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Tidings of Comfort

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"Porridge, sure, be real slow cookin' that," Addy chuckled as Weedy groaned, rolling his eyes.  "Merry Christmas, everyone!"  Smiling brightly, she laughed.  "It's small, but it's home, an' surely does feel that way!" 


Of course, a lot of that had to do with the people inside, and even though Jay had only been here a short time, he fit right in with her and Weedy.


"Well, here, now, I reckon..."  She handed Jay a cup of coffee, then produced a bundle wrapped in brown paper, opening it to reveal delectable pastries.  "Got these at Miz Emeline's, special fer today."  After all, it was Christmas, and it would be quick, so Weedy wouldn't have to wait too long!



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Thankfully he received the cup of coffee. A warm cozy feeling spread in the small place. Jay didn't need presents. His present was the company he was in. Weedy wanted more. He was excited about getting a present.


"I'm very happy to be here in such excellent company. Merry Christmas."


Jay took one of the small baked goodies.

With a large smile he chewed.

"Did Santa come last night?" Hopefully Addy had taken care of that.

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"Looks ta me like there's some packages under that tree," Addy observed with a grin as she munched on her pastry.  Weedy was already staring raptly at the small tree as he gobbled down the sweets, his eyes wide.  "I reckon after supper we can look an' see what's there?  Whaddya think, Jay?  Yer th' guest."


She was teasing, of course, but Weedy looked from Addy to Jay.  "Say now!" he encouraged, after all, this was just breakfast, and supper was hours away!  "Say we can open them now, Mister Jay!  Please!  There's something  for you, too!"  He and Addy had gotten the man a present, and now it was good leverage to get Jay to declare present opening sooner than later!



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Weedy was so excited and Addys teasing very obvious. But Jay had a bit of fun, too, so he pretended to be thinking hard while he had some more coffee and another bite or pastry.

Then he looked at Addy. "You think? Supper?"

He was a bit surprised that there should be something under the tree for him as well but then he shrugged.

"I guess we could have a look after breakfast."


Weedy jumped up and down as if he was four years old and cheered loudly that Mr. Jay was the best.

"I know, I know." Jay smiled and got up to join the boy.

"You first, young man."

Briefly he looked back at Addy extending his hand for her to come join them. He had mixed feelings because they hadn't told Weedy about his mom but he was also happy that they could give the boy what he would be missing out on otherwise. Maybe he wasn't such a bad person after all. Or maybe he could at least become someone better....if the law didn't catch up to him. What would he give for making this last.

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Addy took Jay's hand as they moved closer to the tree, thinking of it as nothing more than the gesture of a friend, although she had to admit, it was nice.  At the tree, she picked up a package wrapped in bright red paper and handed it to Weedy.


"Lookit there!  Ya must'a been good this year!"  She took a breath, trying to stay cheerful, and not feel guilty about it!


"Yes, ma'am!"  Without hesitation, the boy ripped at the paper, revealing a dime novel entitled, 'Kentucky Slim, the Prince of the Road; or, The Sign of the Crimson Crescent', not that Addy knew that, she'd just gotten the one with the most exciting-looking cover.  "Yer gonna hafta read that ta me!"


Weedy rifled through the pages, grinning, but then muttered good-naturedly, "Or...you could learn to read?"  It was an on-going thing with them, and Addy was trying, but work kept her pretty busy.  "I made this for you!"  He held out a package, wrapped in simple brown paper.  "Dr. Danforth helped."


So that's what he'd been up to!  "Thank ya."  Inside was a small drawing of the stage coach, pulled by four horses, and a fairly good rendition of Addy on the box, and it was in a crude wooden frame.  "This is real good, I think I should'a got ya some fancy pencils instead'a this!"


Another package, smaller, that revealed a pocket knife with a bone handle.  "Oh, wow!"  Weedy held up the treasure, carefully folding out the two blades, then he showed it to Jay.  "Isn't this great!  Now I can practice whittling, and make things!  Do you know how to throw knives, Jay?"







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