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Pink In Town

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Mature Content: Add yes, no, or short info if needed (example: Yes, violence).

With: List characters and NPCs in the thread.
Location: Belle St. Regis Hotel Lobby
When: September 1875
Time of Day:  Evening.




large.Bannister.jpg.aecdccccee8932cce6740c6edc305d35.jpglarge.Santee.jpg.94847727987a9a96e3b8bb128a4ef05d.jpg1646524572_1leahsteelgrave.jpg.ba1c69f5c72ea4cd13ccf06033a083e1.jpg“Yes?” She asked in a pleasant tone of voice.

Meanwhile, Matt had made his way back into the hotel lobby.  Seeing the two men, he smiled as he went over to them.  "Gentlemen, I do hope there isn't anything wrong.  As you know at the Belle, we value our guests' privacy and don't like to disturb them unnecessarily."


He paused for a moment, before continuing, "I also don't like my employees being roughed up in any way.  May I suggest that you think about this before you ask for any assistance in the future."

Bannister held up a hand to Santee, “Excuse me, but we have roughed up no one. My associate may have spoken gruffly to your man, but we certainly did not lay a hand on him. We are here on Steelgrave business, business with Miss Steelgrave that is urgent. We are following protocol set by Mister Steelgrave himself in asking your man to let her know we are here.”


If, for one second Elias Steelgrave believed they had gone against his wishes, there would be hell to pay. Let alone the wrath of Leah Steelgrave. He had attempted to be as polite as possible, even for a man in the grab of a cowhand. 'But,' he thought, 'we'll just see how this turns out.'


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Matt nodded, "Very well.  It seems Mr. Simpson may have over-reacted in this case.  He has a very nervous disposition. In light of this misunderstanding, may I offer you a couple of complimentary drinks from our bar?"


What he didn't need what to make any trouble with the Steelgraves and anybody who worked for them.  His mission and his business depended on staying in the good books of the Steelgraves for as long as possible.  Going off half-cocked over a minor incident was not an option.


8 hours ago, Flip said:

“Yes?” She asked in a pleasant tone of voice.

Walter cleared his throat.  "Miss Steelgrave, two of your men wish to speak to you on an urgent matter.  They are waiting down in the lobby for you."



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1646524572_1leahsteelgrave.jpg.ba1c69f5c72ea4cd13ccf06033a083e1.jpglarge.Bannister.jpg.aecdccccee8932cce6740c6edc305d35.jpglarge.Santee.jpg.94847727987a9a96e3b8bb128a4ef05d.jpgWalter cleared his throat.  "Miss Steelgrave, two of your men wish to speak to you on an urgent matter.  They are waiting down in the lobby for you."


“Of course Mister Simpson, and thank you. I assure you my men would not be troubling you if it weren’t of the utmost importance.” Leah responded. She was dressed for her dinner engagement with Doctor Danforth so going down to the lobby right then was no problem at all. “I’ll follow you down, if you don’t mind.”

Once in the lobby she saw Bannister and Santee, both hat in hand, as they should be, waiting. She walkover to them with a smile, motioning them to an alcove.


“Ma’am, I felt you needed to know that there is a Pinkerton Detective in Kalispell, over at the saloon as we speak.” Bannister stated his case quickly and to the point.


Leah looked to Santee, “Ride for the Evergreen and alert my father, then on to Whitefish and my brother.”


“Yes ‘um.” And out the door he went.


Leah smiled and looked back to Bannister. “You might keep you eye on this fellow.”


“I’ll do that Ma’am.” Was the response and he too left quickly. ‘They are good men.’ She thought.


TBC in Whitefish Thread "Pinkerton-Threat or Not."

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