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  1. Brittles, still on his horse, called out. "I want 15 troopers here....rifles ready!" The 15 men arrived. "First 5, line up. Next 5, behind the first line and the others, line up behind the second line." He watched as the men followed his orders. "First line will be kneeling, second line, standing behind them, and third line behind them. When I give the order, the first line will fire then reload. While they are reloading, second line will stand and await my order to fire, then they will kneel down to reload. Third line will fire on my order, then reload. Everyone understand?" The men nodded. "Make ready, men." Meanwhile, Lieutenant Farley was having the wagons move off, then form a circle. The horses were unhitched and moved to the center of the circle. The troopers took positions in amongst the wagons.
  2. "Let's send a scouting party out to trail them. Mister MacIntosh, you and your friend will lead...." Suddenly, they could hear horses approaching......and gunfire.....and war cries of Indians. Brittle's looked around. He turned to his aide. "Get the wagons moving...take 3 squads to guard the wagons." He turned to Private Lavalliere. "Sound assembly." Tag @Wayfarer@Stormwolfe@Bongo@Flip
  3. "Here comes MacIntosh now." Brittles watched as the scout approached. Then he looked at the Indian. "How many scouts are following us? Do you think we should make camp tonight or continue on towards Kalispell?"
  4. The major looked at the boy...he looked like he wad hiding something...but Brittles wasn't concerned about it...if the boy wanted to say something, he would listen. "I won't be calling you "French Johnnie", so I will be calling you Private Lavalliere. As company bugler, you ride with me...I need you close so I can tell you what to play. This is my aide, Lieutenant Farley. He rides behind me, and you will ride along side him, understand?" Two of the scout teams returned, reporting that they spotted an open meadow up ahead which would be a good place to stop for the night. @Stormwolfe
  5. Brittles returned the attempt at a salute. He thought it was funny, but he never showed that in his expression. "The men call you "French Johnnie", correct? What is your proper name, son?"
  6. While they waited for any reports from the scouts, the column continued heading north. Brittles looked at the company bugler and signaled him over.
  7. "The lady is headed in our direction. She asked if she could travel with us, and I approved." Brittles looked at the man. "I'll tell you what I told my men...she is not to be molested." The column continued moving. "It'll be dark soon, hope the scouts find a place for us to camp." Brittles looked at MacIntosh. "You or your companion know this area?"
  8. Brittles read the letter, detailing who this man was. "Mr. MacIntosh, why didn't your man ride in with you? If he rode in with you, no one would have fired on him. Does he plan on staying apart from us when we make camp, or get to the fort? A good scout is someone to use, sir."
  9. "Proceed, sergeant." He didn't say anything about a salute, because he knew that the seasoned men usually didn't salute. Oh he could require it. but why start to quote regulations out here. Now when they reach the fort, it'll be something different. He looked at the stranger. "Who are you?"
  10. "Thank you, sergeant." Before the sergeant could leave, "Sergeant, send out some additional scouts." The major returned the man's salute. Brittles turned his attention to the man. "You wanted to see me, mr.…."
  11. "We will welcome your company, Miss Chappel. You don't need to stay a distance from us." He turned to his aide. "Escort the young lady to the doctor's wagon." He turned back to Addy. "You'll fall in line behind the doctor's wagon. He'll keep an eye on you. Any problems, do not hesitate to call me." He tipped his hat to her, then rode off. Lieutenant Farley, the aide, looked at Addy. "Ma'am, if you'll follow me, I'll show you where the doctor is." He tipped his hat, and started slowly riding away, waiting for her. When Brittles got back to his place, he called for Sgt Braumann. When he arrived, "Sergeant Braumann. A lady will be traveling with us. She will be traveling with the doctor's wagon. I want you to tell the men, she is not to be molested. Anyone, anyone sergeant, who accosts her will be shot. Understand?"
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  13. One of his officers, who heard someone calling the major, rode up to him and informed him of the person asking to accompany the company on it's trip. Brittles halted the company, and rode back, on his blond horse named Percy, and looked at the woman driving the rig. "Where you headed, Miss.....?"
  14. Mature Content: Add yes, no, or short info if needed (example: Yes, violence). With: List characters and NPCs in the thread. Location: Add specific location information here. When: Month / Day (optional) / YYYY Time of Day: Time of Day (morning, afternoon, evening, etc.). The railroad from Oklahoma, took Major Brittles, and his aide Lieutenant Farley, as far as Billings Montana, From there, they took the stagecoach to Butte. Then another to Helena, where they caught up with Brittles new command. The entire trip, from Oklahoma to Helena took 4 weeks. During that time, they were attacked by hostile Indians a total of 5 times. Luckily, the passengers and the driver and his partner riding shotgun, drove them off. Once he arrived in Helena, he officially took command of the company. 100 officer's, and enlisted. Among the company was a doctor, a blacksmith and wood workers. Most of the supplies they would need was stowed in 15 wagons, plus the doctor's wagon. The major stood before his men, gathered in a nearby field where they had set up their tents. "Men. In 2 days, we set off for our new assignment, Fort Lincoln. It will be a long, hard trip. We will be traveling through hostile territory. But we will make it, I promise you that." He looked around at his men. "I don't tolerate liars. I don't want to see anyone drunk while on duty. Obey my orders, do your duty, and we'll get along fine. As of now, everyone is on leave until tomorrow night. Company dismissed." The men ran off, hooting and hollering. When it was time for the company to get moving, everyone was ready. No one was drunk, or hungover. The wagons would be spaced between the troops, offering them guard. Scouts would ride ahead, looking for places to camp, or water, or hostiles. "Troop. Ho." With that, the caravan was off.

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