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  1. "Well, sir, I got a right fine rig, I keep 'er in top shape," she declared proudly, "an' fine springs...not as smooth as th' thoroughbraces on a coach, but as good as ya'd find on a wagon. An' I can give ya two-up or four," she continued, referring to the horses on the team, "dependin' on weight. Ya know it's a good eight ta ten days, right?" “It will be well worth the journey if these items can be brought safely to Kalispell.” Said Falmer Browne. "So, ya wanna go take a gander at my underpinnin's?" “Of course, but there is something else, Miss Chappel, before we go … I shall need to supervise the operation, be there to take care of the … items.” he said mysteriously. “Would that be a difficulty? If I were to ride ‘shotgun’ as they say? Or alongside on horseback, if that is more to your liking.” He asked. “I certainly do not wish, in any way, for you to feel that I am ‘looking over your shoulder’ all the way there and back. You are the professional and I trust to your judgement implicitly. It is more the nature of the cargo requires my careful attention.”
  2. The Hotel Bell Boy, not wanting to miss out, ran into the mêlée too. His actions were not entirely altruistic: he picked the prettiest girl he could see to try and carry out, and the most obvious one of those was the golden haired, white frocked Miss Anaesthesia Orr, standing at the front of the large room, brandishing a gavel. Being a couple of inches shorter than she, it was with some effort that he rushed her from behind and grasping his hands around to any parts he could get a grip on, lifted her from the ground with a grunt. On feeling this midget strongman lift her so, she gave a rather breathless and excited “Oh!” and kicked her little white boots in the air, whist keeping a tight grip on her gavel. Both of them looked a little disappointed when Mr Wentworth’s gunplay brough the whole fracas to an end, and he lowered her back to the carpet. Not sure what to say in such a circumstance, the bell boy went with his usual “Will that be all, Miss?” and she, on a reflex, managed to find a copper or two which she placed in his hand with pink cheeked and slightly panting “Something for your trouble, boy.” She then moved to Miss Steelgrave’s side. “Oh, the nerve of that beastly boy, putting his sticky hands all over me!” she puffed indignantly, yet somehow looking as pleased as punch about the whole affair. She gazed benignly, perhaps a little sadly, at Leah. “I am sorry that this did not go as planned, I am afraid that my attempts to help only made things worse.” She said, fishing for compliments. Then something caught her eye and she nodded to Leah: the mysterious woman on the front row was scribbling furiously in a notebook. Outraged, Anaesthesia stomped right up to Sarah for the second time today. “Madame, I hope you will permit me to ask a question, for I have ever dealt with you with the utmost candor! … Are you ... spying upon us?!” she asked, in no uncertain terms. @Flip @JulieS
  3. "Oh, well, see here, Mr. Browne Bear," Addy was actually on the verge of chuckling, understanding, she thought, what he was asking, but hearing the double entendre. “Oh, ‘Brown Bear’ ha ha! Very good, Miss Chappel, very good!” the man chortled, appreciating her quick, rapier-like wit. Clever as well as radiantly beautiful, he thought. "I made th' last man that wanted ta inspect my undercarriage marry me...an' that didn't last but fer th' night, 'til th' likker wore off." Falmer Browne suddenly stood up, the scraping of his chair drawing a few gazes, and gave a slight bow. “To unfortunate man who allowed you to slip through his fingers, I offer my sincere condolences; speaking on behalf of the bachelors of the world, I offer him my thanks.” He suddenly looked sheepish, got a grip of himself and sat back down This was one of the reasons he lived as a virtual recluse; he couldn’t afford to get distracted from his important work. And women, especially extremely attractive ones like Miss Adelaide Chappel, were a distraction sans pair. Throwing back the rest of the whisky, she set the glass on the table and looked the man straight in the eye, her expression serious. "So, Mr. Browne, what are ya prepared ta offer me fer a gander at my undercarriage? Make it good..." “Ah, that is a mere preliminary, my good lady, to see how well your springs are loaded. You see, I have some very delicate items which I need to be transported from Helena to Kalispell. Now, I am prepared to pay double the usual amount for such a service, IF, you can guarantee that the items can be delivered unharmed.” He sat back and took her in, resisting the urge to fall on his knees and ask the beautiful creature to marry him there and then. To be fair to the other ladies of Kalispell, he felt the same way about most of them, too, when he passed them on the street - or sat disguised amongst them disguised as a big old grizzly bear.. “What, Miss Chappel, do you think of my proposal… er… offer?”
