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The Long March

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@Glenn @Longshot



Introducing new character, Maj. Nathan Brittles. If @Glenn agrees!


Harriet Mercer and Quentin Cantrell are in middle of driving 25 head of cattle to Fort Poison (aka Fort Kilpatrick). Within a short distance of the fort, Indians (?) ambush us, run off a majority of the cattle. Harriet, Quentin, 2 hands & wagon driver barely make it to the fort. Maj. Brittles is there or arrives, fight fight, win, head for Kalispell.


Characters Requested

Quentin Cantrell, Harriet Mercer, Nathan Brittles, Fort Poison CO (NPC, probably @Longshot will write him), other NPCs).


Anything Else

Glenn, if you're at all interested in this plot, just reply, give your ideas and / or alternate suggestions. You could also write Nathan's arrival/progress to the incident in an opener since Longshot and I would need time to get H and Q to the fort.


This is just an idea... no one dies if you don't like it. :D . 


@Players  We could probably squeeze in one more character. Maybe someone traveling with Brittle's detachment from Missoula or something?

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US cavalry on the western frontier has long been a passion of mine. I've read loads of books about the topic, went to the Little BigHorn to tour that battlefield, listened to lectures on the subject, and I also play a cavalry officer in another western rpg now. So sure, I could play an NPC cavalryman or two.



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Just a few notes...


Long ago, Sagas of the Wild West had a fictional fort called Fort Kalispell. It was originally a stockaded French trading fort that was later modified for US military use. At that time, the US Army relocated the civilian town, and Kalispell was created. It was a good plan and backstory, but since no one showed any interest in the fort, it went away when we moved from Nova to a forum roleplay platform.


Since we did not want to have Quentin and Harriet undertaking hundreds of miles of a cattle drive, we created another fictional fort just for this story. This one was set 25 - 30 miles south of Kalispell, at the southern tip of Flathead Lake (Kalispell is seven miles north of the lake). Fort Poison was also a converted trading fort and is located next to the town of Poison. It's real name is  Fort Kilpatrick but is nicknamed Fort Poison. This is where Quentin and Harriet are heading with the contracted cattle.


To accommodate adding a military presence in Kalispell, we came up with a backstory for Glenn's character, Nathan Brittles. He has been assigned to secure the land and oversee the building of a new fort, which will be designated Fort Lincoln.


Adelaide Chappel (Addy) has joined Brittles and his men as they make the journey from Missoula to Kalispell.


In reality, Indians rarely attacked a fort. The army's firepower would make it a suicide, and they know this. We will make an exception at Fort Poison. Perhaps there is only a small complement left, waiting for the final move to the new fort in Kalispell. The CO of Fort Poison is a bloodthirsty glory hound, so maybe he has committed acts that lead this band of Indians to feel they have no other recourse... motives and facts can come out in the process of writing this story.


Before Brittles' arrival at Poison, a small band of the same Indians will attack the small cattle drive, run off the cattle and chase Quentin, Harriet, and the three others with them into the fort. And this is where some action will take place. Needless to say, there will be some issues with the CO over the loss of the contracted cattle. Never mind the fact that we have hostiles at the front gate!


More to come....

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@Players @Sr. Moderator @Members


First of all - everyone has done great on The Long March.


After talking to @Longshot, we are going to assume that the cattle are successfully rounded up without incident rather than play that part out. Harriet, Quentin, and some men from the fort get them brought in. This way, we can focus on the Indian attack subplot.


I am also recommending that we start a completely new thread for that so that the other posts in the current thread can wind down.


Any objections or questions?

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Re: The Long March suggestion.

I have no problem with cutting it short, and going right to the attack.


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OK y'all, help me out!


@Longshot @Glenn What's the action plan, if any? Should I start a new thread topic having the cattle rounded up and brought in without incident. I read the posts but wasn't sure what is coming next. Please update this thread or the plotting channel in our Discord to help me figure out where to go next with this. ;) I losted me. LOL

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@Longshot We can either start a new post and play it out, unless you want to just write something that says we went out and found the cattle. or maybe just some of them, and that it appeared the Indians butchered some......say thy butchered 3 out of 10.


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