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  1. (ooc: My bad! To me a gun that's not a pistol is a shotgun, but I know that's not the case lol) Brendan had expected Aurelian Redmond to be a little more meek than he actually was. Well, he'd been hoping. But his hopes weren't grounded in reality. After all, Aurelian was Clara's father. So it stood to reason that he'd have at least some of the prickliness his daughter had displayed on her first meeting with Brendan. He rolled his eyes at Aurelian's righteous - but annoying - anger and waited to see what would happen next. He wasn't itching for a fight, and it didn't seem like Aurelian was either, even though he was upset about the trespassing cows. José seemed like he was just waiting for someone else to take the lead, so Brendan did, hoping to look good in front of the new hand. He stood up in his stirrups slightly and called, "Looky, mister, we're gettin' rid of the cows! All right? They didn't do nothin' to your place this time!" He leaned toward José and muttered, "He's too uppity for a farmer. That's why we don't like 'im." It occurred to him that that was another trait Clara and Aurelian shared...being uppity. They both thought they were so much better than everyone else when in reality they and their farm were just a nuisance.
  2. Lucinda tilted her head back and laughed at Clara's humor. The girl was more witty than she seemed at first glance. "Yes, Clara, that's how it should be. Oh, gracious." She put a hand to her cheek, leaving a smear of soap suds which she then had to wipe away with her sleeve. "That must be quite nice to live where you're working. Do you miss living with your parents? When I moved out here with Francis, I knew I'd probably never see my parents again. I cried myself to sleep the first night that we stayed on our land." Her eyes lost their sparkle for a moment as she remembered how utterly lonely those first few nights had been, even though she'd had her husband beside her. But she blinked a few times and then smiled bravely at Clara. "But you can visit your father if you want, so there's no need to fret." She washed the last dish and grabbed a towel to start drying them off. As she did, she was struck with a lightning bolt idea. If Clara did hire her on a more permanent basis, and she did go to visit her father at some point, she might be able to accompany the younger woman...and visit with Aurelian.
  3. At the man's challenge, Brendan glanced at José. He didn't really want to be the first one to make a move, but it wouldn't be fair to make José do it. He clucked to Fiona and moved slowly in the direction of the cow, facing Aurelian the whole time. "Don't you worry about it, sodbuster," he called reassuringly...and just a little patronizingly. "That ol' cow won't hurt your fields." He got the cow moving toward José, trusting the newer hand's supposed cattle experience to get the cow the rest of the way off Redmond land. He had to turn his back on Aurelian for a moment, and it felt like the farmer was aiming at his back the whole time. Then he turned back around and called, "Cows'll be cows, you know." It was odd having a conversation with someone this far away, but he didn't want to get any closer to Aurelian's shotgun.
  4. Lucinda set a clean dish to the side and picked up a new one as she listened to Clara. The girl was very wise for her age. Many girls got married as young as she did, but not all of them seemed to be as mature as Clara was. "That's good." She smiled. "I don't know if anyone's told you this, but arguing and making up after an argument is better than not arguing at all." She'd been simultaneously excited and frightened when Francis decided to go west, and they had argued. They had argued on the arduous journey, too. But they had always made up, and their marriage had been stronger for it. Which was why she felt so lonely now. "Do you and Jacob live close to your father?" She couldn't remember whether Clara knew that she'd met Aurelian already, so she didn't want to pry too much. Her question was a reasonable one: it would be good for a young couple like Clara and Jacob to be close to their families.
  5. Bailey

    Late Nights

    "I don't want to marry you!" he said quickly, then broke into a grin at the absurdity of it. He knew Caroline wouldn't be offended by what he'd said. Neither of them wanted to settle down. "Mm...Bridget," he mumbled thoughtfully, his grin fading. The connection he had with the redhead girl was so strange and strong, but he just couldn't fathom marrying her; taking care of her for the rest of her life. Having Crabbe for a father-in-law might not be too bad, especially with the promised stipend, but Crabbe thought he was dying. "Don't wanna think about that now." He leaned over to kiss the side of her neck. "I want to sleep. 'Night, Caroline." He closed his eyes and tried to doze off, but kept seeing Bridget's freckled face in front of his eyelids. He had to make a decision soon. It wasn't fair to keep her waiting, even if Crabbe hadn't told her what was going on.
  6. Bailey

