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  1. Mature Content: No With: Charlie Wentworth, Ben Simons and maybe one or two other Wentworths Location: In a barn somewhere in town When: Early June 1876 Time of Day: Morning Another yawn escaped as Ben continued to make his way around town. It was still a little early in the morning for him, considering he hadn't finished the game until near midnight. It was a fairly good night and he had made a little bit of a profit, so he had a pleasant night's sleep until the knock came around 7 am. To his surprise it was his cousin Matt, someone who he thought would be only just getting up right about then. Matt told him about how Charlie failed to return to his parents' home the night before and that his father had sent word asking Matt to do a search. Ben knew all too well the problems Charlie had with strong spirits, something he tended to avoid himself especially when he was playing cards. Strong spirits like whiskey tended to dull his senses and that didn't help when you were making a living out of playing cards. However, his cousins had tended to avoid the strong stuff because of some sort of family malady. Each one had learned how to control their drinking but Charlie seemed to be having the hardest time of them all. For a while, it looked like Charlie had beaten it but it seem that wasn't the case. Ordinarily, he wouldn't be worried about some fella going on a bender but Charlie was family and so he agreed to help. Matt headed off towards the north side of town and he had headed south. After checking a few barns, he finally came to the one where Charlie was still sleeping off the effects of the alcohol he had consumed. Ben felt some relief at seeing that Charlie was sound asleep in a pile of hay. He went over and began to rouse the younger man, "Okay Charlie boy, time to rise and shine." The response he got was Charlie rolling from one side to another. Ben sighed and looked around the room before seeing a bucket near an empty stall. Going over to it, he was pleased to see that it was filled with water. Picking up the bucket he walked back to Charlie and threw the contents on his head. This motivated Charlie to sit up and start shaking his head. "What the..." he yelped. Ben smiled as he watched Charlie slowly begin to start moaning and groaning about his head hurting. "Don't worry, a few cups of coffee will get rid of that. We got to make sure you're presentable for your Pa." He started to look around for Charlie's jacket and saw it hanging on the wall. As he picked the jacket off the hook, a piece of paper fell out of it and onto the floor. After picking the paper off the floor, Ben unfolded it and read it. Raising both of his eyebrows, he glanced over at Charlie, shook his head, and said in almost sing-songy voice, "Oh Charlie boy, what have you done." TBC
  2. Consumed with his own thoughts, Charlie barely heard a word that Arabella was saying. He glanced over at her face and the look she was giving him, startled him. She looked like some lovesick puppy. What was it she had suggested...something about going into the kitchen where it was quiet. What kind of girl was she to take advantage of man that just had his heart broken? Was her being nice to him part of some plan to seduce him?" Vehemently, he shook his head. "Oh no, you've got the wrong fella. I ain't Mike, I'm Charlie. You know the one that loves Clara." Getting up, he clumsily scrambled to the chair that was on the opposite side of the table. "Why do you go and find someone else cause whatever you're sellin', I ain't buyin'." He made a shooing motion, "Go...scat...don't want no unsalted whelp." @Javia
  3. Charlie shook her his head a little in an effort to try and clear it. Crabbe and Arabella were still going on about the Orr girl. Hadn't he already told them that he wasn't interested? It was getting hard to remember what he said and what he hadn't said. "Look, I still don't see what this poetry nonsense has got to do with anything. I just want to...I just want to..." he frowned again. What was it that he wanted to do and where was that bottle? Standing up to see where Crabbe had gone, he immediately regretted it. He started to sway a little and then promptly collapsed back down into his chair. All he wanted to do now was forget about Clara. Why couldn't she had shown more sense and waited until she was older before running off to get married to some no account farm boy with no prospects. The thought that he had lost Clara for good started to consume him. He turned to Arabella and sighed, "You know that I loved her. What am I going to do now that she's gone." @Javia
  4. “Ohh, why she’s the most wonderful person: as pretty as an Angel, with hair like spun gold and eyes as blue as the sky! Just turned 18 years old; a prefect figure; intelligent, but in a ladylike way, not some big know-all dried up bluestocking; demure, charming and sweet. Of good stock and respectable family. Her favourite colour’s lilac and she counts Hiawatha and Grey’s Elegy amongst her favourite poems and has all her teeth, limbs and hair. Of, and of course, is heiress to a good deal of money when her great uncle dies.” Charlie rolled his eyes at the mention of poetry. What was it about poetry that made girls like it? He had studied poetry at school and didn't find it that exciting. What interested him was more the stories of Charles Dickens, especially A Tale of Two Cities. Poetry was more brother Mike's thing...maybe he should he send the Orr girl packing off to him? “It so happens I’m a lady poetess!” she announced “In fact, one critic has called me the Sappho of Kalispell!” "The what of Kalispell," Charlie said in a loud voice, not really caring what anybody thought now. Even though he was well and truly drunk, he couldn't help feeling that something was wrong but the problem was he couldn't tell what it was it. Another drink was what he needed right now. Looking at the empty bottle, he frowned. He didn't have enough to buy another, so he looked over at Crabbe and picked up the bottle, "Your turn, I bought the last one." @Javia
  5. Lots of background stuff I assumed was going on like Shade courting Kate and the ranch hands working on the ranch (spring roundup, branding, etc.) when they aren't in town. Shade's cousin Sarah is living at the ranch and is helping educate the twins. She goes into town once a week with the supply wagon and a couple of hands - they stay overnight. No trouble with Evergreen but I think that's going to change now that Quentin hasn't gotten rid of some of the hands from that ranch. In town - Charles Wentworth Sr. (head of the Wentworth clan) is now the owner of the bank, so Shade will probably have to deal with him. Matt still runs the hotel. Contrary to what Leah thinks, the town council is more concerned with the prospect of a Steelgrave running a large community project They like the proposed project in theory but as with all things there is confusion and misunderstandings. Is there anything else you want to know?
