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    • James smiled back, forgetting again that she could not see it.  Truthfully he would be hard pressed to stop himself from doing such things even in her presence but for those who had sight, they would struggle to imagine how she lived as well as she did without it.  It was as ingrained in him as it was for her doing without.  Because he’d been raised at all-male boarding schools, the young British man had very limited experience with the fairer sex, this was simply a fact, one that James had no trouble acknowledging.   When she joked with the Marshall regarding being weighed down with metal coins, James chuckled at her jest, stopping suddenly as something occurred to him.  “I say!”  He exclaimed, then rushed on, “Have you ever given thought to folding each kind of bill in a different way so that you can tell which is which?”  He caught his breath then, waiting to see what she or the Marshall thought of his latest idea.  If she needed his assistance in the folding, he'd be happy to help her.   As she suspected, James was obvious to the fact that she was gently flirting with him, taking everything at face value, his inexperience with the fairer sex once again rearing it’s head.  He caught something of the heat that colored her cheeks, and the errant thought passed through his mind that she might be falling ill.  Not uncommon so soon after the passing of a loved one.
    • He tried to make it sound important enough that she should be interested in local politics but really what good did being interested do her? She could not change anything. She could not vote so to hell with it. The people she lived with, worked with were what was important to her. But she wasn't going to argue with him about it.   "Sure, I reckon," Caroline shrugged.   Then handsome young soldier...correction, officer now launched into a nice long tale of his family roots. It was fascinating really he knew all that much about his family history and those who came before. She didn't know a damn thing about such things in her own life. She was pretty damn sure the woman she called Ma had been the one to give birth to her but she was not positive. And there was even more doubt about her father or step father. No matter, they had been a family and stuck together til two out of three died. So now it was just her. Well, her and her saloon family.   "Interestin'," she nodded, enjoying the way he told the story as much as the actual story.   "So you see, in a hundred years time... the president of the United States will be tracing his roots back to a beautiful saloon singer in old Kalispell and a tramp in the street'll be vaguely aware that he is descended from the once great Greenes of Vermont." He shrugged. "Who cares, rich man, poor man, beggar man thief." he looked into the depths of her blue eyes "... or lady, baby, gypsy, queen."   "Not gonna happen that way. I'm never gonna get married and I ain't gonna have any children so no one is descendin' from me, hon. But I liked yer tellin' of it," she liked him, this dinner date had turned out better than she had figured it would.          
    • "Ah yeah, the mayor's election. Why should I care who wins? I can't even vote in it, "Caroline waved it off. Oh she would clap for and cheer on Mr. Priest whom her boss was pushing to win but she personally did not give a damn.   Greene shrugged. "Maybe not, but the person who's elected could make your life a lot better or a whole lot worse. You ever hear of a abomination that goes by the name of a 'dry county'? The poor b... er, denizens of a place like that probably didn't realise until too late what they were voting in." he laughed, although it was no laughing matter: reformers and prohibitionists were even in these early decades starting to make their voices heard.    He then mentioned being interested in listening to her and Ara perform.   "Please do. I don't want to sound like I'm braggin' but most folks say I've got a real nice singing voice. I admit my dancing is not that special but I just show them a little leg.......or more than a little...and they clap alright," she informed him.   "I can imagine!" he smiled. But it was a nice smile. A friendly smile. Not the sort of lascivious smile that indicated that he already had been imagining... frequently.    They talked of the famous Dance.   "Yeah, must have been before I arrived in town. No local dances for me yet...besides I got a feelin' my sort would not be welcomed at any such town affair. Those things are for proper folks."   Greene frowned. He didn't like to think of this beautiful woman being denigrated in any way: though he was not unaware of the snobby often hypocritical attitude of those who felt them selves a cut above the type of folks who worked in certain professions, including soldiers - at least the non-commissioned kind. Sometimes with good reason, often times not.   "You know, one of my aunts once had our family tree drawn up, just like the noble families of Europe. The fellow who did it even drew it like a tree, leaves, and apples, and all. We're real Vermont blue-bloods, you see, despite the green name. Aunt Mary-Anne expected our forefathers to have come across on the Mayflower, or with Captain Smith to Jamestown."   He smiled happily at the memory of it.   "Imagine her delight when the feller delivered our family tree and revealed that the first Greene to set foot on American soil was an indentured servant, a virtual slave, who'd been transported here for, get this, stealing apples from some rich lord's orchard!"    He enjoyed the memory of his snobby aunt's discomfort for a moment then returned to the present.   "So you see, in a hundred years time... the president of the United States will be tracing his roots back to a beautiful saloon singer in old Kalispell and a tramp in the street'll be vaguely aware that he is descended from the once great Greenes of Vermont." He shrugged. "Who cares, rich man, poor man, beggar man thief." he looked into the depths of her blue eyes "... or lady, baby, gypsy, queen."   @Wayfarer        
    • "Debate, you dumb bitch, it's called a debate," Caroline mumbled under her breath but the woman figured it out just then too.   Priest wasn't going to be rushed though. He would reveal all later was all he would promise. In that way the man was a true politician, promises a whole lot, she'd see if he actually delivered on anything. The politicians in Chicago had been crooked, the mayor of Helena had been well meaning but a bumbling fool, and the one here in Kalispell was ......well, she didn't even know who the hell that was, he was pretty much invisible. The town seemingly had been run by that one council member before he lit himself on fire.   Just then they got themselves a trio of new customers, rough looking lot but a customer was a customer. Fortner invited them to have a drink and they promptly bellied up to the bar. Of course Ralph was there, waiting to hear what they'd like.   "Three whiskies," one of the men said, after reaching into his coat and putting down some coinage.   "Sure nuff, comin' right up," Ralph nodded and reached for one of the cheap bottles, he was a pretty good judge of customers' taste and proclivities. He poured three shots of the powerful liquor.   Caroline swung into saloon girl mode too, sashaying up to the one lined up at the bar closest to her, gifting him with a bright smile, "Welcome! Have a long ride, did ya, hon?"    
    • He gazed up at the domed ceiling and was awe struck at it's beauty. He was taken aback by the obvious talent that it took to create such a beautiful thing. "Dang near as pretty as you, Em." was his comment. "Took 'em a while to get that done. Never seen the like."   And that was a fact. There had been nothing that he had seen before to compare to the glass domed ceiling, nothing. He suddenly felt out of place, something odd for him to feel, at any time, in any place, but it struck him here in this place. The sheer beauty of it touched him. What man could accomplish given the opportunity   "Now 'at's somethin'. Best we see what other marvels they got in this place. May not have time ta see everything." He pointed out. @Bongo

