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  1. With no specific answers, Addy nodded and followed after Speed, perplexed, but at least thinking that the longer there was a mystery to this, Weedy was safe. "Seems like that if they could find his pa, they would'a sent th' telegram ta him, doncha think? What's th' laws on that? I mean, if he ain't got kin, he can stay with me, right?" “I’m no lawyer, Addy, I wouldn’t know about that. What I do know is no undertaker from anywhere is going to come into my town to take anyone!” Speed declared. “Maybe we need to seek out Miss Harriet Mercer on this, but we’ve heard nothing more since the first telegram, so I don’t know.” It wasn't as if she didn't have the means, and she'd been essentially looking after him for at least a couple years, making sure he had what he needed and went to school. "I might just..." Well, better not to say that aloud! “Might just what, Addy? What? Run off with him? Make yourself a criminal?” Speed asked. “Listen Miss Mercer can help with this, we just need to give her a chance. Then you'd lose him for sure! And like I said, we’ve heard nothing more from this Silas Grimm, so let’s give the law a chance to work before anybody does anything rash.” @Bongo
  2. “Well you hadn’t said anything so I was just wondering. Meant to ask earlier, but I plumb forgot. Other things been on my mind.” Barnabas siad. “I’ll be wearin’ my badge, an’ if there’s any trouble, well Speed an’ me are bound to have to break it up. Might have ta haul ‘em off to the hoosgow, so I ‘spose yeah, I’ll be workin’ ifin’ there’s work to be done. But we’ll still have us a time.” Dancing and such wasn’t his strong suit though he liked to try. Some of the affairs in Texas tended to go on for days, though he doubted this one would be anything like those shindigs. He actually was looking forward to this one. It had been sometime since he’d been to a dance. In Virginia City it had all been very formal, especially after Piper built his opera house. This would be less formal and far more fun. Tag @Bongo
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    Not Good News

    Elias stood, mouth agape, stunned by this turn of events. "Remember that gun hand you thought was going to work for the Thorntons? Well Pike is Guyer's new Deputy. And he salty, I really don't know about Guyer as far as gun work is concerned, but if he's half as good and Pike is supposed to be, it could be real trouble." Case declared. "Pike was a Texas Ranger back a ways, I found that out from the telegrapher. Some further checking, he hired out his gun in protection of sod busters and the like. The man's poison with those six-guns he wears." Ashworth informed them. "Don't under estimate Guyer either. I can't get a history on him, I don't believe he's any kind of gunfighter, but that don't mean he can't shoot." "Well I think we have a trump card none of you realize." Latham announced with a sadistic smile. "Seems there's no way to get to Speed Guyer, but Pronto Pike? Now that, gentlemen, is a horse of a different color." TBC
  4. “Say, MacIntosh. This Klinzing feller. Did he have a moustache and wear a big hat?” asked Crabbe with an air of faint recognition of the name. “Hell Crabbe, hardly a man in the Territory without a mustache, his hat? Could be big I ‘spose. Fairly beat up.” "Yes, speaking of the man. Who is this Klinzing anyhow? So you just stumbled onto him out there?" questioned the officer. "Buffalo Hunter, he said, and dressed like one. Seemed to know about the man, well men we’re looking for, and where Black Kettle’s village was. ‘Course, a man aimin’ to keep his hair would be likely to keep track of the Indians in the area." “We spotted him from atop a hill. He was well below us, but he saw us alright, a man out here ain’t likely to miss a couple men higher up, especially with one who’s obviously out of place in these parts.” Tags @Wayfarer@Javia
  5. Speed smiled, “We appreciate that, sir. You needn’t bother trying to find me, I’ll stop by in couple of days and see what you’ve found out. Odd that a man unknown in this community would be requesting information regarding citizen of both Whitefish and seemingly Kalispell as well. And to know at least one child by name. "Well, thanks again.” He looked to Addy, “Well, shall we?” This Grimm fellow, whoever he might be, didn’t sit well with him. There appeared to be a plan of some sort afoot. An undertaker interested in survivors now that just didn’t ring true, unless there was an ulterior motive which could be just about anything from his representing an orphanage, to supplying a child work force, that is if it was children he was after. He didn't like this one bit! Tag @Bongo
