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  1. "A nurse ye be, huh? Well, there's an interestin' job I bet. Me sis would faint at the sight of blood, she would never have become a nurse. Well, I wish ya best of luck then. I know the town has itself a couple of doctors. One's old an' one ain't." "Well it isn't for the faint of heart, but I manage alright. I imagine you've seen your fair share of innards and gore, if you've been living off the land." she told him. "...and thank you. For the well-wishing." She couldn't quite tell how much time had passed, but it was enough that Aoife could have imagined waking back to the caravan by now. Not that it'd still be there of course. At any rate, she at least had someone to direct her now. "We're almost there." he told her, and Aoife allowed the tension in her trunk-carrying arm to loosen a little. "No, not very good. I'm better if my target sits still and let's me get up nice n' close but I can't hit a movin' target to save me life. If the Indians come after me, I'm gonna have ta ask 'em to stand still so I can aim. I did hit a rabbit the other day though, he was quite tasty too. Me lucky day, him not so much." he quipped. "Why, that's impressive enough on it's own." she said encouragingly. "I've never shot anything. Heck, no Leane ever has. Not for lack of fighting though. Da sure knew how to punch a feller. I suppose it requires a bit less thinking." @Wayfarer
  2. “Oh, my dear young lady, all that way … alone?! Oh, dear, dear me, you must be quite worn out! Oh, and the danger, with all those redskins about and on the warpath!” declared Mrs. Wigfall, waving her hands in the air. "Now, let’s get you inside and off those feet with a nice cup of cocoa and get you settled in a nice comfy room! Jemima! Help the young lady with her luggage, and you! Get inside and out of the way! We women have business to conduct!” In the space of a few short moments, an entire 180 degree turn had been performed, almost entirely absent of Aoife's personal input. Mrs Wigfall did seem more archetypal of a boarding house matron, however, and the young woman was inclined to go along with things, so long as they maintained their present course. “What do you want me to take?” asked the girl at Aoife's side, already having relocated herself over her belongings. "I can manage." Aoife said with what politeness she could muster, for what seemed like the hundredth time today. She picked up the trunk and ambled through the doorway, giving Hector a cursory nod as she went. "So, what's your name?" "I'm Aoife. And you?" she asked, though more customarily than by way of true curiosity. @Javia
  3. “Jemima, like in the bible. Jemima Wigfall. ‘Cept Wigfall ain’t in the bible. Least not the bits I read. Bet you’ve read it all ain’t ya?” "That I have, Jemima Wigfall." Thomas said, matching her stare. The intensity of her look was palpable, as though she was searching for any gratification from his words, but still he maintained his gaze. With the afternoon sun in the sky, it could have been a duel; ready for either side to draw and put the other down. "Though as Paul's epistle Titus tells us, I would advise you to speak evil of no one, and to show courtesy toward all people. For we all were once foolish, and led astray, until the kindness of the Lord our savior appeared." With that, his expression softened somewhat, and he relaxed his posture, allowing an air of geniality to resume. "Good to meet you, Jemima. My name is Thomas. Reverend, Father, Brother, Pastor, whichever you prefer." @Javia
  4. "Good day, Reverend. I hope we did not catch you at an inconvenient time? I am Clara Redmond, daughter of Aurelian Redmond. We are regular attendees at Sunday services. And this is Jacob Lutz, he too is a member of the congregation." “Er, that’s right, Sir! We were wondering if you would marry us… we want to get wed.” Well, wasn't this a surprise? A matrimonial union! It had certainly been a while since he'd conducted one, but such a joyous occasion would be good for the town. At such a young age, he could only assume it was one of love, which was the best kind of marriage. Unless, of course... "Why, I can't say why I shouldn't." Thomas said, beaming. "I'd invite you in to discuss matters but, well, I'm afraid it's a little pokey in there. The church should be empty this time of day, if you'd like somewhere to sit?" he offered. "I could fix something to drink? Tea perhaps?" Marriage was an elaborate and mostly-quite-subjective affair, dependent on the intentions of the couple - and at this age - their guardians. Deciding what exactly they wanted to happen could take all day, though of course, he'd probably need to visit the parents Lutz & Redmond at some stage. @Javia@Wayfarer
