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  1. Mike raised his eyebrow. In a way, it didn't seem odd that Matt failed to mention knowing the deputy as he was the owner of the town's only hotel, so it made sense that he would have lunch with her. It was her exclamation of surprise that intrigued him. She seemed to be very impressed with Matt. "It's a pleasure to meet you ma'am," he answered back. "Thanks for the welcome. I've spent most of my time here on the ranch, learning the ropes. When I've been in town, I've been spending time with Matt as it's been a while since we've all been together. There's been a lot of catching up to do." He paused briefly to assess the deputy. Her clothes did nothing to give away anything about how much of a woman she really was as her buckskin jacket hid a lot. Her hair was long and messy, probably from the ride here but there was one he was sure of. If brother Matt had taken the time to have lunch with her, then there must be something. "Now, that I've met you, I'll make sure to come and say hello the next time I'm in town. Maybe we can have lunch and I can ask you any questions about these flyers after I've taken good look at them." @Stormwolfe
  2. When she heard Mary suggest the walk, Kate knew when Shade asked she would say yes, so she had a little bit of time to compose herself while the children were saying goodnight. Hoping that she looked calm and in control, she slowly nodded, "Yes, I think that would be nice. It will give me an opportunity to talk to you about the children and their education." The last bit was for the benefit of the Pastor and his wife. She didn't want anybody seeing more into the situation then there really was. It was still early days and this flurry of excitement could dwindle away quickly. There was also the question of why Shade was paying so much attention to her. Was it because he was just being a good host or was there something more? Her own feelings throughout the day had gone up and own so many times, ranging from caution to wanting to fully embrace what was happening to her. All this was happening very quickly and what she wanted to do was to make sure of his intentions. Hopefully, the walk to the waterfall would answer all her questions. @Stormwolfe
  3. Mike nodded, "Shade told me that someone would be around eventually to deliver these. I'm glad it was you and not the marshal." He knew that the Kalispell deputy was a woman but this was the first time that he had seen her. In over the month or so he had been here, he had only been town a few times, mainly on the weekend which was usually spent with Matt and his brothers as they all got to know each other again. Learning his new job, the men he had working for him and how things worked here had taken up the majority of his time. Now that he was getting on top of things, he would have more time for other things like meeting the deputy. He smiled, "Sorry, I haven't properly introduced myself. My name is Mike Wentworth. I'm the day foreman." @Stormwolfe
  4. As Sarah watched the desk clerk deal with Elinor's requests, she got the impression that the man was a little bit intimidated. She didn't quite understand why Elinor would make the feel this way but she did remember what Elinor had told her about her family. Maybe that had something to do with it. She heard Elinor say the man's name during their conversation, so when it was her to sign the ledger, she smiled at him, hoping that he would feel more at ease. After signing, the ledger, she wanted to get some help with her luggage, "Mr. Simpson, my luggage is outside on the landing where the stagecoach driver left, could you please get someone to take it up to my room." As soon as she had described what her trunk looked like, Simpson smiled and said that it would be taken care off. He seems to be more than eager to help her in any way that he could and remarked upon this. Sarah smiled in return and thanked him, before turning her attention back to Elinor. "I suppose we may as well go in and find a place to sit. The desk clerk said that there would be plenty to choose from." @Flip (OOC: I'm bring Matt in as my next post. Either Elinor can ask him over or he will approach the table on his own accord.)
