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  1. Retired Judge Ben Robertson, looked over at the clock on the wall of his dining room. Whoever it was, they were disturbing his breakfast. Getting up, he went over to the front door and opened. A look of surprise came on his face when he saw who it was. "Cole Latham," Ben exclaimed, "What have I done to deserve the pleasure of an early morning visit from you?" @Flip
  2. "Wentworth! Do something about these women before your place is wrecked!" Contrary to what Doc Boone was thinking, Matt was already doing something about the melee that had broken out in his hotel. He had sent Simpson to get O'Malley the cook to help out and both men were now in the middle of the room trying to break up the crowd. O'Malley had already carted a couple of women out and was now picking up another one. Poor Walter was doing his best to stop two elderly matrons by shouting at them and reminding them that were ladies. As for his part, he was just about to go back in and thinking of what he could do to stop the fighting as soon as possible. He looked over to where Sarah was standing, only to see her scribbling something down in the notebook she always carried with her. Shaking his head, he smiled as this incidence would no doubt make it into a lot of newspapers and ladies journals. Seeing that the ladies weren't going to stop any time soon, Matt decided it was time to end this. Going over to the reception desk, he pulled out a pistol. Firing once or twice over the ladies heads might gain their attention more quickly than anything else they were trying. There would be probably a hole or two to mend but that would be a small amount compared to the damage that would be done if this kept going. After manoeuvering his way to the stage, he fired once, which caught the attention of some of the ladies. A second shot ensured that he had all of their attention. "Ladies, I declare this meeting to be over. Now if you will kindly...and orderly make your way out, it will greatly be appreciated." @Flip @Javia
  3. Before Sarah could respond to the young lady, Leah spoke again. As she listened, Sarah began to sympathise with Miss Steelgrave. The woman was putting up a good fight despite the opposition. If she was given a chance to prove that she meant what she was saying, she might be able to get something done. As to what Leah Steelgrave could do in the short period of time there was before the town council meeting was a conundrum. Maybe a solution could be found by talking to Leah after the meeting was over. She wanted to help Leah but what would her family and the town think. The Thorntons and the Steelgraves were supposed to be enemies but this could be an opportunity to prove that not all of the Thorntons had the Steelgraves and vice versa. Sarah smiled reassuringly at Leah before taking her seat again and waiting to see what would happen next. @Flip @Javia
  4. Mature Content: No With: Ben Simons, Charles Wentworth Sr. and Rebecca Wentworth Location: Add specific location information here. When: First Week of May 1876 Time of Day: Evening "You cheated!" "No...I just used the laws of probability to my own advantage. Unfortunately, my opponent saw it as cheating." Ben smiled graciously at his uncle. Aunt Rebecca had warned him that his uncle wasn't going to like this unexpected visit. Well, visit wasn't the right word...more like an enforced stay. From what he had seen of Kalispell so far it was going to be a very long one. Charles looked at his nephew and sighed heavily. Even though Ben was a likeable fellow, it was his choice of profession that he didn't like and now it had gotten the man into deep trouble. "What happened then?" "Well, as you might have guessed, he drew his gun on me and that's when his wife stepped in." Ben paused for a moment looking for the right way to phrase the next part of his story. After quickly glancing at both his aunt and uncle, he stood up. "What I mean is that is wife literally stepped in. She came bursting through the doors of the parlour and stood between me and her husband." Sensing there was more to this than Ben was actually saying, Charles just nodded his head, leaned back in his armchair and waited for the rest. "Thanks to her timely appearance, I was able to get away. I have no doubt she kept her husband at bay long enough for me to go back to my lodgings to collect my things and hightail it out of town. It's a good thing I travel lightly." Rebecca smiled a little at Ben's remark. Turning to her husband, she said, "That's when he turned up in Washington. As you know it's too soon for Mary and the baby to travel and with Frederick starting work with that Senator, I was looking at taking the journey here on my own. Ben was a great help in getting me here safely." "Yes, and I am grateful for that." "It was a pleasure, Uncle Charles. It was also a good way to get re-acquainted with you, Aunt Rebecca." Looking up at the clock on the mantel, Ben smiled again, "Perhaps we can continue this over dinner and you can tell me more about this quaint town." "And you can tell me more about this situation you've gotten yourself into, " Charles replied as he stood up. Ben nodded, "Yes, it's a situation and one I don't see ending any time soon." To be continued
  5. JulieS

    Kalispell Town Folk

    Assorted people (NPCs) that live in Kalispell. You can use any of these to interact with your character when they are in town.