  5. "I certainly could use help, I have a woman who cleans and does some cooking, but she isn't happy tending to patients, particularly the males." "Well I can certainly manage that, yes." Aofie said, with just a hint of enthusiasm breaking through her tone. Tending to patients aligned far better with her interests than cooking and cleaning ever had, and all the better if there was a maid to take care of that unpleasantness for the most part. "The hours might be unpredictable, if I need someone over night for a patient." "That I can manage, too." she chimed. Ironically, most of her work in Milford had been at night - street fights and brawls tending to take place more frequently after dark, and as for her own endurance... well, she was inured enough against the soporific by way of experience. "What sort of compensation were you looking for? I'll warn you, I'm often paid in eggs, chickens, milk, baked goods... Mrs. Coyne offered Dorcas and her twin, Melvina, but I was compelled to turn that down! And puppies and kittens, too, this would be a zoo if the good people of Kalispell had their way!" At this, Aoife's enthusiasm wavered a bit. If she was to stay in the boarding house for any length of time she would indeed need money, even if she would not want for any foodstuffs. "Well, I suppose it'll have to do." she decided after a moment's silence. Perhaps she could negotiate a reduced rate with Mrs. Wigfall, in exchange for some of the more material payments. @Bongo
  6. "All in all, you've found yourself in a town that may look calm on the surface but there's a lot of underlying tension." "That I certainly have," Thomas accorded. "and I thank you for your introduction to the town. Your wisdom'll see plenty of use out in the field, I'm sure." There was plenty of room for thought here. Whitefish burning down was probably a contentious subject, especially so recently in the public memory. Perhaps those that leaned more by the way of Thornton affairs would be less sympathetic, and vice versa. Then there was Elias, Case, and Leah; well-to-do personalities, well-established in the town. All likely commanding a degree of respect. "Well." Thomas declared, sitting upwards in his chair. "I wonder what Arabella has gotten up to. I do hope I haven't complicated anything by bringing her along. Your wife seemed... er... unenthusiastic about her presence." @Javia@JulieS
  7. "Mostly 'cept for the outplayin' part. Not quite sure what that means?" "Oh, sorry. Sort of like, beating. With both wits and fists, y'know?" she offered, feeling ashamed at becoming overly verbose once again. She almost added 'like Ali Baba' but stopped herself, not wanting to complicate the matter any further. "To be honest, I haven't had any real competition out here. Oh there is one mine shaft I found but it was already abandoned. Course they claim that the best place ta find gold is on Indian reservation land though the government is gonna move 'em off that. You think we Irish have it hard... be an Indian... feel bad fer 'em but that said, gotta be careful as the Indians have been raiding and killin' folks all over the territory or so I heard." "I saw a few of them." she told Robert matter-of-factly. "On the caravan headed west. The trailblazers said they like taking convoys, what with being filled by fresh folk with their livelihoods." "What about you? You have somebody you know in Kalispell? Or fixin' ta stay?" "Oh well I left my folks back in Missoula. I heard there was work down in Kalispell, what with a hospital opening up." she paused for a moment, before adding; "I was a nurse. In Milford." It seemed impressive, even to her, but it felt as though all she'd been doing for the past decade was putting ice on bruised egos. Maybe out in Kalispell there'd be more opportunity for real work. As they rose in altitude, climbing upward to Robert's refuge, Aoife began to feel a little more relaxed. The nature around them was pretty, and little squirrels scurried around the boughs of trees as they passed. "How good are you with that iron then?" she asked, indicating the rifle at his shoulder. "Ever shot a rabbit?" @Wayfarer
  8. Thomas had spent the past hour or so surrounded by the sulfuric smell of gun oil, his shotgun lying disassembled on a little wooden bench behind him. Though he had no need for self-defense or hunting these days, a prudent regimen of care was good for the soul, and of course, good for the equipment. His newly-constructed abode, for it's part, served the purpose well; pot-belly stove, cot, and bench being all the spartan requirements he needed. Having a room to himself was good, for more than a few reasons. The few nights spent in the saloon with Arabella as a primary source of company had been a little trying, to say the least, and with Mr. Ryker's kind offer of help, producing a structure that was both comfortable and convenient had been fairly simple. Planks of wood were certainly more homely than the open forest and musky smell of horse. He whistled a little song as he worked, tune to The Unquiet Grave punctuating