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Found 5 results

  1. Mature Content: no With: Jonah, Jack Location: Whitefish Union Bank When: October/ 1875 Time of Day: Afternoon Jonah hadn't had cause to come to Whitefish since settling in Kalispell, but then, when he'd come through, he hadn't expected that he was going to just stay anywhere in the area. But he had, and then the ladies, Harriet Mercer and Leah Steelegrave, had, at least for now, given him reason to stay, and to even make something of himself, so he had come to Whitefish to clear out the few things of value that he owned and had left there a few months prior for safe-keeping as he explored the territory. Now, with his rented horse tied to the post outside, he was standing in line at the bank, wishing he was paid in more than chickens, eggs and preserves, so that he had something to actually deposit in a bank besides an old pocket watch and a gold ring. Although it was mid-afternoon, the place wasn't overly busy, and Jonah was thinking about lunch when there was a soft but firm voice from behind him, near the door. "No one move, keep yer hands where I can see 'em." A few people were startled enough to turn, fortunately there was no immediate retaliation, for shooting would draw unwanted attention, but there was another command. "Everyone move to the left." There was some confusion and shuffling, 'left' meant different things to each person, depending on how they were facing, but eventually all the patrons were on one side of the room and Jonah had a chance to see the robber...robbers... There were three, masked, of course, and Jonah knew now that the derringer he carried wasn't going to be of use...yet. @Jack
  2. Mature Content: No. With: Elias Steelgrave, Case Steelgrave, Cole Latham Location: Evergreen Ranch, Whitefish When: September 14, 1875 Time of Day: Afternoon Santee rode through the night, not pushing his horse. The man in question was in Kalispell asking questions, that from what he had heard, did not implicate the Steelgraves. He would make the twenty-five or so miles in six to seven hours, the main house was a bit off the trail, but not far enough to make that much of a difference. Dawn would be breaking as he neared the main house. Santee figured that by the time he’d made this stop and then got to Whitefish and informed Case it would be close to noon, and hen food and rest before he went back to Kalispell. There was a sigh of relieve as Santee came upon the house and lights were burning, meaning that Elias was up, and that would be good for everyone concerned. He trotted into the yard and up to the hitch post, swinging down and tying off his reins before striding up to the door. He paused, then knocked. The door swung open and the Chinese stood there looking at him. Never had caught the servant’s name. “Here to see Mister Steelgrave.” The Chinaman nodded and scurried off, the door hanging open. “Well damn it! Show him in!” It was Ellias, loud and not happy. The Chinaman was there in an instant. “You come.” He said, leading Santee, hat in hand, into the parlor. “What the hell’s so damned important you bother a man at sun up?” Elias barked. “Sir, Miss Leah sent me to let you know that there’s a Pinkerton man in Kalispell asking questions, but not about you or the family.” Santee informed Elias, the words tumbling out quickly. Elias glared at him. “Well? Who the sam hell’s he asking about?” “Sir, a woman name’a, uh, name’a Dorthy, ah, Dorthy Parsons. Wanted in Texas ‘er some such. Miss Leah thought you should know.” “I’ll be go ta hell! She’s in Whitefish, was here earlier today and I sent her there. Damn. One Pinkerton you say?” Santee nodded as he said, “yep, just the one far as we know. Full’a bluster ‘n blow. “Names Asher, if that means anything.” “You get on to Whitefish. Get a new mount and get the lead out! You hear? Case will know what needs to be done.” End thread Continued in "Settlin' In"
  3. Mature Content: Add yes, no, or short info if needed (example: Yes, violence). With:NPCs in the thread. John Anderson, The Steelgrave Brothers, Location: Whitefish proper, Marshal's Office, Town Hall, etc. When: September 1875 Time of Day: Mid-morning, Word had reached Case that the boy, Billy Holcombe, had been attacked and half eaten. Bear paw prints were said to be all over the blood soaked ground. His horse never found. It shook Case, no man likes to think of being eaten. But, as with his sister, there was business to attend to. Whitefish and Steelgrave business, all but one in the same. He sat at his desk in the sheriff's office pondering what needed to get done, providing those necessary for the beginning of his fathers plan showed up as expected. He knew the plan, ever inch of it, and how easy some parts would be, and how deadly other parts could be. He had the en for the job either way. In a week those driving the cattle north would be back in town and could be deployed where they were needed. There was a rap on the door, followed by young Tyler Oats who blurted out; "Marshal, your brothers are at the Silver Dollar waitin'." Case smiled fished out a dime and tossed it to the boy as he rose from his desk. It was beginning. TBC
  4. With: Elias and Leah Steelgrave, NPCs Location: Evergreen Ranch, Whitefish, Montana When: August 1875 Time of Day: Morning Elias Steelgrave stood in his study staring at the large map of the area on the wall. It encompassed every square mile of the north-western part of the state. He was considering his next course of action to increase the size of the Evergreen ranch. He would first move on the northern sector and had already filed on thousands of acres up to and encompassing Whitefish and Whitefish Lake. And then, all the way to the Canadian border, where there would be little resistance, except possibly from the Indians, but then, Elias had friends in Washington The hardest part of the plan would be his push east, he would just pass the limits of Kalispell and the small ranchers thereabouts. Of course, there was a contingency plan for them. First, he'd offer to buy them out and if rebuffed, he'd burn them out. he knew that would be pushing the Steelgrave luck, but even that was not new. He would have to dispose of the doddering old fool of a Marshal in Kalispell, and even that would not be too difficult, and the deputy? Well, that just might take care of itself. And with his sons, all things were possible, especially Case, he had already started the wheels in motion. TBC
  5. With: Case Steelegrave, Toole, Robbins, Billy Holcombe Location: Hideout, Silver Dollar Saloon Whitefish When: 1875 Time of Day: Early Afternoon Case and Robbins rode into the hideout where most of the men were in the final stages of saddling up. Toole had ordered the men not out with the herd to get ready to move out. They had far to many to hold, and there was really no profit in holding them. Actually, they would simply be making room for more. The two riders stopped at the cabin where Toole stood waiting "We're about ready to move 'em out, boss." Case dismounted and dropped the reins. "Good, holding too many, and there's more to take." He stated. "Robbins here shot a fella but lost tack of him. Need a man to go look for the body, or the mans trail, I need Robbins here with the herd." Toole rubbed his chin in thought before he said, "Young Billy Holcombe could track a snake over rocks. He offered, looking at the boy who sat on the edge of the roughhewn table twirling a length of latgio and smiling. "Yes sir, Mister Steelgrave, I can find 'em, dead 'er alive." Billy offered. "The get to it, son! Toole, Robbins, get the herd moving. I'm headed back to town. Billy you report to me when you find him. Billy simply nodded and went to his horse as did both Toole and Robbins. As they mounted up and headed out, Case scanned the valley which on day would be his ranch, but, that would need to wait a bit. There was other business to attend to first. TBC

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