  6. It took a lot of willpower on Sarah's part not to frown or roll her eyes at the young lady who was now standing up in front. She had seen a lot of women like her back in San Francisco who put on indignant airs and it was something that didn't impress her. While it was the true, that the young lady had a point, as far as Sarah was concerned there was no need to be so dramatic or be put out about what had just occurred. The issue of Leah Steelgrave running a project to build a hospital and orphanage was a contentious one and there was always going to be the possibility of some sort of conflict but she hadn't expected it to be from her own innocent question. If Leah Steelgrave was insisting that her family name wasn't going to be associated with the project then it was logical that she would have to step aside to make it more plausible and more importantly for others to believe that she was not her father's daughter. “Will none of you ladies, whom I know to be good and Christian souls, at least show me an example. An example of forbearance to old enemies in pursuit of charity and succour to the poor, sick and suffering, just as He did who was sent to save us all?” her big blue eyes were filling with glittering tears now. “Will not you come and at least examine Miss Leah’s plans? Will not you, Mrs Wigfall, who have already helped so many? Will not you Miss Jennings? Will not … this fair stranger, with intelligence and kindness in her eyes?” Directing her attention back to the young lady who was now addressing her, she took a deep breath, "Yes, I agree with your summation that Miss Steelgrave's plans should be looked at in great detail before a decision is made. I am sure the town council is doing just that and I hope we all have the good sense to know that those men will endeavour to make sure that they have all the information they need to do so. Hence my question, which unfortunately now seems to have become an opportunity for certain ladies who are currently in the audience to disrupt this meeting." @Javia @Flip
  7. Matt was at the reception desk when he saw Addy hauling Arabella outside. He had heard all of the hullabaloo coming from the room where the ladies were having their meeting but it had died down as quickly as it had started. Deciding that there was no need to go in but a need to be around just in case, he watched Addy and Arabella out on the front porch of the hotel. After a few minutes, Arabella came huffing back in and Addy not following long after. Addy seemed to be the more calmer of the two. With all that had just transpired, maybe it was best to watch proceedings after all. Standing at the entrance of the room he acknowledged the others standing there before scanning the room. He could see that Addy had taken a seat in the back not too far from Sarah, who had arrived late. A smile formed on his face as he watched her briefly and then he continued on his appraisal of the room. Leah was at the front answering questions, and doing the best she could despite the circumstances of a partially hostile crowd. @Flip @Javia @Bongo
  8. "And ya know.....someday you could buy me a dinner? Not here....I mean the beef stew is good but this ain't no restaurant. I noticed a diner down the street though. We could go there," she suggested. Mike smiled, "I can do better than that. I'll take you to the hotel. As long as you're on your best behaviour, which I have no doubt you will be, then owner won't mind. I can't speak for anybody else who may be there on the night but what they think doesn't matter to me. My friends and family know who I am and they know that I only have dinner with women that I admire and respect." He was about to get out of his chair when Arabella Mudd turned up with the young fellow from Evergreen, who Charlie had made friends with at the dance. “Hey Caroline!” she yelled, butting into their conversation, facing the saloon singer and totally ignoring the now hated Mr Wentworth. “This here’s my friend Brendan Connolly! He didn’t want to come over and bother you, but I wanted you to meet one of the really nice fellers around these parts.” She beamed, patting him on the arm. “I’ll go and get the music ready for your next performance, leave you two to get to know each other!” she said, before giving an acid glance to the oldest Wentworth brother and adding tartly “I wouldn’t want a hang around and be a gooseberry!” And with that she scuttled off, hoping that Caroline would fall for the handsome cowboy and give Mr Michael Wentworth a taste of his own medicine. "I was just leaving, so if Caroline is willing, you are welcome to take my place." Turning to Caroline, he took her hand and gave her a quick wink, "Until later, my dear." Raising her hand to his lips he gave it a light kiss before letting it go. A smirk appeared on his face before he schooled his features to a more serious look. Turning back to Brendan he placed his hand on his shoulder, "Make sure you remember that she's a lady or you'll be hearing from me." With that Mike headed back towards the bar, with a grin slowly creeping back on his face. He hoped Caroline had remembered that jasper at the saloon in Dodge. The boy couldn't have been more than seventeen but he already fancied himself some sort of ladies man and he was out to make a conquest. In order to help get the boy back on track and realise that Caroline was out his league, they had both conspired to play a trick on him. The boy had fell for it but the Evergreen hand was a lot older so Mike wasn't sure he would fall for it. If he didn't then it would be no great loss. @Javia @Wayfarer @Bailey
