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  1. Hi All, I'm very sorry that I dropped off of the map. I've been very overwhelmed recently, but I finally feel a little less stressed today, so I'm hoping to get back into things. I know all of my previous plots must have been either finished without me or dropped. How can I best jump back in? Chistery/Bloody Jack Asher
  2. "I thank you, Mister McVay," Jack said. He turned to Guyer. "Shall we to our next encounter?" @Flip
  3. Jack touched the brim of his hat as a greeting to the newspaperman. Jack had seen more than a few people's lives ruined by overzealous reporters writing 'provocative' stories painting people in the worst light, either by twisting facts or simply making things up out of whole cloth, all in the name of selling newspapers. Jack didn't much care for those kinds of reporters. On the other hand, sometimes reporters knew things. "Mister McVay," he said. "As Marshal Guyer says, I'm here pursuing a few of the remaining members of the Baker gang. They made a name for themselves robbing and killing in Texas, and even got over into Arkansas and Indian Territory, too. These are the ones I believe might be in the area," Jack handed McVay a spare wanted notice with the drawings and names of Freddie 'Flinch' Lynch, Paul 'Smitty' Smith, Charles 'Charlie' Goller, and Dorothy 'Dotty' Parsons, AKA 'Angel'. Charlie's picture had an 'X' through it. "You can keep that one for your publication if you wish. Don't worry about Charlie. I caught up to him and after interviewing him a while, I turned him over to the US Marshal for Montana Territory. Two deputy United States marshals are escorting Charles Goller back to Texas. Of the other three, it's possible Flinch and Smitty are near by, but I've been having better luck following the trail of Miss Parsons. As you can tell, she's young and she's fairly good looking. You can see in the description that she tends to wear trousers and carries a pair of full size Schofield pistols most days, so even up here, she stands out. I can't stop you from printing any of this, Mister McVay, but I would ask that you include a bit about how I feel life gave Miss Parsons a raw deal and that to survive, she made some tough choices, and fell in with a bad crowd and that I'd like to help her if I can. There are others on her trail that likely wouldn't be so congenial." @Flip
  4. Jack nodded. "I've got my horse boarded at the livery stable," he said. "But I'm guessing they'll be more forthcoming if I ask my questions with you there. Which should we hit first? The stable owner or the town doc?" @Flip
  5. "Thanks again, Miss Chappel," Jack said, implying tipping his hat by touching the brim of it. "I'll leave you to your work. Marshal, shall we move on? Perhaps to the town doctor? Or the hotel?" @Flip
  6. "Much appreciated," Jack said. He was relieved that Addy hadn't recognized his name as some former Southerners did from time to time. His name was a cautionary tale in Missouri after Bleeding Kansas. 'Watch your back or fall to Bloody Jack' was something many a pro-slavery partisan during Bleeding Kansas and later in the Civil War was told. The name was a source of frustration for Jack, a reminder of a time when he'd let his rage get the better of him. "You seem like you've done well for yourself here, Miss Chappel." @Bongo
  7. Jack shook the offered hand. "A pleasure, Miss Chappel," he said. He noticed the worn Confederate hat but made no mention of it. The war was over and done with. "Jack Asher. I'm a Pinkerton detective. I'm in Montana trying to catch up to some folks, the remnants of One-Eyed Bob Baker's gang. They were active in and around Texas, robbing trains and such. They made a very big score, but some bounty hunters tracked them down in New Mexico. They caught Bob and he's been hanged. I tracked Freddie Linch, also known as Flinch, Paul Smith, also known as Smitty, Charlie Goller, and one Dorothy Parsons, sometimes called Dotty, sometimes called Angel, north. They split up at some point. I caught Charlie Goller and handed him over to the law after he unwittingly pointed me in this direction. Deputy Federal Marshals are taking him to Texas where they'll hand him over to the Rangers. I don't doubt they'll hang him, too. I believe the others to have come this way. In particular I believe Miss Parsons is either headed this direction or is already in this vicinity. Blond, in her early twenties, attractive, rough spoken, wears pants, which doesn't make her a complete oddity, but she carries two big Schofield revolvers on her hips. Altogether, that combination presents an image folks tend to remember." Jack pulled out one of the wanted posters with all four of the outlaws on them. "It would be in the best interests of Miss Parsons if I were to apprehend her before one or more bounty hunters catch up to her, as I'd prefer not to see her killed or... interfered with by those others who might take her into custody. If you've seen or heard anything that might help me, or if you come across any information that might help me, I'd appreciate it if you informed me or Marshal Guyer." @Bongo
