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    • "I suppose it will dissuade any trouble makers to have more men guarding the interests.  And I'm glad she doesn't want you out in the Winter, you'd fall into a drift and we wouldn't find you until Spring thaw!"   “Tha’d be the idea. ‘cept’in it’s our idea an’ not theirs.” Was his reply. “Cain’t do no buildin’ in the winter, an’ fact is, ol’ man Steelgrave ain’t got wind of it yet. Come the thaw though, things’ll shape up differ’nt. ‘Course now, if he has him eyes an’ ears here, might find out afore the thaw, which I don’t like, since they’d be free ta figger a plan afore we get set. But I need ta parlay with Speed on this afore it goes any further."   Tag @Bongo
    • Ben smiled, "No, what I have can wait.  What is it that you would like to discuss with the town council?"    “Well then, Ben, best you take a seat, the lady has quite a proposition for you.” Speed said.   “Judge,” She began, I do have a proposition I believe will benefit everyone concerned. You know that the railroad had plans to cross the state, but no one knows where. I know where, but not exactly when. Now before the questions begin, perhaps you best have a look at these.” With that she looked to Speed who handed the sheaf of papers over to the Judge.   She gave him a few minutes to look over the papers. “As I had mentioned to Marshal Guyer, Doctor Danforth and I are planning to build a hospital, and later, an orphanage. Both will be privately funded. Then, what we need from the Town Council is the land to build them on. So, in exchange for the work done on the right of way, we would like to select some sites for the Council’s consideration to grant us for that purpose.” She cocked her head and smiled. “No strings attached.” Tag @JulieS
    • "Have you seen the Gulf, then.   “Have. Pa wanted to look at some land on Matagorda Island, so we rode on down fer a look-see. Water as far as the eye kin see, an’ nary a drop ta drink. Fact was it was too far from the mainland fer Pa. I mean runnin’ cattle on a island jest ain’t practical, ‘er so he said.” Barnabas explained. “Couple hundered mile ride.     An’ yes, Texas is hot, mostly too hot, but I guess folks get used to it, like I had ta get used to differ’nt weather in ma travels. Cold was the hardest thing but time spent up on the Comstock in Nevada, got both and well, I liked thet.” He looked at her and slowly smiled. “I’m glad I stayed on too, ain’t never been a bonafide food taster afore, nor a dish washer. An’ I’d’a surely never met you had I left.”   Tag @Bongo  
    • He laughed at the dishes remark. “ Yes Ma’am, glad of thet. Was a good ride, needed ta get a few things worked out, an’ the best place fer thet’s in the saddle, least ways fer this hombre it is.” He paused.   “Would ya step on outside a moment, Em?” He asked.   Pronto openened the door for her, and tied to his saddle horn was was a lead rope to the horse she ridden on that Sunday they shared, with a large red bow in it’s mane, saddled and ready in the fading light. “A mite early, but the feller at the stable said he’d not be gettin’ outta bed come daylight fer me ta fetch it.”   Tag @Bongo  
    • Emeline nodded slowly.  ...anything that’s worth doin’.   That said a lot, and certainly a hospital was 'worth doing', and she knew that few good things came without the prospect of sacrifice.  Besides, Barnabas knew what he was doing, and after all, Andrew had been killed in a stupid mining accident, for nothing...life out here was dangerous, and a man had to stand up for what he believed was right.   "I suppose it will dissuade any trouble makers to have more men guarding the interests.  And I'm glad she doesn't want you out in the Winter, you'd fall into a drift and we wouldn't find you until Spring thaw!"   @Flip

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With: Sarah Thornton-Carlton and Matt Wentworth
Location: Belle-St. Regis Hotel
When: Late September 1875
Time of Day: Morning




Sarah stretched a little before making the attempt to get out of bed.  The sun had already been out for a while but she was in no hurry to get up.  The trip here had taken more out of her then she realised and except for a trip to the ladies bathroom to get a much needed bath, she had spent most of yesterday in her room.  Thankfully, the hotel did have some sort of room service so that she could have her meals without having to go downstairs.


