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Sagas of the Wild West

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Two On The Trail

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As they started up the stairs Missus Everson gripped his good arm gently, but firmly.  "Now I'm  not no invalid, Ma'am, though I do appreciate you holdin' me steady."


"Mister Pike, you'll not be the first, nor the last man with a gunshot wound that I tend to." She responded crisply. "I take it you know who did this?"


"Not rightly, Ma'am, but I've a good notion who he works for. Followed Case Steelgrave off the trail some distance, not no where near Whitefish when this jasper up and shot me clean through. Horse brung me back and Miss Addy Chapple been seein' to me since." He paused to catch his breath, "Steelgrave thinks he's got off easy, but far as I'm concerned this is jest a deelay in his comeuppance."


"First thing is to get your full strength back, and I'll see to that." She stated as they reached the landing. "You rest easy," She said as she unlocked his door for him. "Have you eaten? Nevermind, I'll have some broth up here. You get yourself out of those clothes and into fresh, and then into that bed."


Pronto smiled and said "Yes 'um."


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