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  1. Matt had just finished talking to one of his guests out front, when he saw three men riding in from the south. Immediately recognising them, he walked forward to the top of the stairs and waited for them to stop. Mike was the first one to see Matt, since his other two brothers were still trailing back a little taking in the town and its scenery. Getting off his horse, he walked up the few stairs and gave his brother a hug. Taking a step back to look at his brother, Matt grinned, "Well, I see you've gained a couple of extra pounds since I last saw you. Must be all that easy living since you became a ranch foreman." Mike smiled, "And I see that life as a stuffed shirt has done likewise to you." "Well, if you ask me, I think you both need to lay off the good stuff for a while." Matt turned to see who had spoken and smiled, "And I suppose you young Charles will make sure we do." Charlie nodded, "You bet I will." "And I'll make doubly sure," Sam commented as he got off his horse. Matt went down the stairs and greeted his other two brothers in the same way he had greeted Mike. It was good to see his family again and he hoped it would be a long time before they parted ways again. The job of keeping an eye on the Steelgraves would take a while but after that he didn't know what would happen. Until then, he would enjoy what time he had with his family. Looking at his three brothers, he smiled, "I expected you a few days ago but I'm glad you finally made it." Glancing over to Sam, Charlie heaved a heavy sigh. "We would have if hadn't been for ole brother Sam and that woman he met in Helena." Sam put up hands in a stopping motion, "Hey, don't blame me. How was I to know that she was engaged to the town's banker?" "You could have taken the time to find out," Mike answered. Matt frowned, "Let me guess, it's a long story." "It sure is and I think I need a drink before I tell it." "I think we all need a drink, " Mike turned to Matt, "Shall we?" Waving his hand in the direction of the front door of the hotel, Matt smiled, "If you would like to follow me, I'm sure the owner won't mind giving out a few drinks on the house." The other three voiced their approval and followed Matt into the hotel.
  2. "Mr. Thornton, I look forward to visiting your ranch soon." If they weren't in such a public place she would have liked to talk to him a bit longer. She smiled as he tipped his hat and made her way past him. For a minute or two she browsed around the store before deciding that she had enough of shopping for the day. Besides, Thornton's presence in the store was a bit distracting and it looked like he would be there for a while. Seeing that Ruth Johnson was leaving, she decided to go with her. Ruth, who had bought more than she had originally planned, accepted Kate's offer of help and the two of them left together.
  3. Kate smiled. She was fifteen when she was sent to live her Aunt Emily, so she could understand the burden young Clara must be carrying her shoulders. "Well, judging by my own experience, I am sure that Miss Redmond is able to handle the responsibilities she has." Taking a moment, Kate glanced around the store. Ruth Johnson was still at the counter but now had been joined by Mrs. Wilson. To her, both women seemed to be taking a bit interest in her conversation with Mr. Thornton. Even though she was sure they couldn't hear what they were talking about, she wondered what they were thinking. Mr. Thornton was probably well-known in the town and if he spend any more than a few minutes talking to any woman would be a cause for speculation. Knowing that she was new in town and that she needed to build her up reputation as a respectable school teacher, it was time to end this meeting. Looking at Shade again, made her regret her decision and that puzzled her. "If you would let me know a time and day of your choosing when I can meet Miss Redmond and your wards then that would be appreciated. In the meantime, I will get some lessons ready for her to use." @Stormwolfe
  4. Croft jotted down the requests from Leah before taking the five hundred dollars. "Luke, could write out a receipt for Miss Steelgrave. Make sure that you state that part of the amount is the fee and the rest is for shares in Standard Oil." "Yes, Mr. Croft," Luke replied. A few minutes later, Luke handed the receipt to Leah. He turned to Croft, "If you don't need me for anything else, I would like to take a break while things are quiet." Croft nodded, "That will be fine, son." After Luke had left, Croft turned his attention back to Leah, "Now is there anything else I can help you with? @Flip
  5. "I understand. I will be happy to visit your ranch and the children. When you are ready, you can send word to me at Pastor Evans. I am staying there until I can work out other arrangements and after I get to know the town a bit better." Wondering about the nanny Shade had mentioned, she continued, "How many years of experience has the children's nanny had at teaching? Knowing this will help me to devise a lesson plan that she will be able to understand and one that will help the children." @Stormwolfe
