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  1. Kate listened as Pastor Evans and his wife pointed out various places along the way. It was a little bit overwhelming trying to remember who lived where but at the least she now had a good idea on who lived on this side of town. At the beginning of the trip, Mrs. Evans had asked her husband if the people at Lost Lake knew of their impending visit. He had told her that he had sent a note back with Ben Hall, one of the ranch hands who did attend their church when he was able. Ben had been in town collecting the mail and some supplies for the ranch. Pastor Evans remarked that even though he hadn't met Shade Thornton, he had been impressed by what he had heard about the man. Knowing that things needed to be settled at the ranch was one of the reasons why Pastor Evans had taken so long to go out there. His wife, Jemima, who was good friends with Mary Miller, the housekeeper, bristled with excitement as she told Kate that she hoped to get a few of Mary's recipes to try out. As they continued along the road that lead to Lost Lake, Kate also took all of the different colours and smells. Summer was slowly turning into fall and some of the trees had already started to lose their leaves. Today's visit might be the only chance she could get to come here before winter set in. Teaching school during the week and preparing lessons on the weekends left very little time for going on long trips to the outlying ranches. There were a few more ranches and farms on her list to visit. Saddened by the thought that this might be her only visit to the home of someone who was starting to figure prominently in her life, she immediately vowed to make the most of it and to learn as much as she could about him. Maybe a long winter would give her time to think and work out what she would do, if anything at all. A comment from Pastor Evans, alerted her to the fact they were nearing their destination. She would put these next few minutes in getting herself composed and hopefully hide how eager she was to see him again. @Stormwolfe
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    As the train continued to make it's way across the country, Sarah wondered more about her relatives in Montana. She hoped that they would be welcoming enough to allow her stay at least until the Spring. From what she knew the winters could be long and harsh which would make travelling hard. She didn't relish the thought of spending the whole time in a lonely hotel room as she wanted to use the time to get to know Chance and his family. Seeing the conductor walking down the aisle, she motioned to him. The man smiled "Yes ma'am?" "Could you tell me when we will be arriving in Helena?" "Should be there by this time tomorrow, if'n we don't have any delays." "Thank you." Sarah answered. As the conductor went on his way, Sarah leaned back in her seat. It had been a long trip due to a couple of overnight stops on the way that were caused by fallen trees and tracks that needed to be repaired. Her first task, other than finding a hotel, was to find out when the next stage to Kalispell was leaving. Hopefully, it would be a day or two at the most. At the very least, she would have enough time to send a couple of stories to her publisher in New York with the return address as the post office, or whatever they had there that served as one in Kalispell. All she knew that no matter what happened where her cousin was concerned, she would be making Kalispell her temporary home.
  3. Mature Content: No With: Kate Bowen, Pastor and Mrs. Evans, Shade Thornton Location: Kalispell, then Lost Lake Ranch When: Saturday - mid September 1875 Time of Day: Morning Kate took one last look in the mirror and nodded firmly. She was wearing a dark brown dress with navy blue accents on the cuffs and collar. It was not her favourite dress but it was one befitting her position as teacher. She had wanted to wear one of her more colourful outfits but thought better of it. After all, she had only talked to the man one and that was just before his encounter with the bear. It was too early...well it was just too early. Today's trip to Lost Lake Ranch under the guise of meeting the two young Thornton children would allow her to get to know him a little bit better. When Pastor Evans told her that he was going to visit Shade Thornton to see how he was recovering and that Mrs. Evans was going to visit the housekeeper, she initially tried to think of way to join them. Thankfully, Pastor Evans mentioned that it would be a good opportunity for her to see the countryside and to meet the children. In a way, the ride out would be beneficial in helping her to know what the surrounding country was like and who lived where. But, if truth be told she was more interested in seeing Shade again. Once again, she stopped. Her thoughts were getting way ahead of the reality of the situation. For all she knew, he wouldn't even remember who she was. With his injuries and running a ranch, he probably never gave her a passing thought. A knock at the door alerted her to the fact that the Pastor was ready to leave. Grabbing her coat and bag, she made her way out of the room. To be continued... (OOC: @Stormwolfe I will do another post about the trip to the ranch before arriving. You can do a post if you want for Shade.)
