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Rain Drops Keep Fallin'

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Mature Content: No

Author: Emeline

With: Open
Location: Lick Skillet Cafe
When: September / 1875
Time of Day: Mid-Morning




The rain had tapered off quite a bit, but the streets were still pretty muddy so business had been slow in the morning, and now that it was the lull between breakfast and lunch, Emeline's cafe was quiet.  Not that she minded, she never objected to some time to herself, and it gave her an opportunity to get supper started and to work on some pies.  Even though it was off-season for fresh fruits, there were plenty of preserves, and today Emeline was in the mood for apple crumble and peach cobbler, so she was up to her elbows in four and dough.


Humming a lilting tune, Emeline smiled to herself as she rolled out the dough, enjoying the sound of raindrops on the roof of the porch awning now that it wasn't a deluge that drowned out any other noise.  It could get lonely here sometimes, but that never lasted long, and Emeline kept herself busy so that she didn't dwell on things past, things that couldn't be helped and couldn't be changed.


Besides, she had that lazy ginger tom cat to keep her company, and he didn't argue with her! @Members


@Flip Open








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The door to the cafe opened then and the owner could no doubt hear footsteps on the wooden floor of the cafe main room.  She apparently had customers.


Clara lowered the top of her coat which she had pulled up over her head due to the rain as she looked about the place. Though an occasional visitor to town, she had yet to set foot in this place. The family ate their meals at their farm and cooked by her. This sort of place was a luxury in her opinion. But she had to admit she was curious about it.




Wyatt removed his hat then shook it vigorously in the hopes some of the rain would splatter onto the floor. Well that was until Clara seized his arm and hissed, "Stop that."


Wyatt sighed but obeyed as he then spotted the chalkboard on the wall with what seemed to be a whole listing of foods and such. He stepped closer to get a better look, "They got pie here."


Clara noticed that too, "I am quite confident I can make a better pie than this establishment."


Wyatt frowned, "You don't know that. We should try some so we can compare. "


Clara pondered the menu some more, "Maybe."




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At the sound from the dining area, Emeline called out, "Just a moment!" as she set aside her rolling pin, glad that there were customers to break up the monotony.  Wiping her hands on her apron, she emerged from the kitchen.


"Good morning."  She smiled at the youngsters, wondering if they were customers, curious, or waifs like young Weedy, who came by on occasion to mooch treats in return for sweeping.  No matter, she would deal with whatever came.


"Welcome in from all that rain.  Do you want to have a seat?"


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There was a woman's voice then from another room soon followed by her emergence. Clara eyed her, figuring her for the cook here. Wyatt blinked at her appearance. She reminded him of their mother, even wore her hair like she had. He smiled then. Clara remained unsmiling, it was not really something she did a lot. The young lady was of course much better at being polite and conversational.


"Good morning, ma'am," she replied.


"Howdy," Wyatt wasn't as proper but genuinely friendly to almost everyone. Except for Donnie Trent, he was a bully in school. Donnie was scary.


"I believe we will, thank you," Clara said in response to the offer of a seat, glancing about, "Do you have a preference which table we should take?"



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Well, there was no mistaking that the children were well-behaved, although the girl seemed a bit stand-offish.  But then, she may have good cause, there was no telling, and it really wasn't any of Emeline's business.


"You may sit anywhere you''d like," she answered the girl, but then she turned her attention to the lad.  "But I have heard that that table," she pointed to a table by the window, "comes with free pie!"


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They immediately were told they could pick whatever table they wished, which did make sense Clara figured, it was all about keeping the customers satisfied. But then the woman threw in quite the offer, leastwise Wyatt thought so.


"Really? Well then we'll sit there, won't we, Clara?" though the boy glanced at his sister he didn't hesitate to make a beeline for that table as if someone else was going to suddenly race them for it?


Clara was a bit more suspicious, that seemed a foolish deal for any business to offer? She started trying to figure out if there was perhaps a catch to this then. She couldn't really but made a far more dignified walk to the same table and sat opposite Wyatt.