  6. Croft guided Leah towards his desk and after they both sat down, he reached for a piece of paper that was on his desk. When he had quickly checked the paper, he motioned to Luke and asked for Leah's file. As he waited for the file, Croft addressed the woman seated in front of him, "Well, Miss Steelgrave, there's not much from friends in the east. Most of them, usually take their summer holidays at this time of year. There should be some news in early September." His speech was interrupted by Luke, who handed him the file. Taking a few minutes, to read over the notes, Croft smiled. "As for your other investments, they seem to be doing fine. Other than the normal ups and downs you are still in a good position, financially." @Flip
  7. For the next few minutes, Luke continued to work on the accounts. He became so completely absorbed in them that he almost forgot about Leah. When the door opened again, he looked up and saw it was Mr. Croft. "Sir, Miss Steelgrave is waiting to see you." Stanley Croft looked over to the bench and saw the woman sitting there. For him it was hard to form a personal opinion for clients who had plenty of money. To him, their business was more important than what their or their implied reputations were. "Good morning, Miss Steelgrave. I'm sorry to keep you waiting. What can I do for you today?" @Flip
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    Kalispell Town Folk

    Assorted characters in Kalispell that are talked about that aren't part of the story or play minor (shared) roles.
  9. "Lost Lake Ranch?" Kate paused for a moment to think. Yes, that was the ranch, Pastor Evans had mentioned with the two orphaned children. "I understand that there are two young children living there who lost their parents recently. Pastor Evans said that he would be taking me out there in a few days to meet their guardians, as well as the parents of the children who will be attending school. I was hoping it would be sooner, but he said something about some sort of bear killing livestock and it might be dangerous to leave town at this time." As she waited for his reply, she thought about what she had just said and realised that she might have rambled on a bit too much. Something about the man, made her slightly nervous. When she was nervous, she tended to blurt out whatever was on her mind. Smiling, she hoped he hadn't notice her faux pas. @Stormwolfe
  10. Kate opened the door to the bank and entered. As she waited for her eyes to adjust to the room, she slowly looked around. She could see the bank teller working on something at his post and not with a customer. She was glad that there was no line today as she had a number of things to do and she didn't want to spend too much time here. As she approached the counter, she noticed a young woman sitting on the bench. The woman was immaculately dressed in what was probably the latest fashion. Kate wasn't certain what the latest fashion was as she usually stuck to clothes that were practical for her line of work. She did have a couple of dresses that she wore to dances and on special occasions but nothing like what the woman was wearing today. Figuring that she must belong to one of the more well-to-do ranches or homes that were around here, Kate would've had liked to find out more, especially who her dressmaker was. Knowing that she didn't have the time, she just smiled at the woman and went up to the counter. For the next few minutes, she paid more attention to what she had come to do. When she had finished, she thanked the teller for his assistance and made her way out. As she was leaving, she once again acknowledged the woman seated on the bench with a smile. Upon exiting, she made her way towards the schoolhouse. @Flip
  11. While approaching Kalispell from the south, Mike took the time to look around. They had passed by some small farms but nothing that would be large enough to hire any ranchhands but might be big enough to hire someone inexperienced like Charlie. He would prefer if he, Charlie and maybe Sam could all work on the same ranch but he knew that might not happen. The best option was that Charlie could be with him or Sam at any ranch who would take them both. The worst case scenario, was that Charlie could work for Matt. A smile crept on his face at thought. It had been a long time since Matt had to look after any of them but he would do it. They were all the type to be there when family needed them and would come running at a moment's notice for any them, except, maybe for their father. Charles Wentworth Senior was a man who could look after himself and didn't need any help. To his father, his sons were a way and means to establish a stronghold in Washington, his own dynasty. Now, that Charlie had rejected the plan, what would happen next would be anybody's guess. As they got nearer, to the town, Mike noticed a few houses that formed the start of the main street in town. Matt's hotel would be somewhere nearby and probably easy to spot. Looking ahead, he could see a few large buildings indicating that they were about to enter the main part of town. Turning around in the saddle, he saw his two brothers had slowed down and were admiring a couple of young ladies who were exiting one of the homes. Shaking his head, he motioned to them, "C'mon, you two."
