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  1. Mature Content: No With: Sarah Thornton-Carlton, Matt Wentworth, and maybe Elinor Steelgrave + anybody else who wants to join in. Location: Belle-St. Regis Hotel When: September 1875 Time of Day: Evening As Sarah approached the front desk of the hotel, she wondered if she had made her exit too quickly. At first, she had gotten the impression that the meeting between Elinor and her daughter was not going to be pleasant but now she had her doubts. When she got to the desk, she noticed that no-one was around. She spun around to see if there was anybody who looked like a desk clerk in the lobby. There was only a young couple standing talking near the door. Most of the people in the hotel were congregated in the dining room. For a moment, she contemplated going back there to see if anybody could help but instead she opted to ring the bell.
  2. Mature Content: No With: Matt Wentworth, Open Thread Location: Belle St. Regis When: Sept. 10, 1875 Time of Day: Mid-Morning Hannah stepped out of the courthouse into the bright sunshine of mid-morning. She had chosen the door that directly accessed the street rather than make her way through the municipal building itself. Since Ian Blevins had confessed to the beating and killing his wife for no reason other than the fact that he was a brute, the proceedings had been short. Hannah had not even had to testify. She had not been prepared for the man's sudden plea of guilty since he had maintained his innocence right up to the moment he was escorted from the jail to the courthouse. Judge Oliver Wendell had sentenced the man to hard labor in the Montana Territorial Prison for the rest of his life. It had been satisfying to see the Judge was just as disgusted by the man's actions as she was. Hannah hoped this would allow poor Molly Blevins to rest in peace. More importantly, Hannah hoped their three young children would come out of it none the worse for living with such violence. They had already been adopted by a kindly couple with a small far just outside of town. They had not been in the courtroom. Nervously, Hannah raised a hand to touch her small, dainty hat to make sure the pins were still secure. It would be terribly embarrassing if the wind caused it to fly off her head. She then smoothed her gray skirts and briefly admired the touch of cream colored lace at her cuffs. Thanks to the many changes occurring in Kalispell and in her life, Hannah had taken to wearing dresses part of the time, especially when representing the Kalispell Town Marshal's Office in the courtroom. With her father, former Town Marshal, Scott Cory, considering running for mayor, she needed to also represent him to the people of Kalispell. While on active duty, Hannah still wore trousers and a practical shirt and vest. Having to break up brawls at the saloon was not a time to worry about getting ones skirts soiled or torn. However, when manning the office and doing routine administrative chores, she had taken to wearing a practical split riding skirt, low heeled boots and a decent blouse. Even with all of that, she was still nervous and self-conscious when clad in a gown and heels, even if they were low ones. Hannah had the rest of the day off. It was her reward for tracking Blevins down and seeing the case through to trial. She had investigated it thoroughly. Even had he not made an eleventh-hour confession, Hannah had handed the prosecutor with an airtight case. Honestly, she enjoyed the investigation, gathering of evidence, and interviewing witnesses more than than anything in her job. Anyone could break up a barroom brawl. Not many people could investigate a crime and get to the facts. It was surprising how much people would say to a genteel young woman that sipped tea and led conversations along paths that got to the facts of the matter at hand. She could still break up fights and handle a gun as well as most men. Hannah was just finding that she enjoyed learning another aspect of law enforcement. There were a few people on the street. Hannah nodded at an acquaintance or two and smiled as they realized who she was and stared with wide eyes. She was not sure if their reaction was positive or negative, just that it was a reaction and it felt good! Her steps had led her to the other side of the town square and toward the imposing edifice of the Belle-St. Regis Hotel. She had been inside a time or two to roust a drunk guest out that was disturbing other clientele. For several long moments, she stood and stared at the entrance, considering her options. The dining room would be open for lunch. It might be questionable for a young unmarried woman to dine alone but Hannah felt she had earned the right to a pleasant and somewhat leisurely lunch. Hannah took a deep breath, pushed the doors open, and stepped inside... Tags @Players
  3. With: Mike, Sam and Charlie Wentworth Location: Belle-St Regis Hotel When: Friday 10 September 1875 Time of Day: Mid-Afternoon After gazing up and down the street, Matt settled back down in the chair he had been occupying on and off for most of the day. There was still no sign of them, and he wondered if Mike had under-estimated their time of arrival. Pulling out his pocket watch, he noted that it getting towards the time he would have to be checking on tonight's menu for the restaurant. Friday and Saturday nights were proving to be busiest times and he wanted to make everything was up to standard. Even though he trusted his staff, he just felt better knowing that things were taken care of. In business, he had always had a hands-on approach. When Mike had sent word of his, Sam's and Charlie impending arrival, Matt had been initially angry. Having his brothers around would make things a bit more difficult in his other line of work. He would have to make sure he warned his brothers to steer well clear of the Steelgraves, especially Leah, and anyone who worked for them. Thinking over his initial reaction to the news that all three brothers were headed to Kalispell, Matt smiled. In the end it didn't really surprise him that Charlie had followed them instead caving into their father's wishes. After Mike had make the break, he knew it would only be a matter of time before Sam and Charlie did so too. Charlie just did it earlier than he expected him to do. If Matt was to be perfectly honest with himself, then he was glad that his brothers were coming. It would be the first time in years that all four of them would be together in the one place. Hopefully, they would all be able to find jobs nearby so he could see them on a regular basis. He suddenly remembered that Shade Thornton was looking for some help over at the Lost Lake Ranch. Maybe it would be worthwhile sending them over to find out after they had rested a bit. The noise of the hotel's front door opening pulled him out his thoughts. It was one guests, who sat down in the one of the other chairs out front. Seeing this an opportunity to do something while he waited for brothers, he began to engage the man in a conversation.

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Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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