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  1. As the scene dissolved into chaos, yet again, Leah was exasperated by the display. She had come to share her plans for the hospital, and found costumed characters, spiked punch and now a brawl. Yet she had to smile at the young Miss Orr who bravely shouted, “Have no fear Miss Steelgrave, I shall protect you with my life from this unruly mob!” That might have been the only smile she could offer. He anger rose and then subsided. This was not the meeting she had seen on other occasions, no, far from it. This was the work of an individual to upend the affair, and whomever it was, the plan was succeeding splendidly. At that moment, in the hotel foyer Doc Boone stepped quickly to the desk as three of Leah's men came through the door ready for whatever was happening, well, almost. Boone spoke loudly over the noise from the other room, "Wentwoth! Do something about these women before your place is wrecked!" Leah, seeing her men, simply held up her had, this was not their affair, though she appreciated their presence on her behalf, but a cat fight would not be anything they would want to take part in. She, despondent as she felt, hoped that she had made her case with the women who were still clear headed. She hoped that once sober others would rally to the cause as it was not just her cause, it was theirs. @JulieS@Javia
  2. "Miss Emily, how radiant you look!" Dutton exclaimed, as he was prone to do. "A ray of sunshine in this vast wilderness called Montana. And the Shepherds Pie is beyond compare." It was simply his way. There was no fraud in his statements and many could attest. If Dutton Peabody Esquire did not like someone or something, he left no doubt, especially politics. It had often been said that he was a blowhard. That his tales of Washington DC were fabricated through an addled mind. He had been all of the things that he stated he was, and his claims of nearly being appointed to the Supreme Court were true. They had been verified more than once, yet not in Kalispell. There really was no reason.He touted his legal background, but staunchly refused to practice law. "Once in Hodgenville, Kentucky, Abraham Lincoln's birthplace, I chanced to have a pie, nearly as good as this, yes, nearly, but your crust is far superior." He looked at Barnabas with a quick side glance, "And this one, why Miss Emily, you must seize him and take him to Pastor Gideon Evans and marry him up as quickly as you can!" He smiled widely, then took another bite of the pie. @Bongo
  3. Having gone through his circulars, he calculated all together there was almost two thousand dollars in rewards for all of them. But Dade Marley would be worth a thousand dollars alone. He would print out telegrams announcing their killing or capture to the various agencies that wanted them and wait for their response. Refilling his coffee he thought about Billy, young, impressionable, probably easily swayed. He hoped that a night in jail with the dregs of society might wise him up. Just then the door opened. Cole Latham entered, nattily dressed, and in the office for one reason, Case Steelgrave. "Marshal." He greeted. Mister Latham, what can I do for you this morning?" Speed responded, as if he didn't know. "I'm here to negotiate the release of Case Steelgrave." Came the reply. "Mister Steelgrave is being held for several charges, sir. I'm afraid he's being bound over for trial, so I'll not be negotiating any release. I'm sorry." "And what are these charges? "Threatening a peace officer, Assaulting a peace officer, attempting to disarm a peace officer with intent to cause bodily harm, drunk and disorderly, take your pick." Speed informed the attorney. "So he's not going anywhere." "We'll see about that!" Latham turned on a heel and stormed out the door nearly knocking Pike over as he rushed by him. Pike came in and shut the door. "What was that all about?" "Wanted Case released. I'd say he's on his way to Roberson." "Count on it." Pike replied. Meanwhile, Cole Latham drove his buggy directly to retired Judge Robertson's home. He left the buggy, dropping the reigns anchor and strode directly to the door knocking heavily. It was barely a quarter past eight in the morning. @JulieS
