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Barnabas Pike

Recovering and Discovering

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Mature Content: no, or short info if needed (example: Yes, violence).

With: Pike, Linda Everson, waitress, Speed Guyer
Location: Cafe
When: September 1875
Time of Day: Morning




The brisk morning air was refreshing as Pike stepped out of the boarding house onto the board walk, scanning the street in both direction, more out of habit than interest. This was his first day out of his room, and out of the boarding house itself.


The guns felt heavy, but good hanging from their belts. His shoulder might slow down on hand, but not the other, if it came to that. Pronto had thought to leave his guns behind, but after being shot he was on the cautious side. Oh he understood the risks, he could well be taken from behind, and have no chance at his attacker, however, he had a chance with his guns, no chance without them.


In the weeks he’d been laid up he’d given a lot of thought to his being ambushed. He was following Case Steelgrave when a rider appeared and fired before he could react. There was something beyond the top of the hill that the man was protecting, but what exactly was that?


He stepped through the door of the café and took a table toward the back of the room, sitting where he could face the door. He could have eaten as he had at the boarding house, today he hankered for something different, and in different surroundings, with different folks.


“Good morning, what can I get you?” The voice, bright and cheery, came from the young lady before him, threads of hair hanging loose about a pretty smiling face.


“Like ta have me a beef steak, rare an’ a mess’a eggs over once’t. Coffee’d be fine too, an’ keep that a comin’.” He responded, already in a better mood. Not that Missus Everson’s cooking was anything short of great, but a change wuld be good, or so he thought.


“Yes sir, be right up.” Came the reply and the young lady dashed off, returning with a steaming mug, the smell of the coffee filling his nostrils. And off she went.




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Pronto sat back in the chair and watched those already at their breakfast, cooped up in his room while healing had all but driven him crazy. He was a man that liked his freedom. A bound up shoulder had pretty much prevented that, of course the need to generate new blood had him quite weak.


But today he felt much stronger and the need to be out of doors was overpowering, so here he was, seated at a table watching the folks in the room and the goings on out on the street just beyond the windows. It felt good. Though he realized he was not yet ready to ride, and gunplay was a risk he’d rather not take for the time being. What he knew, which was not much, someone had shot him and there appeared to be no reason for it, yet Pronto believed there was more to it than some fellow that liked shooting people.


What was the motive? Protecting Steelgrave? Or was there another reason for the attempt on his life? If so, what could that be? At some point real soon, he intended to find out, there was a debt to be paid.


“Here you are, sir.” The young woman said as she set down the plate. “I’ll just get that coffee and be right back.”



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