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  1. Bannister drove the buggy while Santee rode his horse. The streets were fairly chewed up from traffic as folks got out between storms. The sun had a way of breaking out on and off, and that helped in the melting of the snow in the streets. Brute labor of shoveling off the boardwalks had piled the snow to nearly blocking any visibility out of the windows. But openings had been made at every doorway, some wider than others, allowing access to every shop along Main Street. Bannister stopped the buggy at the Municipal Building for a two fold visit. Her brother, and Marshal Speed Guyer. Case would be first on the list. She made her way the few steps to and onto the porch, stamping her boots to free them of the snow and mud, she opened the front door and walked inside. Guyer had the front office with the Window facing the street, Case would be in the back office which was for a non-existent County Sheriff so she went directly back and through the office door. Case was in is recuperating in the first cell, of which the door hung wide open. It had all the trappings of some sort of recovery room. He had a table which held a wash basin, bandages for his head wound and an array of medications, such as aspirin, and liniments. He was sitting up when she walked in. “Little sister.” He greeted. “Seems to me you’ve got Pa in a tizzy. If it weren’t for the snow and the disaster in Whitefish, the boys’d be out huntin’ you.” “Really?’ She responded. “And you? Which side would you be on big brother? Daddy’s or mine? Loaded questions I know, but I need to tell you I am taking precautions in the event he actually trys to kill me,” “Kill you? No, no little sister, he wants you back on the Evergreen, where he says you belong.” Case remarked quite candidly. He smiled, “I wouldn’t expect them to be too genteel with you, nor would I expect that you’d ever be allowed to move about freely.” He let that sink in for a few moments then added, but he shouldn’t expect my help, and neither should you.” “Like I thought you would be there for me against our father? Ha, well, your town is gone, your outlaw friends are either scattered, or on the Evergreen to do daddy’s bidding. Which I might point out leaves us both subject to his wrath.” Leah pointed out. Case was speechless at her points. So she concluded the visit with, “I’ve business with Marshal Guyer. Take care of yourself, Case, it’s something you’re really good at.” She turned on a heal and walked out of the office and down the hall.
  2. Fortunately, there were no customers at the moment, so she smiled and nodded to the table. "I'll get us some coffee and you can tell me all about it." “Didn’t mean ta scare ya, like I said, wasn’t no trouble,” He apologized. As he hung up his coat and hat on one of the pegs. “Ain’t quite sure what jest happened, she’s down in one of the shanties, visualize thet! He walked over to the table they would use between customers and sat down, waiting on her and the fresh coffee. but had to say...“Her’n Doc Danforth are planning ta build a hospital, an’ foller thet with a orphanage.” Tag @Bongo
  3. "Who said anything about paying you?" Emeline gave him a playful nudge then set about beating the eggs. "What with you eating me out of house and home...or cafe, just a better way to earn your keep!" “I reckon so, I’d say it’s purdy much a keep worth keepin’.” He said dryly. “Had ta do thet more’n once in this life. She was kidding, of course, he did far more than she asked, and didn't take advantage of her offers of food, and anything he did have was more than paid back with his help and presence. "When they're done, you can pile them on a plate, then sit them on the stove and cover them with a cloth...that will keep them warm." “Know’d thet trick from the trail.” Pike stated with a note of pride in his voice. “Early days we made a few drives up from the Ranch. Nothin’ ta brag on, jest some cows, Pa, an’ ma brother Samuel an’ Silas Learned ever’ job they was on the trail from ‘hoodlum’ to point man." Cooking for a few was one thing, but on this scale was quite different, and it had taken her time to learn some tricks. "What else can you make?" she asked, grinning, "so I know what to recruit you for...like I said, less work for me if I can put you and Clara to more work!" “Had a ‘Cousie’, a cook I mean, teach me ta make a mean Son of a Gun stew. Mostly trail food. Not nothing like what you put out. So now ya know a bit more ‘bout me then ya did. Things I kin get done when I set ma mind to it. ‘Er was then “if” I set ma mind to it.” She laughed, then refilled his coffee and took a sip of her own. He began the process of scooping the finished flapjacks onto a plate and covering, then repeating the process. Tag @Bongo