  4. “Then please, most respected Madame, will you not join me in asking her? I am young and silly and know so little of the world, but I do know that I must learn. For although our affairs may be so often in the hands of men, are not we, their wives, daughters, mothers and sisters, most often in the position to influence them so very strongly for what is good and right?” "Ladies please, I realize that what I have to say in my own defense of this project may seem to you as if Elias Steelgrave has a hand in this. Perhaps I must be more forthright with you." She began, " Elias Steelgrave, the man who reared me, who trained me in his style of business which is to be ruthless, to take advantage, to exploit any weakness. But that is not who I am, now how I conduct business. " She paused a moment, "This young lady does not know me, nor has she had time to form the prejudices that accompany the Steelgrave name. I thank her for her kind words. And thus I say to you, one and all, I did not have to present the right of ways to Judge Ben Robertson. They were given to the town of Kalispell, not to one man, not to the Town Council, but to the citizens of Kalispell, and that ladies is how the this Steelgrave conducts business! Elias Steelgrave will have nothing, absolutely nothing to do with this project in any way shape or form, so help me God." @JulieS@Javia
  5. "You do. Wouldn't send a man out without his rig." Speed reached in the lower drawer and pulled out the young man's gun, holster, and, cartridge belt, handing it to him. Wondering if it might not be too late for him already. The outlaw trail is easy to get on, and sometimes impossible to get off of. "Well, you take care Billy." He said in farewell, there was more he wanted to say, but he felt it would fall on deaf ears. Besides, he needed to lay out charges for those remaining in custody, And Billy's friend Geer was in serious trouble. Threatening a peace officer, would be good because unofficially, Speed had deputized Cantrell. Now Case Steelgrave was somewhat more serious and he had pulled a gun, granted his own, but it was pulled from Speed's waistband with intent to murder him, or at least cause bodily injury. Marley and Simpson would be held for attempted bank robbery and the murder of John Olson. He turned to his stack of circulars to see what the two he had were worth as well as the dead ones. Wayfarer
  6. "I accept your not-apology," Emeline chuckled, taking his hand and giving it a quick squeeze. "Soon, it won't matter, and for now, you can not apologize any time you like! And by all means, rescue poor Clara!" Pike was grinning, “Mighty big of you ma’am, an’ sure enough it ain’t gonna matter an iota real soon now. She gave him a quick kiss on the cheek. "Give me five minutes." She closed the door then quickly donned the layers of clothing that made up a 'simple' skirt and blouse. Tossing a short cape over her shoulders, she then trotted down the stairs to the kitchen. Pike headed back down the stairs and over to the table where Dutton Peabody awaited him, as did his food, which had cooled some by then. He watched Em cross the room weaving between the rough hewn tables and chairs to where Clara was.
  7. He looked at the young man. "Follow me," he said almost quietly, and led Billy to his office. "Have a seat." Next he went to the stove where the coffee was done and poured himself a cup, "Coffee?" He asked. "Now, Billy, you spent a night in custody with some real outlaws. Don't know or care what they might have said to you, but I know this, you can work on the Evergreen and keep your nose clean, or you can partner up with the likes of Greer and end up spending time behind bars. That choice is up to you. Where you go, what you do, what you say, it's up to you." "You're free to go. You can head on up to the Lickskillet and have a meal on the city or not, as you choose." Speed said. @Wayfarer
  8. Mature Content: Not Sure Just Yet. Language perhaps. With: Speed, Billy, Case, Pike Location: Marshal's Office When: April 1876 Time of Day: Morning and on. It was nearly six in the morning as Marshal Guyer made his way to the office, not his office, the Marshal's Office. There was a situation that needed correcting as well as some plans the he needed to make. Having Case Steelgrave behind bars might be cause for problems he really didn't need, but might have to face since word would eventually get to the Evergreen Ranch of his incarceration. And, word would surely get out that Marshal Speed Guyer was holding him for trial, a decision he had made before he went to a troubled sleep the night before/ He opened the office and taking the keys he walked into the cell block, "Billy, get up!" The key was close to the lock, but not yet in it. The other cells were were stirring. Case was alone, the robbers were together and Billy was in with Greer. "Come on son, ain't got all day, less you like it here." @Wayfarer
