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  1. Rebecca watched as Reeve left the room. She was still mildly surprised at the swiftness of how he was carrying out his business. Most lawyers she knew took their time in working out the affairs of the deceased but Mr. Reeve was something else. "Missus Dubble-yuh!" she gasped wide eyed "May I talk to you fer a second: woman to woman?!!" She turned to Arabella and nodded. Whatever she had to say might have relevance to Bridget, so she decided to listen to it, "All right, Arabella does it concern last night's incident?" @Javia
  2. Charlie sighed. The last thing wanted to do was answer Arabella's questions. Knowing that Crabbe was dead, she probably already knew something about what had happen. Besides, it wouldn't be right to talk about it until the investigation was over. "I'm sorry, but I can't say much as there will probably be a Coroner's Inquest." He paused as he readjusted his grip on the stretcher. Since he was carrying the end where the top half of the body and most of the weight was, it was heavier than it looked. Maybe ol' Lorenzo was carrying a few more pounds than what could be seen. "However, if you find out anything from Bridget about the incident, it would be wise to go the Marshall and let him know." @Javia
  3. "Yes, I have small one bedroom cottage in the residential area on the southside of town. I don't even have a barn, if I did I would surely offer you a place to stay but I think you would appreciate a good bed to lie in. The Belle St. Regis is a nice place to stay and it might be a day or two before you can go to Lost Lake. As I mentioned before, it would be advisable for you to wait and go with some of the hands. With all of the tension, a stranger turning up unannounced might not get a good welcome." Sarah smiled, "As for meals, I will be happy to share them with you until. You could use your time in town effectively by getting to know more about what the situation is like. You should get to know who your allies are just in case. Also, there are some people who know more about the history between the Steelgraves and Thorntons than I do." @Flip
  4. "Yes, they did. Cody and Nettie are now six years old," Sarah answered, "They both live at the lodge on Lost Lake. Thankfully, they are being taken care of by Mrs. Miller...the housekeeper when Shade isn't there." A frown appeared on her face, "I wish I knew what Shade is up to but I guess my being a woman has something to do with it. Hopefully, Shade will tell you what's going on...that's when he turns up again." She took a deep breath to help lift up her spirits, "Well, I guess you would be wanting to get to the hotel and freshen up after your long journey. Maybe we can have dinner tonight to catch up with the happenings in both of our families." @Flip
  5. Charles was mildly surprised at the speed of how Reeve presented the relevant documents. Adding the fact that he had the documents ready made him a little cautious. Why the haste? Somehow, he didn't quite believe that Reeve was concerned with the welfare of Miss Monahan and that maybe something else was going on. "Do you mind if I go through these before I sign them?, " Charles asked, "In the meantime, my wife will be happy to accompany you to check on Miss Monahan, so that she can better assess the situation and what needs to be done." Rebecca nodded, "Yes. We're not quite prepared to have another person staying with us. Also she would need a few things, so knowing what she has will help me out tremendously." @Javia
  6. Rebecca listened carefully to what the young lawyer was saying. She wasn't very impressed with the compliments he had been dishing out to her but didn't she show. During her time, in Washington, she had seen and heard it many times by men who had far more experience at false flattery than the young man sitting near her. "I have met Miss Monahan, on a number of occasions, mostly in passing or when we happened to here at the same time," she replied, "I found her to be agreeable and maybe with the right help, she might overcome some of her disadvantages." She turned to her husband, who simply nodded. If the girl truly had no-one to look after her, then it was the charitable thing to do. Besides, she would feel bad leaving the girl alone in the house where her benefactor had died. Looking back to Reeves, she smiled, "The least I can do for now is to check on the young lady to make sure that she is fine. However, I would like to know if you require me to start taking care of her immediately or do we he have to wait until the will is read?" @Javia
  7. "Say Deputy, Mr Jolly says I need to inform the Next of Kin that we're moving the deceased. D'you think you'd better come up with me, seeing as it's a young lady? She might not be altogether, well, decent, and I don't want to be associated with any scandalous goings on!" he asked. Raymond was a bit of a prude about such things. Charlie had been watching the situation unfold from the bottom of the stairs. Although he hadn't done much, he did learn a lot. Whatever he saw and did in this job, he made sure to remember as one day he might be in a similar position. Marshal Guyer was a good teacher, and Charlie was making sure that he missed nothing. Besides, if the Marshal had wanted him to leave, he would have said so. After looking briefly up the stairs, he turned to Raymond, "I don't think Miss Monahan would be capable of understanding what's going on. Besides, Miss Mundee is still up there talking with Mr. Connelly and I'm sure that they both understand that the body will be taken to the funeral parlour. I'll help you carry him over there. I can come back if need be." He was sure that when Bridget was ready, Caroline Mundee would explain things to her and that may not be until morning, so there was no use waiting around here. There were a few official things that needed to be done at the funeral parlour, anyway. @Javia
  8. As Charles listened to the lawyer, one thing became clear. Protecting Miss Monahan and her interests were important as it seemed that there would be plenty of people who would take advantage of her. As for this Connelly fellow, if he genuinely wanted to marry the girl then fine but he agreed with the lawyer that the money could influence his decision. "I thank you for letting advising me on what the situation is. I know that my wife has met the young lady in question, as well as several others in town. Rebecca has been contemplating for some time about organising a young ladies group. She's been waiting for my nephew to finish the renovations to his theatre, so that she can hold meetings there. Maybe this tragedy will help galvanise her resolve." Before he could say any more, there was a knock on the door. Getting up from his seat, he went and opened it. Seeing that it was his wife, he smiled and ushered her. "Mr. Reeve, my wife, Rebecca Wentworth." He turned to Rebecca, "Mr. Reeve has something he wants to put forward in regard to Miss Monahan." @Javia
