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Nathan Brittles

A Long March

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Brittles looked at Addy. "We'll be heading out to Fort Kilpatrick tonight." Brittles turned to his aide. "Lieutenant, have the men prepare to mount, we're moving out." With that Farley rode off.


Brittles looked at Harriett. "Once we reach Fort Kilpatrick, I'll report to the colonel, and if he gives his permission, we'll start trying to track your cattle. I hope that meets with your approval, Miss Mercer."

Brittles mounted his horse. "I hope, while we're at Kilpatrick, you ladies will do me the pleasure of dining with me."


With that, he rode off.



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Harriet smiled at Addy, "Thank you for the offer, Addy. I do appreciate it. However, I prefer to continue on to Fort Kilpatrick since it is less than five miles off. I have no idea why that man," she shot a glare at the major's retreating back, "keeps talking about Kalispell."


She then whirled around to look at Quentin, "I am not having hardtack and beans in a tent, Quentin Cantrell. I do not care how many bottles of whatever it is that you brought."


Honestly, Harriet was confused why the Major kept mentioning Kalispell since they were more than twenty-five miles away from the town. Did he really not know that Fort Kilpatrick was just over the rise, next to the lake? He certainly seemed single-minded about it...and about setting up camp for the night. "You may certainly do as you like for the night. I am riding to Fort Poison." Harriet turned to her horse and began checking the saddle straps, making sure all was still in working order. As she worked she muttered, "will not ALLOW me...As if anyone could stop me!"


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Major Brittles led his command into Fort Poison. 

He saw that the wagons driven by his soldiers, were all accounted for, then the horses were unhitched and cared for. 

Any  wagons driven by civilians were stationed near the other wagons, and their horses were taken care of by the soldiers.


After seeing that all his people were taken care of, he approached the fort's commanding officer's quarters. Once inside, he saw a Lieutenant at a desk and when the Lieutenant saw him, he came to attention. "Can I help you, major?"

"Major Nathan Brittles. I'm here to report in and pay my respects to the commanding officer."


The lieutenant nodded, then knocked on the CO's officer, then enter.




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