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  1. Scrambling, dodging, trying to reach his rifle, Speed was unsure of the animals around him as they too were panic stricken. Gunfire , screaming horses and the snarling and roaring from the beast filled the air, along with random shots and and a steady stream of curses. His hand gabbed the stock of the Sharps at the receiver and he tugged at it trying to pull it free of the underbrush as chaos raged all around him. The fifty caliber came free and lying on his back Speed brought it to bear. He all but had a clear shot as the grizzly reared up on his hind legs. He thumbed the hammer back and sighted in on the bears skull. Just as he squeezed the trigger, the beast dropped back down, his shot going nowhere! The report of the buffalo gun startled the already panicked horses and before he could reload, Speed had to dodge hooves hearing another rifle report he looked seeing Addy knocked back but the recoil. Then another skittish horse blocked his view to see if she registered the hit ending this melee, forcing him to roll out of the way. tag @ players
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  3. Leah smiled, "Yes, tea sounds wonderful, and I've no livestock to offer, hopefully cash will do? It would be a long trip to bring back a cow or such like." He was a pleasant enough man, and she realized that she could like him was it not for the information she was seeking. If this Pike person had made it to town he would have needed medical attention, or an undertaker at least. Either way, the Doctor would know of it, and the man. "You know what I like about Kalispel? I like the fact that it is much much more civilized than Whitefish , which of course is close to my home, but not nearly as friendly and welcoming, even for a Steelgrave." She explained. "I'm sure you've heard all about my family, my father and my brothers, things I'm not proud of." Tag @Bongo
  4. “Please, and Doctor, excuse me I confused you with the fellow who was here last year. I believe my haste I confused the two of you.” Leah explained, and actually, she was. She had acquired Danforths name from her mother, and believed that was the local man she had seen. Generally, she and he family went to Billings unless of course it was an emergency. She actually blushed at he faux pas. Cunning, smart, she should never have made such an error, but perhaps she could salvage something from her error. “Leah, Leah Steelgrave. Actually, I only saw him the one time.” She began again, “It was suggest that I come to see you, so I naturally assumed that you were him. I am terribly sorry.”
  5. "Yer sister's down ta Kalispel lookin' fer some gent fer yer paw." Dex McKenny announced as Case walked into the Silver Dollar Saloon. "Jest did gey back from the ranch. He seems almighty steamed 'bout somethin'." "When ain't he steamed?" Cash asked shaking his head. "Some hombre followed me toward the hide out, Robbins got lead in him, sent young Billy Holcombe to find the body or find the tracks. Who's rankled my father enough to send my sister to kill him?" McKinney shrugged, "Man name'a Pike. 'sposed ta be somethin' fierce with a gun, but don't they all say thet? Got a couple of the boys with 'er per usual. Bannister and Santee, both good with the iron." Case looked at McKenny a long moment. "Sending the better guns? He expecting some kind of trouble?" "Didn't say, but I think he wants to be more than prepared, if'n this fella wants ta make it a corpse an' cat'ridge affair." To which Case merely nodded. That would be like his father, send the best if there might be trouble, even though everyone of his men were good with a gun or they wouldn't be in his employ. Besides, he had more pressing business than whatever his sister was up to. TBC
  6. Linda Everson stood looking at the bedraggled man as he entered the boarding house. She could see that he was clean, but somewhat pale. This arm in the makeshift sling, a hole in the shoulder of his once white canvas coat. The staining has been attacked, yet remained. "Mister Pike, it is good to see you, but not in this condition. Shall I send for the Doctor?" "No, I've received his services already, thank you just the same." He responded with a smile. "Someone out there don't care much for the likes of me." "That would be evident Mister Pike. I'll help you up to your room." She offered. "And don't you deny me this opportunity to lend a hand." She stated firmly. "There's something you need to know and we can talk as we go upstairs." she took his elbow and led the way. TBC or Tags
  7. The Sharps was sticking out of the underbrush, horse were panicked, crow-hopping, bucking, and generally making his position on the ground more dangerous that when he'd been mounted. Yet he fought his way to a crouch and rushed to the rifle grasping the stock and finding it was ensnared in the jumble of the weeds, roots and tangles. "Dammit!" He uttered as he jerked on the rifle, tug after tug. When it came free it was all of a sudden, and it pitched Speed backward into the rump of one of the frighted horses who was leaping backwards in his own attempt to get clear of the danger. The impact from the animal sent him sprawling into the brambles once again, the rifle tumbling behind him, skittering away from his grasp. Tag @players
