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  1. Jack smiled. "Much obliged, Marshal," he said. "I'll stop in around nine-thirty tomorrow morning then. Give you a chance to settle in before I come in and impose. I've already chatted up Miss Devereau and Mister Flandry. Anyone in particular you think we should start with tomorrow?"
  2. "I'll be sure to stop in to see the recorder," Jack said. "And I meant would you mind showing me through your own town, Marshal, assuming that wouldn't put you out too much. I presume your not universally reviled in Kalispell? Unless they hate you here, too, you or your deputy might be able to help me start polite conversation where insult and rudeness might otherwise be found."
  3. Jack nodded. "Thank you," he said. "And what you just said fits with what I've heard said by the scarce amount of people I've run into up here, including during a stop at the fort. I'd consider not wearing the badge when I go calling on Marshal Steelgrave, but I do believe I may have run into a couple of Evergreen hands over in the Stardust. So I don't think I'll be surprising any Steelgraves. No, I think I'll ask around town tomorrow, see if anyone's seen or heard anything that might interest me, then head on to Whitefish day after, maybe reconnoiter Evergreen ranch and the surrounding area. Any chance you or your deputy could come with me to call on folks? Maybe help put them at ease and more of a mind to talk candidly with me? And do you by chance have a good maps of the area? Maybe a surveyor's maps? Kalispell, Whitefish, or any with Evergreen Ranch on them? I can make my own, but it would best if I had something to start from." @Flip
  4. Jack entered and when greeted shook the marshal's hand. "Jonathan Jacob Asher," he said. "Call me Jack. You've seen the badge. I'm with Pinkerton." Jack reached into the inside pocket of his jacket and pulled out four letters. "I'd be obliged if you took a moment to look at these. One's from the Pinkerton office in Austin, Texas, one is from Wells Fargo bank, one is from the Governor of Texas, and that last one there is from Major John B. Jones of the Texas Rangers. Surprisingly, they're all fairly brief. The long and the short of all that is that these folks request that you render me what assistance you're able in the apprehension of one or more of several train robbers that may have come up this way, all members of the late Baker Gang. Bounty Hunters caught One-Eyed Bob and the law set him to swinging. Paul "Smitty" Smith, Charley Goller, Freddy "Flinch" Linch, and one Dorothy "Dotty" Parsons AKA Angel, all got away and were headed north. They were traveling together, but I was able to catch up to Charlie alone. From him I learned that the others were headed this way. They seem to have split up, and I've been following Parsons, her being so easy to track. An attractive, if dusty, young woman in pants toting two big Smith & Wesson Schofield revolvers on her hips tends to stand out. The others might be in the area, too. Not sure. But I do believe that if Miss Parsons ain't already in the area, near Kalispell here, or in our around Whitefish somewhere, she will be soon. These are their particulars as we know them." Jack pulled out a wanted poster with pictures of all four of the wanted members of the Baker Gang. Charley Goller's picture had an X drawn over it. "Now, I work for Pinkerton on behalf of Wells Fargo. Texas wants to hang these folks. Wells Fargo just wants as much of their money back as they can get. If Miss Parsons can point me in the direction of that money, or in the direction of Flinch and Smitty, I might be open to asking the Pinkerton office in Austin and the bank to speak to the Attorney General and the Governor of Texas about dropping the charges against her. Way I see it, she's young, she was in a bad situation, she had to make hard choices to survive, and one of those choices led her to fall in with a bad crowd. Namely One-Eyed Bob Baker and his gang." @Flip
  5. Jack peered through the glass of the door and saw that the Marshal in fact did appear to be in, so he rapped his knuckles on the door and waited for a response. @Flip
  6. Mature Content: No With: Jack Asher, Speed Guyer, Hannah Cory Location: Add specific location information here. When: September 1875 Time of Day: Evening. Jack left the Stardust and walked straight over to the town marshal's office, hoping to catch the marshal or his deputy still at work or at least still awake. Government lawmen had a variety of reactions to Pinkerton Detectives operating in their jurisdiction. Some took no issue, some were reluctant, and some were downright obstructive. Wells Fargo Bank and the Pinkerton National Detective Agency had provided him with letters of introduction, politely requesting that federal and local law provide Jack with whatever assistance they could, or at least that they give him room to work. There was also one from the governor of Texas and one from Major John B. Jones, commander of the Texas Rangers. Jack always did his best to operate in concert with local law when he could, only working in secret when necessary. Unfortunately, it was necessary more frequently than Jack liked. But it wasn't this time, so here he was. @Flip@Stormwolfe
