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  1. Jack

    Tidings of Comfort

    Weedy was surprised by the praise from the older man. He was used to helping and receiving kind words from Addy but noone else. "Thank you, Mr. Ryker." He muttered. It gave Jays heart a little sting to know that Weedy's real parents never did or could do something like this for him and Addy was the nextbest thing to family. Maybe he should let the boy a little closer in as well. In a spur of the moment notion, he added. "Call me Jay." Then he returned his attention on the lady of the house and had to laugh. "My speciality? Oh that's something very different." Like...robbing a bank....if you could call it that. He wasn't very good at that either because he wasn't quick with his colt and not cold blooded enough. There was something else he did very well, though. One or the other lady could attest to that. He would not brag about it though, so he simply smiled at Addy. "Yes, there is. Maybe one day, you'll find out." Then he took another bite and motioned to the meat. "I really don't have any cooking skills. So, yeah, This is my speciality and the only thing I can cook." It was surprisingly good though.
  2. There was a lot going on at the dance but for a moment Jay focussed only on HER, no matter how anxious it made him to see half the town inside. "You look lovely, Addy." He complimented her and offered her his arm like he had learned it back in England. "May I?" He grinned, lowered his voice and whispered in her ear. "Do people know I used to live with you?" He hadn't really told many people except for Aurelian and his children. The place was so busy and happy that it was a little contagious and made Jay want to dance and be merry as well. "I probably won't stay long. Crowds are not my thing but I had to come...so I can steal a dance...." He smiled at her and then added. "...with you." Jay wasn't going to keep the affection he felt for the lady by his side a secret much longer. She should know. Looking around he spotted Weedy and another boy circling a buffet style table in search for something. There were more people here, he knew. Even Clara and Arabella, oh Arabella. Inwardly he rolled his eyes at the crazy emotional girl. @Bongo
  3. When Crabbe mentioned the bank robbery in Kalispell Jay almost gagged on his drink. Somehow he managed to get himself under control before anyone could notice. How could someone claim an Englishman had shot the guy in cold blood? What a damn lie! He had tried to prevent the whole thing. Now people thought he had killed the guy? Damn! "No, not all Englishmen are bad, you know? I didn't kill anyone in cold blood...ever." He made sure to state. "Are you sure that was an Englishman? Who said that?" He tried to find out whether this was just hear say or actually in the papers. "Gives all of us English folks a bad name." Then he focused hard on the drink, too hard because he almost missed the question, that Crabbe asked. "Rocker...huh?" Jay looked up at Crabbed and wondered what he meant. "I'll make your parts and then we'll see. We just need to agree on a price. Make me a generous offer...one that will keep me happy and around." Back to business!
  4. For a long time he had contemplated whether he should go to the dance or not. His gut screamed 'No, don't go! There will be someone, who recognizes you, someone, who has seen a wanted add somewhere. Don't be a fool." But a fool he was, one that was starting to fall madly in love. Addy had told him how much fun it would be and that it didn't matter that he hated crowds or couldn't dance or whatever excuse he had made up. She seemed eager to go and she'd go without him and dance with whoever was there. Yep, that was Addy. So the fool in love won over, Jay pulled out the shirt and pants, that she had bought him, slicked back his blonde hair and hoped to look as handsome as possible if he really tried to win her over with a dance. When he arrived by foot he could hear the fiddle, singing, clapping and chatter from afar. It took him a few moments to get over himself and actually enter and then he stood frozen at the entrance because he was overwhelmed. How much would he loved to just relax and join in the fun but his guard was up. He searched her with his eyes, spotted a few towns people he knew, including the two teenage girls. @Bongo and whoever wants to greet Jay
  5. Jack

    Tidings of Comfort

    Jay agreed and started preparing the meal for the night. He wasn't a great chef but the meat still turned out alright and tasted great when they finally sat together around the nicely decorated table, the tree standing off to the side with some ornaments hanging from its branches. A fire was burning in the oven, providing beautiful warmth and light. Jay reached for their hands so they could say grace and eat but when they were done he held on to Addys hand for a moment longer and looked at her longingly. He really wished to repeat that kiss, perhaps even deepen it but he also knew she'd never go for it. It was simply inappropriate. So his gaze turned into a smile as he said. "Merry Christmas, Adelaide. Enjoy dinner." Then he turned to Weedy. "Merry Christmas to you, too, young man. I'm proud of everything you've done in the past days. Enjoy!"
  6. Jack