  4. Leah turned to see Pike just inside the doorway of the modest shanty where she was staying. He stood, hat in hand, buffalo coat open, the stained apron hanging about his neck, looking absolutely nothing like the gunfighter he was purported to be. Not like the man she had seen on the street, or in Whitefish. He was the dishwasher at the Lickskillet, and hardly looked as dangerous as Santee and Banister made him out to be. But she trusted their assessment of the man, regardless of the way he looked at that moment. “Mister Pike, I have a proposition for you. It will be legal, well, as legal as possible, there are some details that need to be worked out yet before we can make a full determination on the matter.” She began. “Please, have a seat, I have some coffee if you’d like.” “No Ma’am, I’m fine.” He replied It was like she didn’t quite know how to approach him, yet she did, just be straight with him, Santee had said. “I am aware that Marshal Guyer has hired you as his Deputy come the spring, this should not interfere with that position. I’ll not waste your time as I am sure you are quite important to Emeline Blakesley at the diner. I need men that can enforce some projects I Have.” ‘Oh, here we go.’ Pike thought to himself. “Doctor Danforth and I are about to begin plans for, and the construction of a hospital, and, in the future, an orphanage. I’ll need men to protect that from my fathers riders, since it’s being built with his money. Secondly, I have purchased the land, also with his money, that will be chosen for the railroad, and the right of way will be immensely valuable to whoever holds it. That will be for the town of Kalispell, Montana.” She eyed him carefully, wondering if his situation with Missus Blakesley might dissuade him from considering her offer. “You would be working with Misters Banister and Santee, and, I’ll be talking with Marshal Guyer as I have with you today.” He sat there looking at her for an extremely long moment. “A hospital, you say? Followed by an orphanage and the railroad?” He asked in succession. “Yes Mister Pike. As I said, I have these projects.” “You’n Doc Danforth?” “At the moment yes, there will be others.” He got to his feet, “reckon I’ll need time ta think on it.” “Certainly Mister Pike, there’s no rush, as I said, I’ll be talking to Marshal Guyer.” Setting his hat on his head he said, “Ma’am.,” in parting and walked out the door. He made his way up the street around the corner and into the diner. "You prolly ain't gonna believe this." Tag @Bongo
  5. "You did all right making pies," she commented, "so it's about time you learn to make flap-jacks. The batter is mixed up here," she indicated a large bowl, "and the griddle is hot. Pour in some of the batter," she demonstrated, making six pancakes of uniform size, "once they start to bubble all over, you flip them." “Done a passel o’ flapjacks in my time, I have. Purdy common fare.” He said as he watched over the pancakes. “Now doin’ well with the pies, that’s a good thing. Ain’t no cookie on the any spread about to let anybody near his pie makein’ Her smile widened. "Between you and Clara, I'm planning to manipulate you two into doing all the work for me here!" She laughed. “Zat so? Meanin’ I’ll be moved from free dish wrangler to paid pie maker? That whot yer sayin?” His grin broadened. “How you ever gonna make a profit like thet?”
  6. Pike looked at her a long moment then to Bannister and Santee. "Don't reckon she plans to say much, dinner ain't a hour an' a half away." "I wouldn't know. She just said to fetch you and so here we are." Bannister replied evenly. "Yer coffee ain't gonna be cold afore yer back, an Ma'am, abliged for the offer of the pie, but I'd have to ask Miss Steelgrave afore I bung pie to her." Santee informed both of them. Hell- pardom me , Ma'am you won't be ten minutes." "I understand Pike, know what yer thinkin', but Santee's right. Be ten minutes, fifteen at the most. She said it wasn't to take long at all." Bannister added. Pike got to his feet, they had made no moves that said any different, hands weren't near the guns they wore under their coats, he looked at Emeline and smiled, seeing her hand in the pocket where the derringer was. "Won't be necessary, I won't be gone that long." He went to the hook where his at and hat were. He put them on and walked back to Emeline in his arms and hugged her. "Thanks." Tag @Bongo
  7. It was the lull that happens most days between breakfast and dinner. Of course, the last couple days saw the lull as a very short break, but on this day the place was all but empty by ten in the morning. It gave Pronto and Em time to have a cup of coffee, it was then that two men entered the diner, two men Pike recognized immediately, they were the Steelgrave woman’s men. They wre looking directly at ham as the approached the table. “Ma’am.” The one called Bannister said as he removed his hat. The other one removed his hat as well. Neither remover their coats or gloves. “Mister Pike, Miss Leah Steelgrave would like to talk to you.” The one known as Santee informed him. “Ma’am, we’ll have him back before dinner.” “Just a parlay Pike, there’ll be no trouble if that’s what yer thinkin’.” Bannister offered. Pronto looked at his guns hanging on a peg, then to Emeline as calmly as humanly possible. Santee Bannister Tag @Bongo
