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    • "That's quite a bit of responsibility for a young man," Emeline commented, impressed.  "It shows a good deal of character."  Hopefully not at the expense of life in general and Clara specifically.  It was too easy to be consumed with your work and not have time for anything else.  but if he could find that time, Emeline thought that he might be the sort of gentleman that Clara needed.   "Well, you know he wouldn't owe me if he borrowed books, but I understand.  He does seem like someone that would be good for you to get to know better.  Maybe you should ask him on a picnic, I'm sure we can spare some fried chicken and a slice or two of pie!"   @Wayfarer
    • Well, she'd given it a good go, but Addy couldn't ditch the man , and unfortunately she wasn't wearing her pistol, since she was attending a meeting and not going out on the trail.  Of course, she supposed, it would be rather blatant and risky to just shoot the man on the street, so, she figured, it was better anyway to lure him into the barn, where one of the huge draft horses could 'panic' and trample him to death...   Such dark thoughts!  Addy shook her head, but then, she'd do whatever she had to to protect Weedy.   Turning to face the man, her nose wrinkled up.  He had the look of a lawyer about him...one that had been eaten by a bear and was fighting to get out!   "Yeah?  Whacha want?"   @Javia
    • “Well, yeah, she is. She’s nineteen now, getting to be an old maid, and what with bein’ too attractive for men to dare to ask her out, she’s scared she’ll miss the boat; she’ll just be left there to sit, all alone, on that big pile of money she’s goin’ to inherit when her rich old uncle dies.”   The way this odd girl was gushing on about this enchanting and soon to be rich gal was simply too good to be true. All that going for her and yet she was supposedly available and just waiting for some dirt poor young cowpoke she never met come and sweep her up? It was all a load of bull shit, Billy scoffed.   "Don't believe you for a minute, besides............."   He then came up with what he thought a brilliant excuse to get away from her and her madwoman schemes. Surely even this girl would not follow him into a bath house. Not to mention the owner would definitely kick her right out. Well, Billy did not reckon with Arabella alright.   “What d’ya want to do throwing away money on bathhouses for? You can have a bath for free, right now, right here!” she jerked a thumb toward the stairs. “Ms Deverau’ll have just finished hers. Water’ll still be nice warm and I can top it up with that kettle I just boiled for the plates. And she don’t tiddle in the water like some folks do.”    "Deverau? Ain't that the lady who owns this place? Like I am gonna go jump in her bathtub without a by your leave? She might well shoot me or have that bartender of hers do it. Word has it that man is a real killer too. I'm not taking that risk," Billy protested.   “Listen, I was watchin’ you playin’ cards in there, and you looked to me like a feller who was just about to have a winnin’ streak. So, you go have a bath, first door on the right…” she frowned down at his hand and then tugged at his right sleeve “… that’s that side, and then go back in there, get in the game, win a whole bunch of money, and you can buy Bridget Monahan a nice bunch of flowers when you take her for a promenade after church tomorrow. I’ll get Mundee to come and stand next to you at the card table and put her hand on yer shoulder, blondes are good luck for gamblers, y'know!”   "Bridget Monahan? That's this beautiful rich lady friend of yers? I know of her. She is some sort of a half-wit who wanders the streets all the time. Somethin's wrong with one of her legs too, limping about like she does," he frowned.   "Well no thanks, not to mention the fact i don't ever go to any church services. As for that bath, I was almost tempted but only a fool would trespass onto that woman's private quarters. I already got one of the Lost Lake owners wantin' to shoot me first chance he gets, don't need a big shot woman lookin' to do the same," once more he started to try his escape.
    • I think it wrapped up nice there.
    • [Sarah, Leah, Anaesthesia]   Directing her attention back to the young lady who was now addressing her, she took a deep breath, "Yes, I agree with your summation that Miss Steelgrave's plans should be looked at in great detail before a decision is made.”   “I am gratified that such an eloquent voice is joined with mine” smiled Anaesthesia, but Sarah’s initial sally was merely a feint. There was an almost inevitable ‘however’:   “I am sure the town council is doing just that and I hope we all have the good sense to know that those men will endeavour to make sure that they have all the information they need to do so.  Hence my question, which unfortunately now seems to have become an opportunity for certain ladies who are currently in the audience to disrupt this meeting."   Miss Orr might not have been a young woman of supernatural intelligence, but she possessed an undeniable advantage over many of her more cerebral peers, she listened. She smiled again, lighting up that angelic face, and held out an innocent white lace gloved hand to the older and wiser woman sitting on the front row of seats. “Then please, most respected Madame, will you not join me in asking her? I am young and silly and know so little of the world, but I do know that I must learn. For although our affairs may be so often in the hands of men, are not we, their wives, daughters, mothers and sisters, most often in the position to influence them so very strongly for what is good and right?”   Big blue honest eyes searched the shrewder brown gaze of the worldly wise writer from the civilised West Coast, who needs must either grasp that plaintiff offered hand or overtly reject it.   @JulieS @Flip

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There is a murder (don't who and don't know why at the moment)



Could be a couple of episodes - finding the murderer and then a trial.  Needs to be developed.


Characters Requested

Maybe everyone.  Even if they are not suspects, it will still be the talk of the town.


Anything Else

This could possibly lead into a jury trial (lots more possibilities there)

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I like this concept. It's not easy to do, I've been in a few rpgs where they did it and mostly it didn't come off all that well. But still I think it's worth a shot definitely! It just needs to be well planned out. As many players as want to can certainly participate and there is room for lots of chars and NPCs.


I vote yes!!!!

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Agreed, this idea could go either way. However, that being said, proper planning for something of this nature can and should include as many as want to write in it, and be successful. You can count me in too.

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Just my two cents, but how about the Old West equivalent of a Jack the Ripper? Maybe a man who rode the train to its end to get away from the last place he hunted, but he can't resist the impulse once he is here. The town is not a bustling metropolis, but there are still a lot of people for that time period and still a decent size transient population. Or, maybe some sort of Mountain Man type who comes into town, kills, then leaves? That way the list of suspects can be the biggest red herring.

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Victims could also be characters that aren't working out for you - an easy way to get rid of one to establish another.  Another idea would be to create short-term characters who get established in town only to be murdered later on.


Lots of possibilities here.

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And I've always been a sucker for a serial killer / pattern killer storyline! I have a couple of ideas percolating in the old head so will revisit this thread once my fever breaks and the brain is working again.


Great idea to work on though!


Oh oh!  Maybe it is not a random stranger? We have someone it could easily be.... 

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