There was a lot to do today with the most important task of getting word out to Lost Lake Ranch and her cousin to tell him about her arrival.  She needed to find someone who was reliable and trustworthy enough to pay to go out there or better still if one of the ranch hands.  The preference was to find a ranch hand and considering the size of Lost Lake, there should be at least one coming into town on a daily basis to get supplies or the mail.


After getting dressed, she sat down to write her note to Shade.  When that was done, she wrote out a list of what she needed to do in town.  The first thing was to find a dressmaker so that she could have some suitable clothes to last out the winter.  The air was already starting to feel cool indicating that winter may be early.  Besides, she was hoping to stay for a while so that she could get to know Shade again.


Standing up, she went over to the mirror to make sure everything was good.  She probably missed breakfast but had heard that there was a good cafe that had a peculiar name, where she could get something to eat.  Once she made sure that the note to Shade was on its way, she would have to time to go there and explore the town as well.

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After making her way downstairs to the hotel lobby, Sarah went over to the front desk.  The clerk, who she had found was called Walter Simpson was busy with another guest.


When he had finished he turned to Sarah, "Good morning Mrs. Thornton-Carlton."


"Good morning," she said as she stepped closer to the desk, "Could you please tell me how I can go about getting a letter out to Lost Lake Ranch?"


Walter nodded, "Yes, Mr. Wentworth asked me to send you right in when you came down."


Sarah frowned a little, "Mr. Wentworth?"


"Yes...it seems that he has made some inquiries on your behalf."  Walter smiled, "Part of the service we give at the Belle.  If you ever wish me to help you on any matter just let me know."


"I will, " Sarah answered cautiously.  She wasn't quite enthralled by the way Mr. Simpson had subtlety hinted that he would also give to the same depth of service has Mr. Wentworth obviously had.


She asked Walter to let Mr. Wentworth know that she was there.  He came back about a minute later and told her that she could go in.



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As Sarah entered his office, Matt smiled.  She looked well-rested and was dressed very smartly.  He went over to her, "Mrs. Thornton-Carlton, it is nice to see you again.  I do hope that you have found everything to your liking.  At the Belle, we pride ourselves on giving our guests the best service we can."


Sarah answered his question saying that she was pleased with the service.  She then directed her attention to finding out the reason why he wanted to see her.


Matt admired her straightforwardness in wanting to get down to the purpose of his request to see her.  He offered her a seat, which she politely declined.  "Mr. Wentworth, I do appreciate your offer but I do have urgent business that I need to see to."


"Yes, I know and what I wanted to tell you that it has already been taken care off."  He paused to gauge her reaction before going on, "I was able to send a message out to Lost Lake on your behalf.  I know a couple of the ranch hands, and one happened to be in town yesterday getting the mail and some supplies.  I expect your cousin will be here either today or tomorrow."



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A frown appeared on Sarah's face.  She hadn't expected anyone to act on her behalf to contact Shade and she wasn't sure what to think of it.  Maybe it was part of the service the hotel gave but the owner should have had at least told her what he done and not spring it on her like this.  Here she was thinking she would have another day or two to prepare and now it could happen today.  The long-crafted letter she had in her hand now felt odd.


"i suppose I should thank for your help," she said solemnly, "So, I will say thank you but in the future, I would like to be advise of your intentions."


Matt sighed heavily, "You're right I should have told you and I did intend to but..."


"I know you were distracted by other things,"  By now she was getting a little bit vexed at what had occurred. "I hope you don't make a habit of interfering with all of your guests' personal business."


Before he answer, she held up her in a stopping motion, "It's not that I appreciate your help, it's more the fact that you did not ask me if you could.  I have never liked men making assumptions about me or for me."


Sarah turned to leave, "When my cousin arrives could you direct him to my room.  If I'm not there could you please ask him to wait. I will probably out shopping, so I won't be long gone."