  6. Speed ;looked at him, then to Addy and back. "You do that, and you put my name to it. No need of a message to go with the request, just need to find out what an undertaker's concerning himself with a boy whose care for." He looked to Addy, first we'll see what this fella wants with this knowledge. Like to see all of those telegrams, but I got no legal right, at the moment. Provided there's copies." There was something not right about the request to start with. He wasn't sure he liked a man from Helena getting involved with Kalispell business. "You ever hear of this Silas Grimm?" Tag @Bongo
  7. He smiled at the statement because of the children the floor would have to be strong, probably true. He watched as she stepped across the framework of the unfinished foundation, the way she crossed her arms, closed her eyes as if she was seeing the house completed, then he saw her tears which put a lump in his throat. "It's amazing...it's perfect," she murmured, "like a dream." "Ain't no dream Em, it's our house, just ain't done yet. Will be, but not for a bit." He said. "So," he began to change the subject, "this here dance they're plannin', well, you too, I 'spose we're goin'?" Tag @Bongo
  8. "Well then, let's go see the man and find out who sent this. Odd the name and how to contact them, or him, or her is missing." Speed advised. "We'll get to the bottom of this, and then we'll know who we're dealing with and what our options are." The telegraph office was not far and the operator was a friendly sort, so he saw no problems finding out who had sent the telegram. Then he could find out why. The telegrapher should have a book with records of all in coming and out going telegrams, meaning it should be simply enough to get the name they were after. "Don't you worry Addy, we'll make sure young Weedy stays right here in Kalispell." Speed promised. Tag @Bongo
  9. "We're a ways from puttin' up an entry, but it's surely somethin' to think on while the rest of the place is built. Well, the house anyway." Pronto observed. "I figger with the men I hired to help, should be ready by June at the latest, maybe sooner." They continued up the trail cut by the wagons which was the easiest climb. And suddenly the came out of the trees and there were the piles of lumber and the beginnings of the foundation were. He reigned in and stepped down, going to Emily's horse to offer a hand. "See, most places have this here rubble foundation, 'er sit flat on the ground." He began as they walked over to where the foundation had been started. "Rubble is jest rocks piled up, lots'a work, but, we added motar to stick 'em together. That's more work, but, the foundation's a mite stronger. So we're sacraficin' time fer strength." Tag @Bongo
  10. “Ke-Ni-Tay’s fine, gone on ahead following Joseph Klinzing’s directions. Can’t be sure this is it, but from what he told us, there were three men and a wagon. Said that if we headed that way,” he pointed in the direction he had come, then off a bit to the east, “to a bluff just below a creek where we would be able to see what he said was Black Kettle’s village." He was cautious, he didn’t know this Mister Klinzing, was not sure he could be trusted, or that he might be a scout for the three with the wagon. Then again, the man could well be yelling the truth. Ke-Ni Tay would have those answers before the column ever reached the supposed bluff. Tag @Wayfarer
  11. "I don't think we need anything elaborate, just a simple ceremony and we can have everyone over to the cafe after?" Her first marriage had been simple, and she had been more than happy just to have close friends there. "No sense in spending a lot on a wedding when there are better ways to put money to use." “Simple’s good, I have no problem with the weddin’ bein’ big er small. It the words what are spoke that matters.” Came the reply. The wedding , as he had been told, was about the bride, so that meant whatever the bride wanted, that was how it was to be. “Lotta extra work movin’ the supplies around though.” She glanced at him, smiling. "Miss Arabella is a very...zealous young lady, the child is a Whitefish survivor, very helpful and very opinionated, and she has decided that she needs to sing at the wedding." She shook her head with a laugh. "I suppose there's no reason to deny her her excitement. But good heavens! I pray none of our children have that sort of energy." “Can she sing? I mean if so sure, why not. Might add a bit to the whole thing.” He acknowledged. Of course to him zealous could mean a number of things, and that may or may not be good. At least the girl seemed happy, and wanted to help, although Emeline never would have thought that there could be such a thing as wanting to help too much! They were at the foot of the hill, their property and it was clear that heavy wagon ruts marked the trail up to where the foundation was being laid. “Well,” he began as he pulled up, “You’re about to get a look at what’s been goin’ on so far.” He grinned. “Up we go! Tag @Bongo
