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  1. Charlie, Clara, Arabella and Brendan Then it was back to threading between couples before yet another lively jig, she faced Charlie, "I hope you are too, Charlie." Charlie frowned slightly. He was beginning to have fun until that fellow spoke to Clara. A feeling had swept over him and it summed it up to being a little protective of Clara in a big brother sort of way. Sure, they had their differences but he considered her a friend and he wasn't sure what to do about it. Having made a mess of at the start of the dance, he didn't want to upset Clara any more tonight. Smiling, he nodded, "Yes, I am having fun." As the dance progressed, he continued to keep an eye on this jasper but found it had to do so because of the intricacies of the dance. One thing he knew for certain was that he would find out more about the man before the evening was over. @Javia @Bailey @Wayfarer
  2. Mike, Jay and Addy "What do you do?" He tried to get the focus of himself. Mike smiled, "I'm the foreman at Lost Lake Ranch. There are only a few of the hands here tonight so I'm sort of making sure that they don't get in too much trouble. Considering that they have a wager going they won't be starting any fights but if they're pulled into that's already going then that's another matter." He noted Jay's reaction to somebody or something he had seen. The man seemed to tense up all of a sudden, so Mike turned to look in the direction Jay was looking and all he could see was people gathering for a dance. One person, he did notice was that peculiar girl, Arabella, who thankfully hadn't come near him at all. It looked like her feelings of gratitude had subsided after all. Turning back, he looked at Addy, "Later on, I was wondering if you would do me the honour of having a dance with you. If there are no objections." @Bongo @Jack
  3. Charlie and Clara She held out her hand to him, "Lead me out there then. I trust you know how to do this dance." Charlie nodded. She was right about it not being the time. He wondered if there would be such a time. Maybe it was the way she was dressed and looking older than she was that made him go off in this way. When things were back to normal and she was wearing her pigtails again, he would probably forget all about this. Her answer to his question of trust was about as close as he was going to get for now and he half-smiled, "I'm sorry, Clara. We're here to dance and not to talk about things that we may never talk about." Taking her hand, he gently lead her to their place on the dance floor with the other couples. @Wayfarer
  4. "For crying out loud, simply answer my question. Do you or do you not know how to lead for this kind of dance?" Clara repeated her inquiry yet again just as the music started. The world wasn't going to wait for them. "And I told you already that I did," Charlie answered in a disgruntled tone. Taking a good look at Clara, Charlie realised that even though she dressed up and looking far older than she really was, she was still a child who wanted her own way. It was evident that she still saw him as the drunken buffoon he was the first day they had met. All he really wanted was answer to his question. If she answered it, then maybe he would be able work out his own feelings towards her. Taking another deep breath, he once again looked at her and said softly, "Clara, do you trust me?" @Wayfarer
  5. Mike, Addy and Jay "Good ta see ya, Mike. Been a while, but then, I ain't been out yer way in a time." She hooked her arm into Jay's. "Jay here's from Whitefish, settled here after th' trouble. He's been helpin' out here an' there...smithin', mostly." "Good to see you as well, Miss Addy. The boys back at the ranch were wondering when you were coming over. I think one or two of them are still trying to work out that card trick you showed them the last time you were there." Mike turned to Jay, "I enjoy some poetry but it depends on what the subject. I'm a bit partial to Tennyson, the one who wrote that particular line." He briefly glanced over in the direction Quentin had gone and saw that he had finally caught up to Harriet. A smile crept on his face, with the knowledge that there might be another wedding at the ranch before next winter. It was already a given that Shade and the school marm would be taking a trip down the aisle soon. Turning back to Jay, he nodded, "Jay...seems I remember my brother mentioning a fellow who did some repairs on the hotel a few weeks back. Matt was very impressed with your work." @Bongo @Jack
  6. Charlie and Clara "My mother taught me quite well, thank you," she replied, "So, you have to lead then? Tell me, do you know how to even do this particular dance? So that you can lead?" "Yes, I know it, and you're right, I really don't know you just as you really don't know me." Charlie took a deep breath, "Why is it that every time we meet we end up..." He stopped as he didn't quite know the answer himself. To him, Clara was fragile in the terms of you had be careful what you said around her. She was somebody who seemed determine not to let anybody get too friendly. Earlier, he mentioned something about being truthful, maybe now was the time. An exasperated look appear on his face, "I try to be civil when I'm around you Clara but you almost always make it very hard to do so." @Wayfarer
