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Found 5 results

  1. Mature Content: Only in words not actions With: Clara, Jacob and Lorena Lutz, Granny Miggins Location: Miggins Farm When: Early June, 1876 Time of Day: Mid afternoon When her father had suddenly informed her that if she wanted to see Jacob more often, he would agree but those times needed to be chaperoned. Clara was stunned and not happy about it, least at first. But then she thought she would at least be able to see and talk with Jacob more often. But the lack of privacy....well, lest she get too upset, she had to admit her father and Lenora Lutz had legitimate reasons to for this decision. Thing is it was too late! They had shut the barn door after all the horses were out of the barn! But she could hardly protest that to her father so she meekly agreed to the new conditions. Now this afternoon, the girl was going to visit the Miggins place for the very first time. She was of course delighted to see Jacob, but this also meant she would be formally introduced to Jacob's older sister and far far scarier, none other than Granny Miggins who had a town wide reputation as .........anyhow might be charitable to just say 'formidable'. Aurelian had driven her there in the family wagon but informed the girl he was not even going to get off the vehicle but instead ride off and pick her up four hours from now. He told her to tell the Lutzs and Miggins that he was really busy and needed to get to town. He confided in his daughter though that the real reason was he wanted nothing to do with Granny! Clara understood. Honestly she felt the same way but this was going to be unavoidable in her case. Hopefully Jacob would protect her. Dressed in a clean sober colored brown dress with shoes cleaned and wearing a head covering as polite society expected, the girl then approached the front door of the place and knocked.
  2. Mature Content: No With: Lenora Lutz, Aurelian Redmond Location: Lick Skillet Diner When: June 1876 Time of Day: Just past 11:00 AM Aurelian had to go into town that day to bring in some bridles and reins to be repaired, the blacksmith did such things too and better than he himself could plus took barter for payment. He would pay him in produce. After dropping off the items at the smithy, he then proceeded to the Lick Skillet for the lunch appointment with Miss Lutz. Clara was not working that day not that it mattered. He was there to discuss farming matters with the woman. He was just grateful it didn't have to be Granny Miggins. Emeline had to wait on customers besides prepare the food in the kitchen but she was prompt and efficient even as Clara always proclaimed the woman to be. He ordered a bowl of stew and a coffee, this place made better coffee than back at home. Then he sat back to await the woman's arrival, he was perhaps a bit early.
  3. Mature Content: Unlikely With: Caroline Mundee, Arabella Mudd Location: Star Dust Saloon When: May 1876 Time of Day: Night Caroline was ready for bed, it was actually early morning but that was pretty much her usual bedtime given she worked late hours given the nature of her job - singer, dancer, saloon girl. It was a life she was used to and you would never catch her complaining about it. However that did not mean it was an easy job because it wasn't. The smoke curling about the ceilings, the loud constant conversations among the customers, almost all of them men. Gambling, drinking heavily, it made for risky situations at times. Or some man would decide to try and paw her or worse. Plus many if not most of the men were armed, not a good combination when combined with liquor. So far there had been nothing serious here at the Star Dust though she was still comparatively new to the place if not to the career. She liked her employer, a woman who often seemed stern but also struck her as fair. The bartender/bouncer was a tough looking sort though quite a softie on the inside. That said she got an eye witness view of one time when a surly cowboy tried to test the man. He regretted it. The cook, a negro woman, was as competent a cook as she was good natured. That left the young scrub girl who also doubled as the piano player. They had not hit it off to put it mildly, the girl hated her. Caroline took solace in that it had not been her doing, the girl was jealous and willful. However, Caroline understood and tried not to take it personal. The child really was a good piano player, which made it easier for her to sing and dance her numbers. Slowly though it seemed things were getting....tolerable between them. Tonight now she hoped she could surprise Arabella and perhaps the girl would put aside the hostility. That and Caroline felt Arabella deserved this too. More than simply felt, she had argued for it. And, at last, got her way. The young woman had a knack for getting her way but it sometimes took real effort, this had been one of those. Caroline had kept her bedroom door open as she removed her shoes and stockings, waiting for the girl to walk by in the hall on the way to her own room. She didn't have long to wait. "Oh, there you are. Can you come in once, hon? I got somethin' ta tell ya. It won't take long, I know we're both tired," she addressed Arabella.
  4. Next Day (Following Just the Two of Us thread) Morning Clara was in such a good mood as she swept whatever little dirt she had found out the front door of their cabin. The weather was bright and sunny, warm, even warmer than usual but nothing wrong with that. Her father had departed a some time ago and reminded her he would probably not be home until evening as he and Mr. Coltrane were determined to make some real progress on those stubborn stumps. She did not envy him the hard work that took to pry the stumps with their deep root systems out of unyielding ground. She had a point of stressing he should take his time and not worry about the farm, she would take care of everything necessary. She had indeed already milked the cow and feed and watered the horses and chickens. As for her little brother, Wyatt was off at school, the boy had made a new friend with some orphan lad at the dance and it seemed to have improved his mood about school then too. Not that Wyatt would ever be a diligent student, he just did not have the interest. But anyhow, all that aside Clara was in such an upbeat mood because Jacob Lutz was coming to visit her in response to her invitation the day before. Yes, she realized that proper decorum stated a young lady should not have a young man in her company without an escort. But that was in civilization, back East, this was the frontier and things were different (or so she rationalized). Perhaps one of the biggest reasons the girl was spending so much time sweeping by the front doorstep was because she was watching for HIS imminent arrival.
  5. Mature Content: No With: Clara Redmond, Jacob Lutz, anyone in the diner Location: Lick Skillet When: May/1876 Time of Day: Late morning Since the barn dance, and what a heady evening that had been, things had settled back down to normal again in Clara's world. Farm chores took up much of her time around home plus she tried to put in as many hours as she could at the town diner. She loved working for Emeline, from the very beginning they had hit it off so well. But one thing was proving to be an irritant for the young lady. She barely got to see much less talk with the young farm boy who had so impressed her at the dance. Why she even found herself thinking about him even as she did laundry or worked the vegetable patch. They had, afterall, agreed to see each other again, as in spend time with each other. Oh, Jacob was at church services on Sundays with his grandmother even as Clara sat in a different pew flanked on one side by her father and the other, Wyatt. But that at best allowed them passing nods or simple hellos. To be sure, Clara did not much like Granny Miggins (well that would just be another name on what would be a huge list should she ever choose to make one) and imagined the woman did not like her either. On occasion, Jacob stopped into the Lick Skillet to order a slice of pie and a cup of coffee. Clara made a point of course to wait on him but even then their conversation was quite limited, at least compared to what Clara desired. And his time there too short. Still, it was better than nothing she supposed. But on this particular day, when her eye caught the diner front door opening and gangly farm boy enter and head for the same table he always went to, she was especially excited to see him. For she had excellent news, least she thought it was, to tell him. She had just set down two cups and saucers before two older women and bade them enjoy their tea so that meant she could deal with the next customer. Jacob! She needed to remain cool and collected though and first turned toward Emeline who was taking payment from another customer for his lunch, "Oh, I got this one." Then it was off to march straight up to Jacob who was now comfortably seated and gazing up at the chalkboard menu on the wall. Naturally enough he spotted her arrival though. Clara actually smiled(!) as she greeted him. "Good day, Jacob. What will you be having on this fine day?" In reality it was gloomy and drizzling outside, given the socked in cloud cover probably would be like that all day too. But for Clara, that was NOT why the day was fine!

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