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    • "I plan to start nothing where women are concerned until I meet one that I like and one that acts her age," he replied in a slightly miffed tone.   “Well, let’s just hope the two of ‘em never meet!” chuckled Arabella, nudging Bridget, who laughed, despite not really getting the joke.   “Anyhow, I always act my age – nearly Sixteen!” declared the driver of the buggy. Indeed, in a mere 354 days, she would reach that august age.   “Back home in the Old Dominion, I’d ‘a’ probably been wed by now!” she added.   Despite her ironing board figure and girlish ways, ever since it had happened a few months ago, she had considered herself a young woman, rather than a mere girl.   "Besides, I thought we were on a trip so that Miss Monahan could attend mass and not some sort of confessional."   “Oh, don’t you know nuthin’?!” she tsked “Confessional’s exactly what we’re goin’ up there for. She’s gotta confess all her terrible sins to the priest feller before she's allowed to go to Mass and eat the flesh and drink the blood of Jesus.” Without Bridget seeing, she caught Charlie’s eye and, screwing up her face, gave a dismissive shake of her head, to show that she thought the whole thing was a bunch of nonsense, theologically speaking. Miss Arabella Sumpter Mudd was no friend to the foolish notion of transubstantiation.    “Course, I’m a Methodist m’self. Say, what’s your denomination, Charlie? You know that there priest is going to have a whole bunch of religious questions to ask you, don’t you?” she asked in a serious tone of voice.   @JulieS  
    • After hitching their horses, Mike and the rest of the Lost Lake hands surveyed their surroundings.  The crowd was starting to build up and a couple of the hands headed over towards the tent where the beer was being served.  A few of them headed over to where the food was.  Some of them went inside leaving only Mike, Charlie and Marty to decide what to do.   After a minute or two, Marty tapped Mike on the arm and pointed towards the barn entrance.  "Over there boss, a couple of the Evergreen crew.  Remember them from that fight last year at the fair."   Even though it happened before he had arrived in Kalispell, Mike had heard what had happened last summer.  He also knew the story behind the so-called feud between Evergreen and Lost Lake.  "Okay, just make sure you and the others stay clear of them."   "Oh, I plan to...otherwise all bets will be off and I intend to win this time," Marty replied before heading off to warn his friends.   Mike turned to Charlie, "Speaking of bets.  What time did you put down?"   Charlie, who was distracted by something over where the food was being served, quickly turned his attention back to his brother, "Nine thirty."   Mike smiled, "Isn't that a bit a optimistic?"   Shaking his head, Charlie answered, "From what I hear it isn't.  Besides Sam put down nine forty-five."   "I suppose you could be right but I'm hoping you're not.  Wouldn't mind winning that pot myself."  Taking one last good look at what was going on, Mike straightened his jacket, "I think I'll head inside and try my luck there. I'll see you later."   He patted Charlie on the back before walking towards the barn.
    • Brendan shifted his weight under Clara's scathing stare. He stuck his thumbs in his suspenders and met Clara's eyes, setting his mouth stubbornly. "Brendan Connolly.”   That name sounded Irish, like Bridget’s. Oh, well, he couldn’t help that, Arabella supposed. Maybe he was a Catholic and could take her and Bridget to the Catholic mission tomorrow. She was going to ask him, but for once she couldn’t get a word in edgeways.   “And I didn't set you up. The hands set me up."   “Sure, the hands set him up!” Arabella agreed, not having a clue what this was all about, but trying to pour oil on troubled waters. Considering that she was her ‘bosom friend’ Clara never actually did  tell her much about her life.   "Still wanna dance with me after hearin' that? I'll take a polka with you and a slow dance with Miss Ginger there, if she's 'con-struct-ed' for it."   “Hey don’t call her that!” Arabella corrected the man, for these were the days when having red hair was considered ugly in a woman. “You wouldn’t like it if we made fun of your bow legs, now would you?” He didn’t really have bow legs, unlike most cowboys, but he wouldn’t know that. Unlike women, men didn’t spend a lot of time examining their own bodies, looking for imperfections. “I mean, they ain’t too bad, but you still couldn’t stop a pig in an alley.”   Arabella caught Bridget’s eye and nodded toward Clara, as if to say, to the elective mute, ‘have a word with her’, while she grabbed hold of Brendan’s arm and dragged him away from the scene of conflict.   “Step over here a second, Mr. Cowboy Connelly, and I’ll show you where we got the beer tent set up” she offered brightly, and as soon as they were a few steps away, hissed “Well, what the Dickens was all that about? You two looked fit to start a range war back there, even before this shindig’s begun. Tell me what happened between you two.” she asked with frown on her youthful features.   Meanwhile, Bridget’s contribution to all this was to rustle up to the incandescently furious looking Clara, bustle to bustle, and whisper in her ear “Is that man bad?”
    • Harem?  While it was true he couldn't remember some parts of last night, he was pretty sure that there wasn't a lot of kissing involved.  Maybe the two girls were having a joke at his expense but he couldn't be one hundred percent sure.   "I plan to start nothing where women are concerned until I meet one that I like and one that acts her age," he replied in a slightly miffed tone.  "Besides, I thought we were on a trip so that Miss Monahan could attend mass and not some sort of confessional."   @Javia
    • "They'd hafta find us first," she grumbled, surprised but not that he knew what she was going to say.  "I'll give yer way a chance, an' I reckon if anyone could untangle this, it'd be Miz Mercer.  Ought we ta find her now, get this started?"  Then she'd have to find Weedy and finally talk to him, although she suspected he suspected, how could he not, what with his mother gone so long this time?   "Not lookin' forward ta talkin' ta Weedy, but best get that done before he hears from someone else."  Wouldn't take long for word to spread, and even though there might not be any malicious intent, someone might ask him questions that would be awkward, especially if he hadn't been told.   @Flip
Elias Steelgrave

