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  1. "Yes'm," Andy called out as she rounded the bar and went back to the storeroom. Another trip later and both cases were neatly stacked amongst the other goods in the storeroom, then following Matilda's instructions, Andy found her way back to the kitchen. "Mmm, that's smells good," Andy said with a pleased hum as she caught the scent of stew. After a brief pause in the doorway to appreciate the smell and the comforting warmth of the kitchen, Andy entered fully. "Thank you, Tildy, you're an angel," Andy said when she saw the hearty stew being ladled into a bowl. Once again, Andy's stomach audibly grumbled, causing another faint blush to dust the rowdy ginger's face. @Wayfarer
  2. "Uhhhh..." Andy droned on for a brief moment, dumbfounded that the tables had been so effectively turned on her by the sharp-witted Matilda. "Hey, I gotta get these cases into the storeroom for ya; I don't wanna get a reputation for being lazy!" Andy said in a hurried tone as she quickly hefted a crate from the bar in an attempt to deflect and escape. @Wayfarer
  3. "Yep, same price, but minus the cost for a helping of whatever you got cookin' in the back," Andy replied, her stomach sounding off with a gurgle of eager anticipation of a hot, filling meal. Andy blushed slightly at the audible feedback of her stomach. "Ah, sorry, been running on hard bread and jerky the past couple days getting everything done, but it's worth it just to be done with it for the year. And I think you'll like how this batch turned out. Want me to move it to the store room for you while you tap your keg?" Andy offered. @Wayfarer
  4. When Sam tipped his hat to her, Andy gave him a lopsided grin and then nodded in return. "See ya around, Sam Wentworth," she said, watching him as he left. Once Andy was again by her lonesome, she sighed and looked at her crates of applejack; her head was still smarting slightly from her hangover, so she was sorely tempted to open a bottle, but she suspected that the proprietors intending on receiving this delivery would not appreciate her doing so. "Ralph! Ralph, your bar's on fire!" Andy called out jokingly, hoping to 'light a fire' under Ralph, as it were. @Wayfarer
  5. "Been delivering fancier spirits to the hotel for a while, so I met your brother when he bought the place," Andy related with an easy-going nod. "It's nice that you all came out to support him, and that you were able to find work so quickly. Anyhow, if you're heading out soon, don't let me hold you up; I appreciate that you helped me get my goods in, but I got it from here."
  6. "Carter, Andy Carter," the flame-haired woman introduced herself simply. "And it weren't so much vision as it was survival; he'd run the family business before the War decimated our farm, then when people started getting sick and dying, he knew we had to get out of there. Don't know why he chose to come out here, but I'm glad he did, the native apples and berries out here are perfect for brewin'," Andy informed him, her tone positive rather than saddened by the impact the Civil War had on her life. Upon approaching the bar, she set her case of applejack on the bartop and glanced around for Ralph or Matilda; she knew where the storeroom was where she could put her goods, but she didn't want to just go behind the bar without permission. "So, what about you? What brings you and your brothers out here?" Andy asked in return as she leaned casually against the bar, content to wait a moment until Ralph or Tildy came around. @JulieS @Wayfarer
  7. Andy snickered at the blond Wentworth's attempt at gentlemanly conversation. "You're alright," she said to assure him that he had nothing to apologize for. "I used to help my dad when he ran the everything, but when he passed on a few years ago, I started doing it all myself. I sometimes get help from some boys near my farm 'cause I just ain't got enough hands to do it all alone, especially during the harvest, but deliveries I can usually handle by myself," she informed him as they entered the saloon together. @JulieS @Wayfarer
  8. "Oh, no need to bother, I've got it," Andy said with a grin. "But if you really wanna help, you can grab the other case from the cart, with the same bottles as this one," she offered in return. True to her word, there were several more cases in the back of her cart, two still tied down with taller bottles with a variation of colors of spirits, and one case containing more of the shorter, wider bottles that she carried. "Y'know, you look awfully familiar... By chance, you any relation of Matt Wentworth?" Andy asked with a curious tilt of her head. @JulieS
  9. Mature Content: no With: Ralph Flandry, Matilda Devereau, and anyone else who wants to join Location: Stardust Saloon When: September 1875 Time of Day: morning After an interesting conversation with the Pink Dick and a congratulatory bottle of applejack for Speed, Andy returned to her cart and began uncovering and untying her goods, crates of apple themed spirits, some bound for the saloon and some for the hotel. As she sorted the crates, Henry, her weathered old horse, turned his head and nickered at her, annoyed at being left unattended for so long. "Don't worry, I ain't forgot about you," Andy said to her horse, pausing in her work to retrieve a foodbag from the cart. Filled with some oats and chunks of carrots and apples, it was a welcomed treat for the aging bay after the trek into town, and so he shuffled giddily as Andy came around the cart and slipped the foodbag over his muzzle and looped a strap behind his head to keep it in place. While Henry munched away happily, Andy gave the horse an affectionate pat down; this poor boy was getting old and she was going to have to retire him sooner than she'd like. Thankfully, her brewery was doing well enough that she'd be able to afford a new horse soon, but she and Henry had been through so much together... With a sigh and another loving pat, Andy got back to work, hefting up a heavy crate from her cart and heading into the saloon. She paused just inside the door to let her eyes adjust to the dimmer lighting, then strode on over to the bar. @Wayfarer