  9. Sarah had just taken her seat at the back when Leah was introduced. The buggy ride from Lost Lake had a lot longer than she had expected. For safety reasons, she had two hands accompany her and they were now probably over at the saloon enjoying themselves, which was more than she could say for herself. Having already met some of the ladies who were seated at the front, she wasn't exactly in a rush to socialise with them. The only reason she had come was to get more information about this project and to relay it back to the others at the ranch. There was another reason that she wanted to come today but that would have to wait for later. As she listened to Leah, she felt sorry in a way for the battle she was facing. Knowing the full story of what went on between her family and the Steelgraves, Sarah was in two minds about the subject. Part of her wanted to support her family and part of didn't want to make any judgements without getting to know the story from the other side, which would be difficult under the circumstances. At the end of the speech, Sarah could see Leah waiting for a response. There was one question that she felt needed to be asked. Ventures like this back in San Francisco usually had some sort of board or committee running them and she was yet to hear anything about this. All she knew was that Leah and the two doctors were the principle project stakeholders. Not knowing how her question would be taken, Sarah took a deep breath and stood up. "Excuse me Miss Steelgrave, you said the Steelgrave name would not be any part of this project. Am I right in assuming that you will be handing over all control to an elected board or committee and stepping aside if your plan is approved by the town council?" @Flip
  10. "Aww, Mike, I never saw you mean. You always were the perfect gentleman," she remarked in all sincerity. "And believe me I've run inta mean men in my life," she assured him. Mike smiled, "No you never...I had myself all sorted out by the time I met you. Generally, we're not that mean unless we're pushed or have good reason to be. It's something to do with the way alcohol addles our disposition or our brains, no-one knows for sure. If we consume an excess amount it sets something off and it not's pretty. Charlie's young and he's been in college for the last couple of years with no real supervision and I'm afraid it's becoming a bit of a problem. Thankfully, he has enough sense not to drink on the job so we've got to keep watch on him when and where we can. We've got the hotel covered and Charlie wouldn't dare do anything there or Matt would have his hide. So his only option is to come here, and due to work commitments Sam and I can't be here all the time. That's where your help will be invaluable. It won't be all the time just the times when we're not here and he is." But alright, I will do what I can for him but no promises. He gets mean in here and I've heard that Ralph is the one who deals with troublemakers. And I've heard Ralph can be ....well, fierce is how it was told to me," she had to point out. "I don't even know what this Charlie looks like. I can't go around asking very drunk ..'oh hey, your name Charlie'. " "Don't worry, I'll make sure you meet Charlie. I plan to be with him the next time he comes here and if I'm not, Sam will be. Which reminds, I better introduce you two. How about after your next performance?" @Wayfarer
  11. "Oh yeah? Who might this be? That brother you mentioned?" she was curious. "It's a brother," MIke smiled, "but not the one that's here tonight. It's my youngest brother, Charlie and well...he's still quite young and he still hasn't learned how to control how much he drinks. You remember me telling you about how downright mean we can get when we've had too much. We've all been down that path and now it's Charlie's turn and we don't want him doing anything he will regret or maybe get put in jail for later on down the track. So if you can help out, it will greatly be appreciated." @Wayfarer
  12. "Yeah nice meetin' you too," Charlie shouted as he waved goodbye to Brendan. Turning back he could see Arabella was still there and so was his brother. Didn't they have something else to do? Mike frowned at Arabella's suggestion of throwing a few more drinks down Charlie. Getting him more drunk than he was now was the last thing on his mind. And what was she said about some promise Charlie had made to take her and friend to the mission? Maybe a day with Arabella would give his youngest brother a chance to think things over and realise that it was time to start learning some self-control over alcohol or suffer the consequences. Turning to the young girl, he smiled, "I thank you for your assistance in this matter but now it is time to say goodnight. Good evening, Miss Arabella." Not waiting for a reply, he looked at Charlie, "Say goodnight to the young lady." Charlie raised an eyebrow, "Good night? I'm only just getting started and the night is still young." "That's what you think," Mike said as he made a move towards Charlie. In desperation Charlie took a swing at his brother, who easily dodged the wayward throw. Shaking his head, Mike sighed, "If that's the way you want it." The next thing Charlie saw Mike's fist coming towards him and hitting him in the jaw. After Mike watched Charlie fall to the ground, he sighed again. He bent down and picked Charlie up like a sack of potatoes, swung him over his shoulders and headed off to meet his father.