    Relief Effort

    Jay was happy to hear that his wound was healing fine. That little bullet had done more damage that he had anticipated when the old lady took a shot at him, rightfully so. All that he'd been through was well deserved. What was happening now...Addys kindness, her care, the boys affection...Jay probably didn't deserve, or did he? He nodded when she gave him the clothes and retreated to put them on. First the union suit and then the new pants and shirt. It fit him really well, except the sleeves of the shirt were a little too long. Other than that, the blue colour of the pattern suited him well and brought out the color of his eyes. Now Jay only needed a shave and a hair cut. "I guess I can go amongst folks now and see the barbor. Get a little cultivated, you know." He dug through his saddle bag to hand Addy some money. "For Weedys education." He kept a few coins for his hair cut. It took a while but when Jay returned that evening in the dark and knocked on her door, he looked like a new man: Shorter hair and clean shave. It wouldn't last forever but made him look quite nice and handsome for now.
  7. "Gold Quarzt." Jay repeated and wrinkled his brow. He wasn't really familiar with that term or how gold was made other than little gold nuggets washed up in a river. So with a bad joke, he revealed who he was. "Heck, I don't know anything about that. Only gold I know is the one you steal from the bank." He laughed as if it was a joke but mentally slapped himself. Then he was quick to say. "750 miles. Well, that way too far for me to ride. I've just arrived here. So I'll be proving equipment and leave the rest up to you, gentlemen." Of course that was just a facade. As soon as Crabbe had used the world 'gold', Jay was pretty much sold. Although now there was another force to recon with, other than greed. It was love. And perhaps that little tiny love light could grow into a wild fire and blow out the greed for good. Jay took his drink and had a generous sip, enjoy the delicious taste of a decent drink. "Hm, that's nice. Much better than a lot of the moonshine they serve out here."
  8. Jack

    Tidings of Comfort

    Jay had been thinking about their time out in the woods alone. About hunting together and then riding on one horse and , of course, that short but impressive kiss, that still lingered on his lips. It had only been her cheek but it still made him so incredibly giddy. Was that the reason, that she let him stay in the first place? Kindness of her heart or a certain attraction. Maybe she was feeling it, too. When Jay returned, he noticed her pink cheeks and flashed her a smile but didn't comment on it. Instead he placed the cuts of meat on a plate and looked through the cabinet for her spices. "You know the English brought this from India...on ships. Like the one my parents came to America on." Jay was still quite proud of his heritage, even though it meant nothing out West. Then he lifted the lid of the pot and scooped out some cider for all three of them. He used the cup to warm his fingers. Weedy kept looking at grinning at him. "Why are you smiling like the Cheshire cat?" Jay asked the boy.
  9. Jay listened with interest to the stories about gold mines being empty here but more up north. After all he was a bank robber by profession for a reason: Greed. It was probably his worst character trait. He wanted to be rich and the conversation here sparked that old fire, that he had almost forgotten in Addys presence, living a low key life as a black smith. His eyes started sparkling with excitement when he was told about the spot that the Mandarin had spotted in the mountains. "You can tell those spots....where a good mine would be? How?" For all he knew rivers carried out nuggets and showed people the way but how could anyone tell otherwise? Instantly he wanted to have a share in that. He'd go and shoot them Indians and earn his share by making the right kind of equipment. "I could help you, making the right mining equipment. How far away is it?" There was only one problem. Jay was generally a peaceful person and hadn't even shot back at the old lady, who put a bullet in his skin. He'd have his troubles picking off Indians if they didn't shoot at him first...and if they did, he'd probably wind up wounded and dead instead of rich. "How many men would you take to the claim?" His eyes dug right into the man with the round glasses as if he could tell whether the answer was the truth or not.
  10. Jack

    Relief Effort

    Jay waited wrapped in the towel until the kid returned with the union suit, which was just big enough for him but clean. He had to stretch it out a little but then remembered the wet bandage before he pull it up completely. Carefully he unwrapped it and inspected the wound. It wasn't large and looked much better than when it had gotten all pussy and red. He wasn't sure whether it was ready to be on the air yet, so he briefly went to the door and poked his head out. "Miss Addy, could I ask you to look at the wound briefly. It looks much better, just want to know what you think. After all you fixed it." By now Jay was comfortable enough around her plus she had seen him only half dressed before. There wasn't much to hide anymore. Addy also wasn't the kind of woman, who got offended easily. He also added. "I'm pretty sure I owe you more than ten dollars. And I have that money, so don't hold back asking for it."
  11. Jay wasn't sure how 'the lady' felt. But he knew she liked him, at least enough to be his friend. "Who knows. I'll find out some day." He smirked a little, but also grew a bit nervous. What if Addy said, that she only liked him as a friend and their kiss had been a mere Christmas tradition. A large plan, that covered the whole table and needed to be held down by cups and tools, so the ends wouldn't curl back up, was presented to Jay. It took the Englishman a moment to take it all in, get the right perspective, read the little hand scribbled words and decipher the drawings. Finally his brows shot up as he whistled. "Who drew this up? You?" If so the man clearly had skills and a good idea. "This looks promising. I can work with it. For sure." If this really worked, he should be asking for a little more than he was. It was a money printing machine, basically. "Gold dust and small pieces aren't worth a lot but if you can actually get a whole pound with this tool...it'll make you a very rich man. He pursed his lips, then looked at the Chinese. "And your associates." One of his ugliest character traits was just rearing his head, greed. It had gotten him into trouble before. Here he might be on the safe side. After all he was only supposed to make some parts.
  12. Jack

