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Scene Rating: PG
Scene Type: Narrative
Setting & Location: Kalispell, MT
Time and Weather: Day prior to the Founder's Day Celebration; morning of the fair. Day is hot, sunny, and breezy.

Speed Guyer had finally arrived in the town of Kalispell, a long trip indeed. First thing was to secure lodging, which had been easy enough. A room at the White Rose Inn and Boarding House. Somewhat cheaper than the Belle St. Regis and he had a room overlooking the street. Next stop, the bank to have his funds forwarded to Kalispell. Then he took a ride to familiarize himself with the town and it’s immediate area, keeping an eye to possible mineral deposits. The ride took the better part of Friday, but what it yielded was the feeling that this might be the place where he’d settle for the immediate future. He put the roan up at the livery and proceeded to the boarding house.


That evening he learned of the Founders Day Celebration the following day, and that sounded good, a festival atmosphere would be great after the long weeks on the trail. Also that evening he arranged for a bath to wash the trail from his body. Following that, he brushed out his suit. He would dress in clothing meant for town life, and not the trail. Though he had brogans, he preferred boots, as he would still likely use his horse to get about. Once he was ready for the morning, he climbed into a real bed for the first time in nearly a month. In moment Henry Speed Guyer was fast asleep.


Come the morning Speed had breakfast and obtained a copy of the latest newspaper, which he took to his room and read cover to cover. The best way to get all the local news, happenings and opinions. He was in no real hurry to get to the fairgrounds, as it was evident the celebration would go well past the evening. Instead, he spent most of the afternoon re-reading items that had stuck with him. There was some talk of mineral deposits in the area, and there was mention of a prospector by the name of Robert Cullen. Speed would certainly need to meet with this fellow and see what information he might be willing to impart to him.


Satisfied, he folded the newspaper and laid in on the table in his room and decided to get his horse and ride out to this celebration.

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