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  1. Neither MacIntosh nor Ke-Ni-Tay would skyline themselves in hostile territory, that went without saying. They had confront the plains Indians before and had no illusions about fighting them. They were different that the Apache in that way, but so was the landscape. Not firing the first shot was the policy that usually left one trooper dead, however, they were scouts, and if attacked, which would be highly likely in any event, the column would have advanced warning. He and Ke-Ni-Tay would be on their own, unless they could get back to the column. They had a long way to go, and a lot of hard country to travel in search of the Sioux encampment. If this band was out, then they too would have scouts and those were the ones MacIntosh and Ke-Ni-Tay would likely encounter, if not then perhaps locating the village would be easier. Whether or not Captain Barlow chose to arm their supposed guide, that was his decision to make, and other than one more man prepared to fight, it would make no difference to either of the forward scouts.
  2. "I'm counting on it!" In more ways than one! No snow freezing them out but keeping them in, and no Barnabas going home at night! "Funny, isn't it, that once the weather changes so you can easily leave, you won't have to!" Spring couldn't get here too quickly! “Ha, yeah, ain’t that a hoot? But, I slept on the floor before, an’ in many other spots I rather not repeat.” He agreed. “But, we got us a ways to go afore the melt. Much as we’d rather it happen tomorr’a.” He’d be glad when the winter was gone, but every season had a purpose. He might just get out and hunt, given the opportunity. "I do have cards, although I'm not well-versed on most games, and I do have checkers, and dominoes, too." How long had it been since she'd played card games. or any games for that matter? She headed to the bedroom, where she dug under the bed and pulled out a dusty box, waking the cat, who was curled on the blankets at the foot of the bed. "Lazy bones," she chuckled at the animal as she carried the box to the table, followed by the cat. "Here we are...cards, checkers...oh, and Nine Men's Morris...I'd forgotten about that! Do you want more coffee before we get started?" “Nine Men’s Morris, now there a trouble maker in more ‘n one bunkhouse. Never quite got the gist of it, but them others, now them I know how ta play.” He explained with a smile. “So, you pick.”
  3. Mature Content: Language? Author: Put your OOC username here ONLY if posting with a Shared NPC. Location: The Evergreen Ranch House When: April, 1 1876 Time of Day: Mid-morning The big house seemed a mere shell of what it had been to Elias Steelgrave. His wife, Elinor, and run off and promptly disappeared. His best efforts to find her were rebuffed by a typically harsh winter with transportation at a near standstill. His suddenly rebellious daughter was in Kalispell, refusing to return to the ranch, and then barred from such action by the winter. Even his sons, Ben, Clay, and Zeke were rare visitors and where they had spent the winter was not known. And Case, he was on the mend in Kalispell from injuries suffered during the disaster which was the demise of Whitefish. Though it was possible to get through to the ranch and had been for a number of weeks, he had not done so. So, Elisa Steelgrave was alone. Alone for the first time in some forty years, and he didn’t like it. Oh he’d made some mistakes along the way, but none he didn’t believe he had or could repair. The incident wit Leah, well hadn’t he been drunk? It was not something he repeated, and he had regaled her with money, accounts in town, in Helena, wherever she wanted to go. Always first class. Still she refused to return. Seated across from him were his attorney Cole Latham and Nolan Ashworth, a man ensconced in the fabric of Kalispell and it’s citizenry. Neither had a pleasant look on their faces. “A rebuild of Whitefish is simply out of the question.” Latham said wearily. “There is no backing for such an undertaking. No backers are interested in funding it.” “And why not?” Elias demanded. “Interest is now to the south, in Kalispell.” Ashworth interjected in reply. “The hell you say! Why if it weren’t for Lost Lake Ranch and the Thornton-Cantrell bunch Kalispell would be a speck and Whitefish would be resurrected.” Elias stated. “And what’s the big deal with Kalispell?” “Perhaps you should see this.” Ashworth volunteered, holding out a copy of the Union. TBC
  4. Mature Content: Nope With: Location: Main Street locations When: April 1876 Time of Day: Time of Day Morning. The day had started for Marshal Henry 'Speed" Guyer just before daylight, as it generally did. He had a good bit of work to do in his capacity as town Marshal, and as owner-operator of Wood and Guyer Mineral Company, Kalispell office. There were applications to have a look at for positions from office staff to field operators. All that without a sacrifice to his duties for the town. That had been the agreement with the Town Council when his request to operate a business in town limits had been submitted. Of course he would seek reelection,confident he could mange both positions without conflict of interest. The job of County Sheriff would of course, be on the ballot, but he had no desire to be all over the county whenever the need arose, and it would, more often than not. Even though there was little to no trouble in Kalispell, with the coming presentation of the plans for the hospital and later, the orphanage, he wanted to be on hand to see just how that would unfold. The current edition of the Union was sparse on names or details, he was well aware of Miss Steelgrave and her plans. Also there were two medical men involved, both prominent in their own right, Doc Boone a bit more well known, and Jonah Danforth with an established practice and reputation. but it was clear that Leah Steelgrave would be a different problem. Yet, had she not presented the town with the deeds for the right of way for the railroad? had her efforts not exemplified honesty and good will? And then there were the grants she had secured. With those, all she need to do was sign the grants over, but, would it be that simple? TBC
  5. Mature Content: Nope Author: Put your OOC username here ONLY if posting with a Shared NPC. With: List characters and NPCs in the thread. Location: Add specific location information here. When: April 1876 Time of Day: Morning Start your post here.
