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  1. COMPLETED 09/23/2019 Summary A massive killer Grizzly has taken up residence in and around Kalispell and Lost Lake Ranch. The story was inspired by the movie Night of the Grizzly, starring Clint Walker. This one is just for fun. The Old West version of a creature feature. Many years ago, a Canadian traveling circus went belly up in the Flathead Lake region of the Montana territory. One of their animals escaped. The escapee was a Kodiak bear (aka Alaskan Brown Bear, Kodiak Brown Bear). The bear had been made mean from years of abuse and had all but lost all fear of man. The one thing that remained was the bear's hatred of man. In the past, a massive Grizzly had been known to raid ranches and occasionally kill people. At some point, the bear had lost his left eye hence being given the name Old One-Eye. The bear appears to be more intelligent, crafty and cunning than other bears. However, some of this is legend and some is simply because he has had more exposure to humans. As fall approaches, One-Eye once again returns to the area. He is much older now and prefers easy prey. As more people are threatened or killed, it becomes necessary to try to find and eliminate the marauder. As strangers and locals vie for a hefty bounty, causing mayhem, the bear continues to impact people's lives. One-Eye's Stats (see Kodiak Bear on wikipedia) Weight: 1410 lbs. Height: 5' (at the shoulder), 9.8 ft. (upright) Age: 25 (estimate) Personality: One-Eye does not fear humans or human interaction like most bears. He also has an unnatural hatred of humans. He recognizes and is wary of guns, but only actually fears fire (he lost his eye to a human wielding a fiery torch). He is an animal. Therefore, he does not hunt for pleasure or kill for revenge although to many it seems that way. In captivity, he learned that humans were to be feared and hated but they also meant easy food. After escaping, he learned that ranches and farms usually offer easy pickings. Theme The marauding Kodiak is just one aspect of the story. As it unfolds, various characters should encounter and deal with their own personal bears. What obstacles does your character need to overcome, which of their goals parallels the hunting and killing of the bear? Additionally, various characters can encounter or be directly impacted by One-Eye's rampage.
  2. Synopsis Mayoral Elections in Kalispell. Possible way for the Steelgraves to get a tighter grip on the town with their own candidate. One thought is that Matt Wentworth as the hotel owner might be dragged into this which will hinder his other activities. Also opens up the possibility of new major characters for future participants. Characters Requested Everyone Anything Else All suggestions to which way this can go would be good. Don't know what the town's situation is like or if it is big enough to have a mayor but it is something to think about for a future plot.
  3. Good Day All, I know that we have several plot ideas up and I promise, we will get to using them as site-wide plots. However, in order to avoid a mega time-jump (which we will almost have to do for part of the winter months because in Montana, no one is going to be doing much during the winter)...I am suggesting the following... We set the time span to September - November for the next episode. We make it an open plot episode (i.e. multiple smaller plots instead of 1 overreaching theme). This way we can bring some of the Steelgrave plots to fruition and some of the ideas that JulieS has for the Wentworths and Miss Katherine. Also, any current plots that span several days / weeks, etc., can be split, moved, and continued. Discussion and feedback is welcome. However, hold additional plot ideas or post them separately. This thread is for discussing the next episode only. Thanks! @Members @Moderators @Players @Sr. Moderator
  4. Synopsis There is a murder (don't who and don't know why at the moment) Theme Could be a couple of episodes - finding the murderer and then a trial. Needs to be developed. Characters Requested Maybe everyone. Even if they are not suspects, it will still be the talk of the town. Anything Else This could possibly lead into a jury trial (lots more possibilities there)
  5. Summary A very large earthquake strikes southwest Montana along the Yellowstone border. It is felt as far away as Kalispell. Stories and plots will revolve around the the town before and after the quake. Theme The theme for this episode will be major life upheavals - good and bad. These can be specific to the aftermath of the earthquake itself or ongoing personal stories. Notes In 1959, a 7.5 - 7.8 earthquake struck Montana at Hebgen Lake so there is a history for large quakes in the area. Should we want the epicenter at a distance (Hebgen would be approximately 450 miles from Kalispell), we might need to upscale the quake on the scale. If we want to set it closer, perhaps with an epicenter around Flathead Lake, we would have to downscale the size. Earthquakes can and do occur in unusual areas, those not associated with seismic activity. For example, in 1811 - 1812, very large earthquakes struck the New Madrid area (near Memphis, Tennessee). The largest quake is estimated at around an 8.0. An large section of land dropped about three feet and the Mississippi River ran backward for a period of time to fill it in, creating Reelfoot Lake.

About Sagas

Sagas of the WIld West is a roleplaying game set in a fictionalized version of the town of Kalispell in Montana territory. Our stories begin in 1875 and are set against the backdrop of actual historical events.Sagas was inspired by the classic television and movie westerns. Our focus is on writing, storytelling and character development.

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