  7. Charlie and Clara "Well, here we go then. Do not panic, just do what everyone else does and when we are together, I can lead," she explained hastily as out onto the floor they went to line up with the others. Charlie stopped in his tracks. What did she think he was? There was no way he was going to let her lead. There were Lost Lake ranch hands here and no way was he going to be the butt of their jokes. The ribbing he was getting from learning the job was just easing off. Something like this could make it go on for weeks. "No, Clara, " he said in a serious tone, "I know you don't have a mother to teach you these things but in polite society, it's the man who takes the lead. If you want to dance with me, that's the way it's going to be. All I want is for you to trust me." @Wayfarer
  8. Mike, Jay and Addy "Maybe you should let the lady know. You might find unexpected joy, if she receives it well. Tonight with the music and drinks is a very good opportunity....oh and sorry for listening. Your conversation was quite loud." Mike turned to look at the newcomer to his and Quentin's conversation. He was about to say something when Quentin spoke up. "I suppose both of you are right. Pardon me if I seek out much prettier company." As he watched Quentin head off, Addy then replied. "Hey, now! Jay went ta all that trouble ta get all gussied, an' he's about th' prettiest thing here, even if I do say so myself!" "Seems in a powerful hurry, don't he?" "He sure is," Mike answered with a grin of his own, "It looks like spring has well and truly sprung. Judging by what I've seen so far tonight, many young men's fancy has turned to love. I, however do not plan to be one of them." He smiled at Jay and Addy not knowing if they recognise the line from Tennyson's poem. What he could see was something was brewing between these two judging by the way Addy had linked her arm with the man she was with. "I think introductions are in order," he held out his hand, "Mike Wentworth." @Jack @Bongo
  9. Charlie and Clara "In fact, I would be delighted to dance with you, Charlie Wentworth," she actually smiled. Charlie for a moment just stood there, shocked by the answer Clara had given. He hadn't really expected her to say yes. After some gentle egging on by the Deputy and Mrs. Blakesley, he offered Clara his arm. He guided her to the edge of the dance floor and waited patiently for the dance to begin. Having no idea what it was going to be, he turned his head to look at Clara, "I have to tell you that I didn't really expected you to say yes," he smiled, "but I'm glad you did. I am honoured to be dancing with the prettiest girl here." @Wayfarer
  10. Emeline & Barnabas, Clara & Charlie Charlie's face went slightly red at the gentle reminders from both Clara and Mrs. Blakesley. He had been too busy trying to make small talk and avoid saying anything that would upset Clara that he totally forgot to ask her to dance. Turning to Clara, he smiled, "Forgive me for not asking you before but would you like dance? I'm not asking 'cause I have to, it 'cause I want to as the thought had crossed my mind but I wasn't too sure of what your response would be considering." In part, what he said was the truth but the part about wanting to dance with Clara was unexpected. Maybe it was the way she was dressed looking all grown up, he couldn't say but all of a sudden he just wanted to. Mentally, shaking his head, he reminded himself that Clara wasn't not yet sixteen and even then she would be still too young. What on earth was he thinking? @Wayfarer @Bongo @Flip
  11. "Sure is," Mike said as he shook his head slightly, "No thanks. I've never quite got the taste for those things but you go right ahead." He took another glance around, "I see both Harriet and Sarah are very popular this evening. I'll probably have to get in line to have a dance with either of them besides, I think my brother, Matt has some ideas about Sarah and I wouldn't like to get in his way. However, Harriet is another matter." Glancing sideways at Quentin, Mike wanted to see if there was any reaction from the man. It was no secret that both Quentin and Harriet were showing an interest in each other that was more than friendly. Even though no-one had actually said anything, it was obvious by the way the two of them acted around each other. The long winter had provided plenty of opportunity for the hands to mix with those who lived in the house and a person would have to be blind not to notice. Looking back in the direction where Harriet was busy talking with a group of people, Mike nodded, "Now, that I think about I just might go and ask Miss Mercer for the next dance...unless you're planning to do so." @Longshot @Jack
