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  1. "Arabella! Enough!" barked Fortner. Ben was just surprised as everyone else in the place. They were all used to Arabella and her ramblings that they didn't pay her no mind. If Fortner wanted to be on good terms with everyone, chastising an employee, even if it was Arabella, in public wasn't the way to go about it. Arabella, despite her faults, had people who genuinely cared for her. Hiram shook his head. "I got no problem answering the young lady's question. It's a good one." He looked across the floor to where Arabella stood waiting for an answer. "So you're asking me what political affiliation I might be, a Democrat or a Republican? And that's a good question so I'll tell you. I'm an American. More to the point, I'm a Montanan. Your head is filled with worryin' about yesterday - Republican, Democrat. But look at it this way. We're all on a journey. We're all on a train headin' for better times. So don't pack a trunk of junk filled with yesterdays because tomorrow, tomorrow'll be filled with sunshine." Priest's answer to Arabella's questions seemed to ease the situation and now they were paying attention to what he was saying. "Your name, again?" He smiled. "It's Ben Simons and I was asking about some of your plans for Kalispell and I'm sure the good voters here would like to know as well." Then he gave a wide sweeping gesture to acknowledge the other people who were there. It seemed that there were a few who were getting more interested in their conversion as some of them responded with "yeah" and "what he said." @Preston @Javia
  2. While Fortner and Priest were making their speeches, Ben was mentally taking notes. The two newcomers to town were obviously unaware of his relationship to one of the other mayoral candidates, his cousin Matt. Still, it was better to learn all he could now before they did find out because he seen all of this before. It was a common play to go somewhere where you weren't known, make a dramatic entrance and then set about what you really came here to do. Ben had a feeling that the mayoral race was not the main reason they were here, just something they were cooking up on the side. It then occurred to Ben that when they finished with whatever bought them to Kalispell in the first place was done with, they would concentrate all their efforts on the mayoral race. The last thing Kalispell wanted or needed, was two hustlers like Fortner and Priest in charge of the town. He needed to learn more about them before he would leave to let Matt know about his competition. Drinking what was left of his whiskey, Ben looked over to where Sally was and was relieved to see her caught up in the aftermath of the singing and congratulating. Hearing the mention of plans, Ben stepped forward, "You wouldn't mind giving us a hint on these plans? I've already heard a few from the other contenders and I wouldn't want you to step on their toes by saying something they've already covered."
  3. As he watched Arabella's dramatic exit, Ben was mildly amused but didn't show it. Arabella was on the verge of becoming a diva with her antics and he didn't want her on his payroll if that was the case. Maybe his aunt could knock some sense into her and polish her up a bit. If Rebecca could do that, then he would seriously think about hiring her. He didn't have much time to dwell on it as Arabella stampeded back in to get her hat and before he knew it Sally Adams came up to him. Since he was a lot taller than Miss Adams, when he looked down to address her, her couldn't fail to see her considerable assets. A feeling of nervousness overcame as he remembered the few times Sally had approached him and how he managed to get away each time. Now that Grimes was gone, she would be looking for a new benefactor. It wasn't that he didn't like women, it was just that he preferred his be sober and a bit less forthcoming. A woman who had secrets to discover was far more alluring to him, then somebody like Sally Adams who had nothing to hide and who was willing to give it all away for any price. Besides, Sally scared him for some reason and that was more than enough. Smiling graciously, he took a step back and looked over to Ralph, "A drink for the lady." Hoping that would placate her, Ben turned to Fortner, "Before we were rudely interrupted, we were about to toast Miss Mundee, shall we proceed or we will save it for another time?"
  4. Ben nodded, "I have to admit that are some so-called respectable people that I wouldn't be caught dead with but when it comes to money, I'm willing to overlook their faults." Turning to Caroline, he smiled charmingly, "However, you Miss Mundee are much more than respectable, you are remarkable. The way you easily adapt to the situation and the clientele that come in here every night takes a lot of grit. You have more mettle in your little finger than a lot of women will ever have in a lifetime." Picking up his whiskey, he continued, "If you ever tire of working here, I will be more than glad to welcome you over at The White Rose Theatre." A grin appeared on his face as he looked over to the new owner of the Star Dust, "Don't worry Fortner, I have no plans on stealing her...unless she wants me to. So, with that in mind, I propose a toast to the delightful Miss Caroline Mundee, may she always grace Kalispell with her lovely presence wherever she goes."
