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  1. Leah & Jonah "All the more reason to get to the ladies early," Jonah commented, "so they know where the ideas are coming from, and are in the groundwork, so they feel like they have a stake in things." “Exactly Jonah! Pull them in to this like the partners they are, make them understand this was not some man’s idea, nor a woman’s for that matter. It was us, together, last winter, you and I, and then came Doc Boon to join in. It’s not Saint Steelgrave’s Hospital, it’s Kalispell Hospital.” She paused and took a sip of punch for more reasons than one. He voice had risen. But this was a party, a time to have a good time and set that sort of thing aside. "Tell me, just how modern is Helena? In comparison to, say, St. Louis? I wouldn't mind getting away for a day or two, maybe see a play or an opera." “Helena? Why Helena’s no Saint Louis, or Baltimore, or New York. On it’s way though. Montana’s a bit behind, but it’s got it’s comforts, it’s opera house, and fine dining. Might be dirt streets still and a great deal false fronts like we have right here.” She smiled then. “But it’s there, and we’re here, so point taken. She paused again, setting down the cup. “Wait for a stage, as unreliable as they can be, or hire a carriage?” She took a sip looking over the rim of the cup at him. “Perhaps a day to think on it?” As much as Kallispell suited his needs, he was craving a little civilization! @Bongo
  2. Addy's nose wrinkled up -- she hated change, but she knew he was right -- then she nodded. "Yer right. I got change given ta me, an' I'm grateful ta be able ta help th' boy, an' ta do that, we'd need a proper home." “Yep, a proper home’s all any of us needs, Addy.” He looked up from the spoon load of stew, “Sometimes that need changes, because things change.” H smiled ,and just before he took that spoonful he added, “Things changed.” Didn't need to be big, just two bedrooms, besides the kitchen and common room. "He'd be thrilled, I think, ta have his own place. Might be th' first time he's had somethin' like that, I don't allow as he ever had a proper house with his Ma." Yeah, she could get more comfortable with the idea looking at it from that angle, and honestly, it might be nice to have more than one room, and room to move around. "I'd appreciate yer help on that. Thank ya, Speed, this ain't been easy." “I know it ain’t, things of that sort ain’t never easy, ‘course, now, that’s what they say about responsibility too, it ain’t easy.” He smiled at her across the table. “You make your runs, earn your pay, there’s folks in town well aware of what you’ve done for that boy, and finding you the right place, they’ll all help. Might outta eat up, we got work ahead of us both.”
  3. [Pronto, Emeline, Bridget and Jay at the end] "There you have it!" Emeline declared with a laugh, "Bridget will help with the cooking, and Barnabas can try our efforts to make certain that they are as good as they should be." Then she added with a playful grin, "And Mr. Pike can do the dishes as well, he's quite the expert at that!" “Man need ta have his options. Dish washin’ mine, when my hands’er too slow for gun work.” He winked an nodded. “Yes sir. Options.” She laughed again and gave Barnabas a quick kiss on the cheek. "Or you can just make certain that we behave ourselves and don't burn down the kitchen!" “Reckon I can handle that as well. Some don’t appreciate taste testers. Sorta an art form, down Persidio way. Texas.” He stood straight, face straight, then he looked at Em. “Didn’t know I was fully trained, did’ja?” Then she patted Bridget on the arm. "Don't worry one bit, we will have fun, we won't do any harm, and we can make whatever you like...well, so long as I know the recipe!" @Bongo@Javia
  4. [Pronto, Emeline & Bridget] Then she pointed at Pronto, as if to say ‘Can he join in too, please?’ She liked his beardy face and kindly manner toward her. Pronto smiled, “I’m afraid I’m all thumbs when it come to bakin’ most anything. Heck My biscuits come out so hard was I to throw one, it’d knock out a grown man. But I’d be delighted to sample what you ladies were to bake.”
