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Sagas of the Wild West
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Each Dawn I Die

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The elusive smile instantly disappeared as Clara retorted, "Of course I can smile. When there is something worth smiling about. But... thank you for the kind words,"


“Well, I always aim to have a good ol’ laugh and a good ol’ cry every single day, even if I have to tickle or pinch myself to do it!” Arabella declared.


Clara added then addressed her brother finally, "Not your underwear but keep the rest of the same outfit on. I am behind on laundry as it is."


Arabella smiled and leaned dreamily on her broomstick, taking in this small domestic family scene; it was the sort of everyday occurrence that was taking place at that same time in a million households and homesteads and cottages and mansions all over the county, nay, the world over. She reflected a little sadly that, wonderful as the Redmonds were, all three of them, she was only getting to borrow them for short time: to see out the year, as it were.


In a couple of weeks, the clock of the decade would reach and pass its halfway point, the last fifteen years, along with her whole previous life were past and gone and dead; the next fifteen she had absolutely no idea about. What would she do?  Where would she live? Who would she live with? Would anybody even care if she lived or died. It was mind boggling and unreal and made the little girl feel slightly queasy when she dared think on it.


One thing was sure, despite her grandiose dreams of becoming a famous actress or singer or trapeze artiste or cowgirl or acrobat or … well, the list was a long one … despite all that, what she really, really had to have was a family again: just like she had in Virginia, just like she was temporarily enjoying now. She might not get a cookie cutter perfect family, who did?, and she might have to assemble it herself, like Dr. Frankenstein lashing together a workable being out of left over unwanted limbs, but get one together she would.


[Good place to wrap?]


[Sure, this works for me!  It was a fun thread! And while she may not end up living with the Redmonds, Clara will certainly keep in touch with her. ]

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