    Late Nights

    Brendan didn't know how late it was, and he didn't care, as he slid one arm around Caroline and yawned, not worrying this time about being too near her. They'd been lots closer only moments before, after all. Thankfully he'd been able to recover from Arabella's accidental almost-castration, but he'd had to take things a little more slowly than he normally would have. It had been better in the end, at least for Caroline. This was only her second time with a man in her life - he assumed - and he didn't want to rush through it for her. He rubbed his fingers gently along Caroline's bare side and suddenly remembered that Arabella had been listening to them earlier. She'd be sorry if she was still listening now. He grinned into the darkness at the thought of Arabella hearing him and Caroline enjoying themselves. That's what she got for eavesdropping, although she had probably heard them without the aid of her water glass this time. "Hey, Caroline...you're not ever gonna get married, are you?" Now that they'd had sex, what if she suddenly decided she wanted to marry him? He wasn't sure he was cut out for marriage, which was part of the reason he'd been so skittish about Crabbe's offer. Marrying Caroline wouldn't be so bad, but he would still be married and tied down to one place and one woman.
  7. "Oh, don't let that fool you." Lucinda turned partway around from the sink and showed one of her dimples again as she smiled. "I was never nearly as distinguished as my parents would have preferred me to be." "I'm from Pennsylvania, too. I lived in Harrisburg until I married. And no, I don't have any children." She turned back toward the sink to hide the way her face fell. Maybe she just wasn't meant to be a mother. But surely there had to be a less painful way for God to break the news to her than letting her lose three children. Why hadn't He kept her from getting married in the first place? She scrubbed at some potato starch stuck on a plate and listened as Clara transitioned into talking about her recent marriage. "Emeline told me you'd been recently married. Has your marriage been all sunshine and roses so far?" She glanced back with a knowing gleam in her eye. "Or have you two hit some bumps in the road already?" The blissful stage of marriage lasted longer for some couples than others, and poor Clara and Jacob probably had had their blissful period cut short simply because of the way things worked out here. There was never really any time to just enjoy life out here. You always had to be thinking about survival.
  8. Bailey

    Late Nights

    "I get it," Brendan mumbled, running his hand through his hair and slouching like a boy who didn't want to be in school. He thoroughly understood Caroline now, and now there was no need for her to keep hammering the point home, and rubbing it in his face that he couldn't have her. But it seemed like that hadn't been what she had been doing after all. She hadn't been taunting him with that kiss, and it hadn't been a consolation prize. She'd been...she'd been offering herself to him. "Hey!" He sat bolt upright and looked down at her, his eyes locking with hers. "I never said I didn't want to. You never said we could...not 'til just now." He slowly moved closer to her, holding her gaze as he slid back down into a reclining position and leaned in to kiss her...if she would let him. Maybe he hadn't missed his window of opportunity.
  9. Lucinda followed Clara into the kitchen, once again basking in the hominess of it. She set her hat to one side and worked the handle on the pump a few times to prime it, then started filling the sink. "I can put things away if you'll tell me where they go later. That way I'll learn faster." She reached for the box of soap flakes with one hand and kept pumping with the other, then sprinkled the flakes in the water when she had enough. She nodded at Clara's request - or requests. Calling the girl Clara wouldn't have seemed odd normally, but this girl...young woman, really, was now her employer. And she was so serious, like a woman twice her age. "You may call me Lucinda if you'd like," she said as she picked up a few dishes. "I'll try to remember to call you Clara." She dunked the plates into the water and glanced back at Clara. "What is it you'd like to know? I'm from back east, but then I suppose everyone here is, too. And I'm a widow."
  10. "P'rob'ly a good choice." Brendan agreed and nudged Fiona toward the property line. He took one last sweeping glance across the Redmond property. As he did, he noticed one last stray cow that had just ambled into view. "Doggone cow," he muttered, heaving a sigh and turning Fiona's head toward the cow before calling over his shoulder to José. "You can go or stay, Martinez. I won't be but a minute." With that confusing sentence, he headed for the cow. But as he got further onto Redmond land, his eyes picked out something else. Someone else. A man, and a thin black stick (that was what it looked like at that distance) pointed at the ground that could only be a gun. "Well, shit." Brendan reined Fiona in, his eyes darting from the cow to the man. Was that one cow worth venturing even further into enemy territory?
  11. Bailey