  4. A few hours later, Mike was sitting outside on the front porch of the bunkhouse. Sam and the other four men were inside playing poker with the stakes being only matches, which suited Mike fine. He didn't want any squabbles over money or anything else during the early stages of his tenure as ranch foreman. Getting to know the men, the job, and the land was enough for the time being. Every now and there he would hear the sound of laughter and it pleased him that Sam was getting along with the others despite the cool start. Dinner had been a time for all of them to learn something about the people they would be working with. Giving orders and telling the others what he expected from them could wait until the morning when they started work. This was their time off, and he didn't want to interfere with that. Leaning back in the chair, he began to think about all the events that had led to him being here. He also thought about was ahead. Learning a new job and living in a new area wasn't what worried him the most as he had done it before. What worried him was the situation with Charlie. First up the boy would have to overcome his disastrous first meeting with Miss Redmond. Hopefully, the talk Matt, Sam and he had had with Charlie had sunk in. Charlie's first day on the job would answer that. The other main worry about Charlie was the fact that his running away from university meant that their father would end up here, most probably in the spring. Mary, their sister was due to have her first baby at any time and with winter approaching, he wouldn't be able to come any earlier than that. There was no doubt that his father would come as Charlie was his last chance to have a son fulfill his dreams of having a son enter politics. Charles Wentworth Senior had already a substantial influence in Washington but having a son as a member of government or at least in the inner circle of men higher up in the ranks would allow him to do a lot more. The thought of what his father had his sons to be, sickened Mike. When he was in his teens, he had dreaded the thought of going into the life his father wanted him to have. The relief he had felt when Matt finally broke away was immense and at the first chance he had, he to make his escape. Thankfully, Sam had followed suit and for a while it looked that Charlie would be one to succumb to their father's wishes. A yawn broke his thoughts and he realised that it was getting late. If he wanted to be up early to have a quick look around at the nearby buildings before breakfast, he needed to go to bed now. Standing up, he stretched before heading inside.
  5. Stepping into his new quarters, Mike took a good look. Over in the far corner was a small wood stove which was big enough to put a coffee pot on it. The stove was also a size that would be good enough to keep the room warm during the winter. To his right was a single wrought iron bed. Closing the door behind him, he walked over to the bed and threw his gear on it. After a quick test of the mattress to make sure that it was comfortable, he began to unpack his belongings. Opposite the foot of the bed was a closet and dresser. Over in the corner was a washstand with a pitcher and bowl which seemed in good condition. He would have to find out what the bathing arrangements were for the ranch hands. Surely, on a ranch this size and going by how well the hands were taken care, there would be a separate building that would be used as bathhouse for them. That was another thing he would have to add to the list to find out about. In the middle of the room was a small round table that looked big enough to seat four people, even though there were only two chairs there. The size didn't really matter to him, just as long as he could fit all the paperwork he would be doing on it. Just as he finished putting away the last of his things, he heard voices coming in from the main room. It sounded like the men had returned. Giving his vest a quick pull downwards, he made his way back into the room and found his brother sitting on his bunk watching four men having what look like heated discussion near the front door. Upon seeing Mike enter the room, Sam got up and went over to his brother. "Seems that one of them forgot to tell the others the full story." Mike smiled. Ranch hands were also joshing or playing tricks with one another and this place was no different. Sam would have to be on the lookout but as foreman, he had no worries, so long as he stamped his authority right from the start. Knowing that it was nearly dinner time, Mike stepped forward, "I hate to interrupt but which one of you is the cook?" The four men, turned to see who the newcomer was. Realising that it could only be their new boss, Stan was the first to speak, "That would be Dan Morgan." After a nudge from Ben, Dan nodded, "That'll be me. I've got everything prepared...just need to cook it, which I aim to do right now." Dan headed for the kitchen, while the other three men went over to their bunks to take off their chaps. Mike and Sam went over to the dining table and sat down to wait for them. (to be continued)
