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    • "Oh, well then, it's just a matter of finding a couple of desperadoes who are willing to work in exchange for bunks, good grub and a place to hide from the law!"   Emeline laughed, then shrugged.  "Well, I have all Winter to plan and save, so I should have it figured out by the thaw!"    Thing was, she was really starting to think about it, although she knew there was a lot to consider.  Still, under the right circumstances she might actually be able to make a go of it.   "At least I do have a good business for now, and I can set some money aside."  Grinning, she glanced at him.  "I don't suppose you're a wanted desperado looking for a hide-out that has amazing pies?"   @Flip
    • With the contract and the property deed in hand, Speed stepped across the street, a broad smile on his face and an excited bounce in  his step. The easy part was done.  There were a few things he needed to get done, furnishings for the office either needed to be purchased or built, then there was the signage, both for the building and the front window announcing Wood and Guyer Mineral Company.   That thought gave him pause, from roaming the west buying up claims, to opening the first office outside of New York City. He exhaled deeply. This was new territory for him, exciting territory that could grow into a highly profitable business.   He opened the door and stepped inside 'his' building, his office, his home, and actually looked at the place with a new set of eyes. The back room  would be his office, the front would contain up to four desks, if that many were needed.   He smiled, he was suddenly a man with two offices. He had questions, so it was time to get some answers. The best place for that would be the merchantile.   TBC
    • He snickered at the mention of the most stubborn animals on earth, but they were good for an number of jobs one would not want to use a horse for. He could see her dreaming of what it would take to get a ranch off the ground while trying to run a business some miles away. Not an easy thing to do.   "Well granted yah gotta be able to get the buidin's up first, and thet jest takes time an' hard work. 'course now, hirin' a couple men ta help out, thet'd get 'em up right quick." He offered. "Not ta mention ya gotta pay 'em, though it'd shorely be worth it." Mentally, Barnabus 'Pronto' Pike was way ahead of her. He knew what it would take, and most likely how long.   Tag @Bongo
    • Luke waved, "Bye, Marshal.  Best of luck to you as well."   As he watched the Marshal depart, Luke wondered how long it would before other mining companies would be turning.  Once word got out that a mining company from the east had set up a permanent office Kalispell, others would follow.  He didn't know what it would mean for the town and the surrounding countryside but one thing he did know was that more business for the bank meant the greater chance of getting a promotion and a desk of his own.   A polite cough alerted him to the fact that another customer had arrived.  He smiled, put his dreams to the back of his of mind and went back to work.   @Flip
    • "That would be a lot of work with the cafe," Emeline mused.  Homesteading really wouldn't be possible while she was working in town, but she didn't have the means yet to give up the cafe.    Then she chuckled.  "Well, it sounds like a lot of work anyway.  House wouldn't be too bad, just a simple square to start, right?"  Her wheels were turning, however slowly.  "So initially it comes down to having the funding to buy your cows and have...or my horses...and the equipment to care for them...but that means a barn for the Winter since there aren't really any lower pastures to keep them over the cold season..."   Homesteading sounded like a good way to have some independence, but as a single woman, she'd need a decent savings built up first.   "I might try that someday.  Have my own place, raise Morgans and donkeys...because they're cute!"   @Flip  

Finally back... Now what?

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Hi All,


I'm very sorry that I dropped off of the map. I've been very overwhelmed recently, but I finally feel a little less stressed today, so I'm hoping to get back into things. I know all of my previous plots must have been either finished without me or dropped. How can I best jump back in?


Chistery/Bloody Jack Asher

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Welcome back!


We are currently slowly moving into October and the Harvest Festival. What you can do is a catchup post to tell us what your character has been up over the last few weeks e.g he had found somewhere to live and for the last two weeks he had been searching the countryside but found nothing. 


Also read some of the posts to see where the characters you were interacting with are at now.


The two big things coming up are the new fort and the destruction of Whitefish which will become a ghost town.

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Dotty hasn't had much 'screen time' either lately since I took my own mini-hiatus.  But she's been working with the Doc in Whitefish and I believe the two are planning on coming to Kalispell for the harvest festival.  I was thinking of having Flinch and Smitty show up that day too.  


I made a profile for Flinch too, btw.... 



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Just to agree and reiterate what the others have said...


Hopefully, there will be numerous mini-plots happening on the Saturday (and weekend) of the Harvest Festival. Lots of people coming into town on Friday night and staying for the Festival events on Saturday. Most of these events will take place in the Main St., Kalispell, Montana forum. I'd love to see some action in and around the saloon as well as other locations in town.


Tentatively planning on bringing my new character, Hunter Morgan, into town. He and his brother are basically military bounty hunters (specifically war criminals and military personnel that have gone rogue).



So, I'd advise starting an open-thread (i.e. anyone can jump in and take the tags) set somewhere on Main Street or one of the specific forums like the saloon. During the opening post, give an accounting of what Asher has been up to since coming to the region. Just a refresher for everyone on what he's doing there, etc. The actual Harvest Festival date is Saturday, October 16. 1875. You could get him to town during the week prior maybe hoping to find whoever or whatever since the festival is coming up.


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