  9. "Reckon I should apologize for that, but I ain't gonna." He said quietly. "But I'm thinking it'd be best was you to put on some clothes and I'll meet you down stairs." He smiled. "Just for supper, mine's likely cold by now anyways, but like I said, I left ol' Dutton Peabody with Clara, which ain't hardly fair." He looked at her, his hands still gently grasping her shoulders. "I love you, Em, an' you're safe now. Trust that." And he reluctantly released her. @Bongo
  10. Leah was all but stunned by the young lady's eloquence, followed by that of Missus Thornton-Carlton, neither of the ladies were personally known to her, still, she appreciated their common sense approach to what was happening, as well as what appeared to be support for the hospital plan. Though it seemed to her that her name, not the project per se was at the crux of the objections. Yet, for that there was also a plan of action she could and would take. First, to preserve the grants, which were vital, and secondly to stop the anti-Steelgrave assault on the projects. She could see that being her fathers daughter was having an ill effect on the project tho she would stand at the forefront as long as it served a purpose. The Town Council would never let the project go forward with their prejudice where the Steelgrave name was included. That would be far and away too much to overcome. @Javia@JulieS
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    On The Dodge

    "You pressin' charges, Quentin?" Speed asked, not knowing what the man had in mind. "If you don't then I will. Looks to me like the Circuit Judge'll have his hands full whenever he gets here." It would be a case load, that was for sure. Quentin slid his revolver back into its holster as he thought about what the marshal asked. "I'm not sure if we should arrest that idiot or a bottle of whiskey from the saloon..." Quentin rubbed his chin. "...Ah, Hell, he did try and break my head for me, so sure, I'll swear out charges on Loudmouth. I guess the boy is only guilty of horrible judgement in who he follows around. I don't have anything on the kid...that's for you to decide." Billy tried to explain he was just standing next to his friend, he had not argued nor definitely had not attempted to take a swing unless his drunken surly fellow cowpoke. Greer's temper was going to get him killed some day and Billy was determined he was not going to join him on that. "Okay, Billy is it? Pick him up an' walk ahead of me to Marshal's office. Believe we've on cell left that should do nicely." Pike looked at Quentin. "Nice piece of work Cantrell!" He shove Billy and the stunned Greer toward the jail. "Interrupted my dinner, ya did, I don't take to kindly to that." The lawmen had their minds made up though and he was ordered to help Greer to his feet. It took a few tugs, Greer weighed a lot more than he did but once on his feet, Greer seemed able to slowly head in the direction ordered. Pike shoved them both toward the jail. "We're goin," Billy muttered but decided if he smarted off it only would get worse. So it was that he ended locked up behind bars. Case was there too, not looking so good and not just because he was drunk. Quentin smiled and raised a hand to his hat brim and gave a half salute to Pike. "Just happy to have been here to help. I do hate uneven fights." “Glad you was! Sorry to have missed the start of it!” Pike called over his shoulder. It almost seemed like he'd missed out on all of the subsequent action, but someone had to be in town to keep the peace. It was then he spotted Flandry, and nudging Quentin stepped over to him. "Didn't get a chance to thank you for your actions earlier today, You and Quentin here made the difference, along with young Ryker. I think we've time for a drink before we head to the Hotel for that steak." Ralph had been about to head back into the saloon when Speed approached and offered a handshake which Ralph accepted. Ralph nodded, "In my business there is always time fer a drink. Come on in. Quentin extended a hand to Ralph and shook it. "Marshal's right. You sure helped keep them busy until the law arrived. It's good to know other citizens stepped up..." Quentin then looked over at the marshal. "...I believe the deal was I buy the drinks and you buy the steaks!" He looked back at Ralph. "I know buying drinks for the bartender seems odd, but I owe you a drink or three as well. I'll leave you some money for Pike and Ryker to have a few later on if you don't mind helping me out?" “Needed the both of you boys to keep ‘em busty til me an’ Pike could get through that mess with the wagon.” Speed stated. “And it seems you both came in right handy this evenin’ as well. "Well, I don't drink on the job but I'll knock one back when it's closin' time, thanks," Ralph agreed with that stipulation, you can leave yer money and I'll tell Pike n' Ryker who's treatin'." Pike came up to them and