the scratching of a ramrod against metal, and so engrossed was the priest in his task that he hardly noticed the silhouetted figures through the curtained window until there was an all-too familiar knock at the door. That Arabella had turned out to be quite the reverent saloon girl, spending enough time playing that harmonium that she'd up and established a secret code for her comings and goings. “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God” came the whisper at the door, and Thomas set down the bore of the weapon with a sigh, before sweeping it's deconstructed pieces to the side. Martin Luther's retelling of Psalm 46 was a bizarre choice, but arguing with Arabella would no doubt have been a pointless affair. He stood and crossed to the door, mumbling a 'come forward' to indulge her, before opening it to not one, but three teenagers. "Hello Arabella. Who've you brought with you?" he asked, as he gave a welcoming smile to the other two, though already he was wondering what antics the rest of the afternoon held in store. @Javia@Wayfarer
  9. “’S' a book one of my employers has. Daynt. It’s called the something comedy, but none of them folks in Hell was laughing." the girl proclaimed elusively. "But that stuff's all in the bible too, isn't it?" "Well, something similar, perhaps." Thomas started to explain, though there was the feeling that he might be disappointing her in doing so. "Plenty of people have tried to interpret the holy book's words, but we can't say for certain that any man-made depiction is accurate." He paused for a moment, watching her with an expression of mild concern. The cigarette in his hand had burned down quite far by now, and the heat at it's end was becoming uncomfortable. "This all isn't anything you should have to concern yourself with, though." he said, attempting to lighten the mood. "Er... what's your name, lass? I don't think I've seen you around before." @Javia
  10. “Young lady, young lady! What is all this? Are you looking for bed and board? Why my dear, you look exhausted! Did you just come in on the stage?” A voice to the side, and the sound of hurried footsteps presented two women; one fairly old, and another closer to Aoife's age. Her timing was impeccable, if indeed this was the ubiquitous Mrs. Wigfall, for her fussing was admittedly a preferable alternative to the boy's charged rambling. “Hector’s probably scared her away! Trying to be all charming!" Aoife glanced between the younger girl and the boy, immediately picking them out to be siblings. Ruthless teasing was quite the staple of any brother-sister relationship, as she well knew. Managing a friendly smile, she regarded the three in turn, ending on Mrs. Wigfall, who seemed to carry the most authority. "I, ah, well, I walked. From the pass up that way." she said, indicating the forest in the distance. "Do you have any available rooms?" she repeated her question from earlier, hoping for a more straightforward answer. @Javia
  11. "The town is friendly enough though I did have me some trouble with the blacksmith's apprentice for a bit when I first arrived. We settled it with fists. I won," claimed Robert, triumphantly. Aoife allowed his good humor to rub off on her, and shot back a quick smile. "But thing is, Aoife, the reason I be out here is this is where the gold is. Well, is hopefully supposed to be. Damned if I've found much of it. Just a few grains here and there, but no strike so far." "And that's what you've been doing then? Combing the hills and rivers for treasure, outplaying anyone who comes at you?" It sounded almost whimsical when she said it out loud, like a cross between Robinson Crusoe and Ali Baba from the Thousand and One Nights. Come to think of it, the American frontier was probably a breeding ground for folk heroes. Who could say that Robert might not be one of them? "You should be quite safe in town. The law is fair. If ye be religious there is a Catholic mission outside of town too but to be honest I never have been there yet. Have to admit to bein' not all that devout." "Oh aye?" she said idly. Admittedly, religion had not been at the forefront of her mind for some time either, but an old Conquistador or French mission could be interesting to see. Unless of course it was a dull, modern thing, of which she'd seen plenty back in the home country. @Wayfarer
  12. So there had been a death, a son too. Bad blood between families was bad for any town, even if it had occurred some decades past. Live by the sword, die by the sword, as Jesus once said. "People are wary of anything a Steelgrave does and I have to say that I am a little bit concerned as well. Leah seems to be genuine but not many people are totally convinced and think that her father is pulling the stings. It's that sort of thing the town is dealing with and sometimes it's hard to stay partial considering the Steelgrave reputation." "...and what do you think, pastor? Is Leah Steelgrave spearheading the family's agenda?" he asked. If visiting ranches was to be the majority of this work, then he'd certainly need to know who the 'top dog' was out on the range. Typically, the most powerful families were also the most skittish, and would never react well to being spooked. @JulieS
