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There is a murder (don't who and don't know why at the moment)



Could be a couple of episodes - finding the murderer and then a trial.  Needs to be developed.


Characters Requested

Maybe everyone.  Even if they are not suspects, it will still be the talk of the town.


Anything Else

This could possibly lead into a jury trial (lots more possibilities there)

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I like this concept. It's not easy to do, I've been in a few rpgs where they did it and mostly it didn't come off all that well. But still I think it's worth a shot definitely! It just needs to be well planned out. As many players as want to can certainly participate and there is room for lots of chars and NPCs.


I vote yes!!!!

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Agreed, this idea could go either way. However, that being said, proper planning for something of this nature can and should include as many as want to write in it, and be successful. You can count me in too.

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Just my two cents, but how about the Old West equivalent of a Jack the Ripper? Maybe a man who rode the train to its end to get away from the last place he hunted, but he can't resist the impulse once he is here. The town is not a bustling metropolis, but there are still a lot of people for that time period and still a decent size transient population. Or, maybe some sort of Mountain Man type who comes into town, kills, then leaves? That way the list of suspects can be the biggest red herring.

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Victims could also be characters that aren't working out for you - an easy way to get rid of one to establish another.  Another idea would be to create short-term characters who get established in town only to be murdered later on.


Lots of possibilities here.

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And I've always been a sucker for a serial killer / pattern killer storyline! I have a couple of ideas percolating in the old head so will revisit this thread once my fever breaks and the brain is working again.


Great idea to work on though!


Oh oh!  Maybe it is not a random stranger? We have someone it could easily be.... 

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