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Mature Content: No

With: Mike Wentworth, Sam Wentworth, Lost Lake Ranch Hands NPCs
Location: Lost Lake Ranch Bunkhouse
When: Wednesday 15 September 1875
Time of Day: Afternoon




"Not bad. Not bad at all."


"Looks like everything is well kept and maintained," Mike said as he inspected the bunks.  "You should be okay."


"I should," Sam replied, "but it will depend on who I am sharing this with.  You're lucky to have a place on your own."


"One of the perks of being a foreman.  Maybe if I end up getting married and moving to the foreman's house, you can have my room."  He paused for a moment, "That is if I think you'll be good enough for it."


Sam smiled, "Oh, I'll be good enough for it.  I aim to be the top hand around here one day."


"That'll depend on how good the other hands are.  From what Shade told us and from what I can gather about the man himself, they will be nothing but the best."


"Yeah I figured that too but I think the challenge will be worth it."  Sam thudded a mattress in an effort to test how comfortable it was.  Satisfied that it was, he went over to his brother,  "Besides I got to have something to aim for, don't I?"


"You do,"  Mike answered.  Walking over towards the kitchen, he thought about what was ahead of him.  Most of the hands were away on drives and Shade didn't know how many of them would be returning.  Mike knew he would be overseeing a group of about sixteen, judging by the number of bunks.  There was room for more if needed but he would determine that later on.  The first thing he had to do was to take the measure of the four men who were here at the ranch.  They would be back soon and that's when the real work would start.  The job of foreman was something he was very experienced at but if he didn't have the respect of those who worked under him, then it wouldn't matter how good he was at his job.


After inspecting the kitchen and eating area, Mike looked over to Sam, who was busy deciding which of the unused bunks he liked the look of.  "I'm going to head over to my quarters now and get settled in.  The others should be here soon."


Sam acknowledged Mike with a nod and continued checking the bunks.  Mike smiled and walked over to the door that lead to his new home.


(To Be Continued)

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After a few more minutes, Sam finally decided on the bunk he wanted.  He looked around and couldn't see Mike anywhere.  Remembering, that Mike had said something about checking out his quarters, Sam smiled and went over to the table where he had left his things.


Just as he was picking up his saddle bag, the door to the bunkhouse opened and in walked four men, who by the looks of them had been working hard that day.  Two of them were wiping the dust off their clothes with their hats, while the other two were joking about some poor fellow who had gotten into trouble over a saloon girl, the previous Saturday.  All four men, stopped upon seeing Sam.


Sam, knowing that making a good first impression mattered, smiled and said "Howdy."


Stan Iverson, the oldest of the four men nodded, "Howdy."  They had been told that there would be some new fellows arriving today.  As he watched the new arrival go over to the bunk he had chosen, Stan wondered what the others were thinking.  As he looked over to his friends, he could see that Marty and Ben were already cooking up something.


Not worrying about what the others were doing, Sam unpacked his belongings and started putting them away.  However, he was aware when two of the men approached him.  They each took one side and seemed to be greatly interested in what he was doing.


Shifting his head from one side to another, Sam acknowledged them both with another "Howdy."


The taller one of the two was the first to speak.  "I'm Ben and this here's Marty."


Standing up straight, Sam was slightly pleased that he was about inch taller than Ben but was wise not show it.  "I'm Sam."


Marty, adjusted his posture in an effort to make himself a little taller before asking, "You the new foreman?"


"No, that would be my older brother, Mike."


"Your older brother, " Stan said slowly as he gazed over in the direction of the other man still with him.  "It's seems we weren't told the full story."


A smirk appeared on the face of Dan Morgan, "Sorry about that."


"Just how many are you?"


Turning to Marty, Sam smiled, "That depends.  Do you mean here on the ranch or here on the ranch and in Kalispell?"


Taking a moment to process what Sam had said, Marty's face showed his bewilderment, "You mean there's more than two of you."


"'Fraid so."


Marty motioned to Ben and the two of them went over to Stan and Dan.  Sam sat on the bunk, content with watching the four men in a huddle, discussing this latest development.


(to be continued)

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Stepping into his new quarters, Mike took a good look.  Over in the far corner was a small wood stove which was big enough to put a coffee pot on it.  The stove was also a size that would be good enough to keep the room warm during the winter. To his right was a single wrought iron bed.


Closing the door behind him, he walked over to the bed and threw his gear on it.  After a quick test of the mattress to make sure that it was comfortable, he began to unpack his belongings.  Opposite the foot of the bed was a closet and dresser.  Over in the corner was a washstand with a pitcher and bowl which seemed in good condition.  He would have to find out what the bathing arrangements were for the ranch hands.  Surely, on a ranch this size and going by how well the hands were taken care, there would be a separate building that would be used as bathhouse for them.  That was another thing he would have to add to the list to find out about.


In the middle of the room was a small round table that looked big enough to seat four people, even though there were only two chairs there.  The size didn't really matter to him, just as long as he could fit all the paperwork he would be doing on it.


Just as he finished putting away the last of his things, he heard voices coming in from the main room.  It sounded like the men had returned.   Giving his vest a quick pull downwards, he made his way back into the room and found his brother sitting on his bunk watching four men having what look like heated discussion near the front door.


Upon seeing Mike enter the room, Sam got up and went over to his brother.  "Seems that one of them forgot to tell the others the full story."


Mike smiled.  Ranch hands were also joshing or playing tricks with one another and this place was no different.  Sam would have to be on the lookout but as foreman, he had no worries, so long as he stamped his authority right from the start.


Knowing that it was nearly dinner time, Mike stepped forward, "I hate to interrupt but which one of you is the cook?"


The four men, turned to see who the newcomer was.  Realising that it could only be their new boss, Stan was the first to speak, "That would be Dan Morgan."


After a nudge from Ben, Dan nodded, "That'll be me.  I've got everything prepared...just need to cook it, which I aim to do right now."


Dan headed for the kitchen, while the other three men went over to their bunks to take off their chaps.  Mike and Sam went over to the dining table and sat down to wait for them.


(to be continued)

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