  6. After a few more minutes, Sam finally decided on the bunk he wanted. He looked around and couldn't see Mike anywhere. Remembering, that Mike had said something about checking out his quarters, Sam smiled and went over to the table where he had left his things. Just as he was picking up his saddle bag, the door to the bunkhouse opened and in walked four men, who by the looks of them had been working hard that day. Two of them were wiping the dust off their clothes with their hats, while the other two were joking about some poor fellow who had gotten into trouble over a saloon girl, the previous Saturday. All four men, stopped upon seeing Sam. Sam, knowing that making a good first impression mattered, smiled and said "Howdy." Stan Iverson, the oldest of the four men nodded, "Howdy." They had been told that there would be some new fellows arriving today. As he watched the new arrival go over to the bunk he had chosen, Stan wondered what the others were thinking. As he looked over to his friends, he could see that Marty and Ben were already cooking up something. Not worrying about what the others were doing, Sam unpacked his belongings and started putting them away. However, he was aware when two of the men approached him. They each took one side and seemed to be greatly interested in what he was doing. Shifting his head from one side to another, Sam acknowledged them both with another "Howdy." The taller one of the two was the first to speak. "I'm Ben and this here's Marty." Standing up straight, Sam was slightly pleased that he was about inch taller than Ben but was wise not show it. "I'm Sam." Marty, adjusted his posture in an effort to make himself a little taller before asking, "You the new foreman?" "No, that would be my older brother, Mike." "Your older brother, " Stan said slowly as he gazed over in the direction of the other man still with him. "It's seems we weren't told the full story." A smirk appeared on the face of Dan Morgan, "Sorry about that." "Just how many are you?" Turning to Marty, Sam smiled, "That depends. Do you mean here on the ranch or here on the ranch and in Kalispell?" Taking a moment to process what Sam had said, Marty's face showed his bewilderment, "You mean there's more than two of you." "'Fraid so." Marty motioned to Ben and the two of them went over to Stan and Dan. Sam sat on the bunk, content with watching the four men in a huddle, discussing this latest development. (to be continued)
  7. Matt placed the newspaper down and leaned back in his chair. So, there was a Pinkerton in town. Whoever this Dotty woman was she was doing well to avoid the man. He had encountered a few Pinkertons over the years and if Asher was anything like them, then it wouldn't be long before her days on the run would be over. As far as he was concerned, as long as Asher avoided the Steelgraves he would be okay. From what Matt had gathered so far, the Steelgraves were a formidable bunch. If this Dotty was in the area and if she had somehow found her way into the good graces of the Steelgraves, then Asher would have his work cut out for him. He was also content with the fact that as long as Asher's work didn't interfere with his, then Asher could what he pleased as he had enough to do with keeping watch on the Steelgraves. The word from his superiors was that there would be a new fort going up near Kalispell but they were unsure whether it would be north or south of the town as the war department tended to keep things like this to themselves until they were ready to make an announcement. Placing the fort in the north would certainly affect any plans the Steelgraves had and he was certain that the head of family would be doing all he could to stop it. For now, he had a hotel to run. Leaning forward, he moved the newspaper to the side and once again, started on the paperwork that was in front of him.