announced. "All locked up tight for the night. Be headin' back to my supper at the Lickskillet with Em. She had herself a day." “Yeah, you best. I’ll see you in the morning then. Tell ya all about the rest of our day then.” He was still surprised at the calm Pike had displayed during the robbery attempt. Some how he was thinking the ex-Ranger would have had his pistols blazing, what with Emily being manhandled. Quentin extended a hand to the deputy. "I was just buying everyone from earlier today a few drinks. I'll leave money with Ralph. Have a few on me when you have the chance?" After a hand shake, and a quick word, Pike was off, back up the street to the café. >>>We can end it right here or delete this line and keep going.<<<
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    On The Dodge

    "I believe our business is concluded here," He looked at the crowd of people who had gathered. "Shows over folks, let's break it up." He then saw Pike exiting the Municipal Building, so indeed it was over. It was then he spotted Flandry, and nudging Quentin stepped over to him. "Didn't get a chance to thank you for your actions earlier today, You and Quentin here made the difference, along with young Ryker. I think we've time for a drink before we head to the Hotel for that steak." Pike came up to them and announced. "All locked up tight for the night. Be headin' back to my supper at the Lickskillet with Em. She had herself a day." @Wayfarer@Longshot
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    On The Dodge

    ""If you would be so kind and collect this gentleman's gun belt. His companion was...unable...to remove his, so you may want to collect it also." "Well, well, what have we here?" Two more for the hoosgow?" Pike asked as he stripped Greer of his belt and holster, then picked up the other one. "You pressin' charges, Quentin?" Speed asked, not knowing what the man had in mind. "If you don't then I will. Looks to me like the Circuit Judge'll have his hands full whenever he gets here." It would be a case load, that was for sure. "Okay, Billy is it? Pick him up an' walk ahead of me to Marshal's office. Believe we've on cell left that should do nicely." Pike looked at Quentin. "Nice piece of work Cantrell!" He shove Billy and the stunned Greer toward the jail. "Interrupted my dinner, ya did, I don't take to kindly to that." @Longshot@Wayfarer
  14. "Them? Ha, no. Good hands, able ta do what needs doin', but not deputy material." He down the drink in front of him, "'nother I got some boys in mind that are cut out for that sort of work." A lot could be said about Ralph Flandry, but the man made quality whiskey. Somewhat stronger than any place in town or within fifty miles. Case and his cohorts were beginning to feel the effects. "You see Flanders, keeping the peace ain't quite as easy as some would have you believe. I mean, the County Sheriff can't spend his time up to the Lickskillet, like the Marshal, no matter how pretty Emily Blakesley is." He laughed. "Might have to have another look at that one." @Wayfarer
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    On The Dodge

    Hearing the scuffle Speed half turned to see what was happening behind them. It seem everything was well in hand with Quentin and Cases' two friends. "Looks like you'll be having a cell mate." Case, not quite in a stupor from his evening of drinking, decided this was the perfect moment to clobber Guyer, grab his own gun from Guyer's belt, and shoot him! He began the more far more quickly than he he had foreseen and that was his mistake. As Case reached for the pistol and jerked it free, Speed hit him in he nose, the cartilage gave, tears bust from his eyes, and blood splattered across Cases' face and Speed's shirt. The pistol fell from the struggling fingers as Speed held him at a distance and hit him in the mouth, once, twice, then let him go. Case Steelgrave fell back like a tree having been cut, he lay motionless in the dirt. Speed retrieved the nickle-plated Colt, and stuck it in his belt again. It was Pronto rushing up behind hm. "Heard there was trouble, never would thought Case'd try you. Quentin's got them other two. Damn, he's a mess!" "Help me get him inside and locked up, then we'll get the other two. Speed said. "Damnedest thing, Case showing the town what a horses ass he is. He'll loose some votes over this, I'll bet." Both men gabbed an arm at the shoulder and dragged Case into the Municipal building and to the cell block where they unceremoniously tossed him on the cot. The door clanged shut and turned in the lock. Both left the jail to join up with Quentin. @Wayfarer

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