  5. "I'll be go-to-hell", the older man exclaimed. Fortner slapped Priest on the shoulder. "Looks like Mr. Simons came in at the right time. Best high-tail over to City Hall and put your name in the hat. I can tell you that I'll do everything I can to rally support for you at the Star Dust." Priest nodded in agreement. "I expect you're right." And at that, he left through the swinging doors. Ben watched Priest high tail it out of the saloon. Well, that at least answered one of his questions. He would have to inform Cousin Matt about his new rival and his associate. This led him to another lot of questions. From what he just saw, Fortner had some influence over Priest, how much he wasn't quite sure of. "He's a good man, Ben." he said to Simons. "Hell! He had my back yesterday when I was confronted with a drunk cowhand." He cleared his throat as if to wipe a slate clean and moved on to another subject. "What's your game? Poker?" "Mostly," Ben answered as he turned to look at Fortner, "it depends on what's going on. Blackjack or Faro will do just as well." Pausing, he took another sip of his whiskey, before continuing, "Kalispell isn't exactly the gambling capital of the west, so I've been dabbling in few other things as well. I found the town lacked entertainment, so I'm converting an old boarding house into a small theatre." He grinned, "Don't worry, I'm not looking at competing against the Star Dust. I'm aiming for the more respectable and well-healed part of town. I think both of our ventures will do handsomely here if we, mind the pun, play our cards right." @Preston
  6. "Mr. Simons," Frank said. "A pleasure, I'm sure. We hope you find the Star Dust your home away from home. I aim to keep what's good about it, and make improvements around the edges. If you like games of chance, we are planning some card rooms in the back, and away from the distractions." "Well, the Star Dust is a nice place and it's good to know that there will be changes, especially the prospect of somewhere a bit more quieter to play a game of cards. It can be a noisy here at times considering this is the only establishment that most of the local ranch hands come to. Most of them can't afford the bar at the hotel." "Ralph," he said to the barkeep. "Set one up for Mr. Simons, will you? On the house." "Sure," Ralph nodded and poured a whiskey for the man, he even remembered what brand was Simon's usual order. "Thanks," Ben replied. He didn't get much of a chance to say anything else to the bartender as Fortner grabbed his attention again. "Wait a minute," Frank called to the older man, stopping him on his way to his reserved table. "I want you to meet someone." He nodded toward Simons. "This is Ben Simons. Ben, I'd like to introduce you to Mr. Hiram Priest, some time Judge, some time Mayor. Some time Mayor? That introduction in itself was one to make you wonder. Did this Priest fellow have plans to run in the upcoming election? Priest rolled a wad of tobacco from one cheek to the other. "Well, how do you do, Mr. Simons?" He asked cordially. "In town for long?" "Long enough," Ben said with a smile. He decided to do some fishing and find out if Priest was really interested in running or it was just an off the cuff remark, "From what your friend, Mr. Fortner said you've been both a judge and a mayor. This town is pretty covered where judges are concerned with Judge Robertson looking after any civil matters and circuit Judge Bryant looking after the criminal ones, so that leaves mayor." After taking a sip of his whiskey, that had been left on the bar by Ralph, he continued, "What I mean to say, is that you're probably already aware that we have a mayoral election happening soon. So, if you're planning to try your luck here, you best get a move on. Nominations close at five o'clock today." @Javia @Preston @Wayfarer
  7. Matt stood up. What he had to say would surprise some of the family but not all of them. After thanking his mother for the dinner, he turned to the rest of them. "I have an announcement to make, and I wanted you all to know it before I make it public," he said in an almost light-hearted tone, "and no it's not that I'm getting married...at least not in the foreseeable future." There was a few laughs and sighs of relief from his family. Most of them knew that their parents would like to see them all settle down but were content with waiting till they were ready. The problem was the same ones as there was in most towns out west, the lack of choice. The men outnumbered women here in Kalispell at least two or more to one. Even though he was interested in courting Sarah Thornton-Carlton, there hadn't been much time to do so due to her living so far away from town. He had the hotel which kept him busy but now what little time he did have was going to be taken up. "As you know, the town council meeting the other week was a bit of a shambles. After the meeting, Judge Robertson approached me and asked if I would run for mayor at the upcoming election. I told him that I would think about it but then the tragedy of Mr. Orr's death delayed my decision." He paused to take a sip of his wine, "The main reason, Judge Robertson wanted to me run was to stop Richard Orr from becoming mayor but the man's death, well ended that train of thought. There was no real reason for me to run as far as the Judge was concerned. However, the more I thought about it the more I warmed to the idea and so, on Monday morning, I intend to go the courthouse and make my nomination to run for mayor, official." For a moment, there was a pause, before the family started congratulating him. Ben even mentioned something about him needing a good campaign manager. No doubt, his cousin would elaborate on that further. The rest of the evening was uneventful compared to the two announcements made at dinner. The family talked about these and other things before they all departed to their various lodgings and rooms. Each one of them would remember this night as one of the many good times they had together.
