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  1. If you want someone to help spread rumours or gossip/talk about the possibilty of hidden treasure, I have a few minor characters that can be used e.g. Walter Simpson (desk clerk at the hotel); Ruth Johnson (housewife - husband works for the bank).
  2. "I'll make sure to tell the cook. He will be pleased to hear that his efforts weren't in vain." Not missing Hannah's glance at the family, Mike smiled reassuringly. Hannah was like any other woman in that she too longed for a family of her own. Whether or not, he was the man was something he didn't want to think about at the moment. For now, he would enjoy a pleasant meal with a beautiful woman. Instead, he opted to ask her about her future plans. "If Marshal Guyer does decide to let you go, have you thought about other employment? I only ask this because if you need any help I will be only too happy to oblige. In fact, after the winter and when I've had more time to learn about the hotel, I may be..." He put his hand up in order to stop Hannah from replying, "Before I say what I was going to say, I have been thinking about this for a while, so it's not because I feel sorry for you. Far from it. I think you are not only beautiful but intelligent as well. You have to be in order to do a job such as Deputy Marshal. The job I have in mind is as assistant manager but this only a possibility. I haven't quite decided whether or not to hire someone yet. All I ask is that if and when the time comes that you would at least think about it. " @Stormwolfe
  3. "It's fine by me," Mike replied. He looked over to his two brothers who nodded in return, "And it's fine by them." Both Sam and Charlie got up and grabbed a sandwich each before sitting back down again. Charlie was careful to avoid looking at Clara. Knowing that he might have to spend some time with her was a bit unsettling but if wanted to be a ranch hand there would be a heap of stuff that he would have to put up with. Clara, on the other hand, kept her eye on Charlie, just waiting for their eyes to meet but when he avoided such contact she chose not to speak to the young man. She was not looking for a scene here. If he was determined to simply ignore her...well then....fine! Mike wanting to get the formalities over first, continued speaking to Shade, "The gear will help as we could only bring what we could carry without overloading our horses. As for our lodgings, I'll take the foreman's quarters in the bunkhouse for the time being and as for Charlie...he should be okay with staying here." A smirk came to his face, "The last thing I want is a hand who's too soft from taking it too easy." Sam nodded, "Yeah, he left a life of luxury to join us humble people. The sooner he starts learning the better." As Charlie was about to answer, Mike spoke up, "We'll continue this discussion on the way back to town to pick up our gear. We can start the day after tomorrow." He paused before going on, "Is there anything we need to know in particular about working here?" @Stormwolfe
  4. If you need specific information about the time period our story is set in, click on one of the links below. More links we be added as needed. Montana Indian Battles United States Secret Service Pinkerton's National Detective Agency Fashion History 1870-1879 Events in the West 1870-1880 Montana Tribes Useful map showing the various tribal nations in Montana and their territories (1851) Wikipedia List of Battles Fought in Montana This list has additional links to the battles which will help with research.
