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    Mister Steelgrave offers no explanation for anything he does unless you need to know it." Harris replied matter of factly. "He gave me a note for Case and I'm for bettin' whatever you're to be or do is in that note." He looked at her then, "what I'd suggest is that you just be ready and willing, there's a reason, I'm sure of that. He didn't sign you on to be whorin', got a saloon full in Whitefish already." Tag @Juls
  2. Later That Evening; After a good talking to by Linda Everson about traipsing about town in 'his condition' when he could have had his breakfast there in her boarding house he went to his room and napped on and off though the afternoon. He attended dinner which was a nice venison roast with all the fixings, and he ate more than he cared to. Once the meal was finished he stepped out onto the porch to enjoy the evening, fall was settling in, there was a familiar nip in the light wind with a familiar warning. Winter was on the way. That meant snow ,with howling winds creating drifts of snow filling the streets and half way up the sides of buildings. Not like Texas at all, but he was here and there were things going on that interested him, besides the identity of the shooter. Things that just didn't sit quite right. The Yankee town Marshal was alright, he had liked him right off. Seems he didn't care much about a man with two guns. But he knew there was something, something he couldn't put his finger on, what was Speed had said? 'Just below the surface.' End
  3. Standing again and extending his hand once more he said; " Probably Addy, providing she's in town, drive for Milligan Stage-lines so can't be sure she's not out of town, but we'll check and make sure." There had been no word of anyone new, and especially not a woman to match the description Asher had provided. "I'll see you in the morning then." Tag @Chistery
  4. "No, of course not." Jonah smiled as he removed his hat and gave her a slight bow. "Good evening, you look lovely." As if she could look any other way, even if she was in rags...and even those wouldn't hide the way she moved with such grace -- it was born into her. “Why thank you, Doctor. Compliments are always welcomed and appreciated.” Leah responded joyously. She had been feeling much different all afternoon after her supposed interview with Phinias McVay, as if a weight had been lifted, but not enough of it, at least, it hadn’t all been lifted yet. "So," he offered his arm, "is there a place you prefer? I'm rather new to town and have only frequented the more...home-style establishments, and a chop house is hardly appropriate accommodations for a lady." He wouldn't deign to drag her into a saloon for a meal! No, she was candlelight and wine. "Whatever is your pleasure." Accepting the offer of his arm she looked up and said; “The dining room here is very good, but also, quite expensive compared and the last thing I would want is to create a financial hardship over a meal, unless, of course, you were to accept my offer of being my guest.” The suggestion in and of itself was hardly like the Leah Steelgrave every on believed they knew, yet it was sincere, as she understood that he may not be in a position to afford an extravagant evening. “Please, it would be my pleasure, and I do owe you for your time today.” She smiled. Tag @Bongo
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    "Better part of fifteen years. Came with them into this country from Mizzoula. Helped build the ranch, some with Whitefish too." He replied. "Think you'll like Whitefish. Pretty open town, Case, that's Elias' son, the Marshal, he keeps things comfortable, peaceful, well peaceful as can be expected. You'll get on well I think. Just remember, Case runs things, you do as he says, things'll be just fine." Tag @Juls
  6. Speed returned to his chair and sat down, setting the cup on his desk. “Well Mister Asher, so far as I know, most folks here abouts have yet to display their feeling one way or another. Fact is, when I was appointed to replace Marshal Cory, who retired, I heard no complaints. Folks in Kalispel are far from rude and insulting. Most are quite welcoming.” “If you’d like to come by, say nine, nine -thirty in the morning I’d be happy to take you around and introduce you to whomever you’d like to speak with. That’s not a problem at all. If Hannah, Deputy Cory, is in and cares to come along that would be a bonus, I’d think.” Tag @Chistery
  7. “I’m just the town Marshal here, we have no County Sheriff as yet, so my going along wouldn’t be in any official capacity, and the general relationship with either the Steelgraves or Whitefish which are one in the same, are not particularly good.” Speed said. “If those are the folks you mean, I and my deputy are obliged to remain in town, as we’ve no jurisdiction outside the town limits.” Speed stood up and walked to the stove to refill his cup. “Now, as to the maps, maybe in the recorders office after nine in the morning. They can steer you in the right direction for maps, and I’d be for certain they either have them or know where one can be gotten.” Tag @Chistery
  8. She paused sipping her tea, looking at McVay over the rim of her tea cup. She set the cup on the table and suddenly smiled. “You’re damned right I did!” She exclaimed. “Darby O’Malley tried to rape me and I drove my hat pin in his eye, took his derringer from his vest pocket, and put a bullet in his brain!” She paused, looking around the all but empty café two men and the waitress stared at her, disbelief at what they had heard on their faces. “Of course, my big brother Ben, who was skulking about near by rushed onto the scene and took credit for it, but he knows. He’s said nothing, and now it’s out. Again sir, you may do what you wish with whatever I’ve said, except, to miss quote me.” When the pencil was laid on the table, Phinn looked up at her. “No ma’am, if you wish, we’ll bury this. I’ll not publish something which could destroy a life.” “You are very kind Mister McVay, but it was years ago, I was just eighteen when that happened and after all that’s been said about me, behind my back, in snickers and whispers with no knowledge of the facts, well, you print what you like, sir, and I’ll attest under oath to every word if necessary. Phinn summoned the waitress, “another tea for the lady, and another coffee for myself. And miss, I count or your discretion in this matter. “Of course, sir.” Before she scurried off she gave a knowing look to Leah, who smiled back, as Phinn rose and went to the two men engaged in their meal. He returned with a grin from ear to ear, “Headed to Oregon, just stopped for a fresh cooked meal. One last question, if I may.” “Of course.” “Your interest in Mister Pike? “My father was afraid he was employed by the Thorntons as a gunman. Father sent me here to kill him, for the family, were that the case.” Was her straight forward reply. “Would you?” Came the inevitable question. TBC
