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Advertising, Sigs, and Affiliate Buttons

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Sagas of the Wild West does not have a forum for advertising. It requires a great deal of effort to track and maintain RPG advertising.


What we do allow is advertising in OOC sigs and profiles...


If you wish to add links or images in your main OOC account to sites you are on, you are welcome to do so. Please limit it to no more than five 88x31 buttons or three other sized banners.


Below are recommended sizes...

  • Square – 250 x 250.
  • Small Square – 200 x 200.
  • Banner – 468 x 60.
  • Leaderboard – 728 x 90

I have added a profile field called My Websites for the OOC accounts. You can add links to other RPGs there and even write short blurbs about them. This is an optional field. To edit it, go to your user name and choose Profile or Account Settings. From there you can edit your profile.


We do not allow advertising via the character sigs or profiles. If you wish to add a sig to your character(s) profiles, please limit it to quotes or a character related banner no more than 750 x 150 in size. 

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