  5. Mature Content: No With: Hannah Cory, Mike and Sam Wentworth Location: Lost Lake Ranch When: Early October 1875 Time of Day: Mid-morning As Mike made his way from the bunkhouse to the barn, he thought about how things had been going so far. It had been over a month since he, Sam and Charlie had started working here and they were getting used to the ways things were done here. Shade, had been pleased with the work they had been doing and had made their jobs permanent. They were all beginning to form good friendships with the people they worked for and the people they worked with. All except for Charlie, who was still having problems with Clara but that was going to be a work in progress for some time to come. Just as he neared the barn, he caught the sight of a rider approaching. Not being told to expect someone, Mike thought of who it could. From this distance, he couldn't tell if the person was friend or foe, so just to be certain, he touched the gun in his holster in an act of readiness. Prepared, he waited for the rider to come near. @Stormwolfe
  6. As he walked down the stairs to the lobby, Walter adjusted his coat and looked over to the desk to see who had rung the bell. He had been upstairs, helping Widow Jenkins who claimed that her window was stuck and wouldn't come down. By the time he realised that this had been a ruse to get him to come into the room, he was at her mercy. Widow Jenkins was a woman, in her late fifties, who travelled to Kalispell a few times a year to visit her daughter, who was married to a local farmer. The problem was that every time she came to town, she would try her hardest to get him into a compromising situation and he was having none of that. Thankfully, the bell on the desk ringing was the excuse he needed to make a quick exit. There was no way he was going to lose his job on the account of an overly amorous guest. Seeing no-one at the desk, he scanned the room and saw a dark-haired, young woman standing looking a bit lost. Now, she was more his type. Putting on his best smile, he walked behind her the desk and greeted her. As soon as he had finished, the woman was joined by someone else he didn't expect to see here. Not knowing what to make of the situation, he turned to her, "Good evening, Mrs. Steelgrave." @Flip
  7. After Shade had shown them to their rooms, Mrs. Evans went back to the kitchen to join Mary, as she, Pastor Evans and Shade went to the library. As she listened to Shade tell the Pastor a few things about the books, she casually investigated the room. There was plenty of things to take in. After a while, they interrupted by the two children waking up from their nap. Nettie, happy to see that the teacher hadn't left, quickly took her hand and led her back to the playroom, eager to show off some of her dolls. They were followed by Cody and Shade. The four of them, in Kate's opinion, spent an enjoyable afternoon getting to know each other better. During this time, Kate felt herself becoming more attracted to Shade than she already was. It made her a little sad to know that she have to leave in the morning and then wait nearly a week to see him when he would be coming to take her to the dance. It made her a little bit more determined to make this time worthwhile and give her something to remember during the long week ahead. @Stormwolfe
  8. Since I will be marrying Matt off to Sarah, there's always the possibility with Mike or Sam since they are around her age. Matt could easily introduce her to one or both or them or they could each meet her separately. I can see something friendly rivalry between the two brothers trying to at least date her. Whether or not this turns into something permanent with one of them is something we can look at later on.
  9. Four brothers living and working in Kalispell and the surrounding area. They are in order from eldest to youngest... Matt Wentworth - owner of the Belle-St Regis Hotel. He also works for the Secret Service (which no-one including his family knows about). His mission is to gather evidence against the Steelgraves to bring them to justice which is a difficult task. Mike Wentworth - Day Foreman at Lost Lake Ranch. Sam Wentworth - Ranch hand at Lost Lake Ranch. Charlie Wentworth - trainee ranch hand at Lost Lake Ranch. Works mainly around the main house and outbuildings e.g. barn at this point in time. The brothers are expecting a visit from their father, Charles Wentworth Sr. (a mover and shaker in Washington D.C.) sometime in the spring of 1876. Wentworth Sr. will be trying to get Charlie to come back and finish college. Three of the Wentworths work for Shade Thornton, so they are now aligned with him, especially where the Steelgraves are concerned. This connection will become even tighter in a plot where Matt Wentworth will end up marrying Sarah Thornton-Carleton, Shade's cousin. If you have a character that ends up working at Lost Lake Ranch, you will be interacting with at least two or three brothers. Anybody staying at the hotel will interact with Matt. There is a lot of scope for stories using one or more of the brothers. Just let me know if you are interested in having any of them join your plot.