  12. “Woulda been a good idea if there weren’t buildin’ supplies everywhere, but, you’ll see when we get there. Purdy as the place will be, it’s not actually set up for a gatherin’ of folks. Not without the hired men don’ have to move everything.” He said, not that he was unwilling to have them do just that if that was what she wanted. “Money ain’t the concern, likely won’t ever be as long as the mines are producing.” He assured her. “Have some extree comin’ in from being a depity to Speed. Things are lookin’ up.” “Now this, what’s ‘er name, Annabell, if you’re okay with it, I don’t mind none.” Most of the wedding plans were hers to make anyway, so if she wanted to let the girl sing that was alright with him. “Up we go, trail’s a mite easier since the wagons been up an’ down a couple times. Have to maybe make it a bit wider, but that can wait. There’ll be more wagon loads as time passes.” They began what was actually an easy climb to their hill-top property. Tag @Bongo
  13. “I’d figure if anyone would Weedy’s family history n town it would be you. But, having said that, where was Weedy born? Do you have any idea?” Speed quizzed. “And who is that telegram from? The very first thing I want to know is, what is their authority, and secondly, why is that the only such telegram that’s been received.” Without a name and their authority attached it was just a meaningless document. How was anyone supposed to get back to whomever sent it in the first place. “You don’t worry about a thing, Addy, you’ve done what was asked by reporting to me. Now I’m going to hunt down the telegrams sending. There should be a record. Then I am going to see Harriet Mercer about the options that we have in this. No reason for you to go with me, but know you’re welcome to if you want. Let’s get to the bottom of this!” Tag @Bongo
  14. “Okay, so you are for sure the best cook in town, I’ll take my oath on that.” Pronto agreed, even if he’d been biased since the first day in the place. “The eldest? Now what if the eldest ain’t no girl, or no had to cookin’, then what?” He chided, glad she wanted to keep the place, and have more than one child, but then most did. So many variables, and while Emeline knew the answers would come in time, she was anxious for things to fall into place. First the wedding. "What ideas do you have for the wedding?" she asked him. They'd discussed it some, but he'd left the planning to her, and in all honesty, she'd be content with a Justice of the Peace and a picnic reception! But then, she'd been married before, not that that had been a big affair. "Do you know a young lady named Arabella?" Best to warn him about that, and she couldn't imagine that anyone in town didn't know that little whirlwind! “Ideas? We’ll get hitched, ‘spose there’ll be a reception of some sort, then we’ll traipse off on a honeymoon affair.” He responded, then smiled. “Now we can do ‘er up big, ‘er not, up to you, it’s yer day, well, our day, but I been told the weddin’s the brides day.” His mouth kind of went to one side, brow furrowed. “Arrabella? Who’s that? Somebody for the weddin’?” Tag @Bongo
  15. “There is no but, Addy. Like it or not, you are a good woman, and a good person.” Speed interrupted. “That boy ain’t your concern, but you took him in anyway. Now why on earth would you do such a thing? I mean, what’s in it for you? There’s a church in town that could have provided care for Weedy, but no, you took on that responsibility.” “No one in the Whitefish disaster deserved to die. Not a one, but the fire and the storm didn’t take that into account. Both did what they do and the results were terrible, plain and simple.” Speed explained. “I guess what I want to get a handle on is why you got a telegram and no one else has come to me with one like that.” He considered that aspect a moment. “Perhaps there’s a Mister Porter? Or other family around?” Tag @Bongo
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    Not Good News

    The front door opened and as the men turned to see, Case Steelgrave walked into the room, the front door closing loudly behind him. He stooped at the entrance to the parlor, which was nothig more than draperies pon either side of the wide opening. “They have an election coming up. I’m running for County Sheriff.” Case announced. “I already know that Guyer doesn’t want it.” Three men stood somewhat taken aback by Case’s bold proclamation. He waited for something from them, but no words were said. It was as if they were in shock. “That’ll trim the power of these people some. Guyer ain’t bad. I mean he ain’t a trouble hunter, and he has decided to back my sister, so that should count for something.” He continued. “What do you mean, back you sister.” "Just what I said, old man. He’s behind Leah and the hospital-orphanage plan she has. It’s good for the town, and it’s good for the county." Was the answer. “I’ll not have it, you hear me, I’ll not have that girl betray her home and heritage like that. Giving in to those milk-toast fools down there. I had an empire planned, and by the Lord harry, I intend to have it and crush Kalispell along with the Thornton bunch! You run for County Sheriff. You just do that!” He roared. “Don’t you cross me boy, not on your best day, you hear?” “Easy Pa, I got plans myself. I’ll handle Kalispell, don’t you worry.” He looked to the other two men, besides, you got your eyes and ears here. Don’t go your way, why, you’ll be the first to know.” TBC