With that, she walked out of the office.


@Stormwolfe (OOC: Ready to have Shade turn up :) )

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Posted (edited)

Shade walked out of the White Rose Inn and Cafe, pausing on the sidewalk for a moment. He had ridden in early after receiving a short missive informing him of his cousin's presence at the Belle-St. Regis. He honestly did not remember her too clearly, but he was concerned that she had shown up so soon after Chance's death. There had never been much in the way of contact between the various members of the Thornton family that he could recall. Of course, Shade had been gone for many years. Things could have changed during that time. He just hoped that Sarah Thornton-Carlton did not plan on trying to make trouble regarding his niece and nephew's inheritance.

While those thoughts meandered through his head, Shade continued walking along the boardwalk in the direction of Kalispell's hotel. It made a grand statement, but surprisingly, it was also doing very well. Shade guessed that even the frontier needed a touch of class and elegance from time to time.

After stepping through the doors of the Belle, Shade wondered if he looked as out of place as he felt. He removed his hat and brushed a hand through his dark hair as he walked to the front desk to ask for his cousin. He offered a smile for the man behind the desk, "I received a message that Mrs. Sarah Thornton-Carlton was a guest here. Can you get word to her that her cousin, Shade, is here to see her?"



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After receiving Shade's request, Walter Simpson made his way quickly upstairs and back again.  "She'll be down in just a moment."


A few minutes later, Sarah came down the stairs.  She went over to Walter who pointed out Shade to her.  As she approached her cousin, she could see a family resemblance, especially to her younger brother, Harvey.  When she reached him, she held out her hand, "Hello, Shade.  It's been a while."



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Shade took the offered hand and gave it a brief, warm squeeze while he regarded the woman facing him. She was tall and very pretty with dark hair, dark eyes and engaging features. "Sarah, it has been awhile," he agreed, offering a brief lopsided smile. "Would you like to go somewhere for coffee? Sit here in the lobby and talk?" He did not say it aloud, but Shade wanted to find out why she had shown up in Kalispell out of the blue like this. Coming so soon after their legal troubles over custody of the twins, he could not help but be suspicious.



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"We can have coffee here," she said pointing in the direction of the dining room, "There's a lot I want to ask you about, so the sooner we get started the better as I know that you're a busy man."


After finding a table at the far of end of the room, they ordered their coffees.  As they waited, Sarah began, "You're probably why I came here.  Well, first of all, circumstances arose that, well, made it necessary for me to leave San Francisco.  My father requested that I come here first to find out what happen to Chance.  He and Chance had been corresponding for some years after the death of your father.  When he hadn't received a reply to his last letter, he was worried."


She paused, looking for the right words to say, "I found out on the stage trip here that Chance had died.  I knew I had to get in touch with you as soon as I could so I could find out the details before writing my to father. It was sad to hear about Chance's death.  You both made a great impression on me and my brothers when we came to visit all those years ago.  If you don't want to go into details about what happen, I will understand but I would like to know."



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Shade tried hard to remember how he and Chance could have made much of an impression on Sarah when her family had visited. He had been no more than twelve or thirteen at the time, and Chance would have been five years older than that and preparing for college. Perhaps it had been a combination of things. The grandeur of the ranch as well as meeting her two older cousins. It was hard to say. Shade seemed to recall a skinny little girl following him and Chance around as they did their chores. He had made time to take her riding, much more than that was a blur. Shade felt bad about that.

"Look, Sarah, I don't mind tellin' you what I know, which isn't much," Shade finally answered. "You need to know that it's not very pleasant. How much do you really want to know?"


"I suppose as much as you can or want to tell me.  Anything that would help ease the mind of my father.  I know that he and Chance had built up some sort of friendship even though they hadn't seen each in other in years.  Father liked keeping in touch with the family here even though he has never had the chance to come back."


Sarah smiled reassuringly, "And in a way I would like to pay my respects as well."



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