  7. "As much as the prospect of talking with you a while longer this evening gives me pleasure," Jack said. "I think I'll finish this beer and go visit the town marshal. Unless there's a need for secrecy, I prefer local law to be aware of my presence not long after I arrive. But you can be certain I'll return to call on you, Miss Devereau." Jack drained his beer and then settled his bill with Flandry. He rose and put on his hat, then tipped his hat to Matilda. "Until we meet again, Miss Devereau," he said, before exiting the saloon, off in search of the town marshal. @Wayfarer
  8. You're too kind, Miss Devereau," Jack said. "But your kindness is welcome. Perhaps when we have a moment to talk, you can tell me a bit more about yourself. Like how such a lovely young lady came to find herself here in Montana Territory. Nothing wrong with being here as far as I can see. I've just got a curious nature. That's a part of why Pinkerton recruited me, back when the war started." @Wayfarer
  9. Trust a woman to make it seem as though you were doing something wrong, no matter how hard you were trying to do something right. Jack didn't have to go out of his way for Dotty Parsons. He could just catch her and drag her back to Texas or shoot her and say there wasn't any other choice. But that wasn't how Jack liked to do things. Allan Pinkerton had given Jack a job when he needed one, and a purpose. That job had been dangerous, sure. He'd damn near died more times that he'd like to remember. But he was mostly spared the potential dangers of camp sickness, artillery fire, etc. So he felt a loyalty, a sense of purpose, in continuing to work for Pinkerton even after the war. And if he had wanted to leave the Pinkertons after the war, what place would there have been for him? Bloody Jack Asher wasn't likely to get hired as a lawman in any town not controlled by people of questionable character. So then what? Should he hire himself out to fight in range wars or as a bounty hunter? Ride shotgun on a stagecoach? No, at least as a Pinkerton detective, he was more than just his guns and his muscle, and while some of their clients made him want to wash when he was done with them, a lot of the work had been very rewarding. "The beer will do me just fine for now, Miss Devereau, so I'll nurse that a while, I think," Jack said, still genuinely charming. Matilda Devereau was pleasant enough, and easy on the eyes. She wasn't saying or doing anything he hadn't experienced many times before, in many towns, before this one. "And decline the second whiskey. In my experience an excess of either can lead to poor decision making, and in the presence of so lovely a lady, I'd prefer to make wise decisions. I'll decline the stew as well, since I don't think my horse would appreciate me putting on too much weight. But I'll be in here frequently during my stay, in the hopes of more food, and company, of similar caliber." @Wayfarer
  10. Jack heard the two cowboys reaction to him... and didn't care. Them running their mouths would probably help him, though fortunately, neither seemed to recognize his name, which meant they probably weren't from Missouri or even very near there, since Bloody Jack Asher started his work fighting Missouri bushwhackers back in 1854 at the start of Bleeding Kansas when he was only 14 years old. Jack had his reasons back then, the main one being that proslavery bushwhackers had ranged north of the Kansas/Missouri border and raped and murdered his beloved sister, Elizabeth. Jack just couldn't let that stand. After Bleeding Kansas, he'd spent most of the Civil War in that area as well, gathering intelligence and hunting down men who saw honor in fighting for the right to keep black men in chains, not so they could own them themselves, but rather so they'd have someone to look down on, they themselves being looked down on by the well to do of southern society. Jack had killed many men in his work, but he'd never murdered anyone. Very few people outside of Kansas knew this about Jack (he didn't hide it but he didn't advertise it) but Jack was Jewish. He wasn't hardly observant at all, and neither was his family, but he'd done the learning he was supposed to do. After he'd joined up with the anti-slavery partisans he'd ridden with and taken a man's life, his father told him that what Christians thought of as Thou Shalt Not Kill, in Hebrew actually said Thou Shalt Not Murder. The way Jack saw it, he'd killed people, enough to be thought of as Bloody Jack (a name he hated), but he'd never murdered anyone.