  4. Anaesthesia beamed her sweet, innocent, angelic smile at both Miss Steelgrave and Mrs Thornton-Carlton who, though she had not said so out loud, seemed at least to be a little more sympathetic to Leah’s plans. A few other ladies, too, had stood up and were examining the plans themselves, though many others still sat in stubborn disgruntlement. To Leah herself, Anaesthesia gave a little curtsey. “My Father, Mr. Orr, has some little influence with the Council, I shall exert all my efforts to persuade him of the excellence of your plan, Miss Stelgrave.” She declared. Not that much effort would need to be exerted, Anaesthesia had her father wrapped around her little finger. Then the somewhat worse-for-wear Lady Chairman banged her gavel and staggered to her feet. “Miss Steelgrave, you may be seated!” she declared, there was a chair facing the audience next to the Chairwoman and Secretary for her to sit down on. “Ahem. We were to now have a poem called “The Man what had a fight with a monkey” but I’m afraid that our poetess seems to have been dragged kicking and screaming from the room! Perhaps, I might recite the…” But her words were cut off by a now inspired Anaesthesia who, gripping that one tattered remnant of Arabella’s couplets to her heart with both hands, cried: “Have no fear Madame Chairman, I shall extemporise some lines, in honor of Miss Steelgrave’s plan!” Horrified, the lady tried to stop her, but too late. Hands still on her heart, eyes turned heavenward, out came tumbling these lines: “Soft what voice from yonder hospice wakes A poor little baby who has the shakes A woman with spots, a man with dropsy A child with a boil that grows like topsy All raise their voices to God on high Thank Miss Steelgrave, that we didn’t die!” It was later widely reported that, somehow, this terrible poem actually started the horrific cat fight that then broke out in the ranks of the inebriated Kalispell Ladies Society extraordinary meeting. Mrs Orr, proud of her daughters effort, blacked the eye of a critic who pointed out the complete want of talent exposed in the verses. As the fight became general, Anaesthesia, unaware that Leah actually had burly bodyguards there, snatched up the gavel from the desk and leapt in front of her, and lifting the tiny weapon high into the air shouted “Have no fear Miss Steelgrave, I shall protect you with my life from this unruly mob!” @Flip @JulieS [OOC: Sorry, I got a bit carried away!]
  5. "I'll take a whisky," Addy declared, watching in amusement as the bear skin spit out its victim, rather reminding her of the tale of 'Jonah and the Whale'. “A whiskey?!” Browne repeated, agog, but recovered himself quickly “… and a … a whiskey for the lady, please. Neat?” he looked at Addy “Er, yes, neat please … and in a lady’s glass, of course!” he added, in an effort to ameliorate his shock at the woman’s hard drinking ways. And as the man made himself whole again, she took the opportunity to go to the back door and yank it open. "I done broke yer arm, Missy!" she called out, "so ya best mind yerself that I don't actually hunt ya down an' break it fer real!" There was another scream from upstairs and the sound of a door being slammed shut. Falmer Brown was busy paying for the drinks with an enormous golden ‘Double Eagle’ $20 piece, the change from which completely decimated the barkeeper’s float of smaller coins, even after the moustachioed man had added “And one for yourself, of course!” That done, she returned to the bear-man and smiled sweetly. "So, what's this business proposition ya got?" “Oh please, let us sit.” Said the now fully human Browne, carrying their drinks to a table not too near the bar. Once seated, he took sip of his sarsaparilla and leaned in closer to Addy over the table. “Well Miss Chappel” he half whispered “I am willing to pay whatever it takes to complete this deal, but before we proceed too far into things, I should like to examine your undercarriage.”
  6. "Can do that now, if you've a mind," she muttered, then shrugged. "Can just head over to th' saloon an' you can buy me a beer." Not offering to give him time to get out of the absurd costume he had on...good to keep him a bit off balance, wasn't it? However, Falmer Browne looked delighted by the idea, only pausing to shout to the page inside the hotel lobby “Boy! My head, if you please!” The bell boy ran out, carrying the disembodied ursine noggin, handing it over with an optimistic “Will that be all, Sir?” which was the internationally recognised bell boy or hotel porter argot for Now where the hell’s my tip? Again, the gentleman in the costume found himself embarrassed at his inability to get to his pockets. “Thank you boy, er, I shall send you a tip over presently!” he tried cheerfully, although the lad would have none of it, giving Browne a look of vitriolic disgust and muttering “I bet!” as he turned on his heel and marched away, cursing. “Oh dear, I believe I have quite made an enemy there!” he chuckled sheepishly as he escorted the equally surly seeming Miss Chappel to the saloon. It was rather improper for a lady to enter such a place, he had to admit, but, dressed in a bearskin, he could hardly cast aspersions upon her unconventional ways. As the swing doors opened, there was a high pitched scream, and a shout of “She’s come t’ break my other arm!!!” followed by the sound of boots running at top speed along the wooden floor of the place and a blur of blue as a female in a Zouave uniform disappeared out of a far doorway, leading to the back of the place. Falmer Browne beamed at the bearded barman as he started to divest himself of the bear outfit (he was fully clothed beneath, of course!), who didn’t bat an eye at the unconventional sight of a beautiful and refined lady like Miss Chappel entering such a common and low dive as a public bar. “Barman!” he addressed the man “A glass of your finest Sarsaparilla cordial for myself, and whatever my fair guest would like to imbibe. I’m sure that they have a number of beverages suitable for as refined and delicate a palate as yours, Miss Chappel.” He smiled, this time able to reach for his pocket book.
  7. Javia

