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    • "That's quite a bit of responsibility for a young man," Emeline commented, impressed.  "It shows a good deal of character."  Hopefully not at the expense of life in general and Clara specifically.  It was too easy to be consumed with your work and not have time for anything else.  but if he could find that time, Emeline thought that he might be the sort of gentleman that Clara needed.   "Well, you know he wouldn't owe me if he borrowed books, but I understand.  He does seem like someone that would be good for you to get to know better.  Maybe you should ask him on a picnic, I'm sure we can spare some fried chicken and a slice or two of pie!"   @Wayfarer
    • Well, she'd given it a good go, but Addy couldn't ditch the man , and unfortunately she wasn't wearing her pistol, since she was attending a meeting and not going out on the trail.  Of course, she supposed, it would be rather blatant and risky to just shoot the man on the street, so, she figured, it was better anyway to lure him into the barn, where one of the huge draft horses could 'panic' and trample him to death...   Such dark thoughts!  Addy shook her head, but then, she'd do whatever she had to to protect Weedy.   Turning to face the man, her nose wrinkled up.  He had the look of a lawyer about him...one that had been eaten by a bear and was fighting to get out!   "Yeah?  Whacha want?"   @Javia
    • “Well, yeah, she is. She’s nineteen now, getting to be an old maid, and what with bein’ too attractive for men to dare to ask her out, she’s scared she’ll miss the boat; she’ll just be left there to sit, all alone, on that big pile of money she’s goin’ to inherit when her rich old uncle dies.”   The way this odd girl was gushing on about this enchanting and soon to be rich gal was simply too good to be true. All that going for her and yet she was supposedly available and just waiting for some dirt poor young cowpoke she never met come and sweep her up? It was all a load of bull shit, Billy scoffed.   "Don't believe you for a minute, besides............."   He then came up with what he thought a brilliant excuse to get away from her and her madwoman schemes. Surely even this girl would not follow him into a bath house. Not to mention the owner would definitely kick her right out. Well, Billy did not reckon with Arabella alright.   “What d’ya want to do throwing away money on bathhouses for? You can have a bath for free, right now, right here!” she jerked a thumb toward the stairs. “Ms Deverau’ll have just finished hers. Water’ll still be nice warm and I can top it up with that kettle I just boiled for the plates. And she don’t tiddle in the water like some folks do.”    "Deverau? Ain't that the lady who owns this place? Like I am gonna go jump in her bathtub without a by your leave? She might well shoot me or have that bartender of hers do it. Word has it that man is a real killer too. I'm not taking that risk," Billy protested.   “Listen, I was watchin’ you playin’ cards in there, and you looked to me like a feller who was just about to have a winnin’ streak. So, you go have a bath, first door on the right…” she frowned down at his hand and then tugged at his right sleeve “… that’s that side, and then go back in there, get in the game, win a whole bunch of money, and you can buy Bridget Monahan a nice bunch of flowers when you take her for a promenade after church tomorrow. I’ll get Mundee to come and stand next to you at the card table and put her hand on yer shoulder, blondes are good luck for gamblers, y'know!”   "Bridget Monahan? That's this beautiful rich lady friend of yers? I know of her. She is some sort of a half-wit who wanders the streets all the time. Somethin's wrong with one of her legs too, limping about like she does," he frowned.   "Well no thanks, not to mention the fact i don't ever go to any church services. As for that bath, I was almost tempted but only a fool would trespass onto that woman's private quarters. I already got one of the Lost Lake owners wantin' to shoot me first chance he gets, don't need a big shot woman lookin' to do the same," once more he started to try his escape.
    • I think it wrapped up nice there.
    • [Sarah, Leah, Anaesthesia]   Directing her attention back to the young lady who was now addressing her, she took a deep breath, "Yes, I agree with your summation that Miss Steelgrave's plans should be looked at in great detail before a decision is made.”   “I am gratified that such an eloquent voice is joined with mine” smiled Anaesthesia, but Sarah’s initial sally was merely a feint. There was an almost inevitable ‘however’:   “I am sure the town council is doing just that and I hope we all have the good sense to know that those men will endeavour to make sure that they have all the information they need to do so.  Hence my question, which unfortunately now seems to have become an opportunity for certain ladies who are currently in the audience to disrupt this meeting."   Miss Orr might not have been a young woman of supernatural intelligence, but she possessed an undeniable advantage over many of her more cerebral peers, she listened. She smiled again, lighting up that angelic face, and held out an innocent white lace gloved hand to the older and wiser woman sitting on the front row of seats. “Then please, most respected Madame, will you not join me in asking her? I am young and silly and know so little of the world, but I do know that I must learn. For although our affairs may be so often in the hands of men, are not we, their wives, daughters, mothers and sisters, most often in the position to influence them so very strongly for what is good and right?”   Big blue honest eyes searched the shrewder brown gaze of the worldly wise writer from the civilised West Coast, who needs must either grasp that plaintiff offered hand or overtly reject it.   @JulieS @Flip

Fort Maybe, Fort Maybe Not

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Nothing in this plot idea is carved in stone! I am placing it in Site-Wide Plots because it has the potential of involving almost all of our characters. Glenn gets the final word since his character, Maj. Nathan Brittles is the lead.

Major Nathan Brittles will be arriving in the region. His orders are to secure land for a new fort (Fort Lincoln). He will then oversee its construction and take command of it when it is completed. It should be easy, right?