  8. Mature Content: Add yes, no, or short info if needed (example: Yes, violence). With: Pronto, Speed, Santee and, Banister Location: Lickskillet Diner, Residence In Kalispell. When: December 23, 1875 Time of Day: Morning on. Breakfast at the Lickskillet Diner sounded like a good idea, of course, he thought that just about every morning and, cold or not it wasn’t that far up the street that a man couldn’t walk there if he was a mind to. He was dressed for it, and he’d just catch Pronto at breakfast before he started in helping Missus Blakesely. So out of the office and up the street he went. The door of the diner was open, so he walked in, taking off his hat and heavy coat, hung them on one hook as the early birds would be close behind him. Emeline Blakesleys cooking was well known to the locals. “Marshal.” Pronto greeted, “Have a sit.” He got up went to the stove an poured a cup for Guyer. “Mornin’ Pronto.” He greeted with a smile, not a grin, but a smile. “Got Case Steelgrave overt the Flathead Valley Sheriff's Office resting up, now that would be something was he to get himself elected County Sheriff, wouldn’t it?” Pronto about dropped his fork at the idea of it. Em appeared and took Speeds order then hurried off to cook it when Guyer leaned forward and said quietly, “like you to be my Deputy come Spring. Think on it.” Pike just sort of stared at Speed, not knowing what to make of a man that would start out his day fooling a body like that. One thing to josh about a Steelgrave as County Sheriff, quite another to offer him a badge. Speed leaned back having the look of the cat who ate the canary. “Folks are getting settled in wherever there’s room, and most are helping out any way they can. Proud of this town and how they showed up, and are helping out. I heard Miss Steelgrave rented every vacant room in town, and, get this, opened her accounts at the General Store and Mercantile for them folks too. Damned if that makes any sense, but can’t fault her for doing it.” “I know’d she was sortta her own woman.” Pike responded, not surprised based on what he’s heard of her recently. And word had reached Pronto that the woman in question wanted to meet with him for a business proposition. The idea of it didn’t sit all that well with him. It smelled like gun trouble in the worst way, and that was something he wanted to fight shy of. Deputy or not. Kalispell was a quiet town for the most part. “Welp, best git to it, like to have the first dish of the day mine. Easier ta swoller that way.” Pronto said, standing up. “I’ll do thet Marshal, I truly will.” And into the kitchen he went. The Day Ain't Over Yet...
  9. "I'll have you test it for me." Grinning, she finished straining out the grounds, then tossed a pinch of salt into the pot to cut any bitterness. "Here you go." She poured mugs for Barnabas and herself, taking a sip and nodding approval. "I'll be making pretty basic things today, I expect we'll be getting a lot of folks today, and I don't intend to charge." Pronto took the mug as she talked, a sound he enjoyed. Tasting the hot brew he smiled. “You do make the best coffee ever, Em. Just the best, and I ain’t meaning ta sound like I’m funnin’ ya, No Ma’am. But I’m partial to yer coffee.” His eyes narrowed at her willingness to cook and serve for free. She couldn’t afford that. But it warmed his heart that she would do it. As she spoke, she was getting out bowls and utensils. "I could use some help, if you don't mind putting on an apron." For a few weeks, he had been helping with the dishes and cleaning up the place, and she found that his presence was comfortable and welcome. Any awkwardness had long since fallen away, and they worked around each other easily. She liked having him here...and she didn't like when he had to leave. “Now jest let me get ma boots on an’ finish this here cuppa coffee afore she get’s cold.” With that he slammed his foot in the first boot then repeated the motion, stamping booth feet. Thar, now I’ll have this coffee put away right quick an git to them chores for ya.” "I can put you to work stirring the pancake batter, or...oh, I need some firewood to get the stove stoked." She laughed and shook her head. "And I'm willing to bribe you with a pie of your choice later today." “Here, don’t let nobody steal ma cup, I’ll be wantin’ more.” He stated. “Woman, ain’t no bribin’ the willin’.” He added with a wide grin. “‘Sides, ain’t likely ta be any of yer pie left come closin’ time, no how.” And out the back door he went to the wood pile, pulling the canvas away enough to get and arm load, then back inside before he froze. “Okay, that oughtta do ya, I’ll be hangin’ up these guns an’ such you jest point me to the stirrin.’” Tag @Bongo
  10. Mature Content: No When: December 1875
  11. The aroma of the the coffee wafted through the diner drawing Pronto slowly from his sleep. The cat stirred then looked at the man, rose, stretched and yawned, then padded off to the kitchen with meow announcing her presence. Pike sat up, also with a yawn, but no meow. He put on his hat, pulled on his boots, slipped into his vest. he pulled out his watch, checked that it was running, and wound it for the cycle. "Mornin' Em. Thanks for the loan of the floor. Could use some softer boards though." He got to his feet, turning he caught her in the glow of the lantern light and stared for a long moment. "Coffee smells right pleasant." Tag @Bongo
  12. Good tips, however there needs not be either a Christmas or a New Years dance. Christmas might just be those things you mentioned, or perhaps a thread of peoples/couples, friends, what have you, getting together. Or a big deal for the displaced children. I do agree with Bongo on a lot of her points as there were things that were planned that can be flashbacked whenever the jump is made. I do get the time being fluid and I do get how dead some of the months would be for even the most seasoned RPers. So we just have a matter of choice as to when we're "thrust" into spring.
  13. I figured as much, either way, my next question would be, will we finish out the year to give the new characters time to get "settled" in town, or just jump and let folks fill in with flashbacks? CONGRATS on your appointment!!

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