  5. Present: Leah and Jonah "It's my good fortune, then, that he had the foresight to bring you here." He smiled, but then shook his head. "Detractors, still? "I'd have hoped that they would have given up by now. I'm sure they haven't counted on your tenacity." “Tenacity is one thing, garnering support for the hospital, and the orphanage, may be a bit more than I had anticipated.” The she smiled. “However, it’s a simple land swap, and the construction and labor costs will affect the community not at all. That will be handled privately, and not out of the local bank. Oh, I still have my account there, but not as it was before Croft left and this Charles Wentworth bought his way in. I don’t trust him. Slowly, he strolled with her toward the dance floor, although he intended to wait until the Gallop was done before stepping out. "The Ladies Society...smart. They may not have a direct say, or a vote, but they have husbands who want to keep them happy." “It is a great opportunity to tell the ladies what the plans are, how it will affect the town, and that it was not conceived, nor was it arranged by anyone on the Town Council, which is what I believe their plan to be.” She paused s if to catch her breath. “I’m sorry, I am just ready to fight them for what they owe the town, and that has nothing to do with who arranged what or when.” @Bongo
  6. “Well Addy, you get ready to make a move, and there’ll plenty of help to get it done.” Speed responded. “And I agree, the boy needs his own room, so we’ll need to locate a place, with two bedrooms, close to the stables. If you don’t mind some help with finding a place like that.” It was a good move for both of them. It would allow them to almost start over, which might be a good move. And there were some vacant properties that he knew of. I fact, Lowell Parmeter and his brood increased in size by a set of twins, and the place suddenly got too small right fast, so there was that one and it was just a block from the stables. It was two bedrooms, a sitting room, and a kitchen. Might just be perfect. @Bongo
  7. Pronto was not quite sure about the point the girl was making, other than the speed of the dance, which he agreed was fast. “It is that Miss, perhaps a bit too fast for everyone, but then, there are those as we can all see, that enjoy the fast dance.” He acknowledged that there was something not quite right with the young lady, and in that acknowledgment, he endeavored to pay closer attention to what she was saying, that he might have a clearer understanding of her meaning. @Javia@Bongo
  8. Addy took a breath and nodded. "Didn't never wonder much 'bout th' specifics, just that this little waif come loiterin' 'round th' barn, needin' some food an' a kind word." She smiled fondly. "He's always been a good lad...that's one thing his Ma did right. He kept comin' back, stayin' when he said his Ma was 'in a way'..." “Yes, I’d have to agree, for the most part, he’s a good boy, not often involved in the pranks and such the other boys get themselves into. And yes, I’d agree about his raising, between the two of you, he’s been raise right.” He agreed. Well, Speed could figure out the rest. "Only met his ma a couple'a times, she was pretty much soused one time, but not so bad when she wasn't lost to th' likker." “Drink has a way with some folks that it don’t have with most others. A dark possession of them, where drink is the only thing they seem to care about. I know that she most likely loved her boy, but the drink stole her away from all that was normal for a woman with a child.” He had seen it often on the streets of New York as well as in his travels across the country, most places having a town drunk. Addy had even sent food and some salvaged clothing home with Weedy on occasion, even if she wanted to throttle the woman for the way she treated her son. "So, reckon we can ask some'a th' older folks in town? I'm not even sure that Weedy was born here. Maybe look inta records?" She wasn't sure if that would be the courthouse or maybe a church? “I can look into it at the courthouse, it’s just upstairs from the office.” He offered, knowing the clerk would oblige him by searching the records. “I’d wager if such records were available in Whitefish, they were lost in the disaster, but yes, asking around with the survivors, some might know.” "Problem in..." she looked Speed in the eye, "can't say as I want ta know." “I’d have to agree with you, can’t say I’d want to know either. I do know the boy is safe and sound in your care.” Speed assured her. “And, finding a place for the two of you should be fairly easy. Be my pleasure to help look.” @Bongo
  9. “Hello Jonah, of course not, it’s why we’re all here.” Speed said relinquishing the woman. “Good evening Jonah, I thought perhaps you had abandoned me.” She chided. “The Marshal was kind enough to rescue me from the doldrums of reviewing the presentation for the Town Council meeting, and you’ll be pleased to know, I have been invited to speak at The Kalispell Ladies' Society tea at the hotel. That could well give us traction with our detractors.” A kind way of avoiding saying the name Town Council. @Bongo