    Love in Bloom

    “She don’t limp about!” the strange girl countered weakly “That was just one time when her wooden leg got kinda broke!” "Wooden leg too? And wooden head I'm thinkin' too," smirked Billy, not exactly all that tolerant of those folks afflicted with addled brains. Arabella couldn’t help laughing at this, unable to suppress a throaty chuckle at Billy’s razor sharp wit. “You’re so funny.” She sighed, wiping the tears from her eyes. Amazingly, the intelligence that the room he would be bathing in belonged to Caroline brought a sea-change in Billy’s attitude. "Umm, alright...I'll do it. But if I get caught your boss, I am gonna blame it all on you," a part of him said he should not trust this strange girl but hell, he was going to take a chance. Just maybe he'd even meet this Caroline Mundee. “Sure!” yelped Arabella, excited that one of her great plans actually seemed to be going right for once “You go get in and I’ll bring up some more hot water!” she slapped him on the shoulder encouragingly and scooted off to the kitchen. The cooking area was full of steam and frazzling meat smells and clunking and clanking of pans. Cookie was up to her neck in work and Arabella still hadn’t done them dishes. When the girl came rushing in, she didn’t even look up, let alone listen up. “I’m just taking the hot water: I got a cowboy taking a bath up in Caroline’s room!” she informed the preoccupied chef, breathlessly. “Now you be a help Arabella! You just make sure you get your hands right into that water and give everything a good scrub!” instructed the cook, preoccupied with their lack of clean dishes. “Oh … urm … all right!” shrugged the teenager, surprised that she was expected to actually help wash Billy, but orders was orders! She picked up the heavy water pot using a cloth to protect her hands from the hot metal handle and tottered out of the room with it, unnoticed by Cookie. By the time she got to the door of Caroline’s room, her arms were killing her, and without more ado, she kicked the door open with one of those big, clodhopping lace-up boots, that made her feet look almost as big as Clara’s.
  8. Turning to face the man, her nose wrinkled up. He had the look of a lawyer about him...one that had been eaten by a bear and was fighting to get out! "Yeah? Whacha want?" The man-bear jumped back in alarm but, recovering himself, then gave a polite little bow. “My apologies, Miss Chappel, if my appearance alarmed you, I had supposed that you, of all people, would not be alarmed by my unconventional garb … it is just, the young lady whom you escorted from the building, our absent poetess, had informed me that this occasion was to be a ‘fancy dress party’ and I must confide, I am most exceeding partial to ‘fancy dress parties’.” He realised that he was straying far from the point and tried again. “F. Falmer Browne, at your service, Miss Chappel” he tried the bow again “I believe that we are new neighbors. My card…” he went to fetch out his carte de visite from his vest pocket, but found a layer of dead bear in the way. “Oh, I shall ‘pop’ my card around later. Ahem! It is also my intention to avail myself of your very particular services at some time in the very near future, Miss Chappel. Perhaps we can arrange a time to meet and ‘talk it through’ at your convenience, of course.” He proffered.
  9. Javia

