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  1. Ben was seated over in the far corner of the barn busily writing down bets and taking the money which he was keeping in tin. The tin would be locked at the beginning of the fight and he would stay with the box until it was over. Tonight was one of the few occasions he was wearing a gun, which he had bought shortly after his arrival in Kalispell. Most of the time there wasn't a need to wear it but when there was a lot of money involved, he made sure he had it. Earlier, he had seen Marshall Guyer and a few soldiers from the fort, so part of him was hoping that no-one would be stupid enough to try and steal it. Where he was seated was also the farthest from the only entrance that was opened. Crabbe had made sure that all the doors were locked as he didn't want to lose any of the cut he wanted for allowing him to run the betting. Thankfully, it was only a small percentage, so it didn't matter. There were also others who had made bets and they wouldn't like it, if someone ran off with their potential winnings. As he looked over what the current odds were, Ben felt a bit sorry for his cousin. The betting had started out even, but Cullen had slowly become the favourite, especially after rumours began circulating that he had been in a few professional fights. Still, there was hope that Charlie would make it through the twenty rounds and there were a few bets to indicate that others thought the same thing too. Since the people were still coming in, there was little time to ruminate before the next person approached him. Ben smiled knowing that whatever the outcome, the amount of betting would ensure that he would make a profit and that would help fund his next project, the White Rose Theatre.
  2. Rebecca looked around the table and she smiled. Her four sons and nephew, Ben (who she considered a son in some ways) were all settled here and none of them looked like they had any plans to move on. The only ones missing were her daughter and her family. Maybe one day they would come out for a visit once her husband's position in Washington was more secure. It had taken her a month or two to learn about Kalispell, the surrounding area, and the people who lived. Mostly, she had found that the town was well set up with a good variety of things to do. There were still people needing help after the disaster at Whitefish and she was happy to do what she could. One thing of concern she did find was that the young ladies in town were sometimes left to their own devices, which on occasion had proved disastrous. When she had heard about the tabloid that a group of young women had presented at the town meeting a couple of weeks ago, she was determine to do something about. A week or so, later Ben had told her about his plans to buy the White Rose and convert it to a small theatre. This got her thinking and when she approached Ben about her idea, she was surprised to find that he was entertaining the same idea. Now, all they needed to was to get Charles to approve of it...not that she really needed but it would be still nice to have. Her family had always had leanings to towards more theatrical things than her husband's. Ben's showed up in his flair for playing cards and some of the schemes he got involved in. There were some cousins who were actors and there was even one who was a singer somewhere in New York. As, for herself, it tended to show up more in the way she planned parties and family gatherings. Even tonight had taken some time and effort to get everything and everyone there at the same time. After taking a sip of her wine, she smiled again, "I want everyone to know how glad I am to see that you could all make it here. I'm especially glad that Ben is here as we both have something to announce. Would you like to tell everyone about it, or shall I?" TBC
  3. Despite what people thought of Leah Steelgrave, there was one thing they could never doubt and that was her sensibility. From what Charlie had told him about Anæsthesia, the girl needed a good dose of it and with Leah as her employer, she would get it. He turned to Leah and said in a warm tone, "Perhaps, we should continue our discussion after you've taken care of Miss Orr? I'll make myself available for the rest of the day so we can sort things out, so please feel free to come back at any time." @Javia @Flip
  4. "Good luck out there, pard. Not something I would have done, but I'm in your corner, no matter what." He said. "Don't be in a rush, twenty rounds is a long fight. What I'd do." Charlie nodded, "Thanks. I'll be just glad to last the twenty rounds." As he sat waiting for the fight, his brother Sam, who was his second was giving him a shoulder massage to help limber up his joints. From where he was, he hear could that music was slowly being drowned out by the noise of the crowd that was building. No doubt Crabbe would be pleased by the turnout and so would cousin Ben. For most of the lead up to the fight, the betting odds were about even. No-one knew much how his opponent, other than he owned some rundown mine outside of town. Then the rumour started that Cullen had been in few professional matches and he slowly became the favourite, Ben had been pleased with the bets coming in but when Crabbe delayed the fight another week, no doubt to build the drama, they started flooding in with people from all over the county now placing a small wager, including the soldiers from Fort Somers. Part of him didn't want to do this but he knew he had to. There were many reasons why but mainly it was because his new career as a lawman depended on it. He couldn't be seen backing down or reneging on the agreement he had made with Crabbe. A lawman who wasn't brave or didn't stand by his word wouldn't be respected. As for the fight itself, his brothers and Ben had helped him as much as they could to get him into shape for the fight. Hopefully, it would be enough to last until the end.
