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Jack Asher

Bloody Jack Asher Comes to Town

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Knocking on the door of her room, he waited for an answer.

Leah had completed getting ready for dinner with Doctor Danforth and was merely waiting for him to call, but there was time yet,, when the came upon her door. ‘My, he’s early.’ She thought as she rose and walked to the door, opening it with a smile.


“Yes?” She asked in a pleasant tone of voice.

Meanwhile, Matt had made his way back into the hotel lobby.  Seeing the two men, he smiled as he went over to them.  "Gentlemen, I do hope there isn't anything wrong.  As you know at the Belle, we value our guests' privacy and don't like to disturb them unnecessarily."


He paused for a moment, before continuing, "I also don't like my employees being roughed up in any way.  May I suggest that you think about this before you ask for any assistance in the future."

Bannister held up a hand to Santee, “Excuse me, but we have roughed up no one. My associate may have spoken gruffly to your man, but we certainly did not lay a hand on him. We are here on Steelgrave business, business with Miss Steelgrave that is urgent. We are following protocol set by Mister Steelgrave himself in asking your man to let her know we are here.”


If, for one second Elias Steelgrave believed they had gone against his wishes, there would be hell to pay. Let alone the wrath of Leah Steelgrave. He had attempted to be as polite as possible, even for a man in the grab of a cowhand. 'But,' he thought, 'we'll just see how this turns out.'


Moving to a new thread. Pink In Town



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You're too kind, Miss Devereau," Jack said. "But your kindness is welcome. Perhaps when we have a moment to talk, you can tell me a bit more about yourself. Like how such a lovely young lady came to find herself here in Montana Territory. Nothing wrong with being here as far as I can see. I've just got a curious nature. That's a part of why Pinkerton recruited me, back when the war started."



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He was complimentary right back and then professed his curiosity about how she ended up here in this town, in this place. Fair enough questions, Matilda supposed even though the actual answer was rather.....complex.  She smiled.


"You know, Jack, if you had asked that in your capacity as a Pinkerton I would have told you none of your business but since you are asking nicely and out of simple curiosity...I will tell you. Would you like to hear me tell you the story of my life here and now or wait til you come in next time. I do not want to keep you from your business of running down miscreants," she smiled demurely.



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"As much as the prospect of talking with you a while longer this evening gives me pleasure," Jack said. "I think I'll finish this beer and go visit the town marshal. Unless there's a need for secrecy, I prefer local law to be aware of my presence not long after I arrive. But you can be certain I'll return to call on you, Miss Devereau." Jack drained his beer and then settled his bill with Flandry. He rose and put on his hat, then tipped his hat to Matilda. "Until we meet again, Miss Devereau," he said, before exiting the saloon, off in search of the town marshal.



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