    Love in Bloom

    "Deverau? Ain't that the lady who owns this place? Like I am gonna go jump in her bathtub without a by your leave? She might well shoot me or have that bartender of hers do it. Word has it that man is a real killer too. I'm not taking that risk," Billy protested. Arabella waved a hand dismissively. “Oh what a big baby! Ralph don’t shoot customers, anyway, he usually just decks ‘em out, so as they can come back for more the next night.” “Listen, I was watchin’ you playin’ cards in there, and you looked to me like a feller who was just about to have a winnin’ streak. So, you go have a bath, first door on the right…” she frowned down at his hand and then tugged at his right sleeve “… that’s that side, and then go back in there, get in the game, win a whole bunch of money, and you can buy Bridget Monahan a nice bunch of flowers when you take her for a promenade after church tomorrow. I’ll get Mundee to come and stand next to you at the card table and put her hand on yer shoulder, blondes are good luck for gamblers, y'know!” "Bridget Monahan? That's this beautiful rich lady friend of yers? I know of her. She is some sort of a half-wit who wanders the streets all the time. Somethin's wrong with one of her legs too, limping about like she does," he frowned. Arabella frowned. Darn! Busted. “She don’t limp about!” she countered weakly “That was just one time when her wooden leg got kinda broke!” "Well no thanks, not to mention the fact I don't ever go to any church services. As for that bath, I was almost tempted but only a fool would trespass onto that woman's private quarters. I already got one of the Lost Lake owners wantin' to shoot me first chance he gets, don't need a big shot woman lookin' to do the same," once more he started to try his escape. “Listen, it ain’t even in her room, it’s in Caroline’s … Miss Mundee’s … and Ol’ Devereau’ll be locked in her room for two hours now getting herself all done up like a dog’s dinner. Then she’ll sashay down them stairs, check that me an’, Mr Flandry and Caroline and the cook are working like dogs for her, then sashay right on out again, ‘fore she has to do any hard work herself!” Arabella was so busy with her disgruntled rant, she’d almost forgotten when they were talking about. Oh yeah!.. “So you just go on up there and lose yer toggery and I’ll go fetch some nice pipin' hot toppin’ up water; and think of all that money you’ll save.” She started to guide him toward the bottom of the stairs. “And just think, you’ll be able to tell all them simpletons y’work with that you’ve been in the private boudoir of the allurin’ and beautiful Miss Caroline Mundee!” she threw in for good measure.
  10. [Sarah, Leah, Anaesthesia] Directing her attention back to the young lady who was now addressing her, she took a deep breath, "Yes, I agree with your summation that Miss Steelgrave's plans should be looked at in great detail before a decision is made.” “I am gratified that such an eloquent voice is joined with mine” smiled Anaesthesia, but Sarah’s initial sally was merely a feint. There was an almost inevitable ‘however’: “I am sure the town council is doing just that and I hope we all have the good sense to know that those men will endeavour to make sure that they have all the information they need to do so. Hence my question, which unfortunately now seems to have become an opportunity for certain ladies who are currently in the audience to disrupt this meeting." Miss Orr might not have been a young woman of supernatural intelligence, but she possessed an undeniable advantage over many of her more cerebral peers, she listened. She smiled again, lighting up that angelic face, and held out an innocent white lace gloved hand to the older and wiser woman sitting on the front row of seats. “Then please, most respected Madame, will you not join me in asking her? I am young and silly and know so little of the world, but I do know that I must learn. For although our affairs may be so often in the hands of men, are not we, their wives, daughters, mothers and sisters, most often in the position to influence them so very strongly for what is good and right?” Big blue honest eyes searched the shrewder brown gaze of the worldly wise writer from the civilised West Coast, who needs must either grasp that plaintiff offered hand or overtly reject it. @JulieS @Flip
  11. [Addy Chappel & Falmer Browne] The bell boy at the Regis Hotel watched with mild interest as the well known local bear killer, Addy Chappel, half walked-half ran through the lobby toward the outside door, closely followed by the lumbering figure of a man in a bear skin who was calling to her in muffled but well spoken tones “Miss Chappel! Miss Chappel! One moment please!” She was easily outpacing the ursine impersonater who, seeing that he was fighting a losing battle, veered to the lad with a plaintive cry of “My head, boy, pull off my head!!” Smelling a tip in the air, although where such a creature kept its pocketbook was quite a mystery to him, the bell boy sprang forward and grabbed the creature’s ears as it bent forward and simultaneously tucked its right paw under its left arm and pulled forth a human hand. Within a trice, the bear looked like a member of the genus homo sapiens again, a handsome and dignified specimen at that, in late middle age and with an air of intelligence around his sparkling and genial eyes. However, he still possessed a bearlike gait as he sprang to the hotel door and shouted at Addy’s rapidly retreating back “Miss Chappel, please! I have a business proposition for you. Spare me but a few minutes of your precious time, I beg you!” @Bongo
  12. Javia