  17. “We’ll surely let the Captain know. Been most helpful Mister Klinzing, most helpful.” MacIntosh said. “Time we were movin’. Good day to ya an’ thanks again." As they mounted up and turned away, they started back up the slope. "Once he’s moved on, I’ll head for the column and you head the way he said those men went. See what you can find out.” There was no need to tell the Apace to be careful, or to not be seen That would be second nature to him, and he knew what was at stake. Ke-Ni-Tay smiled thinly. He knew what to do, he would look for the wagon tracks, tracks that should be deep due to the load, unless whatever he was trading, guns or whiskey, or both, was hidden on the back trail Once the buffalo hunter was a ways off, Ke-Ni-Tay moved off and MacIntosh rode for the column with the information supplied at a gallop. The sooner the troop was notified the better, then he could head back they he'd come. Ke-Ni-Tay would need no help. Reaching the column he reined in. "Captain. Think we've got a lead on the village and the traders." Tag @Wayfarer@Javia
  18. Speed listened as she explained her visit, as that’s what friends do, and as she spoke he pondered the problem at hand, it was not just about her or Weedy it was about this town, his town, her town, Weedy’s town. The boy was a part of Kalispell. “Best we get a hold of Miss Mercer and see if we can’t toss a wrench in this. Ain’t no way I can see Weedy being uprooted much less put in an orphanage!” He said. “ If you’d like we can go hunt her up right now. I afraid it’ll take a lawyer to keep that boy here.” Then he smiled. “‘course, you’ve done what was asked, you have contacted, what was it? Oh, the authorities. That would be me. Shame about Chloe.”
  19. Quickly sliding his boots off the desktop, and sitting up straight, he said; “Addy, hello. Been a spell. Come in, have a seat. Got coffee on if you’d like a cup.” She was dressed far differently than normal, and her trademark slouch hat was missing. Something was up. Though out of the ordinary, a visit from Addy could hardly be construed as cause for alarm, and the way she was dressed said something else entirely to Speed, who had been thinking of other problems he knew were headed his way. “So, what can I do for you?”
  20. Both MacIntosh and Ke-Ni-Tay listened to the directions the man gave looking to one another as they often did when receiving information or direction to ensure both were on the same page. When it came to the part about the Crow, MacItosh smiled. “That’s what I’ve heard. So naturally I was some skeptical about them being out as well. But rumors tend to fly when hostiles are mentioned. Besides, my experience has been, with the Apache, they are not opposed to fighting one another, nor scouting for the white man, and fighting him at the same time. So nothing about the red man surprises me. I would suppose it’s the same with the plains Indians.” He shifted his feet, looking down, then back up. “Appreciate the information. We’ll take it back to the column and go from there.” Tag @Wayfarer
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    Not Good News

    Elias glared at him. “I may disagree with my daughter, and I may disagree with that Town Council, but, I’ll not sit by and have her disgraced, lied about, and dragged through the mud on this.” He growled. “I’ll kill any man that has part in this!” “Elias, for Christ’s sake! You can’t threaten the Town Council like this. What the hell are you thinking?” Latham demanded. “Listen, They want to take on my daughter, they take on me! And where the hell is her brother?” “He’s there. He had a serious head wound, that was slow to heal, and he’s not quite the same as yet.” Ashworth commented. He dare not say that Case had secluded himself, that he had tremendous headaches that all but disabled him. “There are two doctors working with him. Doc Boone you know, and Doctor Jonah Danforth, the local doc. Anyway, there’s been talk of him going to Great Falls, or a specialist in Denver, but that’s all hearsay.” Elias fell silent, thinking. “Latham, I want you to hunt down Leah and offer to represent her in this. If anyone will destroy her dream it will be me! But you push this, take it to the capitol if you must! Those self-important, small-minded little fools! They have no idea who they’re toying with. They will rue the day. The attorney simply nodded that he understood what was expected, which was a better option that threating to kill the Town Council. “There’s another problem, well, possible problem. They have a new owner of the bank, one Charles Wentworth who may just present a problem in all of this. Seems he has family in town, owner of the Belle St. Regis and three up at Lost Lake. One is Thornton’s foreman.” Ashworth explained. Elias’ head snapped around to look at the man. “Yes, this could be a problem.” TBC