  10. Speed & Leah As the first dance ended, Speed should have been amazed at how Leah seemed to glide though the movements of the waltz, how easily she followed his lead, but he wasn't. A veteran of many balls in the east before and after the war he felt he was an accomplished dancer, yet, he could not remember a woman who was as fluid in her movements as Miss Steelgrave. He was glad he had thought to ask her to the dance. While he held some admiration for the daughter of a man that was held in disdain but most everyone in town, there was nothing to suggest any further interest in her. As he had said, he thought her presence might actually give her a chance to discuss her plans with some who would be able to back her idea and support her exchange proposal. He walked her toward where the punch bowl sat “Care for a glass of punch?” He asked already dreading that some well meaning person had already spiked it, as often happened at such events, and would eventually happen at that one. “Delighted. May I call you Henry?” She responded in question. As he filled her cup he smiled, “Speed, please. It’s what everyone calls me, and Marshal is just to formal.” “Well, Speed, you are a very fine dancer, my toes remain in tact. Seriously, thank you. I needed to get away, if only for the evening.” “My pleasure, and I am glad you accepted. There are people here whose backing could be instrumental for the success you plans. Even if it’s not discussed, your presence invites discussion, I believe it shows that you are available for such.” He explained. “Yet it also provides us both some relaxation and entertainment, I should think we both need, at least I know I do.” Leah laughed, something few had witnessed with her. “And the two men outside? What of their entertainment?” She asked coyly. “I appreciate their devotion on your behalf, whether anyone else does or not. And they are welcome to come in, if they like. I would suppose they would be asked the shuck their guns, and I would also suppose they would return to their vigil.” Leah merely smiled. “You don’t miss much do you, Speed?” She asked. “Well, I try not to.” @ Any
  11. Addy grinned and nodded to Speed as he sat across from her. "Nope, no Mexico...Canada, maybe! Closer an' cooler!" She shrugged and sighed. "He's doin' as good as can be expected, I reckon. At least he hasn't run off again, so that's somethin'." “Yes, that is something. I know that the boy can feel lost, but I also know that you keep him grounded by that care you provide for him.” Speed said. Emeline came by and took their order, then she continued with what she had managed to find out. "So, boy's real name is Porter James, we know that, an' his ma was Chloe James...just not sure if that was a maiden name or married, an' I don't know that he'd know...didn't ask." “Probably just as well.” Speed observed. “No need to add to what he’s dealing with already.” Understandably, she didn't want the boy to think that his ma and pa hadn't been married. "Says his pa's name was Daniel, his ma told him he was killed by Injuns...that was when he was 'little'." She shrugged again. Poor guy was little now, so there was no question that he didn't know details. “Now that could be. Indians raid on and off, whether they’re on the warpath or not. They see an easy target, they’re just as likely to take it as not.” He observed, one never really knew what the red man was liable to do. "Reckon maybe we can talk ta some'a th' folks from Whitefish, see if maybe someone remembers Weedy's ma bein' there?" It might help to know what she was doing there when the storm hit. “Maybe some might know of her being there and why. Would answer some questions, at least about her, it’s Daniel I’d like to find out about, if in fact there is, or was, a Daniel Porter.” He added, “worth a shot anyways.” @Bongo
  12. Mature Content: No. Location: Where Whitefish Once Stood When: April 1876 Time of Day: Mid-morning. Still an able horseman, Elias Steelgrave rode over to what had been the town of Whitefish. Granted, his son ran the town with an iron fist, had kept his outlaw friends close, while they rustled cattle from everyone local, including some of his, but he had been paid handsomely to be involved in the ruse, plus the return of his cattle and generally several head of unbranded stock. It was a sad sight, the utter destruction of both fire and weather had unleashed on the town that was to be the jewel of his empire. Now those that had lived there had moved on, either to Kalispell or Columbia Falls, south to Fort Somers and possibly beyond. Without Whitefish as his centerpiece, the plan for the empire and it’s expansion was now just a painful memory. Elias considered what had transpired over the past year, he lost both his daughter and his wife, not to mention the crushing blow to his plans. His sons who should be at the home ranch were off somewhere, Clayton who was supposed to be the foreman of the ranch was in and out, working with his underling and acting foreman Layton Harris, who actually ran the place. Clayton, busy with his wife and four children, had lost his taste for blood letting, or so it seemed. And Zeke, Zeke who ran most all of the Steelgraves non-ranching businesses was now in Missoula with Elias’ actual lawyer, Carson Tyndall, and whether or not Zeke was still in contact with his mother was unknown to him. Perhaps, he needed to find out. The only one of his family he could count on was Case. Yet, could he rely on a man that had his own plans and ideas that most times did not ally with his fathers? That was the question. True, his boys had been there in the beginning, had been willing to use their guns to further their fathers plans, but as he turned his horse for home he wondered if they too had abandoned him. Well, there was Case, and there were Case’s men. He might just have to cut his other children out, permanently. Elias had become an angry, empty man. And that made him very dangerous.
