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    • "I suppose it will dissuade any trouble makers to have more men guarding the interests.  And I'm glad she doesn't want you out in the Winter, you'd fall into a drift and we wouldn't find you until Spring thaw!"   “Tha’d be the idea. ‘cept’in it’s our idea an’ not theirs.” Was his reply. “Cain’t do no buildin’ in the winter, an’ fact is, ol’ man Steelgrave ain’t got wind of it yet. Come the thaw though, things’ll shape up differ’nt. ‘Course now, if he has him eyes an’ ears here, might find out afore the thaw, which I don’t like, since they’d be free ta figger a plan afore we get set. But I need ta parlay with Speed on this afore it goes any further."   Tag @Bongo
    • Ben smiled, "No, what I have can wait.  What is it that you would like to discuss with the town council?"    “Well then, Ben, best you take a seat, the lady has quite a proposition for you.” Speed said.   “Judge,” She began, I do have a proposition I believe will benefit everyone concerned. You know that the railroad had plans to cross the state, but no one knows where. I know where, but not exactly when. Now before the questions begin, perhaps you best have a look at these.” With that she looked to Speed who handed the sheaf of papers over to the Judge.   She gave him a few minutes to look over the papers. “As I had mentioned to Marshal Guyer, Doctor Danforth and I are planning to build a hospital, and later, an orphanage. Both will be privately funded. Then, what we need from the Town Council is the land to build them on. So, in exchange for the work done on the right of way, we would like to select some sites for the Council’s consideration to grant us for that purpose.” She cocked her head and smiled. “No strings attached.” Tag @JulieS
    • "Have you seen the Gulf, then.   “Have. Pa wanted to look at some land on Matagorda Island, so we rode on down fer a look-see. Water as far as the eye kin see, an’ nary a drop ta drink. Fact was it was too far from the mainland fer Pa. I mean runnin’ cattle on a island jest ain’t practical, ‘er so he said.” Barnabas explained. “Couple hundered mile ride.     An’ yes, Texas is hot, mostly too hot, but I guess folks get used to it, like I had ta get used to differ’nt weather in ma travels. Cold was the hardest thing but time spent up on the Comstock in Nevada, got both and well, I liked thet.” He looked at her and slowly smiled. “I’m glad I stayed on too, ain’t never been a bonafide food taster afore, nor a dish washer. An’ I’d’a surely never met you had I left.”   Tag @Bongo  
    • He laughed at the dishes remark. “ Yes Ma’am, glad of thet. Was a good ride, needed ta get a few things worked out, an’ the best place fer thet’s in the saddle, least ways fer this hombre it is.” He paused.   “Would ya step on outside a moment, Em?” He asked.   Pronto openened the door for her, and tied to his saddle horn was was a lead rope to the horse she ridden on that Sunday they shared, with a large red bow in it’s mane, saddled and ready in the fading light. “A mite early, but the feller at the stable said he’d not be gettin’ outta bed come daylight fer me ta fetch it.”   Tag @Bongo  
    • Emeline nodded slowly.  ...anything that’s worth doin’.   That said a lot, and certainly a hospital was 'worth doing', and she knew that few good things came without the prospect of sacrifice.  Besides, Barnabas knew what he was doing, and after all, Andrew had been killed in a stupid mining accident, for nothing...life out here was dangerous, and a man had to stand up for what he believed was right.   "I suppose it will dissuade any trouble makers to have more men guarding the interests.  And I'm glad she doesn't want you out in the Winter, you'd fall into a drift and we wouldn't find you until Spring thaw!"   @Flip

Plotting With Shade Thornton

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Click for link to bio.Thirteen years ago (1862), at the age of seventeen, Shade Thornton killed Calvin Steelgrave in Missoula Mills, Montana. It was a clean shooting. Calvin was drawing on Shade's future sister-in-law, Regina Cantrell. Shade was never charged and cleared of wrongdoing in the matter. However, the combination of a longstanding feud between the Thorntons and Steelgraves plus a very stern and intolerant father who saw it as Shade bringing more trouble to the family ended with Shade being sent packing.


Although Shade has not committed any criminal acts since his stint with an outfit known as Cutler's Raiders (right after the war), he has gotten into a variety of trouble, usually because of trying to help or just being the new guy in a town with a reputation. The most recent major incident was being framed for murder while he was working in Wyoming. He got his name cleared. However, word did not get out to all cities and towns. Those wanted posters still show up when he least expects it.


Shade now finds himself in charge of his family's ranch, Lost Lake Ranch, and as a guardian to his orphaned five-year-old niece and nephew (fraternal twins). Right from the start, there was trouble. John Caleb Thornton's lawyer sued to make the Thornton twins wards of the state with him in charge of their inheritance. The man currently works for the Steelgraves and it was only due to having a fair judge and the brilliant legal expertise of Harriet Mercer that this ploy failed. However, since Shade's past was...well...shady and the twins' other uncle wasn't much better, the judge mandated certain things. One big thing is that the ranch and family businesses must continue making a profit. So far, they are doing good on that score, but things could change. Shade is determined that his niece and nephew are protected and that their legacy is kept safe for their future.



  • Shade has met Katherine Bowen, Kalispell's new school teacher and he is falling hard and fast for her. This may well entangle him in other plots 😉 
  • It is likely the Steelgraves have not forgotten about Calvin. However, out murder is not an option. 
  • Cutler's Raiders: When the Texas Rangers arrested Shade, they were able to turn him. He led them to the Raiders' hideout. Randall Cutler, the eldest brother and gang leader was later tried and hanged. However, his two brothers and some of the gang members escaped.
  • Texas Rangers: Shade was never a Texas Ranger but he had an aptitude for getting inside outlaw gangs and picking up information. He became an undercover guy for them. This will likely bring even more trouble his way.
  • Shade spent the five years before returning to Montana working a ranch in Laramie, Wyoming. During those years, he got into quite a few scrapes and more than one gunfight. Some of this history can turn up in Kalispell too.


I am looking for some of Shade's past to turn up and bite him in the backside, making friends, frenemies, enemies, action and adventure.

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Shade's cousin, Sarah Thornton-Carlton has just arrived, so there will be some interaction with her.  The plan is to have Sarah eventually marry Matt Wentworth which will bring the Wentworths and Thorntons closer together opening the door to more stories and intrigue.

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Shade and the Lost Lake household will be coming into Kalispell on Friday for the Harvest Festival on Saturday. Shade will be spending much of Saturday with Kate as he continues their courtship. However, he will be free for other interactions as I'm sure he'll want to drop into the saloon while Kate gets ready for the big dance.

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Well there will be the task of making sure Charlie doesn't indulge too much alcoholic beverages.  He's in the middle of learning to control himself where drinking is concerned and until he does there will lapses.


Also I think by this time, Shade might notice that both Mike and Sam are vying for the attentions of Hannah, so that might give him something else to do.

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