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    • "Eh...sure, why not? Go ahead an' tell your side. Just maybe...put the gun away?"   Well, Clara figured she wouldn't be able to hit the man anyway like this, what with a whole horse in the way, and she did not shoot innocent animals. He also did have a nice smile. But she would not drop her guard completely, he still could be a varmint.  He worked for the Steelgraves didn't he?   "Fine, I will lower it but you step out so I can see you better and whatever you do - DO NOT - go for your gun or make a lunge for me," Clara agreed to his request but with certain stipulations.   Gun lowered, she then started her side of the story.   "I first met Billy and another jasper, ugly bald ruffian when I was swimming in the lake. I had thought, wrongly of course, I was enjoying myself in privacy.  I had my clothing and this Dragoon Colt piled up on shore. Along came those two ....well, I certainly cannot call them 'gentlemen'. They told me to get out of the water. I refused and told them such a thing was not proper. Billy admitted he had a desire to see me ...naked. Again I would not compromise myself in such a fashion and refused point blank. So he took all of my clothing and my Papa's gun - thinking it all a big joke, then they rode off and left me out there like that. So there .....that is your friend, Billy. Now you come along like I am supposed to be happy to see another Evergreen .....hooligan?"  
    • Leah smiled as she stepped inside.  “Profitable? Yes, beyond what I had hoped. We have the right away, but more important, we have a grant to help with expenses building the hospital from the governor himself.” She exclaimed, producing papers from her coat and handing them to Jonah. “However, there is already a snag.” She continued. “ It seams the good Judge Robertson is delaying with the need for something akin to a town hall meeting to discuss the trading of land. Of course, since the property for the right away is already deeded to the township, we could be on the outside looking in.”   “The contingency is the grant money and my own if necessary. Perhaps being a Steelgrave means the sanctimonious of Kalispell will oppose anything and everything I try to do here. That is except for my money, they’ll take that.” Being rebuffed by the judge had not sat well with her. But she was determined to provide the town with a first rate hospital. With or without the support of Kalispell's stuffed shirts.   Tag @Bongo
    • “Not much ta think on, really. Cain’t build til spring, but we kin plan how it’ll look, how may rooms an’ sech.” He said., his voice just above a whisper. “We had them plans already, I jest sortta finalized em fer us. Well, that an’ askin’ fer yer hand. Don’t believe I was all thet good at it, but then I ain’t sure how one’d be good at it either.”   “If the world weren’t blanketed in white out there I’d say we could ride out to our property. I like the sound’a thet, our property.” He was consumed with joy tempered with contentment. “Lovin’ you was the easiest thing ever Emeline.”   Tag @Bongo
    • "Yeah, I believed him," Brendan said shortly, peering at Clara over his horse's saddle. It seemed like maybe he had been wrong to believe Billy, though. But he couldn't think about that right now. He had to focus on not getting shot.   He felt his jaw drop as Clara stoutly defended her family's right to the farm. It almost made his head hurt. Who was he supposed to believe? Billy, who had showed every sign of being friendly but had let him come down here by himself? Or Clara, who was supposed to be friendly but was certainly not?   But she did offer to tell him the story from her point of view. Brendan didn't want to hear a sob story from a girl - he was sure it was a sob story - but she was the one with the gun.   "Eh...sure, why not? Go ahead an' tell your side. Just maybe...put the gun away?" He rose up on his toes so she could see all of his face over his horse's back, revealing a charming, pleading smile.
    • There was something about impending storms that made people suddenly decide that ailments they had suffered with for days, or even weeks suddenly needed attention, and Jonah had been kept busy the past few days.  Finally, though, this morning seemed to be a lull, and the doctor was getting a chance to catch up on paperwork and whatnot that was amazingly boring, so he almost relished the knock on the door.  Hopefully, it was a delivery, or someone bringing him payment, preferably actual money, and not Mrs' Sutton and her 'rheumatic elbow'.   When he opened the door, he was pleasantly surprised to see Leah there.  "Miss Steelegrave!  Please, come in!"  He stood back so she could enter the large house that served as the clinic, too.  "I'm glad to see you back safely.  I trust your trip was profitable?"   @Flip

Next Episode: Suggestions and Planning

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Good Day All,

I know that we have several plot ideas up and I promise, we will get to using them as site-wide plots. However, in order to avoid a mega time-jump (which we will almost have to do for part of the winter months because in Montana, no one is going to be doing much during the winter)...I am suggesting the following...