  5. "Please excuse me, I did not mean to eavesdrop." she explained "I had hoped to speak to you, Mr. Wentworth, about the possibility of holding my Father's wake in your large state room. My mother is still quite..." she struggled for another word, but gave up "... is still quite hysterical, and will need to retire to our home after the funeral and rest quietly. I shall host the required gathering of society here if that is at all possible, Mr. Wentworth." Matt nodded, "Of course." While Leah answered Anæsthesia, Matt wondered briefly how the young lady was able to bypass the front desk. Simpson probably felt sorry for her and let her through or he was busy and didn't see her. It didn't matter that she was here now but if it had been someone else, then it could have meant trouble. Maybe it was time he hired an assistant or secretary to help with visitors especially if he decided to run for mayor. Seeing that Anæsthesia was getting upset, Matt went over to her, "Miss Orr, take as much time as you need to. We're in no particular hurry." @Flip @Javia
  6. Matt stood and listened to what Leah had to say. It made sense that she would want to get the construction of the hospital started as soon as possible but a part of him felt that she should go about it more carefully and diplomatically. Even though there was no real opposition on the town council, there were still people who didn't like the Steelgrave name being attached to any project in Kalispell. There was also the matter of Orr's untimely death. The man had family and friends in town, and they may see her eagerness as something more malicious. Prudence and maybe respect for the Orr family at least had to be considered. "Leah, I understand the need for getting the hospital built but I feel that maybe we should delay the actual transaction for the property until after Richard Orr's funeral," he said solemnly before raising his hand, "Now, that doesn't mean you don't have to get the supplies ordered...by the time they get here enough time would have passed. No matter, what you thought of the man, his wife and daughter should be given some time to grieve." @Flip
  7. As the meal progressed, Charlie would gaze around the table occasionally. There was the usual talk about what everybody had been up to since they had last seen one or more of the family. He didn't want to breach the subject of the upcoming fight which was now only one week away. If someone asked him about it, he would say something then, but it didn't seem likely as it was a topic that didn't interest his mother. No doubt after the meal there would be some talk about it when she wasn't around. Even though she was the only female at the table, she still stuck to the rules of society and leave the men alone to talk. His mother would probably go upstairs to check on Natosi and Ruth. He didn't know much about the two women residing in the house. Ruth was still recovering from the wounds she had received. According to both Mike and Sam it was some sort of miracle that she had survived so long. Natosi spent most of her time with her mother but would come down to help every now and then, like earlier this evening. When the food was ready, Natosi had gone back upstairs with meals for both her and her mother. A snippet of conversation caught his attention. His father was asking Matt about how things were going with the town council. This reminded him about the horrible death of Richard Orr. He had been only on the job as a deputy for a few days when the tragedy occurred. There was nothing like been thrown in the deep end but he knew that he would have to handle stuff like this if he wanted to make being a lawman a lifelong career. Orr's death was followed a week or so later by the death of Frank Grimes. That was no great loss as far as he was concerned and all part of learning the job. Being a deputy was something he was determined to succeed at. Thankfully, he had a good Marshall like Speed Guyer to train him and the support of his family. TBC
  8. Walter Simpson smiled and briefly looked at the bundle she was carrying, "Good morning, Miss Steelgrave. If you would wait for just a moment, I'll let him know that you are here." He went to the door of the office and knocked on it a couple of times before entering. After telling Matt about his visitor, he came out again. "Come right in, Miss Steelgrave." As he held the door open for her, Walter thought about why she had come. He was pretty sure it had something to do with the hospital business and now that Orr was dead, his boss was acting Secretary, so it made sense that she would show up here sooner or later. He stood there for a moment, waiting to hear what she had to say but he was dismissed by Matt. Knowing that whatever was going to happen he would have to find out when everybody else did. After Simpson had left, Matt turned to his guest, "Morning Leah." @Flip
