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    • "Maybe, fer this special occasion," Addy suggested, "we can try a little'a each?  That way, we can get a taste'a everything, so next time, we know what our favorite is."  It was a plan that appealed to her, so she didn't have to decide which she wanted!   "Never turn down help," she declared, "but seems ta me yer th' one needs help brushin' them horses down."  She glanced at Weedy and Josh, considering for a moment if it was safe to let the boy go up into the loft, but then, his father could stop him, and, after all, he was a Chappel!  He'd grown up around horses, and was of hardy stock!   With them all working together, it wouldn't take too long to get the horses settled, and then they could be on the way to treats!   @MD
    • "We'll get on."  Addy was determined, and once she grabbed hold of the crude rope halter, she had control of the animal.  "Here..."  Cupping her hands, she made a step for Caroline, to give her a boost up.  "Just grab his mane."   TBC   @Wayfarer                    
    • Mature Content: Doubt it With: Tyrell Garret Thornton Location: Add specific location information here. When: Mid-July 1876 Time of Day: Encompasses a couple of days     Place holder
    • Anæsthesia wasn't exactly convinced by all these homilies about falling out of trees, breaking arms, and sleeping in the mud: she smiled politely, if a little tightly. Truth to tell, she felt a little bit 'got at' - the snobby girl was getting a taste of her own medicine in the form of the inverted-snobbery of these rough frontier folk.    She suddenly blurted, rather defensively "I have learned to shoot a gun!"   "I have a 1858 model Lefaucheux double action revolver, and really am rather a good shot with it." she said proudly. Now maybe they'd stop telling her that she needed to fall out of a tree to be able to claim that her life had any meaning.    Of course, the hypocrisy was that she was quite willing to tell others what they should be doing with their lives: like learning to read.      @Bongo @MD
    • Mr McVey was chattering away as Arabella grabbed her non-packable items: two dresses, spare bonnet, basket and three large round circles made of bamboo. These were very hard to carry and to manoeuvre through the doorway.    "You and I disagree on a number of things, yet, we agree on others. Mister Reeve is certainly one to keep an eye on. And I would say, he is dangerous in another way, to the political atmosphere in Kalispell. He is an odd fellow, yet, so is Mister Pettigrew. Perhaps the goal of him running is to slit the vote? I'm not exactly confident on that assumption."   "Now don't you be mean about Mr Pettigrew, Mr McVey, he's been right nice to me: teachin' me all about how to speak proper and act like a lady." she objected. Pettigrew had taught her something else, too, something more important than those surface embellishments, something at her very core.    He hoisted the trunk that was surprising lighter than he would have expected. "As time moves on, we'll have a better idea of Pettigrew's purpose in the grand scheme of the elections this fall." He added, then, "I'm following you, Arabella."   "Hold on, I'm all tangled up!" she yelped, the three bamboo circles seemed to have minds of their own and were doing their darndest to stop her getting through the doorway. "I'm takin' these hoops with me, in case crinolines come back in!" she informed him.    Eventually she got herself through the door and down the stairs, with a shout of "I'm goin' now, I'll be back at seven!" at Caroline's door. When the two of them reached the bar, there was a ragged cheer from some of the rounders who were regulars "Don't worry, I'll be back at seven, boys!" she assured them.   "Oh damn!" one of them joked.    "You movin' in with him?!" another joshed. Arabella laughed and didn't say yes and didn't say no: well, Phin had said he didn't care if people talked!   @Flip

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Mature Content: Unsure

With: Speed, Alice and Amos. Perhaps others.
Location: Marshal's Office (Where it starts)
When: Mid-July 1876
Time of Day: Morning




Speed was in the office before daylight working on the incorporation papers for the Copper Queen Corporation, they had not decided on a name for it,  so he used what they had decided on for the mine as the corporate name. It was as good as any, and better than most to his way of thinking. So when the clerks office opened he would get the papers in, and the claims registered. He as President, Amos as Vice President, and Alice as the Secretary, leaving Pronto and Emeline as voting members for the time being.


He looked over the paperwork that lay before him, this would be a different start for the three of them, Pike and Emeline, probably not so much what with the ranch consider, but that was fine. Though it gave him pause, what if Pike turned in his badge to care for the ranch and family? Where would that leave him? He had to consider the choices for himself and Alice, it was not about to be a long engagement, that was a fact, he doubted she would hear of such a thing. Would he step down? Could he? Charlie was hardly ready to assume the job of Town Marshal, and did he even want it?


Life is filled with questions, and decisions to be made, some simple and some difficult, with a myriad of  others in between. Every decision had a consequence, be it good or bad, and therein lies the problem. The election was coming up, and was he content to remain as Town Marshal, or would he run for County Sheriff which would free him up as well as enable him to support whoever took on the Marshals job. And, what would either job mean to the mining concern that he was now involved in? Choices...