  • We set the time span to September - November for the next episode.
  • We make it an open plot episode (i.e. multiple smaller plots instead of 1 overreaching theme). This way we can bring some of the Steelgrave plots to fruition and some of the ideas that JulieS has for the Wentworths and Miss Katherine. Also, any current plots that span several days / weeks, etc., can be split, moved, and continued.

Discussion and feedback is welcome. However, hold additional plot ideas or post them separately. This thread is for discussing the next episode only. Thanks!


@Members   @Moderators   @Players   @Sr. Moderator

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September-November sounds good.  It will allow me to get the Wentworth brothers moved in and to find jobs.  It will also allow time for my other characters to settle in and do a few things.


I can work with any plot that anyone else feels like doing.

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Thank you all for responding. So, to the second part of this, I am planning on sorting our IC forums into locations. Then, on our topic form where it currently has Setting and Location, we'll change that to Setting Details so if you're writing in the Kalispell forum, you'll just add specifics of where the scene takes place.


So, while the Season, Episode, Scene format is a good idea. I feel like it might be holding people back from leaping into other stories. Once we finish writing The Bear, I am going to change how we do this.


We'll set a timespan (for example the next one will be September - November, 1875), this timeframe will have a theme - My suggestion for the next one is Trials and Tribulations. Plotting will generally be open although we'll continue the backstories that have been building from the beginning of Sagas. A good example is the rivalry between the Steelgraves and Thorntons, we can heat that up a bit in the next story. We will still want to plan, plot, and coordinate so that stories eventually get finished.


Although we are going to a multi-forum layout for IC writing, I don't want to go overboard with creating forums that won't get used. Below is a list of suggested IC forums.

Remember, forums can always be added if we have a mega-active storyline happening in a specific location.


Here's a tentative layout for the IC forums. Feedback is welcome....


Category: Montana Territory

Forum: Kalispell

  • Belle-St. Regis Hotel
  • Lost Lake Ranch
  • Marshal's Office
  • Stardust Saloon
  • Kalispell Open (all other locations)

Forum: Whitefish

  • Saloon (need to lookup its name)
  • Evergreen Ranch
  • Marshal's Office
  • Whitefish Open (all other locations)

Forum: USA

  • States
  • Territories

Forum: The World

(no subforums)

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So while I like the idea of the different IC forums I wonder about let's say Pronto rides into town and stops at the Stardust before going over to the Marshals office, then on to the boarding house, Having covos in each place. Would we be writing in each of those forums? Seems to me it would be easier to open the post in the Kalispell forum and just writing one post on one forum. But maybe I'm not seeing the bigger picture.


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I think Flip has a point.  Maybe we should just keep it as a forum for each location (Kalispell, Whitefish, etc.).  It would be a lot less work trying to keep track of what is going on and where.  It also will save having the confusion of multiple stories/scenes in a location especially as it is sometimes days before people post a response in their scene and the hassle of having others wait to start theirs so that is doesn't break up the flow e.g.


Hotel Topic

Person A posts the start of the scene and waits for Person B to respond

Person C starts their scene (which may be on a different day) and waits for Person D to respond

Person D posts

Person C responds

Person D reponds

Person B responds to Person A

Person C responds to Pereson D


As you can see it would get very confusing after a while.


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Hey there!


@Wayfarer  If you think we'd use it enough, would be happy to add the Redmond Farm...however...


After reading the responses from @JulieS and @Flip , I am rethinking the multiple forums idea somewhat. Another scenario takes the tracking and confusion further, what about threads that ramble from Kalispell to Whitefish? Now, we can continue threads with a link to the "continued from" and "continued in" but that is seriously a pain to do all of the time.


Honestly, I only considered adding the additional forums due to the fact that it's how the majority of forum RPGs do things. However, regarding where each thread happens, if you hover over the title in the topic listing, a popup comes up and you can easily see the thread info (type of thread, location and setting, etc.). I honestly think our current set-up makes it more conducive to reading other people's threads because, hopefully, we write to tell a story that we all read as well as to interact.


