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  1. Matt frowned. The only people he knew that were from Washington was him and his brothers and the only one who had browny, greeny, grayish eyes was Mike, which made sense since he and Sam were the only ones to be involved in the rescue at Whitefish. He had stayed to help with the relief effort in Kalispell, while Charlie was at Lost Lake helping take care of the women and children who lived there. As his remember her remark about how he must be a Southern gentleman, made him smile a little. The girl seemed to be in too good of mood to burst her bubble by telling her that Mike fought for the north and had been mostly living in Wyoming since then. Looking down at the girl, he smiled again, "No, you don't talk too much but and if you haven't already want to make any man remember you, then as Robert Browning said in one of his poems, less is more." "Now as to who I am, my name is Matthew Wentworth and as I said I own the St. Belle. I have an idea who your gallant rescuer is but the question is, would he like me to tell you. For all I know, he may want to remain your mysterious benefactor." @Javia
  2. Gallant rescuer? Matt turned to face the girl. Looking at her, he figured that she was no more than about 13-14 years old and seemed to be in very high spirits. Then she said something about being squashed, dead folks and Whitefish which made him realise that she was probably one of the survivors from the disaster that happened a few weeks ago. Tipping his hat, he smiled, "Well, how do you do, Miss Mudd. Not wanting to hurt her feelings by mentioning that he didn't know who she was and if he had read anything that was printed in the newspaper about her, he had long forgotten it, he decide to concentrate on what else she had said. The young lady probably was indebted to her gallant rescuer, whoever he was and probably wanted to thank him, so the least he could do was help her out a little. "Your rescuer certainly sounds like a man of mystery. I own the St. Belle and know most people in town, so if you could tell me his name, I might be able to give you directions on how to find him."
  3. Stormwolfe is planning a making a Flashback forum of some sort so people can post backstories so that will help out a little. Maybe four months is a big jump in time but since I only know what winters are like in that part of the world from what I read or people say here, I can't add much to the discussion. Heck, the only time I ever saw snow was 37 years ago when I went on a school camp to the Snowy Mountains and I remember was that it was cold, wet and hard to walk around in. Basically, I am pretty easy with whatever is decided but then again most of characters are established and I can easily allude to things they did during the time break.
  4. "We can have coffee here," she said pointing in the direction of the dining room, "There's a lot I want to ask you about, so the sooner we get started the better as I know that you're a busy man." After finding a table at the far of end of the room, they ordered their coffees. As they waited, Sarah began, "You're probably why I came here. Well, first of all, circumstances arose that, well, made it necessary for me to leave San Francisco. My father requested that I come here first to find out what happen to Chance. He and Chance had been corresponding for some years after the death of your father. When he hadn't received a reply to his last letter, he was worried." She paused, looking for the right words to say, "I found out on the stage trip here that Chance had died. I knew I had to get in touch with you as soon as I could so I could find out the details before writing my to father. It was sad to hear about Chance's death. You both made a great impression on me and my brothers when we came to visit all those years ago. If you don't want to go into details about what happen, I will understand but I would like to know." @Stormwolfe
  5. Mike smiled, "I don't think there is any defenceless about you ma'am. I would be proud to have you by my side in any gunfight." As the lady ushered him away, Mike took one last look at the girl he had rescued. She had lost consciousness before he had the chance to find out what her name was. Later on, when this was all over and they were back in Kalispell, he intended to check all the people he had helped today and knowing what her name was would make it easier. Knowing that someone was now taking care of the girl, he headed on out of the church to find others who needed his help. He had only gone a few steps when he felt a tap on his shoulder. Turning around, he saw that it was Sam. "Where did you come from?" "I was inside the church when I saw come in with that girl and ol' Nellie Miggins shooing you out," Sam said, "She's a caution ain't she?" "That she is," Mike replied, "and I wouldn't want to tangle with her. Besides she helped me out with that kid I bought in, So brother, let's go and find someone else who needs rescuing." Sam nodded in agreement and the both of them went back to work.