Not Good News

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Location: The Evergreen Ranch House
When: April, 1 1876
Time of Day: Mid-morning




The big house seemed a mere shell of what it had been to Elias Steelgrave. His wife, Elinor, and run off and promptly disappeared. His best efforts to find her were rebuffed by a typically harsh winter with transportation at a near standstill. His suddenly rebellious daughter was in Kalispell, refusing to return to the ranch, and then barred from such action by the winter.


Even his sons, Ben, Clay, and Zeke were rare visitors and where they had spent the winter was not known. And Case, he was on the mend in Kalispell from injuries suffered during the disaster which was the demise of Whitefish. Though it was possible to get through to the ranch and had been for a number of weeks, he had not done so.


So, Elias Steelgrave was alone. Alone for the first time in some forty years, and he didn’t like it. Oh he’d made some mistakes along the way, but none he didn’t believe he had or could repair. The incident wit Leah, well hadn’t he been drunk? It was not something he repeated, and he had regaled her with money, accounts in town, in Helena, wherever she wanted to go. Always first class. Still she refused to return.


Seated across from him were his attorney Cole Latham and Nolan Ashworth, a man ensconced in the fabric of Kalispell and it’s citizenry. Neither had a pleasant look on their faces.


“A rebuild of Whitefish is simply out of the question.” Latham said wearily. “There is no backing for such an undertaking. No backers are interested in funding it.”


“And why not?” Elias demanded.


“Interest is now to the south, in Kalispell.” Ashworth interjected in reply.


“The hell you say! Why if it weren’t for Lost Lake Ranch and the Thornton-Cantrell bunch Kalispell would be a speck and Whitefish would be resurrected.” Elias stated. “And what’s the big deal with Kalispell?”


“Perhaps you should see this.” Ashworth volunteered, holding out a copy of the Union.



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And there it was in black and white, his daughter, Leah Steelgraves name with that of two doctors, one he had considered to be in their camp.


"How the hell did this happen?" He bellowed, "A hospital? And, an orphanage? She's involved in the pursuit of these entities?"


"Up to her pretty little neck" Latham stated. "It seems she somehow through hook or crook managed to get the right of ways for the coming railroad and has given, mind you, given them to the town, supposedly for property to build these structures."


"But," Ashworth interjected, "Judge Ben Robertson is leading the charge for the town council to finagle the right of ways as if they had procured them."


Elias thought for a moment. "Fools! She will have made copies, or had duplicates produced to prove it was her, not them, stupid, stupid little man! And the Town Council? How do they stand on this?"