Moving Kalispell Harvest Festival Dance

Moving Harvest Festival dance?  

9 members have voted

This poll is closed to new votes
  1. 1. Would you like for the dance to be held on Friday, December 31, 1875 (New Year's Eve)?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Would you like for the dance to be held on Saturday, April 1, 1876?

    • Yes
    • No

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@Admin   @Members   @Moderators   @Players   @Sr. Moderator

There has been some discussion regarding the time-roll and moving the Harvest Festival dance. We would change its scenario as well.


Please vote in the poll and feel free to discuss your choice and other options in this thread. Do not worry about current active threads. We will give you plenty of time to complete them or we will move them to a flashbacks forum where you can keep working on them. Either way, there will be announcements and plenty of time allowed. We won't simply shut down the current threads on you.

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With  the April 1st are we plotting a four month jump? Either way?



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It was always planned that we would jump thru winter because especially in northern climes like Montana, the winters tended to shut down most movement. Nowadays with modern snow plows we can keep highways clear during blizzards, back then heavy snowfall would block roads for the duration of winter.


So, yep Flip, we are going to be doing a time jump :)  regardless whether we do a New Years Dance or April Fool's Day dance. I certainly hope we are not going to do both dances.

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I figured as much, either way, my next question would be, will we finish out the year to give the new characters time to get "settled" in town, or just jump and let folks fill in with flashbacks?


CONGRATS on your appointment!!

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I'm a little confused how we can do a New Years dance but time jump to spring.

Either way I'd really like Jay to be able to settle in Kalispell and meet so e people before he might have to run from the law come spring or sth. (Who knows....he might not have to do that at all. )

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Thanks, despite what it says I am not a Senior Moderator, I'm the Junior Moderator (you know the errand boy who gets the office coffees, etc). I even promised Julie I would not grab her parking spot in the Admin lot!


Once we start the new better weather part of 1876, nothing says a writer or writers can't make back stories, post in Feb. or March if you want.....the game is still being played in fluid time.

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I get what you're saying, Jack. I personally am not for a New Year's dance - for weather reasons and also timing complexities game wise but if it happens, all I can say is the game works on a fluid time scale. As long as you don't have one of your charries in two different places at the SAME time, it's allowed.


It works, I've been in games for years that uses this fluid time scale, it's easy enough when you get used to it.

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It's really just a matter of taste, but I for one am seriously excited about a leap forward to 1st April 1876! 


Of course, it will be incumbent on newer players like JackLex and myself to work out who our characters would be likely to know or not know by that time, and to be sensitive to the integrity of other player's characters (so expect a slew of messages from me saying 'would it be all right if  Arabella already knows X and they did Y and Z together' etc.)

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I think there is an issue with jumping for new characters, because, sure, you can figure out who you may have met and might know by April, but it's hard to pretend first impressions, and honestly, I enjoy writing out first meetings.  And yes, those can be done in flashbacks, but that first meeting can influence how the relationship goes, and if it isn't played out yet, then it makes 'current' timeline threads hard to play.