  5. Fair enough, Mike though as he listened to Shade. He watched as his two brothers found seats and sat on them, keeping a little bit further back to allow him to speak for them. It was good to hear that there might be another couple of positions available. Reaching into his coat pocket he pulled out a piece of paper and handed it over to Shade, "This a reference from my previous employer back in Wyoming. I was foreman at his ranch for about two years or so. I would still be there if there hadn't been a family emergency." Not wanting to go on about the circumstances that had brought them, he decided to expand more on his and his brothers' experience. "I've been working as a ranch hand since the end of the war. Sam's been working as one for over seven years, mainly in Nebraska and brother Charlie, well..." He smiled, "He's just starting out but he's willing and eager to learn." Quickly, going over what Shade had said, Mike got the impression that the man wanted people who would be here for the long haul, "We're looking at staying on a while around here as we have an older brother living in town. We appreciate that you are willing to at least hear us out." @Stormwolfe
  6. "Kindness has nothing to do with it. I'm not one for giving out platitudes. If I think a woman is beautiful, I will tell her. " He raised his glass in a toast, "And you Miss Cory are indeed beautiful. It's a shame that you have to hide it." After taking a sip of sherry, Matt turned around and saw that the waiter was bringing their meals. Smiling, he returned his gaze to Hannah, "It looks like O'Malley has gone to special lengths today. Maybe it's time I stopped calling him a cook and start calling him a chef." As he waited for the waiter to place the meals on the table, Matt wondered what the next step would be. Hannah Cory was indeed lovely, and he wouldn't mind getting to know her better. However, there was the problem of why he was truly here. He didn't want to lead Hannah on when there was the possibility of him leaving when his mission for the service was over. With his brothers arriving that decision would now be complicated even further. Did he really want to start something he wouldn't be able to see through all the way? When the waiter had left them, Matt encouraged Hannah to be the one to take the first bite. "Let me know if you like it or not. As the owner of this establishment, I'm always eager to hear what people think about what we do here." @Stormwolfe
  7. Matt nodded, "Very well. It seems Mr. Simpson may have over-reacted in this case. He has a very nervous disposition. In light of this misunderstanding, may I offer you a couple of complimentary drinks from our bar?" What he didn't need what to make any trouble with the Steelgraves and anybody who worked for them. His mission and his business depended on staying in the good books of the Steelgraves for as long as possible. Going off half-cocked over a minor incident was not an option. Walter cleared his throat. "Miss Steelgrave, two of your men wish to speak to you on an urgent matter. They are waiting down in the lobby for you." @Flip
  8. Walter flattened his shirt and cleared his throat. "If you'll just wait here a moment." Calmly he walked out from behind the counter and instead of heading upstairs, he went straight into the dining room. This was a situation he didn't want to handle alone. After finding his boss in the kitchen and appraising him of the situation, he then made his way upstairs. It was better to be safe than sorry in this type of situation. If Miss Steelgrave wasn't happy when he relayed the message then knowing that Mr. Wentworth was aware of what was going on would help. Knocking on the door of her room, he waited for an answer. Meanwhile, Matt had made his way back into the hotel lobby. Seeing the two men, he smiled as he went over to them. "Gentlemen, I do hope there isn't anything wrong. As you know at the Belle, we value our guests' privacy and don't like to disturb them unnecessarily." He paused for a moment, before continuing, "I also don't like my employees being roughed up in any way. May I suggest that you think about this before you ask for any assistance in the future." @Flip
  9. After a few minutes, the woman returned and asked them to follow her. As they walked through the house, Mike was impressed. Even his previous boss didn't have a house as large as this one was. Going out onto the terrace, Mike could see that there was a man, a young lady and two children. He looked over to his brothers and he noticed that Charlie was looking a bit uncomfortable. After the introductions were made, he went over and shook hands with Thornton. "I'm Mike Wentworth and the fair haired one is my brother Sam. The other one is my brother, Charlie." Sam greeted Shade and the others, remarking that he and Charlie were already acquainted with Miss Redmond. For a moment, Mike wondered how they had met the young lady but then he realised who she was. Judging by the way Charlie was acting, she would have to be the one he had a run it with the other day. Not wanting to draw attention away from the purpose of their visit, Mike turned his attention back to Shade, "I understand that you have a position open for foreman and hopefully for a couple of ranch hands as well." @Stormwolfe