    Love in Bloom

    But Billy could be just as stubborn, "If this friend of yers is such a fine catch how come some jasper hasn't already grabbed her. What with there bein' more men than women here in the territory." “Well, that’s just it!” she said poking him in the chest, prevaricating while she desperately thought of a reason, apart from the the fact that her friend was a half-wit with a wooden leg. “She’s TOO beautiful! Fellers is too scared to ask her for the favor of her company, none of ‘em feels, urm, adequate, that’s the word.” And just before he was about to continue walking away, he had to add, "And yeah, I'm handsome. Most ladies think so. But I ain't stupid and I ain't gullible. That friend of yers must really be desperate if she is letting you round her up a husband." “Well, yeah, she is. She’s nineteen now, getting to be an old maid, and what with bein’ too attractive for men to dare to ask her out, she’s scared she’ll miss the boat; she’ll just be left there to sit, all alone, on that big pile of money she’s goin’ to inherit when her rich old uncle dies.” Phew, Arabella was really laying the whoppers on thick now, she’d have a whole lot of forgiveness to ask Jesus for at church tomorrow. Hmmmm, she wouldn't follow him into the bathhouse? Yeah that was it! "Besides I wanna go take a bath if they're still open and while I still have a dime to my name," he had been losing what little money he had at cards back in the saloon. The number one rule of Saloon business was a simple one: never let a customer leave with money still in his pocket. “Ha!” Arabella’s face cracked into a grin of bemused amazement “What d’ya want to do throwing away money on bathhouses for? You can have a bath for free, right now, right here!” she jerked a thumb toward the stairs. “Ms Deverau’ll have just finished hers. Water’ll still be nice warm and I can top it up with that kettle I just boiled for the plates. And she don’t tiddle in the water like some folks do.” By ‘some folks’ she meant herself. “Listen, I was watchin’ you playin’ cards in there, and you looked to me like a feller who was just about to have a winnin’ streak. So, you go have a bath, first door on the right…” she frowned down at his hand and then tugged at his right sleeve “… that’s that side, and then go back in there, get in the game, win a whole bunch of money, and you can buy Bridget Monahan a nice bunch of flowers when you take her for a promenade after church tomorrow. I’ll get Mundee to come and stand next to you at the card table and put her hand on yer shoulder, blondes are good luck for gamblers, y'know!” She’d never actually seen Billy in church, but he could meet them outside afterwards, she figured.
  13. Javia