  6. "There's a sled out back that needs some exercise." “Really? A sled what needs excercise? Girl, I ain’t too sure about you.” Grinning, she went over to a window and pulled back the lace curtain, then frowned. "Should have know...it's dark in here for a reason." Standing back, she showed him that it was snowing heavily, not quite a blizzard, and without wind, but enough that there was no going out any time soon. “That’ll save the suit fer shore. Be needin’ it come spring.” There was a grin with the statement. He gently pushed the map aside. "Looks like you might be spending the night...downstairs." Laughing, she added, "I guess you'll get some nice, fresh coffee in the morning." Some day, it wouldn't be so complicated! “So Em, ya got any cards, checkers? Far to early ta head ta bed. Ain’t gonna be this way come the spring. Count on it.” Tag@Bongo
  7. "Hopefully, we won't have to run or fight." Jonah was fond of neither, he more preferred more subtle obfuscation, if such could be had. Of course, with this group heading things up, there was plenty of talent, and he had no doubt that they would prevail. “I’ll not run, and if it’s a fight my father wants, then I’ll give him one.” Leah protested. There would be no running in her, but fight, there would be that a plenty. "I'll speak to Miss Mercer, we can start planning the supplies we need...what about fundraising? Perhaps soliciting donations from the more well-to-do folks in town?" He glanced at Boone. "You may have the most credibility of the three of us..." “I would be most happy to perform that duty. Yes, you are probably right about my having the most credibility with those folks. Again, who could possibly be against a hospital and an orphanage.” Boone interjected. Her difficulties with the Judge, whom he not only had heard of, but knew somewhat personally, confounded him. After all, he was new, and Leah was, well, a Steelgrave... “I can’t wait for spring!” Leah sated.
  8. Crabbe pulled a face that indicated deep thought. “Well, Cap, last I heard, Eagle Woman’s people were heading North West from the Tongue, and they’ve probably crossed the Yellowstone by now. If we head due East to Grand Falls, we can cross the Missouri just below there with ease, and then cut down to the South East. We’ll either run into them, or someone who knows their whereabouts, or maybe even Granddaddy Longlegs himself.” he thought it through logically. “Unless we run into hostiles first, of course.” He looked at Ke-Ni-Tay and MacIntosh “What’d’ya think fellers?” The scouts looked to one another and then back to Crabbe. MacIntosh spoke first, as usual, “You lead the way, we’ll scout ahead Captain, if there’s to be any trouble, we’ll sniff it out first. Times are not the most pleasant with the Indians, but, not all of them are out, yet. And Mister Crabbe, we’ll be sure to let you know if we see this “Granddaddy Longlegs” you’re goin’ on about.” Ke-Ni-Tay sprang into his saddle the looked at Crabbe and smiled. Of course an Apache smile such as that was cold. Tag @Wayfarer@Javia
  9. "I thought they'd look nice on your saddle and bri..." He cut her off with the best present ever, and Emeline didn't mind one bit! Well, except that they couldn't just keep going, and... He pulled back slightly, “Dang, uh, ‘scuse me. They will, be the envy of the whole town, I reckon.” He stated never having received a gift like the one he held in his hand. All that he had given her in his mind could not match he ornaments he had received. Her cheeks blushed hotly as she reached up to tickle his chin, then instigated another kiss, after all, they were engaged, right? When she broke off, she still held to him, resting her head on his shoulder, soaking in the sensation and knowledge that she now had someone to partner with her, to fill the voids. He held her, her head on his shoulder, a rush of joy flooding through him. The memory of the mornings he had gone to the café just to see her, hoping that maybe he could talk with her, now he held her in his arms as his betrothed. "A very wonderful Christmas! The first of many to come. Hey, is it still snowing?" “Don’t know, ain’t looked.” Was his reply. Tag @Bongo
  10. “Hell, Cap, the Mr John MacIntosh, the famous Army Scout, needs no introduction to me. How d’ya do, Mr MacIntosh, you probably don’t remember me, but we have met before: I was one of the ‘Would be Sooners’ you chased out the Black Hills with Colonel Potter’s command back in ’72. In fact, I think the last time I saw you, I was on the wrong end of a stock-mounted colt Army you were pointing in the general direction of my head.” He ruffled the mane of his lazy looking horse, who seemed baffled by the whole proceedings “Still, all’s fair in love, war and gold mining, no hard feelings on my part.” He beamed, touching the brim of his hat. MacIntosh glared at the man a long moment, he didn’t exactly remember the man, but he remembered the mission and the outcome. The war with the plains Indians still raged in many areas. “Can’t say as I do, but you “Sooners” did your damage. I ‘spose you could say you’re a lucky man then, that you’re brains aren’t in the Black Hills.” As for the Indian, in his smock like shirt, he looked like he hailed from one of the