  9. "So Simons, I hear there's to not only be a prize fight, but some talk of a stage play? Interesting." Then, "Mister Crabbe, you involved in all of this? doesn't seem to be in your bailiwick. Well, maybe the fight." Ben nodded, "Yes, there will be not just one play but many in the future but first I have to build the theatre." As he listened to the others speak, Ben thought about how he probably wouldn't have to worry about advertising for his theatre. It seemed that word of mouth was much quicker and cheaper than putting anything in the Union. When Crabbe mentioned the fight being a grudge match, Ben raised one of his eyebrows. He had no intention of disputing what the man was saying unless it was something of a personal nature. Charlie was his cousin and after all family was family. Besides, Crabbe was smart enough to know that if said something against a Wentworth, he would have to contend with the whole lot of them. "Well, not everyday there's a prize fight in town, I will of course wish to be ringside to report on the event." Phinn replied to the most generous offer, one he had not expected but was pleased to accept, and threw in a ringside request. "If either of you two would like to make a wager on the fight, I'm running very good odds on both men. It seems the town is divided on who will win," Ben said, before addressing Speed, "By the way, Marshall, I run a clean book...you have my personal guarantee." @Javia @Flip
  10. "Mr Simons, the theatre manager?!" she beamed (word sure had gotten around fast) "How wonderful to meet you, Sir." "Yes, the theatre manager," Ben answered. It amazed him how fast things got around in town. In the future, he would probably be a bit more cautious when he was planning something. He took Frances' hand and gently shook it, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Miss Grimes." Letting go of her hand, he returned to his breakfast and continued to eat while he thought of what to say next. He couldn't personally invite the girl to join the group as her brother might get the wrong idea. Frank Grimes with the wrong idea was something he really didn't want to contemplate. Turning to Frances, he smiled, hoping that she would hear the pleasantness of his speech that it caused, "If you are interested in joining the ladies group my aunt Rebecca Wentworth will be running, I can get her to send you an invitation or she can personally come to see you." @Javia
  11. "So, er, what happens at this 'Young Ladies Group'?" he asked, making it pretty clear he had agreed to something on his ward's behalf without really knowing what it was. Ben smiled, "Don't worry. With my aunt running the group you can be sure that everything will be above board." He took a sip of his coffee before going on, "Now, what I plan is it for to be a theatrical group. That debacle with the tabloid those young ladies tried at that meeting is a prime example why they need some guidance, especially where deportment is concerned. I am sure that your Bridget, will benefit greatly from learning such things from a lady." Another grin appeared on his face, "Besides, I think that you'll agree that if Miss Bridget is seen as a respectable and accomplished young lady, you will be able to find her a suitable husband more easily." Before he could go on any further, he was distracted by the sight of Arabella returning to the room and leaving just as quickly when the front door to the diner opened. Ben looked over to see a young lady with a bandage over her eyes. The only person in town it could be was Frances Grimes, the sister of that no-account Frank. Since he had arrived in Kalispell, he had made a few friends, who were eager to let him know the latest gossip, so he knew that the Grimes had only been here a short time. As a professional gambler, it was always good to know about potential playing partners, especially if you were staying in one place for a while. Frank Grimes was a person he had no intention of playing a game of cards with any time in the foreseeable future. Clara returned and went to help the girl, which was good as he wasn't prepared to do. Although he felt sorry for the girl, there was no way he was going to get involved with her. Maybe it was the coward in him but he wasn't about to risk his life for her...well at least not on purpose. Seeing that Clara was taking care of her, he went back to his breakfast. @Javia