  12. Seeing a beautiful woman had always given Luke a cause to smile. For a moment, he forgot who she was and marvelled at how elegantly she was dressed. One day he would be able to buy his wife Ruth dresses like that. The thought of wife, brought him out admiring the woman. Leah Steelgrave had no interest in him and he had no interest in her. Every time he saw her remembered poor Hank Walker who had left town under mysterious circumstances when he had gotten mixed up with her and her family. Still she was a customer and he treated her accordingly. "Good morning, Miss Steelgrave. Mr. Croft is out but should be back any minute now. Would you like to sit down and wait for him?" @Flip
  13. Thornton? The name rang a bell. Last night, wasn't Pastor Evans telling her about some children who had become orphaned recently called Thornton? If that was the case, then this man couldn't be their father...maybe he was a relative or something else entirely. What she did know was that he was most definitely something else but what it was, she was didn't know. "Nice to meet, Mr. Thornton. As for the bolt of fabric, I think I managed to get it loose but I do appreciate the offer." The sound of Mr. Wilson returning from the back room made everyone turn to face the counter. "Here it is Mrs. Johnson. You're lucky as this is the last one we have in stock." Ruth excused herself, partly grateful that Mr. Wilson had found the item she had been looking and partly disappointed that she would miss out on the rest of the conversation between Mr. Thornton and Miss Bowen. Kate watched her go to the counter, before turning her attention back to the man standing in front of her. "My apologies, Mr. Thornton. My name is Katherine Bowen, I'm the new school teacher." @Stormwolfe
  14. "I'm glad that you are pleased with our service. At the Belle we always endeavour to make sure our guests have an enjoyable visit." "And a good day to you as well. I hope that you are able to find the doctor." As he watched Leah leave, Matt wondered why she wanted to see the doctor. She certainly didn't look like she was sick or had any visible injuries. Whatever it was, he hoped the doctor had heard enough about Leah to not fall for her charms. If the doctor hadn't, then Matt suspected that doctor would be in need of medical attention at some future point. As long as he was useful to Leah, he would be fine. Turning back to pick up the letter he had been reading, he noticed that Simpson was still watching Leah leave. Clearing his throat, to get Simpson's attention, who at the sound, smiled meekly. Walter shrugged his shoulders and went back to sorting the day's mail which made Matt shake his head and laugh a little.
  15. Ruth Johnson looked over to the man who appeared out of nowhere and shrugged her shoulders. "I'm not sure if she wants any assistance or not. Frankly, I have no idea why she's down there in the first place." Kate had almost worked, the cloth free when she heard the voices. She froze, wondering how she could get herself out this situation in the most lady-like of ways. Seeing that she had no choice but to get up, she tooked a deep breath and slowly back out from under the table, making sure she didn't bump her head. The last thing she wanted to was make this more worse than it already was. In her determination, to get the cloth and have a good look at it, she had totally forgot that she was still new in town and needed to present the image of decorum. If the man who had spoken was a father of children who attended the school, this would not be a good first impression. After she had cleared the table, she slowly stood up and brushed the dirt off her dress. Staring at the wall, while she did this, she tried to think of something to say. When she couldn't, she decided to just turn and face him. Quickly glancing at Ruth, she then steered her gaze towards the man. What she saw surprised her...this was not what she was expecting. Hoping that her surprised hadn't registered on her face, she smiled apologetically. "Thank you for your offer but as you can see, I am quite fine."

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