  12. Present: Charlie and Clara "It is a nice blue though is it not?" "Yes it is," Charlie answered with another smile. He was partly thankful that he hadn't said anything to upset but also because she had smiled. A smiling Clara was a rare sight, and she should do it more often. For a moment, he thought he could be the one to make her smile but then he remembered that he wouldn't be as he was likely to make her upset instead. Until a time came when he could work what she was sensitive to, there wouldn't be many smiles. There was also the problem of him learning to curb his tongue when he was drunk. As for his drinking, the long winter had done him good but there was still a long way to go. One of things he had to overcome was how easily influenced he was by others to keep going after he had a few drinks. So far, he had stayed away from the tent, the Stardust had set up and he had no plans of going there. Maybe, if Clara felt inclined, he would ask her to dance with him. He knew his chances weren't that good but it was at least courteous to offer. "I see that the baked goods you and Mrs. Blakesley have prepared have been popular tonight. Is there anything in particular that you recommend I should try?" @Wayfarer
  13. Present: Charlie and Clara "Evening, Charlie," she nodded, " Rather than accept your very unexpected apology, might I instead suggest you simply do not say anything to me that would upset me? Believe me, I can do without the aggravation right about now." Charlie half-smiled at this remark. It was hard to know what would upset her. He still couldn't remember what he had said to her shortly before she left her job at Lost Lake but the times, he had made her angry was easier...his boorish and loutish behaviour, especially when he drank too much. Thankfully, he hadn't been near the tent where they were serving the liquor, so he would have to make sure to watch what he said. "But do not get me wrong, honesty is a good quality to have. Normally..." she left that last part unfinished, her point was complicated and he probably wouldn't get it anyhow. Well, at least she agreed with him in part and that was a step forward. He liked her but it didn't go any further than that as she was still far young for him consider anything in the romantic vein. Growing up in Washington society meant you weren't even considered to be an adult until you were at least 17 or 18 and Clara still had a year or two to go. For a moment, he did wonder about her trailing remark but knew that it would be wise not to pursue it. Whatever she was referring to was none of his business. "So....how are you on this fine evening?" she changed subject then. "I am fine," he said with a smile, "and may I compliment you on the way you look tonight. The colour of your dress suits you perfectly." @Wayfarer
  14. Present: Charlie and Clara Charlie had been watching the goings-on at the baked goods table for a while now. Even though he couldn't hear what was going, he couldn't help wonder what they talking about. Things were beginning to look interested when he saw the deputy address the new fellow but then that went nowhere with the deputy departing to dance with Mrs. Blakesley. Soon after, the new fellow took the shy girl away to dance. His brother Matt had told him the name of the girl when he had seen her in the street the other day but for the life of him, he couldn't remember what it was. Seeing that Clara was now by herself, he took the opportunity to go up to her on the pretence that he was getting something to eat. As he approached the table, he took a deep breath as he thought of what he should say first. Almost every time he talked to Clara, he somehow always made a mess of it, making her either angry at him or sad. He still had no way of knowing what to say to her but hopefully this time around they could have a pleasant conversation. Taking of his hat, he half-bowed, "Evening, Miss Clara," he said in a pleasant tone, "before you say anything, can I apologise to you in advance just in case I say something that might upset you. I don't mean to do it, it's just that well...darn it, you're just not the type of person I want to lie to and that's why I guess I'm sometimes too direct and too honest when I talk you." @Wayfarer
  15. Charlie stared at the road ahead as he listened to Arabella tell him about Bridget's encounters with his father. Part of him found it interesting to hear that Arabella thought he was inheriting his Pa's way...if only she knew. While it was true that his father had mellowed throughout the years, he was still a force to be reckon with. Pa had been a lot more tougher with his older brothers than with him. His father had explained that he had wanted the best for his sons and somehow that got confused with what he wanted. The death of his father's old friend in Washington had changed the way his father looked at things, which in Charlie's opinion was for the better. At Arabella's astonished exclamation that he had been in college, he nodded. “You was in college?! Well what you doing out here moving cows around and escortin’ annoying girls to church, y'darn loon? Why ain’t you back in college. Oh, Charlie, what a wasted opportunity!! Why, if you go to college you could be anything: a doctor or a lawyer or a … a candy shop owner! Anything!” "I can be anything I want to be now. Some people like have a job where they are cooped up in a stuffy building all day but not me. I like wide open spaces and being able to choose my own way in life. Maybe one day I'll go back to studying but today ain't that day." @Javia

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