  8. "Hullo hon, warm one out there ain't it?" she smiled for Ben. Ben smiled as he tipped his hat, "Good day, Miss Mundee...and yes it is a warm one today." He didn't mind that Caroline couldn't remember his full name as the lady probably had a lot of names to remember. Knowing the names of the men who came here often was a part of the job for her since it probably made it easier for her to make them buy a few drinks. Besides, he was all for keeping a low profile here and if people didn't remember his name, then all the better. "Hey! Got news for ya. Meet the new owner of the Star Dust, Mr. Frank Fortner," she decided to handle the introduction. "So, I heard," he answered before turning to Fortner. Holding out his hand, he said, "Nice to meet you, the name's Ben Simons." @Preston
  9. Seeing that the Stardust was open, Ben made his way inside. After hearing the news that the saloon had been sold to one, Franklin Fortner, Ben was doubly surprised. First that Matilda Devereau sold the saloon when everybody in town thought she would be there for the rest of her life and secondly, the name of the new owner was one that was not unknown to him. He had been to the saloon frequently to play poker since his arrival in Kalispell a few months ago. These were usually friendly games and he had never been kicked out of the place. His relationship with Ralph and Miss Devereau was good but it was more of an acquaintance than an actual friendship. The last couple of weeks he had spent working on getting his theatre ready for its first performance that he hadn't had the time to play cards. Also, the fact, that he wanted to avoid Arabella and her propensity to audition every time he saw her. As he continued, he hoped that Arabella was out the back somewhere washing dishes or something that would keep her out there but to his dismay he could see her at the bar with Sally, a whore he only knew in passing, Miss Mundee, Ralph, and a man, he presumed was Fortner. @Javia @Preston @Wayfarer
  10. Meanwhile, Charlie was far from being knocked out. He had been hit hard enough to get knocked down and down was where he planned to stay. To make it look good, he made an attempt to get up but quickly collapsed again. The count of ten seemed to go on forever and when it was over his brothers rushed over to him to help him out of the ring. Charlie could hear the commotion that the sudden end of the fight had bought on. Crabbe would certainly have his hands full calming them down. Mike and Sam helped him to his feet again just as the music was starting. There was not time to stop and listen as they needed to get out of the ring and the building before anybody thought to check out if he was okay after the supposed knock out. With the help of Mike, Charlie staggered out of the building with his head hung low to make it look like the blow had done its job. Sam went back to grab their gear but had to contend with questions from a few of the spectators. Outside of the building, Mike and Charlie were met by Matt, who had been in the crowd. He took one look at Charlie, raised his eyebrow and said in a slightly amused tone, "The sooner we get him home the better." Charlie couldn't agree more. There was only so much acting he could do in one day. When Sam joined, the four headed towards the home of their parents.