I HATE, despise, can't stand time jumps.  I just HATE them.  HATE, did I say I HATE them?  And here we are looking at 4 months, not just a couple weeks.  And I REALLY, REALLY HATE when I am new to a game and haven't settled in at all, my character is new to an area and the people, and then I'm supposed to just pretend they know everyone.  if I wanted them to be an established resident, I would have made them that way in the first place, but again, I often tend to make my characters new to an area so I as the writer can learn about the other characters and the town, and what is going on, so I don't have to be familiar with all that.


That said, if there is a time jump that really pisses me off, I just ignore the jump in that I just play my character as being new, even though technically they have been there for months. 


And I really don't think people went into hibernation during the Winter.  No, they weren't as active, but they still came to town, places still had to function...and there are fun things to do, ice skating, sledding, sleigh rides, avalanches...hey, do the falls freeze and old timey 'Dumbasses' can try climbing...


Just my $0.2



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So Bongo, just to be clear, do like like time jumps or not?


PS Technical note - I was reading about these freak warm Chinook winds that they have in Montana, would that explain a thaw at the end of December that would allow us folks in outlying areas to get to the New Year dance?


PPS Watching this poll is like the watching the voting at the end of the Eurovision Song Contest!

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Feel free then to ignore the time jump for your chars and play it out like folks are just meeting for the first time if that's what you wish. I don't see it as a huge issue.


As for effects of winter on those folks, I know even now - having taught in a rural school - how bad it could get with major snowstorms. Even with our huge modern plows and concrete/paved highways, things can get shut down for a few days. So what was it like for those people who had no snow plows when they get huge snowfalls driven by wind which make awesome drifting conditions? How did you get a wagon to town from a farm? Don't say you walked. Even back in my teaching days, we worried about kids getting frostbite waiting for a bus some brutal days and would call off school. Wait for the snow to melt? Last year we got dumped on with a big snowstorm on top of maybe a four inch snow already on the lawns. That stuff did not melt fully until late March/early April. The lawns were piled as we stayed on the sidewalks - cleared most by snowblowers.



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One other personal experience RPG wise, I remember some years back in another western rpg I was in, they decided to have a big Christmas town wide thread - this was during real time summer. It was a flop, some early posts but most lost interest. People were not in a Christmasy mood I think.


But for those that want it, make back posts of skating, Christmas tree decorating, sing carols, whatever you want. Knock yourself out.

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Good tips, however there needs not be either a Christmas or a New Years dance. Christmas might just be those things you mentioned, or perhaps a thread of peoples/couples, friends, what have you, getting together. Or a big deal for the displaced children.


I do agree with Bongo on a lot of her points as there were things that were planned that can be flashbacked whenever the jump is made. I do get the time being fluid and I do get how dead some of the months would be for even the most seasoned RPers.


So we just have a matter of choice as to when we're "thrust" into spring.

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Stormwolfe is planning a making a Flashback forum of some sort so people can post backstories so that will help out a little.  Maybe four months is a big jump in time but since I only know what winters are like in that part of the world from what I read or people say here, I can't add much to the discussion.  Heck, the only time I ever saw snow was 37 years ago when I went on a school camp to the Snowy Mountains and I remember was that it was cold, wet and hard to walk around in.


Basically, I am pretty easy with whatever is decided but then again most of characters are established and I can easily allude to things they did during the time break.

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1. Time Roll

  • This has been discussed in chat more than once. From the moment we converted to a fluid time style of writing, we said that when we completed all December threads/posts, we would move 3 or 4 months forward to spring. 

2. The Dance

  • I only put the dance in the poll to try and save the Harvest Festival dance as some of us had some thread plans in it. However, it is not mandatory that we do a dance. Those of us that want to can choose to do a town or church social event at any time.

3. Flashbacks / Backstories

  • Once all threads are finished and marked complete in the Whitefish forum, I will move them to the archives. After that, I will convert the Whitefish forum to Flashbacks where we can all write backstories or have threads moved to this forum if there are incomplete ones when it is time for us to move to another time period. 

4. Final Admin Decision

  1. I would like for everyone to complete their December threads as soon as they can without rushing. Let me know with a note in the #help-me chat channel so I can lock them and move them.
  2. We will put the dance event on hold for awhile. Once we are all sorted after moving forward, we can discuss doing a town social or something.
  3. Our time roll will be to March - May instead of April - June. This lets me keep to my plans of doing our IC time segments as close to seasonal as possible since Spring begins in mid-March. There will be some seasonal overlap since we will not start new time-segments on the equinoxes or solstices.
  4. Those that want to write backstories of any kind will be able to put those in the Flashbacks forum. You'll just need to make sure you add the actual month/year in the post header so everyone that reads the thread will know when it was set.
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