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Joint Posting vs. Post-by-Post


Help me!


I am confused! I see channels labeled #jp-tags and #open-tags in the site's Discord. What is the difference? What is joint-posting?

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At Sagas, we do two kinds of posting. The first is post-by-post (PbP, because I'm lazy), the second is joint-posting or JPs. 



This is the style of posting that is most common in forum roleplaying. A character starts a thread (scene or series of posts). At the end of their post, they tag their writing partner or a specific character (Hint: you can only tag the writer's OOC account on our forum). The next person answers the tag by replying to the thread starter or most recent post. This style adds to each person's post count - or in our site's case - each character's post count.



When we refer to joint-posting or JPing, we are talking about direct responses within one post. This style of posting is particularly useful for short dialog replies. However, edited posts do not show up as new like replies to a thread do. That means that sometimes you need to manually add tags to our #jp-tags channel in Discord.


See Posting Guide for more information (ADD LINK)

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