  11. After a few minutes of discussing his mother's plans for taking care of the young ladies in town and giving them something to do, Mike glanced upstairs. Ruth was still recovering from her injuries and even though there wasn't many outside signs of the trauma she had been through, it was what could happening on the inside that was more of a concern. From what he knew and from what Doctor Danforth had said, it was harder to determine how bad her injuries were on the inside with no way of knowing for sure. Even if she felt pain each time she was examined, she refused to show it. He surmised that she was being brave for the sake of her daughter. During the last couple of months, while Ruth was still recovering, he had tried to find out if Ruth still had any family. With the help of his father, Mike had sent telegrams to almost every town looking for anybody who knew any Masters family that had a daughter or relative called Ruth. So far, there was nothing and the search would have to be widen. It could be months or years before he could find her family, if at all. That, then raised the next question...if Ruth died, what would become of Natosi. Natosi's future was something the family would have to discuss before the end of the summer, especially with the new school year starting. Natosi could read and write a little but nowhere near where other children her age were at. The child also needed to get used to being around other people and not just his family. As it was now, Natosi only spent short periods of time away from her mother. As he remembered one of many conversations he had with Ruth when he was trying to find out information about her family, she had told him that Natosi needed to learn "the white man's ways". Ruth had said other things as well about how she would like Natosi to be taken care off, just in case. A tapping of a spoon on a wine glass, bought his attention back to the dinner... TBC
  12. Charlie nodded, "Yeah, let's hope." Seeing a young boy, who had come to see what was happening out of curiousity, Charlie went over to him and told him to go fetch the doctor. He then turned back to Speed, "I guess the next thing we should do is find out what Barnes was doing here in town considering he's not welcome." @Flip
  13. As soon as the gunshots fired, Charlie rushed outside to see what was going on. Marshall Guyer had left him in charge of the office and he was babysitting two local ranch hands who had gone on a bender the previous night celebrating the birthday of one of them. The night had been a long one and the two of them were still sleeping it off. He had been filling in some paperwork, which he found a bit tedious at times but it was all part of the job but now that was totally forgotten as he made his way over to where the shooting had occurred. The undertaker, Mr. Jolly had arrived shortly before him, which didn't surprise Charlie, as the man had unusual speed whenever a shooting occurred. "Och Mr. Guyer, ye've done it again and a fair wee job ye've made of it too!" he cooed, looking down delightedly at the freshly dead slab of meat that had seconds ago been a living breathing human being, if a despicable one. "Much more o' this and it's expanding ma premises I'll have to be aboot." Charlie looked over at Guyer to see what he would do next. @Flip
  14. The end of the second round didn't come quick enough for Charlie. He had managed to hold his own and so it was a bit of a relief to hear the triangle. Cullen was good and he was a professional, there was no way he was going to win this. The last thing he wanted was to get beaten to a pulp and that's what would happen if he stayed in this fight for much longer. It was better to be sore for a few days then to spend a few weeks in bed. While Mike loosening up the muscles around his shoulders and upper arm, Charlie turned him and whispered, "The next time I go down I'm staying down." Mike nodded. Having seen Charlie go down after that punch, Mike had already started to think about how to end this before the twenty rounds was over. It was important that Charlie didn't lose face or he would never succeed as deputy. Going down without sustaining a major injury was the only way out. He looked over to Sam, who had been close enough to hear what Charlie had said, back to his younger brother again and whispered, "We'll take care of it...just make sure it looks good." Satisfied that his brothers had understood, Charlie stood a little taller, took a deep breath and waited for triangle to go off again. @Wayfarer
  15. Ben looked at his aunt and swallowed hard. It wasn't from the piece of roast meat he had just eaten but from the position Rebecca had put him in. It wasn't any secret that he was starting a small theater. He had already bought the White Rose Inn from the bank and so his uncle already knew of his plans. It was the newest plan that would surprise him and the others seated at the table. After the delaying tactic of dabbing his mouth with his napkin and taking a sip of his wine, he cleared his thought, "Well, as you know Kalispell is a town with many opportunities and our family hasn't knocked many off them back when they have come our way." He paused for a moment to take a look around the table and he could see that he had everybody's attention. Maybe what he had to say wouldn't be seen as all that bad but it would certainly be a cause for some interesting discussions afterwards especially between his aunt and uncle. "As you all probably know about the debacle of the town meeting a few weeks ago and the display put on by some young ladies in this town, we've decided to do something about it. Aunt Rebecca feels that the young ladies in this town need a guiding hand, especially if they wish to continue to put on theatrical displays and I agree with her." Smiling at his aunt, he decided he wasn't going to mention the fact he had suggested the idea to others before he had asked her. Thankfully, his aunt still had some of the Martin family's unique eccentricities that sometimes lead them to do the unexpected and this was certainly one of those times. Standing up, he half bowed at his aunt and picked up his wine glass, "Gentlemen, I have pleasure in introducing the founder and manager of the Kalispell Young Ladies Theatrical Society." TBC

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