  6. As the girl sagged in his arms, Mike held her. Even though she was trying to be brave, her body was now starting to feel the impact of what happened. Picking her up, he carried her the remainder of the way to the church. Upon entering the building, he took her over to a makeshift fire that had been built on a piece of iron that someone had dragged inside. He could see all the injured that had been rescued so far and the room was a hive of activity. Seeing a spare spot near the fire, he gently placed the girl down. As he straightened himself, he searched to see if he could find someone to help. Looking down at Arabella, he smiled as he remembered her earlier remark, "Don't worry about proper introductions, we can do that later when we have time but first we have to get you taken care off. By the way, my name is Mike." @Javia
  7. "I don't know for sure, but as you can see it was bad," Mike answered solemnly. It was obvious that there had been a fire but how it started, no-one knew for sure. People were talking during the rescues as they went from one location to another, or as they picked up timbers to get at those below. Various things were being said and some of them weren't very good. Even if Whitefish had a reputation for being a stronghold for those on the other side of law, there were at lot of people that were just unlucky to end up here, like the girl he was helping. Wrapping his arm around, he looked down at her, "All right let's see if we can get you to a safe and warm spot. The church isn't that far away, so that would be our best bet." Slowly, he began to guide the girl through the deep snow, avoiding any burnt timbers, what was left of wagons that were in the street and those who were helping with the rescue. When they were about halfway, Mike stopped and smiled, "How you are feeling?" @Javia
  8. "You look pretty good to me," Mike replied, thankful that the girl wasn't badly injured and seemed to be okay. He had already seen enough pain and sorrow to last a lifetime with the people he had already helped. Some, like the girl, would eventually recover but for others it would be a long time before their injuries would heal, if ever. As he helped the girl up, he kept an eye out just in case. For all he knew, her bravado was masking her pain and it could hit her at any minute, especially as she got warmer. He motioned to another man nearby who was carrying blankets. The man quickly came over and gave him a blanket, before going over to another victim. After wrapping the blanket around the girl, he began to rub her arms vigorously in order to help get her circulation going. A few minutes later he could see some colour coming back into her face. There wasn't much he could do for her now except to see that she made it a place where she could get warm. He knew that would be a couple of fires burning to keep those who had been rescued warm but he wasn't sure where they were exactly as he had been busy with getting people out from under the wreckage of buildings. Feeling a bit frustrated and knowing that he would have to get her to one of those fires, he looked at the girl, "Are you able to walk? @Javia
  9. Mike raised his eyebrows. The poor thing was really struggling both mentally and physically. Part of him wanted to correct the girl and tell her that had spent most of his life in the north but he decided not to. "Hey, don't worry...it'll be okay," Mike said calmly, "It will hurt for a little bit but I promise you it will be much better later on and I'll stay here until they get those beams off you." Moving into a better position he wrapped his arms around so that she would stay still as the men lifted the beams off as there was no telling how severely injured she was in the lower half of her body. When he was satisfied that he had a secure hold on her, he nodded to the men to start lifting the beams. @Javia
  10. It took Mike a few minutes to stop the girl from thrashing about as he tried to do it in a way that would make things worse then they already were. While he was doing this, Ben returned with some men and a woman who upon seeing that Mike was trying to settle the girl, knelt down. She told Mike that the girl's airway needed to be cleared so that she could breathe properly. Mike quickly nodded as he was still in the process of getting the girl to calm down. As he held the girl down, the woman proceeded to clean the airway. As soon as the girl began to convulse, Mike let go of her shoulders. The next thing he knew was that the poor thing was throwing up all over the woman who had been helping her. Standing up the woman, looked down in dismay at what had landed on her skirt and the snow surrounding it. Quickly, she turned around and headed off somewhere, presumably where she could clean her dress, Mike didn't know for certain as he was to busy watching the men remove the beams. The question came out of nowhere and surprised him a little. It was good to know that girl was at least coherent, even if she was a bit muddled. He smiled as he looked down at her, "No ma,am. I'm from Washington D.C." @Javia
  11. Mike looked in the direction where the girl's head laid to see if it was still above the snowline. Seeing that it was starting to sink again, he stopped his pulling the planks off the rest of her body and immediately lifted it back up again. He was kneeling in the snow and so he rested her head on his lap to prevent it going back down again. Looking around, he could see that most were busy clearing and searching the wreckage. Seeing one of the ranch hands, he called out to him, "Ben, get over here." Ben immediately turned and saw Mike there sitting in the snow. Seeing that he was cradling someone's head, he rushed over and saw that she was trapped under a pile of timber which included a couple of larger beams. He started removing the pieces that he could. As Mike watched Ben, he also periodically checked on the girl, who was showing signs of consciousness. After a few minutes, Ben had removed all he could on his own and told Mike he would go and find some men to help remove the larger ones. While he waited for Ben and the others to return, Mike remembered something about how those who were coming in and out of consciousness could hear you speaking. "Everything's going to be fine, miss. It'll be just a few more minutes and we'll have you out of here." @Javia