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They met at the head of the stairs, father and daughter, embarking on a new 'adventure' with the copper mines and land development. Four hundred acres could hold a lot, that was obvious, but a lot of what? Amos looked at Alice and offered;


"You an Speed, took long enough." Perhaps not what she wanted to hear first thing, but she had to agree, they could have been together long ago, or perhaps they were not meant to be together until then.


Speed had proposed, and she had accepted, though it was a less than ideal proposal, he had made it, and as far as she was concerned, he was not getting out of it, not now. "It wasn't what I'd call the most romantic of moments last night, but I'll take it. He made some important decisions things he wanted, things that would take in his friends and secure their future, though I understand that Pike, his deputy, is well off in his own right."


"Don't seem to matter to him he jest sortta looks out for those he's close to, whether they need it 'er not." Amos said as the reached the foyer of the Hotel. He opened the door for her and together they stepped out on the porch, looking north at the corner of the Municipal Building where the Marshal's Office was. "He's done alright for himself here, whot with them camissens an' his Marshals salary, plus the the cash comin' from New York. He's set, yep, now was his time to take you fer his bride."


They stepped off the boardwalk and crossed an empty cul-de-sac where the livery stood at the end. None of the businesses there were open as yet, as it was early, the sun just peaking over the horizon, not yet reaching the roof tops. Stepping up onto the boardwalk and moving to the front door of the building and went in, then a quick right into Speeds office.


"Are we still getting married?" She asked with a smile.


Speed looked up and beamed at the sight her.

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Posted (edited)

"Yes Ma'am, we are, though probably not today what with all the things we have to get done, while I tend to the business of the town, Wood and Guyer, and, The Copper Queen, plus, getting you a ring to make it official." He said as he rose to take her into his arms and give her a kiss.


"So I hope you two ain't gonna carry on all day with that list of chores ya mentioned." Amos said. "Copper Queen, the mine, right? You usin' thet as the name of are bidness too?"


"Yes. We never bothered to name the corporation so I just used the name of the mine instead. Besides, Alice here is the real Copper Queen. And, no, we won't be carrying on all day, maybe a good part of it, but not all day."


"We could all go up to the Lickskillet for breakfast." Alice suggested. "Sounds like a busy day ahead for us. Well the ring and the paperwork that has to be done."


"Paperwork is done, just needs your signatures and I'll take it upstairs when she opens. But yes, we could do that, be good to stretch my legs some, and I couldn't think of better company." He stepped away from Alice to get his hat, "Shall we?" Then stepped to the door and opened it for them. "A good breakfast'll be a great start to a most important day. I'd like to ride up and have a look-see at the property, if there's time, I can have Charlie watch things."

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Speed held the door for Alice and Amos, then stepped out himself. The morning was bright and clear, not a breath of wind, but that could change. The streets were still clear of traffic, but the boardwalks had people, people that were going to their businesses to open them for the day. It would not be long before horse and wagon traffic picked up, but for the moment it was almost quiet, and it was peaceful.


Speed liked the mornings, the quiet gave him time to do whatever needed doing first thing, even if that was sitting out on the board walk in front of either office just enjoying the start of another day, which he did as often as possible. A cup of coffee and the solitude of the sunrise when he was able to catch it.


"Well come back to the mercantile after breakfast and pick out that ring for you, Alice." He said as they walked along. "They'll be open before the clerks office for sure. The Anderson's are prompt about opening even if they are the first ones."


"What'er yer plans fer this here election?" Amos asked suddenly,


"Pa?" Alice asked as if to tell him that it was not a topic that needed answering.


"Nah, it's alright Alice." Speed said, "Name's on the ballot for either County Sheriff or Town Marshal. Guess we'll see if anyone else jumps in for either. Maybe Pike, when he gets back, but then again, maybe not. Guess we'll see." By then they had reached the Lickskillet, Speed opened the door for them and stepped inside, spotting a table right off and going to it.


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Breakfast had been pleasant as they went over what had been said the night before as they waited for the clerks office to open and make this whole thing real, legal and theirs. They agreed the Pikes would be surprised. And they agreed that if Pronto wanted to invest further,  then his shares would be greater as well. With Speed's knowledge and his ability to get the information they would need, they were sure of a measure of success almost immediately.


"So, what we need to do is ride up to the site, see what's been started and what hasn't and where we go from there. We can get mining equipment from Missoula, maybe as close as superior. Everywhere else is farther than I'd like to have to order from. But we'll see what's needed."