  11. Jack sighed. He reached into his pocket and pulled out his Pinkerton National Detective Agency badge, held it in front of him long enough for Matilda to read what it said, then pinned it to the left breast of his vest. He was going to try and keep a low profile, but he needed Angel to think he was the best option, better than staying on the run, better than getting caught by a bounty hunter, and better than falling in with someone like One-Eyed Bob or worse. If folks thought he was a bounty hunter, that wasn't going to happen. "As I was saying, Miss Devereau," he said. "Not a bounty hunter. I'm a Pinkerton detective. Dorothy Parsons AKA Dotty AKA Angel fell in with One-Eyed Bob Baker and his gang. Among a slew of other crimes, they robbed a train in Texas early summer of this year. Bounty hunters tracked down the gang in New Mexico. They caught Bob and he's since been hanged. He didn't give up his friends or the whereabouts of the money. And that brings me to my part in this. I'm a private detective. My client is Wells Fargo Bank, not the State of Texas. I'm more interested in recovering as much of Wells Fargo's money as I can than seeing a young woman who made some poor choices swing. If she were to help me do my job, maybe I see what I can do for her with the law back in Texas. Barring that, maybe I just don't bring her in. That won't get the law off of her, but it will mean she won't have me on her trail calling attention to her whereabouts." Jack met Matilda's eyes again and smiled at her warmly. "Miss Devereau, I won't press you for your assistance," he said. "But I really do believe it would be best if I was to find Angel before some bounty hunter or deputy territorial marshal, with no stake in her health and well-being, comes upon her." Jack held Matilda's gaze for a moment more, then broke it to take a spoonful of stew. He chewed it carefully and swallowed it. "Well, now, you be sure to give my compliments to your cook. This is fine stew, just what I needed after all this time on trail rations." @Wayfarer @Flip
  12. Jack shook Matilda's hand gently but firmly, then released it. "Nope, I reckon you haven't," he said. "Just rode in today. I'll be in town a while, staying at the boarding house. I have some business up this way. You can think of my employer as a... professional problem solver. Folks come to him with their problems and he sends folks like me out to solve them. My employer was asked to... check up on someone. She comes from a rough background, had to make some hard decisions to survive, and fell in with a bad sort. Seems she's gotten herself on the wrong side of the law. But she's young still. Her life might not have to be ruined. If someone like me was to find her, well, I believe in second chances. I'm inclined to bring her in hale and hearty, and not just because I got some questions need answering. Were I to find her, you can rest assured I intend to ask those questions like the gentleman my mother of blessed memory would want me to be. Other folks, well, I doubt they'll be as gentle, if they even bother to try and bring her in alive. There's a bit of a price on her head. It's less if she's dead, but some might consider a corpse easier to deal with than a live, unwilling traveling companion. She's young, around your age, I'm guessing. As near as I can tell, she's usually seen wearing pants and carrying a pair of Smith & Wesson Schofield pistols. They say she's pretty enough, if a bit dusty most of the time. I'd greatly appreciate it if you was to let me know should you hear anything about someone like that coming through town, or direct others to me for the same reason. If civic duty and good conscience don't motivate folks to help this young lady out like I'm sure they do for you, there's money in information that checks out, more if it leads to me taking her into custody. Not as much as the bounty, but earned in a safer manner." @Wayfarer @Flip
  13. Jack covertly assessed the nature of the two newcomers without looking directly at them, a skill he'd picked up as a Pinkerton Detective. To Jack, it was absolutely clear the two were more hired gun than cowpoke. He said nothing to them for the time being. A person could learn a lot just by listening to other folks talk. Usually, if you gave a someone even freedom to flap their jaws, they'd give up what you wanted to know before they even knew you wanted to know it. Besides, there was an attractive woman to devote a bit of his attention to. When Matilda came back with his stew, Jack met her eyes and smiled at her. "Thank you, Miss," he said. "This smells real good. Bet it tastes better." The Pinkerton detective held out his hand to Matilda. "Jonathan Jacob Asher. Call me Jack." @Wayfarer @Flip
  14. Jack gave a slight smile. "I've always believed women to be as tough as men," he said. "Tougher if you think about it, considering the way the world treats 'em and such. I'll have to stop in and see at least that deputy tonight or tomorrow. Always like to be on friendly terms with local law, in case I have settle any kind of misunderstanding with some one who thinks I'm an easy mark or weak target. I'm less likely to get tossed in jail or worse, shot, if the law in town knows who I am," Jack held out his hand. "Jack Asher." he said, by way of introducing himself. @Wayfarer
  15. Jack frowned. How does the owner of a saloon not pay attention to local law? What lawman worth his salt doesn't acquaint himself with the local saloon so as to make sure there's no trouble? Sounded like the town marshal might be useless. Jack decided he'd make a point of not frequenting the saloon very much. A saloon that the local law doesn't visit is bound to be somewhere there would be trouble. Jack could handle trouble, but his solutions to those kinds of problems tended to be a bit... permanent. His status as a Pinkerton detective usually protected him from running afoul of the law when that happened, but there had been some close calls. Might be he'd be taking his meals somewhere else from now on. He'd have to stop in a see the man and see just what kind of town this was. "You get much trouble in here?" he asked. "What with the marshal not making his presence known in your establishment, I mean. A saloon the town law don't set foot in... seems to me people might decide they could act with impunity." @Wayfarer

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