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  1. Billings to Bozeman to Butte to Helena. Five days later, after the arduous three hundred and forty odd mile trip from Billings, she had arrived in Helena in the early evening. She had wired ahead and had a suite waiting at the Great Northern Hotel. That meant a bath, a meal, and a sumptuous bed. She had reservations for the return trip to Kalispell and on to the Evergreen. The very next time she left, would be the last. Over the years she had secreted a fortune of one hundred thousand dollars, the last deposit was forwarded to her account under the name of Janis Glazer in Atlanta. A change from Saint Louis or even New Orleans. Jonas Balenger had objected at first, but acquiesced. For a woman in her early sixties, she was formidable, both as a lover and as a business woman. She had long ago convinced Jonah that she would send for him as soon as she was settled. And for a time she had actually considered that option, but she changed her mind, realizing a woman with money could have any younger man she wanted, and Jonas was so intent on killing Ellias, something she had considered over the past eight years they had been involved. She reached the hotel and was cordially greeted and pampered as a woman of her station should be. Taken to her room, where her luggage awaited and a bath would be drawn for her immediately. All of that made her smile, for ahead lie the overland trip to Kalispell and her return to the Evergreen. TBC
  2. Pronto walked into the café and pulled off his hat and slicker, the place was all but empty. Two locals that had ventured out sat at a table in the corner eating and talking. He hung the slicker on a peg jutting out from the wall and then regretful to a table where he sat, facing the door. He doffed his hat and hung it on the back of his chair as the waitress came over. “What’ll it be?” She asked, a broad smile on her face. “Well, I reckon it’ll be coffee since I already ette at the boardin’ house.” He gave a quick look around, for no reason since he’d seen who was in the room earlier, “sortta sparse in here this mornin’.” “It is, have your coffee in a jiffy.” she said and disappeared as the door opened and Marshal Guyer walked in, nodding to Pike as he closed the door behind him, then went through the ritual with his hat and slicker, once done he walked over to Pike’s table. “Mind if I sit?” “Not at all Marshal, not at all.” Pike responded with a smile. He’p yerself. Miserable day out there, ‘cept fer the ducks an’ the farmers.” Speed laughed at the remark, nodding in agreement. “Looks to be a get nothing done day out there. But I do like the rain, makes the world fresh and the air clean.’ “Yeah, but a mite regretful while it’s at it.” Was Pike’s response as the door opened yet again, and in came editor Phinias McVay. “Seems all us bachelor types are out this mornin’.” “Gentlemen, mind if I join you?” Phinn said as he reached the table. Neither man spoke but nodded. The Pike said, “sit yerself down an’ dry out. What gets you out on this most unpleasant mornin’?” “Just waitin’ on word with that cattle drive Thornton and Miss Mercer undertook, that and the rumor of the Army movin’ into the territory.” Came the response. Both men gave Phinn a sober look and in unison said; “Army?” TBC
  3. Flip