    Relief Effort

    Weedys suspicion turned out to be nothing as he got excited and listed all sorts of jobs Jay could be dong around the neighborhood. "Sounds like there's plenty of work." Jay agreed and drew the blanket a bit closer around his shoulders because he wore nothing but his underwear underneath. That an a wet bandage. When Addy returned, she saved him from more questions. She was back with some clothes, which Jay was thankful for. He shivered a little as his bare feet touched the ground and wind, coming in from outside, blew under his blanket. His hair was also still wet and cold. "Not completely decent but I have a blanket....plus I think you've seen most of me." He joked. How else would she have taken care of his during his fever? "Thank you so much for buying clothes for me. I'm assuming you fronted the money. How much do I owe you." He reached for the bundle and let the blanket slip from his shoulder. There was no room for more privacy in here and he surely wasn't going to go outside to get dressed. So Jay sat down on her bed and noticed that there was no fresh underwear, which put a slight frown on his face because the pair he wore needed a wash. "I need the blanket back..." Under different circumstances he would have just dropped his drawers but the presence of a woman like Addy required a little more tact.
  13. Jay had no idea what the Chinese was talking about. Had to be some of that Chinese myth, that an Englishman could not comprehend. So he simply ignored it and only took note that she was no whore and precious to Crabbe. "I'll remember that." Jay had no intentions of whoring anyway because Miss Addy had taken his heart in a storm. Why would he want to sleep with anyone else? "I'm not married but my heart is taken anyway." "Drinks sound good right about now. I need one." After that weird little interaction up there. He pushed the chair out and sat down next to Crabbe, who had poured them drinks. "So, I've met two of your associates...any more working with you?" He was wondering what the Chinese man's position in the whole 'company' was. Then he reached for his glass but waited for the others to join him. Briefly he sniffed it and was content because it smelled like the good Tennesse kind, which had been stored in Oak barrels for a while.
  14. Jack

    Relief Effort

    Jay held out his hands and feet to the fire to warm them while Weedy asked him a question, that made him freeze...what did he do...gunslinger. It was almost like the boy had heard it somewhere and was now testing him. "Er no. I'm a blacksmith by trade. You know what a black smith does? I heat up iron and hammer it into form. I make nails and horse shoes, door knobs, bridles for horses...these kind of things. I repair a lot of stuff, too." That had been a long time ago, though. Of course he was a gun slinger. Worse actually. He was a bank robber. But he couldn't tell Weedy. --- The shop clerk gave her a worried look and placed his hand on the clothes without moving. "One of the survivors from Whitefish? And he was shot? I don't recall hearing about anyone getting shot there. I mean there was a lot of talk about the storm and then a bunch of robbers coming through, setting fire to some homes. But I didn't know they shot anyone." He pushed his monocle a little closer. "How is he doing? We should send the doctor over." Truth was, that he found the story quite odd and was imagining all sorts of things...from the man being a criminal, to Addy spinning up some story because she was hiding a secret lover. But who would fall for a woman, who was this headstrong and rough? No man in his right mind. "That'll be 26 dollars." (OOC: I actually googled that...so expensive compared to the wage of a carpenter being 1,50$ a day)
  15. Jack

    Tidings of Comfort

    The fondness.... Jay had hoped that she would understand right away what he meant. After the kiss they shared it should be easy. But either she didn't want to see it or wasn't used to the attention. How could Jay explain, that he would have to stop something, that was so good, enriching and beautiful as a woman and man growing truly fond of each other. It was much more than some married folks could dream of, yet it was impossible. What if the law ever found him and figured out what he did. He'd have to run or hang, which would both be terrible for Addy. Feverishly he searched for ways to undo his past but it just was not possible. Jay had never killed anyone out of cold blood. Only shot back to defend himself. Then again...he had been the one stealing. In England you might go to prison for that, out here, they'll kill you. His face had grown stoney as he was thinking about it but he snapped out of it when Weedy saw the tree and his eyes grew big. One had to smile about that. "T'was Miss Addys idea. She really likes you so she wanted you to have a beautiful Christmas." He gave Addy a knowing look. Jay would not speak about the letter. "We'll also have some good food. I shot..we shot a deer." That was his cue to go outside and work on it some more. It would give him time to think, too. Later on he came back inside and brought in potatoes and pickled carrots, that had been stored. "There you go. I know how to prepare them if you let me. It's an English recipe, if you have spices."

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