  10. At the sound of thunder, Pastor Evans nodded, "It looks like we have no choice in the matter." He turned to his wife, "My dear, you no doubt will now have more time to spend with Mary and if Shade will allow me, I can spend some time in his library." Kate was not sure what to make of the change in plans. Part of her was happy at being able to stay here longer but part of her was also nervous at the prospect of being here with him. The house was very big and they were few in number there was bound to be a time when she and he would be... She shook her head a little and took a deep breath. Hoping to divert her mind from the track it was going down, she addressed the group, "I am sure we will be able to put our time here to good use. When the children awaken from their afternoon nap, I will be able to find out what their educational needs are. It will save me a trip later on." Turning to Shade, she continued, "I hope it won't be too much of a bother for you having us stay the night. We are woefully unprepared for this turn of events." @Stormwolfe
  11. Shade's cousin, Sarah Thornton-Carlton has just arrived, so there will be some interaction with her. The plan is to have Sarah eventually marry Matt Wentworth which will bring the Wentworths and Thorntons closer together opening the door to more stories and intrigue.
  12. Mature Content: No With: Sarah Thornton-Carlton, Matt Wentworth, and maybe Elinor Steelgrave + anybody else who wants to join in. Location: Belle-St. Regis Hotel When: September 1875 Time of Day: Evening As Sarah approached the front desk of the hotel, she wondered if she had made her exit too quickly. At first, she had gotten the impression that the meeting between Elinor and her daughter was not going to be pleasant but now she had her doubts. When she got to the desk, she noticed that no-one was around. She spun around to see if there was anybody who looked like a desk clerk in the lobby. There was only a young couple standing talking near the door. Most of the people in the hotel were congregated in the dining room. For a moment, she contemplated going back there to see if anybody could help but instead she opted to ring the bell.
  13. Charlie stood and watched Clara head back to the well. The way she was walking, seemed a bit off. Her remark about feeling fine didn't ring true either. Finding out that you could be losing your job would make anybody a bit upset. Maybe he was wrong in telling her about what he had heard. For most of his life, he had only been exposed to a limited number of people. He wished his brothers had been around a lot more while he was growing up and he could have learnt how to deal with those outside his circle from them instead of their father. Father, had only allowed him to socialise with the families of the boys he went to school with. Even when he went to college, he had been more interested in escaping its confines than improving his social skills. Now that he was living and working with people from vastly different backgrounds than his, he was beginning to realise that he had a lot to learn. Every time he talked to Clara, he seemed to make a mess of it. If he didn't start learning to be more tactful in his conversations, there would be a lot more trouble ahead. Picking up the handles of the wheelbarrow, he started pushing it towards the main house. Learning to be more tactful meant that he was going to need help from his brothers and that he would have to tell them about this latest run-in with Clara. In a way, he dreaded having to tell them but if he was ever going to make friends, it was something he needed to.
  14. Charlie was beginning to feel a bit uncomfortable and he shifted uneasily. "All I wanted to do was help. I figured that if things were to change...and I'm not saying they will, it would concern you and you could at least start thinking of something else to do just in case." He brushed his hand through his hair, "Maybe, it's not what I thought it was. Maybe, he's just being nice. After all, the teacher is new in town and since he's an important fellow around here, well you know...maybe he's just making her feel welcome." Not sure if he was making things right or not, Charlie smiled apologetically, "I'm sorry, if I have upset you in any way. I just thought you should know." @Wayfarer
  15. The wheelbarrow was now full but instead of heading up to the house, Charlie debated with himself whether or not he should tell her what he had seen. Personally, he liked to be aware of what was going on and he didn't like surprises that much. Maybe, if she was aware then she could be prepared just in case. Taking a deep breath, he replied, "Well, it's good that you knew she had come visitin'. It's nice to know that Mr. Thornton is honest with his workers in that way." Wiping his hands on his pants to get the sweat and dirt off them before he gripped the barrow's handles, he looked at Clara, "I reckon I don't how to put this so I am going to just say it. I was on my way to the house when I saw them leaving and I overheard Mr. Thornton saying something to the teacher about picking her up for the dance on Saturday night." @Wayfarer

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