1.  Should we leave things as is? One active IC forum?


2. Should we go to "time-frame" forums?


Here's what I mean by time-frame forums..... I'll use our next story as an example...


For our next story theme, we're considering titling it Trials and Tribulations.... it will be an open format story set during the months of September, October, and November. So, the layout would be....


Main Forum: Trials and Tribulations

Subforums: September 1875, October 1875, November 1875


What I am aiming for is that everyone feels comfortable with how we do things and feels free to start their own storylines independent of the main backstory or theme. There are major plusses and minuses to writing in multiple IC forums.


Okay - commence with the feedback, suggestions, ideas!

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You are the one who proposed the changes to multiple forums, our current format is fine with me. I will go with whatever is decided.

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Yes, I know I suggested it. However, I am looking for feedback to get us to what works best for us and be somewhat alluring to new members as well. I want us to always be open to improvements. 

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12 hours ago, Stormwolfe said:

Main Forum: Trials and Tribulations

Subforums: September 1875, October 1875, November 1875

I do like this format as it will allow those who want to get on with their plots to be able to do so without waiting for others to complete theirs.  It also would be beneficial for times when people are unable to post for a certain time due to sickness, real life issues, etc.  For example, if you are waiting for someone to reply in the your thread in the September forum, you can move on to October or November (unless your character is unable to do so) while you wait until the other person comes back.

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I think we will give the "time block" format a go for the next episode. The only precaution that we'll need to take is that people writing in October or November do not lock the people writing in September into an "ending" for their plots or scenes. That's no different than now though since we have to make sure a scene has ended before our characters can know what occurred. We'll just all have to watch our OOC Knowledge and do some coordination with one another.


It is a little less orderly as far as story progression, but again, not much worse than now as we are event driven rather than date driven anyway. I'll come up with a really short, logical guide before we're ready to change over.

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I have to agree with Wayfarer. I also have to add, simple is better. The early days we wrote our sagas PBEM, then we began this arduous journey into the many brands of forums that allowed for avatars and signatures, and even then we began to see multiple forums within the main one. Now it's all about the beauty of the forum and in many cases the need to understand, or at least deal with code just to get your character registered to write a story. Which is still done the same way as PBEM, typing your words in a box and hitting enter.


And participation has plummeted. First because of 'Star Trek On-Line' and the myriad of games to follow which stole writers by the score. And now by the difficulty of the RPG's themselves. The main reason I'm not on 'Heart Of The West.' Too difficult to become a part of it. Not worth my time. Altho I just wrestled with another game that was just as difficult to get into, only to type my words in a box.


I am not criticizing attempts to improve the games, not at all. I just don't see the need to to go to the extreme lengths that today's RPGs have gone to. In fact, I am working with a lady to revive a PBEM, knowing full well how difficult it will be to attract writers.


Whatever is decided I will remain, I am invested in this game, and I want it to succeed. End rant.


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I also had a look at "Heart of the West" and found it confusing and too complicated.  Keeping scenes in one thread/topic is good especially if the characters are walking or riding to various destinations.


For me, keeping it within time periods i.e. months in one episode is good as it allows me to keep my characters' stories moving without having to wait for other things to happen.  This of course is dependent on what plots my character is involved in but if they aren't doing nothing like, for example, Matt Wentworth at the moment - I can have him in a scene, then skip forward a few days and write another scene to continue his story arc.  If someone wants him at the hotel, this could be just be put down as part of the job and one of the many transactions/events he would have during the month.  Unless, it is important and vital to a plot, like most of us he wouldn't be paying much attention or even remember it fully.


Also, IMO opinion the simpler it is to join up and get going, the better.  Those new to RPGs will also be looking for something that is easy to follow.  If they know they can jump right in only remembering they have stay within the time frame of the game (and other game rules), might be a plus e.g. they can just write their own story without having to get involved with others, while they learn how the game works and get to know others to work out future plots.


I hope I've explained this clearly 😐

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@Flip @JulieS


Thank you both for your feedback! I honestly appreciate it.


