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    • Barnabas listened, understanding the young mans desire to venture out, and also his hesitance to leave his sister behind. Life has those twists and turns that are possible blocks to what feels like their calling. "Well, you know, there are ways that you could manage that education, and there are ways that Lillian here could go with you." Then he cautioned, "I would certainly hesitate to travel to the Dakotas until the Indians are pacified. I'm sure they are filled with the power of their defeat of George Custer."   "Then again, should you attend the university, things could be settled before you graduated and ventured out. Education is a fine thing, Tom, whether you use it here, or the Dakotas, or wherever  you might venture forth. I only wished I had had the luxury of education beyond what I managed at my mothers knee and that one room school house in Texas." But fortune had smiled on him, the poker hand and what he had brought him, and then Em. His life was good, all things considered.
    • Their cab driver was waiting for them, he'd stayed close, alert to when they would return, and he was content, having had a wonderful lunch that Mrs. Pike had had packed for him.  Now, he helped get the remains of their picnic loaded, then made sure everyone was settled, with blankets in case they needed them, and started back for town.   "That was a wonderful outing!" Emeline declared, chuckling.  "Although I think I ended up with half the beach in my shoes!"  That had been something she hadn't thought about when going barefoot...putting the shoes and socks back on had been a challenge, especially with no way to keep the sand out!   She settled in, wrapping a blanket around her knees, since the hem of her skirt was damp, then rested her head against Barnabas' shoulder and was soon asleep.  Across from them, Lillian was also dozing.   "Thank you for letting us come with you, sir," Tom murmured quietly, "my sister works too hard and it's good for her to have some fun.  And I appreciate the advice.  College sounds like a good plan, if we can afford it.  I'd love to go to Montana or the Dakotas, but I don't want to leave Lillian."   @Flip
    • "Guess you're right about just showin' up at the ranch like that." He agree, and that is kind of you, but I've cash put by for this trip I've made. The hotel does sound good. And the local fare? Which is the best place to eat. Lookin' for big steak dinner I am. Been sometime since I was able to get somethin' like that. It was a trip to remember, long, hard, and with every temperature you could imagine."   It had been that and a bit more. There had been Molly McGuire, he was missing her, but Kalispell would not be the place for her if all that had been said came to fruition between Lost Lake and the Evergreen. He had waltzed in on what could be a real corpse and cartridge affair, and one that went on an on til they forgot what it was about, or who started it.   "I appreciate your offer, and your council about town and holdin' off till the ranch hands were in town. I'll do just that. @JulieS    
    • Benjamin gave up on the fruitless pursuit of the surviving war party, they were down a six or so anyhow and more than likely just heading back to their home village. If it was one thing the US cavalry learned about chasing Indians, you didn't catch 'em.  Best horsemen in the world maybe. So he ordered his scouts and troopers to turn back and then spent the better part of a few hours just getting back to the rest of his command. It being dark did not help at all but the scouts were up to the task.   Once back he found out that a lot had happened - almost all good too, well except another trooper had been killed. But Lt. Greene found (had lucked into it really but no criticism there - it was the great Napoleon who had said  'better a lucky general than a good one') the women and they were alive. Looking a bit worse for wear but no dangerous wounds, the saloon girl was already wearing trousers and a bluecoat lent her by eager troopers. And Greene had a face to face encounter with an Arapaho brave looking to kill the ladies. That Indian was dead. Barlow didn't press the young officer on the details, that he could read in the report Greene would have to write out later back in the fort, for the young man was wounded and in considerable discomfort. They didn't have a doctor with this detachment but one of the troopers who knew something about wound treatment assured Benjamin the boy would live and keep his leg. Well unless he didn't take care of it properly and get gangrene.   The stage driver was quite the tough gal too. She was sporting a large bruise from where the Arapaho had belted her with his gun butt but in good humor and even told him that the two women had killed their guard and escaped on their own.  Barlow was impressed.   "Well, it's a pity we don't allow women in the army, we could use a couple more like you and your friend," Benjamin remarked to Addy.   It was a tough call to make - normally traveling at night was not the wise thing to do but they had the wounded to think of and the sooner they got them back to better medical care at the fort or even town, the better. He decided darkness or not, they would head back and issued the appropriate orders.   They kept the pace deliberately slow but steady. He wasn't worried about Indian attack - Plains Indians did not attack at night and besides that war party was good as destroyed and definitely dispersed.  No, the bigger danger was loss of a horse or horses to prairie dog holes or god knows what else whilst traveling in the darkness.   Then there was a holler from ahead.   @MD  @Bongo @Flip @Javia
    • Both men had agreed, it had been a hell of a day. That Bannister came to them had been unexpected, but welcomed.  As they walked to the hotel after stabling their mounts they paused on the porch, taking up seats on the porch. Both men silent as they turned over the events of the day. Neither weary as they should be after a long hard ride back to Kalispell.   "This shapes up different than I was thinking it would. I mean hell, this is father against daughter." Cook said, "Seen a few that was father-son, never father-daughter."   "Odd one, that's fer shore. Now This Elias Steelgrave, you know much about him?" McNue asked, wonder what type of man is a threat to his own flesh and blood.   "Some, none of it good, and none of it arrestable, if that's even a word. The man skirts the law in a way he gets what he's after without consequence. Though I've heard there's a dark past with some bodies, but again, no real proof. Well, we'll check in with Guyer in the morning, see what we can do."   "Sounds to be a good idea, as dos gettin' our fair share 'o shuteye." McNue agreed. Both men got to their feet and entered the hotel. On this night their prospective of what was happening had changed.
Aurelian Redmond