  9. "The beef started before the war when Shade killed Calvin Steelgrave, Elias' son," Sarah answered, "And as you can guess Elias has held a grudge ever since." She sighed heavily, "Some people even think that he had something to do with the killing of Chance, Regina, and two of their children. There's also been a number squirmishes, ambushes and fights over the years between Evergreen and Lost Lake. Things, from what I understand, can be quiet at times with nothing much happening but no-one, not even Shade knows how long, or if they will ever last." A concern look came upon her face, "Shade has been acting odd for quite some time now. He'll disappear for ages and then re-appear long enough to make some plans about the ranch before going off again. He was rather sweet on the local schoolteacher, Miss Bowen and I asked if she had any idea of what Shade might be up to but she is in the dark just like the rest of us." @Flip
  10. "You're right in stating that Mr. Crabbe didn't seek me. In fact, this is the first I have heard about what any of his intentions were," Charles answered solemnly. "As for Miss Monahan, it is indeed a tragedy that the young woman is now in need of help. Before we continue, I think that my wife should be present as she will be the one who will be looking after the girl most of the time." He was meeting Rebecca for lunch later and knowing where she would be now, he got up and went out of the office, "Luke, could you please go over to Wilson's store and ask my wife to join us. Tell her that the matter is urgent." Luke responded and left immediately. Going back into the office, he looked at Reeve, "I hope you don't mind waiting for my wife to arrive so that she can hear about the request. In the meantime, tell me more about what Crabbe's will says." @Javia
  11. "This town does have a good and reliable Marshall. Speed Guyer has kept a firm hand on this town ever since he took over." Sarah, for a moment, thought about who would come to the Marshall's aide, if Case Steelgrave decided to try his hand at causing trouble in Kalispell. "The Marshall does have a couple of deputies - one called Pike who is away on his honeymoon. The other is Charlie Wentworth, who only just started a few months ago. I can also say that if something big were to happen there would be a good number of men who would come running to help." @Flip
  12. Charles shook the man's hand and then showed him to a seat. He then took his own seat on the opposite side of the desk. Even though the tragic demise of Lorenzo Crabbe had only happened last night, the story and the ensuring rumours had gotten around like wildfire. One thing he didn't expect was a visit from the young lawyer who was looking after the late Richard Orr's affairs. Crabbe must have procured the man's services not long after he arrived as Orr's death had only happened a month or so ago. As for the short notice, thankfully, it was a quiet day, and he was a little curious as to why the lawyer wanted to see him. Now that he knew the man was representing Crabbe, it was a little more interesting. "Yes, a tragic event. I doubt we will ever really know the full truth of it, considering who the witnesses were." @Javia
  13. "Truth be told Cousin, I'm for a good meal here in town, and a night in a real bed. Then, yes, I'd like to head out and meet this Quentin Cantrell." He said, adding: "Whatever's been the problem to this point, it'll wait another few hours." He smiled. "Unless of course these Steelgrave's strike the town while I'm here." And he chuckled. "I doubt if they will ever strike the town. However, the outlying small ranches and farms will be targets, especially if Elias Steelgrave wants to own more land," she replied. "Well Mister Thornton, what you wouldn't know is that old man Steelgrave has a good twenty to thirty riders, and there's rumor that his son Case is back in the area with a dozen or more riders, outlaws all, and if they should ban together, that will be a real problem. Of course, last I knew they didn't get along." Phin explained, "Sarah? What do think about them reconciling? I can it could be possible." He was not sure what she knew or didn't know to this point. Ty looked to her, maybe this was a whole lot more than he thought it was. "I'm afraid, Phinn is right. If the rumours are true then it will be a battle. As for them reconciling...well anything is possible." Sarah paused for a moment and then said, "I suppose you probably don't know why the Steelgraves and the Thorntons are at loggerheads with each other since you haven't been in touch with the family for so long. I, myself only know how and why it all started. Shade told me some of it but it wasn't much as he didn't want to concern me too much about it. There are various stories going around but only Shade can tell you the full story and I'm not sure how much that will be." @Flip
  14. Sarah smiled as she remembered the trip to the caves. The caves weren't common knowledge as there were still some areas on the ranch that people rarely went to. So she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and accept that he was indeed her cousin Tyrell. Besides, if it proved to be all trick then the man would have to deal with both Shade and Quentin. She held out her hand, "Welcome to Kalispell, cousin Tyrell. I hope we can get to know each other better while you are here." "I suppose you will be wanting to get out to the ranch as soon as possible. I recommend that you wait a day or so until some of the hands come to town as it wouldn't be very wise to show up unannounced. Lost Lake usually sends out men for supplies once or twice a week and I can introduce you to them." @Flip
  15. Matt smiled, "That's all I wanted to hear. You can trust me to help to get this hospital up and going. If all goes to plan and I do become mayor then what we are doing now won't matter. The only thing, we have to worry about is if Cole Latham gets in but I think that is something that won't happen especially as most people know that he works for your father." He went over to pick up his hat, and turned to Leah, "Now, how we go sign those papers and get that first lot of soiled turned over before the day is out." @Flip OOC: I think we can head over to the court house now and get the formalities done.

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