  12. A mere couple of minutes later, Clara carried out then set two heaping plates in front of Mr. Simon and Mr. Crabbe,"There you go, gentlemen. Salt and pepper is on the table. Would either of you like any cream or sugar or both for your coffees?" "Black will be fine," Ben answered. He looked down at his plate, before picking up his fork and tasting the bacon. "As usual, it tastes as good as it smells. My compliments, Mrs. Lutz." As he waited for Crabbe to respond, Ben had a chance to think about his plan. Aunt Rebecca had been working on way to help the young ladies in town for a while now. She had heard about the tabloid that some of them had put on at the recent town meeting and she hadn't been impressed. It wasn't the fact that they had presented a tabloid, it was the way they had gone about it that concerned her. Since Rebecca was his mother's sister, she did have a have leaning towards the theatrical. In fact, the Martin clan had a few actors and actresses littered in its past and in the present. There was a cousin treading the boards somewhere in New York and another one in Denver, so it wouldn't take much to convince her that what Kalispell needed was a local theatre group where the young ladies could learn a few things. All he had to do was make it sound respectable in order to get Uncle Charles' approval. After taking a few more bites of his breakfast, he turned to Crabbe, "I want to ask you about your ward, Bridget. Would she be interested in joing a young ladies group, if my Aunt was in charge of it?" @Javia @Wayfarer
  13. Sam and Mike had been the first to arrive, followed not long after by Ben and Matt. Now that they were seated at the table and eating, Sam's mind drifted to the sight he had seen a few days ago. He had been on the part of the Lost Lake Ranch that was farthest south. Well, to be more precise, south-east, mending fences when he heard a strange sound. In that part of the range there were fewer trees compare to the mountains on the northside, so he didn't have far to ride to find out what it was. Heading towards Smith Lake, he crossed the border of the land owned by the Thorntons and into, what he had been told was an abandoned farm. From what he knew about this part of the land, was it was owned by some farmer who had tried growing crops and failed. As far as he knew there was no-one there now, but he soon found out that he was wrong. As he rode closer to the lake, the noise became louder and started to become more familiar. It had been a while since he had heard it but he recognised what it was. What it was and meant was trouble. Soon he came upon the sight. The herd was small, but it was significant enough to worry a lot of people, especially the ranchers. Looking around, he couldn't see anybody which in a way was a good thing. Turning his horse, he had headed back to Lost Lake. Thankfully, he had been on his own or the whole territory would know by now that there were sheep. Looking around at his family, Sam decided not to mention anything to them. In fact, he hadn't bothered saying anything to his bosses at Lost Lake. He wanted to find out more about the sheep and those who owned them. Maybe he could work out something with them first and then present it his boss, to see what they do. It was better than going off half-cocked and starting some sort of war. TBC
  14. Ben nodded, "I was considering the White Rose as a possible venue. However, there is one small hitch...it's owned by the bank. I'll have to work out something that my uncle will like so that I can get it on terms that I can afford." He tapped his fingers on the table as he thought about his problem of getting the White Rose. Uncle Charles would need some serious convincing that the theatre was a worthwhile venture. If only there was a way.... A huge smile crept on his face, "You know Crabbe, you might come in handy after all." @Javia @Wayfarer OOC: Wayfarer...now would be a good time for Clara to come back with Ben's breakfast.
  15. "Hmmm" Lorenzo agreed and then shrugged "Well, while we're talking of shows, what's this I hear about your Charlie up and becoming Deputy Marshall: does that mean he ain't intending to fight any more?" the bespectacled man asked with a genuine frown on his face. After all, he would hardly be able to ask the Deputy to arrest himself for bailing on his boxing contract, and he'd rather keep friendly with the law as far as possible. "Charlie becoming a deputy was news to me as well. First heard about it from my Aunt Rebecca," Ben smiled, "She wasn't too pleased about it but I think she's over it now." He looked over to the entrance to the kitchen and wondered how much longer his breakfast would be. Thankfully, the Mudd girl was still nowhere to be seen, so maybe he could enjoy it without having to go through another audition. "As far as I know, he's still going to fight. Unless you know something that I don't," he told Crabbe in a light-hearted tone, "Besides, I think the fight is the least of my worries at the moment. According to you, I have go and find some shapely girls who can act and sing." He thought for a moment about what he had just said. Finding a shapely girl shouldn't be that hard but then again maybe Crabbe was right. Kalispell wasn't a one-horse town, so there had to be someone out there just waiting to be discovered. Besides, the task would involve looking and talking to many women and that in itself would make it worthwhile. "You know Crabbe, if it weren't for you, I would have no-one to remind me of how important it is to get the right ladies for my theatre. I'll make sure that I'll give you the credit you deserve." @Javia

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