  8. "You've got a stage and cargo wagon company in town I see," Jack said. "Maybe we could start with the owner and their driver or drivers? See if they've seen anything out on the trail?" @Flip
  9. Jack chuckled. "She's quite the character," he said. "Shall we get started?" @Flip
  10. In his his head Jack made mental notes of what he'd learned so far. Andy Carter, distiller of Kalispell Jack. Supplies the Stardust and presumably the fancy hotel in town as well. Young, unmarried, fiesty, tough, bold, unfiltered. Jack hid a grin. His mental description of the ginger haired firecracker sounded to him like something she might produce at her distillery. Andy must not come to town much and if Speed hadn't been here all that long, that might explain why he didn't know who she was on sight. Jack said nothing as he waited for Andy's reply. He hoped she'd reply quickly. He wasn't impatient yet, but did want to get started. @Monoui @Flip
  11. "Not a problem," Jack said, curious to see if Speed knew the young woman or not. If she had a functioning apple orchard and distillery, Jack suspected she'd have to have been in the area over a decade. "Long as we get started fairly soon, I reckon I can wait a bit. And if there's a problem, I'll even throw in an offer to back you up while you solve it. That offer stands as long as I'm in the area, by the way. Call it a professional courtesy." @Flip @Monoui
  12. Jack smiled as the feisty redhead turned to knock on Speed's door. The whole encounter had gone quite well in his mind. He waited patiently for Speed to answer the redhead's knock. He still didn't know her name, but if Speed didn't introduce him or at least use the woman's name, he'd ask him for it later in the day. @Flip @Monoui
  13. "I am," Jack said. "But not to congratulate him. He is going to show me around town and introduce me to a few people. Give me an introduction so I can ask a few questions." Jack pulled back the lapel of his coat to reveal his Pinkerton National Detective Agency badge. "The Agency sent me out on behalf of Wells Fargo Bank. It seems some folks involved in a string of bank robberies, train robberies, stage coach robberies, and the usual murder and mayhem that comes with those activities may have made their way up here to Montana Territory. I believe one in particular might just be somewhere in or around Kalispell or Whitefish. She's a bit of a sad case. A young woman. Miss Dotty Parsons. She fell on hard times at a young age, and unlike you, she didn't have land or anything of the sort. She had to make some hard choices to survive and fell in with One-Eyed Bob Baker's gang down in Texas. One-Eyed Bob's been hanged. I caught Charley Goller, questioned him, and turned him over to the law. Parsons and two others are at large. Parsons is an attractive blond woman in her mid-twenties. Like you, she tends towards men's clothes. She wears a pair of Schofield revolvers on her hips. I reckon she'd stand out if you was to see her. I would appreciate it if you could get word to me or to the marshal if you do see her. I promise you that I'll treat her more fairly than some bounty hunter." @Monoui
  14. "Miss," Jack said after a chuckle. "I didn't even know you owned any land until just now. Though I'm guessing now that your family distills what I'm hoping is really good applejack, seeing as I'm an admirer of that heavenly nectar. You're not married and since you have a concern that I'm out to marry you for your land, I'm guessing that your father has passed. I'm sorry to hear that. I have lost both my sister and my mother, both before their time, both to tragic circumstances." @Monoui
  15. Jack noticed a young, attractive (if a bit dusty), ginger-haired woman that seemed to be headed in the same direction as him. She'd come from the direction of the Stardust loaded with crates. Jack didn't recognize the logo on the crates, but it was stopped in front of the saloon, so perhaps she worked for a distillery and the crates were filled with liquor or beer of some kind? Jack adjusted his pace just slightly so that he arrived at the door just at the same time the ginger woman did. What he did next, he was extremely good at. Feigning clumsiness to bump into someone for various investigative reasons was something he'd learned to do very well without seeming suspicious. Appearing as though he hadn't been paying attention, he stumbled and bumped into the woman. The bottle was knocked from her hand, but Jack deftly caught it. "Oof," he grunted and reached out to steady the woman as he glanced at the bottle and read the logo. It was, to Jack's pleasant surprise, applejack. Kalispell Jack appeared to be the name of the distillery and it was local. "My deepest apologies, Miss," Jack said with sheepish smile. "I don't know where my head was at. How I failed to notice such an attractive young woman crossing my path is beyond me." Jack handed the woman the bottle. "Jack Asher, Miss...?" @Monoui

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