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    • "We'll have to get on over to the dinning room them. Afraid it's liable to be a bit more like Kalispell than Frisco." He said. "But it'll be good food, just not what we've been used too. Will be up on the hill, for sure.  I was told this is the best hotel because it was a ways out across the river from town, and it was solid built."   "The wealth on the hill is such that all most everything around it is growing at a fast pace. You'll really see that when we visit the Capitol, Carson City. Supposedly discovered by Kit Carson and General John Freemont on their way to Sacramento in. At least Freemont named the river after him back in '43 or '44. Nothin' was there then."   "All that made me hungry too, let's go eat an then take us a walk across the river, or along it, which ever you want." @Bongo
    • That did not take long. Cookie rang the triangle and shouted his best but in the end he sent the kid to roust all but the closest to him. Rance joined young Wheeler in the line, a bit out of the wind, but mostly in it for the moment. It seemed calmer up by the wagon.   "That had ta be bad back there. The wind drivin' the dust an' the smell, but should this wind let up you'll be on flank, left flank, then right, then back to the drag. It'll be me, Dallas, an' Dixie. eatin' dust tomorrow. But at least we got hot grub, won't always be that'a way out here though, every trip is different."   And they moved up steadily. @Bongo
    • "Nothing to discuss? I am surprised, Jonah. Why, if we have time for breakfast, there will be much to discuss regarding the hospital as well as the start of the orphanage. Hopefully that the railroad will be completed, or close to it by then." She smiled brightly. "Things will be different by then."   "My hope is that we get through all of this without my fathers interference causing delays, or real problems with the builders. You know we could get well into October before the snow flies, but I'm not counting on that. The winter will stop construction until the thaw." She stated, but the smile was still there, "But it will be well underway!" @Bongo
    • "Pleased ta meet ya, Rance."  Justus gave the man a nod, then lined up with the others for grub.  Maybe he could get some sleep despite the wind.  He surely was tired enough, and until there was something that concerned him, he didn't need to be concerned.   First, though, a full belly!  As the line progressed, he he nodded to the kid who was the cook's help.  "Times like this, I bet yer glad ya don't have ta be on th' downwind end of a herd'a cows!"   @Flip
    • "It's good to know you'll have the best working on the project, you've come this far, you don't need to risk the quality with less than the best working on it."  Even though he had no doubt that the crew would be excellent, it was reassuring to know that the man hand picked for the job would actually be on site overseeing it.  That way, too, he'd be there if Leah needed to discuss anything with him, and Jonah had a good feeling that was going to happen!   He grinned and took a sip of coffee.  "Just think, this time next year it will all be over!  We'll have a fine hospital with the best equipment...and nothing to discuss over breakfast!"   @Flip  

Pinkerton-Threat or not?


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Mature Content: No.

With: Elias Steelgrave, Case Steelgrave, Cole Latham
Location: Evergreen Ranch, Whitefish
When: September 14, 1875
Time of Day: Afternoon





Santee rode through the night, not pushing his horse. The man in question was in Kalispell asking questions, that from what he had heard, did not implicate the Steelgraves. He would make the twenty-five or so miles in six to seven hours, the main house was a bit off the trail, but not far enough to make that much of a difference.

Dawn would be breaking as he neared the main house. Santee figured that by the time he’d made this stop and then got to Whitefish and informed Case it would be close to noon, and hen food and rest before he went back to Kalispell.


There was a sigh of relieve as Santee came upon the house and lights were burning, meaning that Elias was up, and that would be good for everyone concerned. He trotted into the yard and up to the hitch post, swinging down and tying off his reins before striding up to the door. He paused, then knocked. The door swung open and the Chinese stood there looking at him. Never had caught the servant’s name. “Here to see Mister Steelgrave.” The Chinaman nodded and scurried off, the door hanging open.


“Well damn it! Show him in!” It was Ellias, loud and not happy. The Chinaman was there in an instant.


“You come.” He said, leading Santee, hat in hand, into the parlor.


“What the hell’s so damned important you bother a man at sun up?” Elias barked.


“Sir, Miss Leah sent me to let you know that there’s a Pinkerton man in Kalispell asking questions, but not about you or the family.” Santee informed Elias, the words tumbling out quickly.


Elias glared at him. “Well? Who the sam hell’s he asking about?”


“Sir, a woman name’a, uh, name’a Dorthy, ah, Dorthy Parsons. Wanted in Texas ‘er some such. Miss Leah thought you should know.”


“I’ll be go ta hell! She’s in Whitefish, was here earlier today and I sent her there. Damn. One Pinkerton you say?”


Santee nodded as he said, “yep, just the one far as we know. Full’a bluster ‘n blow. “Names Asher, if that means anything.”


“You get on to Whitefish. Get a new mount and get the lead out! You hear? Case will know what needs to be done.”


End thread

Continued in "Settlin' In"

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