  13. Mike grinned, "So many questions and as always so little time. I have a few of my own but first I'll answer yours." Leaning forward, he went on, "First of all, I wasn't looking for my wife as I still haven't found one who can tolerate me but my brother...well the one I came here with tonight. I'll introduce you to him sometime. As for the champagne, I think you're right, it might be a bit too much for now but I promise to buy you one day. Instead I'll buy you a drink after your next performance." "So, I can't stay long, gotta get back to makin' the rounds but tell me, how you been? You look handsome as ever. I take you work at some local ranch?" "I'm foreman over at the Lost Lake ranch, A few of the boys are here tonight and I would be obliged if you would keep an eye on them once you get to know them. I don't know how much you know about the situation around here but anything you can do to help will be greatly appreciated. I know Matilda and Ralph keep a pretty tight rein on this place but they can't be here all of the time." A thought suddenly crossed his mind. "This might be too soon to ask since we're just renewing our friendship but the ranch keeps me busy and I can only get into town once maybe twice a week but there is someone I would like you to keep an eye on." @Wayfarer
  14. She smiled at him. "I know they are suspicious of anything with the Steelgrave name attached to it, and well they should be, Rest assured I am not an agent for my father. You may trust in that." Matt nodded, "I hope I can and I hope the ladies waiting to you speak can too. From what I've heard, there are a lot of people in favour of your plan but not in favour of you being behind it. You know this already so be prepared to hear no...this time around." He took a moment to look at Leah. In a way he felt sorry for her and he wanted to help her. "If you really want to do this, then you may have to go a few rounds before you get a yes. I don't recommend you going ahead and start building without the town behind you either as that may cause more animosity. This is just my opinion but you have prove that you are not your father's daughter. I know some people see what you have done already by going ahead and procuring the land without the blessing of the town as something your father would do and that they are being railroaded into something they might regret in the future." Leaning forward a little, he smiled apologetically, "I know this is probably something you don't want to hear but I thought it would be fair to warn that it could be a long fight before they say yes. My advice is, don't give up and make the people of Kalispell see you in a different light. As I said before...prove to them you're not your father's daughter." Standing up, he gazed down at her, "I have to go now and check with the kitchen to make sure everything is running well. If you wish to ignore anything I've said, then that is fine I won't hold it against you. I just hope you will consider what I've said before making your next move. I wish you the best of luck with the ladies this afternoon, Miss Steelgrave." @Flip
  15. "Well, well, if it ain't Mike. Mike ...Wentworth, right? Been awhile, hon," she grinned and held open her arms for an expected hug. Mike smiled, went forwards and scooped Caroline up in a big hug. After he had placed her feet back on the floor, he held out her at arm's length. "Caro, you look great." Looking around the room, Mike noticed most people were ignoring them and only one or two were taking an interest in his interaction with the saloon's newest star. For a moment, he wondered what Sam was making of this moment, if he had indeed seen it. If Sam was watching, he had no doubt he would be answering a lot of questions later on. However, that was something he wasn't worried about right now. Turning his attention back to Caroline, he smiled again, "I think I have enough to buy you a glass of champagne. I don't know what type they serve here exactly but I'm sure it's good. Matilda Devereau doesn't skimp too much on what she serves here. If it isn't up to your standards, then we can always try the hotel. I know where the owner keeps the good stuff." He gave her a quick wink, before taking her by the hand and leading to nearby table that was being vacated right at that moment. @Wayfarer @Javia

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