  8. "Yes?" He smiled as he opened the door to a very pleasant surprise, wishing now that he'd taken the time to put on his jacket so that he wasn't just in his shirt-sleeves and vest. "Can I help you?" “Oh Doctor Danforth, perhaps I should come in more than once a year so that you would remember me.” She said coyly. “I was thinking that since I was in town it would be an excellent opportunity to see you about a check-up on my arm, you know, the one I broke last fall?” It had healed properly, though there was still some pain, though her research had revealed something known as 'phantom pain.' She calculated that it would be a good excuse to perhaps ferret out information on this Pike fellow. Gun shot wounds seldom heal themselves. “Have you been busy?” She asked, to begin her delving. Tag @Bongo@JulieS
  9. Speed sensed the quiet, felt the tenseness suddenly in the air similar to just before an attack during the war. Then he saw a flash of fur, the gunshot and then heard Shades horse scream followed by the collision of animals. He turned in his saddle to raise his Sharps when either Shade's horse or the bear rammed into his mount and sent Speed sprawling into the underbrush, the rifle flying out of his hand somewhere to his right. He was dazed but began scrambling in that direction. Tag @Players
  10. Speed nodded as he listened to Addy retell the tale of their encounter. "Beast has no apparent fear, not of man or of gunshots, so we'd best be vigilant." He warned as he back stepped toward his horse. "I'd suggest we post to night sentries, but that's just me." In one smooth motion he stepped into leather and swung aboard, retaining his sharps which he rested across his saddle brows,still having a firm grip on it. "Pistols will be of no use, keep that in mind." Not that he was the leader by any means, he just wanted to relay what he had learned first hand. Tag @players
  11. Speed look at the track a long minute, a chill ran down his spine as he recalled the encounter with the beast on the road from Whitefish to Kalispel. he stepped back to his horse and drew the Sharps out of the saddle scabbard. If in fact the bear had decided to double back, there was no real way to tell where he might be. If he got a whiff of the men and the horses, well, the beast could be just about anywhere and he wanted to be ready. @Bongo @Longshot @Wayfarer
  12. "You'd'a laid on th' barn floor, bleedin' an' moanin'," she answered with a straight face, "an' been a huge disconvenience ta step around. Like as not, would'a stunk th' place up after a time, too." She grinned. "No siree, was in my own best interest, an' icin' on th' cake is yer beholdin' ta me!" Be a sorry end for any man, much less me.” He responded, which forced a wide grin. “An’ there ain’t no bigger truth than Pronto Pike is beholdin’ to ya. An’ glad of it! You been a real friend, Addy.” Although it wasn't far, going was a bit slow, but the pair made it unscathed to the boarding house, and Addy stopped at the bottom of the steps, tipping her hat to the man. "Stay outta th' path'a bullets, all right? Good evening, Mister Pike." She shot him a teasing grin. “I’ll be fer doin’ ma best at thet you can surely trust. But then I figger there’s a debt what needs repayin’ and I’ll be seein’ that done here real soon. Got me a couple of ideas on all a this.” He mused. “A good evenin’ to you too, Miss Addy, and you feel free ta call on me any time fer anything, ya hear.” He waited a long moment watching her walk away, knowing he’d likely as not be dead if it weren’t for her, her and the Doc. He’d need to settle up with the man for the treatment, but that could wait until he was better able to get about. TBC or tag
  13. She smiled her sweet smile at Croft. He was, she thought, quite good at handling her affairs discretely. He always provided her stock certificates when the arrived, and proved to be an honest man. She appreciated that. "I may be in later to view my certificates," she stated as she rose from the chair, "but for now, you've been most helpful, as usual. Thank you sir, and a pleasant day to you." With that Leah Steelgrave, independent woman, walked out of the bank and directly to the doctor's office. She enjoyed Kalispel, far more than the family controlled Whitefish. She had never felt comfortable in the neighboring town. Here she was a curiosity, and that fed her ego. And besides that, Kalispel was far more entertaining than that rough crowd to the north. Arriving at office of Jonah Danforth, she paused, the rapped gently on the door. Tag@Bongo
  14. Speed swung down, patting his horse on the neck as he dropped the reins, ground hitching his mount, something he took the time to train all his horses over the years. He slipped his canteen off of the horn and took a drink, the took off his hat and poured some in it for the animal. He listened to Shade and Quentin giving thought to changing mounts, but his wasn't even lathered, yet. He barely heard the question about how long ago the beast had passed, that would not be something he was able to gauge, yet. It would take more time on the trail tracking before he could be certain of a time. @Players
  15. Leah smiled. "I hadn't thought of holidays, but then I would suppose there could be a great deal of stress in their lines of work." She could be uncompromising to be sure, yet she could also be understanding in some instances. "I'd like you to look into shipping for me. You know, steam ships, overland, I've seen some promising possibilities, but I would of course, trust your judgement, and that of your contacts." She reached into her purse and withdrew a small packet of bills and presented them to Stanley Croft. "Five hundred dollars. Your fee, and the rest for shares in Standard Oil of Ohio. I have a feeling on that one." Tag @JulieS

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