel was always superb, Missus Thornton-Carlton and I will be having dinner as soon as our check in is complete." Tag @JulieS
  6. Leah smiled at his statement about being paid to be in charge of the hospital, “But Jonah, you’re a doctor, it’s a hospital, our hospital. Who else would we have run it?” The smile never wavered, “Of course there will be other doctors, but it will be you that is the Medical Director.” the statement about being spoiled made her laugh. “Yes I suppose you will, and in time, you’ll be spoiling yourself.” He took a bite of the squab, savoring the wonderful flavors. "It's amazing how the right application of ingredients can change something that is mundane and dull to something superb. But I suppose that applies to just about anything, doesn't it? Good ingredients are wasted without good use and vice versa?" Did that somehow apply to him? Likely the opposite! “Exactly my point, Doctor Danforth. You sir are the proper ingredient to make this hospital work, I have nothing but confidence in your abilities. It maybe rocky at first, but I have no doubt that you are the man for the job!”
  7. "It's been ages since I was riding, and honestly, I miss that." Her smile widened. "I have Sunday, if that is acceptable, after church, of course. And I can pack us lunch, make the day of it?" “Sunday? Shore, Sunday’d be fine.” Pike responded, somewhat off guard by the unexpected acceptance of his offer. He had hoped she would accept, but was not quite ready for a yes. "Oh, I don't have a horse myself, though, if that is a problem?" “Ah, ani’t no problem, no problem a-tall. I’ll have you proper mount, say nine o’clock. ‘Er is that too early?” He asked, grinning like a school boy. “Oh, you do ride, I mean, any horse’ll do ya? Maybe you’d want a gentle animal, or one with spirit? Jest makin’ sure.” Tag @Bongo
  8. Waiting for her in Kalispell on the Hospital & orphanage project with Jonah and Leah.
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    Speed stepped out of the Municipal building from his office door and onto the boardwalk. Traffic on the street was light, folks on the boardwalk were few. He surveyed the street, scanning one end to the other, not really looking for anything in particular, just seeing. The thought of the office for the mining company crossed his mind. Might be a good day to look into that. He wasn't earning his keep from the company of late, but then, he's been busy. He stepped off into the street, waited for an wagon to pass, waving to the driver, then crossing to the other side, up onto the walk and then straight for the Stardust Saloon, noting a couple horses stood at the hitch rails. There was a wagon in front of the General Store, a buckboard in front of the mercantile. He push through the bat wing doors and into the saloon. Stepping over to the bar he smiled. "Morning Mister Flandry. Got any coffee on?" He asked in greeting. Tag @Wayfarer
  10. “Heard about them places. I was in Rome durin’ the war fer a bit.” He said with a straight face. “‘course thet was Rome, Georgia. You know there’s a Paris in Texas too, not none of them other places though.” Then Pike cracked a grin, looking at Emeline. “I’d be proud ta try whatever you was fixin’. Jest give a hollar an’ I’ll show up, count on it.” This had turned into a most surprising morning. Pronto had just wanted to learn her name, and it had gone so much further than a simple introduction. Here they were talking about food and recipes she wanted to try from places he could barely imagine, oh, he’d seen drawings and even a couple of paintings of foreign places, but now they took on a different meaning for him. “I know this place’ll keep ya hoppin’, but if there’s a time why I’d like ta take ya fer a ride. Some right purdy country around here. I’d even hire a buggy if’n you weren’t fer ridin’.” Tag @Bongo
  11. "At least medical care will be provided!" That was one aspect they wouldn't have to worry about, although this was getting to be pretty complicated. But at least Leah seemed to have plans on where and how to start, and it wasn't going to happen overnight. "And there will be plenty of fresh produce and milk!" That would be something to do with all the 'payment' he got! “Meeting with the council is on the agenda, but, there are a few things I need to ferret out beforehand. When we approach them with the ideas we need to be ready to proceed.” Leah advised. “So that means we have to have the backing that will be required for each project. So, my trip to the capitol is really a requirement to get the ball rolling, so to say.” She had no doubt she could garner support for either project. What she wanted was inside information on the route the railroad favored. She also doubted that she would have any trouble getting it, and getting it well in advance, but that information could wait. “I would hope you realize Jonah, you will be compensated in you new position. It would certainly be difficult to operate a first rate hospital with volunteers and payments of livestock and food stuffs.” At that moment their dinner arrived. Tag @Bongo
  12. Mature Content: No. Author: Phinias G. McVay With: List characters and NPCs in the thread. Location: Add specific location information here. When: 1875 Time of Day: Morning Edition
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    Speed realized that with the winter doldrums coming on and the whiskey mixed in could cause tempers to be short, and that could lead to fights, with fists, knives and guns. It was not a pleasant thought, yet it was still a ways off, so he shook it free of him as he went to the stove to pour a cup of coffee, turning, hand on his hip, cup to his lip sipping staring out the window at pretty much nothing. Word was that the harvest Festival was on tap, bu he had not heard of any dates, though he had not bothered to ask about it. He would of course, read about it in the Union, once an article was written. His immediate thought was the event would be good for the community, the change of seasons always had a effect on folks. The cooler weather would at first be refreshing, prior to being the precursor to the weather that would follow. So it would be a both a profession and a pleasure appearance for him. Nothing he liked better than a good hoe-down, often known as a hoe-dig, shin-dig, or stomp, depending on the part of the country one was in, though all those names were in use all over the west as men and women were known to move about and bring their words and traditions with them. He smiled to himself, it was going to be a grand time. They always were. He set the cup on the desk as he moved to get his hat and coat. There would be a chill in the air, a mild one, but if there was a wind, or even a breeze it would go right to the bone. Time to get out and about. TBC
  14. “Oh no, no, no.”Leah proclaimed. “The orphanage will come n time, once the facility is built. I would not expect you to attempt housing more than your clinic as you do now. The hospital will be constructed before there is any expectation of receiving patients.” Somehow she had failed to explain that part of the plan and was embarrassed by the slip. He took a sip of wine, then commented, "Provided it doesn't pour rain again tomorrow, would you like to look at properties? Then we can work on the paper part?" They'd have to have some sort of idea on what they were looking at for a location, he figured, to start laying out plans. "Have you seen an orphanage? I really don't know what it would entail besides a large house and a larger-hearted matron." “Absolutely, Jonah, absolutely.” She confirmed. “I admit I have not seen an orphanage, but, my intention while in Helena is to see if they have one, and investigate it thoroughly.” She took a breath and continued, “If not there, then I will see where there is one or one I might contact for information. I shan’t do this haphazardly. We will have a proper orphanage, and a proper hospital, I promise you.” Tag @Bongo ( St. Joseph's Orphans Home was established in Helena on October 8, 1893 by the Sisters of Charity of Leavenworth in Helena. It is the oldest, but hey, this is fiction right?)

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