"They have not met as the Council yet, but there has been talk among them, that's for sure." Latham explained.


"Well, let them start construction and I'll put an end to it!" Elias threatened.


"We need to wait on the council meeting to see what happens. I will request an injunction. See if we can prove an impropriety with the rights she obtained, or in the manner in which she obtained them. I believe we'll have the Council's backing for that. In fact legally we can stall this for months, even into next winter if need be."



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Elias glared at him. “I may disagree with my daughter, and I may disagree with that Town Council, but, I’ll not sit by and have her disgraced, lied about, and dragged through the mud on this.” He growled. “I’ll kill any man that has part in this!”

“Elias, for Christ’s sake! You can’t threaten the Town Council like this. What the hell are you thinking?” Latham demanded.  

“Listen, They want to take on my daughter, they take on me! And where the hell is her brother?”

“He’s there. He had a serious head wound, that was slow to heal, and he’s not quite the same as yet.” Ashworth commented. He dare not say that Case had secluded himself, that he had tremendous  headaches that all but disabled him. “There are two doctors working with him. Doc Boone you know, and Doctor Jonah Danforth, the local doc. Anyway, there’s been talk of him going to Great Falls, or a specialist in Denver, but that’s all hearsay.”


Elias fell silent, thinking. “Latham, I want you to hunt down Leah and offer to represent her in this. If anyone will destroy her dream it will be me! But you push this, take it to the capitol if you must! Those self-important, small-minded little fools! They have no idea who they’re toying with. They will rue the day.

The attorney simply nodded that he understood what was expected, which was a better option that threating to kill the Town Council.


“There’s another problem, well, possible problem. They have a new owner of the bank, one Charles Wentworth who may just present a problem in all of this. Seems he has family in town, owner of the Belle St. Regis and three up at Lost Lake. One is Thornton’s foreman.” Ashworth explained.


Elias’ head snapped around to look at the man. “Yes, this could be a problem.”




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The front door opened and as the men turned to see, Case Steelgrave walked into the room, the front door closing loudly behind him. He stooped at the entrance to the parlor, which was nothig more than draperies pon either side of the wide opening.

“They have an election coming up. I’m running for County Sheriff.” Case announced. “I already know that Guyer doesn’t want it.”

Three men stood somewhat taken aback by Case’s bold proclamation. He waited for something from them, but no words were said. It was as if they were in shock.

“That’ll trim the power of these people some. Guyer ain’t bad. I mean he ain’t a trouble hunter, and he has decided to back my sister, so that should count for something.” He continued.

“What do you mean, back you sister.”


"Just what I said, old man. He’s behind Leah and the hospital-orphanage plan she has. It’s good for the town, and it’s good for the county." Was the answer.

“I’ll not have it, you hear me, I’ll not have that girl betray her home and heritage like that. Giving in to those milk-toast fools down there. I had an empire planned, and by the Lord harry, I intend to have it and crush Kalispell along with the Thornton bunch! You run for County Sheriff. You just do that!” He roared. “Don’t you cross me boy, not on your best day, you hear?”

“Easy Pa, I got plans myself. I’ll handle Kalispell, don’t you worry.” He looked to the other two men, besides, you got your eyes and ears here. Don’t go your way, why, you’ll be the first to know.”




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Elias stood, mouth agape, stunned by this turn of events.


"Remember that gun hand you thought was going to work for the Thorntons? Well Pike is Guyer's new Deputy. And he salty, I really don't know about Guyer as far as gun work is concerned, but if he's half as good and Pike is supposed to be, it could be real trouble." Case declared.


"Pike was a Texas Ranger back a ways, I found that out from the telegrapher. Some further checking, he hired out his gun in protection of sod busters and the like. The man's poison with those six-guns he wears."  Ashworth informed them. "Don't under estimate Guyer either. I can't get a history on him, I don't believe he's any kind of gunfighter, but that don't mean he can't shoot."


"Well I think we have a trump card none of you realize." Latham announced with a sadistic smile. "Seems there's no way to get to Speed Guyer, but Pronto Pike? Now that, gentlemen, is a horse of a different color."




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