"Danged if he ain't got  him a hole dug a'ready. Showed real good signs, not somethin' what was salted to look rich, it damn sure is!" His eyes widened, "'scuse me daughter, fergot myself there."


Alice laughed, "Yes Pa, I've heard that too many times o be shocked by it."


"Well like I said, he's got some equipment and a couple buildin's but he ain't got no one workin' it. Went bust I figger."


"Then we need to get up there and see exactly what we have!" Speed declared. He was excited, as was Alice and Amos. This could be the big one. "And the other, we'll need to check on it as well. likely another day, but we'll get them registered to us."


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The time spent with the clerk was minimal. Speed left Charlie in charge and he, Alice and Amos mounted up and rode out of town on what was once the Whitefish Road. Heading for the property that promised to provide a healthy income, but also, a healthy outlay of cash to get everything up and running.


They arrived at the property, seeing the stakes in the ground, but also behind them off to the left, the Evergreen. But, that was not their problem, at least not just yet if it ever would be. there was a trail leading into the land, and about a quarter of a mile up the mine and the out buildings.


They rode to what appeared to be the 'office' for the mine. Two more buildings appeared to be storage sheds. They stopped and the three stepped down and surveyed what they had. Looks good, Amos, real good. Maybe we look in the office and see what was left, then maybe the mine and have a look at the find."


"Hell, Speed, there's a shaft with adits runnin' offa both sides, right 'n left. Was down there and there's ore, jest gonna be expensive ta get it out. I seen it. Owner told me he was considerin' open pit minin' with chemer'calls."



"I don't think I'd like that approach." Alice said "A big hole in the ground? Chemicals that would poison the area, and there's the ground water to consider. This place has a lot of ground water and it would carry that poison quite a ways before it would be safe, if ever."


Yes, exactly. Not something I would entertain." Speed said as they went inside the building that served as the office. Dust was everywhere, There were papers stacked on a makeshift desk, though it was nearly waist high, more of a table affair.  There was also a regular desk with papers stacked on it, reports, assayers reports.


"Well, looks like we've some reading material." Speed said.


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"Since the feller sunk a shaft, here on this map, thet ground water what yer talkin' 'bout might jest prove ta be a probl'um fer us, if'in it ain't already. Never thought about thet." Amos stated.


"Then again Pa, maybe not. Looking at his maps here, he's down four maybe five hundred feet and look at this, isn't that a vein?" Alice asked pointing to an 'adit', a horizontal off shoot of the vertical shaft." She smiled. "We need to go down and check this tunnel, which appears to follow the vein by the way this diagram shows."


"How do you know so much about this process?" Speed asked.


"Simple Mister Guyer, I read what was on this diagram of the mine." Alice replied.


"Danged if she didn't!" Amos exclaimed. "Might oughtta check the hoist fer grease afore we go down. I ain't sure how long she's been sittin' unused."


"Best we get to it them." Speed agreed. Going down into the mine would require chain as rope would not be trusted, though it had been used many times in many places, chain was more dependable. What they were about to find out was the winch was using a chain, and that it had a handle on top, and one in the cage that would lower them so that they could raise themselves. It did require some grease, which they found at the mouth of the shaft. Their underground experience was about to begin.


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The 'adit' was a tunnel off of the main shaft, in this case the shaft stopped at this vein, not that there might be others further down, but the vein could be seen where the adit began, and it was a good two, two and a half feet thick at that point.


"Well Mister Guyer, would you like to be the first to step into this tunnel?" Alice asked. "This candle light surely doesn't throw off much light down here."


"No, but the more candles the better the light, so when we hire more men, well they'll have more light to work by." He said stepping into the tunnel, followed by Alice and then Amos. "This vein widens as we move along here!" He announced.


The adit did not go more than ten feet in and the vein had not petered out, it simply got wider until it was stopped. "Damn." Speed whipered at the sight of it.


"Jumpin' Jehoshaphat!" Amos exclaimed. "This here vein's only the beginnin' of what we got, mark my word! This here lode's rich! An' there's likely more the farther down we go. We may a missed some on the way down, but yer right. We need men ta be workin' this claim."


"And, boys, there just may be this same stripe right across from us." Alice noted, "They just didn't dig that abit, or whatever you called it. I don't know about you fellas, but I'm for getting above ground."


"Yes Ma'am, I do believe I've seen enough, and we know what we need to do. Time we headed topside." Speed agreed. "Maybe we need to get us a steam engine to hoist this cage and the buckets to get the ore out."


"That's was whot the man said. He went bust afore he could get him the engine. Wished that railroad was already here, packin' that engine in by wagon'll take some time." Amos informed them as they got in the cage and began pulling themselves up. "Glad they didn't go any deeper."




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