  8. Mature Content: No With: Mike Wentworth, Sam Wentworth, Lost Lake Ranch Hands NPCs Location: Lost Lake Ranch Bunkhouse When: Wednesday 15 September 1875 Time of Day: Afternoon "Not bad. Not bad at all." "Looks like everything is well kept and maintained," Mike said as he inspected the bunks. "You should be okay." "I should," Sam replied, "but it will depend on who I am sharing this with. You're lucky to have a place on your own." "One of the perks of being a foreman. Maybe if I end up getting married and moving to the foreman's house, you can have my room." He paused for a moment, "That is if I think you'll be good enough for it." Sam smiled, "Oh, I'll be good enough for it. I aim to be the top hand around here one day." "That'll depend on how good the other hands are. From what Shade told us and from what I can gather about the man himself, they will be nothing but the best." "Yeah I figured that too but I think the challenge will be worth it." Sam thudded a mattress in an effort to test how comfortable it was. Satisfied that it was, he went over to his brother, "Besides I got to have something to aim for, don't I?" "You do," Mike answered. Walking over towards the kitchen, he thought about what was ahead of him. Most of the hands were away on drives and Shade didn't know how many of them would be returning. Mike knew he would be overseeing a group of about sixteen, judging by the number of bunks. There was room for more if needed but he would determine that later on. The first thing he had to do was to take the measure of the four men who were here at the ranch. They would be back soon and that's when the real work would start. The job of foreman was something he was very experienced at but if he didn't have the respect of those who worked under him, then it wouldn't matter how good he was at his job. After inspecting the kitchen and eating area, Mike looked over to Sam, who was busy deciding which of the unused bunks he liked the look of. "I'm going to head over to my quarters now and get settled in. The others should be here soon." Sam acknowledged Mike with a nod and continued checking the bunks. Mike smiled and walked over to the door that lead to his new home. (To Be Continued)
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    Lost Lake Ranch Hands

    The men who work at Lost Lake Ranch. All of these characters are NPCs and can be used as needed.
  10. "I wish I could join you, but I am expecting my brothers to arrive here at any time now." Matt half-smiled, "Although, I would like to take you up on your invite another day. It's been a while since I have some time off." He paused before going on, "I haven't seen my brothers in a long time and once they have settled in, I'll introduce you to them...unless they do it themselves which wouldn't surprise me one bit. Us Wentworth men are aware of when a beautiful lady is about and you Hannah, are certainly one." Leaning over the table, Matt took Hannah's hand and kissed it. "Thank you being such a wonderful dining companion." @Stormwolfe
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    As the train made its way east, Sarah didn't have much to do except take in the scenery and write the occassional entry in her journal. One day, she thought she might put it all in a book as it would be an interesting read. The story of girl born to the younger son of prosperous rancher, given only a cash inheritance to make his way in the world. Instead of staying put, her father, Robert, had decided to try his luck in Philadelphia. It was there that he had met her mother, Isabelle. When she was nearly fifteen, her father had decided to go to San Francisco. On the way there, they had stopped at the family ranch which was now owned by her uncle, John Caleb. Staying there for a nearly a month, she and her brothers had gotten to know their cousins, Chance and Shade. She had found both of them likeable and charming. Over the following years, her father regularly wrote to her uncle. She remembered hearing about Shade getting into some sort of trouble. When she had asked her father to elaborate, he couldn't as John Caleb hadn't said any more than that. She hadn't given it much though since then, but now that she was headed to Lost Lake Ranch, it intrigued her. After her uncle had died, her father had kept in touch with Chance. It was now a long overdue response to his last letter that had prompted him to ask her to go to Montana. His concern for his nephew was evident and knowing what it would mean to him, she agreed to go. It also gave her some purpose now that she had no idea of what she was going to do with her life. What would she find in Montana? She really hoped that Chance's last letter had gotten lost somewhere along the way. The mail service was known to be unreliable at times, especially in places like middle of the country, where stagecoach and train robberies happened a lot. It was better to think of that being reason, then the possibility of something much, much worse.
