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    Finally, rest.

    There's a certain grit that hard working folks had about them and the way Addy sprang to her feet without even a hint of what'd just happened haunting her let it be known that she too was of that same nature. A nod came in turn to Addy's thanks, then a hand to hers when she was outstretched for the greeting. "Joe. A drink sounds good right about now." After a quick shake, Joe relinquished his grip on Addy's hand.Truth be told, Joe accepted the invitation not for the beverage but for the opportunity. He hadn't seen anyone else around when the boy led him in; maybe this was his chance to get a handle on some gainful employment, even if it were short term. @Bongo
  2. Bill

    Finally, rest.

    Her voice rang through the barn, but she was nowhere in sight. Joe eyed the cocked wagon and waved for the kid to stay where he was at while he made his way to the off-kilter transport. He crouched down and sure enough, there was a young lady trapped underneath. "Miss Addy I presume?" Joe let on that it was a light-hearted rhetorical question with a chuckle and a smirk. "I'll get'cha out of there, hold on." Joe put his back to the wagon, gripped the undercarriage the best he could, and lifted it just enough for Weedy to get the jack back in place. Once he could feel that the weight had been lifted from his grasp and onto the jack, he gave the setup a once-over just to make sure there wouldn't be an immediate repeat. Satisfied with the job, Joe gave the wagon a firm pat. "Alright Miss Addy, should be okay now." Joe's step back to allow Miss Addy to slip out from under her freight wagon also positioned him to be able to catch it. You know, just in case. @Bongo
  3. Bill

    Finally, rest.

    When Joe finally laid eyes on the source of sound and touch, he was looking at the face of a kid, couldn't have been more than eleven or twelve. His voice rang of urgency and based purely on the way the kid was tugging at him, it was probably serious. At any other time he would have been dug his heels in and told the boy to fuck off after seeing packs of kids in more populated areas do this same routine, only to pickpocket the poor fool who followed them before splitting off in separate directions. A quick scan around Kalispell lead Joe to his determination; what the hell, he'd bite. "Let's go help that Miss Addy then, huh?" Not a word of when, where, or what but that might just delay things. That Miss Addy might only need help with something the kid was blowing out of proportion with his urgency but then again... She might be in real trouble. Better to get there and find out it was something simple than asking questions when time was of the essence. Not knowing who this kid or Miss Addy was, Joe had to trust him to lead the way. @Bongo
  4. Bill

    Finally, rest.

    Mature Content: No Author: Joe Deppen With: Open. Location: The edge of town When: November 1875 Time of Day: Evening into morning Finally, rest. After years of sleeping with one eye open, always wondering if a knock at the door or an unrecognized face looking back at him meant it was time to fold, Joe Deppen had finally found rest. Sure, he'd been in Montana territory such a short time but that time had been used efficiently to reveal a sense of peace he hadn't had before - more so when he wound up on the edge of Kalispell. The cool breeze brought smells of farms and ovens that overpowered a scent that the average citizen of the town had come accustomed to - freedom; and it all glowed with the evening's orange tinge. His march through town was slow so Joe could easily digest all that was offered. More specifically, places of potential employment to investigate in the future but the more immediate need was food in the stomach, a few drinks, and a place to hang the hat for the night. Coming upon the White Rose Inn and Cafe which looked to be something he would be able to afford, he hitched his horse - a new one he stole came about when in a recent dire need and had yet to name - in front of the establishment. A full belly and few empty glasses later, Joe's head was on a pillow. Just as quickly, if not quicker still, the sun stirred him from what was admittedly the best night's sleep in years. Another hot meal later, he was out and about in a Kalispell under a blue sky. He left on foot, Linda Everson promising him that his horse would still be there upon return. The town was smaller now, without the glow of lights through windows and streets that drained themselves off behind closed doors when he first arrived. After a loop through town he came to stop in front of a vacant building not far from the general store. He also made note of the absence of a gunsmith, his chosen profession. That fell to the wayside when he found himself bouncing from town to town, working a few weeks, maybe months, before moving on. Now that he felt that he was far enough to settle, the thought of one day being able to occupy one of the vacant spaces with his livelihood almost brought a smile to his face. Almost. Joe took the sight in for a few more moment and was just to turn himself about to see if the stable may have needed a hand or if the general store needed to make any deliveries when he heard a voice.

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