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    The Odd Couple

    "Might have to strip you off and give you a bath mind! Phew, are you ripe!" She said and frowned, her nose wrinkling. Virgil snorted, “Be glad your nose still works at all, I heard things don’t work right anymore after someone’s older than dirt.”He had to say something back, but when her back was turned, he looked down at himself and had to admit he looked rough, and to be fair, probably smelled it too. It wouldn’t hurt to get cleaned up a bit, he supposed. They rode most of the way in silence until they came to a large farmstead and Nellie said, "Having second thoughts about becoming the next Mr. Miggins?" “Wouldn’t that be you bein’ missus Adams?” But he knew what she meant. It was a nice spread. He took a moment to take it all in. “I think there’re too many fences. The land is better when it ain’t fenced off.” He said, then shrugged as if to say ‘I don’t like to be fenced in,’ and he jumped down. “You take care of this place by yourself?” he asked. @Javia
  2. Nox

    The Odd Couple

    Virgil narrowed his eyes at the old woman as she tried to throw the mess back on him. He was working up a good head of steam to shoot back at her, but that all died away when she ranted about wanting to be ravished. What had he gotten himself into? He just knew he was face to face with an elderly sex-fiend. Her crack about being married to some galoot came back to him; she’d probably left a trail of a dozen husbands who ended up on the wrong side of the dirt after marrying her. Those poor men, Virgil thought as his face went pale. Living on his own in the woods, Virgil hadn’t given his appearance or his clothes much thought; he was suddenly too conscious of his shirt, worn and thin and missing a few buttons down the front. Still keeping the gun away from her grasp, Virgil’s free hand closed the front of his shirt and kept it closed in case the sex-fiend started having ideas. “I didn’t do nothing to that tree but I’ll help you get this buggy around it, for a ride into town. But,” he added narrowing his eyes at her, “you gotta keep your hands to yourself. I ain’t gonna be one of your husbands; you got that?” @Javia
  3. Nox

    The Odd Couple

    Virgil’s eyes went wide when the dark holes of the shotgun barrel was suddenly pointed at him. The old woman’s hair-trigger finger lit a fire in him and he dove for cover under the cart. He heard her shuffling this way and that as she cursed a blue streak looking for him. “…egg-sucking hound dog… slippery little bastard…” He scrambled under the trap and in a move that owed everything to the litheness of youth, he vaulted up to the seat beside her and snatched the gun from her hands. To be fair, she’d gotten that part right, he was a slippery little bastard. “What in tarnation do you think you’re doing, you crazy old bat?” he yelled. He held the gun by the barrel, and stretched out his arm, keeping it out of her reach. “You ain’t got no call to point that cannon at me, ya old coot!” @Javia
  4. Nox

    The Odd Couple

    “You sure you wanna do that,” Virgil warned from behind the little cart. Ironically, he hadn’t meant to sneak up on the old woman, after living a few years out in the woods, hunting daily, he moved quietly without thinking about it now. “You’ll end up with a passel more problems than just a tree in the road.” No one who truly lived off the land was fat, it took too much work, but it was late July and Virgil had filled up from his scrawny, half-starved look of winter. Scruffy and unwashed, he warily watched the old woman; she wouldn’t have been the first person to greet him with buckshot and he was set to duck behind her cart, just in case. @Javia

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