The Redmonds Have a Dinner Guest

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Mature Content: Highly doubt it.

With: The Redmonds: Aurelian, Clara, and Wyatt
Location: Redmond farm
When: August 1876
Time of Day: Mid afternoon




Aurelian pulled up his two horse wagon next to the Wigfall boarding house and applied the brake, probably not really necessary, his horses were so used to this sort of thing they knew to wait. He was dressed for the occasion, wearing a dark suit with a tie and his good hat, he looked the part of a town gentleman rather than dirt farmer he really was. He had trimmed his mustache and what passed for a goatee, his dress shoes were shined.



He had debated bringing along some flowers to present Lucinda but Clara felt that might be a bit too much, it's not like he was courting afterall. Just a friendly visit then a home cooked meal. Sometimes Aurelian thought he was more of a romantic than his no nonsense daughter but then she had fallen for a boy and gotten herself...............umm, married. There was a time when Aurelian thought the girl might never even meet a boy she liked...let alone marry one. Granted, in his opinion, the town and local ranches didn't exactly have a wide choice of suitable young men. The stress was on suitable not actual numbers.


As he then approached the front door to the place, he mentally rehearsed his greeting to the woman. One did not want to say the wrong thing and she think him an idiot. The next thing was now that he had arrived, did he knock on the door or did he just go right on in - it was a boarding house afterall not a private residence. Hell if he knew, he had never visited a boarding house before. With a last second pause of indecision he decided to knock, there was a convenient door knocker there. He gave it a few raps then cleared his throat and waited.




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The door opened to Jemima Wigfall, wearing her dowdiest smock and mop cap and her filthiest pinny, clutching a dustpan and brush. "What?!" she started shortly, then saw who it was. "Oh, howdy Mr Redmond." she greeted the handsome widower. 


For one brief second the dream that he was calling on her flitted across her yearning heart, but he soon disabused the poor girl of that fantastic notion and she called back: "MRS DEITRICH! MR REDMOND'S HERE FOR YOU!!!" in a voice loud enough to alert both Lucinda, the rest of the inmates of the boarding house, and the neighbours on either side. 


"You look nice." she told him while they waited: her voice its usual flat and toneless self, but amour sparkling in her piggy black eyes as she looked him up and down. "Going anywhere special?" she asked, so she could later imagine herself in Lucinda's place.


The shout had roused the bored inhabitants of the building. From the front parlour came Hector Wigfall and a couple of curious guests, and Mrs Wigfall from the Kitchen, all crowding into the hallway. "Howdy Mr Redmond!" Hector called past Jemima "How about the price of them turnips?" Mrs Wigfall pushed her daughter out of the way, rather roughly, "Oh, won't you come in for a macaroon while you wait, Mr Redmond" she gushed.  "My, don't you look nice? Are you going anywhere special?" "I asked him that already" complained Jemima, trying to fight her way to the front of the crowd.


