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  1. Charlie was now at a point of not knowing quite what to say. The way she talked about Lutz made him sound like he was a knight in shining armour. He wondered how Clara would handle it when the chinks started to show. In the month or so since their wedding, he had heard a few stories about Jacob Lutz and most of them weren't very favourable. Still, there was nothing he could do now and the last thing he wanted to do was to make out that he was happy about her union. He sighed heavily, "I'm sorry Clara. Maybe I should have made my intentions more clearer but I thought you were and are still too young. To say that I am pleased about your marriage would be a lie." He lowered his head slightly, "The only thing I can offer you is that I hope that your husband will do his best when the future comes and that you won't suffer if he doesn't." @Wayfarer
  2. It took a few more minutes for Ella to work out the particulars of her deal with Pettigrew. When she was done she went back into the store and selected some fabric. Since the salesgirl was busy with Lenora, Pettigrew served her. After purchasing the fabric, she went up to Leonora, "I'm ready to go back to my brothers. If you wish to stay longer, that's fine. However, I would like to thank you for bringing me here just in case we're gone by the time you get back." @Javia @Wayfarer
  3. Judge Robertson paused for a moment before he committed his vote to paper. Part of him wanted the hospital but another part of him didn't want a Steelgrave running. Even if Leah was telling the truth and that her father had nothing to do with it, Ben knew that Elias would find a way to get control. So, not sure of what to do, he voted the only way he could and wrote down Abstain on his ballot paper and placed it in Wigfall's cap. ------------------- Matt, for his part, decided his vote would be yes. In theory, it was a good project and he hoped Leah could carry it out without interference from her father. Whatever happened, it would bring Elias Steelgrave into town and maybe an opportunity to gather more evidence on the man for his superiors to present to those who were interested. After writing down, Yes on his paper and putting into the cap, Matt leaned back in his chair to watch the rest of the proceedings.
  4. As he listened to Orr go on about the rules and regulations, Judge Robertson knew that there would be no chance to approach Leah or talk to the other council members about his idea. This snap meeting had killed whatever leeway the council had in the situation. Since the vote would be silent and having no guarantee that Elias Steelgrave wouldn't interfere, there was only he could go. The town didn't deserve to be caught in the middle. "Very well, very well. A public motion has been put by Dr. Danforth that the Committee vote on the proposal to give permission to build a hospital in Kalispell. Such a demand requires seconding by a member of the Committee itself. Do any of you gentlemen second that proposal to vote upon the motion?" he turned to Wentworth, Anderson and now Robertson. It only needed one of them to say an unequivocal 'yes'. Standing up, he answered, "Yes."
  5. "Bobby here's a business associate of mine. Never boxed before, but fancied his chances when he heard what a pushover Charlie was likely to be." tested Lorenzo, seeing if he could trick Ben into giving away how the youngest Wentworth boy was shaping up in training. Ben smiled, "Not too much of how pushover, I hope. My family does have the tendency to, and pardon the pun, to come out fighting when the chips are down." He took a good look around the room, before addressing Crabbe again, "It looks like you're expecting a good size crowd and I think you'll get it. Not much around here to entertain the masses." Yes, Kalispell was a good size town but there was little here in the form of entertainment, which had put him to thinking. One idea had taken form and if he could find the right place, then it would be a goer. He had his eye on one particular building that with a little bit or work could become the town's first theatre. However, that was something else to ponder later on, for now it was all about the boxing match. @Javia
  6. Charlie slowly shook his head. "To me, you were someone who deserved to be courted properly so that you would have time to get used to it. I never thought that you were the type to jump straight into something without thinking long and hard about it. What you did was impetuous, and I hope that in years to come you won't regret it." Feeling the need to clarify more, Charlie went on, "What I mean to say is that you're only sixteen. You've never really had the chance to do all the things you should have and now you never will. Despite the arguments we always seem to get into, I really do care for you, Clara and I wanted to...well I just wanted to." @Wayfarer
  7. Ella frowned as she hadn't counted on gifting any of her stock in order to get orders. Whoever this Miss Orr was, if she had the power to entice other young women to buy a shawl or something else then it might be worthwhile. She would have to explain things to her family but if she knew the reasons why, then they would be agreeable. "All right, I can give her this one," she picked the most stylish shawl she could out of the three she had bought in, "however, I will reserve the right to ask for the item back if this doesn't work. Even used a good shawl like this can still sell." @Javia
  8. Charlie frowned. He hadn't meant to say that she was part of the problem. Almost every time he saw Clara, he had a habit of blurting out what he was really thinking or feeling. "Look I'm sorry if I implied that you're the cause of my vice. My vice started long before I met you. It's just that you...well it's just that you..." He stopped not knowing what else to say. However, a question came to the front of his mind that he now wanted to know the answer to. "Why Lutz?" @Wayfarer
  9. "She's local now. Only arrived in town at the beginning of May shortly after my Pa brought the bank," he smiled, "Mother hasn't done much since arriving but I get the feeling that she' been getting the lay of the land and might be getting some ideas on what the town needs." "Well, I guess I'd better going now," he said as he held out his hand, "Thanks again for giving this opportunity, I hope I don't disappoint." @Flip
  10. Judge Ben Robertson had just returned from an enjoyable day of finishing when he was greeted with the news that a meeting had been called by Dick Orr. Not knowing why the unscheduled meeting was being held, Robertson had quickly made his way over to the municipal building. As he was approaching the building, he saw two federal Marshalls exiting. He wondered briefly why they were around before continuing on. If this meeting had anything to do with the hospital, he might be already too late. After receiving an unbiased assessment from the owner of the bank, Charles Wentworth, Robertson was convinced that the only way the hospital and orphanage could proceed was to have Leah sign legal agreement to step away from the project completely if her father became involved. If Leah agreed to this, then his vote would be yes. Stepping inside the meeting room, Ben was greeted with a number of people shouting, "Take a vote!" Going up to the podium where the rest of the town council was gathered, he made his apologies as he took his seat.
