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Wentworth Brothers

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Matt Wentworth's brothers turn up in Kalispell


Starts of with the youngest Charles, dropping out of college and heading up to meet with Sam who is working on a ranch.  Knowing that their father won't be happy with another son not finishing college, Sam and Charles head out further west to where Mike has been working for a few years.  All three decide that the further west they go the better and since Mike knows that Matt is in Kalispell, they all decide to head there.


This, of course, will make Matt's life a little bit more difficult since none of his brothers know about his Secret Service activities.  It will also add a few more characters to make life a bit more interesting in Kalispell.

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Can't wait to see them in play, Ms. Julie! The more the merrier, I say *shushes the voices in my head*.

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Thinking about some ideas for the Wentworth family as a whole...


  • Charles Wentworth (the dad) is a political mover and shaker in Washington.  He's does what's needed to get ahead and be an influencer, including doing "favours" for friends and those who want some sort of access to the government.  One of these could be Elias Steelgrave (maybe he's Steelgrave's man in Washington).  Matt would know about some of his father's dealings but wouldn't know about the connection to Steelgrave.  When he finds out he won't be surprised but it would make his job a little bit more difficult.
  • Charlie's relationship with Clara would be one of a teasing/mocking sort.  I figure Charlie's job at the ranch would initially be one of working in the barn and around the house.  He would also be going into town for supplies or just driving the buckboard taking people into town e.g. Clara for whatever reason (maybe Shade will see this as an opportunity to ride into town so that he can court the school teacher i.e. he won't have to keep an eye on Clara when she is shopping).  Charlie picks up on the fact that Clara has a crush on Shade and thinks it's funny for various reasons.  He can bring up things like how Shade is too old for her or if she lived back east she wouldn't be making her debut in society until she was about 17 (which in his mind and experience would still make her kid no matter how old she acted).

All this is tentative depending on the owners of the characters involved.  This is just a little brainstorming and there may be more in the future ;)


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From my POV, looks great.


I figured Shade would interview Wentworths for ranch foreman and ranch jobs right after the bear hunt while he's healing up. Quentin and Harriet will be gone on their first-ever cattle drive. Fortunately, it's just a contract fulfillment to a fort.

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