    A Long March

    Macintosh smiled, “Reckon so. I’ll go get that done, then we’ll be back to take you up on that offer, stew sounds real good along about now.” He pointed to the building, “That’d be the C.O.’s office in there? Likely they both need to hear what I’ve to say.” "Sargent, you might want your lookouts to be on the alert, them we chased were Sioux. Not sure what they're doing this far west, but that's who they were. Would'a though Flathead, maybe Blackfoot Confederation, even Kootenay. Doubt they'd be attackin' an outpost this large, but you never can tell, Indians are notional. Young bucks can be a problem." Tag @Wayfarer@Bongo
  4. “Let me get my coat, I’ll be right with you.” She already had her wool gabardine hooded coat laying across the bed in the large room. “I wouldn’t have thought the doctor would be willing to venture out in this weather.” She continued, “And how is Miss Addy these days?” Though they had never actually met, there was something Leah found wildly exciting about the woman, and the manner in which she lived. A freedom the likes of which Leah had never known, but that was about to change, perhaps not to the extent where she was as free as Addy, but freer than she had ever been.
  5. It had begun after Elinor discovered Elias’s assault on their daughter Leah as a way to make him pay, then there was Jonas Balenger of the First National Bank of Montana. It had been so easy to seduce a man some fifteen years her junior and to use him to move money from Elias’ accounts to her own private account under an alias. The transfers were in large amounts as deposits from his holdings would be far more. Her plan, ensure she would be comfortable the rest of her live and one day, simply disappear. She would surface agin in Saint Louis, or New Orleans under a new name and forever leave the Steelgrave name behind. Sadly she would admit to herself, that ment her children, but such was to be the price of her freedom. All that remained was to have her luggage sent to the rail road station, stop by the bank, where a packet of five hundred dollars would be waiting, a reciept for the transaction to her account and a fond farewell to Mister Balenger. The board the train for Helena, a few more days in civilization and then the long ride home. TBC
  6. "Oh, um..." he recalled his manners, "Dr. Danforth said that if you can wait for a few minutes he'll have a buggy sent around for you so you don't get wet." “Now that’s very kind of him, Weedy.” She said. The boy grinned. "Mrs. Andresen was there earlier about her rheumatis and brought some jam cakes...she makes the best in the territory, Miss!" And, as messenger, he would get to share! “Jam cakes? Oh that sounds simply marvelous!” She gushed, having a sweet tooth for them herself. “ A moment young man.” She dashed to her purse on the table and fished inside retrieving a half dollar, returning, she bent down as far as her corset would allow. “This is for your trouble. I won’t tell you to stay dry as I see you already have that well in hand. Thank you, Weedy.” Tag @Bongo
  7. "I'll keep this to myself, it would be a pity to have it ruined before it is even off the ground." “That will serve us well, Jonah, and unfortunately someone would certainly take advantage. Men like my father.” She responded, relieved, even though she was sure he would keep their plan in confidence. “Thank you for such an enjoyable evening.” He gave her a nod, then added, "I'll see you in the morning, then?" “Certainly.” Leah cocked her head and smiled extending he hand. Excitement coursed through her at the though of what would be coming with the plan. It may not do anything for her, or her reputation, and that hardly mattered. She was going to thwart he father, build something worthwhile in the process. Tag @Bongo
  8. Flip