south western tribes. “Well, this feller looks a little off of his range” he grunted before holding up a hand in greeting and, bereft of any knowledge of the native’s language, tried him with a little Spanish, which some Apaches were conversant in. “Urm… buen día, Ke-Ni-Tay. Me llaman demasiados ojos!” which in good old-fashioned English meant Good day, Ke-Ni-Tay, they call me ‘Too Many Eyes’ which was, in fact, what the Indians he had dealings with did call him. He didn’t know at this point that the brave spoke the white man’s tongue. The Apache looked at the man speaking with no expression on his brown face, just something in his eyes. Something not pleasant. “Wrong dialect. I speak in your tongue, no need to try to speak in mine.” Ke-Ni-Tay was not quite sure which language the man was using, not that it mattered, he would kill him, if it came to that. Crabbe looked again at the Captain and indicated the trio of civilians. “Well, what with us three musketeers leading the way, backed up by your little army and those vicious looking mules, I reckon we’re a force to be reckoned with, Cap.” “It is my hope we can all work together amiably enough however I am the one responsible for this expedition and all final decisions will be mine to make. That doesn't mean I won't appreciate any input you provide." Crabbe indicated his compliance by giving another touch of his hat, as his horse trotted along unhappily, eyeing many a tasty looking clump of green grass that she was not allowed to stop and nibble.
  11. MacIntosh looked from the Captain to Ke-Ni-Tay and back. “Reckon you plan to take him alive, do you?” With a man of that sort, the lowest of the low as far as MacIntosh was concerned, death was a favorable outcome. Leaving him to Ke-Ni-Tay? Even better. Might not be so easy if he’s in the company of hostiles. Man like that needs help. Somebody’s selling to him, and then there’s moving the goods. Be interesting." Jumping to Heading Off Trouble
  12. "So, we'll have to be alert and prepared, and in the mean time, carry on with planning, take things as they come." Jonah was neither that optimistic nor charitable, but he had become invested enough in this to want to see it through, and it wasn't as if he was a stranger to hardship or opposition. Both Leah and Doc Boone nodded I agreement with Jonah’s statement. Because it made perfect sense. "I think it would be best to have our contingency plans in the works, too, so that anything they throw out to stop us will only be a minor delay." Being able to quickly regroup and move on would help advance the project, and show that they were determined in this. “The hard part, waiting for spring to see which way the Town Council goes.’ Leah added soberly. “I agree, from here on we need to be prepared for just about anything, no matter the depth of the snow, or the cold, or what have you. I have two men in town who are reliable and have broken ties with my father, they are already on alert knowing that as far as Elias is concerned, they are the enemy.” It was the first time she had used her fathers Christian name, as if to distance herself from him. She smiled, but not a pleasant smile. “So, you may consider yourselves his enemy as well, once he gets wind you are a part of this.” “I’m too old to run, an’ I got no place to go, so I reckon as I’ll just have to stand and fight if that’s what he has in store for us!” Boone stated. "Though all that was behind me after the war, guess not." Tag @Bongo
  13. After all, mines flourished and then failed, and imprudent investors lost everything. But then, Barnabas wasn't imprudent by any means. “Cap, well, he sortta looks out for me, which’ll be us here shortly. He pulled me outta the Yella Jacket an’ into United Comstock. The money that was invested is gone a’ready. Ain’t putting no more in, jest taken out my percentage.” Pronto explained. “Might jest move what cash I got in the bank to Helena instead, since I’ll not be goin’ back. Bank here's jest too small.” "How long do you think it will be before the horse business is self-sufficient?" She knew such things took time, a couple years, perhaps, and they needed to establish a reputation for breeding fine animals, and she really had no idea how that worked. “I cain’t say, had no truck with the horse bid’ness.” He said onestly. “I ‘spose it depends what yer breedin’ for. I mean ya mentioned Morgan Horses, right? Well good ridin’ horses, word’d travel pudy fast I reckon.” "I'm ahead of myself again." Shaking her head, she laughed. "It's Christmas, there will be plenty of time for that later. Oh, and I quite forgot!" Standing, she went over to the small Christmas tree and fetched a little box that she handed to him. "Merry Christmas, Barnabas." The little box was neatly wrapped in green paper and decorated with gold and green ribbon. Pronto looked up at her, then with great care he loosened the ribbon, and slipped it off, then carefully removed the paper and opened the box, gazing at the items inside. They were beautiful, the craftsmanship, highly detailed. “I don’t hardly know what ta say. I mean, well, yeah, Merry Christmas.” He abruptly stood, drew her to him, and kissed her. Tag @Bongo

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