  12. After receiving Shade's request, Walter Simpson made his way quickly upstairs and back again. "She'll be down in just a moment." A few minutes later, Sarah came down the stairs. She went over to Walter who pointed out Shade to her. As she approached her cousin, she could see a family resemblance, especially to her younger brother, Harvey. When she reached him, she held out her hand, "Hello, Shade. It's been a while." @Stormwolfe
  13. Matt was helping the kitchen staff take stock of how much food there was in the hotel's pantry. He was working with the town council and Pastor Evans getting everything ready for all the people that would be arriving soon. There had already been a few people who had made it Kalispell but only just barely. Thankfully, the hotel was virtually empty of guests and so they had the room to accommodate some of the victims and their families. He had been adding extra beds to the rooms that had the space, as well getting all the available linen and blankets. When Walter told him that Leah Steelgrave had rented out all the rooms, Matt was a bit perplexed. Her motives for doing so would be something he would be looking into later on when things were back to normal. When he got the chance, he would have to inform her that she didn't need to rent the rooms and he wasn't about to take any payment for it, as he was not one to make a profit out of someone else's misery. Giving the rooms to the victims was already on his mind from the time the news had come through and he had been too busy getting things organised that he had forgotten to tell Walter to let the current guests know. One of his housemaids, came into the room to let him know that Pastor Evans had arrived. As he went out to the lobby to meet the man, he mentally assessed the food situation. Between the hotel, the White Rose, the Stardust saloon, and Miss Blakesley's establishment there would be enough places to feed the victims and their rescuers. After greeting the Pastor with a sturdy handshake, Matt told him about the hotel preparations. The Pastor was pleased and in turn, told Matt that many of the town's residences and some of the outlying farms and ranches were ready to take in whoever needed a safe place to stay and recover. Even though some of the work had been done already, there was still a lot more to do. Pastor Evans informed Matt that the town council was having a meeting in two hours at the church to see what still needed to be done. Giving his confirmation that he would be at the meeting, Matt said goodbye the Pastor, who was on his way to check if anyone needed help with stocking up their firewood. There were a few men in town who had stayed behind to any physical work and repairs that needed to be done quickly to make things comfortable for the victims. After checking with Walter that all of the guests were aware of the situation, he made his way back to the kitchen.
  14. As Mike lead the Lost Lake riders, his mind drifted back to when he had first heard of the disaster... "There you go gentlemen, a royal flush," Mike said with a smile as he put down his cards. It was too bad that they were only paying with matchsticks or he'd would have most of the wages of the men he was playing poker with. There wasn't much to do on days like this except the odd chores that involved taking care of animals or chopping wood. Besides the men would need any money they did get to buy clothes to keep them warm as this winter was turning out to be one of the worse he had seen in years. Just as Mike was scooping up his winnings, a loud banging on the door surprised everyone. Stan told Marty that it was his turn to open the door, a job no-one really wanted to do as the cold air was just that. Marty got off his bunk and wrapped his blanket tightly around him. He grumble something about how he thought it was Sam's turn and not his. Opening the door, wide enough to let whoever it was in and keep the cold, Marty was taken aback, "What the heck? I thought you would be in town by now." The young hand, whose name was Pete, shook his head, "So did I but...well there's no easy way of saying this. There are bodies out there just lying in the snow on the trail to Whitefish." Mike got up and went over to the man, "What do you mean by bodies?" Pete went over to the stove to get warm, "Bodies...men, women, and even little kids. It was bad. I told Mr. Cantrell about it and he said to get someone to ride into town to find out what was going on." Sam grabbed his gloves, "I'll go. Matt or Hannah will know something," Mike nodded, "All right, but take it easy the snow will be piled high enough to make it difficult." After Sam had left, Mike turned his attention back to Pete, "Was there anything else?" Pete nodded, "Yeah, Mr. Cantrell said he wanted you up at the house." Just before he headed into his quarters, Mike went over to Stan, "Make sure the men are ready to ride just in case." "You bet," Stan replied. When he had gotten his coat, hat, scarf and gloves, Mike had made his way up to the main house where he waited until Sam returned. It had taken a few hours but Sam came back with the news of the disaster that befallen Whitefish. Not long after, a group from Lost Lake were on their way to help. @Longshot (or anyone else who feels the need to jump in)
  15. A frown appeared on Sarah's face. She hadn't expected anyone to act on her behalf to contact Shade and she wasn't sure what to think of it. Maybe it was part of the service the hotel gave but the owner should have had at least told her what he done and not spring it on her like this. Here she was thinking she would have another day or two to prepare and now it could happen today. The long-crafted letter she had in her hand now felt odd. "i suppose I should thank for your help," she said solemnly, "So, I will say thank you but in the future, I would like to be advise of your intentions." Matt sighed heavily, "You're right I should have told you and I did intend to but..." "I know you were distracted by other things," By now she was getting a little bit vexed at what had occurred. "I hope you don't make a habit of interfering with all of your guests' personal business." Before he answer, she held up her in a stopping motion, "It's not that I appreciate your help, it's more the fact that you did not ask me if you could. I have never liked men making assumptions about me or for me." Sarah turned to leave, "When my cousin arrives could you direct him to my room. If I'm not there could you please ask him to wait. I will probably out shopping, so I won't be long gone." With that, she walked out of the office. @Stormwolfe (OOC: Ready to have Shade turn up )

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