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    • Ben was getting the impression, that she was not happy with the delay, "I hope you understand, Miss Steelgrave, that this is a big undertaking and all voices need to be heard.  We have to wait until the spring thaw to allow all interested parties to come into town and have their say.  There will likely be objections and we will hear them out just like we do with anything we vote on.  It would be better if we had a town mayor who could preside over this but if we wait until the elections, it may take even longer.  From what I understand so far, this is something you would like to see happen as soon as possible."     @Flip
    • Nellie's "Chill Tonic" mixer should be a good test of Addy's resilience - she might well be the last one left standing.
    • Emeline can cater some, and will attend as well, and Addy will attend, she likes spiked punch!
    • A proposed plot for early spring of 1876...   The Ladies Society of Kalispell (working name until and if I think of something better) is going to be holding a hospital fundraising event at the hotel.  The guest speaker will be Leah Steelgrave.   Those of us involved (Javia, Flip and me) are still working out the details but we are planning to have the event end up with a bit of a melee thanks to Nellie Miggins adding some extra flavouring to the punch.  It will probably be held on a Sunday after church.   Here's what we've got planned so far... Arabella Mudd will be there, courtesy of Matt Wentworth who has already told her that he is going to send an invite. The Wentworth brothers will be helping to break up the melee (Mike, Sam, and Charlie are visiting Matt). Mike will accidentally rescue Arabella (again) Flip is going to work an idea he has into the plot as well.   I most of the ladies in town will be there and so if you character is going and you want to add to the plot.  Let us know here.   This is a work in progress.
    • "You sound like my parents now.'  Emeline laughed.  "They told me I couldn't keep a horse in my room, nor an elephant!"    She patted the horse's neck, then swung easily up into the saddle.  The mare was just the right size for her, and the saddle comfortable.  Between the gift itself and the circumstances, she couldn't remember a better present.  What she had gotten Barnabas was rather pale in comparison, but gift-giving wasn't a competition.   "She needs a name."  Grinning, she leaned forward to pat the horse's neck, then she suggested, "How about..Noel, for Christmas?"    @Flip
Barnabas Pike

Practice and Lunch

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Mature Content: No.

With: Pronto
Location: Away from town, cafe
When: September 1875
Time of Day: Afternoon.



The Smith and Wesson Russians cleared leather in a heartbeat, both belching fire and lead at the targets tacked to the log. Playing cards cut in half served as the intended measure of his accuracy. Twelve shots, twelve targets, twelve hits.


The roaring of the gunfire stopped, the haze of smoke slowly drifted up and away as both pistols were empty. Pike opened the cylinder catch which popped the spent cartridges out when the barrels fell forward. Pike tucked one under his arm to replace one with fresh ones, then the other. Once reloaded, each was dropped back in their respective holsters.


He studied the target cards, not pleased with his first gun handling since being wounded, and it was getting late in the month, the cold was beginning to set in at night, and that meant the possibility of snow should the temperatures drop suddenly, and rain should make an appearance. But real snow wouldn’t hit until December. Yet rains had washed away any trace of the trail he might have used to trail the man who shot him. He would look anyway.


For the next hour he drew and fired, reloaded, changed target cards and saw steady improvement in his accuracy. Speed of the draw was fine, but accuracy was everything in a real fight. Targets didn’t shoot back. By the time he cleaned up the loose brass and the perforated cards he was quite pleased. The arm was a bit sore, but that was to be expected as it had been favored for sometime during the healing process.


He mounted up turning the Hammerhead Roan toward town thinking he would stop at the café for coffee and maybe a bite of lunch.


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Shade made his way across the street and toward the White Rose Inn and Cafe. He was getting around better although still sporting a slight limp. Being confined to the ranch and ranch house had made him more than slightly stir crazy. Rather than suffer the further effects of cabin fever, Shade had volunteered to drive into town for the supplies Mary Miller needed at the lodge. He didn't even mind that it included a shopping list for herself and Sage.

Entering the cafe, Shade looked around at the patrons. He nodded to a few people he knew, then spotted someone he had not seen in a while. The man had been a big help in the dust-up on Founder's Day.

Walking over to the table, Shade nodded politely at the man, "Pronto...haven't seen you around in a bit. Then again, I haven't been in town lately either. Mind if I join you?" 



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Walking over to the table, Shade nodded politely at the man, "Pronto...haven't seen you around in a bit. Then again, I haven't been in town lately either. Mind if I join you?"  


Pike looked up from his beef steak and eggs and recognized the man immediately. “Have a seat Thompson, been a while. Heard you was set upon by the bear, glad to see you survived. Nasty animals. Was a bit much for a one armed man.”


He reached across and shook the man’s hand. During the time he was healing up, he’d heard plenty about  Thornton's troubles with the Steelgraves, though he couldn’t say that what he’d been told about Leah Steelgrave matched up to the woman he’d met, still he was wary.



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