    A Long March

    "Evenin' Ma'am, Sargent." Macintosh greeted, touching the brim of his hat and nodding toward the woman. "Me an' Ke-Ni-tay here are reportin' that them what attacked us are long gone. We're lookin' for the Major to report officially, just thought you'd like to know." He explained. "Also like to know about grub an' such, we'll make do for sleepin'." He smiled, "Well, maybe a bait of oats for the horses as well." Macintosh was really not one to like buildings, though he tolerated them better than the Apache. In Arizona somehow he became comfortable living inside, there was relief from the heat and a woman. Ke-Ni-Tay was never far away, as he would seek out his own people, which was also good for information. That would be different here. Tag @Wayfarer@Bongo
  9. The ride back to Kalispell was not nearly as fast as his ride had been to the Evergreen, in fact, just past the point of no return on the trail the horse Santee was on threw a shoe setting him afoot. It was late in the day, not his own animal or saddle, so his gear was not aboard. That meant Santee had no tools nor spare shoes to work with. That started the blue streak of epitaphs. But who was to hear them? After about two miles Santee was forced to stop, first he was in boots, second he was towing eight hundred pounds over fairly rough terrain, and he was tired, he’d had little sleep. So, he moved off the trail and found a place to set up camp. Gathered dry wood and started a fire. There were no utensils or food stuffs either, so no dinner, no coffee, just a couple pieces of hard tack to chew on and a canteen of water. ‘It could be worse.’ He thought, listening to the mustang cropping grass. He was picketed and hobbled for the night, stripped of the saddle and watered. Santee pulled off the soogan and unrolled the tarp which would serve as his ground sheet, the rolled out the bed roll, the soogun, a patch work quilt made of most anything, and blankets. He removed his spurs, his gun belt and boots, rolled up in his blankets and went to sleep before fire had burned down. The first drops of the coming rain awoke him, and as quick as he could move, he was into his boots strapping on his gun belt, and then rolling up the bedroll. A look at the sky to the north told him all he needed to know. He was grateful that there was a slicker and it was big enough. He saddled the mustang, tied on the bedroll, he swiftly set the bridal and the bit, which the pony liked not at all, and then, they started to walk. TBC
  10. Linda Everson’s breakfast was a hearty meal for those starting their day, no matter if there was to be a supper or not in their plans. Pronto Pike rose from the table and began picking up plates and the like, as he was want to do after the morning meal. “Barnabas, you don’t need to do that.” She said as he delivered the stack to the kitchen. “Old habit. Did it as a part of my chores as a boy, just sort of feel I should be of help.” He explained. “And a fine meal it was. Going to be one o’ them dreary days I’m a’feared. Lot’sa nothin’ to do. Believe I head on over’t the café, see if Marshal Guyer ain’t there. Sit an’ jaw a while.” “Marshal Guyer?” She asked, “wouldn’t have anything to do with that waitress of theirs, now would it? What’s her name?” Linda Everson pried. “Don’t rightly know, never asked, never heard tell neither.” Came his response, which was honest, he didn’t know her name. “Not the sort that’d have much truck with a man such as myself.” He touched her on the shoulder, “If’n I find out, I’ll be sure an’ let you know.” She swatted at him with her dish towel. “Go on with yourself Mister Pike!” and proceeded to chase him out of the kitchen. His slicker was with his war bag and other gear in his room, once he was into it, he was down the stairs and out the door, headed for the café. Tag @Players
  11. Phinn’s walk to work was from one room to another. Actually it was an added lean-to behind the storefront where the Union office and printing press was. Excitement had dwindled since the Pinkerton news, and the bear before it. Local news was exactly what one would suspect of a small town in north-eastern Montana. He had been up for a while, had fixed himself a simple breakfast of toast and his last egg with the coffee he brewed. Now it was sitting at his desk, looking out at the rain which rattle on the tin overhang as he dealt himself a hand of solitaire to ward off the boredom. There just wasn’t a great deal of news to be had, oh there were rumors, of course, but he prided himself on facts. There was nothing of real interest, oh Leah Steelgrave was in town, and yes she had been see at dinner with Doctor Danforth at the Belle-St. Regis Hotel, but that was far from earthshaking. Then there was the rumor of something going on to the north, and the Steelgrave name had been mentioned. He wanted more on the cattle drive, but that, along with news of the Army moving into the territory, wold have to wait. That too seemed to be just rumors. The only real news was the rain, and his inability to play the red four he held. Perhaps a walk to the café, it was only a few steps away, and he had seen the Marshal headed in that direction. Tag @Players
  12. It was going to be a slow day, not much happened when it rained, at least not anywhere he'd been other than during the war. Then weather was used as cover, sometimes for scouting the Rebs, sometimes for moving troops, and sometimes for quick strikes. Here, none of that applied. He walked back to the desk, where there was really nothing to do. There were no prisoners, all the circulars were read and waited to be filed, or posted if the fugitives were in Montana, or close enough to warrant his attention. His guns were cleaned and oiled, so that was another time consumer that didn’t need doing. Just before he sat down again, he straightened up, walked to the peg on the wall where his slicker hung. He had thought ahead, fall and winter were just coming on. A Buffalo coat hung next to it, he retrieved his “fish” and pulled it on, took down his "John B" and set on his head, pulling down with his right hand from the back of the crown. Turning he went to the door, opened it and stepped out. There was a slight breeze scattering the droplets in all directions, including his. He bowed his head and strode forward in the direction of the cafe. Tag @ Players
  13. "But of course, what could bring Weedy out on a day like this?" She asked as she started out the door with the day manager. "Well lets go o down so that I might see what the young gentleman wants." Pulling the door closed behind her she stepped out after the man. "I, probably like everyone else in town had plans for the day. Nature I see had other ideas for anyone wanting to be out of doors." She said as they went down to the lobby. "Master Weedy, what can I do for you?" She half turned. "Thank you, sir. "Now young man, why are you out in this weather?" Tag @Bongo
  14. Flip

    A Long March

    Macintosh and Ke-Ni-Tay rode in a bit after the troop and the wagons. They had been out scouting the back trail, but the hostiles had not followed as both of them suspected they might. Both men looked over what was called a fort, which was nothing more than a few buildings, tents, rolling stock and a corral. He looked to the Apache, "Might not be the safest place we've seen, but I doubt the Indians will attack this place." Ke-Ni-Tay barely cracked a smile. "Maye some have been my country, maybe fight Apache. Maybe." He said, "One we fight earlier, they not come here. Too few, too many sojers." "We'll be okay. If you like we don't have to stay here, but I should let the Major know the back trail's clear, for now." He reigned in and stepped down, as did the Apache Both stretched and both looked around. he spotted the Sargent at the wagon with the civilian woman knowing he would know where his commanding officer might be. "I'll check with the Sargent, see if there's a cook fire going." "Good idea." Ke-Ni-Tay decided as Macintosh walked toward the soldier. Tag @Wayfarer@Bongo
  15. "Before we go, Jonah, I want you to know that I have had a marvelous evening with you. The plans, I believe, are, well, the plans speak for themselves. I hope that Miss Mercer agrees with that evaluation when she returns." She smile warmly. "We do need to keep this under wraps for the time being." She said it, even though she was sure that Jonah knew it needed to a secret for now. "There is much that I have to do before we can even begin, but begin we will." Tag @Bongo

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