And I do agree that one should not have to know how to code in order to write a story ;) I can do minor code things and I loathe post templates. I am on Heart of the West and it is a lovely site with great people. However, I find that I do not find it conducive to reading scenes that my character isn't involved in. I still enjoy it.


I chose the single IC forum format because I am a very linear / chronological thinker. On top of that, my meds impose memory restrictions on me so if the threads are "in order" then I don't have to try to remember who did what when or where who is when. It's also why we changed over to being event driven rather than absolute dates on our scenes.


On the "scene date" score, nothing would change there. We would just need to be careful and communicate with one another so that we don't trap ourselves into an outcome for an event. So far, we've had zero issues with that and I don't see it becoming a major stumbling block. Basically, we couldn't have Character A state in November that he and Character B did X in September unless the writer owns characters A and B. 


What I am hearing here - I think - is...


Keep it simple but open it up a bit so people don't feel restricted by the timeline? I would add also that we don't want to have to remember exact dates.

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@Admin @Moderators @Players @Sr. Moderator


Good Day Y'all,

So, I have been working on the site and have added some location-based IC forums. I chose to keep it fairly simple. Also, we'll keep "where" we post simple. If the thread starts in Whitefish, but the majority of the scene takes places in Kalispell, go ahead and start it in Kalispell. We can add specific location info via the tags system. Also, we can put a specific location at the top of each post. Ditto for time of day changes, etc.


When you start a new thread (topic), you will see that the long, complicated template is gone! Instead, you will see: 


Screen Shot 2019-07-17 at 12.09.01 PM.png

  • Title: This is the same as always, a title for your thread.
  • Tags: This is new, but easy to use. It is not IC tags. These are tags that describe your topic. Click on the + sign and type in a few keywords that designate information about the topic. Examples are specific locations such as Whitefish-Kalispell, Date such as Sept. 1875, etc. 
  • Prefix: After clicking on the + sign and filling in tags, you will see Item Prefix appear after you add your tags. Pick one of the tags that best describes the post such as the location or time and click on it. The prefix will appear next to the thread's title in the topic listing.

Then choose your character, fill  out the short header template, and write your post. Trust me, the instructions are far more involved than the actual set-up.


When you create a new topic, a simple header will auto-load into it. See below....


With: List characters and NPCs in the thread.
Location: Add specific location information here.
When: May 2017
Time of Day: Time of Day (morning, afternoon, evening, etc.).


Start your post here.


Just replace the notes with the thread's information.

  • With: If this is an open thread, just put Open there. If the thread is private between certain characters, list them here. You do not need to add your own character (thread starter).
  • Location: This narrows down where the thread happens. If you have put the thread in the Kalispell forum, then maybe this one is Lost Lake Ranch (hint: this should be your prefix tag).
  • When: Replace this with a more specific timeframe (example: Sept. 3, 1875) or even just the month and year. We are not going to be ultra concerned over the exact dates except where we need to have a specific event happen before another one.
  • Time of Day: Give a general time of day such as Morning, Early Afternoon, etc.

I will add the post template into the guidelines at the top of the topic listing page so that it can be easily copied and used in posts if you need to indicate major location and TOD changes but it doesn't warrant starting a new thread.


Hopefully, this will make everything easier and give us an at-a-glance view of what, when, where, etc.

Edited by Stormwolfe (see edit history)

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Plotting and Planning

Does everyone still want a three month timeframe for the next threads and plots (September thru November)? We are in August 1875 right now.


I do not have a major site-wide plot in mind at this moment. Instead, I was planning on focusing on smaller character-driven plots and maybe introducing my new guy (Hunter Morgan). Also, I thought we might focus more on Steelgrave shenanigans.


Remember, if you come up with a plot thread, contact the other player(s) here or in Discord to make sure the characters you want are available. It'll help us not trip over one another.


Post any questions and feedback here.


@Admin   @Moderators    @Players    @Sr. Moderator  


PS: I am going to move our "lore" off of our Wordpress site and onto pages I've set up here. It will be one less site for me to maintain.



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I'm happy with the three month plan.


I've been here for about a year and we're still in August, so anything to move the story along a little bit faster is okay by me.

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Three months should do it, tho I would suppose that the winter months might go a bit faster. Or not...we'll see.:cowboy2:

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