    Late Nights

    Brendan frowned. "You're not a consolation prize, Caroline. The kiss was. Wasn't it?" If Caroline was confused, he was more confused. He was flummoxed. Hadn't the point of her story been to tell him why she wouldn't have sex with him? Wasn't the reason she had told him all that to make him stop wanting her? Or at least to make him know he could never have her? "Wanted...wanted what?" he questioned softly. "You? Yeah, I wanted you. I don't know if I'll ever stop wantin' you. But...I can't have you." His throat tightened up and he raised his hand slightly, only to let it flop back down on the bed. He found himself questioning the kiss. Was it just a consolation prize? It had been given with Caroline's trademark enthusiasm, but he'd tried to ignore that. It couldn't have been...more than that, could it?
  12. "One week?" Lucinda broke into a smile at Clara's offer. That was better than she'd hoped for. The most she'd hoped for was a trial day, and the least was a flat-out no. "That would be quite generous, Mrs. Lutz." She held out her hand to seal the deal with a handshake, since that seemed to be what people did out here. Men, anyway. Back home it would not have been proper for women to shake hands, but out here...Lucinda had an inkling it was different out here. "I can start today. Right now, if it's convenient. I know it's not terribly busy right now, but I'm sure you have dishes I can wash." She smiled at the younger woman, showing one of her dimples. She had had enough of sitting around in her room reading, enduring the Wigfall's spats at the table and in the parlor and...well, wherever there happened to be more than one Wigfall at a time. Even if her fingers shriveled up like an old woman's face, it would be better than being spied on by Hector.
  13. "Oh." Well, that was awkward. Lucinda hadn't expected Emeline to pass everything on to Clara, but it would have made things easier if she had. Clara was so serious, and her questions were so probing that Lucinda actually began to feel nervous, which was ridiculous, because the solemn-faced girl had to be at least ten years younger than her. "Well, she didn't actually offer me an official job. She just said to come back here if I couldn't find something. It was more of a...a charitable act, you see." She bent the brim of her hat back and forth in her hands, trying to decide on her answer to Clara's next question. "I grew up in a wealthy family, so I'm still learning about cooking. I can bake bread and biscuits, but both end up burnt more often than not." She paused for just a second, then forged ahead. "I'm boarding with the Wigfalls, and Jemima seems to think I would make a good waitress. Or dishwasher. But Jemima doesn't work here, so you might want to take that with a grain of salt." That was stretching the truth and embroidering it, too. Jemima had given Lucinda plenty of advice if she did get hired to work at the diner, but hadn't expressed any opinions on which jobs at the diner she would actually be suited for. However morbid and mannish she might be, Jemima was very observant, and Lucinda felt sure that Clara would know that. The question was: was Jemima's falsified diagnosis good enough for Clara to hire Lucinda?
  14. Brendan sat back in his saddle, watching his stray mosey back to Evergreen from one corner of his eye and watching José from the other. Whatever he'd said to the cow, it had seemed to understand. That was good. He called to José, "See any others? If not, we can head back once these get where they're headed." Why was he telling José what to do? The man said he'd worked cattle for a year. He didn't need telling what to do. Brendan scoffed to himself and tugged on the drawstring on his hat. "Unless you wanna explore forbidden territory a little..." He grinned, waved a hand at the Redmond's land, and nudged Fiona closer to José. "I wouldn't advise it, but if you want to I'll ride a ways in with you. Or we can keep goin' around the property." He jerked his hand back towards Evergreen.
  15. Bailey

    Late Nights

    Brendan simply sat in the bed and listened to Caroline. That was the least he could do. But at least she was saying good things about him. He would have felt proud in any other circumstances, but right now he just felt guilty, as though he had somehow had a hand in Caroline's horrible fate. His eyes widened in surprise as she kissed him. The kiss was not deep, but it was still affectionate, although not the kind of affection he had imagined when he had imagined being kissed by Caroline. But, in a way, this was better. He lifted a hand and put it at the back of her neck. Doing that felt all right - to him, anyway. It was the natural thing to do when someone kissed you. He knew that if his hand slid down, it would be resting between her bare shoulder blades. Instead of sliding his hand down, he let his fingers slide off the back of her neck and down onto the sheets as she pulled away. "I've never been so glad to get a consolation prize," he said in a light-hearted tone. Because that's what the kiss had been.

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