  22. Guyer though a moment, smiled and said, “Her fathers daughter? She seems to be her own woman, but what I think you might do is, next time she’s in, talk to her. Ask her the questions about her plans. I should think that her obtaining the right of way and having it put in the towns name would speak well enough for her, but then I’m not trying to deny her the trade either.” There was a pause as he looked at the new bank President. “No disrespect you understand, just trying to figure out why anyone would be against a hospital. Especially the Town Council.” Tag @JulieS
  23. “Be grateful if you’d pont us in the right direction. Like to ferret out what’s goin’ on. Meanin’ they may well be just traders, or, they might just be who we’re lookin’ for.” MacIntosh stated. "There’s rumblin’s the Sioux ain’t perticularly happy these days, and some of their cousins, like the Cheyenne, Arapaho, maybe the Crow. If that’s true, well, could be a real bad sign, an’ the last thing needed is some fool tradin’ gun an’ whiskey to ‘em.”
  24. "I hadn't thought about renting...that's a good idea, if it comes to that." She really hoped she could manage to work out keeping the cafe, but that depended on a number of things, especially if and when they had children...that could very well change everything. “More’n one way ta skin a cat.” He said as they rode along. “My pa always said, property is always a safe bet, even though all he had was the ranch he pointed to the men in town that owned buildings an’ such.” He smiled. He’d never had property of his own until now, but their spread might just be the begining with the building in town. "Children will change that, I think...I know. I'll want to be with them, and I can't do that in town." And she certainly wasn't going to drag them to town with her. "I know that is a way off, too, but children will be my priority, of course." She smiled widely, loving the thought of having children again, and confident that their children would thrive and be happy. “Young’uns, they will change things, that’s for sure. They need tending to and that’ll shorely take you out of the café, but, we can still own the business and the building with the right person runnin’ it. Folks need to eat, an’ them what don’t cook fer themselves and cain’t afford the other choices in town will come to the café, sure as the sun rises."
  25. "I'm of the understanding that no deal has been reached and they are looking at their options before they present the project to the town for a vote," Charles frowned, "This is beginning to look like a very complicated matter." “Oh, you are correct there was no deal in place. Personally, sir, it’s not complicated at all. Miss Steelgrave got the right of way and presented it to Judge Ben Robertson for the town, the right of way deeds are already in the name of Kalispell Montana.” Speed stated accurately. He tapped his fingers on his desk for a few seconds before continuing, "From my own experience, I know that having a respected name can get you into a lot of places. Even if Miss Steelgrave achieved getting right of way and the grants on her own, there would be those who only agreed to it because of her name and her father. As for Elias Steelgrave, he sounds like the type to go and find another door if one is locked to him. The Whitefish door is now closed and the Kalispell one is wide open. If he has any designs on this town, he will use any means to get what he wants, including reconciling with his daughter, who holds one of the keys." “I don’t understand you, sir. Leah Steelgrave does not hold any keys to control Kalispell, or it’s destiny. That would be the Town Council who hold all of the keys. But of course you are certainly free to believe whatever you like. Elias Steelgrave has no part in her plans.” A knock at the door alerted him to the fact that Luke had now finished opening up the marshal's new account. Standing up, he smiled apologetically at Guyer, "All I can say is that i will need a lot more information about this before I make a recommendation to the town council." “Thank you about the account, that will make doing business for my business much simpler and apart from my personal one. As far as Leah Steelgrave is concerned, you needn’t worry about her designs for Kalispell, I can tell you, she has none, save for building a hospital today and an orphanage tomorrow.” Speed explained. He did not like what this felt like. Tag @JulieS

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