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    • Jonah couldn't help but wonder what she had left unsaid, but he wasn't going to push her on it, and he couldn't help but chuckle at her convictions.  If anyone could get this done, it was Leah Steelegrave!    "The paper can be a good ally, that's certain."  Jonah sipped his coffee, then added, "perhaps just a small story to start, but reserve anything major in case there's a great deal of resistance?"  If they did a big story on the dealings too soon, then, if her father started pushing too hard, they could use the paper as a means of fighting back.   "I can send for Dr. Boone, if you'd like?  Weedy is around here someplace..."   @Flip      
    • "You're too kind." He shook his head with a smile and set out to do hos business out there although there was no need for a newspaper but for a lantern because the sun had set. Jay trudged through the snow. When he returned he found a corner and announced. "The warm water is for washing myself. I don't want to dirty your nice blankets. After he had explained, he took his jacket and shirt off but kept his undershirt on. He didn't feel it was appropriate with a girl and boy in the house to loose more clothes. Then he washed his face and arms with the soap and water and gor dressed again before he got comfortable on the blankets. His wound had healed well and he was feeling much better thanks to Addy. "Do you know the coach driver...Adelaide?" He asked her father. "She's given me a roof over my head...in her barn....since the fire. "
    • Jay had a nice buzz going but he wasn't drunk enough to notbnotice the change in her attitude. That joyful tone went out the window when she saw how much he'd drunk. "I'm going to pay for it. Don't worry." He tried to calm.hercdown when she suddenky called for help that appeared out of the blue in the form of an older threats ing sounding man. Instinctively Jay slowly raised his hands away from his gunbelt. "Sir...I meant no harm. We were dancing because your daughter told me she's the best dancer in the state and she had encouraged me with some pretty music. A walz is all I wanted. I swear. There's no need for any shooting. Take my gun. " He was adressing the gun owner behind him but his eyes were fixed ob the girl, hoping she'd correct her mistake.
    • With a bit of hesitation he climbed onto the back of her horse. The saddle was very tight for both of them but if he sat further back he'd hurt the horses back with his weight. Sitting this close to Addy and feeling her body (even covered in many layers of clothing was getting Jays imagination very active. He had to concentrate not to let it show. "Yeah. .sounds good." He replied to both questions because his mind was elsewhere. "Won't people in town wonder why we're sitting this close if they see us. One might come riding out here...I don't want to ruin your reputation."
    • "I've no doubt on that!"  Emeline laughed as she sat, a laugh of pure joy.  "I can just imagine the mischief we'll get into wedded!  We've caused enough trouble as it is." “Mischief? The two of us? How kin thet be, Em? Why we’re , we’re...caused enough trouble you say? Was I not with you when this happened an’ you think I wuz?” He chimed in.   Although they had met just a few months ago, they had actually spent a good deal of time together, not just leisure time chatting, but actually working together, planning together, and just recently dealing with the carnage in Whitefish.  She had no doubt they would do well in marriage, and she had none of the girlish illusions she'd had the first time.   "Of course," she quipped as she moved the cheese blintzes from their serving platter to smaller plates, "I saved the dishes for you!" “I’ll have you know, ma’am I am a profess’nl pearl diver, if I do say so ma’ sef!” He stated proudly.   Laughing, she set a plate in front of Barnabas.  "This is blackberry preserves, and strawberry jam," she indicated the small jars.  "More dishes to wash...Oh, and I should teach you how to make preserves!" “Ma al’ays made up the best perserves, cain’t hardly wait’ll I try yers. Cuz up ta now, you make the best ever’thin’ I ever et!” Which was true, well since he was grown. “Ya know I don’t mind doin’ tem dishes. Keeps me close to ya.”   Tag @Bongo

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