  10. Matt waved to one of the waiters and requested the glass of water for Hannah. As they waited, he answered her. "Yes, the hotel is doing well. I plan to make some improvements in the Spring but until then what we do have here is in good condition." The waiter returned with glass of water and placed it front of Hannah. He remarked that the meal would be served shortly and then left. Matt smiled, "I agree that the previous owner wasn't enamoured with Kalispell. He was very eager to sell the hotel and now after inspecting the place, I think I came away with a bargain." He didn't really want to mention that one of the reasons, the previous owner wanted to get rid of the hotel was that he didn't want to sell it to Elias Steelgrave. Even though she was deputy, he didn't think it was necessary to involve Miss Cory. Knowing things about the Steelgraves was likely to get one into trouble or killed and he didn't want that to happen to her. Seeing that she was a little uncomfortable, Matt lowered his voice a little, "I would like to take this opportunity to compliment you on your appearance. It's not often I get to dine with a lady as lovely and charming as yourself." @Stormwolfe
  11. "Would you like to leave a note, or would you like to speak to her in person?" Walter asked politely. He knew that Miss Steelgrave would be down soon to dine in the hotel's restaurant, so they could wait until then. If they wanted him to deliver the message to her room, he had the excuse of staying at the desk as he was the only one around. Besides, he didn't really want to talk with Miss Steelgrave unless it was completely necessary. The stories he had from some of his friends about her and her family was enough to make him steer clear of anybody with the last name of Steelgrave. In anticipation of one of the two men wanting to write a note, he pulled out the ink well and note paper from under the counter and placed them on top. He then waited for their response. @Flip
  12. Walter Simpson had been holding up a letter near the lamp trying to work out what was inside when the two men entered. Quickly putting the letter back in its hole, he straightened his coat and turned to face the desk. Recognising the men as the ones who had arrived with Miss Steelgrave, he took a deep breath as it looked like they weren't in a good mood. It was just his luck that it was his turn to be on the early evening shift. Knowing that Mr. Wentworth and that Irish cook was nearby helped calm any fears he may have had at their unexpected presence. Smiling, he greeted the men, "Good evening. Is there anything I can do to assist you." @Flip
  13. JulieS


    Mature Content: No With: Sarah Thornton Location: San Francisco When: Late September 1875 Time of Day: Morning Looking up at the clock, Sarah Thornton noted the time. It wouldn't be much longer and she would be leaving San Francisco for good. Maybe she could come back here one today but that was a bit of wishful thinking. There were too many people who wanted her gone. Earlier that morning she had said her final goodbyes to her father and mother. They hadn't pressed her any further on why she had to go but her father had requested that she go on mission for him. Initially, she had no real plans except to get on the train and go east until she found a place she liked the sound of. Her father's request now gave her a purpose, at least in the short term. Watching the other passengers milling around on the train platform, she thought about why she was here. It had all started out innocently - another man vying for her attention and perhaps her hand in marriage. When she stumbled upon his family's secret by accident, she had thought nothing of it until she realised she had learned too much. The man, maybe because of his attraction to her, had given her the option to leave or stay. The implications in staying were made very clear to her and so she took the option of going. Thankfully, the man and his family had given her a couple of weeks to get her affairs in order. She was able to sell her most of her property, including the house she had lived in the last few years and most of her belongings. What she didn't give to her parents or her brothers, was in the trunk that was now on board the train, along with a few items of clothing. In her valise, she had a couple changes of clothing and toiletries for the trip along with personal papers including a large bank draft. For the next few minutes, she made her way onto the train and into the private compartment she had booked. Now that she knew where she was going, she wanted it to be as comfortable as possible. This was the beginning of a very long trip and she had no idea where it would end up.
  14. Need to get your character to Kalispell? For those without a horse or using public transport, the best option is as follows... East or West Coast By railroad (Union Pacific) to Cheyenne (Wyoming). Cheyenne (Wyoming) to Helena (Montana) Stagecoach - Wells Fargo Helena (Montana) to Kalispell Millegan Stage and Transportation (Driver: Adelaide Chappel) - local company based in Kalispell Sacramento, California to Missoula, Montana (Fictional) There is a private rail line to Missoula from Sacramento. It was built by eccentric multi-millionaire, Jacob Grayson to facilitate quick trips to Montana where he has an elaborate hunting lodge. Since it is private, it is very expensive to use and its schedule is rather erratic. If you want your character to choose a different route, here are some links to websites that might help... Wells Fargo

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