  12. "Likewise." Mike replied. He listened to Charlie's response before speaking up, "Well, I guess we'll be on our way. We might take it a bit more slower going, so that we can start to familiarise ourselves with the land. See you tomorrow." Mike, Sam and Charlie made their way back to their horses and began the ride back to town. When they had gone far enough, Sam spoke, "That went well. I kind of expected it would be a lot harder going from what I heard in town about Thornton." Looking over Sam, Mike smiled, "Why I am not surprised that you did your research before coming here." Sam smirked, "Matt's not the only who likes to know what he's up against...and I know that you're the same. The only one who probably didn't was Charlie, but he's got problems of his own. Isn't that right Charlie?" Charlie frowned, "Of all the darn places she would have to be..." "So, the young lady looking after the children was the Clara from the other day," Mike asked. "Yeah she was...and one talking to about it is enough. Besides, I thought we were going to learn more about the land on the way back and not how I acted towards some kid I met in town." Both Mike and Sam looked at each other, surpressing the urge to laugh out loud. Mike knew that Charlie needed to work out things for himself, now that he knew the reasons why he would have to learn to control himself where his drinking was concerned. As they continued the ride back to town, Mike took mental notes of things that needed to be done. He knew he was seeing only a small part of the ranch and there was some fences that needed to be mended. With the owners dying unexpectedly only a few months ago and the former foreman being injured, there was bound to be some jobs to be done. One of the first things he would have to do is to take stock of the other ranch hands. With the odd payment system here there was bound to be some who would be taking advantage of it, especially at a time like this. Thinking about how things had turned out, Mike found to his surprise, that he was okay with it. It was good to know that most of the family would not be far away from each other. If he was being honest with himself, he would have to admit that he had missed all of this brothers. Now, that they were back together, the only real worry was their father and it was only a matter of time before he would come for Charlie.
  13. Charlie went up to Shade, "Yes, Mr. Thornton and I would like to thank you for the opportunity. I may not know much about ranching, but I am willing to learn." Stepping back to allow Mike to conclude his business with Shade, Charlie thought about how lucky he had been to land the first job he had gone for. Albeit, it was Mike who had done all the talking but he was okay with that. Mike had faith in him and faith that he could do the job, or he wouldn't have said anything. Now all he had to do was prove that faith was justified. Looking around the house, Charlie thought about the meeting and especially about how surprised he was to see that girl Clara again. Hopefully, his work in the barn would mean that he would rarely come in contact with heras there was something about her ways that annoyed him. Even though, he knew he had behaved badly the other day, he didn't regret anything that he had said. He was of the opinion that the less he had to do with her the better.
  14. "Sunday will be fine. I look forward to it." His brothers would be in town by then but they were old enough to look after themselves and besides this would be a good opportunity to get the lay of the land. After taking another sip of coffee and having a quick look around the dining area where he noted that today's lunch crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves, Matt turned his attention back to Hannah, "Now, Miss Cory what do you have planned for the rest of the day?" @Stormwolfe
  15. "I'm usually used to getting paid after doing the work, but I guess I can get used to the way things are done here." Mike didn't want to tell Shade that he felt a bit dishonest taking money before he had done anything for it but for now, he would see how it would go. Once he knew more about his new bosses, he might be able to offer some suggestions but now was not the time. On the surface, Shade seemed to be on the level, and he had no doubt he was a good man or Matt wouldn't have told him about the job here. It was his remark about killing a Steelgrave and having to leave town that made him a bit curious. The incident had happened years ago and Shade had only returned due to the untimely death of his brother and his wife. What had he done for all those years? Knowing that he would have some time in town before returning here to find out things, even if it was a rumour, Mike left it at that. He liked Shade and hoped that he was a man worthy of being called boss and maybe one day a friend. Holding out his hand to shake Shade's, he smiled, "Well, it's been nice meeting you. We should be here some time tomorrow afternoon. Your night foreman can show me around the day after tomorrow if he's okay with that. It will give me and my brothers a bit of time to settle in and at least look over the stables and our lodgings." @Stormwolfe

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