  6. OOC: Yep a good place...I will lock the thread.
  7. Charlie looked at Arabella for a moment before waving her off, "What we're talking about doesn't concern you. Go away." Since his brain and his emotions were all in a muddle, Charlie immediately regretting shooing Arabella way. Maybe she could help in some way, "Hey, Arabella tell the truth, how serious is this thing between Klutz and Clara?" Before Arabella, could answer, Charlie turned to Crabbe, "Now about this Anteesha. I don't think it's a good idea pretend that I like her when I don't know her." He finished off his glass and poured the remaining contents of the bottle into it. "Besides my pa always told me never to...never to..." Scrunching his face in a vain attempt to try and remember what his father had told, he found that he couldn't or that he had no idea what he was going to say. "Well, my father said something about something to do with girls. Come to think of it so did my brothers." After taking a sip of his drink, "Even if I decide to do what you say, she's rich and I'll still need some money to buy her gifts and whatnot." @Javia
  8. For the next thirty minutes or so, Pastor and Mrs. Evan told Thomas about the church and it's flock. They also told him more about the town and what was available in the terms of where to buy food and other essentials. Seeing that her husband was starting to wane, Jemima Evans stood up, "I hope you don't mind but my husband needs his rest. If you would like we can talk further in the kitchen." Gideon nodded, "Yes, I think the excitement of having finally found someone who can help me, is beginning to take hold. Perhaps, Thomas you can come another day and we can discuss the duties we will be sharing. When you've been here for a few days you might have some questions." @boshmi @Javia
  9. "We do supply breakfast here in our dining room. There's also the Lickskillet Cafe with serves a slightly different fare to what we have we," Matt answered. In a town with few dining facilities there was no real competition between them. Since the meals at the hotel were generally more for those who could afford it and would rather eat (and in some cases be seen) at a higher-class establishment. He didn't mind who ate at his hotel, as long as they were able to pay for it. If they couldn't there was always dishes to wash and hotel rooms to clean. Thankfully there were enough people and guests to keep the some of the meals he served at the hotel different from what the other places in town served. Prices were only high due to the costs of bringing in special ingredients or foods. Kalispell was a nice town, but it was off the beaten track so getting some things here required a lot of forward planning. "By the way, if you're looking for some entertainment, Kalispell is very limited. At the moment, there's a singer over at the Stardust Saloon and that's about it." Not knowing what else to say, Matt smiled, "Once again I hope you enjoy your stay." @Wayfarer
  10. Charlie frowned again. He wasn't quite sure pretending to be enamoured with another girl was the way to win Clara back, especially one like the Orr girl. Sure she was pretty but she wasn't Clara. Maybe there was another way to make Clara forget Klutz. "Look I don't know. Annatesa Orr might want me to become something more permanent if I pay her too much attention. Look at Clara, Klutz paid too much attention to her and now they're getting married. I'm too young to get married. I don't even have enough money saved for a trip to Helena." He filled up his glass again and for a moment looked at the bottle. It was nearly empty and he wondered whether or not he should buy another. Maybe Crabbe would buy the next one. After taking a good slug of his drink, he sighed, "If I had the money, I could go to Clara and tell her that she can have a place of her own here in town or anywhere else she wanted. Women want a place of their own more than anything. With money, I could buy her all the poetry books she wants. Heck, with a few extra bucks, I can even buy her dinner at my brother's hotel." @Javia
  11. Gideon briefly smiled at Arabella, "It may look like plenty of rooms but it is only three and one of them is occupied by the school teacher, Miss Bowen." He turned to Thomas, "Even though I can't offer you accommodation, what I can offer you is dinner every night. Mrs. Evans loves to have people around." Jemima Evans nodded in response, "You'll be able to meet Miss Bowen, as well as other members of the community. We usually have an extra guest or two most nights." After taking a couple of sips of coffee, Gideon smiled, "You will be looking for somewhere permanent to live. The church sits on a substantial piece of land that has room to build a small cottage. Since you will be helping to run the church, I'm sure the church board will have no problems giving you the funds to do so." He thought for a moment, "There's a young carpenter called Jay Ryker living here in town. He's done a few repairs on the church and is always looking for work, I'm sure he will be able to help you out." @boshmi @Javia