"Here she comes!" shouted one of the guests as a female clomping was heard on the stairs. But it was just the sweet old lady from room 7, come to see what the noise was about. Well, entertainment was short in Kalispell these days, since the feud had died down.




[Sorry, couldn't resist!]


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Lucinda had meant to be waiting by the door to eliminate a scene like the one that confronted her now, but fiddling with her hair and the collar on her blouse had put her upstairs in front of her mirror when Aurelian knocked.


Poor Aurelian. Being ambushed by the Wigfall clan alone was bad enough, but all the other boarders where standing around now. She descended the stairs quickly, brushing past everyone and picking up the last few questions thrown at Aurelian. How nice he looked...he was all dressed up.


She tried to hide the excitement that lit up her eyes, and brushed her hands over her favorite wine-colored skirt to brush her nerves into place. Aurelian was no damsel in distress, but he should not have to face such a barrage of questions alone.


Reaching for her hat beside the door, she gave Aurelian an apologetic smile and then turned to face Jemima. "Mr. Redmond has kindly agreed to give me a tour of his homestead," she said calmly. Then to Mrs. Wigfall, she said, "We have plans for dinner so I'm afraid we can't linger."


She just ignored Hector.


Turning to Aurelian, she held out her arm. "Shall we?"



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The look on Aurelian's face, though he did try to disguise it, showed he was less than pleased to have to now spend time with the whole Wigfall family plus some of their boarders whom he did not even know. Frankly it was none of their damn business.


He did reply with a simple "hello" back to Jemima and was surprised when she hollered for Lucinda that he had arrived. How the devil did she even know that? Apparently Lucinda must have told the Wigfalls.


"Thank you," he replied to her compliment of how he looked.


As to her question about where they were going, that was something she did not need to know so he simply gave no reply. By then the others had flooded up like the circus was in town. Mrs. Wigfall then repeated her daughter's questions .


"Perhaps," he answered, leave 'em guessing.


Mercifully, there came Lucinda then down the stairs, looking very nice in that dress too. He smiled up at her, ignoring his inquisitors.


"Mr. Redmond has kindly agreed to give me a tour of his homestead," she said calmly. Then to Mrs. Wigfall, she said, "We have plans for dinner so I'm afraid we can't linger."


"Indeed," Aurelian nodded tersely, his eyes firmly on the woman, paying no mind to the herd.


Turning to Aurelian, she held out her arm. "Shall we?"


"I do believe we shall," and arm in arm they quickly exited the building.









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Posted (edited)

Mrs Wigfall, Hector Wigfall, Jemima Wigfall, the sweet little old lady from Room 7, and the two boarders from the parlour all spilled out onto the street after them, some waving them off with their hands, some waving handkerchiefs, with generic and well meaning shouts of "Goodbye!" "Have a great time!" "Safe travels" and Hector's unmistakable sardonic voice warning cheekily "Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Even a couple of passers-by stopped to pull out handkerchiefs and join in the waving.


As mentioned, entertainment was a commodity hard to come by in Kalispell, in those far off days.


"Oh don't they make a lovely couple!" beamed Mrs Wigfall, who had a great blow to her romantic life of late, and felt the resultant void deeply. "You can almost hear the wedding bells."


"She's not right for him." replied Jemima flatly, jealousy writ large about her peevish features. 


@Bailey @Wayfarer [I guess my work here is done].

Edited by Javia (see edit history)
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Lucinda adjusted her hat after Aurelian, being the gentleman that he was, helped her into the wagon. She didn't know how far it was to the Redmond farm, and it wouldn't do to get sunburn on the way there.


"Will Clara be joining us today?" she asked, blocking out the noise of her building-mates' good wishes and Hector's unsettling advice. There was a lot of grey area in what he wouldn't do.


Her stomach jiggled a little uncertainly, like the filling in a chicken pie right before it got put in the oven. This was the first time she'd been out with a man in a situation like this, and society's expectations were different out here. Back home, she wouldn't have gone out without a chaperone.


She laughed at herself and waved at one of the people waving handkerchiefs. Back home, she'd been unmarried. Here, she was a widow. Surely that made her riding out with Aurelian all right. Even if it was all right or not, she was doing it. And she was going to enjoy it.

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