Not so much!

Possible plot points...

Competition between Whitefish and Kalispell to get the fort since it means that many more men in the area with money to spend. 

Land already belongs to XX (??, to be decided on), and they don't like the whole eminent domain decree.

Plenty of opportunities to encounter all of the characters as Brittles tries to carry out his orders.

Historical Notes

Everyone, please chime in... 

Frontier forts rarely were stockaded or walled. At most, they usually had a perimeter fence (See the rough sketch of 1874 Fort Laramie).

I need some feedback on what a fort-like this would have in the way of men/staff.

Once we have most of the details decided on, we'll do a wiki page and add Fort Lincoln to our Places.

Remember, we're doing this for Glenn's character Nathan (and hoping to attract a few players to his command maybe), so the final say on plot elements are his. I'm just helping out by getting it all set-up in writing!


Everyone feel free to comment, make suggestions and help Glenn out!



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Stormie and I were talking and yes, very few army forts out west bothered with walls. Bit more likely down in the deeper southwest due to adobe but even then often not. Indians went on the warpath mostly just to raid their enemies, a target like a manned fort even if it's only buildings is just too risky. The Indians would more than likely lose a bunch of warriors, something they could not afford. So there were almost no attacks on forts - only big one I can think was in Minnesota during the Civil War when the garrison had been reduced as most soldiers were off fighting the Civil War elsewhere.


I think especially with winter coming on, the soldiers would be more concerned with getting some building with roofs up so as to survive the Montana winter better. Hell with walls. :)

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Hey! I want to thank everyone for their participation in this thread, ongoing discussions in Discord, and all of the wonderful historical assistance. I really do listen and take as much into consideration as I can while still keeping the RPG flowing. It is a balancing act to keep the feel of history and still blend the action and stories in the style of the old TV and movie westerns. With everyone's help, I think we are doing a superb job.


With all of that in mind - here is my understanding of where we are going...some of it with creative license.


Below is Longshot's plot idea regarding why so many local Indians came together and are willing to take on Fort Poison (real name: Fort Kilpatrick).


Okay, so my idea is this: The combined Army/Lost Lake group fends off the scouts and the group that attacked the cattle herd, but they also realize there are more warriors in the area...way more than either group of Indians encountered so far would account for. Now I figure they make their way to the Fort and meet the CO, who is pleased with word about the warriors around the fort, because he views it as a chance to engage the Indians in a set piece battle once and for all...which is why he is holding the son of the tribal chief as a prisoner and has spread the word he plans to execute him for crimes against the local settlers (no such has happened). Colonel No Name Yet figures the results will justify the means if he can bring the Indians to heel in the area and the gambit with the prisoner will be overlooked with a bloody victory for the newspapers to please people at their breakfasts.


Per @Wayfarer, the Plains tribes did not normally have such a cohesive response to anything. We might have to add another backstory layer to give them added incentive to want to free the Chief's son from captivity.


Other Plot Points

  • Major Brittles is on his way north to the Kalispell region to oversee the building of the new fort (Fort Lincoln) and take command of it.
  • Colonel Crazy As Yet Unnamed may or may not be aware that Fort Kilpatrick (Fort Poison) is being decommissioned and he is being recalled / reassigned.
  • Fort Kilpatrick was originally built as a trading "fort". It has a low fence between some of the buildings to help contain livestock and the like. It is not a massive stockaded fort.
  • Harriet and Quentin with 3 NPCs (not named except for wagon driver, Weems) were driving a herd of 25 cattle to the fort to fulfill a contract with Lost Lake Ranch when they were attacked by a band of Indians. They managed to escape during the melee and have made it to the meadow where Brittles, his men, and Addy are. Indians are in pursuit.

?? I am assuming we all need to get to Fort Poison, find out Colonel Crazy's plots and all of that.


Fort Lincoln

  • The original plan was that Brittles would scout out and secure land for the location of Fort Lincoln. While doing that, he and his men would set up camp in the Kalispell "Fairgrounds" (a large meadow west of town bordered by the fictional Chogun River. (I know! I need to work on maps).
  • Again, the original plan was to locate the fort between Kalispell and Whitefish. However, after a bit of discussion, we decided that the Steelgraves would oppose that plan since having a large fort near their holdings might infringe on their nefarious dealings.
  • Hence, I made a command decision to locate the fort where originally had it (before I decided to not deal with having a "Fort Kalispell"). Fort Lincoln will be a few miles south of Kalispell on a plateau surrounding by the mythical Chogun River and just to the north of Flathead Lake.


The new Fort Lincoln will be built on the old site of a former trading fort called Fort Kalispell. Not lots of land prep involved, etc. This also means the new fort's residents will be close enough to Kalispell to be involved in lots of threads and storylines.


I am sure I've forgotten things but this is why we have discussion threads in the forums as well as on Discord.


Please let me know if I missed something.


PS: We will do up a wiki page for Fort Lincoln with its current played characters and NPCs.


@Players   @Sr. Moderator   @Members

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Hey, tough luck for the Steelgraves. I doubt the army would care what they thought. The military could appropriate land and the government would pay the owner a  "fair" price for it. 


Sounds good though.

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The Steegraves might object, but would certainly make their own change of plans to fit the narrative and the presence of Federal troops simply by revising Elias' map to facilitate the new fort, but will accept however it goes. Oh...and Elias will blame the Thorntons of course. LOL

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