    Love in Bloom

    “C’m’ere! Closer” she hissed hoarsely. "Im plenty close," now he recognized her, that skinny little scrub girl who also played piano, what the hell did she want? “What’s wrong with you? I don’t smell, y’know!” she declared, turning her head to sniff herself “Well, not that bad anyhow.” “Listen Bill. I gotta ask you something, I been desperately wantin’ to ask you all week, ever since I saw you get hauled off to jail...” "That weren't my fault..." he started to explain. “Oh, I know that!” She assured him. “You was just standin’ there watchin’ while your friend got thumped up by them fellers who was holdin’ a gun on him, with no one to stick up for him. Anyhow..” “… what’s Mr Greer’s first name, has he ever been married and what’s his favourite flower?” "Huh? If yer so damn interested in that ....man, then you ask him. I got important business to do I'll have you know," he turned to leave. “Hey, I thought you was his friend! I’m just trying to invent up a petition for him, see, to be let out of jail. It’s an ‘arrogant-miss carriage of justice’ and, hey hold up…” She ran after him and sort of skidded in front of him, holding up her hands imploringly. “Hold up, hold up… I need to ask you something else!” she yelped. “Are you courtin’ anybody?!” “See, I got this friend…” she explained “… she’s reeeal pretty, much prettier than me, don’t worry on that score; reeeeal nicely dressed, not like me in these old rags; an’ she don’t talk too much, again not like people say I go and on and on like a chatterbox; an she’s got this real knack of makin’ anyone who do talk to her feel all kinda clever and oooh, real intelligent. And guess what? The lucky feller as marries this rare flame hair beauty, why it’s gonna cost him half as much in the price of shoes as any other wife!” She couldn’t have painted a more flattering picture of Bridget, in her mind. “Anyhow… she’s lookin’ fer a feller and I thought you’d do. You’re handsome and good lookin’, good at playin’ jokes, urm, got your own horse. Pretty nicely set up young feller, all round. When would you like to meet her?” she asked like it was a done deal.
  14. "Victory!" Clara announced in triumph, still oblivious to her complete lack of clothing. The moment was simply exhilarating! Of course, that probably wouldn't last long but now their eyes met as both took some seconds to breath in heavily. Jacob looked back into Clara’s dark eyes, but then fell downwards onto her small, lovely breasts and then yet further down to her dark secrets, suddenly very aware of both his and her nakedness: he felt both shame and excitement, his breath was short now, but not from the exertion of dragging this Pandora’s box ashore. He wondered if this is what Adam and Eve felt like in the Garden of Eden, when their nakedness was revealed unto them for the first time by the Lord. He didn’t dare speak, didn’t dare think, even, lest it break the spell. He met her eyes again. Unlike their sexless underwater existence, they had crawled onto the muddy land like two proto-mammalian amphibians. Pheromones, strong in their evolutionary purpose and now released from their watery bondage, forced themselves into the air from glands at the height of their reproductive powers and found willing receptors in the creature opposite. Mind, civilization, rules, consequences: these all hammered dumbly behind soundproof glass, unheeded by the two young animals that were suddenly under this spell, this eons-old urge to begin writhing in the Precambrian mud at the shore of the lake. He didn’t know how he was so suddenly so close beside her, his hand lightly stroking her hair; his lips kissing the top of her head; his other hand naturally drawing her close. Their flesh, in this medium, touching and producing sensation of an energising, tickling, arousing hue. He stopped and looked again into her eyes. He loved her. Her happiness was all. Even at this point, his excitement all to obvious, he could still draw back at her signal.
  15. Javia

    Love in Bloom

    Arabella had spent a good deal of the week doing what she could for poor old Mr Greer in the jail. She had snuck what food and drink she could out from under Cookie’s nose and taken it over to him. At first he had been abusive and told her to get lost, but by the end of the week he had become less abusive and demanded to know why she was late with his grub. She had written a new version of John Brown which started “Mr Greer’s body lies a-moulderin’ in the jail” but for some reason Caroline was reluctant to include it in her act. She had sought legal advice from Dutton Peabody who, bribed with a free shot, had slobbered something about “arrant miscarriage of justice” before collapsing in a heap for his afternoon nap sprawled over the table nearest the bar. Her main idea, of raising a petition for Mr Greer’s release, had met with incredulity and, after she’d asked a million billion times, downright refusal from the Saloon management, so she was having to proceed with caution this busy Saturday evening. The first thing she needed was more information about the ‘man behind the legend’ and luckily Billy, who had been released pretty quickly after being arrested, was in tonight: he was looking very strange without the jovial bulk of Mr Greer next to him at the bar. She didn’t want to ask him what she needed to know with Mr Flandry listening it, so she decided to lay an ambush for him outside, Quantrill style. It was between Caroline’s singing sets that she saw him go off to the outhouse to answer the call of nature. Arabella, flushed and hot with waitressing and pot-cleaning work, made the excuse of taking some glasses back to the kitchen and then lay in wait in the dark shadows under the stairs that led up to the second floor of the building at the back. As Billy returned from doing his necessary business, she hissed out a call. “Psssst! Bill! Over here!!! … No! Here!!!” she waved a hand at him in the shadows to get him to approach and once he was near enough, gabbed him and tugged him closer to her under the staircase. “C’m’ere! Closer” she hissed hoarsely. “Listen Bill. I gotta ask you something, I been desperately wantin’ to ask you all week, ever since I saw you get hauled off to jail...” she smelt of two of Billy’s favourite things, Beer and Whiskey, or at least her apron did. The rest of her smelt of a pungent mix of a stolen dab of Caroline’s perfume, girl sweat, and the odd chemical aroma of the nit-shampoo. She looked deep into Billy’s cute face, into his amazingly clear light blue eyes that sparkled, even in this secluded, shadowy place, and spake forth those words which she had been wanting to utter for days now: “… what’s Mr Greer’s first name, has he ever been married and what’s his favourite flower?” @Wayfarer

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