  10. "Nah, I've got deliveries to make, so you two go on and do what you gotta do," Andy said, taking a few steps back. Then she gave a lopsided grin. "But do keep an eye on this'un, he's a sneaky one," she cautioned with amusement, pointing to Asher to indicate him. With that, she turned and made her way across the street, returning to her cart to begin unloading her goods at the Stardust Saloon. @Flip @Chistery
  11. "Morning, Mister Guyer," Andy replied with a slight nod of her head, a hint of a smile tugging at the corner of her lips. Though she knew of Speed through reputation, they had never formally met before today, and so she decided to start with an introduction. "I'm Andy Carter, I brew the jack served at the Stardust. Anyway, I heard you replaced Marshal Cory, and since I was in town for a delivery I thought I'd stop by to offer my congratulations," she said, then offered the bottle of applejack to Speed. "I was quite fond of Cory; since I live alone, he would come by the farm from time to time to make sure I was okay, and while he was there he'd sample whatever I was brewin' at the time. He was good man, you've got big shoes to fill." @Flip @Chistery
  12. With a grimace, Andy simply shrugged. "Well, I ain't been to the town for a spell, been busy with the big harvest and such, and the only other woman I know of who likes to wear men's clothing drives for Millegan transportation, but she's not blond and as far I know, never involved in anything so nefarious," she said to the Pink Dick. She'd never heard of One-Eyed Bob Baker or Charley Goller, so she had no sense of their reputation, but they didn't sound like nice folk from the way Jack talked. Of course, talk was just that and he could tell her anything without her being any the wiser. "I guess I can keep an eye open for this Dotty girl," she then said, seeming to relent to his reasoning. Assuming their 'business' was concluded, she gave a rap to the Marshal's door with the back of her hand. @Flip @Chistery
  13. "Yeah, it's always tragic," Andy replied, clearly disinterested in his sob story. There was something off about this fellow, and she couldn't ignore the feeling itching at the back of her mind that he had bumped into her on purpose, but for what reason if it wasn't for her daddy's land? "And yeah, I brew the local jack, just making a delivery today, and taking some cider and brandy to the hotel," she informed the strange gentleman who had identified himself as Jack Asher. "You here to talk to Speed? I was just popping in to congratulate him now that he's Marshal." @Chistery
  14. "Not interested," Andy replied, taking back the bottle of applejack he offered out to her, somewhat off-put by his honeyed apology. "Romancing me ain't gonna work; if you want my daddy's land, you'll have to pry the deed from my cold, dead hands, and I can promise you that I will not make such a feat easy for you," she said firmly. This had not been the first time someone had tried to woo her to gain ownership of the homestead she'd helped her father build. @Chistery
  15. Even with the help of the Dalton boys, it had been a mad rush to get the harvest in, pressed, fermented and distilled, then kegged for aging before winter. The orchard up at the Carter homestead had a bountiful yield this year, and her first tastes of what would be next year's ciders, jack, and brandies had been quite promising. Not that last year's batch had been bad! In fact, it turned out pretty damned good, a real nice feel in the mouth, potent without a lot of burn, going down smooth and sweet. Needless to say, Andy was more than a little bit drunk when she finished bottling that batch for delivery, and so once everything was crated, the young ginger woman promptly fell asleep in her cabin, still in her dusty work clothes. Morning arose to greet Andy with a fierce pounding in her skull. While most would be in a foul mood finding themselves with a hangover, the intensity of her condition pleased Andy, as it was a testament to how good her brew had turned out. Being hung over was still bloody awful, but after washing her face and consuming some disturbingly potent coffee with a shot of her jack, Andy was ready to face the day, still wearing the work clothes she had fallen asleep in the day before. She loaded up her cart with crates of alcohol, then hitched up her horse, an old bay named Henry. After grabbing a slice of bread and some jerky to eat on the road, Andy and Henry were off to Kalispell. Coming into town, her first stop would be the saloon, but as she pulled up to the building and tied Henry to a post, she glanced across the street to the town's 'official' building; she'd heard from the Dalton boys that Marshal Cory had retired and Speed Guyer had taken his place. Grabbing a bottle of her famous Kalispell Jack, Andy dusted off her trousers and headed towards the Marshal's office to offer Speed a congratulatory bottle of booze. @Flip and @Chistery

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