  12. Other girls? Charlie frowned as he tried to work out what other girls he knew. Working on a ranch that was miles from town and only coming in once a week didn't allow much time for getting to know other girls. The only girl he had really gotten to known was Clara and that was because she worked at the ranch before she up and left. Clara was funny like that, if she had the notion, she could do the unexpected...like getting married to the first fellow who asked her. That thought made him more depressed...it should have been him. Shaking his head a little in a vain attempt to wipe Clara from his mind, he tried to focus on the other girls. The only one, other than a few ladies he had met at church, that he had spent considerable time with was that blonde hair one with the funny name. Staring at Crabbe, he nodded, "Yeah, there's others like the one I had to escort at some birthday party...hmm...come to think of it, I think it was hers. Her name was Ana...Anna..." He frowned again, the girl's name was proving harder to say and remember now that he was well and truly drunk. Then it came him all of sudden, "That's it. Anastasia Orr." Happy that he had remembered the girl's name, he took another drink in celebration. When he finished off the glass, he shook his head slightly, "I don't know about her though, she was a bit...well you know a bit." A realisation then hit him, "Sheesh...I gotta get out more. Maybe that's it. I can make Clara jealous by showing her that are plenty of other girls who would be willingly to take her place." @Javia
  13. Gideon leaned further back into his chair. Even though he was unwell, he didn't want to listen to Arabella playing the harmonium...at church on Sunday was enough. Unfortunately, most times when Arabella had called by wanting to cheer him up, she usually came alone and he had no choice but to let her. As a pastor, it was his Christian duty, to be pleasant and tolerate those who meant well, like Arabella. He also didn't want to be seen discouraging her as all of God's children had the potential to be much more than they were currently. Thankfully, his wife was well aware of how taxing Arabella could be, replied, "Why do we all sit down first, I'm sure our visitor must require some refreshments. Arabella would do the honour of serving Brother Thomas?" @Javia @boshmi
  14. Matt smiled, "As a member of the town council, I will make sure that it is duly noted." Not knowing what else to say Matt decided to go into his hotel spiel, "We have a bathroom for our male guests at the back of the hotel, so if you want a hot bath, please let the desk clerk know and we will take care of it. If there is something that you require, please let know as we can deal with most requests but there some...well there are some that we don't do." Seeing that the boy he employed as part-time cleaner and bellhop had returned, he motioned for him to come over. "Jack will now show you to your room and carry your suitcase for you if you wish." He told Jack which room the judge was staying in. "Mr. Bryant, welcome to the the Belle and I hope you enjoy your stay. Is there anything else you would like to know?" @Wayfarer
  15. “Why sure” the slick Lorenzo assured the love sick pup “Your problem is you care too much for this little girl, you did what’s best for her… selfless-like.” "Yeah, that's what I did," Charlie mumbled. “Meanwhile this Klutz feller sneaks in with his flowery verses and his oversized farm produce and mixes her all up. Made her forget that she’s supposed to be waiting for you to tell her how you feel.” "He sure did and she's gonna pay for it. Poor Clara, the girl who grew old before her time," he lamented. “I reckon you might just have one last throw of the dice, if you’re willing to act and not just brood on the matter.” Charlie perked up a little. Maybe there was a chance for him, considering it takes months for people get married. His own sister, Mary was engaged for nearly a year before she got married. After drinking another glass of whiskey and filling it up again, he thought about it. Crabbe might be onto something. "All right, if this has anything to do with getting rid of ol' Klutz, then I'll do it," he said in a slightly slurred tone. The whiskey was now starting to affect his speech, "Clara's gotta see that I'm the better man." @Javia

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