  9. The word 'Deputies' actually got a chuckle out of Elias. "No, I'm afraid not,, though when put upon they serve in that capacity from time to time. Let me be clear, I surmise that you are on the run, and those in my employ are a hairs breath from being on the run. So you have no worries about the law, unless it is my law!" His last words forceful to make the point. "My son holds a tight rein over the town of Whitefish so that people such as yourself are welcome there, without worry. " He explained. "Get to the bath so you can head out for Whitefish before it gets a whole lot later." Tag @Juls
  10. “Just did see a circular on most of them. Didn’t see one on her, this Dorthy Parsons, but you know, the mail and such, being what it is out here. Doesn’t mean I won’t see it next time the mail comes in, and as far as I’m concerned, you do what you need to.” Speed said. “Now, as I said, you’ve free reign here, Whitefish, whole ‘nother animal, I’m afraid. Thought it is a part of Flathead County, they have their own law up there, man name of Case Steelgrave. He has a standing posse of hard cases and there’s a direct connection with the Evergreen Ranch. Things might not be so friendly up there, and that Pinkerton badge, well, not so sure they’ll be as excepting as we are here in Kalispell.” He took a sip of his coffee and looked at the man. “Need anything, give a holler, glad to be of service.” As a Union soldier he was well aware of the Pinkerton's and their efforts during the late war. He, like most, had a great deal of respect for the Scot and his force. Tag @Chistery
  11. But they underestimate me, sir. I am not in need of their protection, even though it is forced on me before I have a chance to handle the situation myself, in my own way and in my own time. I want it to be said that I believe in strong women, and I believe I am one. That’s all rather tempestuous conversation, but you may include it, and I will sign my permissions for you. Women have a difficult time of it in the world, no matter where, but, if they are of wealth, influence, prominence, well, let’s say we enjoy some of the freedoms other women do not. Yet, for al the finery, I am still at the mercy of the men of the Steelgrave family. I am given a key to hose, subject to my father taking it back. I am allowed an allowance, and credit here in town, subject to his wishes, and the suite hotel? Only by his permission. So you see, for all of the fashions I may have, I am really no better off than any other woman in town.” Phinn finished jotting down her words and looked to her with a different perspective. Oh, all of the slights aside, what he was seeing was a young realist in so far as a woman’s lot was concerned. Words he had not expected from her, well, actually no woman, except perhaps Addy Chapple, who could be as forthright as any man he’d ever met. “I’m sure you know that it has been said that you killed a man, Darby O’Malley.” Phinn figured if she was going to be honest about what was said of her, then his statement would not be rebuffed. TBC
  12. “A warsh’ll do me a world a good,” she said as she waited for servant to return, some of her Pittsburgh accent slipping out. “Got pretty turned round out there. Mighta gone clear to California if I hadn’t run into Billy and Greer.” “Fortuitous that you did, California’s a long way.” Elias said. “Now, before we get much further along in this deal of ours. You’ll be hired same as the rest, forty a month, plus keep. Can’t expect you to bunk with the boys, so the hotel in Whitefish will be arranged in a letter I’ll send with you.” he gave pause to formulate his next words and decided to be frank. “You’ll be no whore for the Whitefish bunch, Case included, it’ll be plain in the letter. Any romantical situations you find yourself into will have to be of your own making. I’ll not have those men there prey upon you. Is that clear?” Tag @Juls
  13. The rap on the door drew Speeds attention. "c-min." He said loudly as he reshuffled the circulars, looking toward the door. It was getting on dinner time for him, but he was a public servant, and he guessed that a member of the public was just walking in, when he saw the badge. "Well, evening. You must be new in town." Speed observed as he rose to his feet and extended his hand. "Guyer, Speed Guyer. Haven't see that badge since I was last in Washington in sixty-five. How can I help?" Tag @Chistery
  14. McVay smiled then a sudden realization hit; “I’m sorry, I actually didn’t finish you question in regards to Mister Pike, that being, neither he or I are aware of who or why he was attacked. However he is recovering nicely.” He paused, starting to ask the usual question one would ask of a female of the upper crust when he denied the urge. The waitress brought tea for Leah and coffee for McVay which allowed him to begin; “Miss Steelgrave, I’ve heard all of the rumors and gossip there are to be heard regarding you. I doubt I’ve heard much in the way of facts where you, or your family for that matter, are concerned, so, perhaps you’d care to set the record straight, so to say.” Leah was a bit taken a back by the statement. “Why Mister McVay, I do believe this is the first time that anyone has offered any of us such an opportunity. I know for the time being you are inquiring about me, so I’ll forgo discussing my family. Perhaps another time for them. Oh where to start?” “I’m sure that the ladies of Kalispel would enjoy reading of your upbringing for lack of a better term.” Phinn was taken by how open she appeared to be, but he was also reserved in the same breath. “I’m a Montana girl, Mister McVay, born and bred here, well born in Missoula, and pretty much raised here, well on the Evergreen, the family ranch, and in and about Whitefish.” She smiled and continued, “Yes, if there’s one thing I know, I am thought of as a spoiled rich girl and there’s no denying the fact that I am daddy’s little girl.’ Yes, I am pampered and yes it is said that I am cold and cruel, and other things I’ll not mention. To be honest I am not sure where that began, never the less, I have had some bad experiences with men in this area, and I have brothers and a protective father. So I’ll leave that to your imagination as to how that could go. Some I am aware were not pleasant, but not of my doing. TBC

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