  11. "I take it you know then that I am married now? To Jacob Lutz," she announced, it was a small town and news traveled fast plus it was indeed in the local newspaper. "I know," Charlie answered solemnly and left it at that. Then she couldn't hold it in any longer, "Nice badge. Is that not a deputy's badge?" "Yes, it is. In fact it's my first day today. Marshall Guyer has decided to give me a chance and teach me what he knows," he paused for a moment to remember that Clara knew about his drinking problem. "And before you ask, yes he does know about my vices. About a month ago, I made a promise to myself and a few other people to give up drinking for good. I don't intend to go back on this promise, not for you or anybody else." @Wayfarer
  12. He was looking at the mittens again. "Hmm, yes, very fine work." his watery old eyes looked up at her sparking young hazel orbs. "Where do you get your supply of wool from?" he asked with professional interest. "Ahh...we get our wool from a number of suppliers. You know people back east who we've meet over the years," Ella said in a matter-of-fact way. Turning back to the point of all this, she continued, "I'm glad you like them. It takes a while to make things so we like to get an early start in order to have things ready to sell by late fall when people are starting to need them." She waited for his response and hopefully it would be one that was good. @Javia
  13. As the Territorial Governor and the Senator walked into the meeting, Matt frowned. As he listened to the Governor, he was a bit dismayed by the over familiarity between the man and Leah. Even though it was a platonic relationship by all accounts, doubt had now been thrown on that. From now on, people would be wondering just how much Leah really did to get what she wanted. So, in the end the Governor would give Leah what she wanted if the town council voted against it. She was in, as his cousin Ben would say, a win-win situation. Maybe if Leah had taken time to foster some goodwill and not try to rush it, she might have stood a chance with the town council. What happened next would depend on Orr. @Javia
  14. After a tour of the Marshall's office and the rest of the municipal buildings, one of the first things he had to do was get to know the lay of the town better. Marshall Guyer had told him that he needed to know what was what and where was where, especially side streets and the alleys. If there was a disturbance at a certain store he needed to know where it was and not waste precious time trying to find it. So, it was on his first day as a deputy, he found himself walking down main street and smack dab right into Clara. He couldn't avoid by crossing the street as she had probably seen him already and so he continued to make his way towards her. "Hello, Charlie." Charlie tipped his hat, "Ma'am." Since she was now a married woman, he couldn't call her by her first name anymore, which made him sad. Their relationship, for what it was, could never be the same again and the less time he spent her company the better. In the month or so, since she hadn't gotten married, he had been slowly coming to terms with the fact that what he had felt for her was a one-way street. Even if she felt something for him more than friendship, it didn't matter any longer. However, as a deputy, he supposed he would have to make some sort of conversation with her, even if it was just to foster some goodwill. "I hear that you're running the Lick Skillet in Mrs. Pike's absence. I hope all is well there." @Wayfarer
  15. Contrary to what Marshall Guyer was thinking, Charlie had no intention of using his new position to attract the fairer sex. For now, all he was interested in doing was getting his life straightened out and learning to curb his desire for strong liquor. Having a safe job like a ranch hand was all good if you intended to have a safe life which included marrying and raising a family. Now that Clara was out of the picture, Charlie felt that he wanted to try other things and he found something that stuck. Hopefully, being a lawman was it. "The only thing that needs to be done is to tell my family, especially my mother. The last thing I would want is for her to find out about this second-hand," he replied, "As for it being quiet, I reckon that might be a good thing while I'm learning the job. When or if a storm does comes, I hope I'll be up to it." @Flip

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