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  1. Oleander is a recent addition to Montana, and who knows how long she's going to stay. Would love to plot and post with anyone who's interested, and I'm excited to see what you and your characters may bring to the table! Key points to Ms. Wilkes below. Oleander is on the run after killing her husband. Her husband's family has sent a private investigator after her, though Oleander doesn't know this. (Yet! Maybe you are the investigator! Or maybe you have a bounty hunter around who has heard of this wandering widow and the price on her head? Most likely an ongoing plot device, but maybe they had an interaction without either of them realizing it? Maybe the bounty hunter did? Who knows!) She's spent many a night in barns and basements in exchange for menial work. She'll keep her head down and do what you tell her. Was it a nice night, or not-so-nice night, that's up to perspective. (Maybe that was one of your characters! Did they have a good time? What would you like!) Eventually Oleander might leave that life behind, and who knows for what...Maybe your there's some persuading to be done!
  2. Four brothers living and working in Kalispell and the surrounding area. They are in order from eldest to youngest... Matt Wentworth - owner of the Belle-St Regis Hotel. He also works for the Secret Service (which no-one including his family knows about). His mission is to gather evidence against the Steelgraves to bring them to justice which is a difficult task. Mike Wentworth - Day Foreman at Lost Lake Ranch. Sam Wentworth - Ranch hand at Lost Lake Ranch. Charlie Wentworth - trainee ranch hand at Lost Lake Ranch. Works mainly around the main house and outbuildings e.g. barn at this point in time. The brothers are expecting a visit from their father, Charles Wentworth Sr. (a mover and shaker in Washington D.C.) sometime in the spring of 1876. Wentworth Sr. will be trying to get Charlie to come back and finish college. Three of the Wentworths work for Shade Thornton, so they are now aligned with him, especially where the Steelgraves are concerned. This connection will become even tighter in a plot where Matt Wentworth will end up marrying Sarah Thornton-Carleton, Shade's cousin. If you have a character that ends up working at Lost Lake Ranch, you will be interacting with at least two or three brothers. Anybody staying at the hotel will interact with Matt. There is a lot of scope for stories using one or more of the brothers. Just let me know if you are interested in having any of them join your plot.
  3. Thirteen years ago (1862), at the age of seventeen, Shade Thornton killed Calvin Steelgrave in Missoula Mills, Montana. It was a clean shooting. Calvin was drawing on Shade's future sister-in-law, Regina Cantrell. Shade was never charged and cleared of wrongdoing in the matter. However, the combination of a longstanding feud between the Thorntons and Steelgraves plus a very stern and intolerant father who saw it as Shade bringing more trouble to the family ended with Shade being sent packing. Although Shade has not committed any criminal acts since his stint with an outfit known as Cutler's Raiders (right after the war), he has gotten into a variety of trouble, usually because of trying to help or just being the new guy in a town with a reputation. The most recent major incident was being framed for murder while he was working in Wyoming. He got his name cleared. However, word did not get out to all cities and towns. Those wanted posters still show up when he least expects it. Shade now finds himself in charge of his family's ranch, Lost Lake Ranch, and as a guardian to his orphaned five-year-old niece and nephew (fraternal twins). Right from the start, there was trouble. John Caleb Thornton's lawyer sued to make the Thornton twins wards of the state with him in charge of their inheritance. The man currently works for the Steelgraves and it was only due to having a fair judge and the brilliant legal expertise of Harriet Mercer that this ploy failed. However, since Shade's past was...well...shady and the twins' other uncle wasn't much better, the judge mandated certain things. One big thing is that the ranch and family businesses must continue making a profit. So far, they are doing good on that score, but things could change. Shade is determined that his niece and nephew are protected and that their legacy is kept safe for their future. History Shade has met Katherine Bowen, Kalispell's new school teacher and he is falling hard and fast for her. This may well entangle him in other plots 😉 It is likely the Steelgraves have not forgotten about Calvin. However, out murder is not an option. Cutler's Raiders: When the Texas Rangers arrested Shade, they were able to turn him. He led them to the Raiders' hideout. Randall Cutler, the eldest brother and gang leader was later tried and hanged. However, his two brothers and some of the gang members escaped. Texas Rangers: Shade was never a Texas Ranger but he had an aptitude for getting inside outlaw gangs and picking up information. He became an undercover guy for them. This will likely bring even more trouble his way. Shade spent the five years before returning to Montana working a ranch in Laramie, Wyoming. During those years, he got into quite a few scrapes and more than one gunfight. Some of this history can turn up in Kalispell too. I am looking for some of Shade's past to turn up and bite him in the backside, making friends, frenemies, enemies, action and adventure.
  4. Harriet Mercer is that rare woman that has become successful in a profession long-held by only men. She established a very legal business in San Francisco at a time when it was thirsty for professionals in all lines of work. With a natural head for numbers and business, Harriet was able to bail out more than one well-to-do client whose own business was teetering on the edge. Her successes there brought her more clients along the west coast and, ultimately, all over the country as train travel became available. One of those clients was Chance Thornton. He had noticed discrepancies in some of the family's businesses, but could not track down what was happening. An acquaintance recommended H.G. Mercer and Associates to him. Upon meeting Harriet, Chance hired on the spot to make sure the Thornton family fortune was not taking more hits. She soon tracked some of the losses to less than honest managers and the family's attorney - who she discovered also worked for their arch-rivals, the Steelgraves. Her recommendation, fire them all. Chance followed her suggestion and also retained her as the family attorney. After the death of Chance, his wife, and two of their four children, Harriet made the decision to relocate to Kalispell, Montana permanently. She wanted to return to practicing law, plus she had a major role to play in seeing that Chance's children would not lose their inheritance. Harriet has since opened an office (shared with Dr. Jonah Danforth) and has started taking on clients. I would love to have Harriet involved in various plots with a legal angle or those that take her out of her comfort zone (click on the image to read her full bio). She does not have a plethora of friends, especially lady friends. There are also a couple of shadows in Harriet's background that I would like to get some plotting going in (will discuss via PM or private chat on Discord). Hit me up with any types of plots though! Harriet is game!

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Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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