  13. Aoife followed the doctor through the house, mostly keeping to herself, ensuring she didn't touch or set anything out of place. Fortunately for her agenda, the practice seemed large, and likely would have required a mammoth effort to maintain, at least for one man. Each exam room would pose a unique challenge, for the adaptation of domestic architecture to the more utilitarian nature of medicine would undoubtedly not be an easy one. Shelves, lampshades, unsealed floorboards, all requiring a great deal of care so as to ensure that no pesky accumulations would pose a threat to patient care. If there was one thing that medical minds of the past few decades had proved - it would be that germ theory would be the future of medicine, a future that Aoife intended to be a part of. The kitchen, fortunately, seemed to be just that; a kitchen, and Aoife followed Doctor Danforth's motion, lowering herself into a seat at the end of the table while he busied himself with a pair of cups. "I must say, it's a treat to have a visitor who isn't here with a medical complaint. What can I help you with, Miss Leane?" Asked the doctor, as he brought the steaming mugs to the table. Aoife graciously accepted her drink with a 'Thank you', pulling it in towards herself and warming her hands upon it's surface. "Well." she began. "In all honestly, I am here to offer my help, should you require it. The thing is, see doctor, I've worked a few years in your field, that is; the field of medicine, nursing, of course, and would consider it a great opportunity to continue that work." She paused, glancing down at her drink and giving it a tentative sip. It was a good temperature, not too hot at all, and the leaves were strong on her throat. "I have a letter, here." she continued, pulling a small slip of paper from the hem of her skirt (curse how few pockets women's clothes had), and offering it to him across the table. "It's from the physician, in Milford, where I used to help. So y'know, you can check I'm not lying about all this." @Bongo
  14. Only standing marginally taller than herself, the boy (doorman?) seemed quite unbecome. It would have almost been funny, if not for the fact that Aoife really just wanted to shut herself away and rest. “Do we have any rooms? Do we?” He began to ramble, though through the babbling and bubbling, Aoife was able to discern that there was, in fact; a room available. Probably. Something struck her as odd about the whole situation, for she'd never heard of any boarding house that would open with the line; 'do we have any rooms?' "Come in, I’ll get your … oh! I’m all alone! I mean, is it all right? Don’t beautiful young ladies always need chaperones when they’re alone with a boy, er, MAN!? I mean, not that you need a chaperone with me, I’m totally harmless! I mean, not harmless, GOD! No, not HARMLESS! Oh, ‘scuse my French, but, well, you know!” Aoife said nothing, watching the boy with critical eyes. His grin and general sense of overbearing energy was tiresome, and tiresome was not an accolade she wanted attached to her evening. "Never mind." she mumbled, gripping her trunk firmly and stepping down from the porch. Perhaps there would be somewhere else to stay, or perhaps she could wait until there was a less oppressive presence here. @Javia
  15. A figure broke off from the throng and made her way over, though it seemed as though she was wandering blind until she was hardly a few feet from himself. She raised her face to his and Thomas immediately picked out the features of that brooding girl, contorted into an expression that... surely couldn't be delight? “They’re going to Hell, aren’t they? I’ve seen pictures in a book. Sinners get stripped naked and burned and frozen and stabbed and tortured by demons, don’t they? That will happen to them, won’t it?” She spoke quickly, ecstatically, with an enthusiasm that gave Thomas pause. He was no stranger to the bloodthirsty or sadistic, but to come from such an unassuming young woman, it was jarring. The reference to a book too, prompted a raise of the eyebrow. Most religious texts had little, if no imagery, and it may well be that she was getting her ideas from some other, less authoritative source. One of such symbolism too, seemed reminiscent of Paradise Lost, or perhaps the Inferno. "...Should they have unforgiven sins, should they have closed out the Lord, then yes, lass, they will suffer a punishment." he told her, slowly. "A punishment suitable for their trespasses. In which book did you see such things?" @Javia

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