  13. "It'll be fine," she declared, "I'm looking forward to all of this, and I'm not afraid, either of being alone nor facing what comes." Of course, he would know that of her, she wasn't one to shrink back, but would face what she had to. “This life’s jest chock fulla surprises, sometimes good, sometimes not so good.” He said, smiling. “We’ll just meet it head on and see what gives. First thing though, seein’ all this wild life about, we’ll do no shooting here, buildin’ll be enough noise for these critters, though they’ll know the differ’nce between hammerin’ and gunfire. Won’t have the same echo. Animals are right savvy about such things, ‘specially that.” “You’ll be just fine. It’ll be hard, yes, on both’a us that’s sure, but we’ll make out.” He assured her. “I cain’t leave Speed I a lurch. Maybe Hannah Cory’s tough enough for what’s likely comin’ over this hospital, but I’d not be willin’ to chance it.”
  14. Supper @ The Lickskillet She understood, and even though she had had a couple months to ponder this over, she felt at a loss, and was grateful for Speed's help, and she'd talk to Jay about it tomorrow, once she had a few more details. Now, she was sitting at a table at the Lickskillet, waiting on Speed, muddling and fretting over all the possibilities. Speed came thru the door of the Café where he spent most mornings ahead of he duties at the office and then at the Marshal’s office. His company was coming right along, growing slowly staff wise, but growing none the less. This meeting with Addy was certainly not about anything but young Weedy and what if anything, was to become of him based on what they could do about it. “Hello Addy, well, seems we need to come up with some sort of plan that doesn’t include your running off to Mexico.” He greeted. “How’s the boy doing?” @Bongo
  15. Present: Emeline, Barnabas, Bridget, but not Brendan (or Barnaby) "A stroll it is. The table will see to itself, folks are free to take what they like." With the table well-stocked, it wouldn't need attending, and Emeline embraced the idea of a stroll in the cool evening. "I like the town at night, when it's dark and quiet." Well, that would be several hours from now, but there was something special about the stillness and the lights in windows. Of course, Barnabas didn't need to know that she occasionally roamed the streets at night. “A turn around the floor an’ see who’s here an’ mebee who’s not’d be good. I thought Fer sure I saw Speed, an’ he was with Leah Steelgrave, of all the wimmen in town.” Pronto stated, not that he had a problem with the Steelgrave woman, but he wasn’t sure of the reception she might get. Just the same, with everyone having such a grand time, he doubted there would be much of a problem, if there was one at all. Then Bridget and Barnaby come back from their dance to have some cookies, and the couple was accosted by Arabella, eager to dance with Barnaby. "Just a moment," Emeline whispered, squeezing Barnabas' hand, "I don't want to leave Bridget alone, she's..." Well, there wasn't much of a delicate way to say it. "She's sweet...maybe I'll dance with her, if you don't mind? “Mind? Ain’t no reason ta mind why you wimmen-folks do that all the time. So, sure. I don’t mind one bit, I’ll just guard the cookies. Proper job for a Deputy such as myself.” Pronto observed. It was common place for women to dance with on another without a second thought, sometimes due to the lack of male partners, other times on a whim. Although Arabella had brutally dragged Brendan off, Bridget still stared wistfully after him. She couldn’t even take her eyes off him enough to look at the table, and had to just feel for her next cookie with her hand. The plate now had more empty patches than cookie covered, but she soon found one and started to demolish it, burying the ache of longing in her stomach with sweet, sweet food, in the age-old trusted manner of many a lovesick soul. What did get her attention was the approach of the Pie Lady. She turned to kindly, pretty woman and then glanced behind her: the handsome beardy man with the nice shiny badge was there, too. Arabella had told her to explain to anyone who asked her that she couldn’t dance the fast dances due to a ‘slight indisposition’: a word that the simple girl couldn’t pronounce, let alone remember, so she leaned into Emeline and whispered “A can’t dance … not aloud fast uns.” Barnabas watched as the one called Bridget whispered to Emeline, one of those girlie things he thought to himself, know how women would often share their ‘secrets’ in these sorts of situations. Probably had to do with a man, likely the one called Brenden, whom he didn’t know, but seemed nice enough. Then, realizing that he might need to know as well, but was too far away to hear her, she looked over to Shiny Badge and shook her head, mouthing the words “Can’t dance” and pointing to her legs. Then she looked between the two of them, smiling amiably while munching on the cookie. Barnabas was taken aback by the young woman’s confession and was startled when she pointed to her legs, which could mean any number of things too personal to divulge to a man other than her husband or betrothed.. “Dang” He responded. “Sorry to hear that, me, I ain’t real good at it either, al’ays steppin’ on the lady’s feet.” Which was a untruth meant to comfort the woman. He actually loved to kick up his heels, and yes, time to time he did step on the lady’s feet. Not that his were immune, consequence of the dance. @Javia@Bongo

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