"Actually we were thinking about ordering pie. My sister says she makes the best pies in the world but we'd love to see how yours taste," Wyatt was far too talkative suddenly for Clara's liking.


"I did not say anything of the sort. How would anyone be able to judge all the pies in the world," she frowned at her goofy brother. Kids!



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The men sat watching the interaction with the children, Pike leaned forward, “Don’t know about you gents, but life as a child, miss it sum, if you know what I mean.”


Phinn snickered, “Yes, yes I do. Where’d all that time go anyway?”


Speed took a breath, “On the road to Appomattox I ‘spose. Went from being boys to becoming men under fire. Changes the perspective of living.”


They sat quiet watching the interactions between Emiline and the kids. “Seems like I ought to be doing something.” Speed reflected.


“You are, yer sittin’ here with us, jawin’.” Pike stated.  “Darn rain anyhow, had thought to take a ride this morning, but not in this.” His eyes not leaving the widow Blakesley.


“I need some inspiration for the paper, but alas, it just isn’t coming.” Phinn bemoaned.  He followed Pie’s eyes and grinned. “Mister Pike, you’re apt to burn a hole in her dress you keep staring like that.”


Pike’s head snapped around and he glared at the newspaper man. “Not likely to happen, Phinn. I was lookin’ out the winda.” Pike’s voice carried more than he would have liked as it caused Emeline To look up quickly, and right at hem. Pike, to save face raised his cup, as Speed seemed to have trouble containing a laugh. “Fine lotta friends you two are.” He all but mumbled.


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"Actually we were thinking about ordering pie. My sister says she makes the best pies in the world but we'd love to see how yours taste,"


"Oh, well, I hope mine measures up."  Emeline held back a chuckle as she nodded to the boy, he was so earnest.  Still, there was an undertone of melancholy -- he reminded her of the potential lost when she'd miscarried...it was why she had a soft spot for boys.


"I did not say anything of the sort. How would anyone be able to judge all the pies in the world," she frowned at her goofy brother. Kids!


"That's a good point," she agreed, "and there are so many sorts of pies, some with ingredients we can't even get here.  And, of course, everyone has their own taste.  Me, I don't care for cherry or rhubarb." 


The men across the room got a little loud and she glanced that way, nodding as Mr. Pike raised his mug, not noticing that there seemed to be some gentlemanly needling going on.


"So, I have apple, pecan and peach pie right now.  What would you like?  Oh, and did you want anything else?  A meal first?"






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"I like any kind of pie no matter what," Wyatt asserted  while Clara rolled her eyes.


"That statement makes no sense since you have not eaten more than just a few kinds your entire life. Like the lady says, there are pies we have never even heard of or cannot get ingredients for. Like from..... India or China," Clara was the ever logical one.


As to the woman's remark about what she disliked, Clara shrugged, "I am in agreement with you about the rhubarb, unless you drown it in sugar it is too bitter. However, I do like cherry pie, the canned cherries can be rather expensive though."


"I'd like a big slice of apple pie, ma'am," Wyatt was quick to choose.


"No thank you on the meal, we are only here while our father is over by the blacksmith," Clara explained.


"To get us out of the way," Wyatt grinned up at the lady.


"I believe he was referring to you," Clara cast him a sidelong glance then it was back to the woman, "I however would like to try your pecan pie, please.  I have only had it one time previously and while it was ........ interesting I was not particularly impressed. Thought it could have used a bit more time in the oven, you could tell by the crust of course."



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"Apple for the gentleman and pecan for the lady."  Nodding, Emeline smiled, then commented,/ to the girl, "I try to use a combination of shortening and butter, cold, in my crusts, but I have to admit, they aren't always as flaky as I like.  The weather seems to have some effect."  As proud as she was of her cooking skills, she was willing to admit that all her efforts weren't exactly successful!  "I'll just be a moment."


Before going for the pie, she grabbed the pot of coffee and headed to the other occupied table.  "Refills, gentlemen?"  Her smile brightened as she raised the pot.  "And are you sure you don't want anything?  PIe?  I have a peach cobbler about ready to come out of the oven."


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